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Registered: 05/02/04
Posts: 22
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a pictoral referance database.
    #2714780 - 05/22/04 03:28 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

I was thinking of putting together a pictoral database of mushrooms using Identified pics from this forum. I eventually would love to make it available to all. Any help would be great. Profit is not a goal at all, just a solid refrence guide.

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Registered: 11/02/03
Posts: 921
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Re: a pictoral referance database. [Re: skunkybuddy3000]
    #2714790 - 05/22/04 03:33 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

most solid idea I ahve ever heard- as long as people know that picture matching is a stupid way to judge gaurontees of edibility, which I see as maybe being a problem. Otherwise I have often wondered why there wasn't one save for the gallery, which is 75% cultivation & art. What do the mods have to say?


Guts and danger, Airborne Ranger...

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Registered: 05/02/04
Posts: 22
Last seen: 14 years, 5 days
Re: a pictoral referance database. [Re: superblingtheory]
    #2714806 - 05/22/04 03:39 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

I hear you about the gaurontees of edibility I would also like to inclued all pertinate information Of which I could use some help with the catagories.

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Registered: 05/06/04
Posts: 278
Last seen: 13 years, 7 months
Re: a pictoral referance database. [Re: skunkybuddy3000]
    #2714821 - 05/22/04 03:43 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

Check the 'posting pics for species ID' info' for guidelines on that... also, any pics included would have to be reliably ascribed to a certain state. But I think it's a great idea :-)

Peace, love and organic brown rice...

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Registered: 11/02/03
Posts: 921
Loc: Omnipresent
Last seen: 5 years, 4 months
Re: a pictoral referance database. [Re: skunkybuddy3000]
    #2714824 - 05/22/04 03:44 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

right on- an online field guide illustrated- I see... :handth:


Guts and danger, Airborne Ranger...

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Registered: 05/02/04
Posts: 22
Last seen: 14 years, 5 days
Re: a pictoral referance database. [Re: superblingtheory]
    #2714847 - 05/22/04 03:51 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

The Program I have is call Portfolio, it is a program that Stock Photography mainly use. You can catorgorize photos with keywords and notes. I just need/want accurate info.

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Registered: 07/22/99
Posts: 13,774
Loc: gone with my shrooms
Re: a pictoral referance database. [Re: skunkybuddy3000]
    #2714862 - 05/22/04 04:05 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

There is already an online guide right here at the shroomry with more than 2500 photo9graphs of 55 species of psilocybian mushrooms. If you had read the faq's and info in the general information section yo would have noticed this. It is the largest online collection of psilocyian mushrooms on the internet.


or go to the general section of this shroomery site and read the Shroomery's ultimate Field Guide.


has the largest database of all mushroom sites listed for every kind with tens of thousands of photographs.


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Registered: 11/02/03
Posts: 921
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Last seen: 5 years, 4 months
Re: a pictoral referance database. [Re: mjshroomer]
    #2714993 - 05/22/04 05:05 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

I'm sure he meant all shrooms, and had not visited mykoweb- not all persons interested in mushrooms are interested in tripping on psilocybian ,mushtrooms ( as you know full well).  Mykoweb isn't all that it is cracked up to be, IMHO, but I'm sure I'll be endlessly flamed for that so flame on! :devil:  He also may have been (as well as I am) interested in an onsite database with user- based contribs.  That would be rather personal and get people involved in hunting other mushrooms that subbs and cubies all the damn time.  But who knows why crazy people do or want crazy things...


Guts and danger, Airborne Ranger...

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Registered: 03/17/02
Posts: 4,461
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Re: a pictoral referance database. [Re: superblingtheory]
    #2715013 - 05/22/04 05:13 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

A pictoral reference of ALL mushrooms? Now that is a task. There is no perfect field guide.

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Registered: 11/02/03
Posts: 921
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Last seen: 5 years, 4 months
Re: a pictoral referance database. [Re: Aneglakya]
    #2715472 - 05/22/04 07:45 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

I mean a more comprehensive guide than one tha covers mushrooms of psycadelic interest- I'll sure specify next go round. I think there is a possibility of betterment through the collective efforts of members of a site like this that has people concerned enough to post daily findings. That's all. I was just agreeing with whatshisname abou the on site idea- and I happen to not feel great fondness for mykoweb. I think it would even help reduce redundancies if there were a link somewhere on the hunting forum list screen (real technical jargon, huh?).


