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Offlinemanna_man Happy Birthday
High onlife.....andcrack

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Describe your all-time WORST trip
    #2781991 - 06/10/04 03:59 PM (14 years, 13 days ago)

Me? Never had a bad trip so i have no idea what it feels like. But Im interested in reading about other people's experiences. Come on. Share with us!

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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2782558 - 06/10/04 06:24 PM (14 years, 13 days ago)

so i was like walking down the street
and it was like whoooshh and i was all woah,
then he was liek yeah, and she was like whaa
jumble weed, two times down the same, dusty
path. clouded, like jewels twinking basketsballs
and a river of unimagitinable fright and the hhaw
and woooshhh and the badgerbadger and they were
all yeahh then like oohhhhhhhh noooooooooo a snakkkeeeeeeeeee :stoned:

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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2782590 - 06/10/04 06:45 PM (14 years, 13 days ago)

I've only tripped a few times.

The other weekend I was trippin hard from 4g's, good trip too. Chillin out to some music watching a candle burn and thinking hard.

I then realized how despressed, or rather unsatisfied I was with my current life. I wasn't living my dream. I was being pushed into the corporate machine to become a 9 to 5er, 3 kids, ugly wife, small house, die in a car accident.

I got to the point where all I could say was "I hate life". I was thinking of suicide (had no intention of it, but ya know) constantly... wondering what death really was. I didn't want to go back to my life. I wanted to stay in the euphoria forever. But my trip slowly and badly came to an end with me hating life. If I died at that moment, I wouldn't have cared.

I fell asleep and woke up grumpy. Life goes on.

It was a horrible experience, but in the back of my head I could hear myself saying "You're just on mushrooms.. chill out man. Put some John Lennon on."

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Question Mark

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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2783239 - 06/10/04 11:52 PM (14 years, 13 days ago)

I'll tell of one bad trip, and a close call.

My only bad trip was last year, around March.

A friend of mine L, came up to visit me in college, and we decided to eat some mushrooms and go to my campus' pub night. I probably ate around 3.5 grams thinking I could handle it. Boy was I wrong.

We get there, everything's fine. Meet up with some friends, chat. Then nausea and paranoia came out of no where. I sat down at a table, while the bass pulsed and lights flashed. It didn't help the nausea one bit.
I ran to the bathroom and promptly threw up all over the stall. This sent the trip to hell. It felt as though my face exploded and was left on the walls of the stall. A nice purple/brownish colour.

Campus bouncers find out I puked, came in, asked if I was alright, then told me to leave. I remember being scared shitless that they knew I was tripping, but convinced myself otherwise. I mumble something having way too much to drink. They laugh at me and escort me out.

I started walking back to my apartment and remembered I left my friends inside and they didn't know where I was. I didn't want them to worry bout me, so I started back towards the pub. I could hear the bouncers talking amongst themselves as I headed back towards the door. (Oh Oh, he's back for more) Yeah, like I was going to cause shit in my condition. I explained them the situation, one of them escorted me back in so I could tell my friends. I tell them I'm tripping hard and am gonna go home cause I couldn't handle it all. L offers to come back, but I convince her to stay and that I'd be alright. They let me go and I walk back to the apartment tripping balls.

I get back to my place, and lie on the couch just questioning all the decisions I had made prior to the college year. My defiance towards my parents, moving in with my girlfriend, my program of choice, financial situations, convincing myself I fucked up hard. It was a 4 hour nightmare that seemed like an eternity.

My friends finally come back around 4am. With the arrival their presence brought comfort and I started to come out of the bad trip.

Although the trip sucked like a slut, i really needed that kick in the ass. I learned so much about myself, and where I was heading.

