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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: nevereataamanita] * 2
    #26396151 - 12/22/19 08:52 PM (9 months, 25 days ago)

Jan 1st I can start but I think it's totally cool if some stragglers end up starting a few weeks later. This comment sums up why it really shouldn't matter...


ComebackKid said:
All I see are reasons you should sign up.
The grow along will be a great resource you can follow along other peoples grows. Everyone will be happy to help

If you cant start for a couple weeks that's fine. Grab a spot and follow along in the meantime.
People are going to be "fumbling" at different stages of the grow.

Last time we did this I was stuck for a long ass time still cleaning shit on agar worrying about pin mold while other people were harvesting.

OK so I started, just a couple hours late I guess, I didn't wake up until 4PM on January 1st (I was up late watching the dead and company new years eve show :super:!!!)

By time I got my ass moving and made agar, plates were swabbed at around 12:30AM on January 2nd, 2020.

I'm lazy af I will upload pictures once there is some germination :cheers:


OK shroomerites..I got to it finally. Here is the full detailed grow log thus far. Since most of this growlog is being written today (March 3rd, 2020) it is possible some dates/times may be slight estimates, however inoculation dates are all accurate.

Plates were first swabbed on January 2nd, 2020. On January 9th, 2020 I swabbed more plates because I thought some of the first germ plates looked pretty fucked. All agar plates used are a typical agar 2% recipe with 10grams of agar and 10grams of malt extract per 500mL of water.

This is my first time growing these spores.

Original plates from January 2nd and some of the January 9th plates that turned out looking very nice..

~Mid January (January 18th, and around this date, T2 transfers were being made. Also T2 transfers from the original germ Jan 2nd plates. Also some weird blobbish growths on a plate. One of these blobs was cloned. Will get pics soon of the "blob" clone plate)

There is no real progress from January 20th to late February due to my schedule just not allowing it. Since then I have put a bunch of wedges from cleaner T2 and T3 plates to grain. They are just taking off and pictures to update on the spawn will come soon. And I've made a lot of plates up, so I can expand, though I will prefer to take clones once I get first fruits from current spawn

Will update soon with more pictures and stuff guys. Just wanted to get this started properly! :rockon: I'm also thinking of including the PE grow I have going in this log since it is already pinning. Check er out! :grin:

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: nevereataamanita] * 3
    #26396248 - 12/22/19 09:45 PM (9 months, 25 days ago)


nevereataamanita said:
CBK was being cool about it but yeah, I get why the concept loses meaning with a staggered start. I'll just watch.

Maybe I'm out of turn, but I think the most important takeaway is the communal aspect of it all.

It could be a place for some to light a fire under their ass to get started on something new.
It could be a place for novices to constructively compare notes with more seasoned growers.

Ultimately, it should be a place to bring us all on the same damn level - we're all just growing shit, and that shit's fun. And we should all be happy to see each other growing that shit.
Whether you PF Tek Golden Teachers or do supplemented sawdust logs of an exotic woodlover, we should all be able to encourage each other's growth.
And I really appreciate that CBK has set up a platform for us all to do this on a relative timeframe. It better helps in the learning process and in the fostering of community.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: footpath]
    #26396270 - 12/22/19 10:01 PM (9 months, 25 days ago)



Hey guys comebackkid here
Hijacking this post cause I can right now :lol:
I wanna ask
Can we keep chatter to a minimum here for the time being till we start on January?
People are still signing up and it will be nice to have all the grow logs together at the beginning if we can.

About the start time...
I will be putting my spores to agar Jan 1st and I expect most of us to be starting at the same time as well.
I just would hate to have some people left out (especially newbs) because of holidays or whatever they have going in their life and miss out on the fun/learning.

For anyone looking to get into the competitive spirit of the grow along (I think some people are interested in hosting prizes for various milestones) this should still not be a problem as no one should be swiping spores earlier than Jan 1st anyway.

Also after Jan 1st the sign ups will be closed. I wont be adding any more grow logs to the OP after Jan 1st.
So think of it more as a deadline to get in on the action.

Any other questions or concerns can we please move them to the sign up thread in mush cult for now?

Thank you!!

Happy holidays yall I'm excited to get going on this!! :cheers:

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Randalf the Grey] * 1
    #26396507 - 12/23/19 12:31 AM (9 months, 24 days ago)

Just got a few pan spores from Asura so I'll join!

