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Don?t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again
    #3320550 - 11/04/04 03:56 PM (19 years, 1 month ago)

Never Say Die-bold: So You Don?t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again

By Jackson Thoreau


If you?re looking for one word to sum up the way the Bush-Cheney campaign stole another election Tuesday besides obvious ones like ?cheated,? try this one: Diebold.

An election judge where I voted Tuesday in a heavily Democratic precinct in Maryland knows what that means and wasn?t adverse to sharing his opinion of the Republican-owned company. As I was about to vote with the electronic system, I asked this judge if they had a way to check people?s votes through a paper backup.

The official said no, and then in a low voice so no one else would hear, added, ?And that really makes us nervous, with Diebold as the owner of that system.?

Goodbye, hanging chads. Hello, computer fraud that leaves no trace, no chads hanging.

Diebold Inc. of North Canton, Ohio, supplied scores of machines and counted millions of votes Tuesday, while reportedly discarding many votes for Democrat John Kerry, according to British investigative reporter Gregory Palast. Walden O?Dell, chief executive of Diebold and a top fundraiser for the Bush campaign, wrote in a fund-raising letter last year that he was ?committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.?

That he did.

Software errors involving the system can change results, computer scientists say. Since the majority of touch screens in the United States do not produce paper records, the machines could alter ballots without anyone noticing.

?What has most concerned scientists are problems that are not observable, so the fact that no major problems were observed says nothing about the system,? David Jefferson, a computer scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, told the Associated Press. ?The fact that we had a relatively smooth election yesterday does not change at all the vulnerability these systems have to fraud or bugs.?

Some 8.2 percent of touch-screen votes in senatorial elections between 1998 and 2000 were lost, according to an MIT/CalTech study. That was more than any other system except lever machines, which lost 9.5 percent of votes.

Bev Harris, author of Black Box Voting and the BlackBoxVoting.com web site, has documented numerous cases of electronic disasters. One occurred in Volusia County, Fla., in 2000 in which county election officials hand recounted more than 184,000 paper ballots used to feed the computerized system, after the central ballot-counting computer showed a Socialist Party candidate receiving more than 9,000 votes and Al Gore getting minus 19,000. Another 4,000 votes were received for Bush that should not have been there.

Election officials eventually tallied Gore beating Bush by 97,063 votes to 82,214. But the wrong numbers had already been sent to the media, which were used by FOX and other networks to erroneously call the election for Bush and swing the public relations part of the recount battle in his favor.

On Tuesday, Election Protection, a program of People for the American Way, had more than 15,000 calls to its hotline about ballot problems, voter intimidation and other

The Institute for Public Accuracy also outlined various problems. Susan Truitt, co-founder of the Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections, was quoted on its site saying that seven counties in Ohio had electronic voting machines without paper trails, and scientific exit polls showed Kerry with the lead. But verifying votes was impossible, she said.

?A recount without a paper trail is meaningless; you just get a regurgitation of the data,? Truitt said. ?A poll worker told me [Wednesday] morning that there were no tapes of the results posted on some machines; on other machines the posted count was zero, which obviously shouldn?t be the case.?

Other problems include Ohio?s version of Katherine Harris

There were many other problems in Ohio. Like in Florida, the Ohio secretary of state, Ken Blackwell, made decisions on what could be counted and other important matters even as he shilled for Bush as a co-chair of his campaign. This raised serious conflict-of-interest concerns, said Ohio state Senator Teresa Fedor.

?There is a pattern of voter suppression; that?s why I called for Blackwell?s resignation more than a month ago,? she said. ?Blackwell, while claiming to run an unbiased elections process, was also the co-chair of the Bush-Cheney campaign in Ohio. Additionally, he was the spokesperson for the anti-business, anti-family constitutional
amendment ?Issue 1,? and a failed initiative to repeal a crucial sales-tax revenue source for the state. Blackwell learned his moves from the Katherine Harris playbook of Florida 2000, and we won?t stand for it.?

The Ohio tally also included a version of the Florida butterfly ballot, said Bob Fitrakis, an attorney with Election Protection. The absentee ballots were misleading in Franklin County,? he said. ?Kerry was the third line down, but you had to punch number four to vote for him. Bush was getting both his votes as well as Kerry?s.?

There were also far fewer machines in the inner-city districts than in the suburbs, Fitrakis said. ?I documented at least a dozen people leaving because the lines were so long in African-American areas,? he said. ?Blackwell did a great deal of suppressing before the election - like attempting to refuse to process voter registration forms.?

