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Livin in theTwilight Zone...
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Practicing Stillness&Silence...
    #3446804 - 12/04/04 07:59 PM (13 years, 6 months ago)

I?d like to share some things with you, about the progression of the spiritual evolutionary path that I?ve traveled up to this day.

As a Spiritual functionary, practicing principles in schools of such thought are naturally quotidian.
Currently I?ve been concentrating in the principle of still&silent-mind discipline, and during such autonomous training and learning, I?ve come across some interesting realizations and insights into my time-bound psyche and so forth.

When I think, I often catch myself ?feeling the conceptual liquid? just before it ?freezes? into a form of a thought.. and then stop right in the middle of a sentence, or thought.
Similar to how one can see the flash of lightning before it makes any sound.
This brings back memories of when I was a child, I used to think only in the ?liquid form?. In other words, there wouldn?t be any ?inner voice?, but more so, an ?inner-feeling?.
I think I was quite a late bloomer, in terms of psycho-linguistic evolution, as it seems most people were already consciously thinking in words and thoughts by the age of 5 or so.
I, however, remember being ?fascinated? with such abilities at the age of 7, as if I had just discovered them.

It is a spiritual goal for me, and for many others I can surmise? to think more in lightning, and less in thunder. Reserve the thunder for when it is pragmatically needed ? if at all. To live with [not in] the meditative mind, rather than the noisy mind.
From there on, the next step is to graduate into a deeper silent-practice ? The Void Within.

Introspective alertness is the key to this practice. When you are alone, watch your mind. When you are in public, watch your speech.
The very word dialogue means talking between two sides. We could not have an inner dialogue unless there was a split in our minds. We all have two sides; as long as they are not united, we cannot attain the wholeness that spirituality requires.

This is why it is essential to remember that even the slightest touch of confliction that lies within any fundamental structure of spiritual practice is detrimental. Such resistance is already a form of violence, however slight, light, or negligible it may be.
It can be quite mind-boggling when you consider how much inner-violence so many people live with in themselves? Some are even in a life-time of a constant stream of resistance, confliction, and pain to the point where it becomes casual.

Even with years of self-cultivation, it may not be easy to tame the wild mind. One might appear to have attained perfect control in all waking situations, only to find endless turbulence during meditation and sleep. This is a sign of incomplete attainment. Perfection must be total.

The process of perfect stillness is long and must be methodical. Although our efforts must be to the utmost, we must never risk repressing ourselves. Indeed, rather than shutting away the unpleasant or unruly aspects of ourselves, we must take them all out and examine them. Daily introspection brings harmony to all our facets. Those aspects that are bad can be dissolved. Those that are of advantage can be cultivated. This effort will take many years, but in this gradual way, we resolve ourselves with our subconscious mind and free ourselves from struggle and conflict.

One major, critical thing that is very important to understand when practicing stillness and silence of the mind, is to know what results from mind-identification/attachment ? which is compulsive thinking.
What, then, is the case when one identifies with the timeless, spacious awareness, the eternal ?I Am? that universally exists within all of us?

Spacious awareness is naturally still and silent.

When you fully realize yourself as that space in which all things take place, in which all things are being perceived, in which everything is experienced? stillness becomes natural as breathing. Thoughts and movements become secondary.
To return home is to realize:
I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am Life. I am the space in which all things happen. I am the Now. I am.

You are that vast ocean of stillness, from which forms are born out of.

You are that space in which all action takes place.

?Hold? that object or person, in your spacious awareness.

Within this transformation, and transcendence from egoic-mind identification to spacious-awareness identification, one becomes ?it-centered?, rather than self-centered. Self-forgetful, ego-transcending, unselfish, disinterested. Therefore, it-centered, identification and fusion of the perceiver and perceived, so absorbed into the experience that the self disappears, so that whole experience can be organized around the object itself as a centering point or organizing point. The object is uncontaminated and unconfused with the self? abnegation of the perceiver.

In egoic-identification, the view of the world and such becomes organized around the ego as a centering point, which means projection of the ego into the percept. Perception not of the object alone, but of the object-mixed-with-the-self-of-the-perciever.

Whenever you go about your day, see if you can ?catch yourself? mixing your sense of self, with that which is being perceived or interacted with. See if you can feel yourself projecting not your true self, but a mental image of yourself onto situations and interactions. This is the beginning of the spiritual freedom.

That's all I have to share at the moment, folks...


Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.

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Eggshell Walker

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Re: Practicing Stillness&Silence... [Re: SkorpivoMusterion]
    #3446941 - 12/04/04 08:24 PM (13 years, 6 months ago)

Verbiage to describe silence? :lipsrsealed:


The proof is in the pudding.