Been a while since I've gone back to spores for anything haha this should be fun

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: natedawgnow] * 2
    #26396887 - 12/23/19 09:10 AM (9 months, 24 days ago)

Species: P. Cubensis
Variety: KSSS and a surprise variety

Really excited to do my first grow along with you duders! I'll be growing out a KSSS print I got from the Tribal giveaway! Also I came across a really exciting culture, and cant wait to reveal it!

Poured plates to prepare for this grow along. 2% MEA


Streaked two plates of MEA with KSSS

Agar recipe:
-500ML tap water
-8.5g Telephone brand Agar-Agar
-10g  Malt Extract
[ ]

Let's gooo!!!


Germ looking good. Gonna be taking transfers over the next couple days.


Took my first transfers. 3 from each dish. Recovery looks good after 24hrs. 10g Agar 10g Malt.


Took second transfers today from these two dishes

Took 3 transfers from the left dish, all between 11 and 12 o clock and 2 transfers from the right dish. One at 3 o'clock and the other at 6

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Samskara92] * 1
    #26398254 - 12/23/19 10:26 PM (9 months, 24 days ago)

Smart's Rusty-whyte grow log!


Spores on agar! I had already set some spores to agar on the 26th before reading the rules well.  These spores germinated in less than 50 hours,  so Im not to worried about having to start another plate.  Pretty sure Ill be the first to have mycelium at this rate!  Im only starting one plate for this grow as I already have 5 going,  also plan to move quickly so ill probably only pull these out to 1 or 2 transfers.  Probably going to go to LC as well before grain.

---Brown rice syrup agar - ~2%

---Spores from giveaway print


Just pulled two transfers off swipe plate...3 days in...

Growth required a magnifying glass but was definitely present. I just wanted to get away from the spore plate ASAP. I originally planned a single transfer grow but I think I will take these two out to another unless they look great cold out of the gates.


Second transfers done. Took a wedge from each initial transfer at edge of fastest growth. Hopefully that ends up counting for something. Going to just let these guys stretch now till they cover half the plate or so. Been planning this far to go with LC before going to grain. If both both plates come out well I may LC one and make a master jar with the other. I'll see how I feel about it in a week or so.


Third transfers done. Im not going any farther than this, too many other projects going on. Once these show enough growth , they are going to my magic LC juice then to grain ASAP.


3rd transfer grown out enough, Im just going to take a decent looking tiny wedge and put to lC. I suspect enough LC within a few days to hit up a couple master jars.


Feeling ok about the LC. Im really not going to bother testing on agar because I cant be bothered

Ive been really lucky so far with just being careful with this stuff, so Im going to keep that train going.

Not a huge amount of myc in there but more than enough to hit up a couple jars!


Also for good measure i dropped agar wedges from T2 plates in to a couple jars as well in case my untested LC goes south.


Growth is showing in the LC jars but nothing worth a photo yet. All is on track at least.

4 / 12 / 20

So, Ive obviously skipped a few months here lol. So my liquid culture grew out nicely and I nocced up my grain as usual and let it colonize. All looked well to my eye and tubs were spawned.....

one month later, no visual sign of contamination but obviously something is wrong as I still haven't got a pin in sight despite lack of visible problems?? This can t be good. Well, as soon a few scraggly pins popped up at around the ~5 week mark the trich finally decided to show itself....in all the tubs.


In the meantime, was taking my time with the jars that were inoculated with agar and did some g2g work with them and keeping them in a cooler area so they were fairly slow to colonize. This was my plan as these were my LAGM backup grains in case of disaster, glad i did them. Given the fact that I just lost about 6 tubs to trich I decided to put these jars to shoeboxes and see if it was just the LC.

Suspicion confirmed. These guys grew out just fine no problem.

Nothing major, and definately not what i had in my mind for my first LAGM grow off but hey, you get what you get sometimes. All told pulled about a pound of my shoeboxes and Ive cloned some nice fruits to carry on with this variety.

Dont mind the king oyster culture to the left. RW clone on the right.

My Rusty white review:

As of right now, despite my unfortunate performance with my first run, Im super happy to keep working with these guys. The potency is a good bit better than expected but nothing crazy. Seems like a good balance between my "ho - hum" GT culture I've been growing forever and my APES. Id call potency Just right.

