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World-BridgerKartikeya (DftS)
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Weird pic, weird night, weird me ?! *DELETED*
    #2865064 - 07/07/04 03:19 PM (13 years, 10 months ago)

Post deleted by MAIA

Reason for deletion: admin: porting went wrong

Spiritual being, living a human experience ... The Shroomery Mandala

Use, do not abuse; neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy.

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Eggshell Walker

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Re: Weird pic, weird night, weird me ?! [Re: MAIA]
    #2865133 - 07/07/04 03:36 PM (13 years, 10 months ago)

Yes, shiny, wet surfaces like an eye, reflect light and a camera is sensitive to light.  :rolleyes: (Look carefully and you will see an infinite regression of eye-rolling emoticons.)

Do you want others to make up some fantasy explanation to corroborate and sate your desire for magick?


The proof is in the pudding.

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World-BridgerKartikeya (DftS)
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Re: Weird pic, weird night, weird me ?! [Re: Swami]
    #2865197 - 07/07/04 03:55 PM (13 years, 10 months ago)


Do you want others to make up some fantasy explanation to corroborate and sate your desire for magick?

Nah, not really. Just looking out for some opinions.
But if magick is an option or explanation for some, then be it.


Spiritual being, living a human experience ... The Shroomery Mandala

Use, do not abuse; neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy.

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Carpal Tunnel
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Re: Weird pic, weird night, weird me ?! [Re: MAIA]
    #2865282 - 07/07/04 04:14 PM (13 years, 10 months ago)

so mote it be...

old enough to know better
not old enough to care

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World-BridgerKartikeya (DftS)
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Re: Weird pic, weird night, weird me ?! [Re: MAIA]
    #2868614 - 07/08/04 01:38 PM (13 years, 10 months ago)

Not directly related but i've found some cool stuff, take a look at this,

(From http://www.worlditc.org/c_01_lohf_part1.htm )

Spirit beings become computer-literate!

The computer phenomenon of Manfred Boden.

Nothing is sacred from the paranormal effects in our physical environment anymore. We saw these effects on incandescent and neon bulbs (Rosenheim case), telephones, tape recorders, telex and computer. As far as we know the paranormal effects on the Boden computer programs are the first of their kind in the world. The aforementioned three researchers, Senkowski, Determeyer and Henn also investigated these phenomena. Boden, who was trained as a cabinet-maker, had become a self-taught construction expert and had owned a personal computer for some time.

On December 10, 1980, he was working together with Juergen W. on his Commodore CBM 8032 computer when they entered the text of a biorhythm program from disk and displayed it on the screen. With each command the text changed, at first letter by letter and then line by line. Boden's first name and family name appeared, then the name of a mutual acquaintance of both men who had died just three months previously. The changes manifested as an exchange of single letters and figures overwriting the original text. These mysterious changes culminated in the slowly printed sentence:

I am here, you will die, Manfred, 1982 accident August 16, 1982. Yours, Klaus.

A later text, slightly changed, gave the cause of death, "HEART ATTACK," followed by, "HI, HI" Since Boden is overweight and drinks and smokes excessively he was well aware of the danger of a heart failure and had reason to be concerned. This situation may well have been exploited by deceitful spirits. On August 4, 1982 the author visited Determeyer and Boden in Germany to orient himself more accurately and to receive more documentation.

Before the day of the announced death I assured Manfred Boden that a deceased friend would never frighten him like this and that therefore an impostor or deceptive spirit was behind it. He need not worry! After the death-date passed, Boden called me to say he was still alive. Judging by the shaken tone of Boden's voice, psychic pressure on him must have been considerable. I mention all this as a warning to experimenters who get involved in similar situations and who are looking for thrills. The influence of these phenomena on Manfred Boden shows in the questions he sent to Juergen W.:

1. How could the computer keep the text after the power was disconnected for two minutes?

2. How is a text file in a computer changed internally without the intervention of a person?

3. How can such a change come about when the text file in the computer is verified and compared with the same file on the disk?

4. How is it possible that the computer turns on by itself? (This also happened later in Luxembourg in the home of the Harsch couple.)

