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Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 * 11
    #26388175 - 12/18/19 08:19 AM (2 years, 1 month ago)

Start Date: Wednesday January 1st 2020

20 20 20 20 vision!!
Okay let's get this going again!! We had so much fun last time. This really brought the community together back in 2017 and I cant think of a better time to get a community grow happening than 2020!
If you're new to agar dont be shy! Sign up! Grab your supplies! Pleanty of time before the new year!

A few rules!
-All species and varieties welcome!
-We will be starting from spores!!
-We start January 1st spores to agar
-Add as much info as you can. This is a great learning tool for us and other users to follow along. "Mistakes" and all!
-Post your updates in the thread as well as updating your OP to keep the conversation going
- Have fun! Most importantly :heart:

To Sign up
Comment in this thread to reserve your spot.
This comment will be your grow log. Keep updating it as we go along. I will link to your spot in the OP below
Let me know the species and variety you plan on growing for the log!
Sign up closes on Jan 1st 2020
I'll have a mod move this thread to mush cult on the 1st

Let's see how many people we can get on board this year! :rockon:

Communal grow participants:

Species: Cubensis
Var: Texas Orange Cap

Species: Cubensis
Var: Wild

Species: ???
Var: ???

Species: Cubensis

Species: Cubensis
Var: Purple Mystic

Species: Cubensis
Var: Corumba

Species: TBA

Species: Cubensis

Caps McGee
Species: Cubensis
Var: Purple Mystic

Species: Cubensis, Pan Cyan

Species: Cubensis
Var: Texas Orange Cap

Species: Panaeolus Cinctulus
Var: Warren

Species: Cubensis
Var: Albino + PBR cross
Species: Pan cyan
Var: Hawaii
Species: Pan Cambo
Var: Sandos

Species: Cubensis
Var: Texas Orange Cap + PESA

Species: Cubensis
Var: ARX (APE x Redboy)

Species: ???
Var: ???

Species: Cubensis
Var: B+

Species: TBA

Species: Cubensis + Pan Cyan
Var: PE + Hawaiian

Species: Pan Cyan Jamaica, P. mexicana Jalisco, P. Cubensis PE6, P. Cyanescens South Africa, P. medullosa Estonia

Species: Cubensis
Var: Stropharia

Species: Cubensis + Panaeolus Cyanescens
Var: Rustywhyte (f10) + Jamaica (Asura)

Species: Cubensis
Var: GT

Species: Cubensis
Var: Chitwan

Species: Cubensis
Var: Cambo, B+, Rustywhyte

Species: Cubensis
Var: RW

Species: Cubensis
Var: GT + Rustywhyte

Species: ???
Var: ???

Species: Cubensis
Var: APE + Mazatapec

Hobbit GDF
Species: Cubensis
Var: Golden Halo

Species: Cubensis
Var: Avery A + Melmac

Species: Cubensis
Var: Ecuador

Species: Cubensis

J. Jack Flash
Species: TBA

Species: Cubensis
Var: Treasure Coast

Species: Cubensis
Var: Cam

Species: Cubensis
Var: RW GWM & Mystery print

Species: Cubensis
Var: B+

Species: Cubensis
Var: Acadian Coast + RW

Moose Mamma
Species: TBA

Species: Cubensis
Var: RustyWhyte

mr. whothehell
Species: Cubensis
Var: Golden Teacher

Species: Cubensis
Var: Rustywhyte + Penis Envy

Species: Psilocybe subaeruginosa

Species: Pan Cyan

Species: Cubensis
Var: Mars + Koh Samui (Classic)

Species: Cubensis, Pan Cyan, Tampanensis

Nobler Hino
Species: P. Mexicana
Var: Gandoli

Species: Cubensis

One of Us
Species: Cubensis var: malaysian
        P. Azurescens
        P. Allenii
        P. Tasmaniana

Species: Cubensis
Var: Purple Mystic

Species: Cubensis
Var: Tasmanian + Envy Super Strain

Species: Cubensis + Tampanensis
Var: Rustywhyte + Gandoli

Randalf The Grey
Species: Cubensis
Var: SmurfHouse GT + APE

Species: Cubensis
Var: ???

Species: Cubensis

Species: Cubensis
Var: APE + Orissa India

Species: Cubensis
Var: Ecuador

Species: Cubensis
Var: Cambodian Gold + APE

Species: Cubensis
Var: RustyWhyte

Species: Cubensis + Pan
Var: Golden Halo, Red Down under

Species: Cubensis
Var: Melmak

Species: Cubensis
Var: Texas Orange Cap

Species: TBA

Species: Cubensis
Var: PE

Species: Cubensis
Var: PESA + Texas Orange Cap + Purple Mystics

Species: Cubensis
Var: ???

Species: Cubensis
Var: AA+

Species: Cubensis
Var: PF Redspore + Leucistic Golden Teacher + Penis Verum 

Species: TBA

Species: Cubensis
Var: ???

Species: Cubensis

Verum Subsequentis
Species: Cubensis
Var: ???

Species: Cubensis
Var: Treasure Coast

Species: Cubensis
Var: CRS + PEU

Species: Cubensis
Var: RustyWhyte PESA


Grow log completion

Grow log completion

First torn veil

Randalf the Grey
Print exchange/swap

Supporter Status

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: ComebackKid] * 3
    #26388179 - 12/18/19 08:23 AM (2 years, 1 month ago)

ComebackKid's Grow Log
Species: Cubensis
Var: PBR x Albino
Species: Pan Cyan
Var: Hawaii
Species: Pan Cambo
Var: Sandos

DEC 18 2019
Waiting on Melmak swabs in the mail... hope they get here before the 1st:lol:

JAN 1 2020
Haven't got Melmac spores in the mail yet.
So I'm swabbing the gills of one of these PBR caps that I mixed with some albino spawn.
Let's see what happens :popcorn:

JAN 5 2020
I've got growth on one of my plates!

Potato phone quality photos :lol:

JAN 7 2020
Noticing some germination on the second plate now.
Made my first transfer from the first plate.

Only took one transfer.
Kept the germ plates just in case something goes wrong but should be fine

JAN 10 2020
Things are really getting out of control now. I've got cultures out the ying yang over here in the germination station.
Put some Pan Cyan and Pan Cambo spores to agar today.

Trying something new. Thanks to Mary Fairchild for the gift :hug:

JAN 17 2020
So after 1 transfer the cube myc is looking clean and uniform.
Gunna drop this plate to three jars of grain whenever I find time.

Pan Cambo Sandos
Took one transfer from the whispiest looking growth. Holding onto the germ plate for now.

Pan Cyan Hawaii
All wispy growth....
Is this even what I'm looking for?
Took one transfer and holding onto the germ plate to keep an eye on it.

Grain Prep

JAN 18 2020
Soaked 4.5 quarts of wheat kernels overnight
~24 hours

JAN 19 2020
-Boiled water in 23 qt presto
-Strained the soaked grain then added grain to boiling water
-Boiled ~15 minutes
-Left to steam dry in colander for ~ 1 hour
-Loaded 12 quart jars 3/4 full (3 cups each)
-PC 90 minutes at ~15 PSI
-Let cool overnight

JAN 20 2020
Inoculated 3 jars with agar wedges

Then gave 'em a good shake

JAN 25 2020
T1 Pan Cambo

So now I'm just questioning everything at this point:lol:
This Pan Cambo myc looked good to me on the germ plate.... but lookin fuzzy as hell on the T1

Took two transfers anyway. But I think it might be back to the drawing board for these Pan cultures.

FEB 06 2020

Spawned half a tub with ABX
Other half with a PE clone

2.25 qts spawn
1/2 brick coir
1 qt verm
2.5 at water

FEB 10 2020
Earlier this month I germinated some more Pan Cambo and Cyan spores.
Took about 4 samples from each a couple days ago and today I took some more transfers from the cyan and cambo germ plates.

The mycelium is looking a lot better this time around. I stopped going after the whispy growth and started looking for something that looked more like crons culture.

I'll have lots to choose from soon!