I have to say that my favorite thing about the guys is how easily they harvest. Im not sure exactly what the variable is with this but its consistent across all my tubs.

When pulling fruits from the surface, they break free immediately with almost no debris left on the stem and with almost no damage to the substrate. The picture below is a good representation of how all of them come off.

This is how the surface looks after harvesting the entire flush, looks like nothing ever happened here!

Despite the trouble I had for a while with these guys ive been kept very busy with success with some other things:

Cheers all, Happy growing and stay safe out there.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Smartattack] * 1
    #26399072 - 12/24/19 02:25 PM (9 months, 23 days ago)

Love this.  I'll do a wild cube print I recieved a few days ago from Alabama, PF Classic, and Fiji.  :carlton:

Going to be growing one of these using a special "Alaskan" substrate for my fellow AK Shroomerites.  Stay tuned. :bongload:


"I and this mystery, here we stand."
-Walt Whitman

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: ComebackKid] * 1
    #26399189 - 12/24/19 03:43 PM (9 months, 23 days ago)

Various cubs, pan cyan

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: CmbNorse] * 1
    #26400425 - 12/25/19 02:16 PM (9 months, 22 days ago)

Long time lurker here to break out and post more, think this will be a good tread to do so. Next year I'll be attempting to isolate the most prolific "blue pearl" producing strain, got my print ready, petri dishes ready, substrate materials ready, grow room and automation ready. Lets start 2020 with a bang!

Species: Panaeolus Cinctulus
Variety: Warren, PA

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Colorblind-Myc] * 2
    #26400509 - 12/25/19 03:45 PM (9 months, 22 days ago)

Sign me up.
I'll be growing F9 Rustywhyte thanks to a giveaway in the marketplace! :crazy2:
Edit: I'll still run the RW but it's not here yet so in the spirit of the thread I'll swipe Fiji spores today.

1/1/2020 - Fiji plates streaked.

1/4/2020 - Plate 1 went bacterial, plate 2 beginning to germinate.

1/6/2020 - T1 complete.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Greg] * 3
    #26401269 - 12/26/19 09:36 AM (9 months, 21 days ago)

I'd like to participate with an unknown strain of cubensis that has been gifted, en route, by a generous person on this site.


Rusty White: spore print streak
Acadian Coast: swab streak

First signs of germinatiom seen yesterday.  Looking good today.

Rustywhyte couple plates with some promising growth

Arcadian Coast from a swab, with shit tons.

First transfers of AC made on 1/6
Agar recipe per Bods EaF agar tek. 8g LME, 8g agar, 400ml tap water.

*At this point, I have no idea where to tranfer from so it was done at random.

*Very difficult getting clean cuts.

*I keep getting soot from flaming blade. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I flame blade with torch, cool on receiving plate, make transfer.


Took a couple more transfers from RW

T2 transfers for RW & AC


While waiting on new transfers to progress, I figured I'll toss a couple T1's to grain.

RW #1 No rhizomorphic growth here but it's been slow growing and pretty uniform so, I think its clean tomentose. A transfer was taken on 1/8 @ 4:30. Also, 1 oclock is an air bubble on the agar.

#2 I reckon it's not the best candidate either but I can spare the cost of a qt. of oats for the purpose of learning, if nothing else.


RWT1>G forgot to date. I think it was from 1/20

I somehow forgot to take more transfers from AC. Need to get in the SAB for that real soon. For now, full plates are in the fridge.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Jooby] * 1
    #26401876 - 12/26/19 06:51 PM (9 months, 21 days ago)

This is cool I'm in.

Species: P. Cubensis
Variety: Ape & Mazatapec

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: herbnmyco] * 3
    #26401944 - 12/26/19 08:00 PM (9 months, 21 days ago)


P Cube PE6, just got a print in, thanks Mycobrainz!

1/1/20- Took 5 plates and scraped some spores from PE6 print I got.  Like a dummy I slacked and didn’t get any swabs or make my own, so I used the loop.  I plan on getting some so I can pour another stack and swan away again, but these 5 are the kickstarters.