5. How can the old files get onto the disk again after all files were erased and the disk newly formatted?

6. How can file names suddenly change on the disk without human intervention?

7. How can a text on the screen get into a disk file in spite of the write protection and the fact that the disk was not in the disk drive?

8. How is it possible in a stored disk that suddenly all information disappears and a new file is entered?

9. How do rational text changes come about when recording telex information? Was the signal changed a) before the receiver b) in the receiver, or c) in the recording device (tape recorder or computer)?

The author got to know Manfred Boden as a very nervous, emotional person, but also as open and honest. He was subject to errors and memory lapses.


The large amount of material that accumulated tilts the scale toward paranormality. Boden certainly did not make things easy for himself. We only have to look at the many partial reports, additions, notes, tape transcriptions and letter exchanges.

Prof Senkowski took great pains in his analysis of February 1981 to evaluate the computer phenomena and give a comprehensive description of the happenings. He concluded, "The explanation that computer phenomena were caused by system trouble cannot be accepted. The changes were carried out with intent."

The happenings must therefore be classified as paranormal and catalogued as a new form of psychokinesis. Accidental changes are very unlikely. It is not printed as random characters but as recognizable information. It can only come from an intelligence that intervened with a purpose.

Finally, let me give you a sample of Boden's own report about the computer changes:

1. Statement in line 1250: "YOU DIE". When we saw the print-out, Juergen and I were surprised and asked ourselves: "Who should die? The program was erased by the computer and a new disk readout now read as follows:

2. Statement in lines 1240 and 1250: "I AM HERE. YOU DIE". I said to Juergen that it was not determined yet, who should die. The program was erased again and a new change was made:

3. Statement in lines 1240 and 1250: "I AM HERE. YOU DIE MANFRED." I didn't feel quite as well but still laughed and said: "I don't believe that. I was told before that I will get to be 67 years old"... At the next readout we saw: "YOU DIE MANFRED 1982 Accident." At the final readout the full date of death was written as August 16, 1982. Juergen and I had enough and turned the computer off. (Boden did not die until 1990).


Kenneth Webster and his computer.

16th-Century Englishman comes across 20th-century computer. Quite different from the Manfred Boden case is the involvement of Ken Webster and his computer. Ken Webster, a teacher, was born in 1955 near Chester, England. During the renovation of his old house, beginning in November 1984, several psychokinetic phenomena occurred: Furniture moved and tools disappeared. There followed a message through Ken Webster's personal computer. When Webster called up a disk file, the screen of his monitor showed a strange, senseless poem which was signed by a "Group 2109". He did not like the approach and the coldness of this group who wanted to experiment. Another communicator took over.

During the time that followed, more than 250 messages appeared on the computer screen and on paranormally altered disks. This happened with several different computer systems! Most texts were written in a Middle English of the 14th to 16th Century. Webster's colleague Peter Trinder, an English language expert, analyzed over 2,000 words. The main communicator was Thomas HARDEN who sadly complained about the constant watch the sheriff of Chester had imposed on him. The Harden text at times was confusing. He expressed great affection to Webster and he claimed to be able to see into the past and into the future. In his desperate situation he hoped for Webster's help. One almost gets the impression that this 16th century former earth citizen could jump the barriers of time with his computer questions and answers.

The existence of Thomas Harden could be traced with the help of old documents. He lived in the time of Henry VIII who had broken ties to the Pope. Harden's name is in the listings of the Oxford Brasenose College where he received a master of arts degree in 1534. He was later expelled because he refused to remove the name of the Pope from the mass books. He was then a deacon of the Oxford College chapel and a follower of the Pope.

A few weeks after the first message a second one appeared on a disk. It was transmitted in an old form of English. The spirit Harden, who could hear Webster and his mediumistic girlfriend Debbie, was astonished about the strange English they spoke. One message read as follows:

What strange words you are speaking, although I must admit that I had only a poor school education myself. You are a good person and you have a fantastic wife. But you live in my house. It was a big crime to steal my home.

