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Eat's You Alive :)
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Eatyu's How To: Dub Tubs/ Single Tubs * 4
    #3026085 - 08/20/04 12:03 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

Eatyu's How To
First of all I want to say that this tek is derived from many other teks. It is just my little twist on it. This is simply put, Millet's Tekwith Eat's adaptivity to it. It doesn't mean it is better or worse, it is just a little different with ratios and utensils!

The basis ratio for this tek is basically 50/50 dung/verm. The casing is also 50/50 coir/verm. you can use peat moss but one 1/4 pound coir brick equals the entire casing for one 64 quart bin.

Recipe for 4 -64 quart clear bins for double tubs.

Ratios Per Turkey Tins( 4 turkey tins total):
12 cups screened worm castings
12 cups vermiculite.
1 quart distilled water

1 quarter pressure cooker bag full of straw per 4 turkey tins

so your total for 4 turkey tins would be 48 cups dung, 48 cups verm and 1 gallon distilled water. we will mix these ratios later but for now we will just tell you these ratios.

supplies needed:
2 long sterilized spoons( long enough to break up mycelia in quart spawn jars)
4 turkey tins
dry worm castings
plastic gloves( powder free)
painting mask
ozium or disinfectant spray
rubbing alcohol
finely chopped straw( preferrably chopped with a food processor or wood chipper)
thick foil
terrarium lid for filtering( available at any pet store)
5 quarts of colonized spawn
extra distilled water
2 large glass jars made for pcing, gallon size preferably( these are available at any asian market that sells kim chee- which is a korean cabbage dish) the lids also come autoclaveable! These large jars will be used to make the 50/50 casing soil


All pre steps done the night before
Pre Step-Screen your worm dung with a terrarium lid for a reptile aquarium
Pre Step-2 Finely chop your straw until it is almost 1" to powder size. the smaller the better.
Pre Step 3- soak straw 24 hours, strain then pc for two hours.

Explanation: the finer the straw is the better it mixes into the spawn run. also, the spawn run is much shorter when the mix is more even. now presoak this straw for 24 hours. Then pc the straw for 2 hours at 15 psi. Remember though you don't have to do this straw step until the night before you decide you want to do the spawning. Also, it isn't advisable to keep straw sitting too long even after it has been pced bc straw is very quick to contam. I would suggest keeping it in the pc until you decide it is time to spawn or it would be better to just pc it the night before you spawn.

I often tend to do this in a few steps which make it a little easier. I cook everything the night before and then spawn everything the next day. Just make sure you have a clean working area. Everything can be done open air. It is advisable to run air filters and spray disinfectant spray in the air before you spawn. It is even a good idea to drop the house temp about 5 degrees a few hours before you do the spawning. Then turn the ac off while you do this spawning.

Below is a picture of the texture the straw should be. this has been chopped with a food processor from wallmart. After that picture is a picture of the straw after it is soaked and pced.

Here is another picture of the straw pre soaking. notice in the picture that the larger pieces of straw are right next to the finer pieces. this is for comparison. you do not want anything over 1" pieces. in fact powder straw is even better! this will be pointed out when we get to the spawning section!


1. Add 16 cups screened dung and 16 cups vermiculite to each turkey tin. We do 4 turkey tins with this same ratio in each.

2. You also need your gallon of distilled water for this step.
As you can see the vermiculite and dung are piled in the turkey tin.

....straw amount after being soaked and pced! This is about the amount of straw you need. I would say this is about 1/2 a turkey tin full once it is laid out. There is no ratio just fill a large bowl and soak the straw. then when you pc it try and get about the amount in the picture below. The key to this tek is speedy colonization. Straw contams hella fast so you want the straw to colonize asap. The other principle of this is that you want the dung to soak up the extra water from the straw. If you have overly wet straw you will have microbes growing up the wazoo! I purposely make my mix in the dung/straw a little dry to soak up this extra straw water. Now take note that if you think this ratio seems a little too dry, wait till it is pastuerized. It is definitely the right ratio!

3.Add 1 quart distilled water or 1/4th gallon per turkey tin. you want to mix this using gloves and make it light and fluffy and very soft. it will be pea size particals. just like your pf mix! but just add a little at a time. you may add a little more water than a quart but a quart works perfectly!

4. Ok now one of the keys to this entire tek is this mix. You have to make sure this mix is so light and fluffy it wants to float out of your hands. You can use the drop squeeze between the finger method to make the moisture correct. But this mix actually speeds the colonization.