I had a close call with two close friends J & S(who have never tripped before). The trip began in my apartment (I had just moved and it wasn't furnished yet) We sat around my living room, and stared at the white bare walls. The conversation turned vicious, and we were all commenting on how I lived in a cement coffin. We started to come up, and J and S's minds started to wander for the worse. I could tell the situation was heading for disaster, so suggested a change of scenery, mainly to go for a walk outside. J refused due to the body sensations he was experiencing. S on the other hand wasn't experiencing anything. She ate some more mushrooms, and we went from the living room to my room. I put on some music, and started to play my guitar to ease the tension, but J was lost in his mind, thinking about stuff he didn't want to think about.

I eventually took charge of the situation and insisted that we take a walk outdoors since it was nice day. J grudgingly agreed, and was immediately intrigued as we stepped outdoors. It was like stepping off an alien aircraft onto a new world. His sense of adventure soon got the better of him and we happily tripped away with a walk through a forest.

The Haves have not a fucking clue!
-Vedder, PJ

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Registered: 06/06/03
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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: Therapy]
    #2783542 - 06/11/04 01:40 AM (14 years, 13 days ago)

I actually had my FIRST bad trip about a month ago from DXM, ugh.

It was going fine other than the bad taste, I only drank a 4oz bottle but it proved to be more than enough. I got the shits from it but there was only one problem, I was 20 miles from my house and it was 3 am with NOWHERE to shit. So on the bus ride home my friends told me all I could say "Fuck man I gotta take a shit", I ended up throwing up all over these transvestites who were on the bus which was kind of a bonus I guess. I was just having terrible thoughts and kept falling asleep and getting brutal closed eye visuals. I ended up calling my girlfriend and she picked me up, comforted me and took me home.

It wasn't THAT bad but it was terrible unpleasant. I'm sure it was a direct result of not being able to take a shit anywhere.

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Registered: 05/25/04
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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2783749 - 06/11/04 03:48 AM (14 years, 13 days ago)

I've never had what I'd call a bad trip. Sometimes what I think is a "hard" trip might be similar, but obviously doesn't leave me feeling the same way as those experiancing a "bad" trip. So I'll relate my hardest trip.

I planned to take half an 8th of some very high quality and moderatly high potency cubes with two friends after a short day of classess. I was running late and had fasted all day. By about 2 pm I had gotten to the point were my energy levels from starving all day were going to negatively effect the trip so I decided to eat something. I stuffed down a foot long subway sandwhich and figured I would eat the whole 8th (3.5 g)instead of just a half. I then drove off to my friends house. We all sat down for NBA play-offs to begin and picked up a little Golden Eye. About 35 minutes into the game playing I felt the first effects come on very suddenly and fairly strong compared to previous trips- both of my friends had already been feeling effects for at least 10 minutes. From that point until the peak I got progressively worse and worse feelings about electronic devices, enclosed spaces, and especially the TV. I also began to feel somewhat negatively about my friends because they were getting so much entertainment from something that I had suddenly learned to dislike so much. I found myself walking in and out of one friends house and yard, off and on for the entire experiance desireing to see the sky and breath fresh air. I found myself wondering back in to observe my friends in some sort of very confused irritated state with the TV and myself. Yet they were laughing and transifxed. My dsilike of the TV was so profound at one point it made me sick to watch it and the majority of visual distorations occured while looking at the screen. Severe headaches would occur if I watched for too long.

About 3.5 hours later and many extremely focused internal observations I began to hear a whistleing sound. Something like the TV electronics and a singing sound mixed together. My friends where beginning to come down off thier trips a little and I was about to start the 2 hour peak. I looked at them confused. The fabric of the couch moved with a strange shimmering like lightening through water. The sound made me very tense and afraid. I felt something coming. I would look at the wall and see swirls in the paint that also moved akin to water. My face began to go numb, next my chest and neck. Later my hands would be numb as well.

