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Registered: 12/18/04
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    #3518408 - 12/18/04 11:10 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

My name is THE SWORD THAT SLAYS DRAGONS in the english tongue.

Simply put the dragon slayer.

in this THE FOURTH and final age of this EARTH as ye all do percieve it.

I write now concerning the HOLY mushroom,
and what does happen in an occurence called the space time interplay.

I am now without any ability to lie.

Many "esoteric writings which one does read are the product of translation, and antiquity.
These writings are correct but must be handled with absolute fear of the creator  of heaven and earth.

What I will now reveal to you, was demonstrated to me, in fact, by an ANGEL of GOD ALMIGHTY.

The principle involves the holy mushrooms,
as your focus determines your reality.
If you are to seek purity, ye do well.
If ye are vain, and foolish, with many words which reflect the same,
ye should not practice the art.

Otherwise, if ye must know,
there is a truth of things which is far greater than a theory,

or even science as we of the 4th and last age of vulgar men,
do explain it to one another.

The world is ending, it shall be torn in two and burnt with fire.
The scientists of this age, as in ages past have made too many unholy alliances.

These range in the forms from the fallen ANGELS of GOD ALMIGHTY,
to Demons, lost men and women, and spirits of giants who died in the flood.

These be the "spiritual wickedness, in high places".
The true enemys of men besides themselves.

Now the lesson here concerning the three things of

1. the holy mushrooms,

2. the art of controlling devils,
and keeping thyself to HOLYNESS,

and 3. the space time interplay.

1. The HOLY mushroom is abused by those who will later be judged at the return of the KING OF KINGS LORD OF KINGS.

Their judgement is the lake of fire for the abuse of the priestly sacrament of THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and his SON JESUS CHRIST.

The true purpose of the mushroom is to affect the body in such a way that the spirit is no longer weighed down by the corruptable flesh mind.

Meaning, the ANGELS of GOD ALMIGHTY do contain such wonderful knowledge of the virtues of things,
their proper uses, and indeed all the mysteries of THE MOST HIGH AND JESUS CHRIST.

The ANGELS of THE LORD who have not left their proper places in thousands of years are most willing,
and able to teach men and women in all lawful subjects,
pertaining to the mysteries of the MOST HIGH GOD, AND OF JESUS CHRIST.

YOU MUST KNOW HOWEVER that the very nature of an ANGEL of GOD either male or female,
is such of a stringent purity above words but to say they will NOT openly manifest to a man as a result of his sins.

To purity, sin is a stink...a foul and horrible smell,
like of the worst intestinal discharge..

The hard look, the cruel word, the lie, the hatred of women, the the hatred of men,
the corruption and abuse of a child, the slaughter of ones own soul by ones own ignorance and wanton wickedness.

So, to say this is to say pornography, abusive language, foul obcenities, and all other things of such fellowship,
are the very reasons many and most men and women never do see an HOLY ANGEL face to face, for they cannot stand the stink of it...

2. Speaking of the Devils,
these are all under the subjection of mankind, yet only through the power of JESUS CHRIST which does compell them to obey.

Knowledge of binding, casting out, is accomplished by a man or woman first purifying themselves through,
absolute repentance of sin, you shall not look at women if you are a man, unless you shall see them as your sister or as your mother.


Therefore if ye do lust in your heart after any woman, ye have sinned.

For ye are to treat the younger women with absolute HOLINESS, not desiring to harm them in any way,
or to pervert them, or to change their purity to falsehood in any way whatsoever...

And if ye do take them,
and lie with them in bed or in any other place,
ye shall then be married.

The same be for the older women, exept that ye shall not commit adultery.

Now, the Devils, wicked spirits, and fallen ANGELS,
do appear to mens minds in subtle forms such as the desire to drink, or to masturbate, or to lie to a woman who loves them,
also women do become utterly possesed as men do, and do often exist as carriers of spriritual parisites.

These parasites do inflict such injuries as explained by medical science as venerial.

In fact, the spiritual, does control and shape the natural into an action which is manifestation which is called as "reality."

In "reality" DEVILS do not exist, GHOSTS are not real, and NEITHER IS HELL...

but in absolute TRUTH and HOLINESS,

DEVILS do exist,

GHOSTS follow people home if they know not JESUS CHRIST,

and HELL is waiting...

