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An Emerald Story- trippy stuff
    #3151742 - 09/18/04 08:14 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

This is a long story. I would print it and read it at your leisure if you like reading trippy things. This one has lots of goodies! A handful of recent topics are touched on in here as well, even a bit on the masons.

The ELF Transmissions, Part Four
An Emerald Creation Story

In the beginning, at least in the current now
beginning of this particular locale in time and space
known as our local universe, in the infinite pleasure
of Prime Creator to do what It does best, namely
create, a nice prime piece of real estate in an
undifferentiated state of Void and Pre-existent
readiness stood ripe for the picking, and so PC
decided to go for it and create therein a new
expression of Itself, and being Prime Creator and not
needing permission nor a mortgage in order to build a
new development in this particular space in time, It
did indeed create. Within the context of Prime
Creator and the process of creation, all newly
developed areas of time and space as brought forth in
previously undifferentiated Void and Pre-existent
readiness are always established on one or two,
sometimes several, Divinely endowed principles upon
which the very fabric of such creation shall for the
duration of its emergence into Existence operate as
upon the warp and woof of the tapestry upon which it
is woven, and in this case, those principles were and
are still and thus remain, Unconditional Divine Love
and Free Will.

The establishment of an Intention into a domain of
undifferentiated space is akin to the proactive
principle of the divine force we would refer to as the
masculine seeding itself into the receptive place that
we might refer to as the feminine. And it is
important to note that such appellations of masculine
and feminine have absolutely nothing to do with gender
specific identification or anthropomorphized images as
current mental plane constructs would have many think.
The masculine is not the father, and the feminine is
not the goddess nor the mother. These are latter day
overlays imposed as false imprints on the hologram of
reality distortions we currently find ourselves in.
The masculine is simply a principle of divine
creation, which is the primary intention and directive
force of the Will to Create and the feminine is the
Void, which is best understood as the receptive field
that is pre-existent and undifferentiated until it is
seeded by the prime Will to Create. This would be and
is always the only type of Immaculate Conception, the
conception here referenced being the seed thought of
divine intention that, upon the instant of its
creation, is made manifest upon the template of the
pure and receptive field of the Feminine Void of
undifferentiated space. By undifferentiated we refer
here to the fact that said space contained no
self-reflective awareness of itself in any sense, no
individuated sense of self, and therefore was void of
identity in terms of the individuation that will ensue
upon the inception of the intention as therein placed.
So, following this line, it is clear that the
Intention is the fructifying seed that immediately and
instantaneously creates a self-individuated awareness
as manifest upon the folds of space and extended
through such folds through what we have come to call
and refer to as time. Individuation is the true gift
of Life and Prime Creator, and the integration of the
intention and the space whereupon it is seeded,
creates the field of potentiality that will henceforth
from that starting point continue to build upon and
create of itself out of the inherent principles upon
which it is sown.

In our local universe, as stated, those principles are
two, Unconditional Love and Free Will. An
interesting combination indeed, because the dynamic
balance between the two creates a third component,
which is the life force that has carried the intention
ever since, and said life force, in our little
creation story is known as the Emerald Ray, the green
living light created by the interplay and substance,
the warp and weave, of this creation. Also of
interest is the fact that inherent in the principle of
Free Will is the potentiality of the life force to
seek expression in any way it so chooses, even if such
may come eventually into conflict with the other
underlying principle of Unconditional Love. Inherent
in this context is the free will ability to choose
self-denial, which in essence is the separation of
conscious awareness of self as its own point of
creation, and thereby to project such self awareness
outside of itself into the reality field in which it
finds itself and thereby to find itself ?separate
from its own source. As such, Free Will engenders
another inherent principle, which is that all acts and
intentions that ensue forward out of the thrust of the
living life substance of the combined principles will
do so on the fabric of creation in this realm as a
result of an underling conscious action between two or
more individuated expressions of said life force. In
so many words, in our current linguistic vernacular,
we would call this simply the entering into of
engagements known as contracts between two or more
consenting parties. Initially, when divinity and
self-expression through individuation are in full and
complete alignment with each other, the acts of
creation are contractual engagements between self and
Self, or individuated identity and source as expressed
in what we would call Higher Self.

At first this was a simple enough field of expression,
and what emerged immediately out of the beginning
moments of such was a mandate that the beginning
self-aware consciousness of this creation began to
create of itself. This was the true synthesis in
terms of the interaction between the two principles of
this creation, and what emerged from such was the
foundational maxim, the a priori ?Law? that has always
sustained and guided this creation in which we reside,
which is stated as ?Thou Shalt Uplift all Life and
Honor the Life Force of All Beings.? There is nothing
other than the inherent understanding in this phrase
ever required in a balanced reality comprised of the
two principles of Unconditional Love and Free Will, no
other lesser laws, and as such, the intrinsic
substance of this understanding will always be
fulfilled in a contractual nature if the maxim of this
statement is part of the guiding and underlying
foundation of any such engagement. Anything as a
deviation from this will immediately cause a splitting
of the consciousness into a form of separation.