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Re: Practicing Stillness&Silence... [Re: Swami]
    #3447932 - 12/05/04 12:16 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)


Swami said:
Verbiage to describe silence? :lipsrsealed:


but i think i get what you're saying - through the stillness of the mind, you are more able to recognize "tvat tvam asi" - "that thou art"


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Livin in theTwilight Zone...
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Re: Practicing Stillness&Silence... [Re: Krishna]
    #3448291 - 12/05/04 01:45 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

"tvat tvam asi" - "that thou art"

:smile: Nice.

I?d also like to mention a spiritual practice that I participated in recently, involving disassociating from the egoic opinions. My goal was to weaken the attachment of aversions that stem from the egoic self and so on.
So, I decided to challenge myself with hot, spicy foods which I had developed a strong disdain for. For this, I went to the food store and picked out some fine Japanese sushi with packages of a green pasty substance called? Wasabi. This is basically Japanese horseradish, and very, very hot.
Wasabi is not just hot solely in the sense of mere spiciness that burns, but also in a very intense sort of way that fills the entire space within your mouth to your nose that makes your eyes water and then some.

Overall, I did suceed in detaching myself from labeling the situation as ?bad? and merely recognizing it as experiencing a degree of a certain type of intensity. As soon as it got to the point where my ears would feel a burning sensation, I ceased the practice. :grin:

Call me sadistic, call me crazy, but? it sounded like a good method, and was actually a notion inspired by another member, [Wiccanseeker, I believe?] who did the same spiritual practice of detachment from egoic-labeling that created suffering? Except, he did it in a far more brave way: inserting habereno peppers in the anal cavity.

Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.

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Re: Practicing Stillness&Silence... [Re: SkorpivoMusterion]
    #3449034 - 12/05/04 08:47 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

Enlightening words. :thumbup:

I disagree only with your timeframe: "The process of perfect stillness is long and must be methodical." I posit that once you realize the illusory nature of the ego and understand the means of transcendence, complete self-realization can take place very quickly. Total realization of the ego's illusory nature and egoic interference during spiritual practice from an admitedly illusory source is somewhat contradictory...either it is understood to be illusory and brushed aside as such, or it is not. How can it persistently be unreconsiled while also admitedly illusory? In my opinion, the ultimate realization is that the process is only as long as your ego drags it out to be.

On a different note, I once was tricked into putting a whole piece of wassabie into my mouth. I had no idea what it was. :whoa:

Edited by the_phoenix (12/05/04 08:51 AM)

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¡(Bound to·(O))be free!
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Re: Practicing Stillness&Silence... [Re: the_phoenix]
    #3449065 - 12/05/04 09:17 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

"This change was not wrought"
-Unknown :P

They that work in fine flax . . . shall be confounded. --Isa. xix. 9.

Confused with working sands and rolling waves. --Addison.

Till body up to spirit work, in bounds Proportioned to each kind. --Milton.

Alas that I was wrought [created]! --Chaucer.



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Registered: 10/04/04
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Re: Practicing Stillness&Silence... [Re: SkorpivoMusterion]
    #3449067 - 12/05/04 09:18 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

first its hot foods, before you know it you'll be....


seriously though,  I envy the stillness of mind youve managed :thumbup:


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irregular verb
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Registered: 04/08/04
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Re: Practicing Stillness&Silence... [Re: SkorpivoMusterion]
    #3449117 - 12/05/04 10:05 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

really then, this is about justification of self and the wordiness may derive from a repressed need to publish.

many of the distinctions raised would be very particular to your personal journey, and might be mistaken as valuable to all.

it is hard to find something worth sharing.

but from the sounds of it you will. (distil) (recombine) (decant)

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Re: Practicing Stillness&Silence... [Re: redgreenvines]
    #3449509 - 12/05/04 12:16 PM (13 years, 6 months ago)

more matter with less art :wink:

you write really well, but this topic should be simple :laugh:

this is silence.....





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Re: Practicing Stillness&Silence... [Re: deff]
    #3450133 - 12/05/04 03:12 PM (13 years, 6 months ago)

wasabi peanuts = :thumbup:

but i think one should always be careful when exploring the world of duality. in my opinion, the ascetic is as foolish as the glutton - where the glutton embraces the world and says "this is all there is? then i want it all!", the ascetic says "this is all there is? then i want none of it!". call it master/slave morality, or whatever you will, but neither is able to rise above the duality of existence. i like Nietzsche's analogy - the camel says "thou shalt not", the lion says "i will", but only the child gives "a sacred yes" - a yes that is above and beyond both accepting and rejecting the world - a yes that is .


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