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Registered: 10/09/04
Posts: 140
Last seen: 12 years, 4 months
is this guy for real?
    #3511326 - 12/16/04 11:51 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

This is a guy I met on weed.com He gets high all the time and is apperently super smart. Read on and you will see what I mean. I dident look over it, so just ignore any personal stuff if there is any, heh.

supiiddo: hey
supiiddo: whats up
flkshtvb: me
supiiddo: heh
supiiddo: finish te joint?
supiiddo: the*
flkshtvb: uh yea
supiiddo: crazy
supiiddo: what does your name mean?
supiiddo: flkshtvb
flkshtvb: its just random letters
supiiddo: lol
supiiddo: I thought so
supiiddo: how did you like coke?
supiiddo: when you tried it
flkshtvb: if your careful with it its a fine drug harmless its prob my 2nd fav thing to do
supiiddo: oh really
supiiddo: I heard it makes you agressive
supiiddo: its a stimulent right?
flkshtvb: all it did to me was allow me to be up and party all night
supiiddo: cool
flkshtvb: i def like it tho
supiiddo: I love this caffine
supiiddo: my dad died of meth OD
supiiddo: so I guess it runs in the family
flkshtvb: dude if yur like that over caffeine i dont want to see u on coke
flkshtvb: dont touch that shit dude
supiiddo: I wont
supiiddo: no powder for me
flkshtvb: thats like the devil it just grabs your soul
supiiddo: I know, its bad news
supiiddo: my dad was smart as hell to
supiiddo: phd in radiation biology, he made hella money. 1 of 4 in the usa
flkshtvb: it doesnt matter if yur smart rich dumb gay girl guy hard drugs dont care
supiiddo: true
flkshtvb: they'll take anyone they can get its like the devil
supiiddo: im in love with this caffine though
supiiddo: im happy with this
flkshtvb: i drink mt.dew all the time
supiiddo: no need for meth
supiiddo: it makes me feel on top of everything
flkshtvb: lol
supiiddo: alert
flkshtvb: huh
supiiddo: it makes me alert
flkshtvb: lol
supiiddo: its now my drug of choice
supiiddo: and it is not even that hard core at all
supiiddo: http://www.koreus.com/files/200411/maitrise.html
flkshtvb: considering i've been "using" yur drug since i was like 3
supiiddo: hahaha
supiiddo: damn hes good
flkshtvb: ya
supiiddo: do you like driving fast?
flkshtvb: yea
flkshtvb: i had a viper when i first got my scholarship
supiiddo: I'm getting a motorcycle this spring
supiiddo: tight
flkshtvb: then part of the settlement was getting rid of that car for an suv or truck
supiiddo: what settlement
flkshtvb: i had a viper and past a cop doin 115 and instead of stopping i flew past him and got away to but he has one of those camera things and got my plate
supiiddo: shit
flkshtvb: fuckers
supiiddo: yeah
supiiddo: fuck cops
supiiddo: I got a radar detector in my car
supiiddo: 400$
flkshtvb: dad got me out of jail and all that for 3grand and getting rid of that car
flkshtvb: i have one of the ones built in to yur dash bumper and sides for 1200
supiiddo: thats a good deal
flkshtvb: at the time i had a 300piece of shit which decided not to work
supiiddo: that sucks
flkshtvb: that car was so so fast
supiiddo: I know man
flkshtvb: 500hp
supiiddo: they are insane
supiiddo: 12.0 quarter mile times
supiiddo: my bro's bike does low 11's
supiiddo: even more insane
flkshtvb: whats he got
supiiddo: 600cbr rr
supiiddo: 2003
flkshtvb: u can get a factor bike that goes 200
supiiddo: its really nice
supiiddo: did I show u that clip of that turbo bike?
flkshtvb: no
supiiddo wants to directly connect.
supiiddo: its a short clip
flkshtvb is now directly connected.
flkshtvb: i got a yzf-r1
flkshtvb: i never run it tho i ride it to school when its warm to park easy
supiiddo: oh really, thats awesome. what year is it?
flkshtvb: 04
supiiddo: sweet, FI
flkshtvb: i'm scared of it but its bad as fuck
supiiddo: yeah it is
supiiddo: u see that vid?
supiiddo: so insane
flkshtvb: they'll snap your neck
supiiddo: did you see it?
supiiddo: 80-180 in like 10 seconds
flkshtvb: does he fly past a cop
supiiddo: I dont think so
flkshtvb: thats so insane
supiiddo: now that bike will snap ur neck, holy shit
supiiddo: good lord
flkshtvb: i think mine will so 174 or sumin u wont see me goin over 30 u kno i'm all stoned on that bitch
supiiddo: haha
supiiddo: I usually still drive fast when im stoned
flkshtvb: i drive so slow put up my bumps and end up there
supiiddo: haha
supiiddo: I drive slow on caffine I noticed tonight
supiiddo: slower then usual
flkshtvb: i would love another sports car
flkshtvb: not till i'm 21
supiiddo: ride your bike man, those are good enough
supiiddo: my brother sold his mr2 for his bike