And of course, important here to remember that such
was not stated in anything akin to language, certainly
not this end game expression we know as English, but
the essential element of this expression became an
intimate and inextricable component of the living
substance of our beingness, since the beginning of
time and space in this now developing field of
conscious expression that we currently occupy. And
that after billions and billions of what we call years
of time as extended throughout space, leading to this
little planetary sphere we currently call home, the
self compelling forward motion of the living life
force that we are has sustained and ensued to deliver
us to where we find ourselves today, and this axiom
has remained with us and followed us here ever since.
In other words, this remains the foundational axiom of
our reality to this moment. Anything that deviates
from the essential foundation of such, that dishonors
the life force of another point of individuated
conscious awareness, can only do so when a contractual
relationship within a free will context allows such to
take place.

But then one might ask, how could this be so, if, as
we observe here in this as we are calling it endgame
expression of what is clearly the antithesis of such
an axiom, that there appears to be very little free
will left, so where is the free will, cause it don?t
appear to be that much expressed around these parts
anymore, if you get our drift, and as to unconditional
love, we ain?t seen that sorta thing around these here
parts for, well, could be a couple o? parsecs or more,
we would reckon. Indeed that is so, so the question
naturally arises, where did it go, and how can we
justify saying that if this creation has interwoven
into the very fabric and substance of these two
principles, how can what we observe in this world
exist on such a fabric?

Let?s start to answer that by defining some terms.
First of all, we are referring to these axioms as
principles of divine creation, and this, as a creation
story, is starting from the beginning when this very
creation was created upon such principles. As divine
principles, we could define such as essential laws of
the very creational physics upon which all else in
this field of creation exists upon, not laws as we
have come to understand man?s law on this plane, but
essential immutable and indivisible principles of
creational intentions, that became inextricably bound
to every atom of substance and every unit of
consciousness that would ever ensue into individuated
forms of expression from that point of inception
onward. And thus, underlying free will, is the
essential element that all ongoing points of
continuing creation out of such now differentiated
space would be in the form of a contract between the
consciousness in one expression and that in anther,
thus creating the ongoing extension of the principles
and laws from one logical staring point to the next
and onwards into the far flung complexities of the
stars and galaxies and nations and planets and
personal affairs and agreements of every sort.

So at some point in time, when one unit of
consciousness decided to see what separation from self
was like, meaning separating that individuated self
that it knew as itself, from its source, well then,
when that conscious decision was made as an experiment
of expression, such became as a binding contract with
the ever present and ever accommodating interwoven and
interdependent fields of expression within which that
one experimenting unit of conscious expression might
have found itself. So when that occurred, presuming
that it must have, from the eventual empirical
evidence that we find all around us, this set into
motion a further corresponding response, that
contractually as such within a field of free will,
shall we say, was all too happy to accommodate such a
mandate. In other words, it allowed something
outside of itself to come in and support the
contractual engagement between self and Self, and
accommodate to rearrange the universe to manifest the
intention as contained therein.

From that point forward, well, guess what? It was,
shall we say, down hill from there. And guess what
again? This Earth that we find ourselves in and
within, well, it?s at the bottom of that hill!!!
Alas, but apparently so.

So, in other words, starting as one simple expression,
perhaps an errant thought of separation as an
experiment, perhaps started by a wandering butterfly
in some far flung galaxy long forgotten in the annals
of time, chased by some elf who fell off a star and
tumbled into a thought form that he didn?t recognize
and as a result said something like, ?Where am I?? the
result of which, some corresponding adjacent construct
of reality perceived an element of doubt, and thus,
separation, and went on to stub its toe, which ten
generations from then, wrote a philosophical treatise
on the nature of separation and started the whole
thing snow balling from there. Is that how this game
of separation started? Well, there have been many
postulates put forth on this planet for many a year in
many a language of the current realm, some complex,
some simple, all blaming someone outside of
themselves, all forgetting to check inside and see
where it started, ending up in this whole big mess we
call planet Earth.

So let?s bring it down to Earth, so to speak, and get
real in real terms, to understand how this makes sense
in today?s reality of false holograms, converging and
conflicting realities, and the worship of false gods
as overlaid on these original principles and utilized
to entrain and control the life force that is still
the same essential fabric of emerald energy that began
with that first whisper of breath and conscious
awareness in the differentiated and individuated folds
of Living Light we call Life. For it is the
penultimate gift of the intention of the source of
such creation that we hold in our very breath and
life, which is the individuated sense of self, woven
on and upon and within and through those very
enlivening principles that we know in our hearts and
souls still make up the essential fabric of who we are
in proper and divine communion with what we know to be
our source and substance of this life and individuated
awareness of our unique and whole selves.

