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Sofa Gazer

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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: looner2]
    #3846466 - 02/28/05 12:00 PM (19 years, 2 months ago)

Wow Starter, looks like you can clearly see one side of any issue. Congratulations. You are now in the stage of life that Burke described as late adolescence. Let me guess, you're 18-25?

The good news is that you'll start seeing the gray areas within the next decade or so. Until then, you have the same kind of unsophisticated, single track mind that allowed the NASCAR folks to vote him in.

Again, congratulations. I honestly didn't think that there were ignorant hillbillies outside the US. You have proven me wrong. I am truly and deeply humbled.

I grow legal edibles only. Fresh Shiitake are the bee's knees - like, straight from the fridge.

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Registered: 05/16/03
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Loc: Australia
Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: looner2]
    #3846845 - 02/28/05 01:16 PM (19 years, 2 months ago)


>>>Starter, why feel the need to spew your ignorant hate in this thread?

For some phun, though there's a lot of truth in what I said as it got the attention, and an admin too. :wink: Though the admin appears to have missed the innocent till proven guilty. For the time being Corby is an alledged drug smuggler.

>>>Care to elaborate on Australia's drug policy?

Lighter than the US when it comes to Cannabis, as decriminalisation is in most states and both territories. Not to mention there's no felon 5 to 40 years mandatory on 100 plants as there is in the US. Which is why busted Aussies at Overgrow with 100+ plants get hit with fines and behaviour bonds, where as busted yanks do the grey bar hotel and of course, if they can't afford a good brief they'll slide the full 40. Nice eh. Hey, check this link on the err, land of the free. http://www.drugsense.org/wodclock.htm

Sure glad I ain't there. :smile:


>>>Wow, Australia is far superior to the US

Well, I haven't put it in terms of inferior or superior, but Australia is # 3 on the best to live in nations, where as the US ranks # 8. http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0778562.html

Convert Metric and Imperial.

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old hand
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Registered: 12/18/02
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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: Seuss]
    #3847192 - 02/28/05 02:40 PM (19 years, 2 months ago)


Let us all try to stay focused and on topic, please


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Wild Woman
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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: motaman]
    #3847632 - 02/28/05 04:09 PM (19 years, 2 months ago)


motaman said:

Let us all try to stay focused and on topic, please

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Dead Man
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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: MOTH]
    #3848133 - 02/28/05 05:37 PM (19 years, 2 months ago)

This makes me fucking sick. Protesters demanding her execution? It is murder plain and simple. The idiots of this world never cease to amaze me.

Starter, the Euro is not a great thing... it is a step towards a one world government and total control.

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Registered: 07/25/04
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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3860951 - 03/03/05 01:13 AM (19 years, 2 months ago)

Accused drug smuggler grasps for day in court
March 3, 2005

For Schapelle Corby anything is better than being in her cell, writes Philip Cornford.

She calls it the cage, and it is. Schapelle Corby's brief glimpses of freedom are through prison bars and they are traumatic. Yet they are precious.

In the sweltering heat of the cage, she strips off her sweat-soaked shirt, beneath which she wears a sleeveless halter, also wet with perspiration, baring her shoulders and arms. To cool her neck, she pulls her damp hair into a bun.

Behind her, the eyes of 22 men glimmer in the shadow of the overcrowded cell, staring. Among them are violent criminals, on trial, as she is. Corby, 27, is the only woman, they are fascinated, and worse. They cannot look away.

She does her best to ignore them and they give her space. To avoid the media people who press against the bars, calling questions, she moves to a corner where she is out of sight. But they poke cameras through the bars. Bright flashes tear into the darkness. She is photographed, anyway.

The cage is the holding cell at Denpasar District Court, where Corby is on trial, accused of smuggling 4.1 kilograms of marijuana, an offence that carries the death penalty.

It is cooler than Krobokan prison, a vermin-infested hellhole. And the van that brought her on the 20-minute ride to court, crowded with the men. There is no room for segregation. Handcuffed hands clutch the bars of the tiny windows, a prisoner trying to catch a breeze.

Corby emerges last, handcuffed to a woman warder. Once it was to another woman prisoner, who was terrified by what followed, and when she found sanctuary in the cell, sat weeping into a ragged and filthy towel, her humiliation complete.

Corby has learnt to be stoic. She has remarkably blue eyes, which she keeps downcast. During the 25-metre walk to the holding cell the media press against her, blocking her path, cameras and microphones thrust into her face, questions shouted: a wild, uncontrolled melee.