flkshtvb: sweet
supiiddo: to that. he is so crazy on it
flkshtvb: that him
supiiddo: nope
supiiddo: he wishes
flkshtvb: my boys real good at ridin he can do wheelies and shit he's on video for a mile doin a wheelie
supiiddo: thats pretty skillful
flkshtvb: he can do a front endo or whatever their called
supiiddo: thats it
supiiddo: endo
supiiddo: I cant wait to get my bike
supiiddo: im saving up
flkshtvb: their badass
supiiddo: hell yeah
supiiddo: whats 74 x 3? lets see if you can do easy math stoned
supiiddo: haha
flkshtvb: i was takin a piss
supiiddo: oh
flkshtvb: 222
supiiddo: nice man
supiiddo: that was prett quick to
flkshtvb: 7 times the three plus the 4 boom
supiiddo: are you good at mental math?
flkshtvb: takes me a second but i can do it
supiiddo: lets try somthing harder then
flkshtvb: i can picture it in my head
flkshtvb: do it just as fast as sum1 on paper but not like sum1 on a calculator
supiiddo: yea
supiiddo: try this
supiiddo: 96 x 4.5
flkshtvb: 422
flkshtvb: no
supiiddo: 432
flkshtvb: 432
supiiddo: yep
supiiddo: good work
supiiddo: I couldent do that sober, haha
flkshtvb: me either
flkshtvb: haha
supiiddo: lol
flkshtvb: i'd be like man this sucks i'm not stoned then think about that for 20min
supiiddo: haha
flkshtvb: then try to remember where a calculator is
flkshtvb: then go into my room to look for it... get stoned whack off and go to bed
supiiddo: lol
flkshtvb: i could be a math teacher in a senior high already and i shouldnt even be graduated yet
supiiddo: yea
supiiddo: you should teach math at a college
flkshtvb: no like litterally i did all the courses
supiiddo: that would be an easy job
flkshtvb: i was doin college math since 11th grade i could litterally apply for a job and get it lol
supiiddo: you really should
supiiddo: I would
flkshtvb: well no i wouldnt get it cause i'd fail the piss test
supiiddo: it would be easy as hell job
flkshtvb: besides that i would
supiiddo: do they have them regularl?
flkshtvb: ya
supiiddo: oh, well then that sucks
flkshtvb: i'll be a lawyer and make what they do a year in a 2week case
supiiddo: you think you would be good at that?
flkshtvb: need a degree to count all them zero's son
supiiddo: haha
flkshtvb: i'm gonna do business degree i wanna work for donald trump
supiiddo: work like right under him
flkshtvb: met him a few times we connected pretty good i thought he said when u graduate give me a call personally and we'll talk
supiiddo: are you serious?
flkshtvb: i could do it
supiiddo: no piss test?
flkshtvb: no
supiiddo: what math are you doing right now?
flkshtvb: i'm watching how high
supiiddo: haha, nice
supiiddo: like, what math course?
flkshtvb: how the fuck should i kno i dont go
supiiddo: u dont go to college?
flkshtvb: to class
supiiddo: haha
supiiddo: u dont even know the title of the class?
supiiddo: like, calc 3
supiiddo: or what not
flkshtvb: ya
supiiddo: what is ur nationality? just currious
supiiddo: curious*
flkshtvb: white
supiiddo: I thought so
supiiddo: just wondering
flkshtvb: u
supiiddo: white also
supiiddo: 1/2 english 1/4 irish 1/4 yugoslavic
supiiddo: that last one is white also, im pretty white, lol
flkshtvb: lol
flkshtvb: i'm in financial mathematics and biological mathematics and i star scientific computing and industiral mathematics in the fall and after that i get my degree in mathematics
supiiddo: when are you going to get that buisness degree?
flkshtvb: 2 more years after this 1 hopefully
flkshtvb: i'll be a licensed funeral director with a bachelors in science by may
supiiddo: funeral director huh?
supiiddo: interesting
flkshtvb: just got it to look good
flkshtvb: u know how good shit like that looks
supiiddo: yeah, I know what u mean
flkshtvb: and it was so easy
supiiddo: get as much stuff like that on your resume
supiiddo: the better
flkshtvb: oh hell yeah fortune 500's eat that up
flkshtvb: i plan on not commiting for under 4million signing bonus right out of college
supiiddo: its like being part of a "club" in high school for getting into a college
supiiddo: 4 mill would be nice
flkshtvb: my cousin got 3.5 with microsoft last year
supiiddo: what do you expect to get? 5-6 mill?
supiiddo: thats damn good
flkshtvb: this is just a signing bonus
supiiddo: yeah
supiiddo: how much a year also?
flkshtvb: i'll be happy with like 6ooK
supiiddo: that would not be bad at all
supiiddo: especially with that bonus to start you off
flkshtvb: yeah
supiiddo: any plans for all that money?
flkshtvb: depends where i'm livin
supiiddo: yeah
supiiddo: I should get to bed. I talk with you later
supiiddo: I'll*
supiiddo: peace
flkshtvb: peasce

next day..

