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Registered: 05/12/01
Posts: 33
Loc: Heaven/Hell
Last seen: 22 years, 7 months
Re: overpopulation [Re: Kid]
    #316685 - 05/14/01 02:42 AM (22 years, 9 months ago)

A prime example of how nature corrects itself....give these idiots all a chainsaw to deforest and watch the fun! In no time you will have piles of idiot body parts only....a step in the right direction. A few soon to be dead via racial slurs anyway....I'll take that, the kid will never see 21 I give it 10/1 odds.

Agent Cooper-I see materialism and spiritualism as opposite swings of the pendualum. As the material (greed/consumer) grows the spiritual dies. To take a mechanical view of only correcting the flaw of over-consumption is not possible without replenishing the spiritualism it has destroyed and/or ignored. New age bozo's kinda screwed themselves real fast on that one wrapping spiritualism for profit in the same package,'wana buy a chakra alignment we'll throw in a doggie bag of crystals' and of course the great christianity buy your way to salvation joke.Not to single anyone out lets not forget the capitolistic hippi-nazi power mad perverts with the enviremental pitch that get hoards of llittle 'hippy chicks' begging for money door to door when all they are doing is putting a half million in the scum fuck that runs the place pocket every year.The numbers are stagerring in the paific northwest The $$ goes to 'clean water causes' 'enviromental causes' 'saving the rainforrest' not my crack habit, but when you can't pay your rent on my measly salary i'm paying you i'll help pay your rent, because I care....providing your sucking my dick!Capitalism is a nice blend of nievity,insecurity ,exploited natural desire and basic needs, such as you need clean water and envirement to survive. Not to say that this part of our country is not the most productive in actually working on these issues, thats just what makes it a good breeding ground for such things.

This country was inhabited over 10,000 yrs. ago by its natives now call me crazy but the 200+ yrs. whitey has been here spiritualism is nearly non-existant and we are smothering in our own filth .Destroying the continent,spreading our infectious destuction to all ends of the globe then focusing on asia and india cuz they have to many people? thats some pretty quick work, we are freakin' morons to do this and think we are the brightest bulbs on the block, I really don't see us continueing for 10,000 more years as did the previous residents of our present location. With the exception of heavy on the spiritualism/light on the materialism which worked well. I've seen items over 9,000 year old from nevada that look identical to what we see as traditional indian garb, they were very smart cookies, knew their shit well and carried much tradition unchanged; clothes and various parephenailia of life into equivelent of us running our culture to the year 12,001, yea right like we have a chance in hell of that or even have any real 'culure' at all for that matter. We are a hodge-podge of oppertunistic global mutts.

The more probable scenario is something closer to begging on our hands and knee's to the angry native spirits what we can do to appease them for forgiveness.

Sound extreme? Its already happnin', why do you think we are here? For the knowledge of Mescalito, Ayahuasca, and Sacred fungi for access to the Gods forgotten that are so much a vital part and necessity for our survival.

'As is above, so is below' I take this quite litterally...above we have 10,000yrs. of native spiritual home firmly in place, below we have a bunch of white rats scurrying about not knowing much about much, this whole board is great proof of that. They are here for reasons they do not have a clue about. Self correcting hell yes! nobody can say nuke the nigger and live, they will die at the hands of blacks guarenteed! Others will learn as they grow. Probably a few columbine shoot 'um up outcast to rock the boat and turn some heads IMO you can thank the angry indian spirits for this,we have a major discourse and imbalance simple as that and a big pat on the back to the spirits WE NEED MORE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS!! They have "wake up dumb asses!' written all over them and they need to be white kids, gangland shootings are not even noticed...Did you hear today that the equal number of blacks where shot as were in columbine ? hell no but it happens every day of the week, not to mention that number again that had trees thrown in front of their cars, by who? yup, you guessed right..native spirits..so come on kids if your school days are not over bring your guns!! if they are get a 12 pack and go drive around...really fast cuz thats coool!! and eat abunch of shrooms' dude trees wizzing by at speeds topping 100 mph is the freakin' best!! thats what a prankster native spirit told me anyway?'cmon trust him, "um er yea we can um trust him" the sared/profane smear of death on the highway.....YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh wait i've been known to work with kids perhaps I should retract.... naaaaahhhhhhh

Edited by que on 05/14/01 12:26 PM.

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Love of Life
 User Gallery

Registered: 10/15/00
Posts: 2,746
Loc: Floorida
Last seen: 8 years, 6 months
Re: overpopulation [Re: Kid]
    #316916 - 05/14/01 12:51 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

Kid to think you are somehow better than someone else is to not think at all.

Drunkgoat why do you think asia should stop making so many babies? Why is it you think that they are making more than anyone else?

