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Tell Me What You Really Know About
    #3508798 - 12/16/04 03:19 PM (13 years, 5 months ago)

Third eyes
Actual magic
Purpose of life
The Universe
The Unexplained
The beginning
The end

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Registered: 02/04/03
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Re: Tell Me What You Really Know About [Re: sox24]
    #3508800 - 12/16/04 03:20 PM (13 years, 5 months ago)

Nothing, for certain.

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Registered: 06/17/03
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Re: Tell Me What You Really Know About [Re: adrug]
    #3508869 - 12/16/04 03:36 PM (13 years, 5 months ago)

It seems to me that music, math, and nature have a lot in common. There are infinite variations of complexity in each. Going up, you can see how St. Mark's Square becomes the Earth, who serves Her role in the event of our solar system. Everything is conected, and you are at the center of it. I am at the center of my world because I realized I told you this. I have nothing new or important to say, wisdom stems from the past.

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Re: Tell Me What You Really Know About [Re: adrug]
    #3508907 - 12/16/04 03:50 PM (13 years, 5 months ago)

How bout it.

I think I know that thing I sit on when eating in my kitchen is called a chair and that it is for sitting. Someone told me it was called a chair and that is the name it is known by for communicating what it is with others. I was shown that it's use is for sitting on. I tried it out, I liked it, people seem to be able to know what a chair is when I say chair so, it works for me.

If I brought my "chair" to the aborigines who live naked and own nothing, they may call it tree wood and use it for burning to cook their next meal with.  :confused:

So much for what I thought I knew about the chair when with them.

Isn't stuff really about classification, for the purpose of organization for the purpose of socialisation for the purpose of surviving and thriving in life?

classification for
organization for
socialization and the needs of the society continue to

to organise
to regroup while socializing, surviving and thriving or dying.

I don't even know that for certain. It just looks that way.

Isn't it all for relating purposes?

Why do we need to relate through socializing anyway?

Do we need socialization for the purpose of socializing and relating?

All we have are questions and made up answers that groups which form into societies agree with for the purpose of surviving and thriving.

What would any of the answers to any of the above questions mean outside of understanding them for their purpose of classifying for organizing, for relating for socializing for socialization to survive and thrive?

Think about it, that's what all of these threads are for or maybe not.

Who knows for certain? I think I know we are creative beings and are good at making shit up like cheese fondue to serve our purposes for social survival and thrival and I just made that word up too because it rhymed and wroked for me :wink: :tongue:.

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

Edited by gettinjiggywithit (12/16/04 04:03 PM)

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Registered: 08/04/01
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Re: Tell Me What You Really Know About [Re: sox24]
    #3509119 - 12/16/04 04:35 PM (13 years, 5 months ago)

Nothing, but I'll give it a shot for fun

Love - Our highest aspiration
Third eyes - somehow connected to the pineal/DMT
Actual magic - not sure
Ghosts - have no opinion
Aliens - Jung's idea that the UFOs are actually manifestations of the collective unconscious; they are symbols of our own sense of incompleteness
Math - no idea, but fractals are interesting and fun to look at
Music - i like it
Perception - all there is
Humor - cosmic giggle
Reality - What you think it is
Purpose of life - To be the authors of our own autobiography
Art - Is everywhere, if you have the right kind of eyes
Nature = God = The Universe
The Unexplained - We can't know everything?
Time - Is an illusion, man..
Fate - ..because..
The beginning - ..actully occurs in the same instant as..
The end


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Registered: 06/17/03
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Re: Tell Me What You Really Know About [Re: Revelation]
    #3509178 - 12/16/04 04:49 PM (13 years, 5 months ago)

Those are good, thanks. I'd say the same thing for several.

Mix for This

1. The Who with the London Symphony Orchestra - Go to the Mirror Boy (1:46)
2. African Head Charge - Cattle Herders Chant (4:17)
3. Frank Black - Hang On To Your Ego (3:24)
4. Iron & Wine - In My Lady's House (3:32)
5. Fleetwood Mac - Say Goodbye (3:26)
6. Frank Black Francis - The Holiday Song (1:54)
7. Hasil Adkins - She Said (2:49)
8. Back In Baroque : A String tribute to AC/DC - Hells Bells (5:16)
9. String Quartet tribute to Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar (4:40)
10. back In baroque : A String tribute to AC/DC - back in black (4:31)
11. Roxy Music - Mother Of Pearl (6:50)
12. Guided By Voices - Ha Ha Man (0:39)
13. Rolling Stones - Mixed Emotion (4:38)
14. Lee Perry Special Dub - Lee Perry (3:54)
15. Iron & Wine - Naked As We Came (2:38)
16. Herbie Hancock - Fat Mama (3:48)
17. Soul - Down By The River (3:12)
18. David Bowie - Under Pressure (3:55)