Once Corby stumbles and the woman warder almost goes down with her. It is only the media press that stops them falling. Her sister, Mercedes, 30, who takes her food every day, is aghast: "It's disgusting. Disgusting. Disgusting."

A few minutes later, it starts all over again, when Corby is taken to the court. This has to be seen to be believed. Photographers crowd behind the three judges, poking lenses past their ears to get front-on snaps of Corby facing the court.

Each time witnesses approach the bench to examine evidence, reporters and their interpreters crowd them, poking tape recorders into their faces. Cameras flash at will. It is more like a railway station than a court.

Then Corby has to brave the melee again, on her way back to the cells. But there follows a time of rare quiet while she waits until the other prisoners are finished in court.

She can talk to her family, her lawyers. It is spacious and clean compared with the cell she shares with eight women at grim Krobokan. They are never released for exercise. They see only walls and bars.

To snatch a few moments of privacy, Corby goes to church three times a week. There, "if I need to cry, then I can without any interruptions", she told Woman's Day.

Corby has run the gauntlet five times. After two weeks of confinement in Krobokan, she cannot wait to run it again when her lawyers open her defence today.

It will be an ordeal; it will be traumatic and humiliating. But she can look out through the bars and see the sky, and to everyone, the sky symbolises freedom.

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Registered: 07/25/04
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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3860964 - 03/03/05 01:15 AM (19 years, 2 months ago)

Bakir insists Corby could die in jail
Mar 3 2005

Accused drug smuggler Schapelle Corby was being railroaded through court without a fair trial while the Australian government did nothing to stop it, a Gold Coast businessman said.

Ron Bakir, who heads mobile phone empire Crazy Ron's, said Corby was an innocent woman who would die in a Bali jail if the current miscarriage of justice was allowed to continue.

Corby denies allegations she smuggled 4.1 kg of cannabis leaf and heads into Bali's Denpasar Airport in her boogie board bag last October.

Mr Bakir, who arrived back from visiting Corby in a Bali jail, had flown to the Indonesian island with criminal lawyer Robin Tampoe on a mercy mission to protect the 27-year-old's rights.

"There's a girl on death row here, she might be killed - I don't think they (the government) understand the importance of it," Mr Bakir said.

He said he believed Corby was innocent and he urged the Australian public to reserve their judgment until they heard all the facts.

"You need to see the facts, you need to hear the evidence, because once you do you will never believe this girl is guilty," said Mr Bakir, who is helping to fund Corby's defence.

He said although Corby's case hinged on determining the origin of the cannabis found in her boogie board bag, the Australian government had failed to order a DNA test on the drugs.

A spokesman for foreign minister Alexander Downer denied the accusations, saying the Australian Federal Police had offered assistance to the Indonesian police with testing but the offer had been declined.

The spokesman said the matter was before the Indonesian court and needed to be dealt with by the defence under the legal processes in Indonesia.

"We are providing intense consular assistance in this case as we do to all manner of Australians who get in trouble overseas," he said.

Mr Bakir said Corby was holding up well and was trying to remain positive.

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Registered: 07/25/04
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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3861940 - 03/03/05 10:50 AM (19 years, 2 months ago)

* Trial Update *

Corby's bag had no drugs: witness
March 4, 2005

A GIRLFRIEND of Schapelle Corby says she saw inside the accused drug smuggler's body board bag shortly before Corby and her friends left on their ill-fated holiday to Bali &#8211; and there were no drugs in the bag at that time.

Alyth McComb, who travelled to Bali with Corby, was testifying yesterday for the defence at Corby's drug-smuggling trial.

McComb also told the court that in the four years she and Corby had been friends she had never known Corby to use drugs.

"If anything, she is against drugs," 25-year-old McComb told the judges, saying that she had also never known her friend to sell drugs.

On day one of the defence case, the court heard for the first time of the events leading up to Corby and her group leaving Brisbane, bound for Bali.

Corby faces the maximum death penalty if convicted of importing 4.1kg of marijuana.

McComb, a bar attendant, said that on the morning before they left for Bali she had returned a pair of flippers to Corby at her mother's home.

Demonstrating for the court using the body board bag and drugs placed on the judges' bench, she showed how Corby had opened her body board bag to slip in the flippers and at this time "we (the group) could all see clearly inside the bag".

Asked by defence lawyers if at this time she saw the plastic bag, McComb said: "No."

