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Registered: 04/02/04
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New Member: Spiritual Experience last weekend!
    #2519679 - 04/02/04 07:02 PM (17 years, 7 months ago)

Hey guys, I'm new here. I've known about the site for a long time but just decided to join to share my experiences at the advice of a friend of mine.

This is my first 'trip report' as well. It's pretty personal and deep, but I don't think I have a problem posting here amongst fellow 'experiencers' :smile: So here goes nothing.

Event Date: Sunday, March 24, 2004 ? 3:00AM
Ingestion: Psilocybin, Salvia Divinorum

This is the most powerful experience I have yet undergone. Jim, Bob, and I all consumed approximately one gram of mushrooms apiece (not much at all, but they turned out to be quite potent), which were thoroughly ground up and mixed in with ravioli. We spent the next 30 minutes or so cleaning up after dinner and setting up the computers, candles, stereo equipment, and other environmental factors. Interestingly enough, just as Jim and I started feeling the effects of the mushrooms, the laptop we were setting up a playlist on suddenly went into ?shroom mode? ? the screen shrunk and it went into 16 bit color giving it a cartoon-look. We thought it was humorous and instead of trying to fix it we just left it that way for the rest of the night.

Jim and I sat in the living room listening to one of his meditative CD?s while Bob was in his room working with visualizations listening to techno. I was laying on the couch trying to relax to the meditation CD. The room was red and warm with the glow of the candles. I could also hear the techno coming from the other room. I immediately informed Jim what I was experiencing. Not only could I hear the techno from the other room?but I could literally FEEL the other room just as if I was halfway in it. It was as if I was in both rooms at the same time. I hadn?t been in Bob?s room since he had started the visualizations? but I knew that instead of a warm, red glow his room had a bluish-greenish feel to it. When we actually went in the room to ask him to turn down the music it definitely did have a blue-green cast. Bob had Jim stand in the middle of the surround-sound setup he had there. After a few seconds he felt a surge in energy and stepped away. I did the same thing, except I suddenly experienced vertigo; it was as if I was spiraling around and down as if being pulled into a black hole. I became dizzy and somewhat nauseous and had to sit on the floor for a minute before I fell over.

After I got up again I went back in the other room and sat on the couch. I decided to try some salvia. It?s always difficult to fully remember these experiences. After sinking down and down into another world, I saw what I can only describe as an Elven woman ? very much like Arwen Evenstar from Lord of the Rings. She spoke to me and her words were very clear to me at the time ? but when I came back I could not remember them for anything. There may have been another entity there as well, it seems there was. The woman was on my left ? and I got the impression when I came to that they wanted me to come back some time. Jim smoked some salvia immediately afterwards ? and saw the same lady ? also on his left. The second time I tried the salvia that night I almost got the impression I was in a factory. Gears, mechanical movement. It seemed very green. When I came to I had a pillow over my face and it was making it difficult for me to breathe. The third time I smoked, I don?t know what I experienced, but it was one of the most intense moments of my life. I vaguely recall somewhat of a hallway, and before I know it my body is a large tunnel, with my legs turning into metal rails with teeth on them, almost like gear teeth. The lower half of my body was not mine. Other things were going on as well but it was so intense and fast that I cannot recollect it all, almost as if my brain was overloaded. I was hyperventilating and couldn?t stop. I saw Jim come out of the other room he was in and Bob was directly in front of me breathing trying to get me to slow my breathing down. I calmed down eventually and rested a while.

Another experience I had was where I was looking deep into myself, I could feel my brain actually analyzing my entire being; my personality, my soul, my history, the things that made me the way I am today. Then I saw something brilliant, a shimmering, swirling column of light, like two vortices (one upside down adjoining the other). The column of light, I knew, represented my soul, the essence of my being. Orbiting this column were various colored disks ? these disks were aspects of my personality. Personality traits that were not intrinsic to my actual soul but that I had picked up as I grew up and went through life. But in the middle was my core being, shimmering brightly and I knew that this, unlike the orbiting disks, was something that could never be changed ? it was me, the past, present, and future me.

I pondered religion and came to the realization that if Jesus truly is the Son of God and the Savior of mankind, he is a very important part of the picture, however he is still only a part of the ultimate picture. The Bible doesn?t tell us everything we need to know about our spiritual journeys in life, it is only a starting point ? as is any other religious text. It?s a guide ? sometimes incomplete (perhaps intentionally so) ? that is only the beginning of a spiritual journey. Simply reading the Bible and going to church is NOT enough to be enlightened, to be spiritual, or to feel the presence of God. It?s nowhere close.

I then started thinking about the universe ? or more accurately ? the multiverse: what lies outside the known universe. It was then that I realized that our entire reality that we experience day to day is but a microcosm of the greater picture. It was as if reality that we know, the whole universe, was but a two dimensional page in a stack of encyclopedias. The laws of physics that we know cannot be broken, but there are hyperdimensional realms that we haven?t yet discovered with science where the laws of our universe don?t apply. The human psyche can sometimes tap into these? the human soul leaves an impression on many of these realities. I felt that human beings when born cast a small spot of light on this higher reality. As a human spiritually evolves, the spot of light becomes ever greater and stronger, and allows the human to access some of the laws of these realms which supercede our own universe. This explains many paranormal phenomena that have been reported through the ages, especially the ?6th sense.? I believe that spiritual evolution is a trait that our modern technologically and economically driven society has all but forgotten. The ancient Chinese, Mayans, Japanese, Native Americans, and many other cultures knew of this importance but the vast majority of people today have long forgotten. It is not the realm in which we live that is the most important, it is the realms beyond. It is our spirit that is eternal, our bodies are as shells. I realized the true meaning of Yoda?s quote in The Empire Strikes Back? ?Luminous beings are we? not this crude matter.? We truly are luminous beings that transcend the 4 dimensional time and space in which we live. I felt it, I experienced it myself, and I now know.