Demons and Wicked spirits are somewhat like the cockroach in some respects.
When a strange "unsaved" person who does not know JESUS CHRIST comes near you,
whatever eveil spirit they certainly have about them although invisible,
may purpose itself you, and decide that it would like to afflict you both..

So, in truth, the spirit does follow you home,
strange things do begin to occur,
madness does insue.

Now madness caused by devils is implemented through a range of theqniques,
from objects being knocked over, sightings, physical illnesses,
which do render a man helpless in the care of the falsehood of the healthcare "industry"

Or dead altogether, or maimed in some member after some peculiar and painful fashion.

Roaches cling to the clothes of the people in whom houses they do infest,
and furthermore they do this purposely for the purpose of transportation.

To greatly expand their area of control.

For clarity,
a man visits a friend who has "roaches" "wicked spirits" unknowingly brings them 30 miles back to his house.

During the drive home he did not notice them, but they had a plan for themselves and were implementing their strategy.

Folks who know cockroaches, know not to go to a home where they are,
or they are coming home to live with you...

Their strategy is to reach a destination, infest it with filth,

As ye know,
industry destroys the environment if not carefully orchestrated.

This is spiritual discernment and is to say that men who are lover of filth and do practice with great joy,

The hard look, the cruel word, the lie, the hatred of women, the the hatred of men,
the corruption and abuse of a child, the slaughter of ones own soul by ones own ignorance and wanton wickedness,
through contempt of GODS SON JESUS CHRIST,

these same men and women do "carry" a multitude of "evil ghosts, and wicked spirits," who do seek the company of all mankind in general,
but they do hate man, and envy a mans life as given to him by the love of the HOLY FATHER who is GOD,
so that they would see that man, destroyed utterly, and profaned, as "Men are created in the image of GOD"

Women are then created from the man, and are also the GLORY of GOD, through the man,
and both are led to destruction of their purity by these same legions of Devils and ghosts, who do inhabit the earth, and the air.

So, like cockroaches, the wicked spirits multiply, and do  fill up the different aspects of "reality" as we discussed,
so that a man cannot love a woman properly, nor can he love himself, nor can he love his fellow man.

in their own rebellion from GOD and JESUS CHRIST,
these wicked ANGELS and Devils, and Spirits, and Men and Women,
are filled with such gret PRIDE,

that the word of GOD, the only source of light or power in the universe,
is darkness to them, for it forbids their naughtiness, and evil, and does threaten righteously of their just punishments,
some eternal, and so these damned and fallen cursed wrteched lowest of beings,
do speak to the minds of men cunningly,
as their own "thoughts" which are in fact the temptations and unholy suggestions of the wicked ANGELS and Devils, and Spirits.

So that men do "think"

to do,


Now, just as the evil does repulse the righteous host of HEAVEN, the ANGELS OF GOD, and the other celestial forces..

Rightness, purity, abstinance, chastity, gravity (being truth ful and having weight to ones self character") do attract them.

Now first of all it is absolutely neccessary to know thy GAURDIAN ANGEL.
Your ANGEL will manifest to you, openly, face to face, once you have passed your tests and trials given to you.

Cease from filthy conversation, conquer the desire for incorrect sexual experiences, (all sex outside of marriages)
learn to control and let go of your anger, know how when and what to hate perfectly, avoid all evil as the plague,
learn not to speak aloud in order to conquer the tongue, for in that great and terrible day of judgement,
a man shall be held accountable for every idle word ever spoken by that man or woman, in the span of their ENTIRE LIFE.

this means if you talk a-lot, you are in a-lot of trouble.

If you understand that all of these sorts of wicked and evil ways cause the LORD OF SPIRITS to hate thee,
and to curse thee from the light of the world into outer darkness, and alive into the LAKE OF FIRE,
Ye shall do everything possible, even unto the shedding of thine own blood, to resist sin.

Now you must maintian this required level of perfection in order to be able to stand or sit or sleep in the prescence of the ANGEL.

The ANGEL will teach you through use of the HOLY mushroom, and the HOLY plant, which is called marijuana.
Both are abused by human beings who have little or no understanding of their true purpose.

These two drugs do "open the psychic faculties, so that a man is able to percieve, and to do,
exactly as your GUARDIAN angel directs you to do..

These two "sacraments" are meant to "take back the veil"
"to open the lock upon ones own soul",

which the flesh mind does bind tighly over belief,
and restraineth a man or womans faith like chain and fastener.

