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Trip Report: 5 Grams --- Overwhelmingly cool (long)
    #2699309 - 05/19/04 01:32 AM (14 years, 8 days ago)

Last night I had managed to purchase 5 grams by fluke chance. I ingested them at my house at approx. 12:30. I prepared a backpack earlier complete with CD player, writing book, water, bud. My intention was to let it sink in, then go outside for an adventure.

I put on Pink Floyd: Live at Pompei to distract me a little from the come-up. About halfway through the movie I could feel the body sensation's hit. I was becoming distracted from the movie and quickly went to my computer before departing outside. Stomach cramps were noticable but not bad. I sat in my chair outside and waiting until it was the right time to walk off.

I glanced up at the huge trees nearby me and they resembled a herd of elephants. I kind of giggled at this, and looked around the trees for more thing to pick out. I then peered down at a large sitting rock and I could make out moving faces within it. Pretty neat.

I walked over to my dock in my pond and looked around. I put my CD player on and listened to a mix I made. Staring into my pond I noticed that it looked like a huge hole going into the earth, and you couldn't see the bottom. Leaning over looking down this hole, I saw the reflection of the stars. Together they resembled the face of my dog that passed away two years ago, and it kinda made me feel wigged out. I decided to change scenery. Just as I was doing this, "The End" by the Doors came on.

I walked over to my firepit, and right away I got an uncomfortable feeling. As I slowly walked closer to the fire, I felt like there were things watching me from the forest. And right then something in the fire pit caught my eye. There was still a few coals burning bright. The last time we had a fire was two days ago. Wigged out. Quickly change scenery. The mushrooms were slowly taking hold of me. Almost guiding me.

I approached my front yard and boy was it beautiful. I think the music had a large part to do with this. Everything felt so right at that moment. I knew I was in for a good time. I slowly made my way up my driveway, before running off and dancing like a mad man to the music playing. I felt like a million people were watching me, it was great. I looked around and everything seemed so grand! It was awesome.

By now the body load was becoming a factor. Ohh man, gotta lay down. Noo, gotta dance more, music is so fluent. Eventually I parked myself under a few trees and fell to the ground in glory. I was conquered by the mushroom. Visual were becoming intense and distracting.

I sat under the trees for awhile just plain tripping out. I couldn't concentrate on any one thing. I eventually struggled and sat up and began going through my bag. Holy shit was that ever hard. Trying to find the zipper when I was that disoriented! Although it was great at the time. I felt like a little kid! I would hide under my coat and go through my bag. Believe it or not, it took me a good 30 minutes to actually take anything out of the bag. I was gone in the reality department. I began picking things off of my neck, only to find nothing in my fingers. This made me laugh immensley. I kept referring to myself as "Adam the bumbling oaf!" This is where the peak kicked in. I was under the influence of numerous euphoric feelings. Words cannot explain... I'm sure most of you who have done large doses knows what Im talking about.

I managed to put Dark Side of the Moon on and maybe smoke some herb. (Favorite artist of the night was John Lennon) I ended up putting all the herb accessories in my shoe (like a kid would) only to struggle so much getting them back out. Tying my shoe was a momumental task. But when I finally got it out and tied my shoe up, I felt so proud of myself. Hah.

As I stared around at my surroundings, there were massive trails coming off of everything. I would also see like a thousand faces all over my vision. In the trees, the grass, everything. It didn't un-nerve me though, I was too fucked up to notice. This is when ego-loss began to set in. I was imagining myself at different locations simualtaneously, and I couldn't differ which one I was actually living and was reality. I also came to the time conclusion, that I only exisited at that one moment and nothing else. I also came to many conclusions, but alas I was so fucked I don't remember.

I slowly made my back up and began dancing. I don't know how much dancing I did. It was more like stumbling around in circles. Visuals to fucking intense. There were things coming at me from everywhere. Pieces of my vision were rearranging themselves with other pieces. Waves everywhere. Rainbow colors galour!!! There was also the aztec like designs, overlaying my whole vision. I kept experiencing dreams I had within the past months and mumbling to myself in a haze of deja-vu "Hey I've been here before!!!" That was another thing, the whole trip was like deja-vu.

My attention span was like 1 second. And I would always end up back at the same thought. Thought loop I guess.

It then came to my realization that I was dancing in a big patch of dirt. My footprints were everywhere, and my dad would surely ask me why my footprints are all over the front lawn.

I slowly.. slowly stumbled my way back to the garage. By now I was positive the music was narrating my trip. The words would relate to me so much at the moment.

I arrived at the grage and spent about 5 minutes trying to evade the giant toad in my way (tractor). Everyway I went, there was something infront of me (I was always imagining/hallucinating it). Finally I was able to get a rake and stumble back up the footprints. I arrive there and was just so overwhelmed and confused that I didn't know/remember what to do. I just said "Hey, what am I doing back here?!" Though loops and positioning loops! Arr, slowly stumble back to my garage and put the rake back. Wander around my yard in a zombie like fashion, gawking at all the pretty swirls and colours. I went back into my forest and tried my goddamn hardest to follow the trail. But I would always shine my flashlight and realize I'm like 15ft away from the trail. Trees texture felt unreal. Again I was experiencing hardcore hallucinations infront of me. Like giant boxes coming straight at me with lightbults on the end. Very faint though, but enough to make me stop numerous times thinking Im about to walk into something.

