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I'm better thanan STD!

Registered: 04/06/04
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Trip report: Salvia 10x
    #3538339 - 12/24/04 09:25 AM (12 years, 11 months ago)

I've never written a trip report before. After all, there are more than enough mushroom reports out there.
However, Salvia information is harder to find. In an effort to spread knowlege I shall commence the writing.


Well, Lady Sally showed up in my mailbox yesterday (1 G of 10x from IAmShaman.com), and I just couldn't wait to try her out. I went on erowid to check the dosing info one last time. It suggested 1/8-1/4 G of 5x for a strong trip. I had remembered reading that many people have to develop a sensitivity to Sally and so their first time out might produce little to no effect. Well, I wasn't about to have any of that. I decided that 1/8 G of 10x would make for a fine experience.  So, I grabbed my Blue Dot, tossed in a nug of kinds for a nice bowl base, and thought to myself, "Now, just how do we measure out 0.125 G?" The only scale I have is accurate to a G (I got it to measure mushroom doses as well as large, fresh crops of the mush).

Fortunately, I had the tools of the gods. A pencil and a ruler. I used the pencil to compress the salvia into brick and measured its length. Much to my delight it was an even 4 cm, making it very easy to measure out 0.125 G ( 0.5 cm ). Well, packed the bowl and prepared to embark.

And so it beginneth!

T: Ingest aproximately 0.125 G of 10x in an 18" glass bong.
T+10 sec: Feel a distortion in the way my body feels
T+15 sec: Feel heavy, vision becomes shaky and distorted
T+20 sec: The heavy feeling intensifies, need to lie down
T+25 sec: Focusing becomes difficult, am not able to count any further. Also uncertain as to whether or not I have exhaled between T+20 and T+25. The fact that I was uncertain as to whether I had or had not exhaled let me know I had just jumped head first into some interesting times.

I am lying there, feeling an enormous gravity. I begin to sink down into my bed. There is a hum, hardly audible at first but it grew louder over time. There is also a voice coming from either side of me. One male, one female. They are rather obnoxious voices and keep repeating the same lines over and over again. I then tried to adjust the pillow under my head. It proved a difficult task as I couldn't tell if my head was lying on the pillow or not. The ends of the pillow felt huge in my hands. I gave up trying to adjust the pillow.
The two voices continue to prattle on about nonsense for what seems a breif while. Then I felt an emptyness in the middle of my torso. It was an odd feeling, as though my physical body was dissintegrating. Cold, empty, but no pain. At that point, my heart began pounding. Not out of fear, but of its own accord. Then, I felt two pairs of hands, which I knew belonged to those voices from earlier that just wouldn't shut the hell up, grab the edge of the expanding void. The hands then decided to dig deep into my chest and try to rip out my ribs. The pain was breif as my entire body was soon consumed by this void.
The humming had grown loud and there were many sources of it as I tumbled around salvia space for what seemed such a brief time.
I opened my eyes to gaze around the dark room. Much to my suprise I see the faintest image of what I can only describe as Dr. Suess's version of orange clad members of the Klu Klux Klan.
The peak seemed to be nearing an end I rode out what was left of the "fun". Some time during the experience I regained my sense of body.
The humming and other noises had not yet stopped, and I was trying to work it into some sort of song. Occasionally I was able to steer the trip in that manner and add rhythm to an otherwise unorchestrated mix of buzzes and beeps and clicks.
This was when I notices something weird.
Moving certain muscles caused predictable noises to bounce around in my head. Most noteabley was my big toe. Moving it in any direction caused a noise. The further I moved it away from it's rest position the higher the pitch rose.
Before I knew it, about 50 minutes had passed and I was ready to sleep. So I did.

I woke up this morning, alert and refreshed. But here's the weird thing, I slept only about 5 hours that night whereas I usually sleep 9-10 hours per night. Salvia good as a sleep aid? Maybe. More testing required.

I woke up and immediately began to ponder the trip from last night. I remembered how my toe had caused noise in my head and was curious what that was all about. So, I figured I would try moving my toe in a similar manner as the previous night. I was suprised with what I realized. Whenever I deliberately move only my big toe there is a slight and hardly noticeable buzz in my mind's ear. Apparently, years of playing instruments while tapping my big toe has wired said toe to the parts of my brain responsible for audio.

