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Space Travellin
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How to Ascend
    #3137021 - 09/14/04 11:03 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)

As we and our planet undergo this unique and wondrous transition into our spiritual evolution, we are also preparing for a quantum leap unlike any that has ever occurred before. To understand this clearly one must first understand the orbit of the entire galaxy around the Great Central Sun Of All That Is. Just as our solar system orbits around the Galactic Center, the galaxy itself moves through space in the form of continual, connecting circles, like a great cosmic spiral. At the completion of a multi-billion year single circular orbit around the Great Central Sun, our galaxy connects diagonally to the next ring on the cosmic spiral, when this takes place, all of the planets, solar systems, and their inhabitants simultaneously take a step into a new evolutionary cycle, which is occurring now.

Not only are we at the end of a 26,000 year Earth/Sun/Pleiadian cycle, the entire pleiadian system, which includes this solar ring, is at the end of a 230,000,000 year orbit around the Galactic Center, and the entire galaxy is at the completion of an infinitely longer orbit around the Great Central Sun.

Prior to the shift at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013, Earth will undergo a spiritual and physical "houcecleaning", which have been called Earth Changes. There changes which have already begun, intesify both externally and internally as our solar system moves deeper into the photon band.. a high-frequency cosmic emanation from the Galactic Center. We have been in and out of the edges of the photon band for a few years, and now will be completely immersed in this band for the next 2000 years. Sacred encodings necessary for our solar system's spiritual awakening and evolutionary leap, will be transmitted to the Sun, Earth, and all our solar ring via the Galactic Center, Sirius, Alcyone and Maya. Once these transmissions are complete, our Sun will continue to transmit the encodings to the entire solar ring. These photonic emanations and encodings will be of such extremely high vibrational transmissions that they will require that our central nervous systems, emotional bodies, and electrical bodies be well-tuned in order to be capable of withstanding them.

Karmic cleanup always happens at the end of a major cycle, and in order to prepare for the next evolutionary spiral, the entire galaxy entered into a cleanup period of past karmic patterns that will be completed at the end of 2012. As such whatever is left unresolved from the previous spiral is brought to the surface and acted out one last time for the purpose of transmutation and transcendence.

Floods, earthquakes, changes in land mass, volcanic eruptions and finally a complete pole shift will all take place within the remaining years prior to 2013, at which time the galactic solar initiation of Earth will take place. We who live on Earth must choose whether or not we are ready to become spiritually responsible human beings in order to remain on Earth beyond that time. Those who do not wish to remain on Earth will be taken to another planet in a different part of the galaxy where karmic lessons and third-dimensional evolution will continue. Those who intend to stay must learn the new dance of the Age of Light that requires opening and activation of the divine Ka. Unless the Ka is fully functional, our bodies simply will not be able to withstand the frequency increases as the ever-intesifying photonic light fills the atmosphere of our planet and the bodies of all who remain.

Everyone who remains on Earth must understand the four evolutionary principles:
- The human purpose on Earth is to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
- Every human being has a divine essence made of light and love whose nature is goodness
- Free will is an absolute universal right
- All of natural existence is sacred, beyond how it meets the needs of the self

At this time every human alive is being presented with these spiritual principles in subtle or direct ways. It is planetary law that before the end of a major time cycle, every single living person must be reminded of the four evolutionary principles they are expected to embrace.

Your part in all of this is to live right, practice impeccability, meditate or pray to know the Divine Plan and your part in it, and heal and clear yourself on all levels as much as possible. On a collective level, there are seven primary karmic patterns that need to be cleared and transcended at this time; arrogance, prejudice, hatred, violence, victimhood, and shame. These patterns are accompanied by absence of awareness of the four evolutionary principles, its time to learn.
(According to the Incan mystery school, there are also seven primary vices, or ego allurements that are specific to Earth: lust, laziness, gluttony, pride, anger, envy, and greed. In the Incan teachings, humans must overcome these ego allurements prior to attaining spiritual power)

The planetary belief in the need for authorities to rule and make important decisions for us must now be cleared. We are ready to become fully responsible sovereign beings. The existence of so much corruption in government is a product of the lack of trust and self-trust still on Earth, it is a collective problem. As the age of enlightenment unfolds, it becomes increasingly vital to end the patriarchal systems of government and to return true power to the people. Those who are not capable of handling this responsibility without bringing harm to others can be kept from posing a threat with a group decision making process. No elected officials will preside.