The singing noise got so loud at one point that everything else became indecernable background. My friends looked really confused and kind of blank at the same time. I then had one of the most distsurbing thoughts I've ever had- "they could kill me!" At any time they could do something that would seem very easy and kill me doing it. I could kill them- anyone could kill each other. It could happen at any time. We could all be murdered or murder each other. Suddenly something profound hit me- "Why?" Why would we kill each other? Do I have a reason to do that? No. Do I have a choice, yes. The sound came back louder. Deep, deep inside I felt the sound somehow telling me I didn't really have a choice- and that no one did. The sound got louder- I becamse extremely frightened. I was petrified of my friends, but even more afraid of myself. I had to hold on to reality. Things were getting really confusing- the sound was getting unbarable. Then almost as if a pop had sounded in the air the singing stopped. The pressure left. I was crazy, I thought I was going to go insane and stay that way but the noise was gone, I was now a fulcrum. I was a point of observation- I was still afraid but the fear was just a feeling without reason.

Guests had come over by this time and each one of them seemed to talk about things that ment nothing. I felt they all knew I was crazy. I just sat there, numb half smiling with a very afraid look in my eyes. I hoped that time would pass and I would feel myself again. I wanted the confusion to go away. I wanted to enjoy everyday mundane activites. I wanted to be bored and at peace in medicore life. I wanted my mind to stop twisting. I found that no activity was any more meaningful than the next. I just wanted to be plain and humble and quiet again.

Time passed slowly. The feelings slowly subsided over a total course of about 8 hours. I began to feel normal again. I was happy to be what everyone considered sane but I knew was just a quiet peaceful place of the mind/soul. I drove home with the windows down in early spring and the cool fresh air hitting my face. I took my time enjoying the ride and the lights of the city. I felt releaved and thankfull. Life from that point on has had a slightly different meaning- simplicity and less TV.

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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2783756 - 06/11/04 03:52 AM (14 years, 13 days ago)

My worst trips have been the best ones and my best ones have been the worst, looking back.

Insert an "I think" mentally in front of eveything I say that seems sketchy, because I certainly don't KNOW much. Also; feel free to yell at me.
In addition: SHPONGLE

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Back from being gone.
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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2783829 - 06/11/04 05:28 AM (14 years, 13 days ago)

Well at least all these bad trips are caused by going into bad situations.
Like.. why in the hell go to a public party on mushrooms?
Or talk about houses are gray coffins?

You can compare them with driving for the first time with a blindfold on.
(You can be sure your heading for disaster).  :shake: :rolleyes:

Are you the real RTFM people? I wouldn't just do something without first doing some research.

:dancing: My latest music! :yesnod:

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Wild Woman
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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: Fliquid]
    #2783877 - 06/11/04 05:59 AM (14 years, 13 days ago)

I just wrote a very detailed and indepth description of my most "difficult" trip (I try not to think of them as "bad" because I always learn something from them)

but my browser closed because of an error and the computer ate it. *sigh* And I really don't have the patience to write it all again, but I will say that I'm with Strumpling...the trips that have been the most harrowing have been the greatest teachers.

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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2783906 - 06/11/04 06:17 AM (14 years, 13 days ago)

well , me , marilyn manson concert, lsd and mescaline, too many people, too much noise, people starts looking at me, marilyn starts talking about me, they want to kill me, they have tricked me here, they all are in on it, now everybody is in a circle around me, im trapped, run run run, corn field, smoke some weed, did they follow? do they know? did I win? is this the end?

to summer it up real quick

note: english is my 3rd languange, please ignore misspelling and poor english, im doing my best :smile:


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Wild Woman
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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: shamantra]
    #2783931 - 06/11/04 06:56 AM (14 years, 13 days ago)


shamantra said:
well , me , marilyn manson concert, lsd and mescaline, too many people, too much noise, people starts looking at me, marilyn starts talking about me, they want to kill me, they have tricked me here, they all are in on it, now everybody is in a circle around me, im trapped, run run run, corn field, smoke some weed, did they follow? do they know? did I win? is this the end?

I like how you wrote that. Even though I'm sure the experience was utterly terrifying, the tale itself has a "classic" quality to it.