Guts and danger, Airborne Ranger...

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Registered: 07/22/99
Posts: 13,774
Loc: gone with my shrooms
Re: a pictoral referance database. [Re: superblingtheory]
    #2715537 - 05/22/04 07:58 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)

Tis is one page from Mykoweb, this is a link for more than 200 websites on all aspects of mushrooms, and the least opn psychedelics.

It only works if you go to the site. This page is just a copy of one of the many sites associated with mykoweb.

Mycological Links

If you arrived at this links page from a link outside of MykoWeb, please first visit MykoWeb which includes the Fungi of California.
Links to amateur mushroom clubs in North America are on the Mushroom Clubs page.

Links marked with the RedCheck indicate that I consider the page to be of very high quality. To earn the RedCheck, a page must have exceptional content, be well designed, and kept up to date. Only the very best pages get the RedCheck, but you will also find much of interest in the pages without the RedCheck! I will be adding the RedCheck to deserving pages as I review them.

New items added to this page will have the icon appended to the link. This icon will remain for about 6-8 weeks...or until I am able to do the next update.
Please help keep these links current. If you know of any corrections, please email me!

Introductions to Fungi, Mushrooms, & Mycology
Descriptions and Photos of Fungi, Arranged Taxonomically
Lab Web Pages of Professional Mycologists
Mostly Fungal Photos
Amateur Mushrooming
Edible Mushrooms
Field Guides and Localized Guides
Phylogeny & Evolution of the Fungi
Mushroom Cultivation
Miscellaneous and Unclassified
Miscellaneous Technical Mycology Sites
Mushroom Art
Commercial Mushroom Sites
Some mushroom sites in languages other than English
The Commercial Harvest of Mushrooms
Lichens & Slime Molds
Sudden Oak Disease Syndrome
Books and Other Publications
Miscellaneous Mushroom Articles
Mycologists: Biographical Information
Classes, Conferences, & Forays
Other Mycological/Mushrooming Link Pages

