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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Camera93] * 1
    #26388635 - 12/18/19 02:13 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

I'm in.  I will look tonight and decide the variety.

Species: P. Cubensis

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OfflineOne of Us
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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Samiam76] * 3
    #26388683 - 12/18/19 02:52 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

Sounds like a lot of fun, count me in!

My LAGM2020 Grow

I will be cultivating Psilocybe cubensis var Malaysian and Golden Halo. I will be attempting Gymnopilus Luteofolius as well.

In addition, I will also try to germinate P. azurescens, allenii, and tasmaniana again after a failed first attempt.  I will be cultivating these outdoors later in the year. (I ended up adding P. weraroa as a bonus)

01/01/2020:  I streaked 3 plates each of Golden Halo, Malaysian, and also Gymnopilus Luteofolius. The plates were streaked using a sterile swab.  A fourth plate of each was prepared by placing the swab tip in the center of the plate for good measure.

It is getting late, so I will start the other woodlovers tomorrow.

01/03/2020: Germination!  Looks like the gyms were the first to germ for me. Might be hard to see in the (terrible) pic, but its happening.

Does anyone know what is going on with my agar?  The picture looks grainy in some areas, but in reality, there are tons of tiny specks suspended in the agar. Another way to describe this, since it is difficult to capture in a picture, is it looks very similar to how it would look if a fine mist of hairspray was sprayed on it and left to dry.  All of the plates I poured from that batch are like this. Plates poured from another batch of agar are crystal clear as usual.  I used a standard MEA recipe with 1.5% agar and 1.5% LME. The agar was prepared and PC'd, and then PC'd again the next day prior to use to melt it again. I used  Also, I use my SAB dry, so its not soap water drops and it is certainly in the media itself.
UPDATE: It is probably undissolved media ingredients; nothing to worry about.

01/04/2020: The Gym plates have exploded in growth compared to yesterday.



One of the Malaysian plates seems to have germinated as well (print was a few years old):


Also, I finally got around to swabbing the other woodlovers that I said I would do, plus an extra. For these I am utilizing some 2-compartment petris, with each compartment used as if it were a full plate. I am using MEA with 1.25% agar agar, after a failed attempt a month ago with 2% agar. The species I added to the party are:

Psilocybe azurescens (3 half-petris swabbed with swab left in fourth compartment)
Psilocybe allenii (3 half-petris swabbed with swab left in fourth compartment)
Psilocybe tasmaniana (7 half-petris swabbed with swab left in 8th)
Psilocybe weraroa (7 half-petris swabbed with swab left in 8th)

01/05/2020:  I took a couple transfers from gym plate #3

1/8/2020  been busy so I just now made t1's from the golden halo and malaysian plates. here's some before and afters (two transfers were taken from each plate shown):

Malaysian germ plate 1:



Golden Halo 1:



Golden Halo 2:



Here is how the Gymnopilus t1 is doing after 3 days:

1/11/2020: Here is where we are today.

Golden Halo t1's

Malaysian t1.  It has a nice rhizo section that I will pull from in the next day or two

Here is a malaysian germ plate that has only one colony (and no contams!):

Gymnopilus luteofolius t1.  I am not sure if this looks right. Definitely different from psilocybe mycelium

01/12/2020  I took t2's of the Malaysian, golden halo, and gymnopilus over the weekend. Still no growth on the other woodlovers I started on Jan 4

1/18/2020:  Here is the current state of my T2's.  I will likely make one more transfer tonight/tomorrow.  I think most of the cultures look good to me, its just that I have like a 50% success rate lately of not introducing a contam during the transfer process (there is alwasys a mold satellite colony that appears 3-4 days after transfer). I am thinking it is coming from my scalpel handle because most of my pours (unused plates) are contam free for weeks. I will be pc'ing my scalpels in foil packets before hand this time (gotta make pc some agar anyway). I will also do my work atop of 5 petris rather than the 2 I have been using to better separate the open dishes from the SAB floor.  Also, I don't think it will hurt to let the air settle longer and slow down my movements just a hair.

Malaysian T2: Left side looks great, something going on on the right side tho.

Golden Halo T2:


Gymnopilus:  I would like some feedback on this one. It looks really faint.  Does anyone have experience with Gym myc on agar?  It seems to be growing at the same rate as the cubes, not super fast like similar looking molds have been in my limited (3 months) experience with agar. Anyway, Here it is:

1/28/2020 Here is the current state of my T3's. The cubes look great. I would take steps to take them to grain, but I am waiting for another project to finish up (my first grow ever) so might as well take them through a couple more transfers.

Golden Halo:


Here is the gym plate. The one side is from the whiter myc near the wedge of the previous transfer. The other side is from what 90% of the growth on the donor plate looks like... beneath the agar surface, or somethin.  I definitely have a better feeling about the whiter, fluffier side, but I really don't know.


Finally going forward with this grow after having it on the back burner for a bit.  I took ten transfers each, from the Malaysian, golden halo and the gym lute.  I really hope I am right about the latter, It looks like it could be mold, but :fingerscrossed: here's the donor plates:

I am intending to put these transfers to grain next weekend; 10qts of each variety.


Golden Halo:

Gymnopilus luteofolius:

I inoculated 10 quarts of oats with these bad boys (golden halo):

Here's an example of one to show how they look today,

The Malaysian and/or the gym lutes will be going to grain in the next couple days.


I may have gotten a little impatient and just took these plates to grain (10 quarts).  They look blotchy and less than ideal to me, but what do I know?  I asked in the agar thread and they said they'd do it, so I did. Anyway, here they are:


Shook the golden halo jars up. Looks like 5/10 are contam free and will go to a mono.1 jar I'm still not sure about and it will likely go to a shoebox. Here's an example of what the jars looked like before the shake:

So I have some catching up to do...


I went ahead and spawned 4 quarts of the Golden halo oat spawn to a brick of coir and a lil verm.


Pins! A shit ton on the sides tho :tongue: Also, the myc is going really aerial and almost matting, but I heard that kinda thing happens with golden halo.

I also spawned two tubs of Malaysian with 4qts per brick on this day


4/20/2020  :jah:
Lots of side pins...


Possible golden spores?