I eventually made it into my room and was still pretty lost in my mind. Reality was no where to be seen. I then stripped down to my birthday suit and just paced back and forth in my room. My cat somehow was in the room as well. I put on my house coat and began to play with the cat. My cat had 4 eyes to me, and the softest fur in the world. It was amazing. This creature was like my tripping buddy, I felt such a strong connection with my cat. So much fun to play with for about half and hour. I picked up my guitar and managed to strum two chords, giggling at how cool it was. I quickly lose interest in that and decide to try to write a message on the shroomey. Hah, the whole screen was just wavy lines. I got winamp up and played some music, before collapsing to the ground, crawling over to the door and letting my cat out. I crawl into bed and just slowly come down from my trip. Allow my ego to rebuild itself.

Overall it was a fun trip, but not the trip I was looking for. I wanted to explore my mind and learn something. But instead I was greeted with "pleasurable insanity". I kinda felt depressed the day after because I wanted so badly to learn something from the trip, and allow it to change me for the better. I got none of that. Maybe I was just too distracted by the visuals... and that I had virtually no attention span.

Next time I plan to do 3.5grams, in hopes that the mind shattering spirituality and realizations are there, without the circus in town -- if you know what i mean.

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Registered: 05/11/04
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Re: Trip Report: 5 Grams --- Overwhelmingly cool (long) [Re: adamj]
    #2699752 - 05/19/04 04:15 AM (14 years, 8 days ago)

wow great trip! I never triped that hard visually but I do learn alot mentally from the trip

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Registered: 03/10/04
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Re: Trip Report: 5 Grams --- Overwhelmingly cool (long) [Re: adamj]
    #2702482 - 05/19/04 07:48 PM (14 years, 7 days ago)

That sounds pretty neat.  When I shroom, I get so many visuals but I'm so overwhelmed by how much thinking I'm doing that whatever visuals I get don't really bother me.  I think being an experienced drug user of various types might have something to do with how I cope with tripping, too.  Maybe next time you should trip with a bunch of friends.  You'll have at least a couple of friends that will mention something philosophical and get your mind focused on the types of stuff you want to experience then :smile:

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that guy
Registered: 05/19/04
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Re: Trip Report: 5 Grams --- Overwhelmingly cool (long) [Re: adamj]
    #2705462 - 05/20/04 01:53 PM (14 years, 6 days ago)

Great Trip! How much time was passed? And, how many times have you tripped? Tripping is different for everyone, but it took me several trips before I got any results that approximated what I was looking for. I agree wholeheartedly with PatternOfChaos above. Having company is the best if you want to stay focused on thinking, at least that's been my experience.

I don't know about you, but I'm going that way...

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Registered: 04/13/04
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Re: Trip Report: 5 Grams --- Overwhelmingly cool (long) [Re: saltlick]
    #2706684 - 05/20/04 05:52 PM (14 years, 6 days ago)

As long as the other people have tripped before. Theres nothing worse then somebody else having a bad trip while your trippin. I still like to trip by myself and explore my yard, or play with my dog =b.

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searching fortruth andlogic...

Registered: 01/18/04
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Re: Trip Report: 5 Grams --- Overwhelmingly cool (long) [Re: adamj]
    #2706868 - 05/20/04 06:15 PM (14 years, 6 days ago)

I wonder , what is the connection between the eye candy of the trip and the seriuos thinking/learning.

It would be ideal if one could have both always, but this comes with experience and the ability to focus.

Recently, I am more willing to have good learning experiences, and the beautiful visuals/euphoria are not so much of a desired goal like it was several years ago when I first tried shrooms.

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missing thehappy days...
 Arcade Champion: Tontie

Registered: 01/24/04
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Re: Trip Report: 5 Grams --- Overwhelmingly cool (long) [Re: adamj]
    #2708006 - 05/20/04 09:18 PM (14 years, 6 days ago)

sounds like fun...!!!!

Smoke The Weed

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#1 Stunner

Registered: 05/18/04
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Loc: Southeast USA
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Re: Trip Report: 5 Grams --- Overwhelmingly cool (long) [Re: adamj]
    #2708098 - 05/20/04 09:47 PM (14 years, 6 days ago)

I've never tripped on mushrooms before... I can't wait to try it


"Just in case you never noticed, the path you never chose has chosen you." -Jason Mraz

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Dreamin Man
Registered: 04/24/04
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Re: Trip Report: 5 Grams --- Overwhelmingly cool (long) [Re: adamj]
    #2708362 - 05/20/04 11:02 PM (14 years, 6 days ago)

You sir are a crazy man....And i love ya...Very entertaining...2 enthusiastic thumbs up on that trip sounds like a lot of fun was had. Mind shattering spirituality is amazing too though.

"Im a dreamin man
yes thats my problem
I cant tell when im
not being real"

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Re: Trip Report: 5 Grams --- Overwhelmingly cool (long) [Re: adamj]
    #2708370 - 05/20/04 11:05 PM (14 years, 6 days ago)

from what you wrote, you could have learned some awesome shit had you gave things a chance instead of getting 'wigged' and ignoring them....dealin with that types of shit is the lessons to be learned.

if u ask me, i think your dog was tryin to say whats up.  all that euphoria comes from your soul bro, thats where your wisdom lies, that is where you want to look to learn.  from there is where the whole experience is based on.

cool trip report :thumbup:

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Folding@home Statistics
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Re: Trip Report: 5 Grams --- Overwhelmingly cool (long) [Re: adamj]
    #2710661 - 05/21/04 12:57 PM (14 years, 5 days ago)


I also came to the time conclusion, that I only exisited at that one moment and nothing else. I also came to many conclusions, but alas I was so fucked I don't remember.

It's too bad that you dont remember...

You were getting close.
The time thing is dead on.


~Happy sailing~

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