I cannot know for certain, but I don't believe I "broke through." I felt as though I was teatering on the edge of sanity, almost ready to jump off the cliff, out of this plain of existance, and into the Lady's embrace. Next time, I suppose. I just have to learn to hold my breath while the Lady grabs me by the chi chis.
I don't know yet if I find the salvia experience pleasurable or not. It is only fair to give the lady a few more chances before I render judgement on her.



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Buttermilk Love Nugget
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Re: Trip report: Salvia 10x [Re: jux]
    #3538361 - 12/24/04 09:34 AM (12 years, 11 months ago)

You most certainly broke through.

Nice report. It's much easier to report on LSA, LSD, mushrooms etc. and salvia's a hard one to capture. Great job!

Before I even heard of it as "lady salvia" or the female entity, I was visited my first time. She was a 3-dimensional polygonical figure, and only existed in my mind (I knew she was there, and saw her in my mind's eye, but not my eyes).


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irregular verb
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Registered: 04/08/04
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Re: Trip report: Salvia 10x [Re: jux]
    #3538385 - 12/24/04 09:46 AM (12 years, 11 months ago)

great report
sure you broke through.
and it broke through you too

the term break through is weird and more violent than one might wish.
what happens is related to set and setting, as per usual.

intersting how the issue of pleasure seems reserved for a bit of the way down (after the peak effect) - yet you way-ed down for a long time (50 mins).

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I'm better thanan STD!

Registered: 04/06/04
Posts: 924
Re: Trip report: Salvia 10x [Re: redgreenvines]
    #3538430 - 12/24/04 10:11 AM (12 years, 11 months ago)

Glad to hear I broke through.

The reason the issue of pleasure is reserved for such a small section near the end is because I honestly don't know if I found the experience pleasurable. I tried asking myself "Is this experience pleasurable?" a few times during the trip but found myself unable to answer it. Also, the issue of pleasure was down played because I did not partake of salvia for pleasure. I partook because I had heard it was unique and I am a curious sort.

If it's any concilation to the Lady, I'm eager to dance with here again.

glad you liked the report. You're absolutely right about it being hard to capture.


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Fuck Up

Registered: 05/21/04
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Re: Trip report: Salvia 10x [Re: redgreenvines]
    #3539846 - 12/24/04 06:18 PM (12 years, 11 months ago)

I know what you mean Jux, i find it hard to determain if i enjoy salvia or not, its a very weird and different experience but i gain no pleasure from it, although sometimes i feel like I'm melting or moving up an escalator which feels soo good, i can also have real deep insights.

Once i had an insight about the other people who are at the end of these posts, an that there not just "people" there individuals and some of them are older and wiser while some are much young and have a different view on drugs, i saw a wise old man behind a computer and its so hard to explain how i felt, but it just felt like every single person on this forum stood out because there all individuals, which we all know, but salvia put me "out of the box" like mushrooms do, and allowed me to think from a different perspective.

I often find my saliva experiences scary and very weird, I'm not buying salvia again, its too expensive for such an "UN-desirable" experience although it is different, i guess it varies person to person.

Good report Jux

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high all thetime

Registered: 12/25/04
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Re: Trip report: Salvia 10x [Re: Mushie_Man]
    #3542401 - 12/25/04 06:19 PM (12 years, 11 months ago)

sounds like a crazy experience. i know what you mean when you talk about those feelings you got, and those presences. i actually met the salvia spirit in a salvia tripp. it was so intense and real. you can read my salvia tripp post: http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/3540815/an/0/page/0

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irregular verb
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Registered: 04/08/04
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Re: Trip report: salvinorin 450 mics on cigarette paper - synesthesia [Re: pothead420]
    #3543763 - 12/26/04 08:37 AM (12 years, 11 months ago)