Well, the golden halo tub got trich after the first flush, but produced around 4 dry oz. before that happened.
Here is one of the Malaysian tubs spawned on 4/18. I guess I didn't get a picture of the other, but it looks very similar:


Here is one of the Malaysian tubs today. It has some weirdos growing, but I believe it is a mutant-prone strain so I guess that is to be expected:

And here is the golden halo shoebox:


Golden halo shoebox ready to harvest

And then here are the weirdos (Malaysian)

Tub 1

Tub 2

Not sure what is up with the caps cracking. It is definitely not dry in there (look at all the surface droplets!).

Malaysian. I really like how the cracked caps look

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: One of Us] * 3
    #26388778 - 12/18/19 03:41 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

I'm in.


Species: P. Cubensis
Variety: True Albino Golden Teacher, CRS, z-strain, pan aussie and jams

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Asura] * 3
    #26388837 - 12/18/19 04:11 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

its Melmak Time, yall

like an heirloom tomato but it’s a big wrinkly mutant<3

Species: Cubensis
Variety: Melmak

Oh shit is it time to get to work?

Agar recipe:
7.5g LME, 7.5g agar, 500ml water
I use this recipe for every purpose that agar serves and I can get 50-60 no-pours out of it.


Spore swab swabbed to agar

I use these great mini rounds with screw tops. No foil. Working on getting them to cooperate unmodded, but for now there is a triple layer of mp tape on the side.


Looking like enough to make some transfers.

Game plan:
> I’d like to take 4 T2 wedges to 4 LC’s
> to 5 grain jars each
> to 4 tubs
> search for clones
> grow out clones in shoeboxes
> slant my fave
> conclude log

Lol I’m also still running with some OG pasty plates
I’ll stop using them when they all warp but until then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Cheers everyone! LAGM!!!!!


Onto T2’s
Not much to see


T2’s to LC!
I ended up making 7 LC’s since that’s what I could fit into one run in my PC.
I picked my 7 best looking plates, all following different lineages from spore, and inoculated.

How tf are you guys spawning tubs already lmao

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I'm a teapot

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Asura] * 3
    #26388852 - 12/18/19 04:21 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

Poster: Me!

Species: Psilocybe Cubensis

Varieties (going to put a few down, all kinda old so who knows what'll grow?):
-Psilocybe Fanaticus: Redspore
-Penis Verum
-LGT (didn't grow out leucistic last time but who knows)


LGT has taken off! 5 plates left with nothing.

LGT2 pretty sure it's just mold, LGT1 some action probably same

Took an edge transfer from LGT2 just in case.


LGT2, 2.1:

Transferred 1 plate from LGT 1.1

LGT 1 plates:

Inoculated 2 cups hydrated WBS from LGT 1.1 (on left):

Notes: Might have messed up by going for a full plate in each container, cut each into quarters and loosened pucks with blade, but wouldn't come off clean when dumping in, so on one I shook it in the air above it and the other a piece of agar brushed against my skin while I was picking it up with the blade. First time PC'ing the ziplock containers, left overnight in PC to cool and there was a LOT of condensation insid the lids.

Shook the LGT jar today, pictures from right before shaking:

Put this plate on a shelf to see if it will pin since it was pretty grown out and showed no place that seemed obviously 'better' than the plate it came from.


Spawned LGT1.1 1:1 coir with a top layer in a 6qt shoebox.



LGT 1.1:




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It’s OK!! I’m a Limo Driver!! 😁
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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Thufir_Hawat] * 1
    #26389007 - 12/18/19 05:49 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

Is this seat taken? It is now...:grin:

Reserved for idk what yet :lol:

Looks like it's gonna be a RW grow....I'm in a RW phase atm :lol:

Update 01/07/2020:
Got some spores on agar...now the wait

Update 04/26/2020:
Grains baby! :rockon:

Moved updates to Tormato's LAGM 2020

Enjoy! :cheers:

Helpful Threads

The Shroomery Store

Tormato's Q&A Thread Post Questions Here or PM me!

"Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it's been." ~ Grateful Dead

Before you start...Do you have a Pressure Cooker and a Dehydrator? I highly recommend getting both!

Tormato's LAGM 2020

Come chat with me and other Trusted Cultivators and Trusted Identifiers on Shroomery Discord

Some cool videos I like to watch under the influence.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Tormato] * 3
    #26389453 - 12/18/19 09:37 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

Spirits 2020 LAGM grow

:spiralflip: :trippydoc::trippydoc: :spiralflip:

Psilocybe cubensis
-Rusty White
-Golden Halo
Psilocybe tampanensis

Was going to do pan cyan Red Down Under but I already have that going so I'm doing tamp bc I've never grown them.
These pitris are made with an agar I've been using from the oriental food store. It is agar powder with sugars in it but it seems to work well. It is the box in this pic. I usually use the colored logs of agar but the ratio of agar/water is different between the two. I've found that one teaspoon of agar powder to 100ml water works well with this brand of boxed agar. It was the same price as telephone agar.

Germination on two Golden HALO pitris.


I see something around my streaks on the tamp plates but still not really anything. I've tried several times with this print and had no luck. Could be it doesn't like the nutes so I may have to try something else and start over.

I made some agar using 100ml grain water and a spoonful of agar. I use glass pitris. I poured and let them sit as I worked until they could be tilted without moving. They were pc'd about half an hour. My PC was gross I must babe had something boil over bc I had to clean it stank water before I could pc. So I ran it hot and gave it an extra ten min.

The Golden Halo has rhizo growth but none of the myc is above the agar, it's running inside of the agar. So I took three transfers from the Golden Halo pitri with the fastest traveling growth.

I also had an overgrown L-cambo pitri I took a t2 from and used the rest to a>g a pint of wheat berries.


Taking first transfers of Rusty White. The mycelium grew under the surface of the agar. I may have just streaked too deep but I can see thick stands growing. Took t1's and started a grain water lc.

This isn't part of my grow but I am working with this culture which I've named Jane Doe bc it was started by mixing 4 unknown, unlabeled 2012 prints. I have 4 gallons of grain colonizing and this was a t1 plates that pinned so I took transfers of the best to pins.

Shmuv love

Update- so I opened those weird looking pitris and found the agar was pretty firm. Maybe the myc was having a hard time getting around. This is what it looked like.