The key to understand here is the starting point, that
we do indeed have free will, and that nothing can
enter into our field of reality unless, at some level,
it was invited in and engaged in some contractual way.
When a being in the essence of itself creates a
separation, and then establishes a free will
engagement that will manifest that thought into
manifested form, there is a binding force that has
ensued from that individuated whole self that now
becomes manifest in that being?s reality. Because in
the beginning we were one and the same as Self and
Source, we are the sum and substance of Prime Creator
in individuated expression, and so every thought,
action and deed will immediately and instantaneously
organize the substance and fabric of the creational
field within which it resides. Thought is energy, no
different than the inception of the Will to Create of
Prime Source, and we know that energy can neither be
created or destroyed at the level of creation we find
ourselves in, and therefore, when a thought manifests
itself as a form of separation of consciousness, it
has to go somewhere to reside until such time as it
can be transmuted by conscious intent back into the
integrated wholeness of its point of origin. As such,
when a creational thought is made manifest in a
separated manner, we are actually creating parallel
realities to hold that energy because it cannot stay
in the origin creation where self and Source continue
to reside indivisibly and indelibly whole. Separation
and wholeness are mutually exclusive, but because we
are Prime Creator in individuated expression, it has
to go somewhere, and that is what parallel universes
and realities are, and that is what we call karma,
which is nothing more that the storing of the energy
that is contractually bound to thought forms of
separation. And since it will all eventually seek
reintegration and a return to wholeness, the merging
and collapsing of parallel universes and realities
becomes the catapult force that accelerates through
time and engages what we might call the ascension
process, which is the returning to the singularity in
time and space back to our Source, which is our own

Imagine then billions of years and billions and
perhaps trillions of conscious beings extrapolating
forward from that first point of separation, and from
such, seeking outside of itself for something that
each being feels it has lost, and having a sense that
something outside of itself now ?owes? it that
increment of life force that is missing, and when such
an increment is not delivered ?as owed,? then of
course the natural extension of that experience is
that now something is ?to blame? for what was not
delivered as owed, something outside of ourselves is
blamed for why we feel separated from ourselves as
Source, because the original thought has been
forgotten and the original contractual and binding
force is submerged below the threshold of awareness.
So of course something then must be to blame, and
something must owe us something that we do not feel we
have, and of course we feel that we have lost that
much of our own potency, power and authority in direct
ratio to that which we feel is outside of ourselves
and owed to us. If one ponders that very simple
equation, of first the thought of separation, then the
engagement which is really a contract with oneself and
the surrounding field of living creation, then the
experience of the separation itself, then the seeking
outside oneself to find wholeness but doing so by
projecting outside oneself the sense of being owed
something from an external source, and when such is
not delivered, seeking to balance and ?justify? the
now separated experience of existence by blaming
something outside of oneself, that is the essential
equation that has led to where we find ourselves
today, especially when we multiply that by the
billions and trillions of individuated expressions.
The result is the collective mass consensus reality
operating on the externalized projection of its own
power and authority outside itself, each increment of
which is bound by a contractual and energetic basis
that can be traced to the originating point and
principles as based on our discussion of free will.
And thereby, any external force or aggregate of
consciousness can then come in and support the free
will basis of the contractual energetics that support
this externalized projection of power, authority and
creation intent, and, in effect, play out the part in
the externalized reality construct of the controlling
power and dominating authority. And believe it or
not, it has to be done inextricably with the other
principle of this reality field, that of unconditional
love, because it is simply fulfilling the contractual
energetic that we created in the first place. In
short, the universe has just rearranged itself to
support our picture of reality, which as is obvious by
what we see in this currently expressed ?false
hologram,? such is a reality based on projected
responsibility whereby it is believed and perceived
that something outside of ourselves owes us our life
force, and the resultant expressions of lack and
limitation constitutes our self-reflective validating
reasons why there is something outside of ourselves to
blame. Ponder this deeply, ponder it long, for it is
the key to liberation. The rest, as the saying goes,
is history.

