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Registered: 04/02/20
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Premonition of future (Covid-19)
    #26573090 - 04/02/20 01:21 PM (10 months, 21 days ago)

Hi Folks. I'm very to new to all this and this is my first post. A little background: I'm in my 40s, male, history of addiction in recovery x3 years. I did a lot of homework, research and decided to use mushrooms to go deeper into the issues that led to my addiction and for spiritual experience/insights. I'm very much a "skeptic" and have always seen the world purely in materialistic/mechanical terms that are amenable to science (ie not given to lots of flighty ideas).

My first trip with modest amount (3 gms) was wonderful; I saw things that were amazing (won't bore you with what you all probably are familiar with).

My question: 2nd trip (have only done 2) was a low dose but "strong," about 1.5 grams. I was very cogent and had only mild altered consciousness. However three images dominated the experience: I was looking at a book of art without much distortion but the Mona Lisa I saw covered in very tiny Chinese writing (tiny like virus?). It then was awash in purple but still absolutely crawling with these tiny Chinese "letters."

My AC duct has always reminded my of the trachea and bronchi of lungs (it is round and splits in a very organic way). It too was covered in this Chinese writing.

Finally I saw an image of death that is used in pre-historic societies. I know because I have an anthropology book with this image. It looked at me.

There were no other hallucinations, insights, or images.

This was about 4 months ago, prior to any virus news. Forgive me for sounding a bit crazy, but has anyone heard of mushrooms giving a kind of clairvoyance or foreknowledge of things? As a skeptic I'm very...well, skeptical...but I saw what I saw and I'm open-minded.

Thank you for reading. Be well.

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OfflineDJ Ed
Mushroom Engineer

Registered: 09/04/16
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Re: Premonition of future (Covid-19) [Re: CJinGA]
    #26573135 - 04/02/20 01:42 PM (10 months, 21 days ago)

On higher doses (much higher than 1.5g) I sometimes get a feeling of esp, telepathy, seeing the future etc. But I would say Chinese writing or whatever it was, is a very common feature with mushrooms. I once set aside a bowl of crystals to stare at once I reached the peak but I could not focus on them at all, especially seas they were crawling with Aztec , sort of Egyptian like hieroglyphics.

The other night on Mazatapec cubensis, the hieroglyphics were all over everything in my open eye visuals!

I think then that what you described was the way the mushrooms bring our “archetypal thinking” to the surface. You will see many archetypes in your closed eye visuals, and on higher doses in your open eyed visuals. But at most doses, I see the hieroglyphics. If you look into the carpet, you will see Aztec civilisations appearing; that’s when I know I’m on the way up......

EDIT: have you heard the Hawkwind song, Watching the Grass Grow? To me, that’s pretty much mushroom OEVs outdoors, (and the trees growing), indoors it’s the Aztec civilisations!

Edited by DJ Ed (04/02/20 01:45 PM)

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OfflineKorean Jesus
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Registered: 11/13/19
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Re: Premonition of future (Covid-19) [Re: DJ Ed]
    #26573665 - 04/02/20 07:08 PM (10 months, 21 days ago)

Yes. Mushrooms have convinced me that they are harbingers of the future!

I think it's because they induce pyschosis 🤷🏼‍♂️

But a spiritual person I am not. Maybe, for you, they will tell the future


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I'm a teapot
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Re: Premonition of future (Covid-19) [Re: Korean Jesus]
    #26573691 - 04/02/20 07:21 PM (10 months, 21 days ago)

You were tripping. Stay calm and never panic.

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people have gone retarded

Registered: 01/02/14
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Re: Premonition of future (Covid-19) [Re: LosTresOjos]
    #26574335 - 04/03/20 02:52 AM (10 months, 20 days ago)

Idk about this kind of effect, but one night back when i was 24, while on my usual dosage of Ayahuasca i had a full on precognitive vision with closed eyes (i rarely ever get closed eyed visuals) and the vision was of my dad's death, i saw him in a hospital room, dead, laying on the hospital bed, i saw him from the front of the bed, then hovered over him on the bed, and Aya told me he was dead, i started crying, i started processing it right then and there (as if he literally just died), and i had a very very strong "knowing" attached to the vision that it was indeed a legit precognitive vision of my dad's death. I came down from that experience, i told my mom what i experienced, asked her if i should tell my dad, she said i probably shouldn't, so i didn't. Fast forward a week later, he started getting sick, then over the next week he got progressively worse and ended up in the hospital diagnosed with MRSA Sepsis (from a shoulder surgery he had pretty much a couple decades prior that caused some issues a couple times after his surgery but i guess went into remission all this time until he started drinking more Alcohol and not taking care of himself and it apparently came back). The last night, the night he died, my mom told me and my brother that we should go up there to see him, so we did, the whole way there that damn vision was in my mind, but still, i ignored it, spent a couple hours up there, then left to go back home at 7pm, at about 10:30pm, my mom got the call, he died.

