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Senior ChildMolestationExpert
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Psychedelic books
    #2541034 - 04/08/04 10:31 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

Can someone recommend some books comparing to A Clockwork Orange and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I know they don't directly compare but I guess an example of the type of media I like is Donnie Darko and The Salton Sea.

If anyone that really enjoys those movies or books could recommend other reading I would appreciate it.

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Advocatus Diaboli

Registered: 07/12/99
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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2541104 - 04/08/04 10:46 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

Philip K. Dick's Valis and Exegesis

while not quite like those, (all great stories)

the McKenna Brother's The Invisible Landscape
and True Hallucinations is an astounding adventure.
so is Jeremy Narby's The Cosmic Serpent

um, what else...

oh, you have got to read Zig Zag Zen if you have not already.

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Registered: 04/29/04
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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2658937 - 05/10/04 02:52 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

Try reading ..

Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe while tripping.. it's total nonfiction.. but it'll throw your mind for a loop. I reccomend reading it sober too.

Here's a snip:
The Undivided Wholeness of All Things
As soon as Bohm began to reflect on the hologram he saw that it too provided a new way of understanding order. Like the ink drop in its dispersed state, the interference patterns recorded on a piece of holographic film also appear disordered to the naked eye. Both possess orders that are hidden or enfolded in much the same way that the order in a plasma is enfolded in the seemingly random behavior of each of its electrons. But this was not the only insight the hologram provided.

The more Bohm thought about it the more convinced he became that the universe actually employed holographic principles in its operations, was itself a kind of giant, flowing hologram, and this realization allowed him to crystallize all of his various insights into a sweeping and cohesive whole. He published his first papers on his holographic view of the universe in the early 1970s, and in 1980 he presented a mature distillation of his thoughts in a book entitled Wholeness and the Implicate Order. In it he did more than just link his myriad ideas together. He transfigured them into a new way of looking at reality that was as breathtaking as it was radical.

Enfolded Orders and Unfolded Realities
One of Bohm's most startling assertions is that the tangible reality of our everyday lives is really a kind of projection, like a holographic image. Underlying it is a deeper order of existence, a vast and more primary level of reality that gives birth to all the objects and appearances of our physical world in much the same way that a piece of holographic film gives birth to a hologram. Bohm calls this deeper level of reality the Implicate (which means "enfolded") order, and he refers to our own level of existence as the explicate, or unfolded, order.

He uses these terms because he sees the manifestation of all forms in the universe as the result of countless enfoldings and unfoldings between these two orders. For example, Bohm believes an electron is not one thing but a totality or ensemble enfolded throughout the whole of space. When an instrument detects the presence of a single electron it is simply because one aspect of the electron's ensemble has unfolded, similar to the way an ink drop unfolds out of the glycerine, at that particular location. When an electron appears to be moving it is due to a continuous series of such unfoldments and enfoldments.

Put another way, electrons and all other particles are no more substantive or permanent than the form a geyser of water takes as it gushes out of a fountain. They are sustained by a constant influx from the implicate order, and when a particle appears to be destroyed, it is not lost. It has merely enfolded back

into the deeper order from which it sprang. A piece of holographic film and the image it generates are also an example of an implicate and explicate order. The film is an implicate order because the image encoded in its interference patterns is a hidden totality enfolded throughout the whole. The hologram projected from the film is an explicate order because it represents the unfolded and perceptible version of the image.
The constant and flowing exchange between the two orders explains how particles, such as the electron in the positronium atom, can shapeshift from one kind of particle to another. Such shiftings can be viewed as one particle, say an electron, enfolding back into the implicate order while another, a photon, unfolds and takes its place. It also explains how a quantum can manifest as either a particle or a wave. According to Bohm, both aspects are always enfolded in a quantum's ensemble, but the way an observer interacts with the ensemble determines which aspect unfolds and which remains hidden. As such, the role an observer plays in determining the form a quantum takes may be no more mysterious than the fact that the way a jeweller manipulates a gem determines which of its facets become visible and which do not. Because the term hologram usually refers to an image that is static and does not convey the dynamic and ever active nature of the incalculable enfoldings and unfoldings that moment by moment create our universe, Bohm prefers to describe the universe not as a hologram, but as a "holomovement."

The existence of a deeper and holographically organized order also explains why reality becomes nonlocal at the subquantum level. As we have seen, when something is organized holographically, all semblance of location breaks down. Saying that every part of a piece of holographic film contains all the information possessed by the whole is really just another way of saying that the information is distributed nonlocally. Hence, if the universe is organized according to holographic principles, it, too, would be expected to have nonlocal properties.

Most mind-boggling of all are Bohm's fully developed ideas about wholeness. Because everything in the cosmos is made out of the seamless holographic fabric of the implicate order, he believes it is as meaningless to view the universe as composed of "parts," as it is to view the different geysers in a fountain as separate from the water out of which they flow. An electron is not an "elementary particle." It is Just a name given to a certain aspect of the holomovement. Dividing reality up into parts and then naming those parts is always arbitrary a product of convention, because subatomic particles, and everything else in the universe, are no more separate from one another than different patterns in an ornate carpet
This is a profound suggestion. In his general theory of relativity Einstein astounded the world when he said that space and time are not separate entities, but are smoothly linked and part of a larger whole he called the space-time continuum. Bohm takes this idea a giant step further. He says that everything in the universe is part of a continuum. Despite the apparent separateness of things at the explicate level, everything is a seamless extension of everything else, and ultimately even the implicate and explicate orders blend into each other.