What is needed at this time is for us to find the spiritual courage to demand what we want. The present, ongoing control by destructive forces is based on:
1. The illusion of the supremacy of hate and fear over love
2. The belief that the dark is more powerful than the light

The higher collective consciousness of all humans on Earth has asked for a chance to create something that has never happened before: a planetary ascension. If this occurs, Earth and all her people will move into fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness, separating completely from the Satanic and controlling astral planes. If the entire population of Earth can eliminate these two beliefs and recognize and accept the four spiritual principles, we would be the first planet to ever accomplish such a spiritual jump. It would be unlike anything ever seen in this galaxy.
(Usually when a planet reaches the next step in evolution, some move on, some stay behind)

In order for there to be any hope of this great event ever taking place, between now and 2013.. a minimum of.. but not limited to.. 144,000 humans must become enlightened and embody Christ Consciousness. When this critical mass of awakened beings is reached, it will be the "second coming of christ.. en masse".. at that time a "hundredth monkey effect" will occur; a vibrational wave of enlightenment energy will move through the entire planet and its population, eradicating the lower-astral thoughtforms and realms, and dissolving the veils that separate humans from their own inner experience of divine essence and truth. The entire population of Earth will feel this enlightenment wave as it penetrates all of existence on the planet. Planetary enlightenment and the inherent soul purpose of spiritual evolution will be activated at that time. If those of the Dark Brotherhood and humans who have aligned with the darkness choose spiritual surrender at that time, they will simply join the planetary ascension and be released from the past. Those who do not join the Light will experience the destruction of the planet and will find themselves in a galactic recovery center, so to speak, where they will be given opportunities for evolution and divine alignment, but not forced. If they reqquest freedom to explore darkness after a certain amount of time, they will be sent to another galaxy in which that option still exists. Earth is to be a plane of 4th and 5th dimension energies, focused in the Divine Light.

When the critical mass of 144,00 or more Christed beings is reached, the impact on the rest of the people will be so powerful that each of them will have the ability to pull 144,000 other humans into the higher planes of consciousness. In other words, 144,000 Christed ones will create a quantum leap for 20,736,000,000 humans. The dark veil that surrounds the outer atmosphere will dissolbe, and allow the full galactic encodings to impulse the Earth through the Sun. No lower astral planes will be left, and all of the people will have a 'white light' or shaktiput experience, after which they will find themselves on a new Earth that is more beautiful and clear than the one left behind. They will be on Earth but in the fourth dimension. Those who have ascended in previous lifetimes will move straight to the fifth dimension, or even higher.

Training schools will have been prepared in advance for the new spiritual beings who become fourth dimensional. These beings will learn about their own creations of the past, their souls' origins and purposes, and all of the spiritual teachings appropriate to that level of evolution. The mystery schools will become the center of all activity on Earth for 1000 years. At the end of this time, Earth will officially step into the galactic role of home of the Cities of Light and mystery school for other third-dimensional planets.

We will become the guardians and teachers for third-dimensional lifeforms, just as other beings have been for us. If we are successful (which I believe we will be) a giant wave of love and joy from the union of higher collective consciousness with the third and fourth-dimensional consciousness will emanate throughout the entire galaxy.. this enlightenment wave will instantaneously transmute all remaining karma and lower astral energies in our solar ring into pure light, just as the planetary enlightenment will do to the Earth and its people.

Although the future looks good, we must not allow laziness, resistance, or arrogance to stop our progress towards ascension. It is time to save ourselves through persistent and dedicated healing, growth, and continual spiritual awakening. With willingness and determination.. all divine things are possible.

Ka is the divine double of the physical body that brings in higher-frequency light and life force to the physical; must be fully functional to anchor the Master Presence into the physical body.
- Composed of a vast network of varying sized Ka Channels, including a meridian-like system through which down-stepped higher frequency energies enter and mantain the etheric light body aspect of your physical existence
- The interface between the physical body, higher dimensions, and the Master Presence, also known as the Higher Self.