Pan cambo
Only one spot looking good imo took a transfer

Pan cyan
Lots of places to choose from I took two samples from this plate

FEB 18 2020

Been narrowing down my plates.
I think I'm going to run with these.

Pan cyan Hawaii

Pan cambo Sandos

I don't have much to pick from with the cambos. This was the best looking myc I could find. I'm just going to run this and see what happens

FEB 24 2020
18 days after spawn

Pinset is starting to fill out
So far no traces of the albino genes in sight

FEB 28 2020
22 days after spawn

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: ComebackKid] * 3
    #26388200 - 12/18/19 08:39 AM (2 years, 1 month ago)

I'm in for sure. Give me a reason to streak this purple mystic print I got.

Plates are 500 grams water. 8 grams LME 6.5 grams telephone brand agar agar. Streak a fairly fresh print with q-tips that I sterilize in a pint jar with a grain lid for 20 min at 15psi. I just do this at the same time I cook the agar if it works out that way.

1/1/20 8am:  Spores just hit agar. Ill get a pic of the first colonies I grab.

Update. 1/3/20 8am. Don't have time to transfer now but we got colonies! Purple Mysitc print was good BSM.

8:00am 1/7/20
Grabbed up some transfers. One didn't do shit. One is mold. But one...

8pm 1/8/20
Looking a little bacterial but in the spirit of competition I'm gonna throw it to grain and top fruit the jar to try and get an open fruit ASAP. I'm also gonna transfer it to some black tea agar to see if that cleans it up any. I've never done it before so I figure now is a good time to try. Then ill go back to MEA before starting a master jar.

1/9/20 Cooking up some grains for tommorow AM.
Kinda nice to just use this little guy and not have to bust out the presto.

1/10/20 Dropped some wedges to jars. Fucking forgot to tighten the lids back down in the sab so... Probably fucked but that's ok if it wasn't for the race I wouldn't even have thought about grains yet I would have just made another few transfers. Only time will tell what else made it in the jars.

The grains are pop corn that I boiled till tender (about 30 min simmer) then I added WBS that had been rinsed very well and cooked till some of the Millet burst then strained and cooled it till the grains were dry to the touch loaded in jars and cooked for 2 hours at 15psi.

It's official I'm out of the first to open cap race. The two jars I made from the t1 plate didn't recover after the shake so I'm just gonna foucus on making a few more transfers. I don't like the look of this culture so I'm  no longer in a rush to go to grain. Got some black tea today, I'm gonna make up some plates to see if that helps assuming its bacteria. I'm also going to make a pasty plate with BRF and transfer a wedge to see if I can outrun it there. I haven't done either but Im interested to try as it seems like a good skill to have. But I think I may have some mold in there as well cause one of my first transfers was straight mold so the tea and BRF my be pointless. Just in case  I'm also gonna streak some PEUW spores and more purple mystic to see if I can get a clean culture on the fly and get some spawn for these pics.

Not sure what's up. I suck at taking pics of cultures but I'm not feeling these rings. Take two.

Well the culture is still looking weak at best but maybe it's not even myc. Going to throw it to grains one more time and if that's a no go that's a no go ill streak more spores and start over.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Bph] * 2
    #26388201 - 12/18/19 08:41 AM (2 years, 1 month ago)

Purple Mystic.

Update 1/2/20 Spores went to agar last night at about 9. Made a syringe from this print and I have to say that the writeups concerning how few/small these spores are is spot on. i hope that i have something come up in a few days otherwise i may have to start over with fresh plates.

Update 1/9/20

My Purple Mystic spores have not germinated. i think that I may have needed to scrape harder on the print but i didnt want it to tear. I did have a backup though!

Enter Texas Orange Cap for the save! Got germination within 36 hours. Gonna wait another day or so and do some transfers.
Did 3 transfers to my Hulked out agar from my Texas Orange Cap print (thx Tribe member)

disclaimer - nothing i post is real. this account is for fictitious purposes and posts should not be taken literally

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Phycus] * 3
    #26388203 - 12/18/19 08:50 AM (2 years, 1 month ago)

SFS96 Lets All Grow Mushrooms 2020

Alright let’s grow some fucking mushrooms :rockon:
I decide on 4 cube varieties. Ape - Orissa India - AA+ - Mazatapec
Each variety went to 5 plates and now we wait

Well I must have received some shitty syringes. Most of my plates are trash except for the ape plates, I’ll take transfers from them in the next day or two. I decided to start more spore plates sense most of them are trash. I put GT, LGT, Nepal, RW, AA+, Ecuador, and KSSS all to plates just a bit ago. All from prints this time, syringes don’t seem to like me.

Took my first Ape transfers from one of my spore plates today. I’ll probably take transfers from the others ape plates tomorrow.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: SFS96] * 1
    #26388217 - 12/18/19 09:07 AM (2 years, 1 month ago)

I'm in!

cubensis:  Melmac & APE

6/1/20: spore swabs received from the Tribe are swiped on plates.

12/1/20: Melmac germinated (3/4 plates), APE not yet. Melmac first transfer is made.

17/01/20: I'm not expecting the ape to germinate on the plates. so made new agar 1/2 strength and added 3g/500 ml activated carbon. swiping plates today.

20/01/20: I've made more agar (6.5 g Agar | 7 g ME | pinch of graphite | 500ml water) and poured plates. Also did a hotpour of the first APE plates.


Neither the hot pour nor the first graphite plates showed growth.
In the second batch of graphite plates, I noticed a single colony growing which I then transfered to new plates.
Also, since the swab was falling apart after all that swabbing, I cut it off and burried it as per Fishlevelmidnight

so, yes, finally growth on the APE. transfered some wedges and monitoring now.

I also made a melmac liquid culture which is incubating now.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Haywire] * 7
    #26388227 - 12/18/19 09:15 AM (2 years, 1 month ago)

footpath's Grow Log

Species: Cubensis

Variety: Chitwan

Method: MS Syringe → Agar → Rye/Millet → Coir/Verm

Stuff & Things

  • Spores: Chitwan, Nepal
  • SAB: Sterilite 110qt  • Petri Dishes: Nest 100mm x 15mm  • Media Bottles: Cadamada 500mL  • Agar: Now Agar Powder  • LME: Breiss Light Dry Malt Extract
  • Knife: X-acto  • Swabs: Cardinal Polyester  • Torch: Bernzomatic WK2301  • Scalpel Handle: Swann Morton No.3  • Scalpel Blades: Swann Morton 10A
  • Jars: Ball Wide Mouth Quart  • Lids: Ball Wide Mouth Leak-Proof PP5

Recipes & Ratios

Agar Media: • 1L water  • 20g Agar  • 14g LME
Rye (10 quarts): • 11C Rye Berries  • 14C water  • 1T Gypsum
Millet (10 quarts): • 15C Unhulled Millet  • 20C water
Liquid Culture: • 250mL water 1g LME

2 • 13 • 20

•  SporesAgar  •

Here we fucking go again - new source for Chitwan sporeseses.

Some sloppy technique in this video:
- 0:47, I start monkey-gripping the syringe - hovering my hand over the sterilized needle, nullifying the sterilization.
- 1:11, I have to pass off the swab from left to right hand - not a huge deal, but I should familiarize myself with doing it opposite (either streaking or dropping spores left-handed)

2 • 18 • 20

•  Germination Day 5  •

Now it's looking like a normal germ plate.
I'll let the colony at 2 o'clock grow out a little bit and take it from there.

2 • 22 • 20

•  Germination Day 9 - Transfer 1  •

Surprise! It grew out more!
That 5-6 o'clock range in that 2:30 colony looks best. Probably should have grabbed it a bit earlier.
Fucked up a little by not taking all the way into the leading edge, and not quite into the 5 o'clock range of it. Whoops.

2 • 25 • 20

•  T1 Day 3  •

Growing out alright - decent vigor, predominately nice looking.
I'll need to make up for my botched grab at that germ plate with another transfer or so.
Nevertheless, It's nice to know I've got something familiar.

