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Time Scrunch
    #3017453 - 08/18/04 11:01 AM (13 years, 9 months ago)

A handful here seemed to be aware of the quickening phenomenon in another post so I thought to post this article on the time scrunch as it's one to appreciate! It explains a lot you can relate too! Well, some of us anyway.

by Paula Peterson


Life seems to be hectic these days, far fuller and richer with more significant
happenings. Can you relate?

In comparing the hectic life to watching a DVD movie at home, don't you just
wish sometimes that you could hit the cosmic "pause" button during a
particularly annoying situation, take a break, go into the kitchen for a snack,
twittle your thumbs for awhile, then come back and release the pause button when
YOU are ready to resume dealing with the annoyance?

Hmmmm - since I can't hit the cosmic pause button any time soon, it brings to
mind an interesting theme in regards to hectic activity, since I know I'm not
the only one who feels the enormous thrust in speed by which life events seem to
be unfolding.

If you've been following the current thought on the true meaning of the ancient
Mayan Calendar, then you know that creation didn't stop with the Book of Genesis
and neither is God resting: creation is still happening all around us all of
the time.

In fact, it seems to be in a big hurry.

For example, many people are feeling as though ten or twenty years worth of
life-experiences are being crammed into one or two years. In remembering your
personal past - about twenty to thirty years ago or more - didn't it seem as
though the pace of life was slower and easier back then?

In regards to our collective experience, this makes a lot of sense because in
examining our history, vast eras of human development and advancement unfolded
very slowly - often over a period of numerous generations - in comparison to the
rapid clip of progress evident in modern times.

The analogy of a flat piece of paper can be used to symbolically represent life
experience spread out before us within the context of time. Life seemed to
lazily unfold over hundreds, thousands and millions of years, and metaphorically
stretched out flat in a broad linear fashion. Interestingly, beginning just
prior to the 20th century, the same metaphorical piece of paper seems to be
scrunching up like an accordion ...

once looking something like this __________________________________

and now looking more like this ^^^^^^^^

And the speed and intensity by which time is scrunching seems to be increasing

Questions that may now arise are, "Who or what is doing the scrunching?" and
"Can it ever be un-scrunched?"

The answer to the first question seems obvious: WE are doing the scrunching.
As humanity continues its evolution and awakening in consciousness, the result
is what feels and looks like the speeding up of time. In reality, its actually
the cramming of a lot more of life experience - otherwise known as creation -
into shorter periods of time.

"Well ... why would WE do that?" you might ask.

To put it simply, consciousness, awareness, genetics, DNA - all intertwined with
one another - are evolving, activating, transmuting, waking up ... whatever
analogy best suits the description of this situation.

Increasing awareness can be initiated by many factors: evolution of human DNA,
a shift in the frequency of the earth's magnetic field, intentional
enlightenment, spiritual practices and disciplines - one or all of these - just
to name a few.

Greater awakening - whether intentional or "accidental" - leads a person into
paying more attention to everything in his or her immediate field of experience.
In particular, into paying more attention to the inner, personal responses to
whatever experience is currently running.

In achieving greater awakening, one becomes increasingly aware of their INNER
reality - the innermost self - and the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings,
and interpretations of that self.

Its about being in the moment throughout all of life experience. You know ...
NOW ... the latest buzzword for the spiritual community. Living in the NOW
moment is not a new concept: its been around since the great masters of ancient
times first taught this wisdom. It's still the same recipe spiced up with a
more progressive flavor to appeal to the modern day masses.

So what happens when one lives more in the NOW and begins to focus more
attention on the inner reality?

It quickens personal growth like mad! ("mad"? Well ... wasn't that an
interesting "slip" that just happened through my fingers!) "Mad" is probably
quite correct, nevertheless: for when one becomes more aware and awake, one
often feels, at first, as if they are going "mad". One's most important beliefs
get turned upside down and inside out since the beliefs - the ones that had
previously given one important direction in life - are suddenly proven unreal,
even dishonest.

Awakening can exacerbate one's "madness" because the events of life seem to
quicken to an uncontrollable speed - which often causes the "mad" to abandon
their journey toward awakening and to fall back into old habits of thinking and

OR if they are brave enough to continue on their journey toward awakening they
will eventually "break through" the barrier of illusion and false interpretation
and finally achieve liberation of the mind - or they will end up being

Careening and seemingly out-of-control awakening of consciousness has put many a
gentile and gifted folk into mental institutions for "nervous breakdowns" or
temporary insanity. Why? Because they can no longer rely on old
interpretations as the means by which to navigate successfully through life.

All the "meanings" that had once provided a foundation by which one perceives
and interprets events cease to make sense. Suddenly, such awakened individuals
feel like a blank slate, and for many, that is enormously frightening.

And so, unless one can create a new, realistic and honest interpretation of
their perceptions of the world and their personal experiences - they may never
feel sane again while others will whisper among themselves, "He's a bit touched,
ya know".

The main difference between someone who remains in a mental institution and one
who improves and emerges as a productive member of society is that the one who
improves has either successfully implemented the awakened state into their
personal life or succeeded in developing a productive form by which others of
the mundane world can relate.