Question: "Are you sure?" Answer: "I am positive."

Question: "How are you sure?" Answer: "Because I think I would have seen it if it was there."

The judges hearing the case later refused defence requests to issue a subpoena compelling three Australian witnesses to testify.

Corby's lawyers late yesterday asked the court to subpoena the witnesses &#8211; from Brisbane airport authority, a representative from the baggage handlers union in Sydney and a Melbourne body language expert &#8211; to ensure their appearance.

But Judge Linton Sirait, chief of the three-judge panel, refused, saying the Denpasar District Court had no authority to investigate incidents outside of Indonesian territorial law.

The judge's pronouncement caused Corby to become visibly upset.

In the end the judge agreed that if the witnesses attended on the next occasion he would hear their testimony but would not summons them.

After court Vasu Rasiah, an adviser to Corby's legal team which has long sought information and assistance from Australian authorities in the case, said it was expected the Brisbane airport authority would not turn up without a summons but the other two would.

Mr Rasiah said one was an official from the baggage handlers union, to testify about a lack of security in Sydney and the other was body language expert and psychologist who has viewed footage of Corby and believes she is exhibiting the signs of innocence.

The trial was adjourned until March 17.

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Registered: 07/25/04
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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3867423 - 03/04/05 11:21 AM (19 years, 2 months ago)

Indonesians refuse test on Corby drugs
March 5, 2005
The Advertiser

THE Federal Government expressed concern yesterday at the Indonesian trial of alleged Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby.

Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer said the Indonesians refused requests by the Australian Federal Police to test the cannabis Ms Corby allegedly tried to smuggle.

The AFP wanted to test the drug to ascertain its source because Ms Corby claims it was not in her luggage when she left Australia last October and must have been planted there.

"The defence lawyers wanted it done, we asked, and yes, it's true the Indonesian police didn't agree to hand over any of the cannabis for testing," Mr Downer said.

Mr Downer said the Indonesians said they "were perfectly capable of doing that sort of testing themselves".

Ms Corby was arrested at Denpasar Airport with 4.1kg of high-quality cannabis in her boogie board bag and now faces the death penalty if convicted.

Mr Downer said yesterday he was "not an expert on this topic" but it would be unusual for someone to smuggle cannabis into Bali, where it was relatively cheap and plentiful.

"Why would they do that?" Mr Downer asked.

He said Australia was helping Ms Corby with lawyers and other support but could not interfere in the court process.

He said Indonesia was run differently today compared to the reign of former President Suharto. "You could go to President Suharto or his ministers and you could say `mate, could you do us a bit of a deal with the courts', and the ministers or President Suharto would pick up the phone and instruct the judge," he said.

"You can't do that anymore.

"(But) we are concerned about this case and we are following it very closely."

He said it would not be proper to use Australia's generous tsunami aid to the victims in Aceh province as leverage.

"We wouldn't want to suggest that their suffering should be increased or the relief should be reduced because of something else that is unrelated to them occurring," he said.

Prime Minister John Howard said he also remained concerned about certain aspects of the case.

"I choose my words very carefully because I have to respect the legal system of another country," he said.

Mr Howard said he felt for Ms Corby and that the strain, physical stress and mental trauma would be "immense".

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Registered: 07/25/04
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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3885577 - 03/08/05 12:41 AM (19 years, 2 months ago)

* One more story til the trial resumes March 17 *

Bag handler theory over Corby case
March 7, 2005

Baggage handlers could have put marijuana into the luggage of an Australian woman on trial for importing marijuana into Indonesia, it has been suggested.

Callers to ABC youth network Triple J's Hack program, who included drug traffickers, drug users and baggage handlers, said they believed Gold Coast woman Schapelle Corby, 27, was innocent.

One person who emailed the show initially raised the theory, which then received a flood of talkback calls backing up the suggestion.

Several people who worked as baggage handlers told the program that trafficking drugs between states was widespread among their colleagues.

They said it was likely that the intended recipient of the drugs in Australia had been unable to remove them from Corby's boogie board bag before the luggage went on to Indonesia.

Corby denies smuggling 4.1 kg of cannabis into Bali's Denpasar Airport in her unlocked boogie board bag in October last year.

She had flown from Brisbane to Sydney before boarding a connecting flight to Indonesia. When she arrived at Sydney, her bags were taken to the international airport, to join Australian Airlines flight AO7829 to Bali.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has expressed concern at the way her case has been handled and has pledged to provide her with consular assistance.