3 • 2 • 20

•  T1 Day 9  •

Steady as she goes. I'm happy for them being T1's.
Two of three look pretty enough for me to expand.
I'll wait a couple days and take T2's, make some LC, and transfer some to grain.

3 • 5 • 20

•  T1 Day 12  •

•  T1T2  •

•  AgarGrain  •

•  Liquid Culture  •

Eventful day for this culture.
Might be diving in a little too deep for a first transfer but... :cookiemonster: That's why I took T2's.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Haywire] * 4
    #26388238 - 12/18/19 09:24 AM (2 years, 1 month ago)

Trubblesome's LAGM 2020
Species: Cubensis



Here we go.

I only did 2 plates (PESA print) because I'm a daredevil. but I also have a scope so I can verify the streak "worked." It did. Under the scope I found several locations where individual spores were just hanging out, so since I have a ton of relatively straight forward stuff going right now including a PESA plate about to go to grain and don't really NEED these to do anything in particular, I'm thinking about trying to do something fun with those and I'll be checking in on them daily. I'll use this grow as an opportunity to improve my microscope game as well.

this lone floater down below that string of other spores is the most promising one I'm keeping an eye on, but there are some others too that I might be able to slice out and pop on another dish to see what happens. probably a foolhardy endeavor but hey. let's all grow mushrooms.


and we have growth!

bacterial growth. PESA 2 grew this little spot of bacteria fast, like 28 hours or so? yikes.

but this is fun, this is one of my goals for 2020 - get better at microscope work. time to bust out the stains...

1/3 early AM microscopy edition

the stain kit I got doesn't have crystal violet...I should have looked closer when I ordered but...come on. oh well. I'll wait to look at the bacterial growth, don't really have time to prep slides and shit tonight.

we do, in fact have liftoff though

none of the "loner" spores or any in the smaller groupings are doing anything yet. I'll check back on this tomorrow though, a leading edge from this could make for some fast shroomies.


I cut a diamond around that clump of spores, then sliced that diamond in half and put each half on it's own dish.

1/4: single spore transfer

I found this guy on the PESA 2 plate that's contaminated.

there wasn't another spore for a centimeter in either direction so I was confident I could pluck it and I did. This plate doesn't have too many spores on it anyway and that bacteria spot is growing rapidly so this will be my big experiment for the grow, I've wanted to do a PESA B+ cross but without obvious phenotypic differences it would be hard to verify what's happening UNLESS I can do what I've done here and isolate a single PESA spore (I'll see what F1 looks like and figure out how to deal with F2 later. problems for future me. if anyone has a thought here I'm all ears.). I'll print the biggest specimen from a B+ tub that was spawned 12/28 and do the workman cross method, scraping fresh spores in to a nearly completely colonized jar of grain from this monokaryote spore. Since a monokaryote can't produce fruits, the new spores from the print should link up with this mono mycelium, share DNA, and make fruits that have the DNA from both varieties!

SO! How I did it:

I found the spore by zeroing in on and scanning over my streak at 40x, (the max I can look at things on petri dishes under the scope, with different or thicker poured petris I can sometimes get 100x, but 40 is plenty for this). Then I lowered the condenser so that I could fit a sharpie underneath the plate. I used the light shining through from the condenser to draw a circle around where I was looking at the spore. Then I verified through the scope that this spore was the only one inside the circle. Then I cut a transfer out, working carefully to work just inside the sharpie line to be sure I didn't fuck it up.

so here it is, a single god damn spore transferred to a new plate:

I hope it germinates!! (I hope it's actually a spore too lol )

I actually had a contingency plan for this. I noticed directly on top of the sharpie line to the right of our star spore was another not quite as lonely spore, with a group of friends nearby. I figured I could get that one, and if I missed I'd end up with 2 anyway, then just for fun take the other 3 to a plate and have a 1, 2, and 3 spore plate.

I took my slice and pulled it up on the scope, ready to celebrate my amazing scalpel skills. NOPE. I missed it by about a millimeter. oh well. now I have this "5 spore" plate that I'll take to grains/a shoebox if there's anything good looking that comes out of it.

5 spore plate  :facepalm3:

The plates themselves.

race plate transfer growth:





on the 5th I made 2 jars of LC from both plates I'd transferred. I used the josex method more or less, though I used the tip of the needle like I was eating nachos and scooped up a nice large chunk of myc, just to make sure I had enough to get an LC started fast. If I had been more concerned about isolation or an even canopy or anything but speed I would not have done this. my method also differed in that rather than PC syringes with water in them to eject the myc poke, I sterilized a jar of RO water and drew that in to the syringes in my SAB, then flamed the needle again before performing the poke and squirt in to the LC.

By last night it looked like enough myc had grown in the LC to do some jars so I decided to do 2 from each LC.

Not what I'm looking for normally but it'll get the job done. There's millions of strands of myc in there.

First I placed a drop of each LC on a slide for observation under the scope, and a drop each on a plate as a test. Normally I would wait until these test plates show no bacteria to spawn to grain regardless of what I see under the microscope. I looked at it live and did not see any bacteria, just blown apart strands of mycelium. this does not mean the culture is clean for sure, as we're really only doing this so that if we do see bacteria, we can toss them and start over rather than wait for the test plates to show what we already know. Anyway it was good enough for me to go ahead and noc the jars. I kept these 4 jars around specifically for this, as they were a bit old and quite dry, I figured they could handle some "extra" LC to make up for the relative weakness of the LC. Well, when I went to pour the first one I poured WAY too much. probably like 50 ml (somehow the dog hair remained in the jar). So I poured the next one normally but on the heavy side still, 10-15 ml. For the next LC I figured why not pour one of these heavy too so they can be friends? so one got 50 ml, the other 10-15. here they are:

overpoured jars labeled "HEAVY"

I also swabbed some grocery store mushrooms and put them to agar last night as well. they'll definitely need a cleaning up if anything does germinate:

clockwise from top left: King Oyster, shimeji, maitake, white shimeji


both my LC test plates came up clean, so yesterday I took the remainder of the LC, decanted most of the liquid off the top, and dumped about 15 ml of nicely developed snot balls of liquid myc on to two new jars, one for each LC. then I took a sample from the remainder and observed it under the scope just to verify it was still clean. It looked good, but I gram stained it anyway to help me better see any bacteria that might be present. while doing that I got this pic of what I think is a clamp connection at 400x:

honestly I think the pours from yesterday will do better than the ones I poured too early, it's way more vigorous and is already showing signs of growth on the oats, the ones I poured too early are only just now showing growth. might have shot myself in the foot there trying to get a jump start! 

I also took a step back and realized that I'm probably taking on too much at once, and fucked around in my dishes too much to be actually tracking them waiting for a single spore to germ before contamination took over. so I swiped new dishes specifically for that project and I'll be growing nice looking transfers out like normal from the two transfers I already took. To be honest it's probably a waste of time and doing a fresh streak from whatever I harvest next will probably produce a single spore germination faster than the print I have. but I did it anyway because I was curious about trying out a weird method of spore application. it wasn't great but you know, not everything works: 

for the regular streaks I lightly drew my loop across some of the areas of my print with a finer spore load, then carefully turned the loop so that those spores were facing "up" on the loop. Then I streaked the plate with the bottom side of the loop touching the agar, so that the movement would more lightly draw spores off the top of the loop and increase my chances of finding single spore locations to cut from later. These were very sucessful, I found several locations with individual spores I'll be cutting out to move when I have time.