Introductions to Fungi, Mushrooms, & Mycology
Introduction to the Fungi
The Fifth Kingdom
North American Mushroom Basics
Natural Perspective
Natural Perspective: Fungus Kingdom
Fun Facts About Fungi
Molds: Isolation, Cultivation, & Identification
Lichenland: Fun with Lichens
Food From Decay
HSU -- Botany 360
The Amazing Fungi
Fungi: An Introduction
Introduction to Lichens
Agarics, Boletes, and Chanterelles
Forest Pathology and Control
Rainforest Fungi
Introduction to Mushrooms
Morels, Truffles and other Spring Mushrooms
Introduction to Fall Mushrooms
Mushrooms: A Library Pathfinder
Introductory Mycology
Descriptions and Photos of Fungi, Arranged Taxonomically
The Mushroom Genus Laccaria in North America
A revision of Collybia s.l. in the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada
Home of the Xylariaceae
Macrofungi of Costa Rica
The Fungi of California
The Boletes of California
Matchmaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest
Key to Armillaria
Agaricales of the Hawaiian Islands
PezWeb: Western North American Pezizales
Systematic Studies in Discomycetes: Pezizales
The Agaricales of Java and Bali
The Russulales Website
Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles
Morten's Tricholoma Page
Amanita Studies
The Phlegmacium Website
The Genus Flammulina
Lab Web Pages of Professional Mycologists & Mycological Herbariums
Email Directory of Mycologists and Lichenologists
Mycology at SFSU: Welcome to the Desjardin Lab
Tom Volk's Fungi
The Bruns Lab
The Taylor Lab
Duke Mycology
Center for Forest Mycology Research
Mycology: the Spatafora Lab
Systematic Botany and Mycology Laboratory
Michigan Fungus Collection
New York Botanical Garden
Survey of Northern Illinois and Indiana Fungi
Scott A. Redhead
Penn State Mycological Herbarium
Virginia Tech Mycology
University of Tennessee Mycology Lab
The Chapela Lab
University of Georgia: Julian H. Miller Mycological Herbarium
National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Forest Mycology and Mycorrhiza Research Team
Mycology at LSU
Mushroom Lab at UW
Dr. R. Greg Thorn: Fungal ecology and systematics
Mycological Collections: Oregon State University
Fungal and Lichenological Types in the University Herbarium, UCB
Mostly Fungal Photos
The Fungi of California
Hunting for Mushrooms
Taylor F. Lockwood's Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi
Fungi Images on the Net
David Work's Mushrooms
Eileen's Mushroom Mania
Nathan's Fungi Page
Rain Forest Mushrooms
R. A. Chilton's Fungi Photos
Mushrooms of the Black Forest
Mushrooms and Toadstools
Euronature Champignons
George Barron's Fungi of Canada -- East
Fungi and Primitive Plants of Western Kentucky
Mushrooms of Middle and South Ural
Mushrooms of the Chicago region
Fungi Photos
The Mushrooms of Nicaragua
Selected Fungi, Nature and Nautical Photographs
Jim's Mushroom Slides
Pamela's Mushrooms
Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens Mushroom Guide
BioImages: The Virtual Field-Guide (UK): FUNGI (fungi, moulds and lichens)
Page perso de JJ.Wuilbaut
Kinok-ya: Mushrooms and other fungi of Japan
Paddo Fotos
Cal Photos: Fungi
Southern Appalachian Fungi
Soci?t? Mycologique Vaudoise - Photos Eric Strauss
Mycologie in Nederland
Amateur Mushrooming
Dave Fisher's Marvelous Mushroom Homepage
Wild Mushrooms: How to Find, Cook, and Eat Them -- and Survive!
Finest Fungi Fancier File
Igor's Home
Clamp Connexions.
At Home In Oregon: What's Rex Up To Now?
The Amateur Mycologist Homepage
Adam's Fungi Page
Captain Max Mushroom's Den
Simply Fungi
Fungi - my eternal nostalgia
Nathan's Fungi Page
Edible Mushrooms
Morel Heaven
1 Morel Mushroom Lane
Matsutake Mushroom
Hunting the Morels in Upper Michigan
Capturing Wild Chanterelles
The Great Morel Site
Robert's Wild Mushroom Cookbook
The Truffle Home Page
Edible mushrooms and other fungi
The Edible Psathyrellas of Haiti
The Wild Morels
There are recipes and links to recipes at the MykoWeb Wild Mushroom Recipes page
Field Guides and Localized Guides
Kisatchie Mushrooms
Mushrooms of North Carolina
The Fungi California
Field Guide to the Psilocybin Mushroom
Norwegian fungus of the month
Mushrooms of the Chicago region
Mushrooms in Greece
Fungi found in Wales
Tayside Fungi and Mushrooms
Wild Mushroom from Tokyo
Fungi of New Zealand
Forest Fungi
The Fungi of Wicken Fen
Fungimap Australia