Ka may be described as the electrical, light-body circuitry that exists identically and simultaneously in the third through sixth dimensions and ultimately functions in all those dimensions to anchor and contrain our Christed Presence in form. In other words, it is the interface between spirit, dimension(mind), and form(body). The ka body might also be described as the vehicle through which the Higher self descends into matter and in which the Higher Self and the body together ascends into the upper dimensions.

In Winged Pharaoh by Joan Grant, there is a passage which the future pharaoh presents lessons to his royal children. In the story, Ptah is the gatherer and distributor of life who created all living things from pure life force. He describes the function of Ka to the children as follows:

In the body there are many parts which make use of the things of Earth by which we live; our lungs purify us with the air we breathe; our bowels and stomach and many other organs transform our food and drink into fresh blood, which our heart pumps through us. But we have a greater need, which none of these can give us, and that need is life, that life which everywhere and which you have heard me call "the life of Ptah." It is too fine to contact the khat, and so we have a finer replica of ourselves, which is a network, like thousands of invisible veings; and through these channels flows this life of Ptah, without which we would die. This part of ourselves is called the Ka, which means "gatherer of life." It cannot be seen by earth eyes, yet so important is it, that if these channels are injured and cannot carry life, then the body will die.

Now when I am looking at a man's Ka with the eyes of spirit, I cover my eyes with my hand so that the slow light, which we know as colour, is cut off, and then with my trained sight I can look upon the swiftness of the Ka, and yet it seems to be as still as a sleeping man, because my seer's sight travels at the same speed.

Ka energy is rarefied, down-stepped, higher-dimensional energy that vibrates so fast it cannot be seen with normal vision. Experientially, it feels sublime and yet subtle when it flows through the body. Many people notice a lot of tantric sexual energy flow as the channels open and the Ka body awakens. When the Ka energy is brought in from the higher dimensiona and fills the channels, release of blocked energies occurs simultaneously. The experience of tantric energy flow is a side effect oof this simultaneous influx of high-frequency energy and etheric release. Therefore, as your body lets go of denser energies, interfaces with your Ka, and links with your higher-dimensional self from the sixth dimension and down, waves of tantra are the result.

Tantric sexual energy runs intercellularly, as well as with the kundalini up the spinal channel and through the chakras. It is pure creation energy.. it is the stuff cosmic ecstacy is made of, and one of the energies that has been the most damaged and distorted on Earth. Opening and running the Ka energy will not automatically change your sexual patterns or attitudes, but it will make the higher-frequencies of those energies more available and able to run in your body. Refining and clearing our sexual energy, behaviors, and attitudes is necessary for spiritual growth anyway. Running Ka energy and tantric energy together is simply one of the fastest and most natural ways to heal your body/soul relationship and clear out traumatic and negative sexual patterning.

According to both the Mayan and Egyptian mystery schools, there are thirteen levels of activation that begin with your first Ka session and end with your ascension. These activation levels directly correspond to the Mayan creation cycle of thirteen. The creation cycle is used in Mayan timekeeping in continually repeating sequences of thirteen days, much like our seven day weeks. The Mayan calender is also divided into thirteen moon cycles per year as opposed to the more common twelve-month calender year. Thirteen is the number of divine manifestation, or white magic as well.
Regardless of the measure of time, or process of magic, in which the cycle of thirteen is followed.. each number always has a specific significance. The following chart, based on The Mayan Oracle by Arriel Spilsbury, explains the general function of each number

1) *Identify purpose, Initiate*
You recognize your longing for unity with Higher Self and God/Goddess/All That Is followed by initiation of action through which it may come about. Invocation, receptivity, and commitment to the goal occur. You initiate your first Ka session.

2) *Polarity, Understanding of challenge*
Recognition of need for, and beginning, action to create balance in your internal and external male/female polarity take place. You clear issues and emotions relative to the illusion of separation, conflict, and duality. Initiation of harmony occurs, although the Ka is still breaking through ego resistance.

3) *Rhythmic Flow*
A new level of allowing takes place as your ego gives way to your divine intent. Ka energy flows more smoothly and continually.

4) *Measure, Define*
Lessons of discernment and ability to maintain focus with disciplined determination are learned. You are tested to measure your spiritual dedication to your goal of ascension and Oneness. Christ has said that the spiritual question for this activation is. "What is worth not loving at this moment?" Your priorities are reevaluated, and, as you choose correctly, the Ka breaks through in a more permanent and forceful manner.