A man who claimed to be a drug trafficker told Hack that "no-one in their right mind would import drugs from Australia to Indonesia.

"Why? Because there's no incentive. Why would you pay $10,000 for something in Australia and then try and sell it in Indonesia for a couple of hundred bucks.

"You would have to be an A-grade moron to think it's a good idea."

A man who said he had worked as a baggage handler said he knew of colleagues who would write on the back of passengers' bags and put marijuana in there to ship between states.

"It doesn't actually go through to any of the custom areas," the caller said.

"It's put on board by a particular baggage handler and then obviously coordinated for a shift worker who is on when that plane arrives . . . and then taken off.

"They can do a pre-alert at the receiving port and have that particular person actually aware of the particular location of the bag, of what is on the plane.

"It ships basially in the areas where it isn't as accesible, hence the value being higher. The incentives are there, sent it to the parts where it isn't acessible and you can demand a higher price for it."

Several inconsistencies have been raised during the Corby case, with claims Indonesian police had either lost or bungled key evidence.

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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3924238 - 03/16/05 01:53 AM (19 years, 2 months ago)

* Schapelle Corby's hearing was due to resume March 17, but an Indonesian court has given her lawyers an extra week to gather more information. *

New evidence to clear Corby
March 16, 2005

Lawyers acting on behalf of accused drug smuggler Schapelle Corby said today they had evidence to clear her of the charges.

The Gold Coast beauty therapy student is fighting allegations she smuggled 4.1 kilograms of cannabis into Bali's Denpasar Airport in her boogie board bag last October.

Corby, 27, faces the death penalty if found guilty of the charges.

Gold Coast businessman Ron Bakir, who heads mobile phone empire Crazy Ron's and has come to the aid of Corby, said he had sent a sworn statement from an unnamed source which clears her of all charges.

The statement was sent to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer today, he said.

Mr Bakir and criminal lawyer Robin Tampoe flew to Bali last month to meet Corby after complaining the Federal Government had not done enough to help the young Australian woman.

Speaking on behalf of Corby's legal team, Mr Bakir said he had obtained a statement that cleared her of all charges.

"We have got a statement from a gentleman who has told us that Schapelle is not involved in this transaction whatsoever, and that Schapelle is a victim of Australian drug trafficking, and that Schapelle Corby doesn't know anything about this," Mr Bakir said.

"He has told us who the people responsible for this are, where they are, how they came into this, where the drugs were going to, how the drugs had got into her bag, they have named all these people."

Mr Bakir said over the past two or three months, the source and associates had been trying to make contact with the AFP, to no avail, and had telephone recordings to prove their attempts.

"The Federal Police have done nothing about it for the last three months," he said.

Mr Bakir said he had still not received any response from the AFP, despite sending the statement to them early today.

Mr Downer's office had, however, been in constant contact over the matter.

"The problem is I don't think the AFP think this is an important matter because they have done nothing about it," Mr Bakir said.

"This girl has got five days before she goes to trial and will be executed [if found guilty]. This information is crucial to her case."

Mr Bakir declined to provide further details of the statement, including the number of people alleged to have been involved in the planting of the drugs, but said they had all been named in the statement.

Mr Bakir said Corby was not yet aware of today's developments, although one of her family members had been informed.

The statement will be lodged in the Bali court on March 24, when Corby's case is due to be heard again after an adjournment was requested from tomorrow's scheduled hearing.

Mr Bakir and Corby's Indonesian lawyer - who arrived in Australia today ahead of the developments - will return to Bali next Tuesday.

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Registered: 07/25/04
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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3928882 - 03/17/05 01:31 AM (19 years, 2 months ago)

AFP chief crushes Corby hopes
March 17, 2005

AUSTRALIAN Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty has described fresh evidence, which lawyers claim may clear Schapelle Corby of drug smuggling charges in Bali, as "hearsay" with no direct link to her case.

Evidence emerged yesterday that the 27-year-old Gold Coast beauty therapy student was unknowingly used as a courier by organised interstate drug smugglers, after a man came forward and signed an affidavit naming three baggage handlers as those who had planted the drugs.

Ms Corby faces the death penalty under Indonesian law after authorities found 4.1kg of cannabis in her boogieboard bag at Bali's Denpasar Airport last October.

Today, Ms Corby clutched her sister's hand and said "Oh my God" when told of the evidence.

She was told only this morning about a crucial affidavit, obtained by her Australian lawyers and unveiled yesterday, implicating others in her case.

