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Registered: 09/25/03
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Trip Report (Detailed)
    #3006423 - 08/15/04 09:15 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

It was Friday, a little over 2 weeks after my failed attempt at making shroom tea when I
decided it was time to experience that worthwhile trip that I didn't have the last time.  I wanted to try fresh shrooms this time so I weighed out 32 fresh grams for myself and 3.8 dry grams for my friend. 

My friend picked me up and we drove to his house because his parents were gone for the week.  Two other friends were there with us but they were planning on drinking alcohol only.  We blended up our separate doses into pineapple juice, strawberry, and yogurt smoothies (my new favorite way to dose).  It was around 6:20 pm when we each took our first sips.  We forgot our Nintendo 64 controllers at my friend=s apartment so we set off, smoothies in hand, on a short drive to get them.  Once we got them we drove to the movie store to try to hook up a free movie for the night from another friend who works there but he wasn=t there so we headed back to the house.

On the way back to the house we both agreed that we were feeling a little buzzy.  We arrived at his house maybe about 10 minutes after leaving.  I tried to hook up the Nintendo to the entertainment system which was a daunting process made even harder because I was really starting to feel the shrooms.  I gave up because I was starting to feel really high so my friend took charge and hooked it up.  We put in Mario Kart and played Battle mode.  I was very sidetracked from the game and couldn=t focus because the room was very busy with the breathing of the windows, furniture, and side conversations between my friends.  My smoothie was two full glasses because I added too much smoothie material but on my second glass I decided that I was already very high after only 30 minutes or so after starting to drink, so I gave the last 1/3 of the glass to one of the sober friends.

I couldn=t focus on the game and when I was playing Block Fort, which is an open air square map with a ground level and 4 equally spaced squares that you can drive up with another level on top of those squares.  I couldn=t distinguish the different levels from each other when I was looking across the map on the top level.  It all looked like it was a 2 dimensional colorful flat plane.  I knew I was very high and that I wanted to go on a walk with my shrooming friend.  We walked toward the school across the street=s baseball field but he kept stopping and telling me to wait up while he was looking at the ground or playing with his hands or whatever he was doing.  I kept looking at his face and freaking out because he has noticeably large canine teeth anyway and the shrooms made him look like a vampire-like comic book character and was freaking me out a little so I tried not to look at him.  He kept telling me that there were numbers and letters all over my face and that it was freaking him out so we both agreed to not look at eachother=s face.  It seemed like it took forever to walk about 100 feet.  I finally said I wasn=t going to stop anymore until we got there.  In the parking lot there was a truck with a dirtbike in the bed that I was looking at.  The back of the truck seemed to be very compact and arched up a little bit like when a cat is threatened or uncomfortable.

We made our way to the field and I just wanted to lie down because I was feeling very heavy, like there were lots of g-forces acting on us.  My friend kept stopping along the way because he was feeling sudden electric jolts.  We sat in the middle of the grass, which looked blurry and distorted.  I was feeling very sick to my stomach at that point and I was experiencing something similar to the drunk spins but we lied down on the grass anyway.  As soon as I closed my eyes I saw colorful plaid like fractal patterns.  After a couple of seconds the patterns formed a vortex that funneled towards me.  At the same time I felt like my skin was melting into the ground.  It felt really good but I couldn=t enjoy it because I felt so sick.  I had a very strong urge to throw up so I got up and started walking back towards my friend=s house.  He told me to wait but I said that I had to go and I told him he could just lie there but I needed to get up and throw up.  I didn=t want to throw up and I had to hold it in because I was walking by a father and his young child.  When we got back to the house the nausea went away to a degree but I still felt really bad.  I drank a little bit of water and I tried to pee but it was really hard to.  The bathroom had many colorful towels and things on shelves that were giving me an incredible show.  The walls were melting and spiraling almost out of control.  Again I would have enjoyed the visuals but I felt so sick.

