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A different take on creating more- multi D energy play
    #3155925 - 09/20/04 10:35 PM (18 years, 4 months ago)

I posted this at another board a few months back and thought some of you here would like to play with these ideas.

I got the insights when I started exploring how creating and manifesting worked from a level of consciousness beyond limitation and duality.

Let's say reality and all it encompasses has been like a 20,000 gallon lake. In duality limitation we have beleived that reality was limited to 20,000 gallons. Then we learned that we have this limtiless supply of source energy running in and through YEAH!

That would be like a river that feeds the lake. However, it was still concieved as if there was an over flow river that kept the lake at 20,000 gallons. We know now that we can source from the river to fill (percpetual) lacks within the 20,0000 gallon lake when we feel it's running low in our neck of the woods. BUT, that thinking hasn't fully served us because it involes lack thinking. Look ahead.

We experience a lack in our life/lake and remember "Hey, I can tap in to the source river to refill the space." Well yes we can and we can get that to work HOWEVER, the lack was NEVER truly there-just lack thinking was-sooooooo when the space got filled the overflow mechinism kicked in and emptied out the same amount of energy that came in thereby creating a perceptual loss somewhere else in your lake.

The overflow mechinism is the result of believing that the lake/reality is limited to 20,000 gallons and that it can experience losses. Think of the lake water "reality as being the energy of information, emotion, material resources and elements.

In awareness beyond lack limitation things work VERY differently. A being in this consciousness NEVER thinks in terms of lack. They always feel fullfilled with a sense of appreciating all they have and what is. The lake is always at least 20,000 gallons and thats just that and it never runs perceptually low with lack our limtitation thoughts and feelings even if material possesions appear to.

What a lack oriented conscious being experiences as bad or a set back or a loss, the other being appreciates what is without placing judgments on it, looks only for what is to gain, and never acknowledges a loss only a CHANGE, only a new opportunity for more gain.

When it comes to creating and manifesting, voids are used by a being beyond lack thinking but differently. The conscious being beyond lack thinking knows that the lake is not limited to 20,000 gallons. This being knows that it doesn't have to give up something in one area of his lack to get something additional.

This being creates a void to be filled by expanding the size of the lake and they never take one place of the lake to fill another. They just keep making the lake larger. It can be made deeper and wider.

AHAAAAAAA. Doing so is like adding another dimension of space to the existing one. They keep adding to what is already there and can never truly be lost. They don't give of the water already there to get more because they don't believe in limited resources, loss and lack.

Beleiving in limited supplies has us NEVER even thinking to create beyond them because it appears to be impossible.

I know many would say that they never thought of the lake as being limited and I say "I don't think so." If I asked them how they would go about getting a new car they would say one of two things. They would have to give of their time to make money to exchange it for the car or they would have to steal it and "take away" from someone else.

If I asked them how they would heal a broken bone, they would say that they would have to take time to get money to pay for a cast and medical bills to set it and give 8 weeks for it to heal.

If I asked someone looking for love how and why they were, they would have to admit that it's because they felt a void in their heart and life (result of lack perception) and would feel that they had to give of themselves in some capacity to get it.

See what I am saying? As far along as we may think we are- we are still locked in 3D limitation stuff related to creating our own perceptual voids and only getting them filled by having to create lack and loss elsewhere in the lake.

What we beleive we have to give to get is where another void or loss in our lake is then created and it nevers ends. Welcome to 3-D and limited supply.

No one ever told us that we could just make the lake larger to add to what we already have that is truly fullfilled beyond lack perception. First, lack perception has to GO! Once it has, we move into adding upon space with more space to be filled.

Needing and wanting comes from lack perception and creates a void that gets filled with the experience of needing and wanting. Then we naturally either feel sorry for ourselves for not having and fall into self pity and or we look for what we can exhange and barter to fullfill the experience of needing and wanting.

Its a self perpetuating cycle and one we would benefit to move beyond by ceasing thoughts of lack and loss but choosing to see what is to be gained in those experiences instead. On top of that, begin making our lakes larger by adding more space to existing space. get it?

One can say to me that there are only so many diamonds in this world. Well, lets remember the esoteric reason for how material elements are created in the hologram. Light/thought gets made dense with sound/feeling and creates tangible elements. We know the universe has an unlimitted supply and source of creative intelligence and the emotion of unconditional love- the never ending river.

Feeling unconditional love is a key phrase here because our emotions have consciousness as well. Better then that our emotional consciousness has a memory far superior to our mental consciousness. So the more we can work this info into our emotional- feeling conscioussness the easier this overall idea will be to use and put into play.

A question came up regarding my comment that we don't have to give to get and I expansiated on that because we do give-what this is about is realising that we don't have to give of anything we already have- oh just read cuz the following is an IMPORATANT addition to the above.

What I mean by not having to give is from something you already have. We can also source additional creative energies of light love to fill the extra space so its not like we are giving from a limited supply.

To do that we just have to open our hearts and minds more. Some people may think that they have no more time or energy to give to something and my point was that, you don't have to take from what you feel you are already limited with at the time. You can source more of anything to have more to give to get more. When you open your mind and heart to more- more creative energy floods in to work with.

Hope that clears it up. The point is to remove oneself from lack thinking and limited supply thinking. Of course we give to get-the only thing I am adding here is that you can get more to give with, by tapping unlimitted source and then by creating the extra space, you don't have to give up anything already existing. It's an add add to have more to give cuz remember- the article explained how universal energies are expansive so we must work with that expansive nature.