She learned of the statement as she waited in a holding cell at the Denpasar District Court ahead of her next trial appearance.

Ms Corby looked delighted but said little as her sister Mercedes reached through the bars and, amid tears, broke the news.

Her lawyers revealed yesterday that an unidentified man had come forward and signed a statement naming three baggage handlers whom he said had planted the drugs in Ms Corby's unlocked boogieboard bag.

Chief lawyer Lely Sri Rahaya Lubis said the baggage handlers had since been jailed in Australia, while the man who made the statement was also in prison.

She said she would request a one-week adjournment today and would present the affidavit to the court's three judges next week.

"I told her that the people who put the marijuana in her bag are already arrested in Australia (for other crimes)," Ms Lely said.

"Now the police are still doing their investigations to bring the necessary things to help her get out of jail.

"She is happy with that and hopes it will come through."

But Ms Lely admitted it would be difficult to transport the man to Bali to testify, as he was a prisoner in Australia.

"That now depends on the Australian authorities," she said.

Mr Keelty said the AFP was interviewing the man, whom he said was a prisoner, but his statement had contained no direct evidence to Ms Corby's case.

"It does mention Ms Corby, but only in the sense that the prisoner made the conclusion that it was connected to the Corby case and overheard other prisoners talking about the Corby case," Mr Keelty said.

"It's at best hearsay evidence."

Mr Keelty also hit out at the decision by supporters of Ms Corby to publicise what he said were "spurious allegations", saying the decision could be counter productive.

The less said, the better, he said, adding: "To actually parade all these spurious allegations ... in the Australian media can be doing Schapelle Corby no good whatsoever."

Lawyers for Ms Corby have claimed the drugs were planted on the student as a part of a smuggling operation between Brisbane and Sydney airports.

The union representing airport baggage handlers, the Transport Workers Union, has called for an urgent investigation into the claims.

Mr Keelty said it was highly unusual that drugs which were meant to be transported interstate would end up overseas.

But Corby supporters, Gold Coast businessman Ron Bakir, who is financing her legal team, and Indonesian lawyer Vasu Rasiah rejected Mr Keelty's comments.

Mr Bakir said the Australian Government had a duty to investigate the claims.

"Mr Keelty can say say whatever he likes, the fact of the matter is there is a girl in jail who could be executed," he said at a news conference in Brisbane.

"They need to take this matter very, very seriously. At this stage, the Australian Government has done nothing to ensure her safety.

"It is important for the Australian Government and the AFP to investigate this matter."

Mr Rasiah said the AFP had ignored repeated requests to investigate aspects of the case that occurred inside Australia, despite the Bali court bending over backwards to allow such evidence to be heard.

"The judges ... have gone an extra mile to open doors so that they can release the girl, but Australia has gone 10 miles behind to avoid doing that," Mr Rasiah said.

"I can't understand that."

Mr Rasiah further appealed for Australians to put pressure on Prime Minister John Howard and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer to act on the matter.

Mr Keelty said it was not the role of the AFP to provide support to lawyers defending jailed Australians across the world.

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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3933027 - 03/17/05 09:48 PM (19 years, 2 months ago)

Now isn't that bloody marvellous. Information is brought forward that has the potential at the very least to introduce some doubt about Corby's guilt and our AFP Commissioner can't wait to get up there and start publicly disparaging the information. What an unprofessional jerk. Probably gets his rocks off imagining himself on the firing squad. Asshole!

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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3939593 - 03/19/05 11:10 AM (19 years, 2 months ago)

Schapelle could not have done it
March 20, 2005
Sunday Mail

A BRISBANE airport security senior source says accused drug-runner Schapelle Corby could not possibly have smuggled 4.1kg of marijuana through the airport.

The well-placed source said there was no way Corby's bag could have passed through an array of checks without the drugs being detected.

"The chances of that happening are zero. I would bet my life on it," the source said.

"It would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic."

The source said it turned his stomach that an innocent woman could face a firing squad.

"I don't want to think about it. I just hope she bloody well doesn't - she's not guilty."

Corby, 27, a Gold Coast beauty therapy student, is on trial in Bali, facing the threat of the death sentence, after Indonesian authorities found 4.1kg of marijuana in her bodyboard bag when she arrived at Denpasar in Bali.

"It just doesn't add up," the security source said. "It would have had to get past sniffer dogs, X-ray machines and electronic screening.