....Look yummy all nice and shitty. the shittier it looks the better! .......Had to add the shit humor! 

5.  This is what the mix should look like after you are done mixing by hand! Nice and fluffy! It is very similar in moisture content as the pf jars that I explain how to make in this Journal Area.BRF The Mix

This just explains a little more about moisture content. The flushes with this tek are incredible and don't need more than the correct moisture content. The condensation that is created in these chambers is so high that it renourishes the water back into the substrate for post 1st flushes.

6. Now place the thick large tin foil over the tray so that it is air tight. Make sure the type of foil you use is very wide so that it fits directly over the turkey tin and keeps all the moisture in.

7. Now you have to pastuerize the dung/verm mix in the oven. Preheat your oven to 185 degrees.

8. Place the trays in your oven and cook them for 2-4 hours at 185. The temp may vary dpending on your oven but for the most part you want the inner temp of the mix to be about 160-170 for a steady two hours. I always cook them for 4 hours but friends have had success with 2.

9. You can time this where you can start pcing the straw now. It will take two hours so cooking time is perfect.

10. After the 4 turkey tins are done cooking leave them in the oven to cool overnight.

Here is a picture perfect example of the best shitty mix on earth. Please feel free to copy this picture to your desktop and print it for framing on your wall at home!

This is a snake cage lid for an aquarium. You can get these at any pet store. This is used to screen the dung. Also look in the archives for this. From FM.

Processing Dung

11. Now you must prep everything for spawning. I usually run an air filter and spray disinfectant or ozium in the air. you need a mask, gloves, pced spoon, 5 quarts of spawn and an extra tub for a mixing box.

12. Clean your work area and prep all materials.

13. I use rubbing alcohol to clean each bin inside by hand. Then stuff the holes with fresh polyfil. Make sure you clean the top of the lid also because from here on out each lid stays on until the spawn is transferred from the mixing box into each chamber. Once the transfer is complete you don't open the bins again until it is time to case. The polyfil allows enough fresh air and co2 buildup for the perfect spawn run. The spawn run has always been no more than 4 days with this tek. If this doesn't happen you must have contamed something. It will probably smell sour- but that is a different lesson- lets concentrate on the tek for now!

14. Now I use 30 gallon black plastic trashbags and open the bags halfway. I then place them on the bottom of the chamber where the sides creep up the sides of the chamber.
once you place the plastic bag in the tub, put the sterile lid on top.

15. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: Spawning must be done very quickly this is open air. And you must not breathe on it so wear a mask. The straw is also very vulnerable to contamination so we must use a lid on the mixing box.

16. Use another trash bag lined in a 64 quart bin for a mixing box. Make sure you rub the bin and lid down with alcholol before use. Then close the lid!

17. Here it is in a nutshell, Basically dump all 4 turkey tins very quickly in the mixing box and then add the straw.

18. Begin mixing the mix with your glove covered hands.


Here the straw and dung are dumped into the mixing box!

The mix is then mixed by hand consistenly until it is almost the same texture as the previous mix. You want this light and fluffy feel to it everytime. Works like a charm!

19. It is easier to do this with two people, however you can do it alone. just make sure everytime you are done mixing close the lid. Keep as little air exposure as possible to prevent contamination.

20. Now you have to break up your 5 quart spawn jars and dump them right on top of this mix!

21. Now after that break up any seed that is stuck together by hand. Make sure each piece of wbs is broken up so that the spawn mixes better. You then make a twisting and turning moition and make sure you get the bottom of the mix. Try and mix it to where the spawn looks evenly mixed throughout the entire dung/straw.

22. Look closely and you can see the little white dots in the mix. This mix is almost done. It looks very even and consistent

.....Another view of the mix

.....Another.. I stress these pictures because they are very important!

This is the final product and the mix is done!

Finally Transfer handfulls of the mix into each separate chamber( 4 in all). The sub level should lineup just about an inch under where the polyfil holes are. The depth is about 4 inches. Spread the mix evenly and smoothely around the bottom of the chamber as if you were going to make a casing.

Let this incubate somewhere dark for 4-5 days. Then when it is fluffy whie it is time to case.

Casing: Casing is prepared excatly like the 50/50 dung/verm mix except the dung is substituted with coir! Then it is pced for 1 hour. This casing is the exact moisture content of all the mixes in this tek. Once you get this ratio down. It is a breeze because it is basically doing the same repetitiveness.