For overpopulation im sure there are many solutions but whos to decide which will work? When the population becomes so large the greed and hate will grow stronger, and so will the people against that. Oh what to do?

-- "Eat what shall be eating." --

Evolution of Time.

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Carpal Tunnel
Registered: 07/21/00
Posts: 2,365
Re: overpopulation [Re: que]
    #317302 - 05/14/01 06:39 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

> the kid will never see 21 I give it 10/1 odds.

I'd better die real soon then... eh, and if I do I guess I'll just be eliminating the overpopulation problem.

I'm too selfish to care about that though.

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Carpal Tunnel
Registered: 07/21/00
Posts: 2,365
Re: overpopulation [Re: Droz]
    #317306 - 05/14/01 06:41 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

I didn't say I was better than anyone, I'm just selfish.

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Registered: 01/06/01
Posts: 215
Loc: California
Re: overpopulation [Re: Kid]
    #317507 - 05/14/01 10:45 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

The government has been trying different forms of population control. The HIV virus is one of them. The population has to eventually stop growing. I am sure that something terrible will happen and most of population will die out.


"Express yourself completely then become quiet."

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Offline13 Black Rainbows
Registered: 06/28/00
Posts: 51
Last seen: 22 years, 9 months
Re: overpopulation [Re: shroom-girlie]
    #317535 - 05/14/01 11:07 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

It's simple. Most of the population will die off when whatever paticular government that provides for them falls. Look at North America for example. So many people. What would happen if we suddenly had no power, gasoline, or running water. If the stores and national guard can't ship or provide food. People who don't know how to survive will die fairly fast. I live in the desert. There are two huge citys here with millions of people spread out between them. Without modern conveniences most of those people would fry in just a few months. The same goes for extreme northern climates. With no heat, they will die the first winter. That is what will slow down the population growth. It will happen soon, maybe not in our lifetime, but soon. It allways happens.

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I climb rocks

Registered: 11/15/00
Posts: 189
Last seen: 14 years, 9 months
Re: overpopulation [Re: 13 Black Rainbows]
    #317546 - 05/14/01 11:15 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

What it comes down to is we need to kill all of China and India and other people mongers. Why, because we can, strongest survive and we are the strongest fuck ethics this is about the existence of the human race

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InvisibleCaptain Jack
i [heart] you

Registered: 01/23/00
Posts: 4,113
Re: overpopulation [Re: Jenny]
    #317547 - 05/14/01 11:16 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

War is actually not a good way to reduce populations.

Those who die in war are usually male, which does not limit the amount of procreating that would repopulate the world once the war stopped. If females went to war instead, that would make a bit of a difference. But not that much. I assume you've heard of the "baby boomer" generation? So named because of the boom in population with the end of WWII. If a war eliminated a more substantial amount of the population, I'm sure we'd recover nicely with lots and lots of procreation.

Space is not a viable means either. Take your population "doubling time". Let's give it 40 years, which I believe is higher than the current number. Say you take half of your population and put it on a new planet. So now we would put 3 billion people on Mars. 40 years later, we're back at 6 billion on Earth, and also 6 billion on Mars. So we have to populate two more planets now. 40 years after that, it's up to 4 more planets. And so on. Exponential number of planets we would need to populate every 40 years. Unless, of course, we could achieve Zero Population Growth. But....if we're going to do that, why don't we just do that in the first place and not bother with the other planets?

Zero Population Growth.....a reasonable goal? Maybe.

Many countries in Western Europe have actually already achieved that. The United States has not, but does have a rather low birthrate. Population growth gets higher (as a general rule), the poorer you get. It's worst in places like Africa, Bangladesh, India, etc.

The bad news is that Western efforts to spread birth control practices often interfere with local culture beliefs and traditions. It's a hard case to decide....are we just being ethnocentric?

I personally don't understand the thought process behind "kill people to control population". Why do you want to control population? To increase quality of life, right? To keep people from suffering, right? Well, that's not achieved (if you ask me) by violence or disease. AIDS may well take care of population concerns in Sub-Sarahan Africa, but not in a good way. The quality of life of those left will not improve. I don't think anybody wins in that situation. Except drug companies. Sigh.

Population control is rather about reducing the number of babies we try to make. Condoms, pills, vasectomies, etc, etc. Eventually many countries may have to adopt China's policies towards family planning, unfortunately. It would be better if we could exercise some self control and do it ourselves. But perhaps I'm too idealist.

As for myself, I plan to have one child. Maybe two, but no more. Couldn't stand to be part of the problem.


Captain Jack has been hailed as a brilliant scholar, discredited as a brilliant fraud, and mistaken for a much taller man on several occasions.