Northern Ireland Fungus Group
BC Mushrooms
Recording Fungi in North West England
Phylogeny & Evolution of the Fungi
Tree of Life
Tree of Life: Fungi
Molecular Phylogeny of the Agaricales
AMF- phylogeny.com
Database of Descriptions of Ectomycorrhizae
2nd International Conference on Mycorrhiza
Reference Database on Mycorrhiza and Related Topics
Mycorrhizal Symbioses
Mycorrhizal Information Exchange
Mycorrihizas Webpage
The Biology of Mycorrhizas
Ectomycorrhizal Fungi of Eucalypts
Toxicology & Fungal Disease
Doctor Fungus
Food and Drug Administration: Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins 1992
The UC Davis Poison Center Answer Book - Mushrooms
Killer Mushrooms: the Toxic Amanita spp.
The Death Cap
Toxic Effects of Some Common Indoor Fungi
Kombucha Toxicity Alert
Unexplained Severe Illness Possibly Associated with Consumption of Kombucha Tea
Poisonous Nova Scotian Fungi
NAMA Mushroom Poisoning Case Registry
Medical Mycology
Mycology Online
Fungal Infections
Poisonous and Hallucinogenic Mushrooms
5-Year analysis of mushroom exposures in California
Microsopic Identification of Poisonous Mushrooms
Mushroom Poisoning in Children
Study Implicates Fungus As Cause Of Chronic Sinusitis
Mycological Aspects of Indoor Environmental Quality
Building Air Quality Investigation, Sick Building Remediation
Mushroom Cultivation
Mushroom Adventures
National Agricultural Statistics Service: report on mushroom production
Growing Mushrooms with Hydrogen Peroxide
Fungi Perfecti Online
The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter
Grow your own Mushrooms Homepage
Mushroom Experimental Station
Tree Mushroom Production for City Farmers
Spore Trading Post
Growing Edible Fungi
Agaricus Resource Program
Miscellaneous and Unclassified
A Mycological Voice From The Past
A Closer Look at Mushrooms
The Mushroom Place
Mushroom mailing list
The Fungi File
Smut versus Huitlacoche
Common Smut
Evil Ferment of the Earth: Mushrooms
Mushroom Hunting
Identifying Morels and False Morels
Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms
Mycology at Kew
North West Fungus Group
Sydney Fungal Studies Group
Mushroomers Online
RoadTrip America: Fun with Fungi
RoadTrip America: Helen Gale
Gruppo Micologico-Naturalistico
The Mycena Page
Winema Nat'l Forest Mushroom Info
Stinkhorn mushroom juice
Mushroom Mania...Is it for you?
Conservation and Horticultural Value of South Australian Fungi
Cryptogams in Depth
Sorting the Names of Fungi for the Multilingual Mycophile & Mycologist
Wild Mushrooms
The Mushroom Festival
Mushroom Hunting
A Mycological Voice From The Past
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne: Fungi Information
Spotlight on Fungi
The Fungiman's Home Page
Miscellaneous Technical Mycology Sites
Index Nominum Genericorum
Botanical Nomenclature tutorial
Color Concordance (Methuen and Ridgway)
Mushrooms, Lichens, and other Fungi
Molecular Techniques
Comparative Studies on the Macrofungi of China and Eastern North America
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
The Cantharellus Research Group
Names in Current Use for Extant Plant Genera
Medical Mycology Research Center
NYBG Catalog of Macrofungi
Kneebone Mushroom Collection
Forest & Shade Tree Pathology
Pacific Forestry Centre's Forest Pathology Herbarium
Basidiomycete Phylogeny Workshops/Symposia
White Rot Fungi
Catalog of New World Macrofungi
Mapping of Macromycetes in Norway
A searchable database for Rolf Singer's fungal genera, species, infra-species, and publications
Common Tree Diseases of British Columbia
Karl Soop - Mycology
The CABI Bioscience Database of Fungal Names
Studies in the Lasiosphaeriaceae
University of Paisley, Dept. of Biological Sciences: Index to the Kingdom FUNGI
Taxa in the Mycological Herbarium, University of Oslo
Taxonomy and co-evolution of Trichomycetes (gut-inhabiting fungi)and their Chironomidae (Diptera) hosts
Cortbase: A nomenclatural database of corticioid fungi (Hymenomycetes)
Mycological Society of America Fungal Biodiversity Website
Standardized Inventory Methodologies for Components of British Columbia's Biodiversity: MACROFUNGI
The "Phylocode" ? A Commentary
Common Tree Diseases of British Columbia
Online Key to North American Lactarius Species
Key to Common British Basidiomycetes
Leccinum Revisited
Synoptic keys to the inoperculate stromatic discomycetes in the Nordic countries: Sclerotiniaceae & Rutstroemiaceae