"We pay special attention to oversized or unusual baggage. The package of drugs would have been bulky in the boogie board bag . . . someone would have taken a good look.

"Somebody else has put them in after it's left Brisbane."

Airline officials have also labelled "ridiculous" the suggestion that such an amateurish smuggling attempt could have beaten the airport security systems at both Brisbane and Sydney, where Corby transferred to an international flight on October 8 last year.

An airline executive, who did not want to be named, went further: "It's very, very strange," he said.

Since September 11 and the Bali bombing, security checks had been heightened specifically on flights to the United States and Indonesia.

Denpasar airport Customs officers found the drugs in a plastic bag just inside the bodyboard bag, which had no lock on the zipper.

The Brisbane airport source said it was unbelievable that anyone would be so cavalier in a drug-smuggling bid at a time when security arrangements at airports have never been tighter.

Another mystery is why Corby, who had travelled to Bali several times before to visit her sister Mercedes, who lives there, would risk the death penalty - spelt out in graphic billboards around airports - to take marijuana into Indonesia.

This was the first seizure of incoming marijuana by Bali Customs officers - hardly surprising when it would be worth just a fraction of the $65,000 street value in Australia.

Corby's defence team believes she may have been used as a "mule" by someone working at Brisbane airport, who slipped the drugs into her bag once it cleared security checks, to be collected by a worker at Sydney airport.

They have a statement from a prisoner claiming to have evidence from two fellow inmates jailed for drug offences that they used baggage handlers to move drugs between Australian airports.

According to the statement, which includes the first names of two baggage handlers, Corby was the victim of a mix-up with the drugs being put in the wrong bag at Brisbane and being missed in Sydney.

Federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock yesterday told Corby's defence team he had no objection to the prisoner being taken to Bali as a defence witness but it would need the approval of the Attorney-General in the state where the inmate is being held. The Sunday Mail believes he is in Victoria but mobile phone dealer "Mad Ron" Bakir, who is funding Corby's defence, would not confirm that.

Mr Bakir said he was confident the prisoner's testimony would create enough doubt in the minds of Indonesian judges to free Corby.

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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3953199 - 03/22/05 11:36 AM (19 years, 2 months ago)

Mystery witness free to fly to Bali
March 23, 2005

SCHAPELLE Corby's legal team are confident authorities will help clear the way for a Victorian prisoner to fly to Bali this week to testify at her trial that drugs were planted in the young woman's bag.

Late yesterday, millionaire mobile phone dealer Ron Bakir, who is paying for Corby's legal defence, revealed that plans were well advanced for the man to be escorted to Indonesia by Australian police to testify tomorrow.

He said Indonesia's Ambassador to Australia had contacted the Foreign Ministry in Jakarta to get clearance for a prisoner to be allowed into the country.

Also, the defence intends to call three other witnesses in their case - a security officer from Brisbane airport, a criminologist and a detective of 13 years' experience.

Mr Bakir said Professor Paul Wilson, a criminologist from Bond University, would testify that in his opinion the 27-year-old does not fit the description nor have the attributes of a drug trafficker - the crime for which she is on trial and facing the maximum death penalty.

Corby is accused of smuggling 4.1kg of high quality marijuana into Bali in her unlocked boogie board bag - a crime which she has consistently denied. She is on trial before three judges in the Denpasar District Court.

Mr Bakir also said a security officer from Brisbane airport, where Ms Corby and her companions boarded the flight to Bali last October, would give evidence about what the defence says are poor security arrangements at the airport and that a detective would testify about the domestic drug problem within Australia.

But it is the mystery prison informant, currently on remand in a Victorian prison, where he has been housed for the past 14 months, whose potential evidence, according to the defence lawyers, gives Corby her best hope yet of beating the charges.

The man has given a sworn statement to Mr Bakir and the lawyers that he overheard a conversation between two other prisoners and that the men told how the 4.1kg of marijuana was mistakenly put in Corby's bag as part of an interstate drug trafficking scam at airports.

The man has since been interviewed by Australian Federal Police. However, Commissioner Mick Keelty, who read the man's statement, has cast doubt on the man's evidence and credibility, describing it as hearsay upon hearsay and questioned whether the overheard jail conversation even related to the Corby case.

Mr Keelty angrily denied claims the man had been trying to contact the AFP for two months to pass on the information, without success.

Days of diplomatic talks and meetings between the lawyers and Australian Government ministers and officials have preceded the decision to allow the man to come to Indonesia.