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Registered: 08/12/99
Posts: 5,789
Last seen: 10 years, 8 months
Re: overpopulation [Re: Captain Jack]
    #317729 - 05/15/01 05:07 AM (22 years, 9 months ago)

have no kids...even better :). but uhh i think its naive to think nature wont correct this real soon. look at how long it has took us to work on the HIV virus... i know i know its a conspiracy;)....but from a medical standpoint if HIV was transmitted like the flu virus things would be looking mighty depopulated by now. we cannot assume that technology will save our asses. mankind will more than likely survive, that is the beauty of genetic diversity. as we move into enviroments that have been taboo or unliveabale until now new diseases will show up.(artic and jungle regions). the very ease we traverse the globe will make the black plague seen rather mundane to the rotting flesh a modern plague would produce.

on top of natures normal species control mechanisms
we have...meteorites, atomics, biological and chemical wepon proliferation. my personal conclusion is alot of people are going to die at once.

what should we be doing? its obvious mankind is currently too blind to stop itself. we should vigorously create seed and genetic banks of any and all species we can...and the means to resurect them...even if the survivors(human) are quite uneducated in such matters. a kind of automatic noahs ark if it were. for saving as much genetic diversity is key to saving life on earth.

course its hard to hide a hardon when you are dressed like minnie pearl

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part of thewhole
Male User Gallery

Registered: 06/02/00
Posts: 5,614
Loc: Columbus, OHIO
Re: overpopulation [Re: ~`Tursiops truncatus`~]
    #317873 - 05/15/01 12:22 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

Yes, theres much beauty in the world, but there was much more before our race came along, the earth started approx. 4.5 billion years ago, life started forming about 3.9 billion years ago, but the primates have been around for a mere, 10,000 i think. which isn't very long looking at dinosaurs, etc. The species that are still around, how did they survive? most of them ocean creatures that haven't depleted most of the worlds naturual resources, but also haven't brought about technology, or cured diseases, etc. but theyve still survived.

Theres no doubt our race will end, and no, i don't think overpopulation will end our race, but if something else doesn't or we don't migrate to other planets, theres no doubt it will.

The other thing is, asia has been around a lot longer than the US, so that doesn't give us a right to say, "lets kill asia" because not only is china taking action to control their population, but the US isn't doing shit, and because of our strong economy we have few poor people therefore a low birthrate, but we're still reproducing like no other.

It is a world problem, and its obviously in everyones hands to preserve our natural resources, but i have to faith in our race to accomplish that.


Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience.
It isn't more complicated than that.
It is opening to or recieving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is,
without either clinging to it or rejecting it.

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Carpal Tunnel
Registered: 08/29/99
Posts: 6,488
Loc: n. e. OH, USSA
Last seen: 4 months, 18 days
Re: overpopulation [Re: Jenny]
    #317920 - 05/15/01 02:02 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

primates (including li'l fellas like lemurs & tarsiers) a few tens of millions of years... human/chimpanzee divergence prolly more than 5 but less than 10 million years ago(chimps & humans: 22 vs 23 chromosome pairs)... genus Homo maybe 3 mil... (that include lucy, huzz, and alley-oop...) first cities/writing/agriculture/government maybe 10,000 years ago or so...
"food supplies increase arithmetically; populations increase geometrically" (malthus)
"dr. malthus alway has the last laugh" (maureen johnson smith long)
anybody ever heard of "punctuated equilibrium"?
in 2012 we all get a new calendar...
chinese curse: may you live in interesting times

old enough to know better
not old enough to care

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Olive grower

Registered: 09/29/00
Posts: 551
Loc: England
Last seen: 9 years, 4 months
Re: overpopulation [Re: gnrm23]
    #317940 - 05/15/01 02:52 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

On the one hand, it seems fairly obvious that the world is becoming dangerously low on resources, but on the other, I sometimes beleive science might come up with ways to make it less of an issue, or to even reverse the effects of pollution and restore the plannet to good health.
I hope this happens, but I doubt it.
Its all an issue of energy.
Man/human race has become obsessed with material possesions for some time now, and its escalating beyond beleif. All of these material possesions are becoming more popular, affordable and almost essential, but at the cost of the world's natural resources. Not only do these commodities require natural resources to be produced, but also to be maintained and run efficiently, ie electricity, gas, chemicals.
We're wasting the worlds energy on pleasure without realising the long term effects it will inevitably have.
Sooner or later, mankind will have to devolve to a more primative lifestyle, i only hope I'm still around to say I told you so. I'd sure like to see the expression on Bill gate's face when he realises his fortune doesn't mean shit because the economy has collapsed. I'd like to see him planting seeds for food, and gathering wood in the forrest to keep him warm.