I heard a report that one Ohio voter had to wait in line 15 hours to vote. In one of the busiest precincts in Columbus, Blackwell only supplied it with three voting
machines. How many people gave up and did not vote there?

Dirty tricks by Republicans on the rise

A few days before the 2004 election, the Washington Post published an article detailing increasing dirty tricks, mostly by Republicans.

In Lake County, Ohio, some people received a memo on bogus Board of Elections letterhead informing voters who registered through Democratic and NACCP drives that they could not vote.

In Leon County, students at Florida State and Florida A&M universities who signed petitions to legalize medical marijuana or impose stiffer penalties for child molesters unknowingly had their party registration switched to Republican and their addresses
changed. The latter would affect their ability to vote since they would not be registered at the proper site. The media traced the source to a group hired by the Florida Republican Party.

In Allegheny County, Pa., fliers on a bogus county letterhead were handed out and mailed, saying that ?due to immense voter turnout expected on Tuesday,? the election had been extended. Republicans should vote Tuesday, while Democrats should vote on Wednesday ? the wrong day.

In some Milwaukee black neighborhoods, a flier warned people that they could not vote in that election if they had already voted in another election that year. ?If you
violate any of these laws, you can get ten years in prison and your children will get taken away from you,? the flier said.

In Charleston County, S.C., a fake letter supposedly from the NAACP threatens
voters who have outstanding parking tickets or have failed to pay child support with arrest. A similar flier was distributed in Baltimore in 2002.

Such tricks are not new. There are famous examples like the 1971 break-in of Democratic National Committee headquarters by Nixon. There are also many lesser known examples. In 2002, Ron Kirk, a former Dallas mayor who ran as a Democrat for U.S. Senate, reported a bogus automated phone message dialed to voters in Austin and other cities. The message asked voters to support Kirk because he supported same-sex marriages and gay adoptions. Kirk said he didn?t support either issue and blamed more Republican pre-election dirty tricks. His Republican opponent, John Cornyn, denied being behind the false phone bank.

U.S. has a long history of rigged elections

The U.S., of course, is no stranger to rigged elections, even well before Tuesday?s and the one in 2000. A famous case was the controversial way that the late President Lyndon B. Johnson won a U.S. Senate seat in 1948 in Texas on his way to the White House that reportedly involved votes from dead people. What some overlook in this case was how LBJ had lost an election in a similar disputed fashion seven years before.

Another lesser known case involved the 1984 landslide presidential election of the late Republican Ronald Reagan. In Dallas, where both Bush and Cheney lived at one time, there were 217 ballots cast in a precinct that had zero registered voters. That would not affect the election, but it demonstrates that fraud has existed for a long time.

As early as 1986, Michael Shamos, a Pennsylvania computer scientist, testified during a Texas hearing that the computer hardware and software used to tabulate voters? ballots could easily be manipulated.

?Computers can be manipulated remotely, by wire or radio, or by direct physical input,? Shamos said. ?The memories on which these computers operate can easily fit into a shirt pocket and can be substituted in seconds. The software can be set to await the receipt of a special card, whose presence will cause all the election counters to be altered. This card could be dropped into the ballot box by any confederate. The possibilities for this type of tampering are endless, and virtually no detection is possible once tabulation has been completed....Even if the software is not altered, there is no reason to believe that it is correct. Many tests performed on such programs have revealed faulty logic and wildly incorrect results.?

Suzan Kesim, then-vice president of a security consulting firm in South Bend, Ind., also testified in 1986 that ?many of the computer auditing procedures used by the banking industry that have been tried and true could easily be modified or used as they are for auditing elections....Fraud possibilities include ?hidden programs?.?

Texas even had its own voter purge almost two decades before Florida attempted to strike some 60,000 voters from the rolls with false accusations of felony convictions. In 1982, lists were provided to Texas election officials that made mostly false accusations of felony convictions against voters. The accused included public officials who successfully sued for slander. The state also hired armed officers at minority voter precincts and posted signs warning voters against casting illegal ballots. Charles Knutson pointed out in a Democrats.com report that the Texas purge probably involved Bush mastermind Karl Rove, who worked for then-Texas Republican Gov. Bill Clements in 1982.

Another odd case involved a West Texas county where the system?s optical scanners misread ballots and at first reported landslide wins for two Republican commissioners in 2002. But the next day, after alert poll workers became suspicious of the wide margins of supposed victory, they discovered a defective computer chip in the scanner system. After two hand recounts and another count with a replacement scanner chip, officials announced that Democrats Jerry House and Chloanne Lindsey actually won by wide margins.