After the witnesses give their evidence, Corby will be the last witness in her case, either tomorrow or the following week.

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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3958520 - 03/23/05 09:40 AM (19 years, 1 month ago)

'I didn't plant dope on Corby'
March 24, 2005

A MELBOURNE man has denied he planted marijuana in a surfboard bag that landed Schapelle Corby in a Bali jail fighting for her life.

The man, who wanted to be known only as John, was interviewed by Australian Federal Police agents this week after they received information from Ms Corby's lawyers.

John claimed AFP officers told him: "Without your help she's gone."

They are believed to have been acting on an affadavit supplied by a Victorian prisoner who has contacted Ms Corby's legal team purporting to have information that could save her.

But John, a former prisoner, told police he was not involved. "I told the AFP I had nothing to do with the drugs that the girl in Bali was arrested with," he said.

"I would love to be in a position to be able to get the girl in Bali out of prison."

The Howard Government last night said it would help clear the way for John to be flown to Bali to give evidence at the trial today. But it could act only on request from the Indonesian Government.

Gold Coast businessman Ron Bakir said time was running out for the Gold Coast beauty therapy student.

"We need the prisoner here tomorrow," he said.

In Canberra, a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs said the Government was doing everything it could to help Ms Corby. "Because the witness is a prisoner in Victoria this requires a request by Indonesia to Australia under a bilateral agreement on mutual assistance in criminal matters," he said.

"The government stands ready to agree to a request and we are doing all we can to work with the Indonesian Government to facilitate this."

A spokeswoman for Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said no request had been received from Indonesia.

"If a request was received . . . the Attorney-General has indicated that we would work expeditiously to act upon it," she said.

Earlier, John told the Herald Sun that AFP agents believed he financed a smuggling operation between Brisbane and Sydney airports or had handled the drugs at some point. "They said information had been received that I was the man," he said.

"They said it came from three different sources. They were telling me that her life was in my hands. I'm supposed to be the financier.

"I didn't even have the money to take the bus home after they interviewed me. I had to borrow it."

John, a convicted burglar, said he had never been involved in drug trafficking, no had he ever met Ms Corby.

"The sad part is you see on the news she's all happy that this information has come out but there's nothing there," he said. "For them to come to me with all these allegations, there's obviously nothing there."

John, 38, said he was at a friend's house in Reservoir on Tuesday when they noticed they were being watched.

He had received a phone call from an agent requesting an interview and later spent four hours at AFP headquarters in the city.

John, who has spent eight years in Queensland and Victorian jails, believes the prisoner might be spreading the rumour in return for special treatment on the inside. "Criminals will give information for anything to get themselves out of trouble," he said.

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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
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Corby lawyers fail to present 'key' witness
March 24, 2005

Lawyers defending Australian woman Schapelle Corby on drug trafficking charges in Bali say they may ask for more time to present their case, after attempts to present a man they say is a key witness failed.

Last week, defence lawyers for Corby told the court in Denpasar they hoped to have a man who allegedly planted drugs in her bag face the court at today's session.

But neither he, nor another man, an Australian prisoner the defence says could give crucial evidence about the crime if allowed to travel to Indonesia, have arrived in Bali.

Instead, the defence case will proceed with expert witnesses giving evidence that Corby does not fit the criminal profile of a drug trafficker and that Australian domestic drug trafficking gone wrong could have resulted in the drugs mistakenly ending up in her bag.

Last night, her lawyers said they might seek a further extension of time from the court, to continue attempts to bring the other witnesses to Bali.

Meanwhile, Attorney-General Philip Ruddock says Indonesian authorities did not appear to know anything about the witness until they were informed by the Australian Government last night.

"At this point in time we have made a direct approach to the Indonesian Minister, who is not aware of the details of the matter and has agreed to examine it, and we will see further what response we receive from him," Mr Ruddock told the ABC's AM program.

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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3962585 - 03/23/05 11:00 PM (19 years, 1 month ago)

Corby's lawyers to seek adjournment
March 24, 2005

Lawyers for accused drug smuggler Schapelle Corby are expected to seek another adjournment on Thursday after failing to bring a crucial witness before the Bali court hearing her case.

The Gold Coast beauty therapist could face death penalty if found guilty of smuggling 4.1 kilograms of cannabis into Bali's Denpasar airport in her boogie board bag last October.

Corby's lawyers last week won an adjournment until Thursday after a Melbourne prison inmate came forward and backed her claim that she was unknowingly used as part of a drug smuggling operation between Brisbane and Sydney airports.