Tonight I took a bunch of projects and picked pretty much one pitri per project. Lots of pans, wild coast, British Virgin islands, and Gator clones. Plus I streaked some ksss thanks to moose Mama. Started germ plates again of Golden Halo and Rusty White. Bout time I do some work!


Bingo. Finally. Happy colony to play with. 24hrs to germinate. This is the Rusty White colony I've been waiting for. My fresh Golden Halo pitri is doing something but I don't know that I like it. Doing the foggy-water, might-be-germinating/might-be-bacterial thing.

I'm slacking but here's where I'm at. Finally a clean rw culture.

A2G Rusty White from a shitty t2. Well see what it does, looked clean so far but it's moving like it's fighting something.

My golden Halo need a little more tlc, been fighting trich lately, time to double down the sterile tech.

Gonna slurry this to a bunch of wbs tonight.

I slurried that Rusty White jar six days ago and this wbs is almost colonized. The blender didn't blend up the grains very well but it still worked.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Tormato] * 3
    #26389455 - 12/18/19 09:37 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

I have had a few yrs off, Why not :gethigh:

I am going to call this grow

"Milking the Snake"

Species: Panaeolus


Jamacian :yesnod:
Houston we have ignition on day 11

    Cambodginiensis had condesation initially & something popping opposite spore deposit

    Thai had condensation initially & something popping opposite spore deposit

    RDU  :failboat:
Replacement found me & imbound... Look for that in my Journal shortly

    Bisporus nothing yet

    Tropicalis nothing yet

All old ass (5 to 12 year) improperly stored prints.

12/25 syringes prepared with Sterile water & activated charcoal.
Pressure applied with rubber band to attempt forced re hydration.

Odds are stacked completly on total failure & no germination.

If nothing pops in 21 days I am contemplating a warm poor of agar as a last ditch attempt.

All spores will go to Pasty style reduced agar (wet) plates at the stroke of midnight as I have no life & figure I need to kiss something so why not some PDYA.

Cell phone update iminent so pictures to come.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: ComebackKid] * 1
    #26389991 - 12/19/19 05:41 AM (1 year, 1 month ago)

I'm in!  :biggrin:
Species: P. cubensis
Variety: not decided yet

      "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it faith."
- Jung

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: OericOss] * 3
    #26390044 - 12/19/19 06:48 AM (1 year, 1 month ago)

DcevLearns To Grow Stones in 2020

Didn't finish my last spores to finish journal, why not start another project :tongue:

That's the spirit :lol:

Happy new year! Decided to try stones for the first time, starting tomorrow:
Species: psilocybe tampanensis
Var: galindoi

  • Found a bin full of unused agar plates from 11/14/2019 - Luckily kept good notes
  • The S plate is 1.4% SAGARI 125ml H20 / 1.75g AGAR / 1.75g LME
  • The L plates are 0.6% Low Nute 125ml H20 / 2.5g AGAR / 0.75g LME


  • First faint signs of germination
  • Away from lab for a couple weekends :mad:

  • Finally back in the lab to checkout the initial spore plates
  • Making the first transfers, still using the old agar plates from mid-November


  • Found note in my notebook that someone said 0.75% agar is the perfect consistency
  • Lesson learned - everyone's agar manufacturer is different, find what works for you
  • My run of 20 0.8% agar plates was a soupy disaster
  • Took T1 -> T2 plate transfers using old agar plates
  • Plate #3 looks promising


  • T2 plates looked great, going to grain soon!
  • Made two different kinds of agar for the T2 -> T3 transfers
  • LME AGAR - 125ml water / 2.5g agar / 2g LME
  • GRAIN SOAK AGAR - 62.5ml water / 62.5 ml grain soak water / 3g LME


  • Preparing grain, going to run 6 quart jars
  • Scooped 6 * 1.25 cups = 7.5 cups of rye berries into a large pot
  • Rinsed multiple times with hot water, removing floating debris
  • Filled large pot with hot water and left over coffee
  • Let soak over night

  • Brought rye berries, water, coffee pot to a boil for 10 minutes
  • Strained the rye berries and laid them on a bath towel to dry
  • Packed 6 quart jars, had enough for an extra pint jar
  • Vented pressure cooker for 10 minutes once steam began
  • Ran pressure cooker for 2 hours once full pressure was reached


  • Grain jars cooled down over night
  • Inoculated 4 quart jars and 1 pint jar with tampanensis agar


  • No obvious signs of contamination yet
  • Agar chunks are a little deceiving - no stones to be seen yet


  • I think these are looking good?


  • Ready for an early harvest


  • Final post closing out my LAGM 2020 grow
  • Harvested one jar and the result was 65g of fresh sclerotia!


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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: DcevLearn] * 4
    #26390262 - 12/19/19 10:25 AM (1 year, 1 month ago)


Good timing since 1/20 will be my 2 year anniversary on the Shroomery. In that regard I'll revive my 2 year old GT spores from my 1st grow and RW since I only grew them once.
Also a Pan Cyan Trop I haven't been able to germinate since I love a challenge.

Species: P. Cubensis
Variety: Golden Teacher

Species: Pan Cyan
Variety: Tropicalis

1/1/20 - Only had condensated plates sitting around but here we go, off to the races. Happy New Year and good luck everyone!

Edit 1/2/20 I received 2 prints in the mail today I'm kinda excited about so I'm lumping them in. Sreaked on 1/2/20

Species: Pan Cyan
Variety: Wild East Coast South African

Species:  Psilocybe Natalensis
Variety: "Super Strength" South African

UPDATE 1/6/20

T1's takes on -
South African Pan Cyan

South African P Cyan had bacteria on the germ plate all others appeared clean.

UPDATE 1/8/20 -

Started my grain prep hoping 1st transfers are clean enough to go to grain in a few days. Based on how clean looking my germ plates are I think theres a good shot at T1's going to grain.

UPDATE 1/14/2020
RW and GT T1's going to rye today. Not as uniform as I usually like but the germ plates still look clean and I'm going on vacation this week for 7 days so fuck it. Natalensis and Pan Cyan will get another transfer.

UPDATE 1/24/2020
RW got it's 1st shake today at 20-25%. GT is moving slow so it'll be another week or so to shake those.

UPDATE 1/28/2020
RW 4 days after 1st shake

GT ready for their 1st shake

Natalensis plate is far beyond ready but haven't had time for transfers. I may make a 1/2 pint master from it.

