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Theodynamics Glossary. Interesting! * 1
    #3140104 - 09/15/04 08:22 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

3D addiction - to become attached to virtual images.

3D Circuit - the circuit in the bio-brain dedicated to handling the five senses (5s). It is prevented from bleeding-over to the Cosmic Circuit by the pineal body.

3D exploration - the space/time dimension created so the non-tactile Spirit Energy can acquire a tactile sensation - and a thumb. When this frontier is settled, bio-bodies will know they are Spiritual extensions.

Akashic Records, greater - Cosmic data bank.

Akashic Records, lesser - the individual?s permanent data bank (aura).

Analog Signal - continuously varying electrical waveforms. It is the recording method used in the vyo-body?s data bank. In this way, data is imprinted in holographic interference patterns or matrices. In order to be processed by the earth-brain, it must be converted to digital form. The CranioSacral canal serves as an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) for the translation of Light Language into language of the tongue.

Antichrist - the worship of self-created (virtual) images, rather than God?s essence within.

Aurajacker - one who attempts to destroy or vacuum-up another?s energy field.

Awakening - the activation of the Cosmic Circuit. The user becomes awakened to the existence of their Real Self (vyo-body).

B-cells - bio-cells which make up the seen body (see E-cells).

Bio-body - a conglomerate of sense organs.

Bio-mind - the sense of consciousness provided by the earth-brain while in the third dimension.

Bio-self - the transient self-image constructed by the earth-brain.

Brain (Earth) - that part of the central nervous system encased in the skull.

Chain of Thought - reaction path, quantum information packets vectoring through space.

Christ - a universal frequency of consciousness in the Divine Light spectrum (God?s essence) which can be sensed within the human form. The Cosmic Circuit.

Comprehension - to grasp the relation between concepts. Fails to develop in 30% of earthlings.

Conceptualize - to relate sense impressions by the earth-brain.

Conduction - the transfer of information mechanically.

Consciousness - rapid repetitious nano-moments.

Conscious selection - (as opposed to static natural selection) the dynamic power possessed by humans that, over time, can psychotronically alter their own progression.

Cosmic Circuit - the inneractive data link between the vyo-body and the earth-brain. It consists of the extension (Silver) cord, the VyoCom port, the CranioSacral canal, reticular formation, and mid brain.

Cosmosphere - never ending expanse.

CranioSacral Canal - the final down link from the vyo-body to the bio-body?s mid-brain. Among a myriad of functions, it acts as an Analog-To-Digital Converter (ADC) while simultaneously receiving and transmitting data to and from the earth-brain and vyo-mind. See Piezoelectric.

Current of generation - the frequency which sets cell repair into motion.

Current of injury - the frequency shift emanated by an organ signaling the need of repair.

Current of maturity - the frequency which switches off cell duplication when an organ is complete.

Current of morbidity - the frequency which destroys a cell or the lack of an optimum frequency.

Current of recovery - amperage required to heal an infirmity.

Current of regeneration - the signal (as in a salamander) which resets DNA to an embryonic state in order to regrow a limb or other organ.

Dark Force - the fictitious belief that another force is active in the universe waging a war on mankind. Humans have used this sham for years to relieve themselves of the responsibility for their own life effacing behavior. Earthlings possess the potential to accomplish this madness on their own.

Decarnate - non-bio-body-beings who once were incarnate.

Demon - a wicked incarnate who has decarnated.

Dermal Barrier - surface tension (skin) beyond which certain high frequency signals cannot cross.

E-cells - etheric cells which make up the unseen body (see B-cells).

Earthaholic - one who is addicted to earthly materials.

Egodom - (ego-dominated) the collective mind of those believing they are their contrived image.

Energician - physicians of the future who will heal with fine tuned electrical circuits.

Entropy - outward bound First Force, extending, cooling, discharging, and expanding.

Etherial physics - deals with the ability to go through the vacuum of space into hyperspace and tap the zero-point-energy of the prematerial void from which subatomic particles form to yield the physical universe. (Pole Shift, John White).