The 64-year-old Henry VIII is sitting on the throne, says Harden, whose messages are full of historical fragments of information. For instance, the city name of Bristol, later named "Chester," was almost unknown then. Harden came from this city.

He also knew the nickname of an author who was insignificant at that time.

Thomas Harden still lived in the year 1546. He noticed the computer near "his" chimney as a "box full of lights". He asked many questions about our time.

A few times the computer turned on by itself. (This also happened to Boden and CETL Luxembourg.) He communicates not only by computer with the inhabitants of "his" house, but also by direct writing on an empty piece of paper and by writing with chalk on the floor! Thomas HARDEN the spirit is still tied to the environment of his life time. He wrote by computer that he saw Webster and his girlfriend and could see the signs on the "light box". The letters he transmitted developed according to his wishes or his projections in the "light box". This reinforces the Theory that projections (imagination) can influence matter. When the computer was turned on, the paranormal text appeared on the screen. Sometimes, when new names appeared on a disk, text on the disk was partially or wholly erased.


Is this case genuine?

Trickery is ruled out because of the amount of text on disk in an early English language and because of many historical agreements. Nobody questioned the integrity of Webster and his colleague. A planned manipulation of the disks with the historically correct Mid-English text is quite unlikely. Friends and colleagues witnessed and vouched for the phenomenon.

Several explanations come to mind. In the most obvious one we can see Thomas Harden tied to the place of his problems. He never fully became aware that he had passed on. He has the ability to operate a computer by the power of his mind (psychokinesis). The spiritual and the material are not totally separated. Under certain conditions mutual effects are possible.

In another explanation, dead computer technicians have developed techniques to operate our computers so that beings "stuck" between dimensions can be freed. It would be Ken Webster's task to enlighten Harding about his death.

Another incredible theory would be the occurrence of a time gap (jump) whereby a person of the 16th Century can simultaneously be aware of and act in our century, though he has no knowledge and understanding for our time. According to Immanuel Kant, time is only a category of thinking for man. Is everything really "timeless-simultaneous" in the "Never-Always" as Prof Senkowski put it? Or can it be both?

Sources: Parapsychological Review, New York, May/June 1986, Ernst Senkowski: The case of Ken Webster, May 1987.


Can a computer pick up telepathic messages?

The journal Astrology and Psychic News reported that 22-year-old Norman Ling in California picked up the thoughts of Mrs Standart, a professional medium, on his home computer. The medium and spiritual advisor confirmed to him that much of the computer text is well known to her. She is said to experience telepathic contacts with other mediums over long distances.

It is puzzling how her thoughts can be converted into writing. Is it the human psyche which probably under rare circumstances (thank God) can do this? Is it spirit beings who accomplish this with their own technical transfer systems?

Source: Astrology and Psychic News


Klaus Schreiber gets voices and pictures on television

Klaus Schreiber was trained as a saddlesmith and experienced much poverty in his youth, during World War II, and while his father was jobless. His mother had the gifts of healing and dream interpretation and could foretell death. She behaved very strangely before the death of Klaus's son Robert and his first wife Gertrud, but had said nothing specific to forwarn her son Klaus of the impending losses. Klaus Schreiber had married Gertrud in 1946. Their son Robert was born the same year. It wasn't until 14 years had passed that their daughter Karin was born as the fourth child. His wife died shortly after birth. Little Karin was raised by Klaus's brother and his sister-in-law.

Karin died a painful death at age 18. Her brother Robert, who was crazy about motorbikes, had preceded her at age 22. Klaus Schreiber's nephew died shortly after Karin and his heart-broken mother, Klaus's sister-in-law, followed him a few month later.

Afterwards, Schreiber's brother-in-law, a badly injured war veteran, committed suicide. In 1977 his 81-year-old mother passed away.

Schreiber later claimed to have been in contact with all of these relatives through his tape recorder. From some of them he received video pictures.

Schreiber was a practical person who had both feet solidly planted on the ground. However, the suffering that surrounded him may have strengthened the psychic sensitivity of this man. It made him particularly receptive to the spirit signals. At the age of 59 for health reasons he had to take an early retirement. His happy disposition did not save him from illness. He was plagued by arthritis and bronchitis. He built his row-type home all by himself and largely financed it by playing drums every night in a small band.