LAGM2020- My Grow Log

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: ComebackKid] * 2
    #26403653 - 12/27/19 10:50 PM (9 months, 20 days ago)

TheWitchfinder's Grow Log

Species- Cubensis

Variety- AA+, Puerto Rican


I have everything I need to get started. This is my first time working with agar. Honestly, it's my first time attempting to to anything "the right way" since becoming interested in mycology in 2013. My goal is to follow all of Bod's easy AF TEKs in verbatim and to document what I've done + what I've learned as a beginner for future hobbyists. 


Agar Prep

For the bottles, I measured 10 grams of Light Dried Malt Extract (LME) and 10 grams of Agar-Agar powder in a small Pyrex dish. I could not find my funnel to pour the powder mixture into the bottle, so I poured the contents of the dish onto a folded in half piece of aluminum foil and slid the mixture into the bottle. I filled the bottles with slightly more than 400 ml of room temp tap water. To the right of the scale, you can see the end result.

The bottles were moved to a microwave and heated to a rolling boil with the cap somewhat loose. I made sure to keep an eye on them the entire time. The 30 sec button was handy. The bottles were then removed, cap tightened all the way, and shaken vigorously.

After being shaken, the caps were loosened slightly, covered with foil and moved to a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker was filled with room temp tap water and was at the same level with the agar in the bottles (just above 400 ml).

Sterilizing the Agar

The burner on the stovetop was set to high. The water in the pressure cooker reached a full boil with the weight OFF. A timer was set for 10 minutes to let the PC vent. The vent made a loud hissing noise and the pressure gauged stayed around 5 - 6 PSI. After the 10 minute timer was complete, the weight (which has 3 quarters hot glued on top of the plastic handle) was set on top of the vent. The pressure gauge eventually reached 15 psi.

Upon reaching the desired PSI, a timer for 20 minutes and the burner was set to medium. The PC maintained 15 to 18 PSI for the duration of the cycle. It's advised that you know your stove top well and keep an eye on the heat since every stove top is different. Mine is a non-induction glass top which gets way to hot and takes forever to cool. When the 20 minute timer was up, I carefully slide the PC to a cool burner and let the pressure drop to 0.

When the pressure reached 0 and about an extra 30 minutes passed, the lid was removed. I noticed that the bottles inside of the PC and the water had a powdery white film all over. The may have been due to not adding an acid (like white distilled vinegar) to the water inside of the PC(?). The bottles were wiped down with some ISO, lid tightened, foil removed, and left to cool on the counter while the SAB was set up.

Swabbing the Spores

This was the most awkward part of the process... I ended up using a stool that was too high up so I was hunched over. Not ergonomic at all, need a shorter chair for this set up.

My hands and forearms were washed and dried thoroughly. The inside of the SAB was lightly misted with soapy water and wiped down with an ISO pad. The agar bottles, print, and two sleeves of dishes were placed inside the SAB. I flamed an X-Acto knife and used it to cut the two bottoms of the dish sleeves and organized the dishes in somewhat comfortable fashion. I made it about a quarter of the way in the first stack of dishes before I accidentally grabbed a whole dish instead of lifting the lid and poured agar all over the rest of the dishes. I moved that disaster to the side and had an easier time pouring the other stack of plates. Practice makes perfect, right?

I let the plates congeal and then prepared my spore print. I ended up making a makeshift innoc loop with a bobby pin that I torched the paint off of. I heated the makeshift loop, cooled it in the agar, scraped some spores, and then swabbed in a zig-zag pattern. Torching the loop made a lot of carbon buildup on the pin, so there's a bunch of black specs in my agar now.

The plates were cling wrapped and stored on a shelf. We'll see what they end up looking like in a week or two. You can kinda see the black specs I was talking about below.


Oh no, contams!

The dishes have sat for a little over 24hrs and some are looking scary. Others have no sign of growth, which is to be expected this early.

Jizz bacteria.

Dark color + white fuzzy mold.

A couple other plates have similar issues. We'll see how the rest do.  :tryingnottodie:


Take Two

Prepping more agar + swabs. Since I am adding an MS Puerto Rico syringe, I colour coded the agar. AA+ swab is blue, PR is uncolored.

Getting everything in the SAB and ready to go...

Plates poured and ready to swab/drip. The pour went way better; no spills, awkward moments, and I used just enough agar. I think I poured a bit too hot based on the condensation. Temp was about 120-125 based on my IR therm. Swabbing and MS drop was a breeze compared to scraping up spores with a homemade loop. In the future, I'd rather swab with longer "utility" style swabs as they keep my hand further from the center of the dish.