The less successful plates, labeled "scatter," I lightly drew the loop on the spore print in the same manner, but then I held the loop about 4" above the plate, and used the tip of a flame sterilized scalpel to pull back the loop and then let go, the idea being a scatter of spores would be propelled on to the plates and I could find numerous locations with single spores in easy to pluck locations. I don't think I let the plate sit long enough before moving my hands and putting the lid back on for any spores except the larger clumps to land on the surface of the agar, and scanning the surface of the plates for spores that could be literally anywhere ended up not being very fun and kind of straining on the eyes so I'll be focusing on the light streaking method for now, it works fine enough.

from the grocery store swabs, I have growth!!

everything but the maitake germinated, which is what I guessed would happen. I don't even think there are any maitake spores on that plate. I'm working the maitake in a clone method from Tradd Cotter where it's dunked underwater with just the base exposed to force growth out of the soft tissue at the base. no spores. I made a separate journal for these where I go in to that in more detail: Growing grocery store mushrooms

That's all for now - I think I'm at the point where I can just sit back and watch for a little while.


here we go

I kept the sub a bit on the dry side for the "heavy" box since there was so much LC in there it's certainly got enough moisture. spawned to coco at 1:1.5 with a .5 casing, so I labeled it 1:2. gave the casing a good mist and closed them up. my last run like this I harvested the first flush yesterday after 15 days. if all goes according to plan, I'll have some PESA by month's end.


Big day

4 single spore PESA plates, from a fresh print made and streaked sunday night.

I had found 5 spores with a decent amount of space between them I was going to watch. When I went to check them today for germination I found one that had:

So I got to it and made transfers of all 5. one of them I'm not 100% sure made the transfer so I won't include it here. I won't post them all here, but here is one as an example:

I fucked up the cut on the germinated one unfortunately, and had to put it face down on the transfer plate. hopefully that doesn't fuck it up. It also prevented me from getting a good picture of it under the scope.

I also did T1s of my king oyster, and T2s of my PESA destined for print making. I'll find one with a nice big cap and clone that and hopefully have a ton of nice big prints to make.

Update 1/17: dog shit jars
These jars are bad.

but especially the one on the left:

since they all came from the same LC there aint no way I'm spawning them to bulk. I might case the two on the right in the jar and put a baggy over the top just to see, but the one on the left gets the PC treatment. I'll give them the weekend and see how they look, but man they are dogshit, they are nasty.


but that's why I did 2 LCs. The ones from PESA LC 2112 are still lookin good in their shoeboxes.

Update for 1/20:

I cased the better 2 of the dog shit jars. The other one was PC'd for 2 hours and dumped in the garden. blech. looked like aspergillus, which tracks with what I usually find on a contam'd petri around here. I had some previously hydrated coco sitting in a cooler. It was a little on the dry side but I put it on top of the jar and gave it a good misting, just til it turned a shade darker brown. here they are:

It's not the end of the world if these don't work out.

The big part of the update though is a tek I've been working on that I spawned my remaining PESA 2112 jar to (the good LC that is in my shoeboxes, not one of the dog shit jars) and was able to document the prep process for.

Gift bags

I have some friends interested in mycology but they don't have the time, resources, or deep burning desire to make their own shit like those of us here at the shroomery might. So I thought about what a manageable way to share the beauty of growing your own mushrooms with friends might be, when I looked down at my take out container and thought it looked like the perfect size to make a little grow box out of. I tested it with some left over GT grain when I spawned a tub last month. So here it goes with documentation this time:

Get some take out containers. you don't have to be picky, anything with a lid to retain moisture will do. Far left container was something a friend brought me some short ribs in a few weeks back :crazy2: My dinner tonight came in one of the others:

1 myco quart jar of spawn makes four containers. Which means you put a 1/4 myco quart of spawn in each one. These are oats:

put about 1/2 a quart of the sub you like in there. this is straight coir after bod's coir tek.:

mix it up real nice:

I cased with a handful, or about a pint (1/2 quart) of coir:

I generously misted the tops in the manner of a shoebox, as well as the inside of the lid. For delivery, keep the lid tight in case shit bounces around. When your friend receives the gift, tell them to lightly crack 2 opposite corners to get a little gas exchange going. These are small as hell and I'd be scared they'll dry out quick if they go right to the next phase without someone who knows what they're looking for watching them. You could also wait until they've colonized and give them away at that point if you'd like to make it even easier for them.

Once the casing is colonized, they should take the lid off and put them in the plastic bag you delivered them in, give the inside of the bag a good mist, then tie it loosely and leave it somewhere with some ambient light that stays above 65F or so. A kitchen counter or something:

For the most part, they should leave them the fuck alone. I opened the bag and gave it another mist every few days, whenever I noticed the condensation on the bag walls starting to go away. Last Thursday, 22 days from spawn, I had these little buddies:

pins for flush 2 are coming in right now

spot on.

And of course the shoeboxes as posted above are going as planned. These are my 5th and 6th shoeboxes now and I think I'm finally getting the hang of them.


I haven't changed my status from tired in some time. I'm fucking tired y'all. Life sucks right now. But growing mushrooms with all of you and reading about everyone's projects and plans has been a major bright spot. Part of the reason I went for the race is that shit is about to get very hectic for me and in a little while I'll probably have to take a few months off from all this. If I do win the prints I'd like to do a giveaway to pay it forward. Life being the energy you put out in to the universe, not what you take and all that.

I'll make a poll, LAGM growers can vote on a print from the contest bounty for me to grow. I'll do a shoebox at the end of summer, and I'll clone the best looking fruit from that and do a tub, make prints from it, and send those out to anyone who finishes a grow log by the end of 2020 and wants a print or two.

Update 1/22

got pins  :rockon:

trying something new to me this time. bags with holes on top to get that FAE/evap cycle right per the bod shoebox tek
my bags are kind of wack though so I stretched them down as best I could
my last few shoeboxes have had some kinda stunted growth/premature drying out/side pins so hopefully this and my more dialed in surface conditions improves the harvest.

Update 1/24:
I had some uh, questionable SAB sessions last week too. Did a ton of transfers last night for LAGM as well as my various other projects. Finally got caught up on some loose threads, hopefully cleaned up my SAB work after being really fucking lazy about it. Sorry about the pictures, fluctuating temps around here and not even 10 minutes with a hot coffee mug could get any of these clearer than what you see. Here's the LAGM stuff:


When I tested my LC, culture 2111 had this perfect looking growth, completely uniform, I transferred it to a new plate to grow out for grain and...mold in the corner of the dish. fuck. so I took another transfer, we'll see how it does.

honestly this might be something I do from now on.
MS -> agar -> LC -> grains for tub -> tub, duh
LC test plate growth -> isolate further -> grains for tub ->  additional tub with less variety that is hopefully at least good, with an even pinset.

The King Oyster got transferred. I made 2 transfers on accident, I think one will contam - a piece of coir somehow got inside of it. what the fuck. I grabbed another plate and after transferring noticed a piece of coir stuck to condensation inside the lid!! no clue. small piece left on the table that got drawn up by static electricity as I moved the plate near it? I s2g I cleaned this fucking table top...

The Maitake swab plate started showing growth finally. Not knowing what Maitake mycelium looks like on agar, I was sure that it was going to turn green. But as the maitake clone grew out it looked similar, and both look like examples of maitake mycelium I've found online and what I've read about so what the hell why not! Not knowing which was better to take I made two transfers, one from strong cottony mycelium, and one from more whispy mycelium from further out, plus the one from the clone. I'll probably inoculate logs with it and bury them outside, but maybe I'll try one supplemented sawdust bag just for kicks. Trad Cotter details a method of progressively adding slits to bags that seems worth a shot.

swab plate up without that pesky lid in the way:

I expect these maitake transfers will need some extensive cleaning, but who knows, maybe that is all maitake mycelium in there.

Update 1/25
shoeboxes today:

"PESA 2112 1/9" spawned 1/13

"PESA 2112 HEAVY" also spawned 1/13

guessing I'll have torn veils monday night or tuesday morning. comparable to my first PESA shoebox from this print at ~15 days.

question posed to thread:
But I'm curious, is this just how PESA typically grows? or how shoeboxes typically grow? the first PESA shoebox I did had really skinny stems and the mushrooms themselves were quite short, they looked exactly like these only with a shitty pinset because it was my first shoebox and I let it dry out too much, so I thought the skinny stems were from that as well. I'm not sure if this is typical for PESA or if it's how shoebox grows typically look or if there's something I'm doing to them that I'm missing. They get misted whenever beads are just about gone but before myc is not dried out yet. They stay about 70 degrees, I removed the bags I posted about almost immediately after putting them on because they wouldn't stay standing up, and this morning I turned the lid slightly askew to give a little more FAE hoping to encourage some more stocky growth. If anyone has some insight to offer it'd be much appreciated.

