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Registered: 08/13/99
Posts: 5,789
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    #3397169 - 11/23/04 07:47 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

drving thru the desert this morning, rain coming down. the desert is a special place when it rains. memories of the last gathering flowing though my head as we were driving past the area. i look over and annie is crying, of course i ask why....

fade back three days. we are partyin with my 2 nephews and their 2 GF's. its hard to describe the warm feeling we have when we all get togethor. its like a shroomery gathering...only even more safety, more love... close...its family you know? and we have been 3 boys that party togethor. so at one point as one of the GF's is telling me "I love your nephew very much" and we are all rolling, shroomin whatever...its was one of those moments you live your life to experience...

fade to next day: were are all hanging round...drinking coffee...smoking pot....im still huffin nos...good vibe....bad nephew says "its gonna suck when one of us dies".

fade back to rainy desert. annie was thinking of those words. i had never thought of it before and it was a sad thought. being home with my nephews again has made me realize i need to live closer to them. you only get one chance to live each day. but that means living father away from my adopted az family....i too love them too

i drove on thru the beautiful rainy desert, up into the foggy rocky mountains pondering such things. it will be sad to lose loved ones either by moving or passing on, but one should be grateful for the moments that have been shared already.

i cant handle girls crying, but this time it was a shared feeling and ok. i turned up some shpongle and it seemed to be a little better. <3 shroomery

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PsiLLy BiLLy
Male User Gallery Arcade Champion: Chopper Challenge

Registered: 08/11/02
Posts: 12,285
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Re: mortality [Re: oDin]
    #3397176 - 11/23/04 07:57 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

you 2 will always be close to me, no matter where you you are.
:heart: :heart: :heart:

how's your WOW?

  Edited by yageman (04/20/06 4:20 PM) 

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Yoga Gypsy
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Registered: 12/27/98
Posts: 11,119
Loc: Ontario
Re: mortality [Re: wrestler_az]
    #3397196 - 11/23/04 08:15 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

I know it's pretty cliche...but death is a transition.  I dont know if I have been very lucky thus far, or what the deal is, but death isn't something that has rocked me yet.  I've lost a few people that mattered, don't get me wrong, but I've always been taught that they are moving forward onto thier next lesson, thier next challenge.

Everything happens for a reason, right?  Everything is a matter of cause and effect.  They aren't really leaving you, they're just not so simple as a physical presence in your life.  Everything they've taught you, every emotion they have helped you to feel... they all still exist inside your heart and soul. 


Death isn't anything to get too upset about, it's as natural and beautiful as birth.  (I bet one day I'll need a hug while I'm crying "IT'S ALL CRAP.  EVERY LAST WORD!")  I am a pretty firm beleiver in that when a person has taught you all that they came into your life to teach you, they will move on.  I guess when a beautiful spirit has done all they can for humankind, maybe thier time comes, and they move forward into thier next challenge. 

Maybe they get re-incarnated.  Perhaps they were so special, they have much to teach the rest of us and will be reborn.  Maybe they stay over there...on the other side...and take a rest.  You know, chill out and smoke a phatty with Jimmy Morrison or Bob Marley.

Here's a poem I wrote in my LSD induced teens.

A soul must surely get exhausted
After living a human life
Full of exstatic joys, heartbreak, fear and love

A soul would surely be spent
After the tribulations of living
And need a period of...gestation?
To re-couperate for the next journey
Into feeling
Into life

Now...how long would a soul need to rest?
A millionth of a nanosecond?
Or a million years or eons?
Which really is the blink of an eye
To a soul....


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I trip,therefore weare.

Registered: 08/30/04
Posts: 2,071
Loc: El Mexicano
Last seen: 12 years, 2 months
Re: mortality [Re: CherryBom]
    #3397228 - 11/23/04 08:32 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

I can't simply say death doesn't matter to me, and I feel that I'm less connected to people in my everyday life every day because of it now.

A few years back two of my best friends, people I hung out with every day, made plans for life together... all the guys know what I mean, you've all had a "bro" that you would do anything for and he'd do it in return because that's how it goes, we used to even call each other's moms "Mom".. well there were a group of 4 of us and one day before we were supposed to meet up a drunk driver hit the car they were in and killed two of my friends and changed the other for life...

It's really hard accepting that your friends were only 17 and 18 and that the day before you were smoking a joint talking about "Man in 10 years we're going to be ...", and then the next day they are gone, forever. In fact, I still can't come to terms with it and I don't know if I ever fully will.

Ever since I don't let people that close to me. I don't talk to anyone really about what I think during the day or what my dreams are in life, I've seriously become a loner I think.