The only other time i've ever had a precognitive vision, was back when i was 17 and i had a weird dream one night about me being sick and in the hospital, i woke up all sweaty and startled and told my mom and her friend about the dream, and then forgot about it and went on with life. Two months later, i start getting sick, went to the hospital after having some pretty severe symptoms, doctors said i was like maybe 12 hours away from dying and probably would've had i not gotten to the hospital when i did. My organs were shutting down, kindeys, liver, they removed my gallbladder, and i wasn't getting any better, then they found out i had Salmonella Sepsis, and saw my spleen was enlarged (trying to contain the poison), and so they drained my spleen and gave me anti-biotics and i started getting better. Was in the hospital for 2 weeks, the day i got released me and my parents walked out to the car, as soon as i got into the car and shut the door, BAM! the vision came flooding back to my memory and i was like "holy shit!" lol.

So one vision in a dream, one vision while on Ayahuasca, both came true, both felt real, felt like visions, had a strong sense of knowing attached to it, and both felt like they came from the same source or parts of the brain/neural networks or however visions work in general, they both came from the same place/space/state.

As for your experience, idk, it may just be random, but it maybe could be something, only you can really conclude. I too am skeptical of things and like to be scientific but am open minded and willing to learn new things even outside the realm of what i think is possible, but precognition does apparently happen, not saying that's what happened to you, but maybe. I wouldn't think 1.5 grams of mushrooms would get you there though, i mean maybe, but  i doubt it, but who knows. It is interesting though.


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OfflineThe Blind Ass
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Re: Premonition of future (Covid-19) [Re: Sabnock]
    #26574463 - 04/03/20 05:41 AM (10 months, 20 days ago)

More likely.

First off, the trip was a display of your mind and it’s contents.thats what trips are, they turn the mind inside out revealing the psyche, hence the term psychedelic.  Psyche-revealing.  Maybe you pieced something together before your conscious mind knew what was going on, so in a sense a dream can be prescient to oneself, but not in a way that forecasts via magic.  In other words...

Secondary, as time passed, the memory become interpreted in the light of current events, combined with a trios dreamlike nature and the psychic.psychological phenomena of juxtaposing past and current phenomena ala memory, you interpret your trip as prophetic- because you have reinterpreted the original experience in light of 4months of sensory data/input with themes and info that lead you to such.

Chinese letters, for one are not a thing, Chinese language uses a non alphabetical system.  Also, viruses have a distinct structure related to their function in nature, they have their own distinct appearance.  They look absolutely nothing like Chinese chanrcterS Lolo,  but if you search your memory you can figure out how and why and where such an association originated, the sum of sensory input that allowed such a thing to be conjured in your trip.

I’m sure if you reflect hard enough, you’ll see this is a case of hindsight-foresight mixup.

I know the phenomena you speak of, know it first hand, but I know also, that it is human err.  It’s very common in our species, especially in regard to dream experiences and drug experiences, but if you cannot see hoe you err’d, or your brain did, the ill just say- beware of error that is fixating on something that is really nothing. 

The phenomena you experienced is more incredible than the belief that its true or prophetic, i mean, cmon right?  This happens in humans and many fall for the illusion rather than see the building blocks of the illusion.  It’s like believing a shadow of a chicken is a chicken because it has the shape of it, the form of it,  rather than noticing that while it seeems to be a chicken, it’s form is dependent upon the lack of light in the area in which a chicken shaped shadow is appearing, then noticing the shape is negated of light, then knowing of shadows that something must be producing it, and then seeing your own hand gesture is the one doing the shadow play ! 

If you believe in your own story, and it’s just a story, than its a case of not letting the right hand know what the left hand does ,  or something like that,  and yes-  that brain is a master magician that can work the likes of magical illusion into reality.

Now I may be wrong,  but you’ll have to really flesh out that trip without altering the memory of it any further if you want to be sure,  good rule of thumb is , if that happened four months ago, and you weren’t sure then, or aren’t sure now and had to ask, likely it wasn’t prophetic in the classical biblical sense, but possibly in a looser sense, if not that than it was reinterpreted in the light of recent events.

Good luck figuring it out,on your own

Give me Liberty caps - or - give me death caps

Edited by The Blind Ass (04/03/20 05:56 AM)

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Mushrooms, Mycology and Psychedelics >> The Psychedelic Experience

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