Which we shall now explore

During the course of these ELF Transmissions, we have
postulated the starting point of the current Solar
Year of approximately 26,000 annual orbits, called
years, of the Earth around the Sun as having begun
with a treaty that allowed the external god-postors to
come in and have free reign upon this plane and during
the fractal of time that we are now at the end point
of. As a ?treaty? what we are really referring to is
simply the same logical point as the preceding
discussion herein, of the nature of creation within a
free will reality, and how the contractual physics of
our Will to Create must be inherently part of any
foundational and energetic relationship. What we call
the Elves are that part of our consciousness, in forms
of individuation, that has retained its Prime Source
self-awareness, that original Emerald Light Frequency
(ELF) and thereby, understanding that the ELF knew
that another part of our consciousness, at this very
late stage of the process, was deeply entrenched in
the dream of separation and the false reality of the
almost infinitely layered depths of the therein
created parallel realities, that it would require the
binding of the full extent of this reality to force
that asleep part of consciousness into a hermetically
sealed crucible, ?false reality hologram,? in order to
force at least some part of that asleep consciousness
to wake up. What we see today on this planet is the
endgame result of that decision, the near complete
entrenchment of the controlling external forces that
?contracted? with part of our consciousness to play
out the separated godhead and create the externalized
godspell to force us to finally say, ?Uh, gee,
something is not right here.? We believe that is now
taking place and accelerating at a rapid and
exponential rate, but also, of course, it appears that
we are in the worst shape ever, because the fully
manifest results of this vast extension of separation
must be fully manifest within the hologram for it to
finally be healed. In other words, it may look
worse than ever, but that is just the distillation of
all the internal separations of the billions of beings
incarnate and disincarnate in this reality field of
Earth, the projected mass consensus false hologram,
which can and will be shifted by the quantum whole of
the currently transmutational process now underway.

In order to understand the fullness of this last
paragraph, these transmissions are now going to
delineate the basic sequencing of history over the
last 13,000 years, the second half of the time fractal
of the Solar Year, in which, by the way, this solar
system makes one full orbit around the center point of
solar stepping stair systems from one Solar body to
the next dimensional Solar body one level below, the
central sun being Alcyone of the Pleiadian system
which, as we started this series with, was described
as the disseminating point of the Emerald Light
Frequency that carries the Emerald Life Force that is
now bound and gagged in this controlled false hologram
that we are currently living within, which the Emerald
Liberation Front is working diligently to engage the
liberation and release thereof?.ahhh, ELFs

This exploration of history is aimed at one primary
point, which is to bring forward the clear and
unambiguous understanding of how said life force has
been contractually bound, via systems of legalistic,
monetary, political, social, religious, racial,
biological, mathematical, symbolic, genetic and
energetic inversions and entrainments of original
template reality and blueprints, in order to bind the
free will consciousness to control the life force and
the substance of creation contained therein. In
short, history in this context towards the liberation
of the emerald life force, is best seen as the story
of the manipulation and distortion of law, overlaid as
legalisms to bind to the underlying contractual nature
of free will creation, in order to create a system of
energetic containment that we know as monetary
function (money), for the further extension of the
agenda, which is to control the populations of the
world to be as slave races to be utilized to harvest
and work the resources of the planet for the
self-serving agendas of those beings who have come in
as external ?gods? to embody the totality of the mass
consensus of externalized power and authority. But
remember, such could not exist within our hologram of
created reality unless the underlying free will agency
of our consciousness had not bound itself by oath,
vows, creational intent and contractual forms, to
allow such to exist within our created reality. And
also, of the utmost importance to keep in mind, is
that all the distortional overlays could not even
exist in this reality unless they were in some how
linked to the original principles of divine law, a
context which we will return to when we explore and
analyze current legal structures in order to learn how
to recognize divine law interwoven and dispersed, but
still valid and intact, within the legalistic
distortions of man?s law. And finally, ultimately, it
is key to understand that what is done can be undone.
It is a function of consciousness and nothing more,
nothing less. The key is the personal journey of

Another key point to keep in mind is that the treaty
we have spoken about was done in order to force the
pressure to finally pop us out of the dream of
separation we have gotten lost in for so very long,
and therefore, we can safely say that ?The Devil knows
not who he serves?.? Devil being nothing more than a
mental plane construct that has also been
anthropomorphized to create another form of external
enemy to distract our attention from the core issues
of our own responsibility for this creation.
Nonetheless, the so-called Devil knows not who it
serves because it is serving to show us such a
projection outside of ourselves, and to force us, at
least those willing and able to do the work to release
the binding agreements and separation constructs of
consciousness, to wake up. The key of course is the
re-animation and re-integration of our own
responsibility, because the first thing that goes when
such responsibility is externally projected is the
ability to be consistent and whole in our own ability
to create. The further manifestation of this is the
to-blame game. So as the reversal process engages,
we will encounter every possible permutation of this issue
of self-responsibility flung right in our faces to deal
with, and as in any healing crisis, the symptoms will
remanifest in reverse order, and as long as the intent
and conscious focus remains clear to achieve
liberation, each successive layer will manifest, have
to be dealt with, and then will fade away, leading to
the further understanding contained in the axiom,
?That which is real can never be broken, that which is
broken can never be fixed, therefore, focus on what is
real and the rest will fade away.? We are fooled by
the illusions that we can fix what is broken, and that
is one of the tricks of this hologram, constantly
distracting us from remembering that that part of us
that is made of Original Intent and Original Innocence
can never be and has never been broken. Anything we
?perceive? as broken is not real, and when we allow
ourselves to focus on it, we are caught in a
perceptual trick caused by the polarization of reality
as we see it. So as things manifest that appear
broken, go inside, find where the binding attachment
is, and release it. Focus on what is real and the
current illusion will fade away.