T: Combusted salvinorin impregnated paper (Equal to 450 mics) in an 2" glass chillum.
T+10 sec: Feel a distortion in the way my body feels
T+15 sec: Feel heavy, vision becomes shaky and color dents appear
T+20 sec: The heavy feeling intensifies, need to lie down
T+45 sec: Close eyes - heat begins then
For at least 2 minutes,
All went to plastic ribbons like linguini strips including a flattened sense of corporeality with no relief from this condition ? (immaterial level).
Uncanny and incomprehensible, yet it seemed more real and more urgent than this world.
T+200 sec:
As the peak effect wore off the kind of sensory and image persistence, or slowly fading frame stacking, that I like to talk about was happenning - lingering and layering of sensations which by now is a refuge from strangeness (yet also from regular life as well - so it is a kind of escapism perhaps for a few minutes).

During the most intense experience, particular colors seemed most salient, like yellow and powder blue, but what they were is less meaningful than how intense or enriched they seemed to be, as with all frame stacking or resonant memory enhanced experiences.

What are those ribbons in salvia space, are they the same thing as the arches vines and curves often turned into villages?

Perhaps they are the next order of mental process artifact after frame stacking.

It is easy to see how persisted and layered vision produces color dents and from that arrays of pattern bluebirds, eyes, etc.

But the next thing after frame stacking is this more synesthesia-like phenomenon, the curve finder part of vision impinges into the body sense and mental areas of experience.

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flip-flop magician
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Re: Trip report: Salvia 10x [Re: jux]
    #3543875 - 12/26/04 11:40 AM (12 years, 11 months ago)

Wednesday morning at 8:30 AM, after a night of MDMA and Nitrous oxide, the Salvia gave me the most intense experience of my life. And now, on Sunday, I'm still recovering.

The Salvia dosage we three used was the usual 1/30 gram of Salvia 10x Standardized. My friends suffered the same affliction, which eclipsed in power the raw force of 12gr of mushrooms or 300mcg of LSD.

I inhaled and held my breath.
Soon, way too soon, bright patterns and scenes filled my inner Eye. I said: "This is It's Brand.. It's The Salvia's Own Brand.." Then my mind slammed into the concrete wall of Amnesia.
I found myself with open eyes. What I saw of the room... everything was an individual thing, and every part stood by itself too. And it moved, the room became round and square and sometimes lost all shape and proportion.

My back dissolved into the wall *moans*
My body merged with the wall and it drew me upwards, higher then the room was high, or was I smaller then the size I am? I looked down into the room. Great vortexes opened throughout the room. They were gateways to unearthly jungles. I could enter, but chose not to.
A friend walked the room like a zombi and eternity passed before he returned.
And the whole while me and the other Brother exploded into comletely unhinge ecstatic laughter, the laughter was an Entity that fed on the enraptured laughter our convulsing bodies brought forth.
After some time on the clock yet an eternity in mind I got in touch with my Zombi Brother again, who had barely held his 15 seconds or so, and we came down over the course of half an hour or perhaps a whole hour.

It was immensely frightening, yet I could not fear.
It went it's course A to Z before handing our spent minds back to us.

Something was different: there lies an overwhelming synergism between either Salvia + MDMA, Salvia + N2O or in the combination of all three.
Time will tell. We will certainly re-enter on our next Journey.

Perhaps you can understand why I said: "Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick!" aloud behind the PC when you wrote you tripped on 125mg, and all this came about on 30 or so.

Merry Christmas, and take good care of your noggin!

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lucid dreamer
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Re: Trip report: Salvia 10x [Re: Asante]
    #3547971 - 12/27/04 02:08 PM (12 years, 11 months ago)

nice reports wiccan and jux

lucidal expansion

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I'm better thanan STD!

Registered: 04/06/04
Posts: 924
Re: Trip report: Salvia 10x [Re: jux]
    #3548377 - 12/27/04 04:16 PM (12 years, 11 months ago)

I've decided I find her enjoyable. The last trip I did nothing but laugh hard for like 3 minutes straight that was fun. my ribs hurt :smile:


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LSA Guy :-)

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Re: Trip report: Salvia 10x [Re: jux]
    #3549994 - 12/27/04 09:52 PM (12 years, 11 months ago)

This report has made me buy some :P

Please read my DXM & LSA Guides, here.

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