All wrapped (sloppily, I admit). Can't wait.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: TheWitchfinder] * 1
    #26403879 - 12/28/19 02:25 AM (9 months, 19 days ago)

Count me in!!!! Been waiting for this hahahah. I'll have to dig thru my stash and see what I want to grow.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Tookitooki] * 2
    #26404024 - 12/28/19 05:12 AM (9 months, 19 days ago)

I'm in! Cubensis species.

Not sure on variety. Ive got a PE syringe that needs started off, or else TOC if the print arrives in time.

Edited to add I will attempt Jalisco as well. Ive been having no luck with the syringe to agar, so much bacteria, but I'll do a bunch of spore plates on the 1st and maybe one will give me something to work with!


Jan 1st

I could only find two agar plates! So I swiped PE to one and Jalisco to the other. Both from spore syringe, which are quite old and have previously produced nothing but bacteria on the plates. Hoping for something different this time, if not I'll try to BRF cakes or just order new syringes.

My inoculation loops are cheap and lazy pieces of craft wire with little loops twisted into the end. Flame sterilised with a candle because I had damn all lighters about the place.

Agar is grain soak water agar. I had soaked my grain and frozen it in small plastic tubs in 250ml blocks. Just thawed one out, added 4.5g agar, boiled it up and poured into pp5 dishes.


Jan 2nd

I found a few more agar plates yay! Did another each of PE and Jalisco. I had some prints arrive this morning so also swiped some TOC and PESA spores to a plate each. I may have used too way many spores on my inoculation loop but I was excited.

(sideways photos sorry)

I really like these little pp5 pots. Okay they're not as pretty as a nice petri but they are easy to handle. To open, I turn the pot upside down, gently run my fingers along the lid rim to loosen it from the pot, and pull off. I figure it should be harder for contams to jump in this way.

Thinking I need a new SAB. The kids have been playing in mine and have cracked it almost beyond use. I had cling wrap around it to hold it together this morning. I might knock up a plate with Creeper spores next time the SAB is out and I have more plates, they were really nice shrooms and I'd forgotten I still had some in the syringe.

I will update if anything grows on these suckers.


7th January

PE and Jalisco plates look bacterial and expected.

TOC and PESA plates show no signs of life yet.
Gonna make fresh plates and swipe a few more just in case.


9th January

Myc has appeared on both TOC and PESA plates. I have made 20 pasty plates for doing transfers, which I'll do later today or tomorrow. I couldn't find ant grain water in the freezer so I added a teaspoon of Ready Brek to 300ml hot water, stirred and strained before mixing in the agar. We'll see how that works out.


14th January

Ive made 3 transfers from each spore plate. This was fiddly work for me, I may have messed up on being neat about it but I plan to do another few transfers anyway. My grain jars are full of previous projects so it will be at least a week or two before I can consider grain prep and inoculation.


Update 25th January

Second transfers done, all be it in a very cracked SAB wrapped with cling film. Hopefully that hasn't compromised things.

I took 3 plates each from TOC and PESA. Will likely do at least a couple more before transferring to grain.

Ther jalisco plates I inoculated on the 1st turned out bacterial and i tossed them.  However i found some months-old jalisco plates that I'd given up on,  that had grown some tiny white strands around the edges, so took a few transfers from it. It was the teeniest amount, juat a acraping with the tip of the scalpel. I also took a tiny brown clump that I thought may be a stone, but it's most likely sone kind of bacteria or something so we'll see how that goes.

I like using these little SATCO pots for no-pour agar. I cover just the tops with foil, and the little squares are easy to take off and use again.


31st January

T3 day for PESA and TOC. The T2 plates looked quite uniform, although not much definition of rhizo growth.  Took two transfers from each, just from one plate each as I was short on time and frankly don't need to have dozens of plates growing out! I hope anyway. If these grow out well enough I will be throwing them to birdseed in a week or two.

The jalisco plate was looking good as well. I mean, it still may be mould that I'm growing but I'm almost sure it's mushroom mycelium. I'm much more excited about growing stones than actual shrooms at the minute so I'm praying to the mushroom gods that it's the right stuff!

An agar pin I've been cleaning up is showing nice growth as well. Took another two transfers from it.