supiiddo: hey, where were you when you talked to trump?
flkshtvb: he lives 10houses down from me on the beach in palm beach
flkshtvb: 1 time walkin my dog the next time i saw him out he invited me in for a drink and we talked for about half hour
supiiddo: what was he doing?
flkshtvb: sittin on the beach
supiiddo: cool
supiiddo: u tell his your cridentials I bet
supiiddo: him
flkshtvb: at that time i was still in highschool but was accepted to all these school and havent seen him since i started college
supiiddo: thats tight
supiiddo: that must have been a long ass walk though, you have 10 acres dont you?
flkshtvb: huh
supiiddo: 10 acres for your property
supiiddo: u said that once
flkshtvb: here not there
supiiddo: so ur saying your back yard is 10 acres?
flkshtvb: i have 2acres w/ grass the rest is woods
supiiddo: oh
flkshtvb: and i can ride my quads in the woods
supiiddo: I think we have a 1/2 acre
supiiddo: sweet, what kind of quads?
flkshtvb: kodiak 450 and a wolverine
supiiddo: atvs are fun, but a bit hard to control sometimes
flkshtvb: nah
supiiddo: I bet they are awesome stoned
flkshtvb: just gotta be smart w/ it
supiiddo: yeah, I get a little carried away w/ speed
supiiddo: on em
supiiddo: so turns can be scary
flkshtvb: i do on my waverunners not on quads ground hurts

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Registered: 10/09/04
Posts: 140
Last seen: 12 years, 4 months
Re: is this guy for real? [Re: mnbv]
    #3511357 - 12/17/04 12:01 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

I'm talking to him right now, any questions you want me to ask him?

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Registered: 10/09/04
Posts: 140
Last seen: 12 years, 4 months
Re: is this guy for real? [Re: mnbv]
    #3511671 - 12/17/04 01:30 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

what do you 45 viewers think?

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The VerbalHerman Munster

Registered: 04/15/03
Posts: 5,326
Loc: Texas
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Re: is this guy for real? [Re: mnbv]
    #3511695 - 12/17/04 01:34 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

he's aight.

If you can get a conversation goin with Moe Howard, i got a few questions for him...


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Registered: 10/09/03
Posts: 574
Re: is this guy for real? [Re: mnbv]
    #3511700 - 12/17/04 01:35 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

Want to know what I think?


P.S. I drive a lamborgini <-(spelled wrong and i dont care)
OH! and my uncle is a general at area 51 and i pilot ufo's all the time.

I hate people that bullshit

Now go Home.

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Carpal Tunnel
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Registered: 04/11/99
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Re: is this guy for real? [Re: EvilEwok]
    #3511732 - 12/17/04 01:40 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

Yeah, sounds a lot like he's bullshitting, you can't tell for sure though.

If he's not, he sure likes to brag.

"I have no valid complaint against hustlers. No rational bitch. But the act of selling is repulsive to me. I harbor a secret urge to whack a salesman in the face, crack his teeth and put red bumps around his eyes." -Hunter S Thompson

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Registered: 08/18/03
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Re: is this guy for real? [Re: EvilEwok]
    #3511736 - 12/17/04 01:40 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)


EvilEwok said:
Want to know what I think?


I'm sittin here pretty stoned, and that shit just made me laugh out loud.

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Registered: 10/09/04
Posts: 140
Last seen: 12 years, 4 months
Re: is this guy for real? [Re: dr_gonz]
    #3511836 - 12/17/04 01:58 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

I just have a feeling he may not be bsing. he seems pretty smart to me

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Chill the FuckOut!
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Registered: 10/10/02
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Re: is this guy for real? [Re: mnbv]
    #3512123 - 12/17/04 03:29 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

Being smart and being full of shit are not mutually exclusive.


"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."--Voltaire

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Third prize is you're fired
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Registered: 10/01/02
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Re: is this guy for real? [Re: mnbv]
    #3512176 - 12/17/04 04:02 AM (13 years, 3 months ago)

that guys a fucking jack ass.

If it weren't for the bloody corpses, I wouldn't have any corpses at all.

There are two ways to get to the top of an oak tree: start climbing or sit on an acorn.

Are you a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?

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Registered: 10/09/04
Posts: 140
Last seen: 12 years, 4 months
Re: is this guy for real? [Re: MrBump]
    #3513983 - 12/17/04 04:12 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

hes high all the time, thats why.
So the general soncenes is that he is full of bs? Some one say they got his name on "weed.com" and that you want to talk. Ask him the same questions I asked him.

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Active Ingredient
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Registered: 10/29/04
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Re: is this guy for real? [Re: mnbv]
    #3514076 - 12/17/04 04:41 PM (13 years, 3 months ago)

How about... Why should I waste my time on your experiment?


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