?It was hard to believe that that type of mistake had happened,? Robbie Floyd, one of the Republicans who lost, said in one press report.

So could Kerry have been ripped off by a defective computer chip in Ohio and Florida, where scientific exit polls indicated Kerry wins? We will never know since, unlike the Texas machines in 2002, the Diebold machines in Ohio and Florida have no paper trail.

How convenient.

Popular vote fixed?

With all the former and current Republicans supporting Kerry ? even a long-time Texas Republican friend of mine voted for a Democrat for the first time for president on Tuesday ? it?s hard to believe that Bush got about 3.5 million more votes than Kerry and 8 million more than he received in 2000.

There can?t be that many new devil worshippers or Christian fundamentalists.

A larger turnout ? Tuesday?s 60 percent turnout was the largest since 1968 ? has favored Democrats in the past. But about 6 million of those votes have not been counted.

Some said that exit polls were accurate in states that had paper trails, but not in ones without the paper trails for e-voting.

Even though Kerry conceded, groups like the International Labor Communications Association refused to follow suit. The group is waging a campaign to count all the votes in Ohio.

Kerry?s concession was really strange and disappointing. Would Howard Dean have conceded so fast to Bush? Gore fought Bush harder than Kerry. I don?t get it since Kerry even had Bruce Springsteen play ?No Retreat, No Surrender? at a campaign appearance and used that song during other events. John Edwards also pledged to make sure votes were counted. Then they surrendered without putting up a fight in the overtime phase. That was most disappointing, more so than Gore?s concession in 2000.

Did Skull and Bones members blackmail Kerry into conceding without a real fight?

Perhaps Kerry simply foresaw the inevitable result, but he still could have seen the counting of provisional ballots through to the end. It would have raised some more awareness about the problems with Diebold and possibility of vote tampering. It would have shown Bush-Cheney that Democrats weren?t backing down, especially with so many questions about vote reliability and reports of Republican voter suppression and dirty tricks.

But Kerry called for unity with the Evil Empire. Why is it that Democrats are always trying to call for unity and compromise with Republicanazis? As Carolyn Kay with MakeThemAccountable.com said, we have to completely remake the Democratic Party. We have to learn from right wingers to ?take a licking and come back kicking. It is absolutely essential that as soon as possible we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start working to take over the Democratic Party. It has lost its moorings, and because of that it is losing elections, over and over and over again.?

Sure, the deck was stacked against Kerry. Perhaps the last week of bad news for Bush, the Washington Redskins loss, the exit polls, and other omens that seemed to spell a Kerry victory were mere ploys by Rove to make his side work harder and our side slack off a bit.

One thing I know: We have to keep fighting these cheating thieves, not try to make peace with them. And I hope many people on our side won?t move away ? though I realize moving out of the country is the ultimate protest and I understand that choice. We all have to figure out what is the best path to take for ourselves.

As for me, I?m staying in the belly of the beast, in the shadow of the Evil Empire, to continue to sucker punch it in its bloated, bullshit-filled gut. Starting now, just as many conservatives boycotted France for its correct stance against the Iraqi invasion, I?m boycotting the state of Texas, where I lived for 40 years before moving to friendlier and more progressive confines last year. Bush got his political start in Texas, where the Republicanazis imposed a redistricting scheme that made that far-right state even more Republican. Every statewide official is a Republican there. The Texas Republican Party platform reads like a nazi playbook, even calling for getting out of the UN, abolishing numerous federal agencies, making homosexuality a crime and teaching the Bible in public schools.

Enough is enough. Fuck Texas and the horses that Bush and Cheney rode in on.

And fuck Diebold, too.

As for you, Sen. Kerry, I appreciate your hard work, your intelligence, your dedication to this campaign, although I was disappointed by your finish. But, with all due respect, you know where you can stick your call for unity?..

Jackson Thoreau is a Washington, D.C.-area journalist/writer. The latest book to which he contributed, Big Bush Lies, was published by RiverWood Books of Ashland, Ore., and is available at bookstores across the country. He can be contacted at jacksonthor@yahoo.com or jacksonthor@juno.com.

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Re: Don?t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again [Re: ekomstop]
    #3320621 - 11/04/04 04:12 PM (19 years, 1 month ago)

I read that

Bush won fair and square

Get over it

What it is, is what it is my Brother.
It is as it is, so suffer thru it.