Etheric - bioenergyinformatic fields, analog scale.

Etherickind - vyo-body beings.

Etheric Genetics - the study of etheric-cells in the human holographic matrix.

Eutropy - anti-entropy.

Extrasensory - Vyo-Body beings (otherkind) already possess a vyo-sensory system, in that light, the 3D Circuit is the extrasensory perception.

First Eye - (Pineal) Mission Control or the binary switch between the 3D circuit in the earth-brain and the Cosmic Circuit to the vyo-mind of the vyo-body. It also regulates the diurnal return cycles - sleep.

First Force - undifferentiated eternal cosmic energy. Protospace energy which triggers the other four known forces.

First Sense (1s) - the awareness of the flowing First Force within the human form.

Five Senses (5s) - piezoelectric sense impressions inherent in the bio-body.

Frequency - the transfer of coded messages of information by varying the length of the signal.

GOD - "All That Is," the creator of all that is known and unknown in the physical and nonphysical universe(s), a gestalt of incomprehensible energy whose signal is First Force.

Habituation - behavior that persists after the stimulus has been discontinued, often mistaken for instinct.

Hemi-Sync - Synchronization of the left and right hemispheres to achieve equilibrium in the brain. Vyofeedback? is one method for achieving hemi-sync.

Histone - a substance in DNA which blocks codons (gene sequences) from fusing until, based on threshold frequencies, its time has come to unite (mutation). Synonymous with Transposons.

Incarnate - the first cycle for a vyo-body to inhabit a bio-body (see reincarnate).

Induction - transfer of information by radiation.

Inorganic - silicon based material which follows the Fibonacci (additive) scale of progression 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.

Islam - the Genuine Human Being (Knowledge Book); Highly Evolved Being (Conversations with God).

Knowledge Book - supposedly the last in a series from Moses, the Old Testament, New Testament, and Koran. It is the end time for religious habituation and prophesy which is being replaced by research, science and Universal Knowing.

Meta-consciousness - human?s higher state which used to be considered lower as subconscious.

Mutation - in its strictest Theodynamic sense, to create a new global strain, such as bipedal hips, which is passed to offspring through meioses. In this sense, familial DNA accidents are considered a mistake not a mutation. Even though they can be passed on locally, they do not begin a new strain.

Noosphere - human collective thought forms.

Ontogenic - pertaining to the life cycle of a single organism or the biological development of the individual; distinguishable from phylogenic. Ontological - characteristic of life cycle.

Organic - carbon based material which follows binary progression, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc.

Otherkind - not humankind; includes form (lower animals) and formless (other dimensional entities). It is wrong to identify formless beings as Spirit, because Spirit is pure Light and many entities remain in darkness.

Phylogenic - Pertaining to the racial history or evolutionary development of any plant or animal species. Phylogical - characteristic of evolutionary development.

Piezoelectric Principle - (Wolff?s Law) the ability of some materials to transform mechanical stress into electrical energy. It is this feature that allows simulcasting by the bio-brain to the vyo-mind.

Piezoelectric fluid - liquid crystal fluids of the body that transmute vibration to synaptic activity. Fluid in the vestibular canal (in the ear) converts vibration to perceived sound, aqueous humor in the eye converts vibrations into sight while cerebrospinal fluid (in the CranioSacral canal) converts vyograms (thought forms) into meaning.

Primary body - the unseen etheric body, the human energy field (see vyo-body).

Probe - an organism which exhibits traits outside of the norm. A few probes first began to experience color vision and when it became successful it became vested in the population. We are now finding more and more vyocommunicating probes.

Pulsating Regenerative Universe - A method of refolding that facilitates self-maintenance. Subinduction is found in everything including the earth.

Purpose of life - to practice and advance the knowledge of cosmic consciousness in form.

Radiopaque - a point beyond which a certain frequency cannot pass. Slower hate frequencies cannot cross into the high speed love radiopaque barrier nor can pathogens survive extremely high frequencies.

Reality - that which exists outside human perception; pure consciousness.

