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Eggshell Walker

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Eating Silica Gel?
    #3259050 - 10/21/04 03:02 AM (13 years, 7 months ago)

SWIM accidentally ground up their last ounce of shroomies with a small (0.5" * 0.75") desiccant pak; probably silica gel. Here is what I found on the web:

Although Silica Gel is harmless to use, non-toxic and totally safe, the phrase "Do Not Eat" printed on the packet is for good reason. If consumed in large quantities, it could dry up the liquid every human needs internally, and ultimately kill you. Therefore, I suggest to stay away from eating this material. Another reason is that some kinds of Silica Gel contain Cobalt Chloride, which is proven to cause cancer.

This is the last of the last batch. Am not sure if I should toss them out and don't want anyone harmed, but SWIM will not be getting any more. The above information seems rather vague, but generally safe for such a small amount. I would like to hear other's EDUCATED opinions.

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 User Gallery

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Re: Eating Silica Gel? [Re: Swami]
    #3259396 - 10/21/04 06:22 AM (13 years, 7 months ago)

Sorry, not an EDUCATED opinion.

But even if the stuff is harmless at those amounts, i wouldn't want to start tripping wondering if the silica is gonna dry my insides out :eek:...

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The GuitarVillain

Registered: 09/27/04
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Re: Eating Silica Gel? [Re: Swami]
    #3259613 - 10/21/04 09:30 AM (13 years, 7 months ago)

I wouldnt throw them out yet but I wouldnt give them out yet. The information is very vague. I would look it up a bit more before you decide either way. Make sure the information you found isnt farse. But remember, only use credible sources, not just something you find on the net.


There is not a lot of difference between a fox hole and a grave; but knowing that you dug your ditch and climbed in anyway.

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I trip,therefore weare.

Registered: 08/30/04
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Re: Eating Silica Gel? [Re: Swami]
    #3259630 - 10/21/04 09:39 AM (13 years, 7 months ago)

I know myself, and I know I would eat the mushrooms anyway from the information you provided above, but I definately do not advise you to eat them. Only eat them if you are sure you want to, or upon finding some concrete information that it won't hurt you.

I'm probably very dumb, but temptation can take over common sense for me.

- Silven

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Educated WhiteMan

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Re: Eating Silica Gel? [Re: Silven]
    #3260011 - 10/21/04 12:26 PM (13 years, 7 months ago)

It really isnt THAT much, the info you provided says in "large quantities" its dangerous, but like I said its a relatively small amount. I agree with Silven, I would probably do it, but that's just me, think for yourself. :thumbup:

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Re: Eating Silica Gel? [Re: BrilliantWhite]
    #3260207 - 10/21/04 01:23 PM (13 years, 7 months ago)

Is silica gel dangerous ?

Non-indicating (white) silica gel is non-toxic and non-flammable, it is very inert with a very high melting point. It is very much like sand and thus can safely be sent by any means of transport.

It is usually quite safe (although not suggested) for inquisitive dogs to eat. Encourage your pets to drink plenty of water and of course, contact a vet if you are worried.

Self-indicating (blue) silica gel has been reclassified by the European Union and as of 01/07/2000 is classified as toxic. More here.
New safe self-indicating silica gels are now avail

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taken by gravity
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Re: Eating Silica Gel? [Re: baraka]
    #3260251 - 10/21/04 01:41 PM (13 years, 7 months ago)

i'd mix those shroomes in OJ first and drink up!
but that's just me...

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Lost In My Head
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Re: Eating Silica Gel? [Re: Simisu]
    #3260300 - 10/21/04 01:52 PM (13 years, 7 months ago)

Cobalt chloride is an indicator in silica gel to tell you when its fully used. I dont beleve those packets have it in tem. Other than that it like eating really dry sand id imagine, thats what silica gel is, sand that absorbs water. Wouldent recomend it, but one of those silica gel packets wont kill you. Maby a really dry mouth but not death.  :stoned:


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Resident Cynic

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Re: Eating Silica Gel? [Re: Swami]
    #3260515 - 10/21/04 03:34 PM (13 years, 7 months ago)

I was going to say make a tea, but cobalt chloride is water soluble. But if you think there is no cobalt chloride in the batch, then use a coffee filter to wrap up the powder and steep in hot water, making a tea. Repeat several times to get as much goodies out as you can...

Better yet, have SWIM mail the stuff to Edward Volving and he'll experiment.

To call humans 'rational beings' does injustice to the term, 'rational.'  Humans are capable of rational thought, but it is not their essence.  Humans are animals, beasts with complex brains.  Humans, more often than not, utilize their cerebrum to rationalize what their primal instincts, their preconceived notions, and their emotional desires have presented as goals - humans are rationalizing beings.

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Re: Eating Silica Gel? [Re: Swami]
    #3263628 - 10/22/04 05:09 AM (13 years, 7 months ago)

Those packs I believe do not contain cobalt chloride.. if it's what I'm thinking of. Small, whitish paper/fabric? I'll admit I'm not familiar with all of them. However, I've broken a few open that came in things I've bought, and it was a solid silica.. small white lumps. I'm told that's what the silica gel is, despite it not really looking like a gel.. go figure, chemists are all crazy >:D intential obfuscation = k3y

Silica gel itself, while you shouldn't munch on it as a snack, is inert, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic. Worst that'll happen is dehydration, but it shouldn't break down in your digestive system, which means it shouldn't, er, stick around for too long.

I think a good question would be where did the packet come from?
I'm not positive about this, but if I had to take a guess, I don't think the general populous really has access to cobalt chloride-containing silica gel indicators. many indicators are available that are completely non-toxic.. i hear orange-green's popular? (cobalt chloride is pink-blue)

That said, the LD50 in lab rats was 80mg/kg. I'm about 80kg give or take, that would be 6400mg, or 6.4g, of cobalt chloride. That's the amount I believe they gave rats to determine it was carcinogenic.
its density is 1.92g/cc..
leaving the volume you'd have to eat to reach that LD50 as roughly 4.5cc
i'll assume that was a thin packet? .125"x.5"x.75"? that would be, in cm, .3175x1.27x1.9.. total volume then of .77cc, or about 1/6 of the established LD50, and a mass of about 1.5g

So.. if the entire packet was cobalt chloride, it's still a good bit below deadly. Can't find what amount of cobalt chloride is typically used in indicator silica gels, but I'd imagine it's just a small fraction.. 10% by mass is probably even on the high side, lowering things down to .15g, 150mg. Found something about a test being conducted in which 6 men were administered via IV between 120 and 150mg of cobalt chloride for 22 days. They weren't great afterwards, but they weren't dead, and 5-9 days later they were fine (nothing life-threatening). And, of course, I doubt the whole lot would be ingested at once -- so therefor the amount of cobalt chloride that would be injested would be even lower than that 150mg.. and I don't know of many people who would injest for 22 days consecutively.

I'd say that if SWIM doesn't want them.. I could properly dispose of them, for sure.

i finally got around to making a sig
revel in its glory and quake in fear at its might

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captain planet
Registered: 08/28/04
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Re: Eating Silica Gel? [Re: Mushmonkey]
    #3265945 - 10/22/04 10:36 PM (13 years, 7 months ago)

call poision control. ask them. say hey my dumb ass friend ate some with his beef jerky, or cause he thought he was funny... they will tell you straight up if you should worry or not. poision control is the best place to find out about poision. one time my roomates g/f sucked water into her stomach while syphoning their water bed, and she called them cause she thought there was a chance she would be hurt from the water conditioner in the bed. they just laughed at her, and said she would be fine.

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