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Say hello to my little friend
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The official RustyWhyte grow along * 39
    #25284782 - 06/22/18 05:24 PM (4 years, 7 months ago)

Well folks it's been a long road. In March 2014 I swiped spores from AA+ and CRS on a plate together and the resulting culture took me on a journey that Mendel himself might have enjoyed. I learned so much over the course of this, it's been a humbling experience. So with extreme pleasure I would like to present the inaugural grow along for RustyWhyte and it's release into the general community.

Throughout the course of this journey there have been a few people who have stood by me and watched this whole thing unfold. This was to be my gift to the community but I can't give it to all of you. It needs to grow. I have distributed prints to certain members of this community who I believe contribute immensely, they grow this hobby. There are also a few people who are quiet members here on the shroomery but who I believe are good contributing people to the OMC and the science in general. They too have been invited to participate in this grow along. I want to stress that no one has been deliberately excluded, I chose based on a fair bit of criteria and in the hope that soon no one who wants one will be lacking the means to obtain a print in the future.

Every member of this grow has agreed to do a small giveaway or contest at the end of their grow. Links to the marketplace threads will be posted at the conclusion of their grow. Please do not ask for prints in this thread. I believe that by the conclusion of this grow there will be plenty of prints to go around. I know a lot of people have been wanting to try their hand at this and the chosen format is one that I think can achieve the most widespread distribution. I hope that a few years from now you won't be able to give one of these away.

The format of this grow along will be each participant makes a post. That post is going to chronicle their entire grow. When they go to update the post with a development, they will then copy the new addition and bump the thread with it. This will allow new viewers to catch up on a grow in the first post and then only see the updates as the thread is bumped. Should be fun.


If you are reading this and wondering what the hell I'm babbling about, you can catch up with it here. I have tried to faithfully document this process and, while I had a few life changing events happen along the way it is still pretty complete.

It all started with one tub. This one. I still have it though it's been beat up a fair bit since.

Its been a long road with ups and downs. But now that I'm finished it blows my mind to look at RustyWhyte throughout the generations. How far it's come.

My apologies for waxing a bit nostalgic, please bear with me.


I would like to once again thank the participants here, you people are great contributors and friends. I wish all of you a fantastic grow. Let's get it rocking


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Say hello to my little friend
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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: Pastywhyte] * 2
    #25284827 - 06/22/18 06:06 PM (4 years, 7 months ago)

Time to kick this thing off. First up I made myself a spore syringe. Never made one before and am out of practice in the SAB. Gonna make some agar up and try a few drops to see how clean it is.

Gonna get a few other things going soon :uptosomething:


Decided to say fuck spore syringes, maybe later for that. Put some spores to a plate, got what looked like some cleanish growth and made some transfers.

Germination plate


Made some transfers from some nice looking areas.


A few promising sectors showing up. More transfers made


3rd and 4th transfers made. Looking clean and they might go into masters here soon. Also took a second transfer plate and tossed it into a master as well. Not sure if it will pan out but I'm feeling frisky :derfase:

3rd transfers

4th transfers

Ill advised master


Have a bunch of mini rounds ready to hit masters that look pretty decent

Also have couple masters moving along. One is seeing leap off from the wedge and the other is the ill advised one which is recovering from a shake. Hopefully they are healthy.


Masters that were dropped are leaping off nicely. Liking the look of these.


Spawn jars recovering nicely from the G2G. Got 16 here that will do 4 substrates.

The tic tac toe tiger dropped masters that I shook the other day are also looking decent.


Well this project got away from me a bit. But I do have pins in a mini mono and knots in a 66 quart mono as well as a 85 quart mono. All ms.

Mini mono

Bigger monos 66 & 85 quarts

Have the last of the clone 6 in a mono, uncased, no top layer. These like to root in pretty light, practically harvest themselves.


The mini monos that were kinda sketch triched out...but I don’t really care cause the big monos are putting up pins and looking happy methinks. I’m pretty stoked to be rocking some F8 out here now.


Veils are stretching but no spores yet, these are maturing slowly. Gonna harvest tomorrow one way or another, so I bumped up the FAE a notch.


Well I got some spores now and taking some prints. Got a few stronger healthier masters coming up now too. Had some sketchy moments but I feel like I’m getting things dialed back in after dealing with a few hiccups. Flowhood is back up and I’m looking to get busy for the winter.