The mushrooms called psilocybin varietys are the magic mushroom or "MAGE" mushroom,
or HOLY mushroom...

This mushroom is used to communicate with the celestial forces,
and most chiefly,

to commune with thy GOD and saviour,

3. THE SPACE TIME INTERPLAY is the method at which both good and evil spirits manifest events,
in "real time sequence" for example, you were only thinking about something and some physical manifestation
of your thoughts suddenly appeared as a physical action or representaion seen in an ordinary object such as a soda can.

The word "PEPSI" for clarity, contains the letters "pepSI" The SI on the end of the word pepsi,
is spanish for the word "YES"...

So, if the veil of perception is taken back, (you ate the mushrooms to communicate")
and your GUARDIAN ANGEL is teaching you,
one would simply ask a question in the name of the LORD who is JESUS CHRIST,
and in the name of the CREATOR OF HEAVEN  AND OF EARTH,

and your GUARDIAN ANGEL, or THE DEMON will draw your attention to an object bearing an image representing a topic for conversation,
the "SI" on the end of the word "pepSI" representing language communication which is telepathic and verbal.

Telepathic ability is increased tremendously while under the "influence" of "MAGIC MUSHROOMS."

(your GUARDIAN ANGEL is around you all day along with a TEAMING HOST OF SPIRITUAL LIFE)

Some here to help you, some here to do to you the stuff horror films are inspired by...

The GUARDIAN ANGELS job is to protect encourage teach and discipline each man and woman on earth.

Every man or woman has 2 spirits assigned to he or she at birth.


The ADVERSARY is the DEMON who is your own personal Devil,
who also knows you better than anyone else, as does your GUARDIAN ANGEL.

He or SHE is there to corrupt and to conduct you unto the spritual death after the death of the flesh.


Both THE DEVIL OR THE ANGEL will speak to men openly through use of THE SPACE TIME INTERPLAY.

For further insight I will say this....

These "creatures of GOD ALMIGHTY" are able to control the "FABRIC".

The FABRIC is the numbered elements which REALITY is composed of...
1. Time 2. space. 3. motion. etc...

This is how a person 1st trips, and then falls, and then lands in dog poop.

1. The DOG was attracted to a certain spot on the lawn by a smell.
Spirits called "elementals do inhabit the elements, and do produce smells."
Elementals are not usually intelligences although this does rarely occur...
Elementals are usually forves cinjured to do some paticular thing according to their element.

For example, an earth elemental could be used to "produce a smell attractive to a DOG.

2. The evil and good creatures can control time and space to an extent that they can attract the DOG,
so that he will poop all over and in a certain spot where the Devil knows YOU will be walking some days from now....

3. The first day after the Devil attracts the Dog, and the Dog has left his stinking poop,
flys are then attracted to the poop by means of other elemental charms...

4. Some time passes to the point where the suns heat has hatched the larvae of the flys,
and the stinking putrid dog pattie, is now ripe with fattened, wriggling, maggots.

The purpose was to doubly anger and harrass you through the foul smell,
and through the disgust of the feces covered maggots.

The day now comes when you will walk down that shortcut through the field going home to your carpet...
A great big heaping pile of stinking, worm infested dog poop,

has been prepared for you by a Devil,
a Demon,
or some other horrible spiteful creature which ye do "not always" percieve with the natural eyes.

(Invisible but definately real.) (Invisible because they exist in parrallell spaces of time adjacent to our own.

So simply put, the "unzip" the fabric like a door and step through, fly through etc...

5. The exact number of your steps as you walk home are known precisely,
as these creatures both view, and travel in our "time and space,"

not unlike watching a sort of "interactive television programming" which is our entires life span,
and all of our experiences, of each and every day...

6. Here you come step 23, step 24, step 25, step 26, step 27, you hear something as you walk,
you stop, turn to look, aww just a bird.... ( a bird summoned by a evil spirit to make you look anywhere but on the ground...)

(or even a "wanna be" which is not actually a living bird at all... but a spirit assuming a form for a specific assignment)

you turn back around, step 28, step 29, and SSSSSPPPPPPPPBBBBBBBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!!

You step in a big old, double fat load of DOG "YOU KNOW WHAT!!!" :smile:

7. As if this wasn't enough, you dont smell it, until its all up in your carpet,

because some other Devil, gave you the flu last week, from contact with a spirit "ROACH" infested human being,

(possessed, influenced, oppressed, tormented etc...)

and now low and behold,

"you have a stopped up nose..."