5) *Centeredness, Divine Power*
Ego and past identities are shed as you accept your true identity without denying your humanness. Your Ka energy begins to heal your nervous system more deeply as a result of your letting go and acceptance. A new maturity and quiet wisdom ensue.

6) *Balance*
Commitment to experiencing life fully on all levels creates equilibrium and freedom from resistance to feeling deeply. Your experiencing of your Higher Self being continually connected to your body begins. Your Ka and kundalini flow synchronistically, continually, and harmonically. Cellular clearing is accelerated.

7) *Channel Higher-Dimensional Energies*
Soul healing and renewal are accentuated. You begin to remember your true origins and myth. Ka star-linking triggers more access to multi-dimensional realities. You understand and forgive yourself more deeply now.

8) *Harmonic Resonance*
Self-love and unconditional love for others are your reality. Blame is no longer possible. Compassion deepens, without pity, and you actualize detachment. Core issues are unveiled. You feel yourself being impulsed harmonically by yourself as one with your own Creator. It is the sound of one voice in love. Ka resonance beyond time and space creates more instantaneous remembrance of your own divine truth.

9) *Realization*
Completion of all karma and negative pattern-breaking occur. You do from a place of being. You stop "efforting" and "trying" and simply realize that "you are that which you seek." You accept the responsibility of being a self-mastered being now. Your Ka Channels and flow are self-sustaining. You are deeply committed to fulfilling your own highest destiny, which is your service to All That Is.

10) *Manifestation of Goal*
You and your Higher Self become fully merged in your human body. All remaining beliefs in limitation are cleared. Your Ka, body, kundalini, and Higher Self kundalini are synchronized, continual, and harmonic. You are recognized by others, who are willing to see, as your true self, and you are fully living your higher purpose.

11) *Dissolution and Absolution*
All that is nonessential dissolves. Total surrender to your own enlightenment occurs, as any remaining resistance is released. All goals and remaining attachments are examined and released if not in divine will. Your Ka is merged cellularly and you are becoming lighter and lighter. Your light body is activated.

12) *Universal*
Your autonomy relinquishes all control to the divine will of the higher collective consciousness. Service is absolute, automatic, and your only desire. Your Ka has completed its link to the stars and galaxies and come full circle to connect with God/Goddess/All That Is and the Christed, future selves of all beings at lower levels than yourself.

13) *Transcendence*
You have attained Christ consciousness and can ascend at will.

To truly attain to the full capacity of your Ka awakening, you must choose to embark upon a path of forgetting and remembering, letting go and letting God/Goddess, and total dedication to purification and transcendence of ego. As you move through level after level of Ka activation, you will begin to recognize that each is an initiation and an opening to the next release: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. When nothing is left but the surrendered, unconditionally loving, illuminated self, the true work begins.

Of course, you already knew that. I just wanted to remind you.
If there is a desire for it, I will expand upon these writings at a later time to include meditation and self-clearing techniques, and Pleiadian Lightwork that is one method facilitated for opening and activating of the Ka Channels.


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Leaving YourWasteland

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Shroomism]
    #3137081 - 09/14/04 11:22 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)

Thanks for posting this, i havent read all of it... i intend to. but i want you to know that even though im not posting at the revolution forum right now, im very dedicated to our cause...

I am where i think i should be in this matter, the "core of the organization" in my opinion will be fluctuating. Im trying to manifest the changes we need in my own life...

I know you are too. My best wishes to everyone  :heart:

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great ape

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Shroomism]
    #3137096 - 09/14/04 11:28 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)

and when this doesn't happen how is it going to affect your belief system?

How did the lack of planet X change your belief system?

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Remainder of anUnbalancedEquation

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Shroomism]
    #3137173 - 09/14/04 11:53 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)

Wow, that was really cool Shroomism!  Thanks!  :laugh:

What you're searching for is what's searching.

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Source]
    #3137190 - 09/15/04 12:01 AM (15 years, 10 months ago)

awsome post man, but doesn't it suck that after conceptualizing/reading all of this, you still gotta go to work or school tommorow  :grin:

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Remainder of anUnbalancedEquation

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: schmektron]
    #3137199 - 09/15/04 12:05 AM (15 years, 10 months ago)

Yeah, the trick is to learn to bring these realizations INTO our work.