Had a few issues recently. Logistics and dialing in kinda ended up delaying things for me. But I got some trays now pinning hard and looking healthy. Think stuff is dialed in now. These are still F8 and I have more coming. Germinated some F9 spores and they are on the first transfer.

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: Pastywhyte] * 6
    #25291288 - 06/26/18 01:40 AM (4 years, 7 months ago)


7/18 - First xfers made today.  Each germ plate has produced a considerable amount of bacteria.  :confused:  Hopefully get some good clean growth moving forward.

7/23 - Some decent looking growth on first xfer plates:

Went back to the germ plate and grabbed a couple more xfers.  Liking these much better as they're looking way healthier and growing much quicker.  I like the DFA plate and will likely move forward with it. These are pics are from today, 7/27:

8/18 - Still cleaning up.  Gonna start some more germ plates.  Had this one off to the side.  Hopefully get some nice pins to xfer. 

8/24 - Starting to see some decent growth. 

8/28 - Finally feeling good about these.

1/17 - Had to take a quick break but finally got a sb spawned. Coming in nicely.

1/20 - 202g

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: Mycolorado] * 4
    #25291307 - 06/26/18 01:46 AM (4 years, 7 months ago)

The start: 4th July
Received print in good time and started getting to work. Swobbed and streaked about 13 plates and scrapped spores directly onto another 2.

Been a bit slack with updates, its winter and growth is slow here.

Made first transfers from a few spore germination plates on the 16/07. Here is some T1 plates from yesterday.

Did some 2nd transfers on the 27/07, that are taking off, so far so good.

Also made 3x 10CC light spore syringes, from 1/20 of the remaining print. I noc'd up 6 BRF jars and in a 500ml jar half filled with left over BRF.

Also dropped some T1 plates to grains:

Mix of T1 and T2 plates, made some T2 and T3 plates and dropped some into jars.

T1 jars looking nearly ready for G2G/Spawning a very small tub.

My first ever BRF jars showing some germination

Did some G2G with a liter and 500ml jar on the 11/08, shook the colonised one (pic 2 and 3) on around the 16th. Issue with my controller, so heater hasn't been on. So the shake recovery has been slow, will update the progress on these 12 jars later.

Just a few updates on random tubs and failures from spawning early transfers.

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: dracolusus] * 4
    #25291350 - 06/26/18 02:02 AM (4 years, 7 months ago)


Did you actually read the entire first post?

RW spores to 2% BRF agar. Using an inoculation loop and streaking the spores as per the directions in my Agar TEK

Germination sighted

Transfers from spore dishes made. Transferred onto 100% oat boil water agar.

The oat boil water agar is very very clear.

more details in post

Well I left some glass Petri dishes unwrapped in a closet on a shelf after taking transfers. Well today I found them

cloning dish pins.

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: Pastywhyte] * 3
    #25291356 - 06/26/18 02:04 AM (4 years, 7 months ago)

Print received  7-15-2018.
Spores to agar 7-17-2018.


MS, live culture transferred onto more agar, and into quart jars.

Bonus shot of cultures spread out before being transferred to receiving plates. 


T2's ready to drop.  Grain cultures moving right along, and looking nice.

Will get some masters going tomorrow morning for the reception of the agar culture.  Grain cultures will be shook in a few more days.


Grains shook.  Round two plates ready, and transferred onto sterilized whole oats.


Round 1 jars almost complete.  Round 2 jars have begun colonizing the grains.


Round one jars about a day or two away.  Round two jars are ready for a shake. 

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: hamloaf] * 7
    #25291462 - 06/26/18 02:57 AM (4 years, 7 months ago)

spores on agar


here is my best lookin spore plate! I ran an xacto blade over the print, then made a small slice down the middle of the plate to inoculate it. looks like it worked well. cooking more pasty plates tonight for transfers.


first transfers done. 3 in the books.


knocked up grains with blenderless LI


i forgot to unscrew my unmodded lids after noccing with blenderless li so i think it slowed things down a few days, oh well. these should be ready to spawn tomorrow I think.


most of my shoeboxes have started pinning. nothing impressive. this is the only one with any pins yet


I've been out of town. Thought I would return home to sporesplosion. Looks like first harvest won't be until tonight or tomorrow morning. those big caps haven't opened yet. but yeah, pasty, the pinning situation does appear to improve over time. Next flush should be sexay.


Alrighty fellas. Clones done and prints taken. Time for bed.