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The one
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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2784243 - 06/11/04 10:50 AM (14 years, 12 days ago)

Right, this was a couple of months ago and i`ve never experienced a worser trip.
I took about 50 liberty caps and believe me they were strong. I thought that i transformed into my brothers best mate and even started talking like him and i just had to leave the room so i jumped up and instantly when i opened the front door paranoia hit, i mean hiding my face when i walked by people paranoia. I got home jumped into bed and could hardly shout my brothers name for help he told me to sleep it off that`s all i can do, i ended up getting out of the bed then i thought my body movements transformed into one of the tree people off lord of the rings..man it was bad, never experienced owt like it before. It fucked me up mentally for ages...

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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2785116 - 06/11/04 03:58 PM (14 years, 12 days ago)

I don't think ive ever had a completely bad trip before...
However, the first time I tripped, me and some friends were at this maze. We smoked a J, and we had lit one about 30 mins before also. Anyway, this is what brought my trip to its peak, my thoughts began to run like crazy, I couldn't concentrate and I felt like I was trying to find an asnwer to something but I didn't know what the questions was. I felt like i would never come down since I didn't know the question and I could only come down by answering it. Anyway, I couldn't concentrate on any thoughts, and I realized that I had "fallen" into another state of consciousness. I was not prepared for this consciousness and I wouldn't be able to figure out how to go back. It was too much for me and I would not be able to ever go back, I felt like I was too young for this state of consciousness. Then I realized that what I was experiencing is what an insane person goes through. I would never be able to live life the way I used to and would prolly end up in an insane asylum. Eventually that chaos subsided, I basicaly had seen life in a way I never imagined before. I saw the past, present, and future in a blink of an eye. It felt like it was too much, but then I relaxed a bit, I did however want the trip to end. I asked a few times "When does it end?!?!?!". I came down slowly, and my mind began to come slowly back to normal. Once I came down I felt better and just smoked some more weed. This didn't scare me form doing shrooms, and the second time I did it I dosed 4 grams and had the most amazing, learning experiences of my life.

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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2786004 - 06/11/04 08:45 PM (14 years, 12 days ago)

First time I actually smoked weed, did it before but I didn't realize what inhaling was and what I had to do to inhale it. After smoking quite a bit and not inhaling I thought I just didn't take enough, so I rolled up a huge joint with way too much weed for one person on their first time, and on my first puff I figured out how to inhale, so I proceeded to smoke the whole joint, halfway through I was already shaking and having muscle spasms, I was alone when I did this.

I sat down on my bed and started watching some TV, and started getting some hallucinations(this type of hallucination) all over the room which turned into a feeling that I was being pulled further and further back into the room and everything in front of me started getting smaller. I sat there thinking "this was cool", that is until I closed my eyes and it felt like somebody just shot me in the back of the head with a shotgun. I really was not prepared for that feeling, and I forced my eyes back open, my muscle spasms getting worse, kinda like I was shivering, but I wasn't cold. The room was spinning uncontrollably and I couldn't do anything to stop it. My heart beat was getting really fast and I started getting real paranoid, being scared that I was going to pass out because i thought i wasnt getting enough oxygen. I laid my head down to rest and not to my luck my head ended up facing my closet, whose clothes started forming really scary images that I really didn't need. At this point I had had enough and I promptly went to sleep and for the next 2-3 days I felt really limp and tired

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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2786803 - 06/12/04 02:08 AM (14 years, 12 days ago)

I've had an extremely difficult trip; the report is here: http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat...&PHPSESSID=

Again, this wasn't a bad trip; it was an extremely hard one.  A large portion of it was spent in an eternity of psychic pain and discomfort -- but then again, a large portion of it was spent in a fantastic haze of ecstacy and awe.  Yeah, definitely awe.  Fear and joy...

Anyway.  One of the worst parts was when the music started getting to me, so I turned it off, went and collapsed back on my bed ... and the fucking music kept playing in my head!  Jesus, that was insane.