(just in time not to notice the DOG poo all over your shoe, and this with a side order of sickening maggots.)

Now I have described a spiritual attack, from two devils,
and a group of unwitting elemental spirits,

using the natural environment of the "World to assault you"


using the DOG, the SUN, the FLYS, the MAGGOTS, the BACTERIA stinking up the POOP .

(Dirt mixed with minerals proteins and other complex compounds which give it that particularly disgusting hard and soft texture at the same time.")

Now I have explained to you somewhat of THE SPACE TIME INTERPLAY.
"The method at which we men and women do exist in life alongside with both the good and the evil spirits.

Now back to the PEPSI CAN of soda.

If for example a spirt will answer a question through an object which you do openly see,
although you may not physically see the creature who answers.

For example: THE QUESTION: Are you angry at me?
The ANSWER: "pepSI"

The creature telepathically directs yur attention to the can of pepsi cola soda.

the word on the soda can pepsi contain letters forming the spanish word for YES.



Are you angry with me you ask to interrogate the spirit silently or aloud.

Your Guardian Angel will answer you in truth to guide you,

or the Wicked Angel, will answer you with lies, to decieve and lead you to HELL.

One will lie, one will speak nothing but the truth at all times....

Remember the word of GOD ALMIGHTY, THE LORD OF SPIRITS says,

"Ye shall try all spirits..." Try, meaning by faith you use dicernment as to whether they be true or false, good or evil.

There is a magazine laying on the counter next to the pepsi can.

On the cover the magazine reads "travel to norway for $3650 on blah blah blah airlines"

Your eyes are drawn by telepathic communication to the word "norway" 


NORWAY contains letters forming the word NO,


So we have the QUESTION asked by you telepathically while under the influence of the magic mushroom or even marijuana:


And we have two answers as well.

pepSI (SI spanish for the word yes.) and NOrway (NO in the english tongue.)

So how do you know which to believe the Yes or the No?

You must not think of this as "the soda can talking, or the magazine speaking to you, for this is madness..."

There are "living active intelligences who can and do communicate" many times whether you want to or not...

so you must know your GUARDIAN ANGEL on a personal level so that you will know his or her personality, and then you must trust what is being told to you as truth.
But this "FAITH" must be based on 1st. THE GOD OF ABRAHAM AND MOSES, and secondly based on every word and promise of GOD ALMIGHTY,
and lastly, FAITH in JESUS CHRIST the chosen annointed savior, for "no man may come before the FATHER exept by the SON."

Here before you, ye do now have a modern system of powerful magical art,
for the interrogation of the spirits.



Do not set out to converse with devils,
do not abuse the love of your GUARDIAN ANGELS,






Here ye do have my writings,



I bless you all that if it be the LORDS will for you,
ye shall all then exell most exellently as men and women of GOD and in the service of JESUS CHRIST,

as magi,

and that ye do then recieve without shame or harm, the knowledge which these creatures who already living thousands of years,
do posses from the beginning of time, by virtue of "THE CREATION"

Keep eating mushrooms, and eat the marijuana too instead of smoking it.

You should eat both, and smoke neither.


Place them in gelatin or vegetablr capsules for quick consumption, and better absorption.

I Am A Black man, and HOLY PRIEST.

M.T.V. is not the extent of the wisdom possesed of the true children of the LORD.
Pimps, whores and drug dealers are all very well explained in this writing...

The creatures known as Devils, ANGELS, spirits, Ghosts and such do communicate in a rainbow of ways.

Radio, Film, T.V., signs on the sides of buildings, soy milk cartons, I am sure ye well understand the system.

Be well.

I leave you in peace.

Exept if ye curse the GODLY.

www.capmquick.com (for the gelatin or vegetable capsules)

www.wakeandbakevideo.com (for mushroom cultivation D.V.D.'s.)

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Dog Lover

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Re: THE MAGI, AND THE HOLY MUSHROOM. "MAGICK" [Re: wakeandbakevideo]
    #3518417 - 12/18/04 11:13 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

:what: ................ er I think that was an advertisment

What it is, is what it is my Brother.
It is as it is, so suffer thru it.

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    #3518447 - 12/18/04 11:24 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)

pepSI is god and god is from NOrway

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