I received some prints from trades, so got Rustywhyte and PE swiped to spore plates. I like these pint-sized PP5s for spore plates, plenty of surface area to swipe and let growth grow out a little.

All being well, in the next couple of weeks I should be busy PCing jars of WBS. Might try some oats if I can find them locally, just for some variation. I have a total of 8 pint jars, 4 quart jars and a bunch of smaller random jars from jam and pickles and whatnot. I need to order more ISO now as I can't find it anywhere in town, I got surgical spirit but it doesn't seem to be the same thing.


25th February

Awful photos, but it's not easy to see through these no-pours. I should have took photos earlier when there was better light, but there's not much to see anyway. Still on agar transfers.

These are T3 transfers from the PESA and TOC. The myc looks weak but I don't think it's mould.

The Jalisco from the old plate looks similar. Still not 100% sure it;s myc but I put a wedge to grain and we'll see how it goes!

The T2 PESA and TOC plates seem to be knotting up! Maybe I'll get a few pins to drop to grains. Terrible pictures I know.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Tattersail]
    #26405975 - 12/29/19 11:19 AM (9 months, 18 days ago)

I’m in!


Aside from spores, what tools / supplies should we all have ready?

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: JessicaRabbit88]
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JessicaRabbit88 said:
Aside from spores, what tools / supplies should we all have ready?

Either agar and perti dishes, or the no pour equivalent, and an SAB or Flowhood to do the agar work in. Beyond that is up to you as far substrate and Teks

No pour Pastyplates

Pouring plates

I greatly prefer pouring my own plates, but the is just personal preference and I know a lot of people here swear by pasty's tek

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Randalf the Grey] * 1
    #26406931 - 12/29/19 11:26 PM (9 months, 17 days ago)

Cocaine Buffet's Grow Log

I am down. Going to use a print I got in Tribe giveaway. :rockon:

Species: P. Cubensis
Variety: TOC

Status update [01/01/2020]: TOC swabbed to two plates. Felt festive so I tried to write "20" on each plate :rolleyes:

Status update [01/11/20]: Have some visible growth. Will continue to wait to see increased growth before transfering

Status update [02/23/20]: Have some good looking growth on my plates in T3, going to isolate for another transfer.

Well 7 transfers, numerous moldy spawn jars, and months later got fruits!


Couple days later. Notice the goom growing on cap of the other.

Only got 2 flushes out of this box before it succumbed to trich. Either way it was a fun project to be a part of. PM me with any questions you may have. Thanks to Shroomery for being such a treasure trove of knowledge and generosity. Hope my blunders can help newer growers!

Congrats to all the other growers on their success!

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: CocaineBuffet]
    #26407872 - 12/30/19 04:25 PM (9 months, 17 days ago)

MooseShroom Grow Log

Joining a bit late to the game. Some circumstances in life came up and stopped me from getting going when I wanted to.

2/16/20 Started some agar. I went with 1.5% LME and 1.5% agar. I'll be pressure cooking for 25 minutes @15 PSI. Since this is done earlier in the day, I'll probably inoculate later on today with RW.

2/28/20 Missed some steps, but I took some T2 transfers today. They aren't exactly what I'm looking for, but I know that I can salvage them off the growth that I have. One is looking really tementose and the other is starting to show more rhizo growth.

I decided that it was time to start over. The growth that I had going was not working well, and it was worthwhile to start from scratch. The MEA that I had been working with was not producing the cultures that I was used to seeing. I tinkered with the recipe multiple times changing out the agar, changing out the malt extract brand and many variations of strength adjustments. It was just not working as well after I had moved.

This led me to try changing out my recipe all together. I wanted something different than MEA. The first two batches were with 2% agar, 2% BRF and another batch with 2% agar, 2% oat flour. I streaked 16 plates in total (8 on oat, 8 on BRF) with FIJI, RustyWhyte, MexiCube, and Treasure Coast.

I checked on the agar plates today. There is vigorous growth on 4 of the 16 plates. Each of them were from the oat flour based agar plates I had made. Because of this, I decided it would be worthwhile to try and hone in on the oat flour based recipe. This led to my Oaf Milk Agar Experiment in my sig.

I'll be making transfers tonight to all 3 of the agars that I made and see which ones turn out best for my situation.

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