What you're searching for is what's searching.

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Source]
    #3137244 - 09/15/04 12:19 AM (15 years, 10 months ago)

...and/or everyday life

i'm just keeping my feet on the ground until the time is right to fly into outer space

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Remainder of anUnbalancedEquation

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: schmektron]
    #3137265 - 09/15/04 12:27 AM (15 years, 10 months ago)


schmektron said:i'm just keeping my feet on the ground until the time is right to fly into outer space

Now THAT sounds like a plan!  :thumbup: :laugh:

What you're searching for is what's searching.

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illegal alien

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Shroomism]
    #3137877 - 09/15/04 06:52 AM (15 years, 10 months ago)

ya, thanx for posting this shroomism. I'm glad you took the time to write this up, and everything else you wrote in this forum for that matter.

just a question for you, what do you consider this post to be?
-an essential piece of information for anyone wanting to reach 4th dimension and above?
-just advice for making the transition easier?
-or just some info as to what is going to happen so that we know its happening when it does?

Other than that, the read can be a tiny bit complicated/mysterious and at the limit of lunacy when you have no idea what the "dance of the Age of Light" is, or the "Divine plan" ,or the "home of the Cities of Light".

oh, and please do share some of those meditation practices and other techniques. always useful stuff.


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Re: How to Ascend [Re: exclusive58]
    #3137995 - 09/15/04 08:00 AM (15 years, 10 months ago)

"I will expand upon these writings at a later time to include meditation and self-clearing techniques, and Pleiadian Lightwork that is one method facilitated for opening and activating of the Ka Channels.

yes please, that would be most useful

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Shroomism]
    #3138214 - 09/15/04 10:22 AM (15 years, 10 months ago)

Thanks for sharing that, Shroomism.  Haven't read the whole thing, but it will be on my list of priorities because I am always interested in what you have to say on the subject of which you wrote. 

Can this thread not turn into bashing the thoughts and theories on 2012 and all that?  Can we just discuss this as if what Shroomism writes is true, just to see where the ideas go? 

When this gets bogged down in whether it's true, and what is Shroomism going to do when it doesn't happen, it sort of stops the learning process, regardless of whether it's true or not.

If people want to talk about how this isn't going to happen, maybe you can start a new thread that is anti-2012.  :grin:

The day will come when, after harnessing the ether, the winds, the tides, gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And, on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.  -Teilard

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The Silence islouder then youthink
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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Shroomism]
    #3138787 - 09/15/04 01:11 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)

Nice one :wink:

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Dreamin Man
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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Shroomism]
    #3138858 - 09/15/04 01:32 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)


"4) *Measure, Define*
Lessons of discernment and ability to maintain focus with disciplined determination are learned. You are tested to measure your spiritual dedication to your goal of ascension and Oneness. Christ has said that the spiritual question for this activation is. "What is worth not loving at this moment?" Your priorities are reevaluated, and, as you choose correctly, the Ka breaks through in a more permanent and forceful manner"

"what is worth not loving at this moment?"  :thumbup: :sun: No-Thing.

I express my desire for you to continue. :peace:

"Im a dreamin man
yes thats my problem
I cant tell when im
not being real"

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Space Travellin
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Re: How to Ascend [Re: WhiteRussian]
    #3138927 - 09/15/04 01:48 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)

Of course this post assumes the reader has a general understanding of things such as; Chakras, Kundalini, Soul, Divine Will.. if anything, this is just info and advice for those who want it. It's not a guidebook to ascension, as there is no such thing. Ascension is a personal journey of discovery and remembrance, where one comes to term with and transcends their demons and fears.. and learns to become a spiritually responsible human being. Before you "ascend".. your Higher Self must first descend into the physical body. There is no step-by-step process, saying, you must do it this way. I'm sure there are millions of ways of going about it, and I'm sure I probably didn't even need to write this.. but I do know that I like to be reminded of important things that I forget about. I am simply sharing what I have been taught.

As such, Dear Ones, the goal of ascension is not to escape reality, it is to master it fully, and move on to the next lesson. To harness the true power of mind, body and spirit unified, where spiritually responsible, sovereign beings, manifest their realities instantaneously in collective peace, love and joy.