Take a moment to consider this. Look at your hand. Now look at the light streaming from the lamp beside you. And at the dog resting at your feet. You are not merely made of the same things. You are the same thing. One thing. Unbroken. One enormous something that has extended its uncountable arms and appendages into all the apparent objects, atoms, restless oceans, and twinkling stars in the cosmos Bohm cautions that this does not mean the universe is a giant undifferentiated mass. Things can be part of an undivided whole and still possess their own unique qualities. To illustrate what he means he points to the little eddies and whirlpools that often form in a river. At a glance such eddies appear to be separate things and possess many individual characteristics such as size, rate, and direction of rotation, et cetera. But careful scrutiny reveals that it is impossible to determine where any given whirlpool ends and the river begins. Thus, Bohm is not suggesting that the differences between "things" is meaningless. He merely wants us to be aware constantly that dividing various aspects of the holomovement into "things" is always an abstraction, a way of making those aspects stand out in our perception by our way of thinking. In attempts to correct this, instead of calling different aspects of the holomovement "things," he prefers to call them "relatively independent subtotalities.''

Indeed, Bohm believes that our almost universal tendency to fragment the world and ignore the dynamic interconnectedness of all things is responsible for many of our problems, not only in science but in our lives and our society as well. For instance, we believe we can extract the valuable parts of the earth without affecting the whole. We believe it is possible to treat parts of our body and not be concerned with the whole. We believe we can deal with various problems in our society such as crime, poverty, and drug addiction, without addressing the problems in our society as a whole, and so on. In his writings Bohm argues passionately that our current way of fragmenting the world into parts not only doesn't work, but may even lead to our extinction.

_Michael Talbot_

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s p a c e d

Registered: 03/23/03
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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2664028 - 05/11/04 06:13 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

I wouldn't exactly call it psychedelic, but I bet you'd enjoy Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre.. The books you identified all have a misunderstood loner forging his way through a world more fucked up than he is, rebelling against the system- VGL is also one of those characters.

-{ divined from the mind }--

My music

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Male User Gallery

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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2664071 - 05/11/04 06:20 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

True Hallucinations by Terence Mckenna for sure if your looking for a good entertaining read. PiHKAL by the Shulgin's is gold. Breaking open the head by Daniel Pinchbeck is awesome. I'll second the suggestion for Zig Zag Zen aswell.

Edit: Chuck Palahnuik!!

Edited by ekomstop (05/11/04 06:29 PM)

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lucid dreamer
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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2668111 - 05/12/04 12:40 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

the doors of perception-huxley
the joyous cosmology-alan watts
there are a lot...

terence mckenna'S archaic revival,food of the gods,true hallucinogens

lucidal expansion

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Registered: 05/06/04
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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2672799 - 05/13/04 10:47 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

Try Island by Aldous Huxley. I just finished it last week. This has become one of my favorite books. Here's a short synopsis. ::: A reporter crashes on an island in the South Pacific where a perfect society has existed for 120 years. The residents take a drug called Moksha medicine which liberates them from the ego. There's so much in this book and I dont want to list it all because I know I can't do Huxley justice. So go pick it up.

"We, on the contrary, give that stuff good names - the moksha medicine, the reality revealer, the truth and beauty pill. And we know, by direct experience, that the good names are deserved." Island by Aldous Huxley

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one toke overthe line

Registered: 06/03/02
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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2672912 - 05/13/04 11:37 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

Aldous Huxley......Brave New World......awesome book....read...mmrrrrr

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lucid dreamer
 User Gallery

Registered: 01/25/04
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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: MrFarnaby]
    #2677862 - 05/14/04 02:21 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

yeah,island is an amazing book too

lucidal expansion

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the lense
Male User Gallery

Registered: 05/11/03
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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2678025 - 05/14/04 03:05 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

not really like those books you mentioned but nevertheless and invaluable book is Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson.

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Registered: 06/02/03
Posts: 2,915
Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2680731 - 05/15/04 02:06 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

Cleansing the Doors of Perception: The Religious Signficance of Entheogenic Plants and Chemicals, by Huston Smith.

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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2682088 - 05/15/04 01:54 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

The Healing Journey by Claudio Naranjo


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Lost Pilgrim

Registered: 05/11/03
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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2686874 - 05/16/04 04:45 PM (13 years, 8 months ago)

Naked Lunch by William S Burroughs you would like a lot. its a lot like fear and loathing in that it has massive drug consumption, but its a hard read.

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Carpal Tunnel
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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2690483 - 05/17/04 10:32 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

(/robert shea & robert anton wilson)

old enough to know better
not old enough to care

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Male User Gallery

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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2694926 - 05/18/04 05:40 AM (13 years, 8 months ago)

The cosmic game!!

Take 6000 studies on LSD.......even more research then that....on "breathwork"(meditation, throw in the coolest insights from throught history myth, etc......and throw in a dash of quantum physics and you have ...........THE COSMIC GAME :thumbup: :heart:

This book is great...........a MUST READ :thumbup:

GROF is sofucking cool , he has many other books as well.


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feel like a

Registered: 04/10/04
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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #2696775 - 05/18/04 04:54 PM (13 years, 7 months ago)

Naked Lunch by William S Burroughs  :smile: 

My pick...The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe
You have a great story teller in Wolfe giving you the daily adventures of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.  Even if you're not a Grateful dead fan (better if you are), this book is a great read.

One good thing about music, when it hits you Feel no pain...

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Magic Professor

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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: MrFarnaby]
    #11343568 - 10/29/09 06:52 AM (8 years, 2 months ago)

I ordered it!

Anyone in the Netherlands or London, UK looking to sell :sanpedro: or :peyotespectrum: just :pm:

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Re: Psychedelic books [Re: cb9fl]
    #17576589 - 01/20/13 02:13 AM (4 years, 11 months ago)

You must read Wake the Wicked ! I heard the paperback is coming out soon too btw.

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