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A piece of the pie
    #2837097 - 06/28/04 07:03 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

I will begin by saying this post was inspired by supermarkets LSD experience post, I thought it totally kicked ass and thought I might post a bit of my own writings derived from experiencing the effects of various compounds..mainly tryptamines. I don't know how many people usually keep a journal, or write, draw, or create art while under the influence, or soon after, but it seems more people should be actively working with what they have learned during those experiences! Remembering these moments in as much depth as possible are important, I think. Whether anything is actually valid or not, shouldn't even matter at the time.  Write that shit down!  Most of this post was written a while ago, I wasn't really intending on posting much of it..it's a huge incomplete mess. My appollogies for the length of this..hopefully it is worth while..

Note: ~McK = Quote from our good friend, Terence McKenna


Observing the nature of Existance.  Can something such as the raw nature of all of existance really be analized in depth with precission, especially from our "Inside the box" vantage points?  How can something as this truely be dissected in such a way the regular average Joe can understand?  I think I am going to give a small part of this a shot, going by my present perspective on things..  Why?  I don't know why.  How?  Another good question.  For all I know all this could be irrelavent delusional hoeky pokey bullshit.  After years (probably not enough) of thinking about possilbilities, through interaction, observation..not to mention this past week of tryptamine exploration, I will attempt to assimilate some of my thoughts or..."insights" with eachother...I'm not too worried whether or not any these ideas hold any weight.  As of now, they are ideas, and nothing more. I am making an attempt at putting some of this apparent puzzle together, and things are open to change at all times.  The peices are scattered throughout the universe, throughout all of its dimensions and beyond.  Probably too much for one person to assimilate all of it in one lifetime.  Or is it?  Lets see where this goes..

Some of these metaphors might not make sense to everyone..  But for some reason I don't feel too worried about that, either.

Where to start..where to start.

How about the ego?  What is the ego?  Some kind of social identity?  A mask of some sort.  Hiding the Self.  Hiding lots of things..

No problem.  Most important, it is hiding the Self, and it is slipping away from so many people because of the desire to satisfy the ego.

The Self is pure.  The ego is fabricated.  What does this mean?


"So, the issue really comes down to the citizen versus the Self.  The citizen is an extremely limited definition of human potential.  The Self is a definition of human potential so broad, that it threatens the obligations of the citizen"

"Are we dealing with an aspect, an autonomous phychic entity, as the Jungians would style it..- a subself that has slipped away from the control of the ego?  Or are we dealing with something like a species overmind - a kind of collective entelechy?  or are we infact dealing with an alien intellegence with all that this implies?  It's not an easy question to answer.  It's not even an easy question to grapple with because the phenomenon does not manifest itself except at heroic doses."  - McK.


So..in experimenting with dissolution of the ego, am I able to do anything with my mind that an ego based mind cannot?  The proffessor said:  How about that?  I'm talking to you.  One on one.  Isn't that something?  The demon showed himself.  It was beautiful.  I showed sympathy for it.  He was humbled by this reaction.  Evil is just a mask.  A kind of identity manifested out of fear.  Fear of what?  Fear of the self.  The self is nothing to fear!!!  The girl said I love you.  Apparently this interaction wasn't allowed.  Tears.  I interpreted her presence as crying.  Helplessly.  There was love.

Going beneith the surface.  Once your there, you can go anywhere.  Anything is possible.  Everything is possible.  The Dwarf said this.  He smiled.  This was his place in existance.  To tell me I can go further.  I knew this.  And I proceeded to go further.  It radiates.  Everything.  With meaning.  Meaning to what?  It's hard to process.  It's hard to decode.  It's hard to tell if I am actually perceiving this information, if my mind is simply fabricating it, or if this apparent alternate dimension is infact spilling over into my perception.  Maybe there is no spilling and it is always there.  In either case, the ego represses and filters this information drastically.  The ego really is a real foggy lense to try and shape your reality with.

What are guides?  The ones I felt I encountered were almost like interactive street signs.  They exist everywhere.  We interperet them in various ways, depending on how one looks at things.  The purer the mind (lack of ego) the purer the interpretation of the message.  The world really is a fairytale.  Indeed.

It is almost as if..there is another reality of some sort paralleling with ours and it can almost be interpreted as a metaphorical version of this one.  For lack of a better term, I will reffer to this dimension as the 5th dimension.  Metaphorical as in events occur simutaniously in an extreme and very direct manner in the 5D, corresponding to the events occuring in the 4D.  This may create a necessary balance.  Maybe I am just perceiving this place as metaphors as such so they can be understood by me.  They are still being filtered through my conscious mind to be interpreted one way or another.  Either way, it's impossible to imagine the possibilities limiting ones self to thinking.."this is it" without a little RAW exploration.  This is hard to say anything about, really.  It's getting hard for me to tell if our "immagination" is indeed "ours"...