In the early phases of the ELF Transmissions we
discussed the nature of the castrated male and the
split male principle. This began at the very
beginning of what we have described so far in Part
Four, when the initial points of separation took
place. The male or masculine principle as herein
discussed is the Will to Create, the intentional
energetic of the wholeness of Prime Creator as Source.
It is electrical in nature as the feminine as Void is
magnetic in nature. When separation occurs, that
whole force will naturally split itself, it has to in
order to create the reality fields that contain the
projected manifestations of separation. This is the
origin of the split male, not some Annunaki godlet
coming along and grabbing some poor guy named Abraham
out in the desert and slicing him down the middle,
then grabbing his cajones and slicing those off for
souvenirs. We are talking about initial natural laws
of physics in creation, so when a point of
individuated creation separates itself from its own
Self as Source, the masculine principle will split.
Because, after this takes place, it cannot fully come
into the manifested form of self, from the near
highest spiritual levels to the lowest dimensional
levels of incarnation wherein we now reside, the root
grounding point for the full spirit, what we call the
root base chakra, will separate from the form. This
is the original castration that took place, long
before we ever had separation of genders or testicles
in the male form to castrate in this long extended
time continuum when we ended up in gender specific
split reality incarnational forms. And the immediate
and corresponding result was the beginning of
polarization of the feminine and the natural
suppression of such.

This will inevitably allow for the manifestation of
the ?someone outside of oneself to blame? game. The
male blames the female, and vice versa. The male
blames another male. The male becomes enraged at its
own impotence and further suppresses the female, or
attacks another male outside of itself, perpetuating
the drama with the external enemy construct. In the
next phase of these writings we will discuss and
detail the historical context of how this has been
used to ?perfect? the holographic containment field of
our separation, the Matrix?.as well as the very simple
methods of how to liberate oneself from the game.

To begin our discussions of law and history to see
precisely how we have been bound to the current false
hologram, we will start in the areas of western
historical development that we are familiar with, that
being Egypt and Mesopotamia. The key starting point
is the understanding of the basis of external
authority and power as vested into the King or the
Pharaoh, those being one and the same thing except for
cultural expressions. We say quite specifically and
use the world ?understanding? because that is our
point of beginning. It was a time, back then, when
most of humanity was lost in the abyss of
forgetfulness, asleepness and separation. There were
beings who professed to know how the universe worked
and how to appease the reality of said universe to
allow for the humble existence bestowed upon these
lowly beings called humans. Those who knew the
workings of the universe held the so-called sacred
tools to access the will of the gods. These were two
lineages, one being the Line of the King, the other
being the line of the Priest. These are the two
pillars of the externalized embodiment of the endgame
result of the original splitting of the masculine
principle. In Masonic rite and ritual there are two
pillars that function as central symbols going back
thousands of years, the same symbology is also
referenced in the Old Testament in the book of
Genesis, the two pillars of the split and hence
controlled male.

The King had right of kingship because of the
so-called descent of kingship from the gods, which in
actual fact was the choice of breeding grounds into
which the external gods would seed their bloodlines
and genetic lineages that could be controlled by the
very nature of the crystalline energetic functions of
genetic materials. So the ?demiurge? the half-god,
half-man creature, now with genetic and energetic
allegiances to the apparent source of its authority,
its ?god,? is entrainable and controllable. It, as
King, is vested with a semblance of the ?power and
authority? of the god it worships and works for, that
it owes its allegiance as ?liege lord? to. He will
embody that guidance and direction of its authority
via the dictates of the god that it stands under,
hence understanding. If the King follows the dictates
of the god to which he owes allegiance properly then
he will be given its rewards in terms of physical
reality benefits: power, greed, ego, dominance and so