UPDATE - 1/29/2020
Normally I'd take another transfer of this Natalensis but I'm feeling lazy and experimental-ish.

I prepped a little too much spawn yesterday so instead of tossing the grain or PC'ing the extra qt or two I'm trying 1/2 pint masters.

Aren't they adorable?
Instead of transferring clean growth to a new plate just to grow it out I'm transferring to a 1/2 pint master. If all looks good I'll expand to quarts. I have 6-8 other cultures that have just been sitting in my fridge so I'll master jar a few of those as well.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: ComebackKid] * 1
    #26390306 - 12/19/19 10:51 AM (1 year, 1 month ago)

Species: Cubensis
Var: Golden Teacher

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: mr. whothehell] * 3
    #26391396 - 12/19/19 09:46 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

Stone Age 2020

I'm definitely in.

Species- ps. Mexicana ps. Tampanesis
Var- galindoi
(I learned later that this is actually a tampanesis grow)

Hopefully I'll produce some fruits, I've gotten plenty of stones on many occasions but never a mush. Let's see if I can break the curse.

I had the opposite problem :lol:
Changa alchemist did a very good write up somewhere I cant find right now.
I think he did a 50/50 grain/coir mixture in a shallow tub if I remember correctly

That's interesting man. The reason I included "galindoi" as the variety is because the print I received was actually labeled "ps.galindoi". Galindoi is just Mexicana  tampanesis so we shall see. Here's a little info on the topic, hope this is still accurate.

So I think I'll use Ham's rye seed tek for this species as they are grass lovers.

Happy New year's! 2020 is gonna be my fuggin year!

Jan 1
Swabbed to brf agar

Jan 9
Made my first transfers. This is a shitty pic, I took some better ones I'll post soon.

Jan 20
On my second transfer now, plates look great. Here's where I transferred from. I also threw a wedge on some wbs for kicks (that jar bit the dust quick)

Jan 29
On my third transfer now (Mexicana). Plates look decent, a couple looked quite fluffy for my liking so i made some biopsy pokes to agar in addition to the pf pucks I made a few days ago.

Not the proper size of needle but it's been working great lately.

Feb 9
So I have some nice biopsy plates and pucks to play with. I already used one chunk from a puck to make a little slurry and poured to 50/50 coir and rye seed. Some were inoculated with a LI made from a plate (not the biopsy). I'm confident in the biopsy transfers I just made too so I should have a nice foothold on this grow.

Those are the biopsy plates I transferred from and a pf puck I'm growing out. (Those bottles bit the dust)

Feb 22
Just made some pint jars of oats inoculated with a plate on the third transfer. Looked really nice and covered the whole plate and both the LI and the plate smelled like crushed stones so I'm hoping I got this one right. If this run doesn't work I have like 20 nice plates now ready to drop to individual quarts instead of using one as an LI

Mar 4
So my last batch bit the dust too, that what I get for rushing into liquid inoculants. But keep an eye out for my trap door tek for loading syringes without an injector port.
Oats have tiger drops and the lil bottles are rye and coir with some brf sprinkles and noc'd with a biopsy plate :dancer:

Mar 12
Finally getting some nice growth post shake. What is it, almost 3 months in lol. I love seeing people Duke it out with contams, especially after seeing nothing but success pictures on this site. This thread proves that this hobby requires hard work and patience, nice work everyone. I'm right behind you lol.

I'm about to drop five more plates from the 4th transfer to some wbs and rye grass seed mix. The lil bottles are looking fine, slow growing compared to the oats.

Mar 21
Finally got some stones starting in an oat jar. The mycelium looks shitty but seems to not mind.

Mar 27
Starting to get some nice lil stones in those bottles, here's one saying "what up"

Apr 7
Finally got my first mexi-pins ever

Apr 10
Bout to do a little cloning
These came from a little bottle that tammed

its interesting seeing how different the mushrooms look. the fat pins are the coir and rye seed caks and the tall skinny ones are cased grain.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Nobler Hino] * 1
    #26391477 - 12/19/19 10:42 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

I'm in!

Species: Cubensis
Variety: Cambodian Gold (my new favorite variety) and APE

Looking forward to it!

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: shroomflow] * 1
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I'll give it a try

Species: Cubensis
Var: Corumba

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: ComebackKid] * 4
    #26391612 - 12/19/19 11:57 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

outstanding community project. many thanks.

my contribution: new decade, new species

species: psilocybe hoogshagenii convexa (semperviva)
first semperviva project

bonus: psilocybe cubensis rustywhyte
          fourth rustywhyte project, but with a twist. details of my foolishness to come.

20200101 - ps hoog

second attempt to germinate hoogs. first try, nothing happened.

today, three plates each from two different prints. first try swabbing prints myself. using asura's streak technique.

20200101 - rustywhytes

the setup

ok, my foolishness.
i've run three rustywhyte projects to date.
first two, multispore from separate prints, both came out very not-fully-rustywhyte.

pretty cool, but not what we were hoping for.
i cloned a fruit from this box, and ran the third project, which resulted in a fully rustywhyte tub.

unfortunately, this is the only foto i have of it.
it turned about as well as any cube project i've ever run, which hasn't been many.

this print came from that tub.

around the time of the mixed up shoebox above, a beloved member sent me another rustywhyte print out of sympathy.

so three plates each from those two prints. well, another beloved member's been conversating much lately about crossing strains.

so i done up three more plates double streaked with the prior two swabs, theoretically crossing rustywhyte with itself.

the idea, fruit them all and see what happens. i know from experience, expectations are for the birds.

i can't emphasize enough that i don't know what i'm doing.

happy new year everyone.

20200116 - ps hoog

germ plates aren't far along after two weeks and change. some t1 transfers made

none from the nameko print germinated. the other generally fared much better.

20200116 - rustywhytes

germination not as vibrant as i'd hoped. all in all, very clean, but not prolific.

this particular one of the crossed plates had the densest sections, where i'd guess it most likely to have succeeded.

all the transfers.

20200124 - semperviva

first transfers doing their thing. these looked kinda fucked, but it's just the ignorant wretch poorly pouring plates.

germ plates. all from the same print. the plates from the other, older print are still as clean as the day they were poured.