In anycase...It's definitely not the egos!!!      ....the box is too small....  haha!


We are involved in something.  Clearly.  Anticipation is leading us into thinking it might be some kind of evolution, or something...what it is, I think..is potential.

The potential for what?

Death = Potential.  The death of your established cultural programming..the death of your ego..the death of your physical attachements...the death of anything. 

Death = Potential.  Alot of it.

We are perceiving the external universe.  We are learning to perceive the internal universe.


I think atleast some aspect of 5D space is created or at the very least influenced by our minds interacting with the progression of time.  We can perceive this space metaphorically, linking it to things we can relate it to.  It can be pictured as a globe of energy, surrounding a dot.  We are the dot, the universe in which we regularly perceive. 

This 5D space has been given many names throughout history, but they are all pointing at the same thing, I think.  The Gaian mind, as a prime example.  The collective (un?)conscious.  This is why all the "we are one" presumptions.  Because some aspect of all of everything is connected simutaniously.  It is like flipping this dimension inside out.  If you reside in 4D space you affect how 5D goes about it's business, and vice versa.  All dimensions are in some kind of constant intimate relation with one an other.  A kind of symbiosis.  The yin and the yang.

BOTH sides are working towards a certain goal, I think.  Working together like this.  Of course its possible I am just misinterpreting the information and it is all just me.  But I guess we'll see what happens.


EVERYTHING..  There is a place.
Where you will find,
Where you have created,
Where you have seen,
What you have dreampt..
Yup.  Same place. 


All of it.  All at once. Right under our noses. 

Right where we left it.



That must really suck to be that guy in my mind being chased by that saber tooth tiger.  If it is in my mind, does that make it real?  If it isn't...then why is it there?  Like I said, it would really suck to be in that kind of a situation.  I guess working in a 5D world might not be everything it's cut out to be.


Why does organized religion exsist, and why is it so popular?  Religious systems are an easy to understand, organized way of thinking.  It puts meaning to things that are otherwise difficult to relate to anything.  This is one of the reasons why some people have jumped on the bandwagon so fast..because they feel so lost (yet are usually in denial of this), as they haven't had a chance to find their own ways of thinking for themselves by excersicing their own limitations, and such. They know "something" is there, but it just isn't tangible to them.  They understand religious concepts because they dont have anything else to compare them to.  They think it is the answer. 

For others..satisfaction is the answer.  They will fight for it.

If the "truth" can be told as to be understood, it will be believed.  To me, some organized religions seem to make an effort to put things into perspective for the non-lucid.  Though there are exceptions, of course. In some people, their rock solid beliefs can be almost seen as another branch of ego.  A second fabricated box, further filtering ones perception of the universe.  This can inflate the ego even more so, people hanging onto these beliefs, relying on them.  It can inflate the ego so much, that they may strongly believe they are literally at the cutting edge of intellectual understanding, and they will look down on others who do not share their view.  The ego judges.  Judge not unless ye' be judged!


Western culture sucks because:  Alot of it's values seem to be based upon current religious/Christian principles.  Because of this alot of people have grown to judge others' easilly.  We are blindly running ourselves towards a huge cliff we can't even see. 

Oh wait, there it is..just up ahead...    It's beautiful, actually.

"Cultures are kinds of virtual realities..where whole populations of people become imprisoned inside a structure that is linguistic and value based." - "And you know..some cultures celebrate the imagination, and some cultures seek to supress it" - McK.

Religions/Cultures polarize people, they do.  They are all going to have to learn to get along.  Hopefully they don't realize this after it's too late.  I think if everyone experienced ego loss atleast once in their lives, those who judged, may think twice the next time they are compelled to, in which case, previously polarized people may then be able to negotiate with eachother fairly and friendly.  Without any bullshit!  World peace becomes a reality.  Mission Complete.  (A little bit of wishful thinking here..)


Music.  What is music?  Coded information.  What kind of information?

Music can be used as a tool to show people examples of possibility.  To go beyond the limits of expectation.

Music can be almost seen as a kind of seisure-like phenomenon, in the sense that the over all finished act doesnt seem to really be in our control..as if the songs, or whatever, have been handed down to us to deliver to the audience for their subjective interpretation.  Same goes for most, if not all forms of art, I would think.  If these things are really being handed down to us one way or another, I wonder if this might have something to do with our so-called spontanious thoughts, ideas and insights that we seem to so frequently have..this might suggest that every thought that we have in our mind may essentially be handed down to us, in a sense.  Or perhaps attracted toward, or something to that effect. 