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Re: Don?t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again [Re: Fucknuckle]
    #3320989 - 11/04/04 05:37 PM (19 years, 1 month ago)

You guys will bend over backwards to try to show that if the guy you didn't vote for gets elected it's a conspiracy. I think it's kind of sad grasping at straws like that.

1. "After an hour I wasn't feeling anything so I decided to take another..."
2. "We were feeling pretty good so we decided to smoke a few bowls..."
3. "I had to be real quiet because my parents were asleep upstairs..."

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Re: Don?t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again [Re: Divided_Sky]
    #3321004 - 11/04/04 05:41 PM (19 years, 1 month ago)

i'd call it pathetic.

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Re: Don?t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again [Re: ]
    #3321027 - 11/04/04 05:46 PM (19 years, 1 month ago)


mushmaster said:
i'd call it pathetic.

It's all they've got.

You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. What one person receives without working for another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for that my dear friend is the beginning of the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. ~ Adrian Rogers

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Re: Don?t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again [Re: luvdemshrooms]
    #3321042 - 11/04/04 05:48 PM (19 years, 1 month ago)

I'm not happy about it, and I don't like the Diebold machines, but I don't really see any particular reason to believe that this election was rigged.

My candidate lost, and I have some issues w/ a few electronic voting machines != the election was rigged.

Sorry, at this point there just isn't any real evidence that the republicans cheated.

Edit: I fully approve of measures like requesting all available information (blackboxvoting.org) so that we can be as sure as possible the system worked, but not making wild and baseless accusations.

Edited by phi1618 (11/04/04 05:50 PM)

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Re: Don?t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again [Re: Divided_Sky]
    #3322109 - 11/04/04 09:40 PM (19 years, 1 month ago)

I think there is a high possibility the election was fraudent, but I dont think such fraud necessarily won the election for Bush Inc. I would guess there is always voter fraud in every election carried by all political sides; in the case of 2004, such fraud probably had to do with the Diebold machines and uncounted ballots for many valid and investigation-worthy reasons.

Do you really think that a massive, non-standardized system of voting in which many people who have the means and motive to commit fraud ran perfectly? There were just too many vectors of corruption and too many asshole out there. I simply do not have faith that everyone will have integrity, because I've seen enough crime and theft and scandalous actions committed by seemingly honest folk.

Again, I think there is high possibility that fraud was committed; but it just so happened that the citizens of Jesusland came out in droves and effectively "negated" the corruption vote.

Edited by bi0 (11/04/04 09:52 PM)

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Re: Don?t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again [Re: ]
    #3322155 - 11/04/04 09:51 PM (19 years, 1 month ago)

I don't know about pathetic..the fact that this is supposed to be the countries most significant election should be more than enough reason to consider questioning the legitimacy of the outcome..especially with them shady electronic voting machines.


"Those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything." - Joseph Stalin

It is now effectively illegal for citizens in 49 states to count their own votes on election day. http://www.votefraud.org/Intro/index.html

LAWSUIT: Voting Machine Engineer Sues, Alleges Machine Design Flaws
Friday 2/21/2003
This afternoon, the disturbing issues surrounding voting machine security were racheted up another notch:

Dan Spillane, a voting machine test engineer, filed a lawsuit against his former employer, DRE touch-screen voting machine manufacturer VoteHere.

Georgia recently approved VoteHere's machines, and the military is considering them for overseas voting. The company does business also in Sweden and England, and appears to be manufacturing, or planning to manufacture, components for other voting machine companies.

Spillane alleges in his lawsuit that he reported over 250 errors in the system, including critical errors of "severity 1" which include errors that may prevent the machines from correctly registering the votes. He sought meetings with company officials to express concerns about system integrity flaws, and created logs and reports of such flaws.

His complaint indicates that VoteHere did not address the flaws, and that the VoteHere system was certified by independent testing labs despite known flaws. Just when the testing lab began its examination of system integrity, VoteHere fired Spillane.

VoteHere's board of directors includes former CIA director Robert Gates. VoteHere's Chairman is Admiral Bill Owens, who was senior military assistant to Secretaries of Defense Frank Carlucci and Dick Cheney. Carlucci, of course, now heads the Carlyle Group and Cheney is Vice President.

retrieve a copy of the lawsuit early next week, case # 03-2-18779-85SEA, filed in King County, Washington. If possible we will post it later in the week at http://www.blackboxvoting.com

Bev Harris


Receipts Reflect Fears Over Electronic Votes
SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 25 ? The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted today to invest $20 million in 5,000 voting machines that produce paper receipts, a move that reflects concerns about the trend toward electronic voting machines.