Pleiadian Lightwork is but one method that works on subtle-energy bodies and clears a lot of old energy blockages, emotions, and other people's energies you have taken on, so it is essential that you first learn some basic psychic self-care tools. It may be necessary for you to work with a new process for a few days before going on to the next one, and after an intense clearing, you will need integration time, so let go of any expectations that you will do this overnight, or breeze through it. It is better to understand something fully and do it correctly than to 'skim' through it. Don't rush yourself, and take it easy.

I am first going to post the techniques for Grounding and Healing and Clearing the aura, copied from one of my old threads. Grounding yourself and clearing your aura is a pre-requisite for all Pleiadian Lightwork. It requires a focused mind and the ability to visualize, at first. The more you do it, the easier and more natural it becomes. These techniques are not so out there as one might first assume, even though for some advanced lightwork healing, one must work with the etheric beings themselves. I am only going to cover the basics right now.

Some of you may already be familiar with these techniques, or similar ones. If so, scan them until you find parts that are new or different than what you already know. Compare the processes to your existing ones and use which one works best for you.


Grounding is a term used frequently in healing and spiritual groups, yet means different things to different people. To some it means being aware of feeling your feet on the floor, or relate it to how we feel in nature... Essentially, grounding means being in your body, aware of your surroundings, present and available for whatever happens. The techniques used here results in bringing your consciousness and spiritual presence more into your body.. A lot of spiritual people may meditate regularly without understanding the importance of grounding first.. this can result in 'hanging out' in the ethers above the body, or being left susceptible to taking on foreign energy from other people or entities. Also, grounding is essential for open and balanced chakras as it is the root of your being.. and kundalini rises from the bottom. You cannot move your emotions or karma out of your body without first being in your body.

As such, even though grounding is one of the most basic techniques, it is one of the most critical. The goal is not to transcend the physical, but to transcend your belief in and fear of the limitations of the physical plane. To spiritually descend into matter fully for the purpose of clearing lower-frequency energies such as repressed emotions, belief systems, judgements, control, and other contracted energies that are sources of limitation in the third dimension. Full chakra, cellular enlightenment and ascension instead of escape. This spiritual goal requires you be in your body. Instead of leaving your body for the spiritual plane, you are sending your god presence or higher self into it, for material mastery.

You may want to read through this once or twice to get a feel for it before you try it, but that's up to you

Grounding: being deeply connected as spirit in the physical body and to Earth
- The process of running an etheric grounding cord, usually between 4 inches and the width of your hips in diameter - from the first chakra in men and second chakra for woman - to the center of the Earth for the purpose of being more "in your body"

Here is the technique

1. Sit comfortably with your back relatively straight, feet flat on the floor, hands and feet uncrossed, and eyes closed.
(Note this is not completely essential..but ideal, grounding can take place in any position really, but for the first couple of times, try this to get used to the initial relaxation)

2. Use your breath to bring your conscious presence to the center of your head. Let go of all stray thoughts inhibiting this process until you feel centered.

3. Take a few deep breaths..notice how much of your body expands with your breath.. what parts do not expand?

4. Consciously expand more of your body with your breath until you are inhaling as far down your spine as possible without strain or discomfort. Deep, deep breathing, into the bottom of your lungs. The kind where your stomach expands more then your chest. Do this two or four times until you feel more present in your body.

5. Feel your feet on the floor. Use your breath to bring more aliveness into them.

6. MEN- Bring awareness to your first chakra, at the base of the tailbone. Visualize a tube or spiraling cord of light about 4-6 inches in diameter attaching itself to your first chakra.

WOMEN- Bring awareness to your second chakra, halfway between the navel and base of your spine. Visualize a tube or spiraling cord of light about 4-6 inches in diameter attaching itself to your second chakra.

ALL: Follow this grounding cord visually and see it extending into Earth while your consciousness remains in the center of your head. See the cord move through the layers of Earth until it reaches the magnetic core of the planet. You may feel or see the grounding cord simply anchoring and be unable to go any further. grounded.

7. Take a minute to breathe gently and feel the changes in body and consciousness. Some may experience a body aching or throbbing when grounding for the first time, others may experience buried emotions coming to the surface, when this happens, don't contract or avoid it or freak out, just calmly take a breath and remember that awareness of a problem is the first step to healing it, so allow yourself to explore the feelings with your breath and curiosity instead of contracting or pulling away from them. Let go of judgements or fear of feeling and give awareness to the need for attention in this area of your body or emotions. Keep breathing 'into' your area of discomfort...usually this will bringe ease fairly quickly, if it does not, it could indicate a more chronic problem, which you may need assistance in healing unless you are well versed in cdealing with such things yourself. More techniques for that later..