Update 1/26. Torn Veils:


going to find a little better balance on misting/evaporating next time around, so much fuzzy foot going on.

Update 1/27. Harvest day.

Woke up to this:

harvested the ones that were ready. They dried out to this when I got home from work:

remember when I said the reckless nature of my speed run would show up in my results? There it is. 5.3 grams with 2/3rds to go. looking like a 15 gram haul from one quart of spawn.


I think I know why they were so skinny/went so fast - today I moved the other tub on their shelf to give it a mist and noticed how warm the bottom was. The ambient temp of the closet they're in is 70-72, but the surface of the bottom shelf, which sits above the heat duct run through the ceiling below, was at 78 according to my IR thermometer. Shit looks like what I grew on PF cakes over the summer at similarly high temps. Only that time I did it on purpose because I was a noob and thought they needed to be pretty much roasting at all times.


The other tub has more normal looking fruits, a more even pinset, should be done tomorrow (1 broken veil!), and I bet it will put out more weight. I'll do a final side by side when they're both done. The sub surface is confirmed by the IR thermometer to be at 72.

Cobweb won the race in one of the top-cased jars:

That's it! If anyone missed it, now that it's semi-official, I announced a giveaway in an earlier post, contingent on my getting to first torn veil:


trubblesome said:

I haven't changed my status from tired in some time. I'm fucking tired y'all. Life sucks right now. But growing mushrooms with all of you and reading about everyone's projects and plans has been a major bright spot. Part of the reason I went for the race is that shit is about to get very hectic for me and in a little while I'll probably have to take a few months off from all this. If I do win the prints I'd like to do a giveaway to pay it forward. Life being the energy you put out in to the universe, not what you take and all that.

I'll make a poll, LAGM growers can vote on a print from the contest bounty for me to grow. I'll do a shoebox at the end of summer, and I'll clone the best looking fruit from that and do a tub, make prints from it, and send those out to anyone who finishes a grow log by the end of 2020 and wants a print or two.

keep an eye out for that I guess!


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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: trubblesome] * 2
    #26388285 - 12/18/19 10:06 AM (2 years, 1 month ago)

I'm  in. I'll edit this post whennI get set up, probably tomorrow.

I think I will run RW, Pan Jam, Hoogs, and Galindoi assuming the later arrives in time. If I can can gind it I should have Cinct Warrens still too so all 5 if thats acceptable.

Team wheat...
Quirks Tub Prep

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Quirkmeister92] * 3
    #26388330 - 12/18/19 10:47 AM (2 years, 1 month ago)

:jah:~TeaforTwo 2020 grow log~:jah:


Species: P.Cubensis
Var: PESA + Texas Orange Cap + Purple Mystic

30&31Dec poured 60 plates, 20ea BRF, MEA, PDA:popcorn:

1Jan noc'd 3ea parent plates on BRF agar:dancer:

PESA and TOC from Tribe giveaway prints:awesomenod:

PM from syringe we began working with end of Oct which has so far produced 2 fruits neither of which dropped a single spore:facepalm:


:cookiemonster: the parent spread  :elmo:

(includes GT parent plate with a possible leucustic pin transfer to see what happens):awedance:

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: TeaforTwo] * 3
    #26388367 - 12/18/19 11:15 AM (2 years, 1 month ago)

I love the idea I am in.

species: cubensis, Pan
variety: RW (F10) and Pan Cyan Jamaica (by Asura)

update 01/01/2020:
Plates are swiped with RW spores. The Pan print did not arrive yet so that project is slightly delayed.

update 01/02/2020:
Pan Cyan print arrived!!!! (Thanks Asura! )

update 01/17/2020:
Pans looks good to transfer. No germination on RW so I will reinoculate some plates.

update 01/27/2020:

RW and Pan Cyan ready for transfers:

I'll do a few transfers of each until I get something nicer, then they go to grains.

update 03/23/2020:
I haven't updated for a while, but all my cultures are still going. I was waiting for an agar pin on the RW plates to clone. On T3, the culture was transferred to a LC which is now ready to noc up a few bags.
The Pan Cyan culture are on t5, looking ready to pop to grain, but still waiting to source some good manure to fruit them.
pics laterz

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: eLeSDenes] * 2
    #26388523 - 12/18/19 12:55 PM (2 years, 1 month ago)

I’m in.

KSSS(FA) x RustyWhyte

Looking to stabilize/explore the mutant genetics in KSSS, and hopefully find some rust spored leucistic mutants from the RW X just for fun.

Swabbed 3 plates with each, for the attempted cross I swabbed the RW print then the KSSS print before spreading them on agar together. (I will do the straight KSSS FA plates first to avoid accidental cross contamination)


Germ on all the RWxKSSS and PESA plates but only one of the KSSS so I’m guessing its mostly RW spores germinating, gonna give a couple more days for mating and to let more ksss spores germinate and then assess mycelium morphology before making any transfers. Will prep dishes today so theyre ready and waiting.

1/9 made 1st xfers. Sorry no pics


Preparing to take 1-2 transfers from each t1 plate, most will probably be ready for grain on the next plate.

The line up

Most excited about this one, havent seen any RW myc that looks like this before, and its exactly what the myc from the ksss clone the spores came from look like. Hoping thats a sign I got a cross, but :shrug: either way its got some nice clean lookin growth.

These Pes-A sure have some nice rhizo’ sectors, Looks similar to some of the aggressive colonizers I’ve grown before. I know where I’m transferring from with these fasho

The straight Ksss spores still have only germed on 1-3 plates, and only three small spots of germ, kinda makes me wonder if any are monokaryons, and how many actually germinated on the mixed plates? But I’ve heard other mycelium can help spores to germinate, so I’m hoping thats the case on at least some of the RWSS plates. Should ne easy enough to tell once they fruit. Until then I might just be cleaning up RW myc.


Just dropped all these to grain

Making transfers on these tomorrow. 1 more and theyre most if not all ready.

Progress from plates dropped 5 days ago, will be shaking in 2-3 days

last round of agar, all getting dropped to grain to sink or swim also in a few more days


That pesa looked so good I couldnt resist doing some g2g’s yesterday with jars @ 1:10 and bags @ 1:3

And this pesa plate pinning fast AF got me excited

The RWSS from t2 didnt look as nice as the pesa but I’m still gonna spawn em and see what happens

Shaking everything from t3 plates RN

Things got busy for a while but back on track now!


Finally got an update with fruits


Also took a pin clone from a Different PesA plate and its already fruiting again!? This thing is fast AF, dropping a plate to grain today, I'm guessing 10-12 days from spawn to fruiting, usually takes 2x as long as this to pin on agar and I’ve never seen a second flush on agar like this wtff

Rw x ksss pin???

Maybe just RW but thats a thicccy stipe. Worth cloning? Probably just gonna wait and see what comes in the ms

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: AyePlus] * 1
    #26388542 - 12/18/19 01:08 PM (2 years, 1 month ago)

I'm in!

Species: Psilocybe subaeruginosa

Attempting an indoor grow for fun.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: AyePlus] * 1
    #26388546 - 12/18/19 01:10 PM (2 years, 1 month ago)

Psilocybe cubensis variety Burma, golden halo, pe6 Tidal wave gh/ pe mazatapec Costa Rican wild cubes pseudoaztecorum pan cyans aa+
Media will be straw water agar
Agar:500 mls straw soak water with a touch of coffee.
4 grams brf
10 grams agar.
First signs of life were January 6th on the Burma and pe6 Tidal wave and my golden halo cross.
Jan. 20th
I transferred some AA+ Burma golden halo some of my cross (gh/pe) Costa Rican Pseudoaztecorum pe6 and my pan cyans. One more transfer and some will go to grain


It doesn't matter what i think of you...all that matters is clean spawn

I'm tired do me a favor

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: eLeSDenes] * 1
    #26388563 - 12/18/19 01:20 PM (2 years, 1 month ago)

Sounds like fun, ill attempt it too.
Species-Ps. Cubensis
Variety- PESA and Texas orange Cap recieved through giveaway thread

Finally swiped some spores to agar last night  using my fancy new loop. Made out of something alot of people have in their houses, (A metal christmas ornament hanger hook)
did 2 PESA and 2 Tex orange cap that i recieved through the mass giveaway thread.