The vote makes Santa Clara the first county in the nation to purchase the so-called voter-verified paper backup system.

The popularity of electronic voting machines is growing as counties replace the kinds of antiquated systems blamed for Florida's 2000 presidential election debacle. At least 1 in 10 voters nationwide cast ballots in the last presidential election using electronic machines.

Computer scientists in Silicon Valley are calling for a halt to the trend, at least until voting machines are redesigned to produce a paper record of every vote.

The intent is to provide more protection against hackers, or political operatives, who might tamper with the results.

Republican Manufactured Voting Machines Involved in Election Fraud

Right-wing, radical political activists financed USA's largest voting machine company.

Who are Diebold? The corporate officers are as thick as thieves with the Republican hard right religious nut division. http://www.diebold.com/

Election.com Sold To Group Tied To Saudi Nationals


Election.com, a struggling Garden City start-up scheduled to provide online absentee ballots for U.S. military personnel in the 2004 federal election, has quietly sold controlling power to an investment group with ties to unnamed Saudi nationals, according to company correspondence.

In a letter sent to a select group of well-heeled Election.com investors Jan. 21, the online voting and voter registration company disclosed that the investment group Osan Ltd. paid $1.2 million to acquire 20 million preferred shares to control 51.6 percent of the voting power.

In a Newsday interview in October, Charles Smith, a representative of Osan who sits on Election.com's board, declined to name the Saudi Arabian investors with a stake in the company, other than to say they were "passive? and part of a larger group that included Americans and Europeans. Smith didn't return phone calls Wednesday. ...


Rothschilds are part owners of voting machines. They were also behind the whole Enron debacle. Now they will be in charge of the software that runs the voting machines. The other owners have simular NWO backgrounds as well. http://www.rense.com/general31/roth.htm


Massive voter fraud was being planned for months. The fix was in. Be warned. This exclusive interview with Greg Palast will boil your blood.

FLORIDA VOTE FRAUD: High-tech voting system working fine "Go back to sleep, citizen. Nothing to see here!"

Arkansas Republicans went to court to keep votes uncounted

A statewide recount in Alabama's gubernatorial election demanded by Democratic Governor Siegelman gave victory to his Republican challenger:

Problems in Texas with touchscreen voting machinery http://www.news8austin.com/content/headlin...D=51022&SecID=2

Kansas provisional ballots caused problems

South Carolina's voting equipment creats difficulties

"The likely truth is that the "invalid numbers" were showing the opposite of the intended result. Better to just throw the whole notion of "asking voters who they voted for" out the window with a cheesy and unbelievable excuse, and rely on known methods such as stolen ballot boxes and outright fraudulent punch machines and the like. THOSE methods have been working for millenia, and that is why the VNS fell back on them, as opposed to
exposing the FACT the fraud starts and ends at the tippity-top. '

Nebraska's election fiasco

New Jersey's tally delayed by computer problems

Vote Fraud in Tennessee: Worse than Florida?

Black voters were told to get behind the white voters. They were told to remove NAACP stickers from their cars, or leave the polling place without voting. It all sounds like a promo for "Mississippi Burning," or maybe a documentary about egregious civil rights violations in some Deep South backwater fifty years ago. But it happened in November 2000. http://www.counterpunch.org/tnfraud.html


The Tennessee Voter Empowerment Team met to discuss information they have received. http://www.nashvilleinsanity.com/evidenceinTN.html


Florida 2002: Sluggish Systems, Vanishing Votes

Alert: Ghost Precincts, Vigilance Needed

Broward vote total off in reporting glitch The missing 104,000 votes raised questions about the county's $17.2 million electronic voting system http://www.miami.com/mld/miami/4460196.htm

Michigan ballot shortages and polling problems

San Francisco ballot shortages

18 vote machines missing from Broward elections office

By Buddy Nevins and Scott Wyman | Florida correspondents
Posted October 17, 2002
The Broward County elections office is missing 18 new touch-screen voting machines worth $3,000 each because of poor record-keeping before the flawed Sept. 10 primary, the new elections chief said Wednesday.

"We don't know where they are. I don't think anyone does at this point," said Joseph Cotter, who was hired to fix the problems highlighted by the chaotic primary.

The missing machines were not used in the election. They were part of Elections Supervisor Miriam Oliphant's outreach program and presumably were used to educate voters on how to cast ballots on the ATM-like devices.

More Florida funny business....