I had the taste of vomit in my mouth for most of the trip, despite the fact that I hadn't puked -- even though I'd tried.  For a good deal of the time, I also felt I had horrible post-nasal drip and like I kept inhaling mucous into my trachea.

There were a couple of best parts.  The first was the feeling of connectedness-with-everything, the feeling of being one with the universe, of knowing the mind of God because I was the mind of God, and so was everything else.

The second part was something very simple: I was laying back, my eyes closed, when suddenly my mind's eye was bathed in white light.  I felt like I was laying in the sun; my entire body was warmed in this gentle light, and everything was good.

I learned a lot in that trip ... including how you can feel like utter death, and then be good with the world a few hours later.  :wink:

"Do we want the stars? We can have them. Can we borrow cups of fire from the sun? We can and must and light the world." --"On the Shoulders of Giants", Ray Bradbury

All of my posts are full of fiction and blatant lies.

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Carpal Tunnel
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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2787211 - 06/12/04 09:01 AM (14 years, 12 days ago)


old enough to know better
not old enough to care

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flip-flop magician
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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2787273 - 06/12/04 10:32 AM (14 years, 11 days ago)

well three particularly stand out.

Let me tell you about the first really bad one (equiv to about 30-40mg Psilocybin each) a Trip I did together with a friend who quickly fell into a stupor by the intensity of our equal dose.

I myself went psychiatric.
I was fed all sorts of truely paranoid ideas about him being disonest & mocking me & being an all-out lowlife scum bastard. It was a whole exchange between us.. except he wasnt in it. He lay there reclining in a chair in a stupor yet he fully participated in the exchange (as I saw it then) There were no visuals or trippy feelings, no fear of death or loss of control, only an enormous outburst of psychiatric paranoia, with interpersonal doubts and fears being magnified to some 3 hours of severe mental illness.

When he gradually came back from over yonder all he said only contributed to my shattering experience. Despite I was mentally sound and rational when the trip had receded the train of thought had done great harm to my side of our friendship. He was blissfully unaware of it all, but my internal processes had done such damage that despite my full awareness of the irrationality of it all it was an open wound for weeks and disrupted my trust in him for months on end.

All the while I knew (rationally) that it had been a destructive loop of insecurities within myself, a genuine "flip" apart from factual reality, but the emotional damage I inflicted upon myself in those 3 hours jeopardized our friendship for weeks and was a bitter inner conflict and painful for months.

It was akin to a beating: those 3 hours of mental anguish beat me to shite and allthough the beating/mental illness ended along with the Trip I needed months to heal my wounds.

Now that I write this, many years later & still best friends with him, I look inward and still see a small scar of the self inflicted emotional damage that occurred on the night I went psychiatric on 1/8 of strong mushrooms.


CLICK ONE -->  :redpill:  :bluepill:  <-- GO PLACES

From the Outcasts to the Incrowd, from the Clueless to the Helpful, it takes the whole Shroomery to help a n00b

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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: Asante]
    #2789001 - 06/13/04 01:37 AM (14 years, 11 days ago)

I accicently ate about a half of an ounce of concentrated shroomie extract. My uncle, who is a doctor, shot me up with god knows how much Thorazine and my parents walked me around the house for the rest of the night for fear I'll die in my sleep.
Now as far as calling that a bad trip, that's hard to say. I have no recollection of it.

Check out my tunes. You will be better off for it.

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Wild Woman
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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: beatlebangboy]
    #2789077 - 06/13/04 02:10 AM (14 years, 11 days ago)

What's "shroom extract?"

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Re: Describe your all-time WORST trip [Re: manna_man]
    #2789508 - 06/13/04 09:17 AM (14 years, 10 days ago)

I have had bad trips on 2c-e before, but never mushrooms, they usually treat me right. Peace.

"With a bit of luck, his life was ruined forever. Always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of his favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he'll never know."

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