The only thing that has to give is your mind and heart. It only has to give way to open itself up more from boundaries that are an illusion set by false beleifs about limitations. Can it get any easier?

Giving is an element and we have an unlimmited supply of the stuff required to give of to create more of- light love which encompasses intention, nurturing energy and even action.

Lets take this process from another perspective. Giving is a vital element and most will tell you that they have little to give at a time they feel they are needing or wanting to create something more. This is why I wanted to stress that we don't have to give of anything we already have and feel a limit on. We can source more to create more with. We always have more to give through this means of openning the mind and heart to recieve more first.

After that it is the matter of creating the extra space in our lives to recieve it externally without having to remove something first to create the void. Sometimes, taking guided action is involved too. Just follow the signs, you know the drill.

What this is saying is that we first source more, to have more to give to then recieve more and the process is expansive from beggining to end and we end up with more then what we started with in the balance. The balance remains- just the pot is even larger.

You can draw 20 free bucks from the source bank account which just keeps producing more and more because of its expansive nature and not have to give of your orginal ten even- you can still keep that. However you are giving 20 to the mix and there by you just increased the size "spacially speaking" of the your pot, of the one pot that shares in reality with you.

And before you even gave the 20 you gave something else. You gave way in your mind and heart to open itself to receive more light love (creative energy) to manifest with. THAT may be the most difficult part here for people- to first give way to openning the mind and heart more to receive more to have more to give more with.

Does anyone feel like recieving MORE from source is taking or stealing from something that doesn't belong to us? We inherited unlimitted abundance from source. We inherited intelligence and love and our creative beingness from source. It's ours and thats hard to beleive because we have been ingrained to beleive we are not worthy or deserving of it. (first chakra issues raise your hands here)

We are worthy and deserving to draw from our divine inheritance! WE ARE! It's not stealing or cheating-it's okay to accept it-thats all. And there is nothing to feel guilty for by recieving more. We have already been forgiven everything our hearts desire.

It's sort of like internally you open your mind and heart to new dimensions of thought and emotion and then it is eternalised in your outer reality. It can pay to bust through some inner walls. Just have playing with this if you get it.

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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Blue Mantis
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Re: A different take on creating more- multi D energy play [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3156319 - 09/20/04 11:46 PM (18 years, 4 months ago)

Although i understand what your saying about doing away with lack thinking <--- very important realization

You should be aware that the first question people are going to ask you is 'how do i use light and love to buy a car'?

I certainly understand what your saying about drawing on the infinite source, for example i use this to push myself far beyond my regular limits of endurance in martial arts for example.

I also draw on the source to swell and strengthen my personal energy centers.

ANd i use that energy in turn to accomplish physical goals in my daily life.

But, while im functioning in this particular level of conciousness, i am not capable of manifesting a car directly. I am fairly confident however that if i were to have a strong enough desire and determination to acquire a car, i could do so even without money or theft, although that would require the manipulation of people around me.

ALl in all i get about 50% of what your saying here.

We have access to unlimited energy, and wanting is an illusion that we can do away with.


Everything I post is fiction.

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Livin in theTwilight Zone...
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Re: A different take on creating more- multi D energy play [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3156426 - 09/21/04 12:05 AM (18 years, 4 months ago)

Yes, very good. Allow me to sum it up in other words: Our Being-energy [The One-life beyond and within all forms] is eternal [timeless] and infinite [spaceless]. As within, so without.
The egoic mind is only limited and dualistic thus will externalize/reflect the internal-limited reality.

Or if you're more abstract/mathematically minded:

Intrinsic reality: IR

Extrinsic reality: ER

Energy of [insert value/object/subject of your choice]: E/\L

IR + E/\L = ERE/\L

Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.

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Re: A different take on creating more- multi D energy play [Re: SkorpivoMusterion]
    #3156603 - 09/21/04 12:48 AM (18 years, 4 months ago)

That was a cool addition Skorpio, Thanks.

I am hoping that anyone who understand this in theory will keep adding to it.

moonshoe, it's a work in progress and the insight is relatively new to me. I forgot about it and remembered it and want to play with it again.

Really, I just put a theory out there for people who play with energy to play with. For others, some seeds were planetd for future fruitation.

I think you do get the full of the theory moonshoe and like any who do, you can apply it to half of the lake, your mental, emotional and energy bodies, but then, we get confused on how to apply it to the material stuff. I know it can be applied and its being applied only people arn't using a said method, they are just good at unconsciously tapping into the theory.

I think it statrs with the light love stuff.

Light being more information, creative intelligence to show you the way and open the doors for material manifestation (action will be required of course) and love being feeling deserving, worthy , accepting and appreciative.

The theory first states that mentally and emotionally you must open up new space for both to come in that will support the material manifestation. Again, the new light (information creative intelleigence, and emotions, will set you into right action for aquisition without having to trade significant, time or money or good already owned.

I want to collabrate with others on this part and see how well we can fine tune an applicable method of sorts for material manifestion that adds to what we already have not involving a financial or amterial exchange.

i do beleive when we have all the right mechinisms in place, the universal intelligence does a lot of the foot work and set up and can effortless guides us to it or it to us.

Nature always fills a void. Thats a principle to stay focussed on here. However in this case the void is an added dimension of space to this one.

I will add more as it comes and hope some others can keep adding as well.

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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