This is what the colonized sub bed will look like


The problem many people have is the part where the casing comes in. Now tek stresses the fine ground straw because it mixes in perfectly and doesn't leave any big pieces of uncolonized straw to get contamed. So the substrate should look like this in a few days. The best part of the clear bins is that they allow you to see when the bed is colonized before you give it air exposure.

Incubation can be helped by placing a dark black plastic sheet over the bins or a sleeping bag

....once the spawn has been colonized case it and incubate it for about 5 more days. sometimes the casing will colonize in 3 days but 5 is ideal!

After the casing has colonized, it will look like this on the outside of the chamber. Notice all that condensation. It may look like too much but it isn't. This plays a key role in the later flushes. It actually has enough moisture for a few flushes without rehydrating between flushes!

.....Now once the casing is colonozed just place the other sterile bin on top and let it sit in the light for about a week and you will begin to see pins!

And walla, the final product. Also take note that this chamber has only been opened two times. Once to add casing. And once to pick the fruits. The top chamber is then replaced after picking. If the casing is torn up patch small spots but don't add any extra water you will fuck the environment!

Notice the sides of the chamber. This condensation is created. It will build up and lower at the appropriate times of pinning, fruiting, and harvesting, then repinning. It is almost too perfect. YOu don't have to do shit for all you lazy mofo's out there! Go sit on the couch and rip the bong, bong rippas!

....This entire process probably takes close to one month but it lasts at least2 months of fruiting if you play your cards right. The average yield for these chambers is about 8-10 oz dry. But it has been reported to have 1lb flushes dry! from each tub. So next time your friend says they know all this shit and try and run you into the ground, you know you didn't do nearly as much work! lol 

mature canopy!

....see the suns rays. it isn't advisable to have direct sunlight on the chamber. this may raise the temps in the chamber. use dim light but this is a nice little shot of the morning sun on the crop!

....You can see in this picture how fluffy and white the casing is below the mushrooms. look at the bottom left! This is what the ideal casing looks like!

z strain. oh yeah and just cause im a pro don't mean you can't do this! The above pics are my first try at this tek and this is how I did it.

I hope you have enjoyed Eat U's How To!

Ya' ll come back now ya hear!

Treasure Coast

All of these pictures are done using a double tub with polyfil insterted into holes that are drilled at level with the casing layer so that co2 expells. the top tub is then placed over the bottom and has holes drilled near the top of that bin.  these are also filled with polyfil.  this creates air circulation in  the tub without fanning!  These tubs are never fanned except when the mushrooms are harvested.  Each tub consists of a dung/straw mix that is spawned with wbs and then cased with sterilized 50/50coir/verm.  The straw is pced and the dung is pasteurized in the oven.  The ratio is basically 4 turkey tins of dung/verm(50/50ratio) to every 1/4th polyeurothane bag of presoaked(24hrs) straw.  everything is done in open air with filters running and masks covering the mouth.  this mix usually makes about 2-3 64 quart bins.  Each picture above is a 62 quart bin and the harvests yield from around 5-10 ounces dry a flush. depends on ratio mixtures, genetics, substrate depth, casing depth and other factors. but sometimes you get a 16 ounce flush occasionally depending on the depth of the sub and casing.  Generally, these bins have a 4" sub depth with a 1/2" casing.  Casing depths of 1" sometimes produce pounds but this hasn't been a consistent result.

Z strain


Update 3-18-08:There are ways to get a full canopy flush using no casing layer. Here is an example of the entire process used to do this. You need good genetics. Texan strain and Tasmanian strain are excellent and very consistently flush full canopy flushes even with multi-spore. Regardless of substrates and ratios, it is achievable. But this is a simple method that foaf follows.

A word about cloning

Growing out a flush on your substrate then cloning directly from stem tissue via 9er tek cloning method using an osterizer blender is by far the fastest method. Add this method with tvcasualty's slurry in a hurry tek found at mycotopia.net and you have as many jars as you want colonized in 3 days of a clone. its quite simply amazing.  its best to grow your clone off the substrate your going to use multiple times. then use this same substrate over and over. and your grows can be maximized. Cloning can be done using this thing. Its called a shmuvbox invented by molester at the nook. greatest invention of all time.

in this case i use a shmuvbox. it is a hepa with a big clear trash bag over it, you place all your clean tools, fruits for cloning, and benzo torch to sterilize your blades in this bag.

usually i will wipe down every single part of this hepa with 70-90% rubbing alc. be anal, spray it with disinfectant spray. this thing will pour plates and take clones easily. holmes brand hepa filters with a small ionizer built in are a great size. you only need a small room size filter. and it should be around 30$ at walmart.