In literal terms, at the beginning of the encoding of
the rules of power and authority, the dominion over
the creatures the King shall lord over, in a place
called Babylon, the King known as Hammurabi, would sit
under a large marble dais and from the lofty position
whereupon sat his god, known as Marduk, would dictate
the rules of crime and punishment to the vassal
populace of the kingdom. Standing under, receiving
such ?divine? understanding, would be Hammurabi, above
him his god Marduk, an Annunaki whose grandfather was
known as Anu, lord over all. And of course, these are
not just individuated identities, these are
incarnations of vast collectives of errant
consciousness now playing out the godspell as
previously discussed, the externalized power mongers.
In the process of Hammurabi received his
?understandings? from Marduk, gradually patterns would
emerge and he was guided to write these into hard
stone, marble stelae, that remained intact and became
known in modern times as Hammurabi?s Code, the
beginning of the encoding of the laws of the gods over
the affairs of man. Of course, these were all
originally logical and morally sound principles.
Farmer Jones stole a cow from Farmer Smith. Jones had
to repay Smith two cows and plow his field for him
next spring, a fair penalty for the transgression.
Next time, when Farmer Harris stole a cow from Farmer
Franks, the same penalty was already known and
understood, and was applied for the same
transgression. This began entraining the minds of men
to several principles, one being the wisdom of the
gods, two being the authority of the kings, three
being the regularity of crime and punishment, and
fourth being the logic of encodement of law.

The King had sovereign authority over all the lands,
in fiduciary trust for the gods. The Priests were
entrusted with the secrets of the rules of law because
they also understood the learned mysteries of the laws
of creation, such as the movements of the seasons, the
cycles of the sun, those things that directly related
to the survival of civilization and the maintenance of
life. In the beginnings all logical things of life
and nature were known and appreciated as parts of the
natural cycles, and hence laws, and the Priests
(scientists) held many of these secrets as entrusted
to them by the gods, so they were the keepers of the
laws and the knowledge of the mysteries of the
universe, and arbiters thereto, while the Kings
controlled the sovereign trusts of the lands and rules
of obedience and allegiance to the gods, via
allegiance to the Kings who were the mortal
embodiments of the dispensation of kingship from the

In Masonic rites and rituals, this understanding was
embodied in the presence of the two pillars, over
which was laid the mantle of the gods, the controlling
yoke, so that the King and the Priest remembered from
whence and from whom their authority ensued. Later,
this mantle of ?divine? authority, in the old
testament encodement, became known as Yahweh, the One
God of monotheism, nothing more than linguistic
crystallizations to abstract such concepts until it
was all held in mysterious and mystical removal from
the mere mortals who cowered in fear of such outside
authorities and powers. A prime example of how
natural laws and cycles that were known by the people
were progressively mystified and abstracted, becoming
more and more the purview of the priests who were the
interceding controllers of the laws and the desires of
the gods, later the one God, can be found in the
cycles of Venus.

As discussed in earlier parts to this series, Venus
has a precise eight-year cycle, during which it has
five specific points relative to the Earth when it is
hidden from the Earth?s view by the Sun. These five
points, when charted, inscribe a perfect five-pointed
pentagram, the eventual symbol of the Goddess in her
many guises, Isis, Ishtar, Innana and so forth. This
eight-year cycle also ran a larger five part cycle of
forty years, which was memorialized over and over
again throughout the old testament, the forty year
reign of various kings such as David, Solomon and
others, the fractal of forty days mentioned often in
both old and new testaments, and even larger cycles of
multiples of this number such as 480 years (12 x 40)
and 1440 years (480 x 3 and 40 x 36). The 480-year
cycle was supposedly that of the feminine counterpart
of Yahweh, the Shekinah, which in actual fact was the
astronomical coinciding with a cycle when Venus was
conjunct with Mercury just before the rising sun on
the morning of Winter Solstice, coinciding with the
so-called Star of Bethlehem. Such a conjunction would
assure that a being born at that moment would carry a
very powerful capacity as a spiritual conveyor of the
combined forces of Mercurial communications with the
Venusian feminine principle. All of this was encoded
into the books of the Bible to represent the feminine
principle, but were later overlaid and buried to
suppress the understanding both of natural cycles and
of the feminine principle.

But prior to that happening, this acknowledgement and
understanding of the role of the feminine as the
receptive Void of the intentional thought of creation
was transmitted from the far North, from the land of
the Daal Fin, down through the British Isles to a
people who built the megalithic monuments such as the
henges which in fact, were designed as astronomical
viewing structures to chart the stars as well as to
watch for errant visitors in the form of asteroids and
other wandering atypical stellar bodies. Thus,
Newgrange was designed to track the movements of
Venus, Stonehenge was an astronomical observatory, and
many of the other monuments of stone in the British
Isles were real and practical constructs for the
knowledge of the seasons, the cycles and the natural
laws of our positioning in the cosmos. From the
British Isles this knowledge made its way to the land
of Egypt where the feminine principle was at first
honored, but was progressively co-opted by the male
priest class that wanted to use such knowledge to bind
the people and the consciousness. So progressively,
this knowledge was codified into rules of the temples
and the worship of the feminine was abstracted into
the recesses. As such, the fountain of life was
acknowledged to emerge from the canyons whence
flowed the rivers and the waters of life, as well as the
habitat of the revered alligators. So eventually, the
remembrance of the virginal Void of primary creation
became abstracted to the mythology of the virgin
mother, and the natural source of life that flowed
from the canyons became abstracted into the ?canon? of
doctrinal law, as overlaid by the manmade artifice of
the laws of the priests. So, as in the Chinese and
other eastern traditions, Kwan Yin is recognized as
the embodiment of the feminine and the goddess of
mercy and compassion, this is a reflection of the
primary memory of the feminine aspect of the natural
formations of the canyons (Kwan Yin = Can Yin,
Canyon), but was later corrupted to be a vestigial
counterfeit and retained as Canon Law, the male
overlaid counterpart to the original. Later we will
discuss the hierarchy of modern day systems of law, in
which Canon or Ecclesiastical Law is considered the
highest authority, but always remember where it really
came from as per this example.