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Registered: 06/17/03
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Re: Tell Me What You Really Know About [Re: sox24]
    #3512462 - 12/17/04 08:25 AM (13 years, 5 months ago)

Love - Hansil
Third eyes - If I close my eyes, I can feel it, so physiological
Actual magic - Think it's real, don't know what to say
Ghosts - Spirits, Dreams of our Fathers
Aliens - Both real and imagined
Math - Sharing patterns
Music - When done well, it's the best, learning counts too
Perception - Our eyes this time
Humor - Randy Newman
Reality - New Killer Star
Purpose of life - Love the mystery, do the right thing
Art - Dali, Van Gogh, Jerry Garcia
Nature - The one love within extended out
God - That love
The Universe - One of many
The Unexplained - What it is, for a reason
Time - It is an illusion to us, perhaps other things
Fate - We have choices, God always knew what we'd choose
The beginning - Starting gun
The end - Same shot

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Fulltime stoner

Registered: 09/18/04
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Re: Tell Me What You Really Know About [Re: sox24]
    #3512568 - 12/17/04 09:22 AM (13 years, 5 months ago)

Love: A illusion we like, but that hurts like hell when we loose it, but we miss when we dont got it

Third eyes: Freaks!^^

Actual magic: The magic of love and happiness surroind us all the time.

Ghosts: Poltergeist exist, i think i've experiensed one. or atleast a spirit

Aliens: The universe is endless

Math: nothing, maybe therefore i got the almost badest grade(F) but juuuust managed to pass.

Music: what would we do without it?

Perception: noone has the same Perception of anything.

Humor: A good life extends the life

Reality: A illusion we wont realize

Purpose of life: We'll never know, atleast not in life.

Art: Beautiful things is called this

Nature: no nature no life on earth

God: Dont exist for me

The Universe: provides us with what we need, when we need it the most.

The Unexplained: cant explain this:P

Time:A illusion we humans have learned ourself, time dont exist we just think we need it.

Fate: We have control over our own lifes exept some important things that needed to happend like hitler killing the jews(no not racist lemme explain) i think it needed to happend for the jews became too many, they would taken over the world, BUT hitler went too far so fate turned him to killing himself.

The beginning: Where life starts

The end: where we say Bye bye

Arguing on the net is like competing in the special olympics. Even if you win you are still a retard.

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Stop Bush's war
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Re: Tell Me What You Really Know About [Re: sox24]
    #3512618 - 12/17/04 09:44 AM (13 years, 5 months ago)

Psychopathology esp depression (way too much on depression - I wrote a large thesis about it) and drugs. A bit about astrology. A bit about art. Those are the only things I can say I know a lot about.

Computer games don't affect kids. I mean if Pacman affected our generation as kids, we'd all be running around in a darkened room, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

"Being bitter and hateful is like drinking a vial of poison and hoping the other person gets sick" FreakQLibrium

"My motto from here on out is: If someone or something (including me) in my life is conducting themselves in such a way that they can be seen on Jerry Springer, it's time to take out the garbage!!! When you stop taking their behaviour personally and see their antics as a true reflection on their character, it becomes absolutely nauseating." Anon. on abusive relationships.

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Dog Lover

Registered: 04/24/04
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Re: Tell Me What You Really Know About [Re: sox24]
    #3513218 - 12/17/04 12:58 PM (13 years, 5 months ago)

There are 4 things I know for sure with out any doubt and debate within.

1 All things evolve

2 All things are in symbiosis with each other

3 All things have a polarity or negative and positive energy's

4 There is God

What it is, is what it is my Brother.
It is as it is, so suffer thru it.

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Re: Tell Me What You Really Know About [Re: Fucknuckle]
    #3513322 - 12/17/04 01:28 PM (13 years, 5 months ago)

I've seen ghost/spirits and then UFO's and I know the difference after seeing them. Except I didn't see like some craft UFO bull, I saw one red dot and one blue dot that looked like stars bouncing off of each other in the sky then shot off in opposite direction. I wasn't on anything, all I knew about was alcohol at the time and the only time I drank something was on New Years Eve at the time.