24 hours printed, now they are drying. finicky veils wouldn't come all the way off.


another shoebox


another shoebox! also, third pic shows pretty solid stems. its full of the soft tissue material, but def not hollow. :thumbup:


another shoebox :rasta:


my final first flush shoebox

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: Munchauzen] * 2
    #25291527 - 06/26/18 03:35 AM (4 years, 7 months ago)



It doesn't matter what i think of you...all that matters is clean spawn

I'm tired do me a favor

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Jello Wrangler
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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: cronicr] * 9
    #25291860 - 06/26/18 06:35 AM (4 years, 7 months ago)


Print received..:rockon: Updates to follow.

Plates poured and 4 plates used for germination.
MEA, locust bean gum, yeast extract, gentamycin sulfate. Pre-mix agar.

Good germination on all four plates.

Will pour agar in the morning and prepare to make first transfers.

First transfers from germination plates complete.

Second transfers complete. The plates all look a bit tomentose but that's not completely unusual at this point.

This plate did not make the cut. It looks bacterial to me and lacks any uniformity.


Third transfers.

My best plate:

I took six transfers from this plate.

There are some contams lurking on the one side of the culture that isn't uniform... Thickened clear edge. Didn't make the cut:

Other examples:

The bottom plate was good enough to transfer from and I took two transfers from it.

Eight plates brought up:


Ok. I'm noticing a trend in my plates and I'm going with it. My hunch is that there is a contaminant riding on some of the plates. I ask more experienced cultivators to please comment on this.

These did not make the cut:

What I'm seeing in the clear leading edge mycelium is a LACK of uniformity as well as an overall tomentose type of growth on the plate. The clear myc can be several millimeters out ahead of the rest and has finger like projections.

The most uniform plates also have very tight and uniform clear mycelium and overall are more rhizomorphic.

Like these:

I'm going to let plate 'B' grow out and do a blended LI in a few days. It looks clean. Plate 'A'  will be a donor plate and transfered from as it looks good as well. The remaining plates have good tight sections and transfers will be taken from those sections as shown.

Done for now:


First T3 test plate hitting the grain by way of blended LI:

Back in a few days for a shake.


Still waiting for masters to finish up but here's the agar work:

These have contaminants and are getting tossed.

I had transfered from contaminated plates to see what would happen. There are some places to transfer from in these but I'm moving on.

The plates below are looking pretty good.

The 2 best plates are going into the fridge for future transfers and the rest will get run into masters by way of blended LI. Hoping to grab some nice clones soon.


Ran 2 plates into (18) rye masters and there is one last plate that will go into the fridge tomorrow for future LI.


First round of (18) masters at day 10 and getting a shake today:


First round of 18 masters going to bulk tomorrow and the next round of 18 masters is getting a shake today.


Second group of (18) masters recovered well and are almost ready to go to bulk.


Some action from the second group:


First prints coming up...



Took this clone from my first tubs:

Moved it to T3 today

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: Crispykoot] * 9
    #25292440 - 06/26/18 02:36 PM (4 years, 6 months ago)

7/6/2018- Print received
7/8/2018- Spores put to agar, both PDA & GDA

7/15/2018- We have growth!

7/25/2018- First transfer from spore plate is looking good!


About to hit the 4th round of plates
S4 will be my donor plate for T3

8/10/2018 Put one of my plates from S4 T2 to grain, took transfers as well
G2G from 1/2 gallon master jar

Ready for shake!

We have fruits!!


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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: liloldme] * 4
    #25292527 - 06/26/18 04:13 PM (4 years, 6 months ago)

Oh baby, this is going to be a sweet ride!

07/04/18 - Recieved print in the mail, it was well packaged as expected.
Started to plan how to approach this thing and decided on doing 4 plates and take it from there.

07/06/18 - Was just about to start doing plates when I realized that I'm going on vacation in a month. Have to figure out how to actually do the grow and be away at the same time. not going to put my trust into someone else so this will take some thinking.

Going to start the grow as soon as I'm back from vacation. So 14h of Aug the earliest.

Cooked up some MEA agar and noced 6 plates today. I figured since I'll be gone in 2 weeks, there's plenty of time for stuff to happen. If they get bacterial or contaminated, I'll still be redoing them at the point in time where I initally was goint to start, so either I gain 2 weeks, or start as inteded.


20 hours after nocing the plates, we have clear and what looks like clean  (for now) mycelial growth showing on all 6 plates. On some of the images we can also clearly see the agar being dissolved as food by the myc from the spores below the agar surface.