If you feel no discomfort, you may notice a sense of being more present and real. You may feel a relaxation and slight heaviness in your body as you hold the grounding cord in focus.

8. After becoming accustomed to the grounding cord, visualize the color of the grounding cord changing. See a full spectrum of colors and use varying shades and textures of each color. Make it fun.... stay with each color long enough to feel its effects on you.
You will find that some colors are soothing and calming while others help you feel stronger and more confident, some will help you feel more 'present', while others may be extremely unpleasant and ungrounding. Find the ones you like and write them down with how they make you feel, or make a mental note if you have good memory.

9. When you have completed the color scan, determine the one you want for now. Remove the original grounding cord by pulling it down and releasing it into Earth. Then give yourself a new grounding cord of the chosen color and attach it to the center of the Earth.

10. Open eyes

Grounding will not solve all your problems, or take away every unpleasant emotional state.. but it can help you get through them more quickly and easily. In the future, if you wake up feeling tired and grumpy, you can use the grounding cord color that makes you feel lighter and more energetic. Or if experiencing lack of certainty, use the color that gives you those things. etc.

Try this for a week.. begin each morning by removing the old grounding cord and giving yourself a new one. The color may change or stay the same depending on your current need. As often as you think about it throughout the day, repeat the process. Even if it is fifty times a day.. at first grounding may take several minutes, but as you get more accustomed to the process, you can do it in seconds. You can do it while walking down the street, sitting at the office or driving your car. Like anything it becomes easier with practice, and you will become quite proficient at it. You need not take a lot of time to do it. After about a week, it will probably last longer, once a day may be all you need. You will begin to be familiar with the difference in being grounded and ungrounded, and you will know when you need to replace your old grounding cord with a new one. When first learning grounding, it is recommended that you do it for a week to become accustomed to it first.. this will make the healing process easier. Soon, you'll be able to ground yourself practically anywhere at any time, with your eyes open if you desire. Obviously you want them open if grounding while driving or something.

Grounding is the most basic of these visualization healing techniques. It is the first step of every method of healing after this..so get used to it. There is a natural flow and complementary relationship between grounding and aura clearing, which is the next lesson.

Healing Your Aura and Keeping it Clear

The aura is the energy field that radiates around the body. It is created by the production of energy in the chakras, and each chakra contributes to the building and sustaining of the auric field. When your chakras are minimally open and/or damaged, your aura may appear dull and weak, whereas when you are in good health and reasonably open emotionally, you will have more open and active chakras and a stronger, more vibrant and resilient aura.

If your aura is rather contracted, it may extend only a foot away from your body...If your aura is overextended, it may expand anywhere from five feet to a dissipated half-mile radius from your body. Neither of these aura types are ideal... a contracted aura tends to make a person feel more uptight, fearful, separate. An overextended aura can result in spaciness, escapism, and a tendency to feel and take on everyone else?s thoughts, emotions, and even pain.

What you are aiming for is an aura that is egg-shaped and equally distributed above, below, behind, infront of, and to the sides of your body. An aura with a radius of no more than two to three feet in every direction is ideal, its the most manageable and desireable size for public situations. In a natural setting, you may want to allow your aura to expand into the forest lakes and stream surrounding you, to connect with the plants, water, and nature spirits that can help you receive nervous system healing and calming. Just make sure to "pull" your aura back to within two to three feet when you go back into town or society.

This is the process for clearing and healing your aura:

1. Ground yourself, using the previous technique.

2. With your eyes closed, feel the area around your body. At first, just extend your breath about one foot into your auric field by using your intent.. As you breathe into that area, get a general sense of whether your aura feels contracted and thick, weak and dissipated, or vibrant and soft.

3. With your breath and visualization, (or using intuition of listening for a message) observe how far your aura extends from your body in front of you

4. Observe the width of your aura on either side of your body

5. Now see and feel your aura above your head and below your feet..compare the two areas

6. Use your breath, feelings, vision, and any other means natural to you to identify the space your aura covers behind your back.. How does this compare to the front area?