20200124 - rustywhytes

about time to make second transfers and prep some grain. below, t1s next to the germ plates.

j, from the print from the mosaic box.

s, from shaper's gift.

x, the attempted cross.

for grins, the san pedro cacti i set to germinate i can't remember how long ago.

fucking adorable.

20200126 - all projects. second transfers made. no fotos. we all know what it looks like.

20200209 semperviva

the following mostly went to grain, half plate to one jar, minus one failure. ended up with seven jars hoogs.

20200209 rustywhyte

put all of these to grain, half plate to one jar. that's twelve jars.

left to right: rwj, rws, rwx

20200220 hoogs

just prior to shake

this stuff is beautiful.

20200220 rustywhytes

just prior to shake. several jars not pictured. one jar wasn't ready to shake, having barely grown out at all.

not a fan of these new lids. shame it seems they stopped making the white ones.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: J. Jack Flash] * 1
    #26391811 - 12/20/19 04:43 AM (1 year, 1 month ago)

I'm in i will either do melmac or Avery albino

Jan 15,2020
Well here we go better late then never

Swab to agar done tonight!

Well got some growths one of the melmac arnt looking to good but will be making transfers tomorrow night hopefully

Update mar 2,2020

Well been lots of colds and flu's going around my place so just got my t2"s done. Kept the t1's in the fridge till I was ready. T2 are looking nice though

Update mar 10,2020

Some are the averys are looking really good 1 more transfer then dropping to grain. Would like some better growth out of the mac though

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Homegrow19] * 3
    #26392715 - 12/20/19 06:15 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

I am so down! My first ever cult started 01\04\19. So glad I caught this one!
Sign me up please

Randalf the Grey's Grow Log

Species: Psilocybe Cubensis
Variant: PF Classic


Species: p. Cubensis
Variant: APE

Also also

Species: p. Cubensis
Variant: Puerto Rican

But wait, there's more....

Species: p. Cubensis
Variant:Costa Rican

And just when you thought it was safe

Species: p. Cubensis
Variant: Z

Change of plan explained in first entry
I will go ahead and add some info. I'll be using Golden Teacher spores from one of my own fruits. I have been working with these for 6 months or so, ending up with a strain that produces monsters and notable potency. I have dubbed this strain for my own purposes Golden Teacher Smurf House; GT(SH).
Spores will be going on MEA. All agar work is done in an SAB (FH one day maybe).
I'll be using the double print Tek (not sure that's what it is actually called, will check and edit) once I harvest the source fruit. From there, I'll use noc loop to swipe 2 plates and make a MSS to noc 2 more plates. I will try to do better than usual at tracking transfers and keep all 4 plates separate throughout. All plates, regardless of inoculation method, will be started on January 1st 2020 and kept in identical conditions.

Adding APE to this grow simply because I just got a MSS in and see now reason to not include them in this.


  • Celltreat petri dish 100mmx15mm
  • Malt Extract Agar *ratio found in Randalf's Book of Genesis
  • MSS acquired from a trusted and well know source
  • Saran wrap - cut into 2" wide rolls
  • Wild Bird Seed *Ace hardware brand
  • Grain Jars - 1qt mason jars with a SFD for gas exchange
  • Coir\verm substrate *ratio found in Randalf's Book of Genesis
  • 14qt clear tote
  • Micropore tape

January 1st, 2020

Slight change in plan. I made a last minute decision to do PF Class in place of GT. This is in part because I just want to grow a larger variety and partly (mostly) due to my nerve pain making it difficult to use my SAB. 

Shortly after midnight on 01/01/2020 I inoculated 6 total plates of MEA with unopened multispore syringes from a trusted source: 3x APE, 3x PF Classic.
Each plate has 4 drops of spore solution. Inoculation was done in a SAB and plates then wrapped with Saran wrap and labeled as follows.







January 1st, 2020- 11:32pm

Looked at the clock and realized I had time so i started 6 more plates.
3x Puerto Rican
3x Coasta Rican
Why the hell not, right? The more the merrier and it takes such a small amount.



January 4th, 2020

First signs of growth appeared in at least 1 plate of all varieties on January 3rd. Today, growth is apparent and growing well. APE is I little behind the others but I suppose that is to be expected.

I am trying to make it to my lab now to make the first transfers.
Side note: I'm interested to see everyone's transfer plate numbering. That is, whether your spore\grain\tissue plate counts as T1 and first cut T2 or, first cut is T1. I have seen it discussed in here before but I am excited to see it play out in real time.
I will only do 1 transfer of each variety tonight, and pour more plates. Then make some more transfer as I go, but keep those first transfer as the lead for this event.

Also have some tamps T2 to transfer (though not for this event) and will start some Z spores as a late addition for this event.
I will try to consolidate my log so updates are not so lengthy, though I do tend to blather on about things of little import.





(Coming soon)

January 6th, 2020

Finally managed to get some work done. Gonna be a little lazy with this update though.
Log Notes:





Also, got my Z spores on agar. 2 plates. Will do more transfers from the germ plates tomorrow. Back is killing me.

January 7th, 2020

Pleasantly surprised with the vigor in this PR. I wrote the previous notes for Jan 6th because I hadn't gone to sleep yet so for me it was still the 6th, but it was more like 6am on the 7th. My PR plates already has visible myc growth coming from the transfer wedge less than 12 hours after transfer. Doesn't show up that well on my camera, so I will skip the photo for now.

January 8th, 2020
Unfortunately my scope does not have enough clearance to fit my petri dishes on the highest magnification. So have is a clump of Z strain spores waiting to germ. May try to slice some myc out of one of my plates and put on a slide just to get some cool shots. Don't like my phone mount though. Can't get right focal distance.
Anyway, here's a pic

I managed to get a little bit more done today. While pouring more plates I think I found the perfect combination\time to get agar perfect to pour. I prep agar in media bottles and keep in fridge till needed the microwave to melt. Minimal condensation this time and perfect viscosity to pour. Should be useable in an hour.
footpath inspired me with their video the other day so thought I would document the process a little bit as well. Should be able to do some more transfers later tonight and (related) do some G2G of my GT. Fuck this nerve pain, me and Poppy tea are gonna get some shit done today.





Music: Michel Petrucciani Trio- Looking up

January 25th, 2020

It has been far too long since I updated or for any real work done but circumstances have forced my hand so here is the way it is.
I will be mostly copying from my note, which I will also post, and will try to keep pics organized. Pics are stills from video of SAB work. I did this work this morning moments before breaking down lab so was rushed and didn't have time to take pictures.