Recapitulation - the repeating in an individual's development, especially in the embryo, of the evolutionary stages of the species.

Reincarnate - successive reentries of the vyo-body into a bio-body (see incarnate).

Religion - may be provisionally defined as the human and cultural concern with the ultimate ground of being, its manifestations, and its relations to other aspects of experience and life. Its etymological meaning is ?to bind? or to ?unite." John Creager [How then can it be so devisive? HC]

Resurrection - to rid oneself of the conditioning and habituation of the terrestrial belief systems.

Secondary body - the human bio-cellular seen body.

Sensory form - the practice of First Force acquiring a platform in which to experientially sense itself. Separation - the illusion of being apart from the First Force.

Silver Cord - the unseen portion of the Cosmic Circuit. A beam of molecules rotating over an extreme range of frequencies. It is the permanent tether between the bio-body and the vyo-body. It is the data-link between the earth-brain and vyo-mind which plugs into the VyoCom port at the site of the CranioSacral Canal. Compared to the Silver Cord, the umbilical cord is like a tin can telephone. The Silver Cord never breaks but at a critical threshold, it is withdrawn.

Simulcast - a feature of the earth-brain to record within its own neural network while simultaneously recording the same thought forms in the users etheric matrix.

Storage, short term - memory that reverberates in the temporal circuits.

Storage, long term - memory that is stored in the bio-cells and dies with their demise.

Storage, permanent - eternal storage in the etheric cells (akashics).

Sin - unknowing.

Terranauts - earthlings, explorers preparing for the settling of the third dimension outpost by Spirit.

Theodynamics - the formal scientific study of the Ultimate Constant (First Force) Energy.

Thought - manipulation of sense impressions by the earth-brain.

Transdermal - modulation/demodulation of bio-field induction to piezoelectric nerve signals.

Transposons - see Histone.

Threshold Resonance - when an increasing frequency attains a certain level to trigger an horizon event. This explains DNA staging, e.g., quadriped to biped, brain stem to neocortex.

Ultimate Constant (UC) - God-Speed. The highest possible vibration. Divine Light far exceeds the speed of solar light. The Source Vibration. Everything is relative to the UC through the expression: M = S (FF/UCx), where S is a residual of the First Force divided by a variable of the Ultimate Constant.

Ultimate Consciousness - Cosmic Consciousness, one undivided omni-moment.

Unitary consciousness - collective impressions.

Unit consciousness - individual impressions.

Universal Knowledge - Consciousness of Everything. Beyond terrestrial consciousness.

Veil - surface tension. Atomic boundary between dimensions.

Vested trait - when enough probes have successfully utilized a trait, it is recorded in the germ cell and forever more is passed to offspring. Chromatic vision is one such trait.

Vibrational Religion - scientific acknowledgement of the One Ultimate Constant (UC) motion and its tactile experiential purpose. The understanding that The Christ is a residual frequency of the UC slowed as to exist in all humans as their First Sense. It suggests that the Antichrist is slower frequencies, e.g. graven images.

Virtual reality - images of who people think they are created by their own perception.

Vyo - short for vibratory exchange, as in vibrations from a ?vio?lin or ?vio?lence. The prefix is from a term used by the late Rev. Robert Villetto to explain automatic writing; vyographics.

Vyo-body - differentiated First Force in holographic matrix form. Also, "primary body," "astral body," and "aura."

Vyocognition - acquiring cognizant knowledge from the higher matrix; greater akashics.

VyoCom Port - the data-link or the intellectual field?s point of entry into the bio-body?s pathway to the mid brain.

Vyocommunication - communication across dimensions.

Vyoesthesis - to cognitively perceive vibrations. Clinical studies show these Higher Evolved Beings 'see' sounds, 'feel' colors or 'taste' shapes. "Such people are like good violins, which vibrate in all their fibers at every touch of the bow."

Vyofeedback? - a structured method of imprinting the Divine Light without nearly dying. As biofeedback puts one in touch with the bio-body, Vyofeedback? can put one in touch with his/her vyo-body. "It seems to me that one of the most basic human experiences, one that is genuinely universal and unites - or, more precisely, could unite - all humanity, is the experience of transcendence." Vaclav Havel, President of The Czech Republic. Vyofeedback? is structured to accomplish just that. There is no other unifying agent.