once you put the bag around the filter, tape it down to the table your working on. this will in turn, allow the bag to stay put.

now blow your bag up that has all your cooled utensils and sterile equipment in it.

turn on the hepa and when it blows up, cut two holes in it for your hands. one for each. and if you can't find 100% large lawn bags for the bag, you can cut eye holes as well. this produces positive air pressure and forces out the bad stuff. its real simple, clones can be taken and it stores nicely. its efficient and takes up little space, and hides easily.

you can also just do all this work in front of a flowhood or in a glovebox or whatever you use for sterile work.

1) Big Bowl
2) Strawnet
3) Vermiculite
4) Coco fiber
5) 8 quarts spawn
6) 4-iris 60 liter storage bins
7) press n seal
8) a room with an oscillating fan or a fan
9) micro pore tape available at the pharmacy or
grocery store in the medical section.
get the breathable kind on a tape dispenser by 3m.
10) a clean work area
11) 4 turkey tins
12) another big mixing box plastic preferably.
13) big spoon
14) fine metal strainer
15) foil
16) disinfectant spray
17) rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle
18) paper towels
19) black trash bags


1) preheat your oven to 200 degrees. get 5-8 cups of strawnet. this stuff is compressed and expands 300%. it is compressed wheat grass pellets. it has a binder that you need to rinse out. this is easy.

2) put them in a bowl. in a separate bucket, place your coco fiber brick submerged in tap water.

3) let the coir sit for 30 minutes.

4) meanwhile fill your pot that has the strawnet in it with hot water. make sure you put the water to the top as this strawnet will expand 300%. place it on the stove and begin to boil it.

5) after about 10 minutes it will start to boil and bubble. turn the heat to medium now. allow it to boil for about 15-20 more minutes at medium temperature. you need to stir it with the big spoon every 5 minutes or so.

6) turn the stove off and get your strainer over the sink and ready

7) strain the strawnet and be careful it gets clumpy sometimes and can splat and burn you.

8) strain it. you can just pour it into the fine metal strainer and rinse it with cold water thoroughly.

9) let it strain for about 30 minutes and go smoke a bowl.

10) come back after your high as fuck and expand your coir with some gloves on. add about 50% vermiculite by volume of your coir. that means mix it about 50% of the total volume of the coir

11) now after your strawnet has cooled a bit and your stoned. just flip the strainer of strawnet right on top of your mix of verm and coir in your bucket or mixing box.

12) now with gloves, mix it up nice and smooth. make sure you get out any clumps of strawnet and make sure it looks like every little piece is touching some coir. it will stick. it will be a nice and fluffy mix. eventually you will have this green, brown, sandy looking mix that has a nice fluff to it like this

13) squeeze between fingers and do the field capacity test. add water as needed. what we want is just above moisture content so about two drops out of a field capacity test. reason being that the oven pasteurization will cause some moisture to escape due to evaporation.

14) once moisture content is perfect, add your mix into 4 turkey tins. One 4x8 brick of coir should be enough for 4 iris bins worth of substrate. this makes the substrate level about 1.5-2" when full colonization occurs.

15)place foil over your turkey tins and stack them in the oven for 4 hours. start your timer and then turn off the oven when 4 hours is up.

16) allow the tins to cool overnight or use them in a few hours.

17) use your clean area and start making your tubs.

18) clean out your tub with rubbing alcohol and get some polyfil to place in the holes of your tub. you can also put micropore tape on the outside of the holes. this works very well and later on you can actually use a hairdryer to push positive air into your chamber through this tape.

19) clean your tub lid as well and then place your trash bag on bottom. now use a 30 gallon black trashbag with no hooks or strings just plain bag. unfold it once, and you are basically placing your substrate on the outside of the bag. once flushed out, you can flip it inside out and it serves as a garbage bag and throws out your dead substrate.
added pointer:when you birth your bin. you can use the black trash bag and press it up against the edges of the chamber where the condensation is dripping. this seems to help from all tests.

20) sometimes you can even spray disinfectant in the tub all over and let it sit for around 20-30 minutes and come back and do your work.

21) leave the lid on and bring your turkey tins to your clean area.

22) get two quarts for each turkey tin. this will be 8 total quarts of spawn because we have 4 turkey tins and 4 bins. this mix is for 4 iris bins.