    Transfered all 5 variant. 4 T1s to T2 plates and also put to grain, and a germ plate to T1, which also also went to grain. Preparing to shut down possibly long term so only did 1 plate of each but 2 jars of all but 1 of them.

Two 1qt WBS + T2

Two 1qt WBS + T2

Two 1qt WBS + T2

One 1qt WBS + T2

Two 1qt WBS + T1

February 24th, 2020

So sorry for my absence. Life has not been kind lately. However, it looks like I may still see this to the end.

Due to health issues, all of my grain jars sat unshaken since 01\25\2020. I lost a couple to contams (it was concern of mine from the start. Health issues made sterile work exceedingly difficult and I knew I was taking a chance. Also, grain jars were started from T2s, T1s, and even a germ plate. The fact that I have as many useful jars as I do is a success in my opinion.)
With the exception of one PR jar, all grains are fully colonized and ready to spawn.

I recently found some shoeboxes on sale (10 for like $4) so I will be spawning to shoeboxes for the first time instead of my usual mini monos. One qt grain per shoebox, coir\verm sub hydrated with the good ol bucket Tek.
Shoeboxes will be kept in my cabinet inside of holey GH to help keep humidity up. 

Good to be back. Missed you all!

*I normally use a pseudo casing of extra sub but forgot to reserve some for this purpose. In a pinch, I ran to the store and grabbed to verm to use as casing. I honestly hate use verm to case but oh well


Of the 2 Ape jars, this is the one that survived. It was planned to be used for g2g so not a full quart but I'm going with it. Spawned to shoebox in coir\verm roughly 2:3 spawn:sub


This Z strain was started late and rushed. Of the 2 jars, one survived. Both jars were noc'd using a germ plate so despite the wet(bacterial) look, I'm pleasantly surprised and still going ahead with it. Spawned to shoebox in coir\verm sun roughly 1:1


*The only variant that both jars survived the trials and hardships and shortcomings* As with all jars, I gave them a sniff through filter when breaking up and when opening. All jars smelled like beautiful earthy mushrooms, and while none of the jars were shaken during colonization, I saw no signs of fungal contams after shaking to spawn. However, one of these PFC jars seemed to bruise noticably more than any other when shaken. Will keep and eye on it as they go. Both jars spawned to shoebox in coir\verm sub at roughly 1:1.


This is one of the two PR jars. Both survived the neglect but one did not fully colonize in the same amount of time, most likely due to inefficient distribution of agar during noc'ing. That jar was shaken and waiting to finish and will be spawned in near future. PR jar pictured was shaken and observed. No visual signs of fungal contams and smell is as expected. Spawned to shoebox in coir verm sub at roughly 1:1.


This was the best looking jar of the lot. All other jars appeared slightly on the wet side. This is due to compensation I thought I needed, as well and a bit of error. My last run using SFD seemed to dry out a bit towards the end of colonization. This time I dried to make the grains slightly more wet to help with this. At the same time, health and time constraints forced my hand and I loaded the grains even more wet than I planned or would have liked. None the less, this CR variant looks more like right. Myc still has that light, somewhat translucent, look to it and some good growth. This is my hopeful jar. Spawned to shoebox in coir verm sub at roughly 1:1.


Not part of the LAGM2O2O, but figured I would share anyway. My first real run with Tamps. Had a bit of success with PFtek but no fruits came of that one. Just stones. This jars made some fine looking stones that I found while spawning. I left them in the mix to keep growing. Tamp myc always looks a bit weird to me but jar still has the honeydew\watermelon smell to it. The dark spots in photo are sunflower seeds against the glass. This was the only jar that was noc'd with a T3 or higher. All other jars were noc'd using T1,T2, or a germ plate. Spawned to shoebox in coir verm sub at roughly 1:1.

All shoeboxes placed in holey GH inside my grow cabinet. Looking for cheap and easy ways to increase humidity in this GH and open to suggestions so please advise if you have an idea.

February 27th, 2020

There days in, SB look about as expected. Nothing significant to report are one so mostly a group update.

The SBs still have a bit of that new container smell. That and the smell of a verm layer which I don't normally use freaked me out when I first checked them. After lots of smelling and checking though I am fairly confident all is well. I may crack the lid on the CR as it seems a bit more wet than the others. This is my first run with SBs and I'm already on high alert with these so I think I may be over thinking. Just need to let them play out.

    One of the PFC continue to be the best performer as far as growth rate. Greatly anticipating the APE so watching that one with bated breath and trying not to jinx myself.

Having some trouble keeping RH in GH over 30%. Very cold and dry here and even with a pan of water with a fan blowing on it in the bottom on GH, it still lingers at 28%-33%.






March 2nd, 2020

Z strain is showing knots!
PFC is showing a few but z is on the way for sure. Super happy to see that! Thanks again jmc

In preparation for starting the next round of spores, I decided to pour a "bunch" of plates. A bunch turned into 80. SAB got a little cramped. If I had realized how much there wasi would have spaced them differently in the beginning,but all seems to have worked out.
You can't see it much in vid but there is a bottle of iso beside SAB that I wiped my gloves with each time I pulled them out. Video speed up to 4x speed;about 25 mins total.

March 3rd, 2020

Z strain is looking very promising. Lots of knots popped up over night and some are begining to fatten into pins. Should see the first real fruits making an appearance by the end of the night. Rest of the SB are doing their thing with no real reason for update just yet. I think the Z may be pushing ahead with fruits because it was from a germ plate and most certainly has some bac tams in there with it. Think it's just trying to get some spores out before it get overrun. If even one fruit makes it to print, I will call this one a success!