The pictures of Klaus Schreiber and his images in this section are reproduced from the book PICTURES FROM THE WORLD OF THE DEAD. .. by Rainer Holbe

Spirit voices changed Klaus Schreiber. It turned out that his psychic sensitivity was real. After ethnologist Dr Walter Frank demonstrated spoon-bending on television in 1985, Schreiber soon learned that he could bend not only spoons but knives, forks and even an old horseshoe.

As early as 1982 he had the ability to receive voices on tape. One morning, he was listening as usual to the RTL (Luxembourg) show Incredible Stories.

It was all about Instrumental Transcommunication, or "EVP" (electronic voice phenomenon) as it was called up to then. It would become a turning point in his life. The same evening a heated discussion about this program developed among his friends in his cellar recreation room.

They decided to try it themselves immediately. Schreiber addressed Peter, a roofer and mutual friend who had died. When they listened to the tape playback they suddenly heard: "HELLO FRIENDS!" in what seemed to be Peter's voice in their local accent. They were all deeply affected by the experience. This would be the last happy party in this small, downstairs room of Klaus Schreiber's home. Little by little the basement was turned into a lab with electronic audio and video equipment, cassettes and written records. Klaus Schreiber had changed.

In 1986, shortly before Christmas, his second wife Agnes unexpectedly died.

His solid knowledge about eternal life helped him bear this new blow. "She went to join other people whom I love", he said to those who expressed their condolences. During his ITC experiments he soon heard the voice of his daughter Karin who announced herself as Karinchen, a name he used when she was a little child. She also said: It is good, I am alive. From his first wife Gertrud he heard Everybody is alive.

Like a thousand other experimenters, he received mostly short, unconnected phrases which sound banal to the outsider. Senkowski once described them as "materialized thoughts which reach us." He said "The vocabulary used in Transcommunication often consists of only a clue for the survival of the individual personality." Schreiber recognized his loved ones by simple remarks that were typical of them. For instance Karin said: Karin and Klausi (a diminutive for her father) or: Simply tops. Another remark, Karin blood poisoned and the doctors are too slow, probably refers to the late diagnosis of Karin's condition which caused her death. True to the character of his father, Schreiber received from him harsh talk and humor but also suggestions for improving their communication.


The technical aspects of the Schreiber experiments.

Schreiber made his voice experiments with the psychophone devised by the Austrian EVP pioneer Franz Seidl. This is simply a broad-band receiver which was tuned to produce a language mixture that could be used by the other side. He also used a radio frequency that Friedrich Juergenson often worked with. When playing back tapes he employed a filter to eliminate unwanted sounds. His interpretation of spirit voices, especially of names that were important to him, was later confirmed by Senkowski who investigated his equipment.

Klaus Schreiber and his spirit pictures.

Long before he thought about spirit pictures, his communication partners were talking about it and they now wanted to show themselves on television. Schreiber tried in vain to see paranormal pictures on the screen while watching an empty channel. He also hooked up a video camera to the set and aimed it at an empty chair, but without success. He then gradually set up a combination of equipment consisting of a B/W video monitor, several video recorders, one video camera and two separate video amplifiers. The camera was aimed at the TV screen slightly off center and at a small angle.

The camera output was fed back into the TV monitor thereby forming an electro-optical feedback system. The TV screen was sufficiently lit by natural light from the windows and an additional room light. There also were two UV lights at both sides of the TV set.

Schreiber controlled the amount of light on the screen, adjusted the zoom lens, camera angle etc. and obtained a picture that was not unlike the mirror image you see of yourself when standing between two dressing room mirrors. It is a TV image within an image repeated multiple times and each image getting smaller. By changing the camera distance, angle, focus and light reflections, or increasing or decreasing the video output, Schreiber obtained a TV image of light patterns that would periodically vibrate or change slowly (feedback oscillation). The video recording time was 1 - 3 minutes. He then observed the video playback at very slow speed, often advancing the tape frame by frame. One minute of recording produces 1800 individual frames. Later on, Schreiber and his technical advisor and friend Martin Wenzel covered 1/4 width of the TV set with a wallpaper pattern, newsprint or patterned cloth. This provided even more random images.