23) now you can use 9er tek to get quick clones to start this tek off with. if not you can use multispore it will work. however, your hit or miss with multispore sometimes. so, good genetics are always welcomed. the pics you will see have examples of a tasmanian strain clone from a previous 3rd flush. we won't go into detail but you can lookup 9er tek to see what is being said. also you can lookup 6tango and check out some of his liquid cloning methods as well as some of fahtsters liquid cloning methods. these are all solid methods that will help you along the way and allow you to get the genetics you need. if you are starting multispore. do that next round. after you have a flush, clone it, then move on. then, when you find your clone, follow the lc methods listed above and you should be able to run your clone into the ground. you can use vacutainers and even preserve your clone for years and years.  ive had plain distilled water and stem tissue stay good in a fridge for two years straight. it didn't perform well after those two years, but it did still fruit two flushes and then contaminated. so it can be done.

24)dump each turkey tin into each chamber. closing the lid after each dump.

25) get your clean spoon and breakup two quarts and dump them in one bin. close the lid

26) do this over and over till you finish all 4 bins.

27) now get two gloves and mix in your spawn with your substrate.

28) make the mix nice and even and make your substrate as level as possible.

29) do this for each bin. and close the lid.

30) place your bins in a dark closet or you can use some black plastic and place them directly in your fruiting closet. just make sure they care covered by black plastic.

31) wait a week or until full colonization occurs. generally 3-10 days. with strawnet and coir it can colonize in 3 days or it can sometimes take up to 10 depending on the temps and such.

32) once your beds are colonized. you can birth them. get out your press n seal.
the bed should look something like this.

33) take your lid off of your bin. place a double wide roll of press n seal over your bin.

34) get a needle and poke as many holes as you want. more than 20 and usually you can just do a bunch for 30 seconds.

35) with an osciallating fan in the room, this can help with your fae. you can also get a hairdryer or cpu fan to use for air exchange if you need it. it isn't necessary but it never hurts to do it once a week or even once a day. the pics below were not fanned. the only time the top was opened was to take pics.

36) you can also get the green stability rods for plants at walmart that are .69cents each and are 2' long. here you can

criss cross stacking method/rotation cycle

in between flush maintenance

bin with saran wrap

venting during fruiting.

stacking method using plant stability rods.
this fits nicely over each bin, two per bin. you can then stack bins one on top of the other. the bars will lay across each bin. this allows you to not have to criss cross stack your boxes.

i think some people call this rez effect when you place coir in the substrate.

here is an example of a flush using this method.

a 2nd flush

allen strain on horse shit

z strain

Pointer: If you use press n seal you won't need to tilt the boxes at all. The tilting combats excess moisture on you r lids so it isn't necessary with holes poked in the press n seal. If there are no holes in it, you will have trouble, excess co2 buildup and too much moisture on the lid that will begin to drip. So, if you can't tilt or don't want to, poke holes in your press n seal.  The idea is to not fan at all. And dunk between flushes. It speeds up your flush time by about half. Reynolds Rose Seal Tight is the new stuff being used. This was pointed out by sgt. poop and tested and it doesn't even get condensation on the tops and no fanning is required. this is probably going to be the next best thing. it has the best properties of both press n seal and saran wrap without the tape. good stuff!

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: eatyualive]
    #3027045 - 08/20/04 04:29 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

Great pics.  Nothing like seeing a sea of mushrooms, everybody loves it :smile:

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: eatyualive]
    #3027145 - 08/20/04 05:05 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

looks pretty nice man. what is that in the lower right corner of the 2nd z strain pic? looks like it could be some mean green, hope not.

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: eatyualive]
    #3029142 - 08/20/04 05:49 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

nice pics..beautiful, but i agree with kottonmouth, hopefully not true, but you would already know by now..GL

In the dawn my toes are cold They spread their little trinkets on the ground In the hall By the closet door They creep into my bed without sound On a cube In a plastic egg A hundred fabric figures in a pile See them march Toward me And dance across the floor trippily Little faces keep no track of time Little faces speaking out in rhyme Little faces smiling in my mind Tiny doors For walking through sticky fingers clutch forbidden things the phone For talking through Sinking ships On a foamy sea That tumbles from the motion of filthy Little hands In the dark When eyes are wide listen to secrets that I tell In a ball On tiny beds Or beneath them where the shadow people dwell moon Beams split the night Leave bars of yellow pasted on their faces As they drift into a dream

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Post deleted by Papaver [Re: eatyualive]
    #3030089 - 08/20/04 10:03 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