Vyoglossolalia - to articulate the actual wave forms of the Universal Language of Light (First Force signals). Light Language is imprinted in a holographic matrix and can only energize the pertinent synapses of the earth-brain through the CranioSacral interface. Known to some as speaking in tongues.

Vyogram - information transmitted through etheric fields by induction.

Vyographic - a term used by the late Rev. Robert Villetto to explain automatic writing.

Vyophone? -a holographic spectrum probe which detects the Language of Light field and transmits information through the VyoCom? port directly to the mid-brain bypassing the belief system. An intermediate step in its development will first be to display the data on a PC monitor. The vyophone follows the principle of a neurophone which is a vibrotactile input device that is a data feed for sound which is detected by the skin and entrains it to the mid-brain, bypassing the auditory system.

Vyoself - one?s eternal self, the one Jesus had in mind when he said, love your neighbor?s vyoself as your vyoself. Synonymous with vyo-mind.

Vyosentient - experiencing another being?s bioenergyinformation.

Vyosniffer - the component of the Vyophone? that detects imprinted sub-atomic particles.

Vyosonic - the state of hearing vibratory impulses outside of the 20 to 20,000 Hz human range.

Vyotable? - The Vyotable is a revolving table used in Vyofeedback? to message the spinal connection to the etheric subatomic fields.

Vyotravel - unrestricted travel utilizing the etheric body.

Vyotronics? - a device or method that manipulates subatomic particles. Vyotronics? is the study of the dynamics of motion and its effects on vibrations of subatomic particles. It deals with the aspects of Vyofeedback?, Hydrostatic Therapy?, Vyophone?, etc.

Vyovision - remote observation by engaging the cosmic visual circuit. It is to see vibratory fields outside of the 350 to 750 nanometer human 3D visual range.

Zaptism - any activity which shocks an individual?s Cosmic Circuit causing permanent activation.

A Few Known Rhythms

?Birth, growth, old age, and death of an individual, family, race, or nation, what is it all but rhythm? All life manifestation exemplified in man is only a movement, to which the same general laws of movement which govern throughout the physical universe must be applicable. Man is mass urged by force. ...the energy associated with this mass can be measured.?

Nikola Tesla

Cosmic rhythm: (Black hole /White hole) Billions of years

Solar cycle: 365 1/4 days

Lunar cycle: 28 days

Bio-rhythms: physical = 24 days, emotional = 28, intellectual = 33 days.

Earth biorhythm: 20 years. Earth pulse: 7.83 Hz

Circadian cycle: sleep/wake cycle: 24 hours.

Ultradian cycle: psycho-rhythm, active/refractory swing 90 - 120 Min.

CranioSacral: 10 cpm Synaptic: 0.005 milliseconds

Conscious band: 410 - 420 MHz

Life Force: 4 - 16 Mu

Brain rhythm: beta, alpha, theta, delta

Brain port poling: 12.5 milliseconds

Terra cyclic: attunement 7 Hz earth, 7 Hz root chakra, 7 cps brain waves.

Visual range: 300 - 770 nanoseconds

Audio range: 20 - 2200 vibrations per second

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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Re: Theodynamics Glossary. Interesting! [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3140241 - 09/15/04 08:40 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

I saw something interesting like this at the library called Alein 101 or UFO 101 , something, anyway, where did you get this info?

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Re: Theodynamics Glossary. Interesting! [Re: Elvish]
    #3140301 - 09/15/04 08:49 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)


There are other web-sites on theodynamics. You can do a web search. It's pretty interesting and progressive stuff. I don't agree with all of it but it's interesting to explore

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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Re: Theodynamics Glossary. Interesting! [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3142948 - 09/16/04 11:45 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)


Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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Re: Theodynamics Glossary. Interesting! [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3143335 - 09/16/04 01:39 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

keep it coming, :smile:

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