From interesting frames he made still shots. Images that had good picture quality and were promising he filmed again on a second video tape by using the same procedures. This is a time-consuming process which increases wear on the video tape and VCR. Occasionally he repeated this video playback and retaping several times. He noticed how human faces formed out of washed-out images. A few were unknown, many he recognized as relatives. Some were prominent people such as movie star Romy Schneider and Kurt Juergens as well as the face of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. There were images of young people whose voices had already been taped by relatives. According to Senkowski the similarity to existing lifetime photos was so great that accidental images could be ruled out. In the presence of Senkowski and his family, a recognizable face would "build up" after several playbacks and retaping.

It seems there is a picture improvement up to a certain optimum point. Any further copying will deteriorate the picture quality.

During this procedure a form-shaping "morphogenetic" field may be active which strives for maximum similarity with a matrix picture. This could compare to the shaping of a life form out of ectoplasm during materialization. We can assume there are occasional mutual effects between physical fields and the physiological and psychological "abilities" of man which make spiritual impingements possible.

With all this activity the attempts to get pictures of his immediate family were in vain. During the experiments he sometimes heard:

Klaus, we come on TV on an empty channel.

Little by little the head of German actress Romy Schndeier formed the nebulous image (look at the video clip on this site)

When he followed the advice of the other side, it was by videotaping a regular TV program. At one point he noticed a small change in the picture. During very slow picture playback he found a paranormal face which moved, smiled and changed slightly within 5-6 frames. He also received a video sequence of his daughter.

She raised her right hand and said:

Papa, do you see me? I am here.

It was a female figure in a dark blouse and a white skirt with her head tilted.

Klaus Schreiber plays back daughter Karin's voice and shows her picture on video.

Karin Schreiber (left), shortly before her untimely death, and as she appeared to her father later on, during his video experiments.

She seemed to bring about changes. In an ITC audio recording she told him:

Papa, look out the window. I have a present for you.

When he and his second wife Agnes went outside they saw a beautiful red rose that had opened up and was in full bloom. A botanical miracle for the month of December at such a latitude. During the same month he unexpectedly found in his outside shed a special power connector which the other side had recommended for still-picture viewing. Did Karin materialize it?

Karin became the mediator between her father and all other dead family members. There followed a series of pictures of most of his relatives.

Some of these were not clear or sharp enough. Schreiber claims to have recognized his dead mother on three pictures. Far more recognizable was the smiling face of his son Robert. Incidentally, during Robert's early voice recording the sound of motorbikes can be heard.


A girl's face which he claims to be the youthful appearance of his first wife developed in a series of frame-by-frame images. Another series shows his first wife as a young woman. 20 years after her death she announced herself on her husband's tape recorder with the words:

I am together with Karin.

She seemed to approve of his second wife:

You have a nice and diligent wife.

Schreiber's father resisted but finally agreed to a picture transmission with the disgruntled remark:

I prefer the sound recorder.

An image of Schreiber's sister appeared after her announcement:

I come to you, Klaus, on a picture.

Even her husband who had committed suicide after her death showed himself in three poses.

Paranormal picture of Schreiber's son Robert, who died at age 22.

Two days after her death, Schreiber's second wife Agnes came through the tape recorder of a family friend in Berlin. She could be heard saying:

My Klaus does not call me.

A few days after the death of Schreiber's second wife Agnes, she sends her picture (left), and one month later an improved image

Klaus Schreiber took out his tape recorder and received a voice:

Hello Klaus, I am here again ... it is simply beautiful ... Klaus, we come ... we do not live in the cemetery.

Strange things were happening. In the presence of Schreiber, his daughter Elisabeth and her friend, doors started opening and closing by themselves. A turned-off alarm clock started ringing and the loud voice of Agnes said:

Elisabeth, Klaus, I am here!

This was not recorded but was a Direct Voice.