Then I saw a cross of white lights floating in the sky between my house and this girl's house who's dad shot himself in the head. I really can't figure that one out, what the meaning was, but I know it wasn't something of this world. But that's not the one that bothers me.

I saw like 10 red/pinkish things appear about 20 feet above me in the sky at night when I was laying on top of my van. They were floating as if they were like light/physical looking things. I donno it's hard to explain it. The thing about this phenomena was that I was really relaxed with my mind with my eyes open listening to music and all I was focused on was this techno music that had to do with God. I kept getting chills, not like, cold chills but like these weird powerful chills. Then they appeared above me and I saw them go directly over my head, I had no fear until they disappeared, as if my mind was just like focused on them and nothing else. It was weird, but I was under complete control from it until they disappeared, I couldn't move, I couldn't run in the house or anything. I wasn't asleep or nothing. When they started to fade and then disappear right about 6 seconds after wards I felt scared shitless.

Then I saw a weird UFO, it might have been a craft. But it warped the stars underneath it and it was round like a glass orb with a red light at the end. I saw this at a camp out by Romano's Park. The night before at the part I saw like 3-4 little meator shower things go down into the horizon.

This all happened in 1999.

So I believe in... or that


Exist. For myself.

The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so.

Edited by AreoZephin (12/17/04 01:30 PM)

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Blue Mantis
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Re: Tell Me What You Really Know About [Re: sox24]
    #3513353 - 12/17/04 01:37 PM (13 years, 5 months ago)

awesome post once i figured out what you meant! at first i thought you meant tell me what thigns you know about, aand then that was your list , in which case i was like, dont be a tease tell us what you know about those things! but then i realized you were asking for our knowledge on these subjects.


Love- love is the compass of our soul. it guides our actions and leads us to our destinies. It is love that leads us to the people who we need for the development of our souls, it is love that should guide us to our home in life, our career in life, all that we do should be inspired and directed by love. in my oppion, the farther we fall from following loves dictates the less happy we become. not that love cant hurt! but love guides us to where we need to be and what we need to do in this incarnation.

Third eyes- the third eye as i understand it is mostly a spiritual metaphor, it represents the fact that we as humans have so much more ability to percieve than that granted by the senses. We can see without eyes, if we open ourselves up to those others levels of perception. I have not yet figured out how to utilize the third eye myself, but i believe it is an energetic tool of sorts...

Actual magic- ah actual magic! actual magic is our human ability to cause change in reality in accordance with our will. actual magic is a continuum, the more you advance in it the wider the scope of change you can bring about. Even physical actions are magic, as long as the action is in perfect accordance with your WILL which may perhaps be one and the same as the dictates of love as i mentioned earlier.

All desires and all choices originate in the mind, and our ability to take those ideas in the mind and make them real is magic, actual magic. building a house, painting a painting, taking anything from your mind and making it reaal for you is magic,

but magic teaches that physical action is only one of many tools by which we can achieve these changes. It proposes that by certain techniqeus, physical action can in fact be bypassed or at least renderd merely symbolic, as in a ritual, and yet we can still affect change, such as drawing a love into our life, or money or whatever.

Magic operates on the principle of WILL and will is a triad of thought, speach and action. if all of those tools in one way or another are brought into full accord with one another, there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

Magic is change according to will, and that can also be internal. its about controlling rather than being controlled, so it teaches that we can make ourselves happy, or joyous, rather than the world around deciding what emotion we should feel,

actual magic is actual power. use it!

Ghosts- ghosts as percieved by people through history are probably actually not one unified thing but all kinds of phenomenon misidentified.
i believe that matter is merely a lower vibration of energy, which by slowing down is made visible in light. When a person dies, there soul or being rises out of the physical level and we can no longer percieve it in this realm. It seems possible to me that either the person percieving the ghost has temporarily elevated there conciousness to a point where they can 'see through the rift' or else the ghost has intentionally lowerd its vibration so that it can manifest in the physical world.

other ghosts have probably been psychological images projected into external conciousness, kind of like a waking dream. we know from dreams that we are capable of taking things inside our own mind and percieving them as if they were outside of us, and this same ability may be responsible for many hallucinatory images of ghosts and spectres...

Aliens- aliens, alien means outsider , and in my oppinion outside of our planet or galaxy is a narrow way to look at that concept. the chances of encountering a physical alien from this realm of existance (the physical) but vastly distant geographically is very unlikely.

What is more likely is that aliens are like ghosts, beings from a different realm of conciousness or a different dimension as it were, who can at some points be percieved by us...

but i dont know much about aliens.