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every evening Idied and everynight I wasreborn
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Re: Double Tubs [Re: Anonymous]
    #3030285 - 08/20/04 11:07 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

theres no mushrooms touchin it tho I'm sure they are fine

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: Iamthewalrus]
    #3030398 - 08/20/04 11:45 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

that just looks like some blueing to me but i guess we will have to wait for the man to find out.  :pennydrop:  Oh I wanted to ask you how many holes do you in the bins and where are they located at. how big are the holes in dia. how well does it hold humidity, was their any misting needed at all. About you straw can you gimmme some more details on how you prepared it.  How much water did you soak it in, how long did you drain it for.  sorry for all the questions but for what you have spent and the time you have taken to build it your yeild is.........great.

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: eatyualive]
    #3030777 - 08/21/04 01:19 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

hey man, looks great.
shoot me a PM--I have been MIA for a long time, but still chillin here..lol
keep it up.

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Post deleted by Papaver [Re: Iamthewalrus]
    #3031080 - 08/21/04 02:50 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: eatyualive]
    #3031390 - 08/21/04 04:15 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

what if someone put cotton instead of polyfil to holes?

lucidal expansion

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: butterflydawn]
    #3031488 - 08/21/04 05:00 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

Cotton wpould possibly contam being that it is organic, it is not a good idea to use because the cotton would become a breeding ground for contams. That is why polyfil is primarily used.

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: Anonymous]
    #3031509 - 08/21/04 05:09 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)


paradis said:
I personally would not eat shrooms that are growing on contaminated substrate.

so FAQ you,read the FAQ.

Sorry,it's just that Moe isnt here to say it anymore.


He said he thought they were fine, you say you wouldn't. Why does he need to read the faq?

I have no qualms about eating mushrooms that were on substrate infected with green. Green rots them quicksmart when it gets to them. Some people say that the green could deliver toxins through the network but I flat out don't believe this is the case with trich atleast.


It has been customary here to cast a shadow of doubt on doing this because nobody wants to give bad advice but I'm just giving my opinion. I'm not allergic to any of this so it doesn't concern me. I would never advise anybody to do this, just saying that I believe it is harmless to me atleast.

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Post deleted by Papaver [Re: utopianglory]
    #3034181 - 08/21/04 10:01 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: Anonymous]
    #3034710 - 08/22/04 12:50 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

I know that any contam "could be" absorbed.

However, whether they are is another matter and the point in contention.

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: utopianglory]
    #3035113 - 08/22/04 03:24 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

personally, i wouldnt care unless the shroom was blatantly fucked over and not to be eaten. like the shroom itself was contamed. if it was just the substrate in one noticeable part and it wasnt touching the shrooms, i wouldnt just waste em, id eat them no doubt.

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: ]
    #3062002 - 08/28/04 03:10 PM (13 years, 7 months ago)

that was an early patch that was picked and left a little blue action! don't use cotton for the holes and there are 2 holes on each long side of the containers. these containers are 64qt bins!

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: eatyualive]
    #3062140 - 08/28/04 03:48 PM (13 years, 7 months ago)

any way to figure out proper hole size as per tub size? im wanting to do something similar with a deep opaque rubbermade tub filled and cased all the way to the top with a clear tub that fits over the edges odf the opaque one about an inch. If all goes well and the set-up is right, i expect some pretty good results (esp. with 6 inches of millet/verm/castings double cased or with a bottom perlite layer)

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Re: Double Tubs [Re: eatyualive]
    #3063518 - 08/28/04 11:29 PM (13 years, 7 months ago)

Eatyualive, I am very impressed wiyh your work. I am soon going to start two different rubbermaids with some manure/straw spawned by p cubensis grains. Could you elaborate on the method you used to create circulation without fans? This would be a great help to me. Thanks,
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Re: Double Tubs [Re: P2K1]
    #3116703 - 09/10/04 01:33 AM (13 years, 7 months ago)

hole size isn't really relevant, usually a 1" diameter hole is used for these tubs. there are usually 4 holes poked for each tub, the top and bottom. so this equals 8 total. 2 on either side of the tubs. There really isn't anything more simple than this method. poke some holes on the sides right above the substrate level and then fill them with polyfil! thats it. no magic or tricks! you can line the inside with black plastic to alow the moisture on the sides to drip underneath the substrate.


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Re: Double Tubs [Re: eatyualive]
    #3116740 - 09/10/04 01:40 AM (13 years, 7 months ago)


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