During the night before Agnes' funeral Schreiber had an out-of-body experience during which his wife showed him her new environment. He assured everybody that this was the nicest Christmas present of his life. A month later he received the first video pictures of Agnes. After all these pictures became known publicly there was no lack of envy, mistrust and attacks. That Klaus Schreiber had such success was not without good reasons. Above all he had the sensitivity of a psychic. He also had great perseverance in experimenting and trying out a new technique. Thirdly, because of the loss of so many family members he had developed a strong inner link to the spirit world.

The historian Dr Franz Susman, who was very interested in Schreiber's experiments, wrote that Klaus would take a walk in nature every morning and discuss the plans for the day with his God. Susman vouched for his honesty.

On Jan 7, 1988, Klaus Schreiber died after a second heart attack. He probably left the largest collection of spirit video pictures in the world at that time. His friend Martin Wenzel continued working with the picture phenomenon and to have further success with it. The method they developed is now named after them. M. Wenzel has described and diagrammed the entire electronic equipment configuration and its use in a separate pamphlet (available in English from translator Hans Heckmann).

The two Schreiber methods of video pictures are not really as spectacular when the pictures are compared with the so-called "extras" that accompany some photographic pictures. These are faces or head and chest images of people who passed on. The "extras" need no additional photographic equipment. After a picture is taken they usually appear during the film development. They are often much clearer photos of citizens of the spirit world than any video image and are easier to identify. They do, however, need a special medium. Let's be grateful that there are people among us with different talents. They help in widening our understanding of the world around us and within us.


Further paranormal contacts are made in Germany

The location of Rivenich, Germany, has developed into another transmission and reception point for spirit voices and images. It also can be an example of how such "bridges to the other side" come into being. Adolf Homes had put an ad in the local paper that he was looking for someone interested in ITC. Friedrich Malkhoff answered. Both men had taped voices before, but now, as a team, the two men began getting voices that were much clearer. They concentrated on Elise Caroline Homes, the mother of Homes who had passed over in 1935, shortly after Adolf was born. They soon heard a woman's voice giving them short messages:

Greetings to you.
I am calling you.

After trying several different recording methods, they concluded, "It is our experience that success does not depend so much on our equipment but on the willingness of the experimenter to open himself."

In October 1988 they learned about the Luxembourg experiments. They had a copy built of the Luxembourg GA1 box and started receiving Direct Voices in January 1989. A deep, drawling voice said:

Thomas, Group Timestream. As long as you have this large output, we shall make efforts for ITC. Know this, we have to fight negative forces which are always present. There is sometimes only a small difference between good and evil.

By April 1989 the following beings had announced themselves: Thomas Becket, Swejen Salter, Wernher von Braun, a higher being named Seth, Elise Caroline Homes (mother of experimenter Adolf Homes), and a recently departed neighbor. In April 1989 they received their first telephone contact:

We stop radio contact. The emergency bridge is finished. Nothing can happen anymore.

These remarks probably referred to the interference of negative beings. When Luxembourg was successful with their computer, Malkhoff set up his Commodore C-64 in Homes' home in Rivenich. They entered a small list of questions into the computer asking if their spirit friends could announce themselves by phone, radio and TV. Two days later the following answer could be brought out on their computer:

Centrale to Adolf, only television.

To a second list of seven questions they received seven answers the following day! They now knew they had contacted spirit group CENTRALE (French pronunciation Sent-RAWL) which was located on the third human level (according to Myers), or mid-astral plane. Their spirit mediator was the mother of Adolf Homes.

The beings Seth, Thomas, and father and son Bodelschwingh all belonged to Group Centrale. The group tried "to create new bridges to different realities."

Both experimenters informed Maggy & Jules Harsch in Luxembourg about their computer contacts. A few days later they found out that spirit Group Timestream (who work with the Luxembourg experimenters) had found and contacted Thomas and Group Centrale.

Thanks to the cooperation of two Earth stations, the two spirit stations also found and contacted each other!


Spiritual being, living a human experience ... The Shroomery Mandala

Use, do not abuse; neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy.

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