The agar is Grain soak water from oats, i didnt realize most folks dilute it so these ones are straight GSW n agar with some blue food coloring.
Also i do not have a scale so when i make my agar up i do a little of everyone's favorite subject in school, math(Yaaaaaayyyy) haha, a lot of teks say 20 grams agar agar to 500 ml water is a good starting point. Telephone agar agar (says) its got 25 grams in it sooooooo rather than use a calculator for such a simple equation i just do it in my head

(Im just halving the total amount twice to find how much water i need for the extra 5 grams agar agar) 20gm to 500ml.  10gm to 250ml. 5gm to 125ml. There we go, so if i wanna do my whole packet i just need 625 ml of water. I always spoon it into my plates or use a big ass turkey injector,but the latter one tends to gel up easily

Well see how it goes, hopefully i can at least manage to get some fruits to print and pass along to someone else. In trades and the good ol spirit of givin haha


Got some germination on my 2 tex orange cap plates(left 2) and 1 pesa last night, gonna let it go at least another day or so before i take my first transfer


Took some T1 transfers out of all 4 plates the 2 with the sticky note in between them is the Tex Oc the other is PESA.
I had 5 of the medium sized ziploc screw tops premade with my GSW agar and i put 2 transfers into each since they have more room, then just for shits n giggles i took a transfer from Toc and Pesa n threw em together into one

Just a quick little update, all my craps still growin on agar. Havent been able to do anything lately due to work 6 days a week and preparing for this new baby to pop out tomorrow. Everyone and their dog have been coming to my house constantly so ive had to keep it put up, but im still workin on it for sure!

Did 4 "Tiger drops" from 4 plates into 4 jars
2 PESA 2 Toc just kinda cut em tic tac toe style n dumped em in! Decided to let the agar sit up top at first to keep an eye on it before shaking, the Tex orange cap (above) is lookin decent so far ill be shaking em soon

My PESA on the other hand not as well, one jar had a contam rip through it immediately. The other was looking alright so i went ahead and gave er a good mixing shake. Time will tell! Hopefully that ones still good at least!
I plan on printing every cap from this grow thats decent to share around!

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Cootermonkey] * 1
    #26388592 - 12/18/19 01:43 PM (2 years, 1 month ago)

Crackatoa's Grow Log

species- Cubensis

Variety- ARX (APE x Redboy)

Been sick, sorry my friends

2 plates swiped 1/14

Spore print swabbed and swiped to places, plates are LME


All hell broke loose in my SAB for some fuckin reason

Starting Over


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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: Cootermonkey] * 3
    #26388593 - 12/18/19 01:44 PM (2 years, 1 month ago)

I'm down:awesomenod:

Keyubes bruh. Rw and pe(wouldnt mind melmec:begger: )

Maybe pans if I can pull my head outa my ass.

January 1st 2020:stoned:
Here we are:

Brf agar 6g 500ml water

None of my pe swabs have been germinating so I busted out some ksss as backup:cool:

January 9

i cut off some of the pe swab since nothing else seems to work

and it worked!!:cool:

some shitty mold poppped up on my rw dish:uhoh:

maybe i can snag something clean

January 23

took transfers. delt with moldy germination plates. swiped more pan spores:shake:

i think i botched the pc cycle. ive never contaminated this many plates before:shrug:

but some clean looking germination plates survived so i rolled the dice and inoculated two jars:awedance:

more transfers to come!

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: mushboy] * 3
    #26388606 - 12/18/19 01:51 PM (2 years, 1 month ago)

Cant guarantee success but maybe others can learn what not to do from me?  :shrug: :lol:


My first attempt was a massive failure, due to some contaminated plates... Hopefully I got it right the second time around.
Also worth a mention that I’m new to agar.  :uhoh: 

January 25 2020
I didn’t document the cleaning process for this purple mystic plate :facepalm3:
Spores were germinated around Christmas time so it’s been about a month.

January 29 2020
Will be putting this to grain tomorrow morning. 1/4 wedge chopped up in each jar.
Starting 4 master qt jars. Will expand from there If they look clean.
(Going to leave a sliver from 3 o’clock and put it to a new plate for back up.)

January 31 2020
Saw the first leap off from the wedges today! :rockon:
Few wedges got stuck to the inside ceiling of the lids but I think I’ve got enough in there it shouldn’t be a problem.

February 5 2020
8 days latter, was a away for a few days and the power went out.
Going to warm them up and shake in a day or two.
(Hope they aren’t stalled)

February 8 2020
2 days after the shake...

February 10
Spawning the 2 fully colonized jars in the morning.
Coir is prepped via bucket tek.

February 11 2020
Made 2 boxes today. 1:2 spawn to coir.
Spawning 2 more tomorrow at 1:1.5 for a side by side comparison.

February 16 2020
These are the boxes 5 days latter.
The slow jar is taking its time but still looking good :thumbup:

February 21 2020
Day 10. Starting to see knots.
Cracked open one side of the lid to increase fae.

February 27 2020
Day 16. Snapped the lids off fully for max fae.
This is the best looking box so far.

March 2 2020
Pretty happy with how they turned out.
Chopped a few of the big ones down last night but most finished today.
2 out of 4 boxes have finished the first flush.

May 24 2020
After a few months and a round of clones I’ve still got this one going.
Was going to get rid of it completely and stick to something els.
but this variety helped me learn so much I’m having a hard time letting go lol
And not to mention they are hella potent. So long live PM

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: staytrippy420] * 4
    #26388607 - 12/18/19 01:52 PM (2 years, 1 month ago)

Sounds fun, this’ll be my first spore to agar grow.

I’ll be doing  PESA, melmak, and TOC.  Added AA+, rusty white, gt, z strain, pe6.

This is my first time putting spore to agar, it was a little tougher than I expected but that might just be because I’m not used to seeing nothing on the plate. I had a swab of Melmak which I had planned on using tweezers to pull some strands off and swipe them around but my tweezers were too big so I just ended up using the swab.

For toc and Pesa I broke out my loop for the first time. I wasn’t sure if I was getting spores just using the loop so I torched it then cooled it in the agar then rubbed the print with it. I could see spores missing from the print this way so I felt better about it.

Another thing I’m worried about is my agar mix. I was making low nute plates last week with the last of my premixed LMEA and saved some for today. However I forgot I had added extra agar for the first time to make it harder cuz I was having problems transferring the soft stuff. I tried to rough up the surface a little while cooling the loop then swiped the spores into that spot so hopefully it works out.

Two plates of each

Good luck everybody!

So far only bacteria on the melmak plate I stuck the swab in cuz I dropped it while cutting the end off.
Just swiped another plate of TOC and PESA to softer agar. I’ve got three new prints coming anyday now so I’ll prob expanding my project cuz it’s some stuff I’ve been wanting to grow.
Had a pretty good size gt cap I printed and while I was about to fold it up decided what the hell and swiped a plate, I want to see how super fresh spores do.

Later on the mail came and boom: thank you sir.
Swiped two each of rw and aa+

Aa had so many spores I just scooped some up with the scalpel and smeared them.

Got germination on a toc plate from the seventh! Guess the softer agar helps.
I’ve also got myc growing out of the extremely bacteria melmak swab. Took it and dabbed it a few times then buried it on a new plate. Gonna keep an eye on it and possibly keep it cold if the bacteria blows up until it outruns it.

Looks like golden teacher and Pesa have also germinated. Finally in the game. Looks like agar makes a big difference, swiped from the same prints as Jan. 1 and had them go off in 3-4 days. Still waiting on the plates from the first.
Aa+ has joined the party. Just waiting on rusty now. Should be tomorrow cuz it’s a day behind the aa.