Expert: Palm Beach's New Voting Machines Have Problems
By Jill Barton Associated Press Writer
Published: Jul 16, 2002

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - The voting machines that replaced butterfly ballots and hanging chads are checked by an "Enron-style of auditing" and don't provide voters any assurance that their votes are being cast, an expert testified Tuesday.

Rebecca Mercuri, a computer science professor at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, said questions remain about the $14 million machines Palm Beach County purchased to improve its voting system because they are designed to audit themselves.

"The problem with the self-auditing machines is if it's broken, how can it tell you that it's broken?" Mercuri said. Mercuri's testimony provided the latest criticism of a county still embarrassed by the 2000 election debacle. She was called in a Tuesday afternoon hearing to bolster a Boca Raton man's claims that he lost a City Council election in March because the new machines malfunctioned.

Former Mayor Emil Danciu's suit seeks to have the results overturned and a new election held. The suit includes affidavits from eight voters who said they had trouble casting ballots on the ATM-style machines and says voters should be given paper receipts to confirm their vote was recorded. It also seeks to allow an independent review of the voting machines and related software and security features.

Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore says such a review would void the machines' warranty and that they've been reviewed twice by labs appointed by the federal government and also by a state worker.

She says most of the information the plaintiffs are seeking is filed with the state Division of Elections in Tallahassee and even if it were available, she couldn't provide it because it includes trade secrets of Sequoia Voting Systems Inc., which manufactures the machines.

"I'm not willing to let anyone take a machine and take it apart," LePore said. "I don't think the taxpayers would appreciate them taking apart a $3,500 machine and voiding the warranty."


"Teresa LePore (Palm Beach County supervisor of elections.... revealed that the county's purchase contract included trade-secret clauses that would make it a third-degree felony to disclose details of the specifications or internal functioning of the machines......Further, she noted that the vendor would void the warranty on the machines if they were opened for inspection. Effectively, any independent verification of proper operation was limited to examining the outside of the box. "


"Almost 20 years ago, in a classic paper, "Reflections on Trusting Trust," Ken Thompson, a co-inventor of the Unix operating system at AT&T's Bell Laboratories, said: "You can't trust code that you did not totally create yourself....No amount of source-level verification or scrutiny will protect you from using untrusted code....A well-installed microcode bug will be almost impossible to detect." This computational reality has profound implications for voting systems. Whereas earlier technologies required that election fraud be perpetrated at one polling place or machine at a time, the proliferation of similarly programmed e-voting systems invites opportunities for large-scale manipulation of elections."


"It is a known fact that the computer industry does not have the capability, at present, to assure a safe, reliable election using only electronic devices. Thorough investigation of vendor claims (such as those performed by New York City on DRE products), and failures of performance in actual elections, have demonstrated the existence of major flaws. Communities that rely on promises of security and accuracy when purchasing such systems, run the severe risk that they will administer an election whose results may someday be contested ? but they will not be able to provide an independent audit that can ascertain the content of the true ballots cast. "
Rebecca Mercuri, Ph.D.

Dr. Mercuri, an electronic vote tabulation specialist and computer science professor at Bryn Mawr, testified on behalf of the Democratic Recount Committee to provide a sworn affidavit on the necessity of a hand recount in the disputed Florida precincts. The testimony was presented as part of the defense brief in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, Atlanta, November 17, 2000.



"The concept is clear, simple, and it works. Computerized voting gives the power of selection, without fear of discovery, to whomever controls the computer," - James & Kenneth Collier, authors of VoteScam (1992)

"There are no documented cases of electronic vote-rigging occurring anywhere in the country, but only because it's nearly impossible to prove."

"Hand counting is the gold standard against which we check machine counting efficiency."

American Coup: Mid-Term Election Polls vs Actuals

Scoop?s analysis shows that - according to the polls - the Republican Party experienced a pronounced last minute swing in its favour of between 4 and 16 points. Remarkably this last minute swing appears to have been concentrated in its effects in critical Senate races (Georgia and Minnesota) where it secured it's complete control of Congress. http://www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/HL0211/S00078.htm

How to Rig a Touch Screen Voting Machine I have been in the computer programming business for over 30 years. I have written code that runs in devices like the Touch Screen voting machines. When I decided to write this piece, I wanted to describe what it would take to rig a Touch Screen and get away with it and make it very, very, very hard to detect.