Last weeks plates are doing pretty well. Since I'm still away I can't physically get to the plates as they're babysat by my closest friend, but they do indeed look decent. 2 look clearly dodgy, one looks suspicious and the rest of them look like they're doing perfectly fine. I'll be doing at least 2 more isolations to make sure they're clean before throwing them on grain so I'll be a bit behind but alas, I'll get there.


Back from vacation and finally able to do some work. Only 2 out of the 6 plates were good enough to actually use, so I expanded those into 4 new plates. The best looking ones are going to go onto grains.


The transfers are looking good and took of fine. Had one of the plates mess with me during the transfer so I accidentally split the wedge lol. In a week or so, these are going to hit grains. I'm also thinking about doing 2 as masters and then do 2 into a pair of mini mini-monos. Haven't decided yet though.


FINALLY had time to throw these on grains. Been having a ton of stuff taking up time since I got the transfers done so it was literally the last minute before they'd start consolidating on me. Let's see how these babies turn out.


Shaken yesterday morning so a decent recovery so far. Should be done within a week or so.


3 masters expanded to 15 new jars...almost there!
I'm going to run these into 3 31L tubs at a 1:2 spawn:sub ratio..should be good!


Jars are all done, so I'll be spawning this within the coming day or two.


Took a bit longer than expected to find time to get these into tubs but now we're off. Cooking some coir for the final spawn. I usually do half a brick, 1,5L verm and 2,5L of water, but that recipe leaves everything too dry. So I've started using 400g coir, 1,8l verm and 3l water, which for the fractioning of the coir I'm using, is perfect.


All done! didn't have enough room in the cooler to make enough coir for 3 tubs so I'll be spawning the last one tomorrow. They sure look sweet!


The last tub has been finished, so now they're all off! I also noticed the formation of some odd looking rings on the tubs, which is weird as I haven't had anything in them yet nor were there any stickers there lol, tubs are brand new!


Three days in and we're already seeing good growth! I'm very excited for these!


5 Days in and things are really kicking off! I'm very happy with how these smaller tubs work and how much easier it is to work with them than a 66qt mono.


Tubs are coming along nicely! Had to adjust the bottom hole MP-tape a bit due to the colder weather in EU right now. Having radiators in the house changes the thermodynamics of the air currents in the place, hence, the hole resistance (layers of MP) needs to account for it.


Starting to see pins and there's serious knotting going on in all of the tubs! Let's hope they'll all make it to the end :-)


Things are really starting to kick off now! All of the tubs are looking promising with the exception of small metabolites in one of the tub which I'm hoping is from the temp fluctuation in the apartment due to the cooler outside temps (heating regulates depending on the outside temps) so we'll see.

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: Throwawaygrower] * 2
    #25294069 - 06/27/18 09:31 AM (4 years, 6 months ago)


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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: wildernessjunkie] * 3
    #25298986 - 06/29/18 09:58 PM (4 years, 6 months ago)

Recieved print on July 14th.

Had no agar ready.

Will create some pastyplates this week and get the spores swiped.

7/17: usually I use regular petri dishes but decided to go with pastyplates in honor of the strains creator. I hope others will go this route too. I'm using antibiotic agar for this round.

I'm sure they will be cool in time to inoculate them tonight but it might not be until tomorrow.

Don't forget. Cool kids put the shiny side out. :wink:

7/17 310PM: inoculated all 7 pastyplates witg spores. There was a lot of condensation and a little pooling so some of spores go swirled up in the water but they'll settle when the water evaporates.

Picture of the swabs.

Definitely rusty purple.

July 21st: we have liftoff!

Growth on three plates from swabs of the print. Barely visible in the pictures but yep. Here they are.

More to come...
7/23/2018: holy shit. Growth has taken off. 2 days after visible growth.

7/25/2018: Feeling super lazy today so....

I call first for taking rusty to grains. Open air Tiger Drop® mothafukkas.



7/27/2018: looking good. Will shake in 2 days if everything looks on point.

July 29th: Time to shake


8/2/2018 Almost there.