Another example is the original knowledge and
understanding that the local stellar body, our Sun,
was really the stellar stepping stone to higher
dimensional levels of stair-step creation. But then
the priests co-opted this knowledge as their own, and
instead of the clear and direct access to higher
dimensional reality, the populace had to come through
the priests who held the control of the law. So, the
access was now through the Sun god, or the Sun king.
In Egypt this was known as Amen Ra, the Sun god. The
priests of Amen Ra required the populace to abide by
their rules, codes and regulations to access, only
through the priests, the Sun. This was later adapted
by the Catholic Church, using the word ?amen? to close
every prayer, a throw back to the original Egyptian
Sun god, Amen Ra.

We have discussed before the origin of the castrated
and split male symbols as contained in the Egyptian
pantheon with the two brother-sister twin pairs of
Set/Nepthys and Osiris/Isis, whose four initials give
us SION, later ZION. To the Egyptians can be traced
the origins of much of the original coding and
structures that found its way later into Babylon and
other Sumerian locales, eventually into Judaic law,
and progressively into Roman structure. The concept
of the two pillars and the artificial containment of
the castrated, split masculine energies originated in
the Egyptian period, as contained within the primary
Isis/Osiris mystery cult symbology that still operates
to this day. The erection of the male phallus as the
obelisk (pun intended), counter-posed against the
capitol rotunda, retains the energetic symbology as
well as control containment field for the male and
female principles, and these structures are put
strategically in many places around the world, on
primary vortex points that will in turn influence the
nature of control of the global grids and the global
consciousness. The obelisk, of course, is the
resurrected artificial phallus of Osiris and the
Capitol is the severed ?head? of the phallus, as well
as the virginal receptacle. The population represents
the Capital, and each is counted as a ?capita? or
head, now literally the ?coin? of the realm.

But this gets us ahead of the story for now, and we
will return to the sequential unfolding of the history
and the story in order to properly delineate exactly
how it all evolved and arrived at the near perfect
construction that we find ourselves dealing with
today. To return to the points of origin, as told in
the book of Genesis, we will recall that Abraham was
given a choice, to obey his God and kill his son, and
thus to attain special favor, a christening if you
will of the genetic seed of his posterity to also be
energetically aligned with the will of the gods as
external power and authority. Abraham complied and of
course the son was spared leading to the creation of
the ?twelve tribes? of Israel. Abraham came from a
city in Mesopotamia called Ur. We have mentioned that
UR is the sound tone vibration of the root chakra, as
currently still retained in our modern English
language where we find it to be the root of such words
as urine, urology and related words. So Abraham and
his posterity were given the role of the chosen
genetic lineage because they complied with reenacting
the castration and the splitting of the masculine
principle, later codified in the ritual of the
circumcision of all newborn males in the lineage.

Ur is also the word in Hebrew for ?light? and
therefore, this splitting of the masculine was also
the splitting of the light, and the short circuiting
of the electrical system of the human species, so that
the aberrant energetic of the build up of the charge
in the nervous system would be continually compelled
to seek a release or discharge. Notice, too, that our
last element in the standard chart of elements, number
92 which is a harmonic number of the number of
chromosomes in the human species, is called Uranium,
the same element that is now split in order to break
into the subatomic strata of the material plane and
schism and rend asunder our reality even more. There
is no accident how things are named in the game of
language. Is it any accident, also, that in today?s
system of legalisms and monetary functions we find
these same words, where all legal faults are converted
into ?charges? that must be adjudicated by the black
robed priests of the temples of justice (which is
literally what they are), and made to be ?discharged?
No, this languaging is precise and purposeful. It is
how the life force is retained, diverted and
controlled, through the short circuitry of the
masculine, electrical system life force is
artificially built up into a capacitance and then
released through discharge, the word capacitance and
capacitor also having the same linguistic root as that
of capita. Follow and understand the nature of
language in order to see what there is to see in all
of this, it is very revealing, which we shall
demonstrate as we progress in this discussion.