Diebold - The Face Of Modern Ballot Tampering

The lack of any exit polling on November 5 has been oddly ignored by the media. Those pesky tracking polls leading up to the elections have been explained away by a ?late surge to the Republicans? caused by.... hmmmm, how about sun spot activity? With no exit polls, there was no other feedback to conflict with the "official" results, this allowed the Diebold touch screen machines to change the way election fraud is carried out.

Voting Machines - A High Tech Ambush

Personally, I'll never vote on a machine again if I can help it. For the next election, I'll vote "absentee" (i.e., through the mail). In fact, Oregon has wisely rejected voting machines altogether and handles its entire election through the mail. The state of Washington offers that option, and Colorado is considering mandatory mail-in voting. Maybe those states see an ambush when they see one.ambu

Vote of No Confidence Everything you need to know about stealing elections http://www.conspire.com/vote-fraud.html

For all its apparent benefits, touch-screen voting is not a panacea, according to several nationally recognized computer experts. There are no documented cases of electronic vote-rigging occurring anywhere in the country, but only because it's nearly impossible to prove.

The elephant in the room is vote theft on a massive scale

The Greatest Cover-Up Of All: Vote Fraud In America

CalTech and M.I.T. Computer Experts -- Hacking the Machines

Why One Tech Maven Fears Computer Voting

Rebecca Mercuri loves computers. But when it comes to counting votes in an election, she favors plain old paper. Computers, she says, just can't be trusted with our democracy. http://interactive.wsj.com/public/current/...01926471110.htm

Voting Machine Technology - It's Not Secure
Have elections in America been rigged to slowly, but surely shift power to the right? In the secretive world of voting machines, anything is possible.

When it comes to elections in America...assume crooks are in control...and then act accordingly. http://www.commondreams.org/views02/0916-04.htm

Thirty-one city newspapers have documented voting errors that only add to the ballot-stuffing, dead-people-voting, hide-the-ballots-in-your-trunk, absentee-faking problems of the past.

Computer Vote Counts are Unverifiable

TESTIMONY OF A COMPUTER EXPERT: The Judge stated in his ruling that "There is no adequate and proper safeguard to prevent the computers from being programmed to distort the election results." http://www.votefraud.org/Archive/Write/expert.htm

Why we need to know who owns voting machine companies

Diebold Magic?

Republican Controlled Voting Machines Hand Suprise Victories to...
Guess which party?

Voter News Service sitting on Election Day data http://www.newsobserver.com/news/nc/story/...p-1886603c.html

"Congress could force these companies to submit current source code as a pre-condition, if they wanted to. Congress could keep it secret, so the copyright and trade secret laws would not be infringed. The Senators or whatever would have to sign non-disclosure agreements... there's no valid reason this code is not checked for accurary. Which leaves only invalid reasons for not checking the code - and that would be that they do have ways to monkey with the votes."

The Real Scandal Is the Voting Machines Themselves Computerized vote-counting is a terrible system. This is only news to those who haven?t been paying attention. http://www.commondreams.org/views/121400-108.htm

Rage Against the Machine Machines don't have political beliefs. But computer programmers do.

Voting Machine Companies owned by conservative Republican businessmen, bankers, religious nuts http://www.ecotalk.org/VotingMachineCompanies.htm

Repository for Voter Complaints

Republicans dominate the voting machine business:
Republican Voting Machines, Election Irregularities, and "Way-Off" Polling Results

Voting Machines - High Tech Ambush

Elections In America - Assume Crooks Are In Control

The Nightmare Scenario Is Here - Computer Voting With No Paper Trail

"The code behind exit poll tabulation is astoundingly simple to write. And the more simple it is, the less error prone. Why, with two years and millions (billions?) of dollars could they not get it right? When I took Oracle 8i, we were taught DB querying on the first day, and produced percentage based results the first week. This story is hole-ier than a hula-hoop."

Fraud and manipulation endemic......

Proprietary software makes inspection of electronic voting systems impossible


"I'm astounded that no one finds this to be of any interest. If you're going to fix an election one thing you need to worry about is an outside party monitoring that election and using well-established and accepted methods of predicting its outcome. Suppose the consortium had McBride beating Bush by 5% and yet Bush was declared the winner. Two possibilities: either the exit polling methodology was flawed or the election was stolen. Are we to believe that a consortium of the nation's most prominent news organizations is so incompetent as to have this happen to them?" www.whatreallyhappened.com

"I'll tell you right now, this election is fixed!"

"Flyers were being left on cars in black neighborhoods warning that voters with outstanding tickets or warrants might be arrested when they show their ID to vote. Early voters were met by poll watchers from the Republican Party of Arkansas who demanded identification and challenged voter ballots."