Key to Cortinarius subgenus Dermocybe
Mushroom Art
Mushrooms for Color; Polypores for Paper
Fungus plates painted under the supervision of Elias Fries
Marie Heerkens' Mushroom Art Gallery
Magic Mushroom Lamps and Waterfalls
Mycological Society of America
North American Mycological Association
Mycological Society of San Francisco
The complete list of NA mushroom clubs is at North American Mycological Societies
British Mycological Society
Danish Mycological Society
Swedish Mycological Society
American Bryological and Lichenological Society
International Mycological Association
Netherlands' Mycological Society
Commercial Mushroom Sites
Wild About Mushrooms
Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc.
Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc.
The Mushroom Council
Fungus Among Us Mushroom Farm
Kasugai Shiitake Mushrooms
East Coast Exotic Mushrooms
Oregon White Truffles
Morel Mania
Nature's Delights
Dried Gourmet Imported Mushrooms
Gourmet Mushrooms
Fungus Among Us
Truffes du Terroir
Patricia Brown greeting cards
Morel Mushroom Hunting Club
Wild West Mushroom Company
Mycelium Fruits
Truffle Exchange
Wiebke Trading Company
Humungus Fungus
Earthy Delights
March? Aux Delices
Black Forest Mushroom Company
Noris II
Dried Gourmet Mushrooms
Mushroom Edible Fungi Inc.
Wholesale Mushrooms
Some mushroom sites in languages other than English
"Na grzyby!" - Atlas polskich grzyb?w
Associaci? Micol?gica Joaquim Codina
Informationen ?ber Pilze
Proefstation voor de Champignoncultuu
Gruppo Micologico di Rozzano
Virtuaalinen Sienikirja
Petit guide des champignons
Le Cercle de Mycologie de Mons
Il Mondo dei Funghi
Pilze, Pilze, Pilze, ...
La Raccolta Dei Funghi Nel Veneto 1996
Mycologie van Nederland
Verein f?r Pilzkunde Thurgau
Pilze.ch - Pilze, Champignons, Fungi
Euronature a.s.b.l.: Champignons
Soci?t? Mycologique de Strasbourg
Informationszentrale gegen Vergiftungen der Universiteat Bonn
Economic Fungi of China
Hongos: Criaturs de Otros Reinos
Paddestoelen in Nederland
Terre del Tartufo
Les champignons et la radioactivit? due aux retomb?es de Tchernobyl
I miei Funghi
Svampe i ?stjylland
Der Tintling - Die Pilzseite
Les Champignons
Associazione Micologica Bresadola
Pilzvereins Region Baden
Micologi Associati
Pilze, Pilzbilder, Ascomyceten
Soci?t? Mycologique du Pays de Montb?liard
Sepon Sieniopas
The Commercial Harvest of Mushrooms
Wild edible mushrooms: Profile of industry in British Columbia
Winema National Forest: Matsutake Mushrooms
Lichens & Slime Molds
North American Lichen Project
Lichens of the Miller Springs Nature Center
LICHENS as Bioindicators
A Cumulative Checklist for the Lichen-forming, Lichenicolous and Allied Fungi of the Continental United States and Canada
Lichenland: Fun with Lichens
Introduction to Lichens
The Lichens
A Cumulative Checklist for the Lichen-forming, Lichenicolous and Allied Fungi of the Continental United States and Canada
California Lichen Society
Lichens of the Walton Hall Nature Trail
Lichenology in the Netherlands
ASU Lichen Herbarium
Myxo Web
Introduction to the "Slime Molds"
Slime Molds - a problem associated with organic mulch
Hunting Slime Molds
Sudden Oak Disease Syndrome
The California Oak Mortality Task Force
University of California Sudden Oak Death Research Team
University of California Cooperative Extension: Sudden Oak Death
Oak Fungus Has a Killer Relative Scientists say blight in California is like disease destroying cedars in Northwest
State Mobilizes To Fight Oak Killer Task force of 165 public officials and scientists meets at Mare Island
California Oaks 'Bleeding' To Death From Mystery Epidemic
Oak-killing disease spreads to buckeyes
Quarantine to halt spread of oak disease
The Vaults of Erowid
The Psilocybe Mushroom FAQ
Sacred Mushrooms
Mushrooms and Magic: the Mycotheology Home Page
North Florida Shroom Guide
The Ones That Stain Blue
Mushrooms, Psychedelic Fungi
Spore Works
Mushroom John's Shroom World
Books and Other Publications
A Plain and Easy Account of British Fungi by M. C. Cooke (1898)
The Esculent Funguses of England by C. D. Badham (1847)
Micro-Fungi by Thomas Brittain (1882)
Mushroom: The Journal of Wild Mushrooming
The Song of Mukhomor a film by Tom Stimson
The Mushroom Hunt!
NHBS BookNet
Balogh Scientific Books
Mycologue Publications.