About ready for some T1s, just gotta pour more plates. I actually took 2 T1s from the dirty melmak swab plate on the 14th. Look good so far.
Just got a z strain print and swiped that as well.

Forgot to add pe6, print came either 14 or 15th, and is kicking ass. Showed germination in under a day and like 30 hours in all five streaks I did have solid growth. Wish they all did that.

I had some agar mishaps with the new bottles, got a few plates poured but not positive they’re clean. I did some T1s on aa+, gt, Pesa, and toc today so hopefully the plates are clean. I waited three days before using them so we’ll see. Can’t wait for all these new varieties. Still waiting on rw. Melmak seems to have waited out the bacteria and is blowing up with myc now, and the transfers from the other day are looking good.

Poured plates last night and redid T1s just in case the other plates aren’t clean.
Just dropped a tiny piece from the toc germ plate into a little 200ml lme lc. Gonna try a little of everything with all these things.

I also started putting two T1 transfers on each plate to save time and supplies. Now that I’ve been doing agar long enough to go through the whole process I’m realizing T1s are pretty useless and am gonna streamline things to get to t2/3 ASAP.

Took t2s from Pesa, toc, aa, pe6, and melmak. The lc is starting to blow up everytime I look the myc floaters are bigger. Been shaking it violently trying to break myc off the wedge. Also knocked the first round of T1s and fresh 2s onto the floor, so that sketchy agar saved me cuz I had backups for most of them.

Had pin mold on one aa plate for sure, possibly both but just starting if it’s on the second one.
Took a t1 from the z germ plate.

Toc lc, almost five days in
About to do some Pesa and z transfers.

Took a few more transfers, t2 and 3s, they looked pretty good so went to one wedge per plate to grow out for grains. Made an attempt at my first lc pour with the toc....it went...questionably lol.  The wbs was wetter than I planned and instead of pouring off some water first to make the lc thicker I just went for it figuring since idk what I’m doing yet might as well spread it out. Poured about 50ml which made the jar waaay wetter than I thought it would. Gonna keep shaking it up to try and distribute the water until it dries up.  I’m gonna make another jar but make sure it’s a lot drier this time.

Did a ton of transfers today. A couple t2s and a bunch of t3s to really soft plates that hopefully will be going to grain.
Reswiped rw, fourth plate of it I just can’t get it to go. Totally unrelated but also swiped a pan cyan print I recently acquired, pretty excited about another species.
Hoping to see some growth on my toc lc jars tomorrow or the next day.

Starting to see fuzzy spots on the toc lc jars.
Dropped a little plate of melmak into wbs.
Got two more lc bottles fresh out of the pc cooling down, prob going with pesa and aa.

Haven’t posted pics in a while so here’s some of my latest plates, got a few newer ones but no growth yet. I’m so happy with the melmak.

Made z strain and pe6 lc today. Seeing an exciting amount of growth in the toc jars I poured.
Not part of LAGM but my pan jam spores germinated yesterday as well.

Forgot to update but did more transfers and dropped some aa+ into a quarter filled jar for g2g. Toc jars are totally covered but the myc is thin still, I think from being too wet. My aa lc went bad but the others are good. Here’s pesa a week in. 

Spawned one of my toc jars just now. Finally at the fun part. Idk what’s going on lately but my agar has been a disaster, last two batches I poured stayed liquid and I even used more than usual. Shook my aa+ jar the other day it came back real nice should be ready to g2g in a few days. Just bought a 40lb bag of wbs, usually I go for the walmart economy bag but saw this southwest blend that has mostly small seeds like millet so decided to give it a shot.

I also dropped all but one wedge of this melmak into a jar for a master.

Z, pesa and pe6 lcs all looking good.

Split my quarter quart of aa into 4 quarts, they’re gonna go into an under bed tub.
Shook up a 10 day old melmak jar that was healthy but so slow.

Aa+ g2g less than two days in.

Both toc tubs seem to be coming along, I’m curious how they’ll do cuz the spawn was way too wet from all the lc, but it was pretty thick and came back right away after a shake.

Toc five days in

Other one looks similar. I’m planning on pouring some lc today, probably pesa, pe6 and z, none of which I’ve grained yet but have good plates for too.

Poured 2 jars of pesa lc, only like 10ml this time to drier wbs. The other ones were looking iffy so gonna test them first. Finally dropped a z plate to grain.

Toc from lc at six days.

I can’t believe it’s the 19th already. Ok so the two pesa jars I poured lc into are looking good, the z jar I buried the wedge dead center where I can’t see it but there’s myc poking out all over now. The aa+ I g2g into 4 quarts...one is super healthy and done, 1 looks pretty good, 2 are questionable.
I used a pe6 plate made super soft so it would liquidate during shaking, and that’s working amazingly.

The first melmak jar I made three weeks ago is 99%, but the master I made from the green agar plate looks like it’s not coming back from the shake.

Toc pins popped up the other day, my first spore to shrooms grow.

Spawning pe6 and melmak hopefully tomorrow, melmak s beem ready for days. Just dropped a t4 plate of aa+ that looked great into grain and g2g another jar from the best aa+ that finished few days back. Both to replace the questionable jars meant to go in the big tub.

Spawned melmak, pe6 needed another day.

Spawned pe6 yesterday. Here’s the toc that’s doing well.

Annnnd my first agar spore grow is almost complete! Normally I’d harvest in a few hours but since this is my first run I gotta take a bunch of prints.

Z and pesa and probably aa that didn’t make the cut for the big tub should be getting spawned tomorrow.

Just cut off a handful of caps and set them up to print before bed. Too lazy to harvest now but had to take a couple off before they opened up.

About 345 wet

Spawned z and pesa. The pesa was iffy, I’ve been having a lot of bacteria problems since switching seed brands for some reason. I shook up the other jar of pesa a few days ago and it’s coming back but not looking great. Also lost a couple aa+ jars so I had to g2g another one and dropped another plate a few days ago. I really want to get my big tub going!

Second toc came in as mostly one giant cluster. I’ve got a few clones to test out now between the two toc tubs, pretty cool.

Finally spawned a shoebox and underbed of aa+.  2 and 3 quarts so smaller underbed unfortunately. Z pe6 and melmak are knotting, pesa should be also anytime now. Totally forgot about the golden teacher print I took, dropped that to grain few days ago it’s looking super healthy. That’ll be my first grow from my own prints.

Harvested some second flush toc, and top cased/coir mugged a little sketchy melmak spawn I made with the green plate a while back.


Gt ms jar, first grow from my own print.

Pe6 in the home stretch. Definitely clusters like toc, but caps are brown.

Pe6 shot up in the last twelve hours.

Melmak has got some little clusters forming too.

Melmak pins been sucking up water, they’re dry every time I check now.

Harvested and printed half of the z.

The aa+ underbed ran the coir and started knotting on day 7. I spawned another two pesa, one from a plate and another from the same lc as the first tub which is 19 days in with no knots. Also spawned my gt jar from the giant cap print I made.

Melmak ending up way smaller and totally different looking than expected.

Aa+ underbed pinning at 10 days!


Aa+ about 11 days

14.5 days.

The first PESA finally has 3 pins. :facepalm:
The gt shoebox is suuuper healthy, just about hitting 100. The other two pesa spawned the same time are prob like 70%. For some reason the pesa jar that consolidated for a week or so while I waited for more to finish is so much faster than the others. Might have to experiment with that.

The aa+ shoebox I made with two quarts of bacterial spawn has some nice clusters forming but pretty small so far. The gt is looking beautiful and about to start knotting.

Underbed tub hit the growth spurt overnight

Some second flush pe6, looking potent.

And my growroom buddy hogging the heater

Harvested aa+ this morning, first load dried pretty heavy 44g. Gonna guess about 70g total first flush.

Harvested more pe6 and z.
Second flush of melmak coming in quick, prob ready in two days.