FuuuuuuuuuuuckI'm an idiot.i did the thing you never do. I changed two things at once. I cracked the lids of my SBs and changed the fan. Came back later and 2 boxes were dry as fuck. Only moisture left on the sides was bottom 1\4" or so. Verm too layer looked super dry. Viewing from side you can see the sub under verm didn't dry out and total time from change to my "fuuuuuuuuck" and heavy spritzing was no more than 3-4 hours. But one of the worst hit was my Z box which was just turning from knots to pins and I'm worried I just slammed on the brakes for them. Boxes look right again after spritzing so I'm hoping I caught it before any major damage was done. It didn't dry out instantly so hoping no more that an hour or two of overly dry conditions. Time will tell but for the record, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

March 4th, 2020


First pins have made an appearance. Both PF Classic boxes are showing pins, which is not surprising as they were my front runners the whole time. *Note for those that got some of those swabs. Came from MSS but the fastest growing variant I have worked with.
The surprise is that my Z strain has pinned at the same time. Z grain was noc'd with a germ plate so this is more than a little surprising. Super happy about it though.
In the last 2 days I have: almost dried out the tubs, and got the temp up to 84 for a short period of time, both accidentally. Trying really hard to not fuck everything up last minutes. Worst case scenario now, I get to eat a few aborts so I guess a severely limited success is no longer a question.




March 5th, 2020

Kinda went from no updates to too many updates, but so be it.
I restarted spores for all of these varieties yesterday and will try to revive the plates used for current shoeboxes later tonight. I'll post pic and log entries for this later on as well. On top of that, I'll be starting a journal entry for these as well as the rest of my collection to document this massive restart. Thanks again to CBK. This LAGM certainly helped my discipline in keeping logs updated online. Hoping the log for restarts with help to continue this trend for me.

It seems I still haven't fully learned a lesson that I keep repeating in many aspects, not just mush cult. Being anxious about this grow due to complications and trying to baby it too much, I changed multiple variables at once. First time using shoeboxes, in a new arrangements in cabinet\gh, and a different fan position, I felt the surface needed more FAE to help transition from knots to pins and loosened lids, only to find the surface and walls above casing dry. So I promptly spritzed the shit out of them and re-latched lids, and returned fan to previous position. I was concerned to say the least.
Today to my relief not only are the pins that were there growing and more forming, noticably more of the surface is covered with knots (most noticable in Z tub). This is great, but also not. What did they need....more FAE? More moisture? Less moisture? Was it just time? Would this have happened if I did nothing? Would it be even bigger and better if I had done nothing? The point is I don't know. I can guess and speculate all damn day but I changed everything and then changed it back so who knows which combination of things they responded to if any....
I realize I'm bitching about a best case outcome for my drying out scenario but I usually like to stay as close to a controllee experiment approach as I can and this was absolutely not it. Anyway, to the pics!


March 6th, 2020

Definitely caused a buttload of side pins when I cracked lids and moved fan. Dry the surface out right at that key stage of knots to pins. All seem to be doing fairly well though with the exception of APE sadly. Couple of suspicious spots but considering how these started, a first flush is a success.
So, moving on.

Side pin city!!! But, still get some fat chubbies coming up on top. Man those cluster look nice though. Gonna try to take some tissue to clone from on of those.

Looking a lot like a, but less so. Still not unhappy with these. Both PFCs were front runners so will likely be harvesting and printing these with in a week.

That thick white myc up front is looking mighty suspect, but still have some pins formed along the left side so should get at least a first flush. Not nearly as many side pins here. This is one that was spared from my drying.

Same as the PR here but less so. Looks more like thick myc due to bacteria instead of mold myc in PR. CR has been dragging a little bit the whole time so lack of knots and pins doesn't concern me just. Letting it play out.

This one I have pulled from the cabinet. The patch in the middle there looks awfully "cobwebby". No real sign of pins yet either which really bums me out. This out was super rushed though so I would not be too terrible surprised if I lose this SB. Man I really don't want that to happen though. We shall see.

Duuuuuude I love this strain so far! More showing up everyday and other than that suspect patch, I expect good things from this one. Prints and clones coming from this for sure! This was a surprise front runner. Stayed in middle of pack most of the way then pulled ahead and became a battle for first.

Fuck all those uploads sucked!

March 9th, 2020

Feeling a little relieved as the pins start to fill in. APE has been separated and I don't hold out much hope but I'll let it play out and see what happens.
Z looks set to be best performer for volume with PFC maintaining to fastest title. Both look to have some nice girth to them as well.
PR and CR are coming along but a little behind(or maybe on par actually and others are quick). Fruits seem a little skinnier but not so much as to cause concern. Looks like a decent pin set is forming but again, my attempt at increased FAE totally biting me on the ass here.
Still, not upset by these too much. Probably I worst work of a "bulk" grow because of circumstance and still showing lots of promise.







March 12th, 2020

Some of this was done over the last couple days but just getting around to full update. I think can call this LAGM as success for me now. Harvest first flush of PFC-a and half of both PFC-b and Z. Will post weights thus far below.
PR is a just a beaut. It was an ugly come up but damn if it ain't full of pins now. CR is on the struggle bus. Pins just aren't showing like I want but going to ride it out. APE is finally giving me some pins for sure so at least will get something out of it, just not sure how much yet.
I have 30+ PFC-a prints and am printing z and PFC -b now. Also started clones from tissue taken from a large cluster on PFC-a and 2 larger single fruits from PFC-b.

This is the large cluster and most of the rest but I had already picked some.
First flush - 270g

Not as many clusters but much larger fruits. Excited to see the clones from this box.
First flush - part 1-251g!!!

Plus a tiny mutant

Incredible! This one gave me little reason for hope early one but damn if it didn't come back on me. CBK this one's for you. Still a few days away but can't wait to see what happens. I'll be taking lots of clones and a stupid number of prints from these guys.

Not doing so hot but not counting them out. Not much else to say.

I still feel like these are reason the clock more than the rest. They have definitely taken longer than the rest to pin but have finally made it to at least that point. For sure cloning anything I get.

Duuuude! I dig these! I love the look, I like the speed and I love the fact that this was the least likely grow I've ever done and here they are. Grain noc'd with a germ plate from a print. Just a beauty all the way around.

After working on the for far longer than I would have liked to I realize I didn't have any photos for CR. Too tires to deal with that now so I'll add them in the morning.

*There are some spots on some of the plates from where the mist has dried in them. A couple plates also have some small bubbles in the surface of the agar.


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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: ComebackKid] * 1
    #26392805 - 12/20/19 07:11 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

I’m in!

Species: Cubensis
Var: Cam

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: JessicaRabbit88] * 4
    #26392827 - 12/20/19 07:30 PM (1 year, 1 month ago)

I wanna play. I got tribe giveaway print.
Species: cubensis
Variety:Golden Halo & Rusty Whyte & TAILFEATHERS (wife's)

My wife wants to try her hand and she will be growing along side me. She is choosing the cube variety TAILFEATHERS.