Mushrooms of Northeastern North America
Elsevier's Dictionary of Edible Mushrooms
The Book: Mushrooms and Light
A.A.Balkema, Publishers
Book review: Mushrooms Demystified
Il genere Boletus
Fungal Jungal
Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds
Lubrecht & Cramer, LTD.
Koeltz Scientific Books
RBG Kew - Systematic Works: Mycology
The beauty of small things: Photographs let lichens and fungi shine in two new books
Miscellaneous Mushroom Articles
California Wild: The Way of the Wild Mushroom by David Arora
Deseret News: In Search of Mushrooms
SF Chronicle: Gourmets Court Mushroom King
SF Chronicle: Fungus Menaces Garlic Crop
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:Mushrooms: They'll grow on you
Scientific American Frontiers: About All You Can Eat: Mushroom Mania
The Record Online: Wild mushrooms can be delicious treats
SF Chronicle: Wild Mushrooms Start to Sprout
Science News: Communism in trees goes underground
North Dakota Outdoors: Puffballs or Footballs
CNN Interactive: Potato research: Fighting the Blight
Seattle Times: Finally, fungi receive some credit
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Capturing wild chanterelles
Science Daily: Mechanism For Fungal Adherence Found, Possible Key To Disease
Science Daily: Household Fungus Contributes To "Sick Building Syndrome"
Deseret News: Activists wary of plan to sow pot-killing fungi in Florida
Lincoln Journal Star: The morel of the story: Mushrooms are good for you, too
CNN.com: Bureau's delay in species surveys challenged
Christian Science Monitor: A question of morels
Oregon Live: Companies pitch fungi to make gardens grow
CNews: Mushroom madness in charred forests
Denver.com: Fungi fun
Science Daily: Researcher Finds Plant Toxin That Causes Fungal Suicide
The Record Online: One man's paean to mushrooms, mold, and mildew
Nova Scotia Conservation: Mushrooms & Other Fungi
SF Weekly: Mushroom Crowd
The Record Online: Going wild with mushrooms
South Africa Sunday Times: Mushrooms used as bait to kill
The Oregonian: This is a down fall for fun with fungi
The Oregonian: Poor prices, scarcity sour matsutake season
CNews: Gourmet mushrooms spark interest, but buttons sell best
Post-Gazette: The call of the wild mushrooms
Lincoln Journal Star: Looking at the morel of the story
The Hindu: Selecting mushroom seed
SF Gate: The Bland, the Bitter and the Furry
Science Daily: UNC-CH Biologists Identify New Order of Marine Fungi
Monitor: The moral of our mushroom search
SF Gate: Mushroom Magic Awaits Those Who Dare to Hunt
Whole Earth: Migrant Mushroomers
Whole Earth: The Global Mushroom Trade
National Geographic: The Life of a P?rigord Trufficulteur
MoJo Wire: Drug Control or Biowarfare?
Detroit News: Coveted morels draw hunters
Star Chefs: Summer Truffle: Winter Truffle's Neglected Sister
Toledoblade.com: Reproduction a touch-and-go thing for fungus
ABC News: Humongous Fungus
Cleveland.com: Couple raise exotic fungi coveted by markets, eateries
SF Gate: Fungus Among Us May Soon Pep Up Your Trees
Oregonian: Mushroom hunting reason to be afield
BBC News: Computer fungus risk to patients
CBC News: Tree fungus eats insects
Nature: Fatal fungi thrive on fat
Christian Science Monitor: Mushrooms may slow global warming
Telegraph: Scientist finds fungus that eats through compact discs
Nature: Strangers in a strange land
NT Times: Decade-Long Quest Results in Rich Paean to Lichens
Detroit Free Press: The state's natural, edible bounty is waiting to be harvested
Mystical Mushrooms: A symbol of spring, the morel mushroom inspires the poet in chefs and eaters alike
Mycologists: Biographical Information
William Chambers Coker
John Nathaniel Couch
Elias Magnus Fries
Elias Magnus Fries (photo)
Gaston Guzman
Calvin H. Kauffman
William Alfonso Murrill
Charles Horton Peck
Christiaan Hendrik Persoon
Clark T. Rogerson
Rolf Singer
Alexander H. Smith
Harry D. Thiers
Classes, Conferences, & Forays
Sierra Nevada Field Campus
Higher Fungi of the Sierra Nevada
The Tlaxcala Mushroom Excursion
Other Mycological/Mushrooming Link Pages
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mycology
The most comprehensive listing of mycological resources on the internet.
Diversity of Life Web Index: Fungi
Mycology on the Internet
Mushrooms on the Web
BioMed Mycology Links
Internet Directory for Botany: Lower Plants
Psilocybin and Mushrooms


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