In closing this part, to reiterate the key points, the
initial phase of the encoding of binding law to
control the hologram and the life force is contained
within the story of Isis and Osiris, and evolved to
the Masonic symbols as also found in the old testament
of the twin pillars, split as was the masculine
principle and controlled by the overlaying mantle of
the gods, and eventually ?God,? the overbearing yoke
of Yahweh, representing the control of the minds and
hearts of the human race through the binding of the
Priestly line that controlled the application and
adjudication of the law, and the Kingly line, that
controlled the substance of the land in its essence,
which included both the surface rights from which the
tilled soil produced the life supporting nourishment
of the fields, as well as the wealth underneath, the
allodium of the minerals, the gold and silver, the
uranium and the ores, that contained not only the life
force of the population but that of the planet itself.
The King was the sole holder of title thereto, as
vested in the King by the ?divine right,? the ?descent
of kingship? from the hands of the gods, under whom
the King would stand, receiving ?understanding? and
encoding such into the marble stele of Hamurrabi?s
Code and onward through history and through time to
where we find ourselves today, in Caesar?s Matrix.

The whole point of this exploration is to point to the
fact that in the sequential and linear progression of
our consciousness through the pathways of time, there
is a point on such a continuum where some part of our
consciousness agreed by oath, affirmation, binding
vows or variations on such to bind ourselves to the
illusions of separation that we are currently well
nigh completely entangled in at this time. But the
good news is that we remain part of a free will
universe, and such bonds can be broken. It is a maxim
of law that ?fraud vitiates contracts,? the word
vitiate translated as nullifies. That means if the
means by which a binding contract is purported to be
binding were obtained via fraudulent means, then that
contract is null and void. Within the law of
contracts as we understand it today, which is
established on the foundational context of universal
and natural law, a valid contract must have several
key components amongst which is that all particulars
and clauses as parts thereto must be fully revealed,
there must be a meeting of the minds, meaning full
conscious understanding between all parties, and there
must be just and mutually agreed upon consideration of
exchange within the terms of the contract. If not all
met, and especially if a contract, whether in physical
or metaphysical terms, is engaged due to fraudulent
and intentional withholding of any or all of these
components, then that contract is void. The
manipulation and distortions by which binding
agreements of oaths, vows and otherwise have been
gained throughout the eons of time and numerous
incarnations of our soul?s journey in this universe
through time and space constitute the fraudulent
nature of such binding agreements. Therefore, when
one consciously becomes aware of such, and chooses to
actively and with intentional volition revoke and
rescind such agreements, they are indeed broken.

As such, a clear and unambiguous statement within
oneself, whether silent or out loud, of stating that
any and all agreements, binding oaths, vows of
poverty, celibacy, silence or whatever, that are no
longer seen to be in the highest good to your entire
soul, spirit and incarnational lives, will begin to be
broken. We say begin to be, because these things run
very deep, and a presumption that it is all done in
one fell swoop is naive at best. Diligent and
personal work must be engaged and maintained, finding
deeper and deeper levels in which these things
operate. Exploring our individual and collective
consciousness back to its point of source, finding
where we deviated from the balance and integration
that we now wish to re-engage with, and the
willingness to do the work as required to disengage
the distortions is vital to the task. A statement
along with the breaking of any and all vows that all
such contracts and agreements are declared null and
void nunc pro tunc, which in Latin, the foundational
language of law on this planet, means ?as if it never
was,? and ab initio, which means ?to the beginning,
both of which are recognized legal phrases, goes deep
into the subconscious and cellular memory to release
those things that bind us, and will return us to the
state of original innocence and freedom that we seek
(presuming, of course, that the readers of these
writings are seeking such true freedom). If that is
your desire, and you are willing to deal with what
comes forth as it disengages and manifests into the
hologram of your personal reality construct in order
to be understood and released, then this is the true
path to freedom and the liberation of your emerald
life frequency with which you were originally endowed
as you first came forth into this realm. If this is
your desire and path, then welcome to the Emerald
Liberation Front!!! Each step you take will have
ramifications and results in your own reality, and as
a smaller whole system within the larger hologram,
will begin to shift the larger whole. At a certain
point, a quantum event will take place, which is now
fast approaching, when the larger hologram will of
necessity by the true laws of nature, as a result of
the cumulative force of the individual and collective
efforts of liberation, shift, and no matter how many
guns the externalized ?powers? have, no matter how
much of the ?money? they control, no matter how
complete their control of this reality might appear,
the laws of nature will prevail and all such illusions
of external control will crumble and dissolve to the
beginning as if they never were!!!

There are no Enemies, only Opportunities!!

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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