January 1st 2020-
        my wife and I swabbed our plates. We used the flowhood I built. We swabbed two plates per variety. Again, my varieties are Golden Halo and Rusty whyte.
  My wife's variety is TAILFEATHERS.
The agar was made with potato flakes and honey. There are two kinds. Pink and purple. We swabbed one of each per variety.

The pink is just potato flakes and honey
The purple is the same with added Peptone G. I think it will be good to see how the myc likes the pep. I will continue to make both types of agar till it's time to put to grain.

:mushroom2:-jan 4th~        no signs of growth. One of the Golden Halo plates was pure bacteria. 4 out of 30 transfers of other projects had it also. That being the case I swabbed 3 more plates with GH😇. Will post pics once germination. :mushroom2:

:mushroom2:Jan 6th~ so after work I looked and Bam! We got growth. The one looks like bacteria. That is golden Halo myc right?

The  green plate is the one I swabbed few days after the 1st. There is a little growth so I transfered both plates and made 2 more per plate.

I think TAILFEATHERS is showing signs of germination also. I hope Rusty Whyte does too soon.:mushroom2:

:mushroom: Jan 10th~ I did some transfers of Golden Halo, RustyWhyte, and Tailfeathers!
I labeled the 1.9 obviously because I thought it was the 9th. I tried to do two per good plate.

I'm so excited. I can't wait to put these varieties to grains. Hopefully they will grow out very clean. I've been getting bacteria in about 2 or 3 out of like 30 or 40.
Stay tuned!! :mushroom:

:mushroom:Jan 15th~ so I didn't take to many pictures. I transferred multiple plates per chosen plate of previous transfer. The agar I've made recently has been very nutritious. Im trying to get lower nute agar sorted out. Last run of plates are just grain water and agar. I'm just now getting into them.
So the golden Halo are on the 3t now. RustyWhyte and Tailfeathers are one behind them.

I used Tailfeathers to A2G and big pickle jar of oats. I also did A2G Golden Halo to 1qt of oats. That's all oats I had. I need to get more grain.
It's hard to tell where to transfer from since there so much nutes. We'll see what happens. :mushroom:

:mushroom: Jan 27th~ I've made quite a few transfers of best plates. All the myc has been super thin and tomotose and almost invisible. My agar has had to many nutes lately. Ive changed that.
I also did some A2G with RustyWhyte, Golden Halo and Tailfeathers. 3 qts of oats each variety.
The big pickle jar of Tailfeathers has been through one shake. Here's how it looks right now.

It's growing fast. I'm excited to see it progress.
The first qt of Golden Halo is also doing great so far. I already shuck the jar once.

This isn't as fast as Tailfeathers but it's about the same.
I'll try to take more pictures. Journal better. :mushroom:

:mushroom: Feb 2nd~ I spawned the Tailfeathers and Golden Halo today.
The TF went to a 58qt mono and the GH went to a shoebox. The sub is coir & verm. Cased with same thing at spawn.

(just the bottom SB)
I have other jars of all 3 varieties colonizing now. RustyWhyte looks the thinnest and slowest so far.

:mushroom: Feb 8th~ this is my golden Halo shoebox. The Tailfeathers mono is not nearly this far along. RustyWhyte are still colonizing grains. Which I just shook. I have ³ of each variety on oats. Trying rye out too. But here's GH sb

:mushroom: Feb 16~ so the golden Halo is starting to pin. Tailfeathers is pinning really good. 10-20% are white. That must be the AA+ in the mix. I also had so GH pins in a plate. I cloned two. One was like whiteish looking and the other was pale but normal.

I'm going to clone the white Tailfeathers and print. Ill post pics soon. Phones broke and dont charge.

:mushroom: Feb 17~ here are some crappy pics. Tailfeathers is doing some colorful stuff.


Golden Halo is pinning..

:mushroom: Feb 18~ here are how they look this morning.


Golden Halo

Here's my first PE clone tub that I executed perfect jiffy casing. It's starting to pin really good.

:mushroom: Feb 19~ harvested these last night.

I took 4 prints of the white & normal. Took clones of 2 white And 1 regular. I'll add in dry weight tonight. I want to stabilize the white phenotype. Would that just be AA+ or would it be all 3 in one? (AA+, corumba Brazil, and Golden teacher mustang "cluster fuck".

:mushroom: Feb 19~ so the Tailfeathers weighed 70 + dry. Not bad for big pickle jar not all way full and MS on T1.
Here is my golden Halo SB .
. .
They look funny and mutating a little.
Fat tho.

:mushroom: Feb 20~ here's what the golden Halo shoebox looks like.
. .
Good clone canidates. 
Here is another tub. It's a clone. Idk what variety. It was supposed to be penis envy. clearly not.
. . .
Looks good. Hope it's not going to be small. See the stripes on the stem?
Isn't that sign it's to wet?

:mushroom: Feb 21st~ here is my mystery cube clone.
I am about to harvest and take prints. Also printed some white Tailfeathers (WTF) and regular Tailfeathers. I'm about to do a giveaway this weekend.

I also harvested the golden Halo SB. I didn't take prints but I did clone 3 of them. I figured I'd grow out that then take prints for you guys.

I love the gold spores. Looks pretty than purple blackish mess.

Well I'll let y'all know dry weight later.

Ok so dry weight of golden Halo shoebox is 20.13g
The unknown clone mono was 70.56g dry (⁴qts spawn)

:mushroom: April fools 1st. ~ ok so finally I have my first real rustywhyte mushrooms. I'm stoked that there is the one huge guy in a cluster. Nice clone candidate.
I was low on shoeboxes at the time and the spawn was sketchy so I just threw some sub and spawn in this grow bag

April 2nd - here are some apes. One tub is clone the other is from spores from the clones .

I'm Make some swabs tomorrow.

Harvested some golden halo, costa rican and some rusty whyte today.
Took prints of RW & GH.
I look forward to seeing the difference in their prints given they are rusty/gold not black/purple

5/30/20- finally got some nice rustywhyte.

7-3-20: here are some of my 2020 grows so far. Thank you shroomites and shroomery.

Edited by Hobbit GDF (07/03/20 09:27 AM)

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