I always felt that death wouldn't change me or affect me, but I quickly learned otherwise... it hurts worse than anything I could imagine, being left behind, alone in this world.

oDin, you sound like you and your cousins are as close as we were. Hold on to them days for as long as you can. They seriously can be gone in a blink of an eye and you only have the memories of the past. So make as many memories as you can today and save tomorrow for reminiscing.

Born: 10/31/83, which makes me a Scorpio.

1) Scorpios are the most highly sexed of all the signs of the zodiac.
2) Scorpios are prone to excesses: booze, drugs, sex, bad puns, etc.
They usually exploit the weaknesses of others, who fall victim to
their capacity for total lust & sexual abberation.
3) Scorpios possess great intellectual curiosity & creative talent. They
think they are rebels & are arrogant, proud, conceited, and worth every
penny of it.

What do you bring to the table?

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Registered: 08/13/99
Posts: 5,789
Last seen: 5 years, 3 days
Re: mortality [Re: Silven]
    #3402855 - 11/24/04 11:09 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

well one would like to think what bom says is the truth...yet time sadly or unsadly has left me leaning to silven's answer. perhaps thats because as of lately i think when you die thats it. both were nice answers....thanks

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Registered: 08/13/99
Posts: 5,789
Last seen: 5 years, 3 days
Re: mortality [Re: oDin]
    #3402861 - 11/24/04 11:10 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

o and wrestler <3 you too

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Yoga Gypsy
Female User Gallery

Registered: 12/27/98
Posts: 11,119
Loc: Ontario
Re: mortality [Re: oDin]
    #3402930 - 11/24/04 11:32 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

I am young and full of idealism.  :crazy: :lipsrsealed: :crazy:


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rogue DMT elf
Female User Gallery

Registered: 08/09/99
Posts: 16,381
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Re: mortality [Re: CherryBom]
    #3402951 - 11/24/04 11:41 AM (13 years, 6 months ago)

death has made me a very sad and angry person.

but it happened very abruptly and i had no prior knowledge of it, or death. i was very young when my mom died and it still effects me to this day, wether or not i believe it all the time, i see that it does in my clearest moments.

but that doesnt mean that death is the end... i have had many experiences that tell me otherwise... but that doesnt make it any less hard on my ego.

I am the victim because they have died. they left ME here. how could they do this to ME?

^^^ that is how i feel when i am weak, and i know its not right and i know its wjere all my suffering comes from. im not sad because they died... i dont know what happens when you die, but i know what happens when you live, and they have gone past that.

taht is the root of my problem, maybe some day it will be overcome.

thank you for sharing oDin, silven and bomb

and appriciate wrestler for hs love!! those who give it freely need it the most!!



Men look at themselves and they see flawed humans, we look at women and we see perfect
Women look at themselves and they seem utterly human, when looking at men they see proud



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Registered: 02/04/03
Posts: 15,800
Re: mortality [Re: oDin]
    #3403062 - 11/24/04 12:15 PM (13 years, 6 months ago)

Death is not an ending.



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Registered: 08/13/99
Posts: 5,789
Last seen: 5 years, 3 days
Re: mortality [Re: CherryBom]
    #3403268 - 11/24/04 01:04 PM (13 years, 6 months ago)

"I am young and full of idealism." yes bom and dont change, your beautiful inside and out, honest.

im almost 40, well in january yea water bearers...i think bom is too...i think lately im just realizin that there isnt always a tommorrow or another day to do this or that.

like i have said before i just dont want to get to the end and say i wish i would have...

but i miss my nephews and being with them has just helped me realize how precious the time we spend togethor is...i love them more than anything...well maybe annie :smile:

but going home and being close to my family does mean i will be much farther away from my cyber az family, this is a downer for me.

anyway you all rock...i hope there is light at the end of the tunnel so we can all hang out on the clouds and stuff

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Chill the FuckOut!
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Registered: 10/10/02
Posts: 27,301
Loc: mndfreeze's puppet army
Re: mortality [Re: oDin]
    #3403294 - 11/24/04 01:12 PM (13 years, 6 months ago)

I'm not sure if there's an afterlife or not, but either way, I'm not worried. If there is, then death is not an end, and some part of us will survive. If there isn't, then I won't feel bad when it happens, because I won't feel anything. I try to keep that in mind with other people's deaths, too. Either some part of them survives, or they're gone, but at least they're not suffering. Death is always harder on the living.


"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."--Voltaire

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Back from being gone.
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Registered: 03/18/02
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Re: mortality [Re: oDin]
    #3403830 - 11/24/04 03:11 PM (13 years, 6 months ago)

Realisation is a good thing. I heard the rainforest indians said "white people talk to much". I think it's true sometimes..

I'm in the same mood for several days now, try to stay neutral Odin.. That way at least you keep a clear view on things.  :heart:

:dancing: My latest music! :yesnod:

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