I wanted to get out of the house because there was way too much going on and I was very confused.  I had thought loops that were driving me crazy so I thought if I went outside I could clear my head.  I didn=t have my bike with me so I went to get my friend=s bike from the garage.  When I was in the garage I got confused and lost.  I didn=t know if the door opened up to the first floor or the second floor (which is ridiculous because I=ve been to there a bunch of times).  I got the bike outside and found that I would be very uncomfortable on it because the bike was very small and the seat was too high.  I dropped the bike and set out on foot towards a nature trail at the end of the street.  I had my headphones and my backpack and even though it was cold outside I didn=t have a sweatshirt or anything.

My headphones were playing AChildren@ by Robert Miles and I was having a wonderful time walking on the trail.  The trees were dancing overhead and the scenery was amazing.  I kept thinking that I was walking in circles because the scenery looked the same.  Soon after, a couple of dogs ran around one of the corners and started barking at me and jumping on me.  I=m not a fan of dogs that I don=t know and the fact that I was tripping out of my mind wasn=t helping anything.  I started yelling at the dogs, telling them to go away.  I heard the owners around the corner calling the dogs back and then I thought AOh shit, I=m probably going to have to talk to them now.@  There were two middle aged ladies who probably weren=t but appeared to be a very hostile and evil.  They said something to me so I took my headphones off and said Awhat?@.  One lady said something like Adid the dogs jump on you.@  And I was really confused and didn=t know how to reply so I started shaking my head and grumbling something like ANo, It doesn=t matter, It=s okay, whatever.@ or something like that and I walked past them and put my headphones on.  It was really awkward and for the rest of the walk I was scared about running into another person or animal (especially a mountain lion) because there would be no way I could handle myself.  I had a very real life or death feeling for the rest of the hike, like I could really die if I saw a mountain lion and was attacked.

During this time I was pretty much experiencing hell.  I was confused as to what was happening.  I had thought loops that were driving me crazy.  One of my thought loops was that I wasn=t sure if what I was feeling was what it was like to be drunk, or high, but I remembered that I took mushrooms and I was tripping.  I kept remembering that my friend was back at his house tripping also, so that gave me a little reassurance.  The hike was all uphill for about a mile.  I=m not sure how long it really was but it seemed like it took forever.  I felt like I experienced a lifetime walking in those hills.  I was sweating profusely, breathing heavily, and was very tired the whole time (I was even looking around for a bush or something that I could fall asleep in) but I knew that I couldn=t stop walking because I was very scared to be there.  If I kept walking I would be out of there and back to the house as soon as possible and that was my only goal.  I=ve been on those trails many times but even though I knew where I was going I was lost and couldn=t think of how I was going to get back to the house, even though I knew that I knew where it was and how to get there.  The path also seemed like it went on forever.  I would see a bend in the trail and I=d walk and walk and walk but it didn=t seem like I was getting any closer to it.  It felt like I was on a treadmill.  I was walking but I wasn=t getting anywhere, the scenery was standing still but I was moving.
I made it to the end of the trail and the top of a very steep and long cement road.  This road took another lifetime to walk down.  I was constantly jerking my head to the left and right, checking out my surroundings because I was paranoid, especially because two sherrifs drove past me.  It was also getting dark because the sun had gone down.  When I looked down at my feet it looked like there was no elevation difference between the street and the curb.  The trees were still freaking out and I couldn=t manage to get my sweaty hair out of my face.  My shirt was soaked with sweat at this point.

My brain kept repeating existent and non-existent words, but not really any concrete thoughts.  My walk was a giant loop starting and ending at my friend=s house but it seemed like it was a strait line, with the start being the house and the end of the strait line being the house also.  This is hard to explain but it felt like that.  I remember trying to think of morning and night and what it was like to wake up and sleep but I couldn=t grasp that any of that existed.  It was very uncomfortable to breath and my stomach was killing me.  I can=t describe how I physically felt but it was kind of like something inside my chest/stomach was deep inside me, even almost through me that was making me feel like nothing I=d ever felt, but it didn=t feel good.  I kind of felt non-human. 