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: elasticaltiger] * 3
    #25306197 - 07/03/18 06:53 PM (4 years, 6 months ago)

So I guess I'm here to grow some rusty honky. Just waiting on print :strokebeard:

Thanks pastey. I'm honored

:mushroom: Update 7-27-18
Finally got some rusty spores on a couple plates. Been a busy couple of weeks for me so I'm a little late to the party but I'm ready to roll now

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: Stromrider] * 5
    #25306941 - 07/04/18 03:39 AM (4 years, 6 months ago)

Tis about that time. Simple multispore, one transfer on a pastywhyte plate of agar. tiger dropped and blended with a liquid inoculant. oat grain. coir/verm and water. i didn't even boil the water just heated it up. dumped it in a bucket with a brick of coir. added 3 quarts of verm to one small brick coir and 4.5 quarts water. open air spawned. the filters were put in tight during colonization. then folded over and rolled loose at fruiting. i got a 6500k bulb in a single closet light with a 4 stack of totes. there is a small ac vent in the closet. nothing more, pretty simple. i haven't done anything other than flip the filters. i watered it a little with some fine mist. i also haven't shaken a grain jar in ten plus years. LI>ALL.

i also did this oldskool style. i let the substrate colonize 100%. applied a verm/coir top layer. let that colonize. then introduced fae. i was trying to stall fruiting as long as possible due to being busy. so i took the long route. ill probably go case at spawning method on the next run as it is much faster and same results.

i may be harvesting these tomorrow. don't have time to print.

Some 2nd flush Rustywhytes. i had to put them at the bottom of the stack so they were reaching for the light to one side.

3rd flush rustywhytes.

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: eatyualive] * 1
    #25312578 - 07/07/18 08:03 AM (4 years, 6 months ago)

My placeholder - honored to be here. With Gratitude and Respect Pasty!

I will grow, and RustyWhyte distribution in the community will grow with me...

******* :vibin: ********

Better Late Than Never...
I’ve had a busy summer but now I’m returning to myco work and I’ve just swiped a couple of plates with my Rusty Whyte spores. I made the agar a bit soft on purpose to aid with germination but I over shot a bit and it’s very soft. That will make transfers tricky but I think we’ll be all right.

Round two... I did not go so well on those first two plates. The agar was too soft and I also had some serious bacteria problems.

My second attempt at germinating spores is looking good. This time instead of swiping (which lead to lot of problems with bacteria) I scratched the print above the plate causing spores to drop onto the plate. One of the two plates still was over taken with bacteria but one has mostly clean germination and a couple of small colonies of bacteria. I'm certain I can make several good transfers off this plate!

First Transfers from my second attempt are looking pretty good...

And then I took a good looking sector from each and put it on a plate of fresh agar —- then forgot about them for a while:

I don’t k is what was going on with plate e but I definitely didn’t transfer that shit on the left int Grain!

To speed colonization I did put a large number of agar slices in each jar of wheat.
Everything is looking clean....

And they recovered pretty well after a shake:

So this weekend I’ll put one myco wart into one gallon bag - mix well I probably turn them into monos before Christmas...

Well well well... guess that didn’t go according to plan.
Today on January 19 2019 ... I finally did something with those very very over colonized jars. They had some metabolites but no signs of contamination. They broke apart easily when I shook them and rather than do a g2g transfer to more grain I just got some 6 cup glad west containers and spawned each to CVG at about a 1:1.5 ratio.

I’ll be on the look out for clone worthy fruits and making spore prints. Let’s see what these 6 do:

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: PsiloPsychIn] * 3
    #25318142 - 07/10/18 05:57 PM (4 years, 6 months ago)


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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: _OttO_] * 2
    #25318902 - 07/11/18 01:14 AM (4 years, 6 months ago)

Coming out of the shadows of one of the caves on Pluto and back to earth for this one. Haven't touched anything in ages but honored to participate in this grow. Have been awaiting eagerly. :rockthefuckout: 

One love and shalom!

The bonds and ties of the life we know break easily. But through eternity one bond remains; the bond of fellowship.
The fellowship of atoms,
of star dust in its endless flight, of suns and worlds,  of gods and men.
The clasped hands of comradeship unite in a bond eternal; the fellowship of spirit.

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: Lobi] * 1
    #25327240 - 07/15/18 05:48 PM (4 years, 6 months ago)

Recieved some spores a few days ago, and put them to agar that night. I had Germination in one yesterday, and the other today.  Lookin good so far. 

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Re: The official RustyWhyte grow along [Re: Grey] * 3
    #25332529 - 07/18/18 06:33 AM (4 years, 6 months ago)

Definitely getting in on this...



The more I learn, the less I know.

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