The witness has been unable to travel to Bali, with the Australian government saying it has not received a request for the prisoner to be allowed to testify in the case - the first necessary step in the process.

Thursday is the last day defence evidence can be presented in the trial, and her legal team fears the absence of the witness may impact on Corby's fate.

However, the defence would also present a group of other witnesses, including criminologist Paul Wilson and former policeman Bruce Griffin. Neither has met Corby.

Mr Wilson will tell the court the 27-year-old does not fit the profile of a drug courier.

Justice Minister Chris Ellison contacted his Indonesian counterpart about the issue on Wednesday night and was hopeful it would be resolved swiftly.

"Certainly the discussion was a very constructive one," Senator Ellison told Sky News on Thursday. "I can't preempt the outcome of any application for adjournment, what I can say is that we indicated the level of concern that is held in relation to this matter in Australia.

"The Indonesian government has undertaken to look at this matter very closely to give it careful consideration and of course those are, no doubt, aspects that the defence can put to the court for an adjournment today."

Prime Minister John Howard said the federal government was doing all it could to enable relevant evidence to be presented in Corby's case.

"Discussions are going on about effectively a formal request coming from the Indonesia government for the prisoner in Victoria to be taken to give evidence," he told radio 3AW. "It's up to the Indonesian government under the relevant treaty to make that request."

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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3963191 - 03/24/05 01:10 AM (19 years, 1 month ago)

Expert says Corby innocent
March 24, 2005

AN Indonesian court burst into applause today after an Australian criminologist said he had no doubt Gold Coast woman Schapelle Corby was an unwitting drug mule.

As Ms Corby prepared to take the witness stand this afternoon, Bond University professor and criminologist Paul Wilson &#8211; who has studied similar cases in Thailand &#8211; said she did not fit the profile of a typical drug trafficker.

"Is this the face of a drug criminal?" the judge asked Professor Wilson, instructing Ms Corby to stand up.

Professor Wilson responded: "Your honour, I can not look at her face alone.

"I can listen to her talk to my questions, which I have done. I can look at her face and I can speak to people who know her well.

"Using all of that information, I can honestly say that she did not know there were drugs in her bag."

The packed gallery at the Denpasar District Court immediately burst into applause.

Ms Corby, 27, may face the death penalty if she is found guilty of smuggling 4.1kg of cannabis into Bali's Denpasar airport in her boogieboard bag last October.

Her legal team is seeking to have a Victorian prisoner flown to Bali to testify about a statement he gave that may clear Ms Corby of the drug charges.

They will seek an adjournment later this afternoon.

Earlier, a senior Qantas baggage handler from Brisbane airport testified that it was highly possible that anyone from engineers to catering staff could have gained access to Ms Corby's luggage as it waited to be loaded onto the plane.

"It's possible for someone to put something in," Scott Stephens said as Ms Corby quietly wiped away tears.

If the pillowcase-sized bag of cannabis been in Ms Corby's boogieboard bag when she checked it in, baggage handlers would have noticed the extra weight and should have investigated further.

Australia's consul in Bali, Brent Hall, said he had written to Indonesian authorities in support of Ms Corby's bid for an adjournment.

If the Melbourne prisoner was unable to attend in person, authorities could also consider arranging a video conference to allow him to testify, Mr Hall said.

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Re: 27 year old faces death for marijuana [Re: veggie]
    #3963293 - 03/24/05 01:40 AM (19 years, 1 month ago)

Corby takes stand in Bali trial, states innocence
March 24, 2005

THE court hearing drug charges against Schapelle Corby has given her defence team until April 7 to fly a Victorian prisoner to Bali to give testimony the Queenslander hopes will clear her name.

Taking the witness stand today, she told the Denpasar District Court in Bali that she had no idea of the origin of the marijuana found inside her luggage.

"Because everyone else in other counters were having their luggage searched, and I thought it was no big deal because of the height of the terrorist attacks, that I'll open my bag," she said.

"I opened it and had a surprise and I closed it again.

"I informed the Customs officer that it was my bag but the Customs officer ordered my brother to carry it to a small room when he knew that it was mine."

"I don't like drugs," she said, pleading with judges to make the "right decision" and let her go home.

"It's not my drugs. I wouldn't even know where to get the drugs from." Ms Corby said she had hated drugs even before her arrest last year,and she had never been involved with illegal drugs.

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