Background Stories about ES&S Voting Machines

Chip Glitch hands victory to wrong party. Guess which party?

Great Bartcop article on Voting Machine Fraud, Execs GOP contributions

Fraudulent automated phone messages in Florida Bush said he was unaware of the phone call effort - even though the call says it was ``paid for by Jeb Bush for Governor Campaign'' http://election2002.tbo.com/election2002/M...GARSR0D58D.html

Vote Fraud Texas style http://www.jshull.org/

There's only one reason the exit poll has been scrapped. How could they explain away a (potential) lead by the democrats and then suddenly have the GOP controlling congress. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...er_news_service

Voting Problems In Orlando, South Florida "These folks are so crooked they have to screw their socks on in the morning"

Voting Machines' Maker Blamed. How Florida bought easily-rigged ES&S Voting Machines

Manufacturers Admit Voting Machines Unreliable How ES&S machines have modems, allowing hacking to access & alter vote tallies

The Nightmare Scenario Good explanation by Dr. Rebecca Mercuri on paperless computer voting & fraud http://www.commondreams.org/views02/0805-07.htm

Voting into the void Touch-screen voting machines may look spiffy, experts say they can't be trusted.

How VNS helped to rig Nov. 5 Election for GOP

Why did VNS bow out the morning of the election? Did somebody get a horse's head in their bed? http://www.bartcop.com/vns2002.htm

Voter News Service Meltdown - Washington Post article

"Voter News Service (VNS) is a top-secret private consortium owned by ABC News, The Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, and NBC News. It's current headquarters is in Brooklyn, New York. It's been around (under different names) since 1964. It's the only company whose exit poll results are used by the news media to announce the
"projected" winners in races for the president, U.S. House and Senate, state governors, and select races.

With the use of computerized vote counters and the news networks exclusive control over polling data in major elections, the gates to election fraud were wide open. Computerized voting machines have now made election fraud as easy as stealing candy from a baby... If VNS is helping to rig elections, why are they doing it? Generally speaking... I believe that the same people who can't rake in enough money, also can't get enough power. The news networks are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the richest corporations and individuals in the world. They certainly have an agenda.

Their arrogance and disregard for the little guy is clear. They may think that we're not smart enough to pick the 'right' kind of leaders... right for them, that is. So they might try to do it for us. Voter News Service warrants an investigation. Its operations should be shut down regardless. It's in a perfect position to sabotage the election process. Let the counties count the vote and report it to the states. If it takes a day or two for the states to report the results... so be it. Democracy takes time."

Why did VNS bow out the morning of the election?

VNS got into a lot of trouble for correctly calling Florida for Gore after exit polls showed him winning by a comfortable margin. After that 'debacle' they were forced to completely re-design their computer hardware and software. They were my client, and ran on a large IBM mainframe with legacy software.

They were forced to get off the mainframe and on to a completely different hardware and software platform. Everything had to be built from scratch. Supposedly, they didn't have time to fully test the new environment thoroughly far enough ahead of this election cycle. Therefore, they chose to use this election to test the new environment, but not publicly release the results.

Why does VNS think their "Gore wins" Florida 2000 projection was wrong? Bush guaranteed he would win Florida, even after VNS said he lost it. Why is nobody else suspicious?

More Magic: winning vote totals uncanny. County Judge Danny Scheel received 18,181 votes. Republican Carter Casteel got exactly 18,181votes. Republican state Sen. Jeff Wentworth also got 18,181 votes. http://www.mysanantonio.com/specials/elect...=180&xlc=860675

VNS - CIA link? VNS, the guys who are deep sixing their exit poll data, used an outside company to develop their computer programs. It turns out that the company is..... Battelle Memorial Institute, an Ohio-based technology company that also works as a defense contractor to help build the new VNS system. A Battelle spokeswoman declined comment on Tuesday's performance. " From:http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20021106/ap_wo_en_po/us_election_vns_6

Battelle was also under investigation during the search for the anthrax killer.

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Re: Don?t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again [Re: ekomstop]
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Re: Don?t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again [Re: usefulidiot]
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usefulidiot said:

Disturbing to say the least. But woe unto anyone who things these things are worth considering, for ye shall be forever labeled as a crazy crybaby liberal and possibly a traitor!


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Re: Don?t Think the Bush Campaign Stole This Election? Think Again [Re: ekomstop]
    #3327026 - 11/06/04 08:23 AM (19 years, 1 month ago)

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