One example would be the psychically sensitive person who comes to accept and to
understand that the voices in her head are messages from the spirit world that
can help those who are still living. And so the psychic discovers she isn't
schizophrenic after all; she is actually highly sensitive to the meaningful
murmurings of an invisible world. She develops her sensitivities and learns to
help others with her unique abilities. Her awakened state is no longer a danger
to her and is, instead, a great gift.

Another example is that of the musical genius - barely escaping
institutionalization - who, through very little practice, perfectly recites with
thrilling skill the compositions of the classical masters, but who struggles
with the disturbing and painful inability to socialize. He eventually overcomes
this debilitating obstacle to become a world renowned pianist.

And so, we attract the very obstacles in life that force us to grow. We often
don't see the reason why we struggle in difficult situations until much later
when we can then look back, see the disruptive event with a new perspective and
interpret the experience with greater clarity and wisdom.

No one likes to go through painful experiences. And yet, many of you reading
this can look back on difficult times and honestly see that you grew in good and
positive ways - perhaps becoming stronger, wiser, more compassionate - as a
direct result of events that seemed awful at the time.

When we choose to awaken and improve ourselves, it almost always brings about a
quickening of life experience.

Have you ever had the experience of driving along on a remote desert road and
then punching it up to an exhilarating 120mph or more as soon as you seem to be
the only one on the road? The exhilaration is partly due to getting away with
breaking the "rules" and partly due to that feeling of speeding along - almost
like flying - with nothing to stop you. Your senses are dramatically
heightened, you're mind is far more alert, you're totally absorbed in the moment
and caught up in the rush of taking a risk. (go on ... admit that you've done
something like this at least once!)

Then a car appears in the distance - perhaps its the Highway Patrol - and you
suddenly drop the speed down to the limit - say 65mph - and interestingly, it
feels like you're crawling along at an agonizing snails pace!

The awakening of consciousness is a lot like that. We shift into high gear, our
senses are heightened, our mind becomes far more alert, we become totally
absorbed in the moment, and we become caught up in both the rush and fear of
taking a risk. We break the "rules" that we've been conditioned with all of our
lives and we fly down the road of increasing awakening with an exhilarating
sense of liberation.

If we become fearful of displeasing someone who may not approve of or feels
threatened by our awakening, or if it seems like we're changing and moving
forward too quickly and we reduce the momentum of our awakening in response, it
will seem as though we're suddenly crawling at a snails pace. ("That's odd. It
didn't seem like I was crawling before I knew that I could fly!")

And so, to the second question regarding the scrunching of time, "Can it be
un-scrunched?" the answer is "No!" And for good reason. Once we're speeding
freely along the road of awakening, we really don't want it to end and to go
back to the crawling pace of lesser-awareness.

The scrunching of time, then, can be seen as a good sign in ones' life. Hoorah
... you've achieved a point in your journey where you're ready for even more
growth and awakening! You'll get used to it, just like you got used to the
earlier levels of awakening before this.

Like a skillful surfer, you'll learn to ride the bigger and faster waves coming
in now. You'll "hang ten" and "shoot the curl" with ease and finesse. And
you'll be cheered on by others who are right there with you, " ooooooeeeeeeeee!
look at us go now!"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Visit EARTHCODE : www.paulapeterson.com

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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Re: Time Scrunch [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3017601 - 08/18/04 11:56 AM (13 years, 9 months ago)

Fascinating article. There was a discussion about this phenomenon recently on another forum I frequent. I've asked a lot of people about this, and all of them agreed that so much has happened in their lives in the past year alone that it seemed more like 5 years. It's almost as if the substance of time itself is getting denser.

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Re: Time Scrunch [Re: gettinjiggywithit]
    #3017981 - 08/18/04 01:28 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

this is an excellent interpretation :smile: thanks for sharing it!

Max Headroom, "so much has happened in their lives in the past year alone that it seemed more like 5 years."

exactly. Eventually every month is going to feel like a year to those of us who have at least a couple decades under our belts, but to the new children being born right now, a year is a year. They will be more used to it, just as my generation is much more in-tuned to "the quickening" then my parents' generation. I think we are pushing the younger generation to be way more advanced than we are, and we are going to continue to see them get more and more perceptive at younger and younger ages.

We Supermonkeys still have a lot of learning to do (more learning than we've already collectively gone through), but this learning may take place very quickly.

Insert an "I think" mentally in front of eveything I say that seems sketchy, because I certainly don't KNOW much. Also; feel free to yell at me.
In addition: SHPONGLE

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Registered: 12/30/02
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Re: Time Scrunch [Re: Strumpling]
    #3018848 - 08/18/04 04:32 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

If you folks liked this article I recommend you read this book written several years back:

Be Here Now by Ram Dass a.k.a. Dr. Richard Alpert

Fold for The Shroomery!

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Registered: 07/20/04
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Re: Time Scrunch [Re: daba]
    #3018857 - 08/18/04 04:35 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

  Whats the jist of the book? That chick flying off the tread mill running in repeat is hysterical! I love it!  :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Ahuwale ka nane huna.

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