I made it back to the house around 9 pm I think.  I was on that walk for 1.5 to 2 hours or so, but it seemed like forever, like another lifetime.  My friends were happy that I wasn=t dead or in jail, because they had no idea where I went.  I felt very safe and relieved now that I was in the house, even though I still had that weird feeling in me and was very sick and uncomfortable.  My tripping buddy was also going insane.  We both agreed that we had just experienced the most intense anything we=ve ever felt/been through.  I sat in a chair in the living room talking to my friend who finished the last 1/5 or 1/6 of my original intended dose (who actually said he was tripping his second hardest ever from just that).  I told him that I was really confused and that my mind was blown.  He said later that the look on my face was the greatest/strangest thing he=d ever seen because I was genuinely confused out of my mind about what had happened to me and it was showing on my face.  I was trying to explain that I had spent a lifetime in the hills and that I was insane.  I still had trouble going to the bathroom and the walls were still melting and actually making me feel sick again.  I was screaming AI=m freaking out@ when I was downstairs in the bathroom.  I also started screaming Awhere=s the bread drawer@ because I was hungry.  I had to reassure my friends that I was okay because they seemed a little worried that I had gone completely nuts. 

Me and my tripping friend decided to go swimming at a pool down the street but when I got outside I was freezing cold and couldn=t go.  I went back inside and put on another shirt, my jacket and a blanket and curled up on the couch.  I couldn=t really talk at this point, my words were slurred and I didn=t form sentences well.  I laid on the couch, all bundled up for about an hour, until I felt closer to baseline.  It was 10 pm when I got up and had a cigarette with a friend.  I tried to recount some of the events that I=ve told of in this report over the course of the rest of the night but it was hard to get it all together.  My tripping friend came back from the pool and we watched Star Trek for a bit and talked about how we never needed to have an experience like that and how glad we were that we were baseline and back to the real world. 

I remember thinking that I must be having a bad trip when I was on the hill but I realized that even though it was the scariest and most confusing time of my life it was not a bad trip, it was an experience that I don=t regret and can=t forget.  I thought I wouldn=t want to do shrooms ever again when I was coming down on them but later on during that night I was kind of wanting to be where I was before, just a little bit.  Even though I wanted out the whole time I was on the hike, something about it was very appealing.  Next time I eat shrooms I=m going to dose a lot less, maybe 10 less wet grams, so near 20 or so wet grams or about 3 dry grams so I can have a more controllable trip.

Thanks for reading. 

:mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2:


ca'rouse (k-rouz)
To engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking.

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Re: Trip Report (Detailed) [Re: TODAY]
    #3008037 - 08/16/04 04:23 AM (12 years, 8 months ago)

That was a hell of a trip. Thanks for the detailed report.

Smaller doses are wise until you know what you are doing.


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Re: Trip Report (Detailed) [Re: TODAY]
    #3008200 - 08/16/04 07:05 AM (12 years, 8 months ago)

Man, that report was utter brilliance. Thanks for giving us insight into such a wild and somewhat scary experience. In my opinion, reports like these help people on their own journies, because we see you come out of it and get through it in one piece. Good to hear you are okay and dont regret it.

peace man


"Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music." - George Carlin

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Registered: 09/25/03
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Loc: Metropolis City, USA
Re: Trip Report (Detailed) [Re: DepthToTheCore]
    #3009244 - 08/16/04 04:07 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

i can't believe you two made it all the way through it!! thanks for the comments.


ca'rouse (k-rouz)
To engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking.

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Lost in Space
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Re: Trip Report (Detailed) [Re: TODAY]
    #3010449 - 08/16/04 09:28 PM (12 years, 8 months ago)

  :handth: That was good reading thanks for the report dude !  :handth:

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Re: Trip Report (Detailed) [Re: JaRRn]
    #3955823 - 03/22/05 10:13 PM (12 years, 1 month ago)

Great report. I know how it, it is absolute hell when you are in it but it is so alluring. I sometimes wonder why I want to experience mushrooms more, I guess the mystery is too much to pass on. The experience is horrible as it happens but it is like a medal of honor that really means something. It shows how far you can really go, and it gives a taste of how crazy things can really get.

No ONE wants to know the ultimate TRUTH, as soon as YOU find IT out, YOU want to forget IT.

You are everything's way of feeling itself.

Happy Schwag, everygodly!

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