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Growing Peyote for Newbies? * 2
    #2972040 - 08/06/04 12:57 PM (19 years, 8 months ago)

I am wondering if anyone knows of some good info for a newbie to grow peyote? I understand it takes 6-10 years for it to mature, that it produces mescaline (interesting, but i don't even care about that), that it's a cactus, but that's about all i know. Are cacti hard to grow? Can seeds be purchased legally (locally would be best, I'm in Ontario, Canada).

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Re: Growing Peyote for Newbies? [Re: YahoKa]
    #2972061 - 08/06/04 01:05 PM (19 years, 8 months ago)

Cactus are pretty hardy as far as plants go. Peyote is legal in canada, a simple google search for "lophophora" would turn up many sources. Nan's Nook has a nice amount of info on such cactii.

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Re: Growing Peyote for Newbies? [Re: YahoKa] * 2
    #2972073 - 08/06/04 01:08 PM (19 years, 8 months ago)

i did not write this so i cannot take credit for this, this is the info i am using now , growing cactus is the almost the next project for me

peyote from seeds

Lophophora williamsii (Peyote) is a unique and unusual cactus. It is the only cactus that is friendly to touch, having orderly rows of soft fuzz where other cacti have thorns. Peyote also has a limited range, being found naturally only in South Texas and Northern Mexico. Yet, Peyote has been a sacrament of Native Americans for over 6,000 years. It is harvested for use in Native American Church ceremonies by eleven government authorized Peyoteros in South Texas. Harvesting Peyote, when done correctly, is back breaking work, and some Peyoteros have chosen instead to use shovels to collect it. (See Edward Anderson?s Conservation Crisis) The once lush Peyote fields have been greatly depleted by this over harvesting, but root plows, used by ranchers and oil interests, have destroyed vast fields.
Peyote is more abundant in Mexico than the United States and has been listed as ?endangered? by the Mexican government since 1991. Therefore, anyone who partakes of the holy sacrament Peyote as part of their religious practice must become actively involved in its propagation and welfare. Federal law prohibits possession of Peyote except to those who are members of the Native American Church and can prove 25% Native American ancestry. The ?bonafide religious use of Peyote is exempted, regardless of race, under the state legislature of Alaska, Arizona, California (judicial precedence only), Colorado, New Mexico, Freedom Act of 1996 protects members of the Native American Church from harassment nationally. However, cultivation of Peyote is not protected. Peyotists growing or possessing the Holy Sacrament may prove religious intent by:

1) write a Declaration of Religious Belief that Peyote is and essential and inseparable part of your religious practice, and have this statement notarized. For further validation (...and I really mean it!!?) this statement may also be registered in your County Recorder?s office or sent to the Church with a minimum $15.00 donation to be registered at the Graham County Recorder?s office where the Church has filed all Declarations and Church memberships since 1977. Keep this framed, notarized statement clearly visible with the growing sacrament at all times.

2) Petition your Representative for federal legislation protecting the religious use and cultivation of peyote for all races.
Improper harvesting in the wild continues to deplete the supply of mature Peyote plants. The potent crown or ?button? of the Peyote should be sliced diagonally, leaving some green all around, above the root. The diagonal cut helps the root to slough off water which might otherwise cause it to rot. When properly cut, the root will produce one or more crown buds, and may reward the cultivating peyotist by ?birthing? a new crown to replace the old, as though it had never been cut. These buds may be harvested again later for sacramental use or may be treated with a rooting hormone and planted. The root will continue to produce new buds.

Buds should only be rooted when a warm climate can be maintained. They should be placed in a dry soil mixture and not watered for several weeks. During this time the Peyote will be producing new roots and is inclined to rot if it gets wet.


Mature plants flower in response to watering and harvesting. Peyote flowers may be fertilized with a small paintbrush or Q-tip, though this may result in self fertilization. Out crossing increases seed fertility. To out-cross the flowers, transfer with forceps some stamens containing pollen from the flower of one plant to the stigma of another flower.

The fertilized flower produces a tiny club shaped pink berry, about one quarter inch long which is delicious to eat. Keep track of these fruits because they shrivel as they dry and may become lost among the white fuzzy tufts. Carefully remove the dried fruit pod from the tufts with your fingers. Use a white sheet of paper or bowl to catch the tiny black seeds (the size of a pinhead). Crush the dried seed pod between the thumb and index finger to release the seeds.

Normally one flower occurs at a time with about 6 seeds in the pod, but as many as 30 seeds have been found in a single fruit. The central tufts may also harbor loose seeds and/or lost seed pods. Often dried Peyote buttons used in religious ceremonies contain dried seed pods. Always check the fuzz for the tiny, round, black seeds.
Ants may steal Peyote seeds, and must be kept out of the growing beds.

Seeds may lay dormant for years and still remain viable if kept dry and away from light. However, fresh seeds are more likely to be vital and should be planted as soon as proper conditions are available.
Seed fertility, moisture, temperature, soil mix, and light all affect seed germination. Seeds should be started in lidded trays which can be purchased from greenhouse supply catalogues, or in the bakery/deli section of the grocery store. Coconut husks and pumice combined in equal portions seem to be the best growing medium for Peyote, however seeds can be started in leaf mold, a blend of ?Supersoil?, washed sand and perlite, or commercial cactus blend potting soil.