This is pesa from a plate, looking much better than the first one. I’ve dont Think I’ve ever had this mixed myc before.

Harvested second flush melmak, z and pe6. Plus the bacteria aa+ shoebox which was like 380 wet all small shrooms.


My two toc clones are prob 70% colonized, can’t wait to spawn those.

Spawned the first clone from my toc and a sketchy looking jar of playa uvita yesterday.

This morning I harvested a bunch of random later flushes. This is mostly z with two pe6 in the back near the scale. Jar of melmak I cased is going off too.

This is z.


My gt has a bunch of pins, Both pesa have started pinning, the old pesa has been steadily putting out 3-4 inch shrooms with toothpick stems.

The big aa+ tub doesn’t want to flush again for whatever reason. A few on the edges are there but other than that there’s just now a couple pins popping.

Finally got pans figured out enough to stop frying pins. So stoked on these.

I’m swiping tamp and atl today, doing a ton of plate work and hopefully graining ufo, Amazon, rw, taz and spores I swabbed from my PE clone. Not all lagm related but whatever. This wbs is killing me. Everything will look awesome then I’ll shake and half the jars go really bad. Like the grain gets all dark and wet. I’ve lost four awesome plates this week to it. 2 ape, a melmak and a Burma.

Melmak jar and gt ms from the huge print

Both the new pesa shoes are pinning, and the older one is steadily putting out skinny ones.

Harvested the ms gt.  Nothing special, about 270.

There’s some big aa+ Sidepins on the underbed tub and second flush pins are finally coming in but there’s also a little mold on one part. Not trich though it’s this really slow moving stuff so it should be fine.

Harvested 5 kinds of late flush lagm varieties.
Aa+ underbed put out another 500ish. Plus the longest shroom I’ve grown.

Plus this tiny melmak pair.

All three pesa are just slowly putting out a few tiny shrooms each day, pretty lame.
Both toc cluster clones are killing it, one was knotting at day 6 yesterday.

Dropped ufo and ape to grain couple days ago. Hopefully they work this is my 3rd ape attempt. Used up the last of my stupid southwest wbs too.

Been a minute since I updated. First off here’s my two toc cluster clones spawned on 4/6 and 4/9

My three pesa tubs are still weird but finally starting to put out more normal size shrooms.

Got my biggest ever shroom from that PE6 tub spawned 54 days from this pic.

Playa uvita is super slow but looking healthy. Almost colonized the tub at like two weeks.

I switched a bunch of jars to sfd and every single one went green by 10 days in. Just redid the lids and ran a batch last night, shook them up and now I’m waiting for them to soak up the moisture.

I’ve finally got a jar of pfc that looks good, just shook it. Also have another toc lc jar and one of ufo. So far both tubs from the toc lc grew crazy clusters so I’m hoping for more.

Oook. So my jar problems continued. Ufo is the only one left and I can’t tell if it’s super slow or bacterial. Replaced all the filters with tyvek and just knocked up amazon, 2 ufo, ape—again, a melmak cluster clone and plate pin, and some ms PE from my big clone tubs.

I took two clones from big toc clusters, one went decent and one looks good but yielded shit. Here they are along with a pesa from the hc.

I also poured the last of my toc lc into a jar a few days ago, nothing yet. It’s getting super hot out already and I’m gonna need to bring in the ac or switch rooms.

The playa uvita took 19 days but finally pinned. 

Also just finished my second pans grow which went beautifully.

Picked a few more big pe6, they jsut keep coming.

Idk what happened with the gt but that’s 2nd flush, might be the big genetics it came from or that there’s only a couple shrooms. And playa uvita making progress.

I knocked up 8 more jars two days ago. Hopefully these stay good now that it’s back to tyvek. I prepped the seeds a little different and I seem to be getting real quick jump off so it might be my new prep.

Man I can’t believe it’s been five months already. I’m gonna have to move everything across the house to a cooler room cuz it’s breaking 90 inside during the day and last night the low was 77. Plus it’s so brutal doing SAB work in the heat I just keep putting it off.

Anyway my bunch of jars are all doing great, no signs of mold finally. Plus my toc lc I thought was dead is finally growing all over the jar in tiny puffs.

Playa took off overnight, solid stems. Printing caps now and might clone the tall one.

One of my toc clones had like three different contams on one end so I cut a third of the sub off. I hope it works cuz there’s a lot of pins still.

Spawned ufo this morning finally. Can’t wait for this one. Both toc clones got mold during the second flush, so many contams lately I’m gonna do a serious clean.

Playa finished first flush and I took a bunch of nice dark prints. It was staggered but I think I got around 25g dry. Tall skinny shrooms with cool caps, and the stems are rock solid.

My jar of pans got mold on top so filter must be bad. The rest are looking good though, shook a couple and the toc lc spawn jar finally started growing.

Harvest more playa, prob up to 35g dry now. Also the last pesa triched out. All three shoeboxes were super weird but I probably got at least 4oz dry.

My ufo is colonizing the coir nicely. All my spawn jars look awesome, such a relief. Dropped two rusty whyte pins into a jar this morning and transferred the third one to another plate. Also made a ufo pin clone plate.

My ms gt is putting out some bigger ones now. This is about third flush.

Also spawned pearl oysters to the sub from the aa+ shoebox this morning. First run at edibles.

So boring now that I only have one tub going since I lost so much spawn. On the bright side a bunch of jars should be done in a day or two. I’m gonna g2g most of them though so it’ll still be probably 10 days minimum. Although I have another jar of ufo that’ll be ready for a shoebox hopefully by tomorrow or the next day.

Here’s my current ufo as of yesterday

And a jar of PE getting g2g tomorrow probably

I have amazon and Tasmanian jars almost done but I’m going to g2g them to 4-5 quarts each for underbeds.

The jar that got the last of my toc lc is also almost done and getting g2g. I’m gonna put some grains from it to a plate because the two tubs it made before had insane clusters so I’d like to keep it around.

I’ve been slacking on this.
Ok so the toc and PE g2gs are almost done. One of the toc got a spot of mold so it’s gonna be shoeboxed.

My first ufo box got a pin at day 17 or 18, taking forever. Spawned another box like a week ago.

I also spawned the Amazonian and taz jars instead of expanding them cuz I’m bored and want grows. I made another half full jar of Amazonian spawn to expand and I have a good taz pin clone plate to do the same with.

This Amazonian is the fastest culture I’ve ever had. Knotting on day five.

This was two days.

Finally about to spawn a sketchy jar of ape too.

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Re: Let's All Grow Mushrooms 2020 [Re: A.k.a] * 3
    #26388633 - 12/18/19 02:11 PM (2 years, 1 month ago)


Count me in

Species: P. Cubensis
Variety: PESA
Spore to agar 1/1/2020
Germination 1/5/2020

*The plan is to establish a clean culture on agar and use to inoculate grain spawn. I am not sure how much expansion I will do with this project, so it may just be 2 quarts spawn : 4 quarts coir and a filter-patch bag for the FC.

:mushroom2::mushroom2:HAPPY NEW YEAR SHROOMERY!:mushroom2::mushroom2:

some proof for the timeline lol

Checked last night, and we have lift off.
Germination spotted 1/5/2020

These will be taken to new plates tonight and allowed to grow out

Well I missed an update but snagged some pics tonight
1st transfers were made on the 6th and 2nd one made tonight

1/20/2020 - Will be taking the transfer today to the plate that will go to grain. I think the culture is clean, but I don't want to use it from these split plates. (personal preference) So I will be taking a transfer to a no pour plate (holy grail plates) that in turn will go to grain once grown out
will add pics this evening**

I will be taking transfers from the right side, around 7-8 o'clock


kinda funky looking, but I took another transfer to the plate I hope to inoculate with

That's pretty much all to report atm, hopefully early next week we are hitting jars

That plate got scrapped

This went to grain on the 8th


1:2 in bag with 1 quart of spawn
Spawned on 3/4/2020

Sub was prepped with bucket tek coir. 1 brick, 3.5qts water, 1.5qts verm






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