Peaceful Pussycat

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than have a frontal lobotomy

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Bar RoomSuperman

Registered: 11/14/00
Posts: 179
Re: overpopulation [Re: Chonger]
    #318019 - 05/15/01 04:47 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

Go here:


These people seem to favor a relatively humane means of reducing Earth's population (for those of you who care about being humane). For my own part, I'd just as soon nuke 'em til they glow and then strafe 'em in the dark, but for ettiquette's sake I'm willing to watch the Bleeding Hearts and Artists try thier "peaceful" solutions first. Hell, I might even kick a $20 thier way every now and then just for laughs.

turn me on, take me for a hard ride
burn me out, leave me on the other side
I yell & tell it that it's not my friend
I tear it down, I tear it down and then it's born again

Edited by Clark on 05/15/01 06:57 PM.


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 User Gallery
Registered: 06/03/00
Posts: 676
Loc: Oregon
Last seen: 13 years, 7 months
Re: overpopulation [Re: Jenny]
    #318138 - 05/15/01 07:10 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

The world is becoming over-populated. It's because we won't let nature take its course.

If a person gets pneumonia.. and only survives because of antibiotics, nature is being disturbed.

When a baby is born with a hole in its heart.. and doctors patch it, nature is being disturbed.

When McVay bombed Oklahoma.. he was doing what nature had programmed him to do. We put him in jail though, stopping him from continuing his job.

Other animals on this earth don't have medicines, antibiotics, and other things to "artificially" save them.
They live by "Survival of the fittest", while we live by "Help the weak get stronger"

Though... I'm sure some people will disagree with the following statements. Perhaps because of a related incident in the past? Perhaps your to afraid to die or loose someone?

I would have died from pneumonia when I was 12 if it weren't for antibiotics. My entire left lung was filled with mucus. My right lung was just starting to fill. Walking up stairs left me breathless.

I lived (seriously)! But nature didn't kill me. I am a part of over-population now I suppose because I didn't die.

I wonder if nature will start trying to kill me different ways now because I should have died? Kind of like on Final Destination.

Hmm. Time for class it seems.

"...be transformed by the renewal of your mind" -- Romans 12:10


"Is it a mile walking, or a mile driving?" - dobie

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Olive grower

Registered: 09/29/00
Posts: 551
Loc: England
Last seen: 9 years, 4 months
Re: overpopulation [Re: Kevin]
    #318398 - 05/16/01 05:06 AM (22 years, 9 months ago)

yep, I've also thought about that too IES.
I think your jumping in the deep end though, because, say you had like a certain condition, thousands of years ago, they knew how to cure it with plants and other such natural things.
You say the oklahoma bomber was programmed to do what he did, i agree, but I also think people were programmed in the same way to come up with cures for diseases in the same way, its all just inevitable in any case.

Peaceful Pussycat

Edited by Chonger on 05/19/01 04:04 PM.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than have a frontal lobotomy

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Registered: 01/31/01
Posts: 73
Loc: in your ass
Last seen: 22 years, 3 months
Re: overpopulation [Re: Jenny]
    #318401 - 05/16/01 05:25 AM (22 years, 9 months ago)

yeah I think we should kill of peope with low IQ's and the mentaly dissabled. wouldn't the world be a better place?

"The government does not have the right to regulate my body. It never did and never will."
-Ed Forchion

This is god. God is green.

The voices in my head taught me to throw knives.

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Re: overpopulation [Re: Jenny]
    #320598 - 05/18/01 11:37 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

Why do you think we have Aids, World Wars, and cigarettes?

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Re: overpopulation [Re: Jenny]
    #320600 - 05/18/01 11:39 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

Oh, and don't be suprised if in a few years, 70% of the population is just wiped off the Earth.

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Registered: 05/12/00
Posts: 84
Loc: Canada
Last seen: 21 years, 10 months
Re: overpopulation [Re: ]
    #320814 - 05/19/01 10:21 AM (22 years, 9 months ago)

If the united states and canada keep doing what they are doing by polluting the air like they are, in about 10-15 years all the prairies will be deserts, the ice caps will melt alot more, and floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and ice storms will increase even more. (They have seriously increased in numbers over the past decade) The thing is that North-America is not taking any mesures to protect the environment like other countries elsewhere and this will lead to population losses. Many people aren't going to make it because you can't stop a flood, a hurricane or a tornado.

Dream what you live and live what you dream

Dream what you live and live what you dream

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Registered: 05/13/00
Posts: 2,114
Re: overpopulation [Re: hunterthompson]
    #321317 - 05/19/01 11:17 PM (22 years, 9 months ago)

What it comes down to is we need to kill all of China and India and other people mongers. Why, because we can, strongest survive and we are the strongest fuck ethics this is about the existence of the human race

If it's genocide you want, how about killing the (by far) #1 resource-consuming nation on the planet? This would do a lot more to reduce the -effects- of overpopulation than exterminating a country with more people but much lower consumption. So all Americans must die, it's the logical choice.

Hmmm, harder to take such a coldly objective view now, isn't it?

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