Peyote prefers a soil pH of 6.5-7.2. A more alkaline soil binds certain nutrients. Some of the healthiest Peyote I?ve seen was grown in leaf mold which tends to be acid. One soil mixture recommended to me is a blend of 5 parts ?Supersoil? (a commercial blend), three parts washed sand, and three parts perlite (or pumice). The other mixture, a choice of commercial cactus growers mentioned earlier is 50% coconut husk and 50% pumice. An excellent additive recently added to Peyote Way gardens, is pyroclay, which is a natural fungicide, and also contains trace minerals essential to healthy plant growth.

Make sure there are drain holes in the growing trays. Water the soil mix well and carefully press the seeds into the moist soil. Seeds do not need to be covered, but a thin covering of aquarian rocks provide a stable covering for the seeds to grow around. Place planter in a warm location with indirect sunlight. Seeds should germinate in 7-10 days. The empty seed case should be removed if it doesn?t fall off naturally as it may cause the tiny seedlings to rot. Seedlings are very fragile and do not need to be transplanted for several years.

The optimal growing temperature for peyote seedlings is 70-90 degrees. They require 13-14 hours of light. Peyote has difficulty sprouting if the temperature is too low or too high. Excessive heat will reduce germination and cause drying of the soil which could be fatal. Bottom heating using a warming mat may provide better root growth.

Peyote grows well anywhere if it is kept out of direct sunlight. With artificial lights maximal light cycles may be obtained without the burning effect that sunlight has on Peyote.
When seedlings get too large for the lidded trays, they should be carefully transplanted into well drained pots. Don?t be in too much of a hurry to get them out of their moist protected environment as often the transplants dry out without the moist environment to which they have become accustomed. Use the above described soil mix.
Peyote cultivation requires some skill and a lot of patience. The seedlings are very fragile. It takes about twelve years to grow from seed to mature adult, but it grows faster in a controlled environment, rewarding the dedicated Peyotist with a miniature (1/4? in diameter) version of the large buttons within a year or two.

Adult Peyote plants can tolerate temperatures within a range of 45-100 degrees Farenheit. If soil is kept dry, it can survive temperatures as low as 30 degrees F. Frequent watering and a shade cloth will protect it from temperatures exceeding 120 degrees F
Peyote is very sensitive to frost or prolonged near freezing temperatures and is easily injured or killed by frost. It should be brought inside in locations where the temperatures drop below 40 degrees F.


Peyote loves being watered and fertilized during the hot weather. When the soil mixture has good drainage it can be watered twice a week and fertilized once a month. I also know of commercial growers who mist their plants with plant food daily. The fine misting moistens the surface of the soil and seems to provide sufficient nourishment. Water should be withheld when the environment gets cold, as it does here at the Church and in Peyote?s natural environment.

If your peyote plants seem shriveled and look thirsty, but have been getting plenty of water-the problem may be soil bound fungus, or root rot. This is a common and disturbing problem. Check the roots of the plant and if there is a whitish substance on the root, your plant has got it. Wash the roots thoroughly and let them dry in a shady, dry place. There are commercial fungicides containing Pyrethrum flowers which may be used to treat the roots. Let the plants air for several days before replanting in a dry soil mix. Don?t water for many days. When you do begin watering again, use a water sprayer or a misting system to water only the surface of the plant. Recovery may take months, during which time you do not want to drench the soil. Light misting is plenty. The plants may also shrivel if the sunlight is too intense. Examine your growing situation to see if that is the problem, and if it is, use a shade cloth to give your plants extra protection.

Rooting cut buttons, like all of the processes involved in growing Peyote is more a matter of neglect. If you notice your plants looking healthy after a vacation where you have been away, you will know that you have been giving them too much attention! Leave the cut buttons in a dry, shady place. Don?t even bother to put them in soil. When the Peyote begins to put out little root shoots, plant them, but continue to be moderate about watering, using only the mister for months.

Peyote is a challenge to grow but it is also fun and rewarding. For every Peyotist, growing Peyote is perpetuating their religion. Peyote will take care of those who take care of it. Amen.

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Registered: 12/30/02
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Re: Growing Peyote for Newbies? [Re: YahoKa]
    #3010451 - 08/16/04 07:28 PM (19 years, 8 months ago)


That is probably going to be your best bet for Peyote seeds. Good luck. If you need any help shoot me a PM here or at The Nook. Be glad to lend a hand. :wink:


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Re: Growing Peyote for Newbies? [Re: YahoKa] * 1
    #3010672 - 08/16/04 08:15 PM (19 years, 8 months ago)

just planted some seeds yesterday :goodluck:

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monkey man

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Re: Growing Peyote for Newbies? [Re: YahoKa]
    #3010982 - 08/16/04 09:39 PM (19 years, 8 months ago)

Edited by frankz00 (08/16/04 09:46 PM)

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