If this 4D world in which we share with eachother is indeed within the boundaries of a parent dimension..this is big news.  If our minds are of the essence of this thing..this should also probably be considered "big news"...  If our world is indeed headed towards a big "redefining of all aspects of reality" for whatever reason, it seems to me something is steering us, leading us, or attracting us toward it, and maybe this possible 5th dimension and the entities with which inhabits it, are working just as hard, if not harder than we are to make sure this dimension unfolds itself throughout time in the appropriate manner...It is a very intricate and carefully watched thing, I think.  And everything is Still going as planned.


I feel like shit.  What is making my mind feel like shit?  The vision, of a girl, screaming I love you, crying, as she smashes my head in.  Does she do this everytime I'm feeling like shit?


One thing that may be keeping our conscious minds trapped in this 4D world could be the continuous conscious emotional fluctuations in our perception resulting from its activity.  It keeps us from getting bored.  If one were forced to stare at the same image without blinking for a period of time, out of boredom, they would be forced to use their own imagination.  This is good.  Because more people should be using their imagination, for obvious reasons. 


Novelty.  Density of connection.  It is the manifestation of imagination in 4D time/space.


Laughing!  Where is it that your mind goes when some unknown force seems to take control of your body and cause it to laugh?  Laughter can be considered a hallucinogen unto itself.  A very blissful place..laughter is.  It is like food, for the conscious mind..a temporal doorway has been swung open with the power to suck out all the "bad" where then only all of the "good" remain.  It is getting high.  Laughing.

As are all feelings of satisfaction:  One of the biggest addictions in western civilization; (One must realize there is a difference between wants and needs) ..The constant search for the ultimate forever lasting satisfaction.  It's too bad the egomaniac will never find it here.


An example of universal karmic law.

Perhaps..animals instinctive way of life operates under "Gaia's" control...we have drifted away from this..having developed ego's.

The karmic laws in nature..are they any different from ours? 


As I finish writing that question, my cat jumps up onto Dimitris (Gecko) cage, knocking down my cacti, spilling a pile of dirt into the fish bowl and into Dimitris aquarium.  Not to mention all over my stuffed animals and floor..and we all know how well some stuffed animals seem to retain dirt.  All the living things in my house are affected by this incident....It's 6am and I really wanted to go to bed before my landlord wakes up..but nooo.. I had to start bickering about karmic law which in turn led it to the decision that it should kick my ass for questioning it, even more so, the fishes, who already lives a stubborn life if a tiny fish bowl, now with muddy water.  Not wanting the fish to die, naturally, I had to interrupt my before bed bowl to put clean water in the bowl which was loud as hell in which case woke up my landlord prolonging the betime bowl even further.

All the while Dimitri is just like...WTF?

I really hope fishie survives in the muck while the new water conditions.  He cant tell his food pellets from dirt pellets....  (update: he survived!)


What would it be like if we didn't have DMT in our metabolism?  Apparently, this not the case...so why wonder..?  DMT may be the very thing that is maintaining our 5D perception in a 4D space.  If that connection was not somehow maintained regularly through out our lives..would we not get completely lost?  We are constantly extracting things from this space.  Art and creativity!  Dreams are very important in this respect as well, I believe.  Visiting another area where we can learn, with no limits. 

What are we learning? 

We are trying to (re?) co-ordinate ourselves with the larger picture.  This is what we're doing.


Psychedelics are like a test of a sort.  They put you up against yourself when the ego is large.  But when ignorance from the ego is kept at a minimum, the psychedelics, as it were, seem to put you up against something other than the self.  Against is probably the wrong term to use, though.


Waiting....for what?

The music...seems to represent....waiting.  More waiting.

For what?

The music is funny.  It represents meaningless waiting so well...

Why all this waiting?  When will the song change...?


It's not so funny anymore.



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Re: A piece of the pie [Re: ekomstop]
    #2837158 - 06/28/04 07:39 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

wow... long post... ill read it later i promise

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Re: A piece of the pie [Re: ekomstop]
    #2837199 - 06/28/04 08:07 PM (13 years, 11 months ago)

==death to the chains that we have been bound with!

" The vision, of a girl, screaming I love you, crying, as she smashes my head in. Does she do this everytime I'm feeling like shit? "

==sounds more like a headache, to me.

" Laughing! Where is it that your mind goes when some unknown force seems to take control of your body and cause it to laugh? Laughter can be considered a hallucinogen unto itself. A very blissful place..laughter is. It is like food, for the conscious mind..a temporal doorway has been swung open with the power to suck out all the "bad" where then only all of the "good" remain. It is getting high. Laughing. "

==laughing is the inner guy tickling your brain.  yeah i totally agree--during the time spent laughing it is nothing but a joyful euphoria in your mind!  anything that makes one smile a genuine smile cannot be anything but happiness, if even for brief moment.  why aren't we all hopelessly addicted to laughing?  i would binge if it came in a bottle!

==shoot your cat

(just kidding.. just hit him a little) :whack:

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