7. Now you have a general idea of the nature of your aura, adjust your aura to fill a two-to-three-foot-radius egg shape around you.. Use your breath, vision, and clear intent to accomplish this. In the beginning you may find it useful to use your hands to physically reach out around your body and push or pull the aura where you want it to go. For most of us, adjusting the aura involves pulling it in and making the edges more defined. For the rest, it requires pushing the aura out to fill the space. Beginners may have problems getting the aura to go beneath the feet at all..persistence and practice are the best antidotes for this.

8. Observe any changes in your feelings, physical sensations, and awareness with the adjustment of the energy field around you

9. Now visualize a rain shower made of golden liquid light pouring down on and through your aura. Let it rain for at least two to five minutes the first time. Notice how wonderful this feels.

10. Now visualize a giant, violet-colored fire the size of your aura... Bring it around your entire aura, including beneath your feet..It will not destroy anything. Violet flame simply transmutes lower frequency energies into higher frequency ones that constitute a more natural state of being. Remain inside the flame for only one to two minutes if this is your first time. If you overdo the use of the violet flame, you may experience a state of overwhelm from the etheric burning away of old energies.. .so take the moderate approach at first, then build to your own level of usage by experimenting over time.

11. When complete, remove the violet flame and open your eyes..

Most meditators visualizing the rain shower for the first time report feeling lighter, fresher, and psychically cleaner and shinier. It is a simple yet effective way to clear out any junky or foreign energies you have picked up. It also works to remove energies you have released from your body during healing or meditation.


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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Shroomism]
    #3139026 - 09/15/04 02:12 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)

Not to take from any of this but to add to it. I did, the pleiadian thing and they are wonderful guides for a time!  :thumbup:  :heart:

For those of you reading here who understood the inscension idea, I have something for you to play with.

Run your energy up really high/fast and then slam in down hard into a dark hardened places.

Of course, you have to be able to ascend energy before you can descend it deeper again. It's like cycling up and down.

It's too fun. I know a lot of people just want to raise their energy up and up until they float away from negativity, pain, fear and suffering but some of us got bored up there. The actions down in the trenches. You know who you are.

Many have their eyes up and away wondering how high then can get. Why not wonder how deeply you can take this energy? Why not take the light/love energy and consiouness of that high and funnel it in to even deeper depths of density and darkness. It's such a rich experience.

To be able to go into dense dark slow places and infuse them with fast love/light is awesome. It like changing the focus from blowing out of density into blowing density itself out.

Just adding another dimension of thought to this post.

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Shroomism]
    #3139200 - 09/15/04 02:53 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)

Where is shroomism pulling all this from? Have any scientists determined our galaxy had lined up or whatever and there will be a disaster in 2012? That sort of thing isn't one that can be proven with faith alone...

And all the unexplained mentions of Christ in your story... what is that for... so your beliefs appeal to christians?

Don't give me that load of bunk~!

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: teen]
    #3139244 - 09/15/04 03:07 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)

Have any scientists determined our galaxy had lined up or whatever and there will be a disaster in 2012?

- I did a gooogle serch :P




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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Gomp]
    #3139294 - 09/15/04 03:22 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)

much of what you say is most excellent and universally true

The rest of it i can only look at as one interesting and plausible sounding possible future. I know that reality is malleable, so what you describe may well occur.

Basically the stuff about the stages of development i can totally agree on. The stuff about sirius, aliens, being taken to new planets...

Its as true as anything i guess but i have had no personal experience to lead me to those beliefs. However that certainly doesnt mean much.

I will get into your techniques soon and give them some serious thought and time.

All in all great post , thanks for taking the time!

question: is it possible for something infinite in size to have a center? \

as center is determined in relation to the edges or bounderies, how can an infinite universe be said to have one? (i think you said sirius was the center of the universe?)



Everything I post is fiction.

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: Moonshoe]
    #3139320 - 09/15/04 03:29 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)

Who or what said sirius was the center of the universe? I want to read that for shitz and giggles.

You are the center of your universe and so is everybody else. So yeah, there is no ONE center. Every creator/ perciever is its own center.

................from my perspective on this of course.

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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Re: How to Ascend [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3139327 - 09/15/04 03:30 PM (15 years, 10 months ago)


Very true :smile:


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