Math- all i know about math is i hate it, im bad at it, and it is the least pleasant part of my educational process

Music- music is magic and love. it is the amazing ability of people to take those ideas from there mind and make them real for the world to share.
i also that there is no good or bad music, there is merely music we are and are not receptive too. over time my musical palate has grown more diverse and i realized that what i previously though of as 'bad music' was just music i couldnt yet understand. now i love rap, hip hop. rock, classic rock, blue grass, jazz, even some drunken country hoe down music, i like reggae, electronic and techno... i love it all

Perception- oh buddy dont even get me started! perception is all buddy! everything you know or experience or believe is perception... look around you. you are looking at your perception. Changing your perception can and will change your reality. At least 80% and probably 100% of what you think of as outside of you is in fact originating within... i wont get into this know.

Perception is your spaceship man, and the worlds to which it can grant you access are unlimited.

Humor- humor is a grand and wonderfull and unsolvable mystery, like beauty.. what makes something funny? what makes something beautifull? fuck if i know but thank GOD that so much is both!

Reality- reality is what you are percieving right now, nothing more. A dream is real until it ends, and so is life as you know it now, waking life. Real is real only so long as it is percieved, and by changing your perception you can change your reality,

i prescribe to the shamanic view of reality, that reality is anything vividly experienced. different levels of reality are different levels of perception. when you open your conciousness you can percieve more and reality is expanded.

reality is not narrowly defined, some of you think reality is 'waking, sober concioussness" it is not. that is merely one of infinite realms of reality.\

Purpose of life- the purpose of life is a beutfull thing to realize! reality just is , it has no inherent purpose. but when reality meets will, or love, then the purpose is created. in other worlds the purpose of life is where you and your reality meet.

heres an example. A flower blooms. that is its own purpose, it has no reason besides itself. but then you come along and see the flower, and NOW that flower has a purpose, to please your eyes and nose.

see? same for anything. meaning is within you to create and assign as you will. in other words, reality or life is a gigantic playground which god has made for you to DO WITH AS YOU WILL.

dont be afraid your missing the meaning of life. The meaning of life is to follow the dictates of your love. to do what you love.

Art- art again is magic, the bringing of mental ideas into the physical realm where they can be shared. art is like humour, no one can say what makes something art, but somethings are art indeed.

Nature- nature is the environment, the pulsating living creations of beauty that ... just are. and how lucky we are that they are eh? lets try and protect it while we can.

God- God is the TAO the eternal never ending undifferentiating creative force. EVERYTHING is a creation of god and everything is contained within god. look around you and realize that what you are seeing is GODS conciousness, gods dream, yes even you are a part of it. God does not prefer good or evil, sickness or health, fire or water, he creates it all and he loves it all as his creation,

he has also made you in his image, meaning the gods of your own dreams. You are living a dream within a dream, your own dream within gods. God doesnt care much what you do with that dream. in other words you are the god of your own reality, a demi god of sorts with infinite capacities of conception and creation.

The Universe- the universe is the physical realm of reality, created by and sustained by conciousness. like conciousness it has no beginning and no end.

The Unexplained- is the large majority of infinite creation that we have not yet crammed into our narrow and limiting systems of understanding.

Time- is an illusion and a function of perception. all things are , all things are NOW. like i said above, we understand by forcing the infinite into finite blocks that we can examine and understand. time is a manifestation of that. we are unable to percieve all things at once, to contain that massiveness within our perception, so we are forced to create the illusion of linear time, so that we can take it all in second by second. but it is nothing more than ' a stubbornly persistant illusion'

Fate- fate is simply the meeting of infinite possibility and limited time/action. fate is what we do with our dream. fate is in our hands.

The beginning- there is no beginning because there is no time. every beginning is the end of something else, but the eternal flow is eternal, it has no beginning and no end.

The end - there is no end because there is no time. every end is the beginning of something else, but the eternal flow has no begining and no end. it can be seen as the cycle of inhalations and exhalations, or the rising and falling of the sun. the end of an exhalation is the beginning of an inhalation, the setting of the sun is the rising of the moon, the end of day is the beginning of night.

Thanks man that was lots of fun!


Everything I post is fiction.

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Re: Tell Me What You Really Know About [Re: sox24]
    #3517794 - 12/18/04 07:14 PM (13 years, 5 months ago)

bumpity bump bump, come over to the crib...


Everything I post is fiction.

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Amazon Shop: Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones

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