Something else that was somewhat bizarre happened after the sun started coming up. Everyone was starting to doze off? the room had been dead silent for about 30 minutes and I was still awake just thinking to myself. Suddenly I decided to try an experiment. Jim has taken many spiritual classes in the art of Rei Ki healing and has had experience dealing with ?chakras? and other such matters so I knew this would be a good thing to try. What I did was in my head, I generated the loudest, most uncomfortable shriek that I could think of. I then attempted to ?broadcast? this psychic shriek across the room. This little experiment of mine, which I didn?t expect to do anything at all, had an IMMEDIATE effect. As soon as I sent it out, Jimmy, who was half asleep on the couch literally jumped to his feet. He did so so forcefully that he woke Bob up as well. I asked him the reason for him jumping up and he said he had just felt something very terrible and it startled him a great deal. I thought to myself ?holy shit.? It was incredible ? and never before had I really believed in psychic powers. I then told Jim what I had just done, and he was a little upset that I had startled him like I did, but he calmed down quickly and realized exactly why I had done it.

People may dismiss these insights as drug intoxication, but I was thinking as clearly as anyone could ever possibly think. I was able to drop everything I had ever learned, all prejudice and bias that I have accumulated over my 22 years of existence and just THINK and EXPERIENCE. That night was the single most profound experience I have ever had. Could I have had it without drugs? Probably? but they were an invaluable aid. I am still but a beginner in the art of meditation and I believe this experience has helped me gain somewhat of a headstart. Perhaps it was cheating, but I don?t believe so. After all, the ancients were known to use the same plants in their spiritual episodes as well. Why else would they be put here? I know that I will never think the same way again, my perception of reality and existance has totally changed. Things that I didn?t believe or doubted before I now believe. Things that science cannot currently prove I have proven to myself, and that is all that matters.

Thanks for reading  :biggrin:

Load universe into cannon. Aim at brain. Fire.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein

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Re: New Member: Spiritual Experience last weekend! [Re: Subliminal]
    #2519715 - 04/02/04 07:15 PM (17 years, 7 months ago)

Great post!!!

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stealing happyhours

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Re: New Member: Spiritual Experience last weekend! [Re: ekomstop]
    #2519721 - 04/02/04 07:20 PM (17 years, 7 months ago)

VERY well written trip report, and welcome aboard!

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Registered: 04/17/01
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Re: New Member: Spiritual Experience last weekend! [Re: Subliminal]
    #2519841 - 04/02/04 08:20 PM (17 years, 7 months ago)

Awesome report, eh! Welcome to the boards, and more importantly, welcome to Spirituality and Philosophy :wink:

Once, men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free.
But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.

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Re: New Member: Spiritual Experience last weekend! [Re: Subliminal]
    #2521096 - 04/03/04 10:42 AM (17 years, 7 months ago)

I really enjoyed reading that! :thumbup:

I really liked how you made the comment that you could "experience the other room". We all tend to get caught up in things and seperate ourselves from the experience being offered in each moment.

Feeling is a very powerful phenomenon... vibes! :grin: Everything is vibrating energy and feeling and meaning are levels in which we can finetune those vibrations. We have been made in the image of the Creator. And I refer to God as being the Creation itself... we are within and a variable of Creation and we were made in the image of that Creation.. and it is Creation that created us. Therefore, we create. :nut:

Feelings... emotions... all exist in a very important aspect of existance. They are all directly relate to the Experience... which is sort of what it is all about. Logic and organized thinking patterns serve a very important service, they give the ability to increase understanding of it all. If the two aren't in balance it leads to trouble; balance is necessary. Without feelings and emotions we are only computers who do not experience and aren't truly aware, and without logic and advanced computing we are ignornant and are not truly aware either.

It is amazing to think that we are within a system of infinite variables who interact in infinite amounts of ways, that we came to be due to these interactions, and we become who we are based on how we interact with these other variables, thereby continuing it all..... This mesh network that is this existance is fucking insane! There is never one moment where we are not interacting. There is always action, there is always something happening, something being.

We are alive; we are conscious and breathing; we are aware, and we understand. The levels and the divisions and the encapsulations and the oh Glavin! :lol: We are the Creation experiencing itself.  :laugh:

Just a ramble.  :grin:
Peace. :mushroom2:

If I should die this very moment
I wouldn't fear
For I've never known completeness
Like being here
Wrapped in the warmth of you
Loving every breath of you

:heartpump: :bunnyhug: :yinyang:

:yinyang: :levitate: :earth: :levitate: :yinyang:

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Registered: 04/02/04
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Re: New Member: Spiritual Experience last weekend! [Re: fireworks_god]
    #2521546 - 04/03/04 03:05 PM (17 years, 7 months ago)

Oops BTW, that date should be the 21st.

Thanks for all the input guys

Load universe into cannon. Aim at brain. Fire.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein

Edited by Subliminal (04/03/04 03:06 PM)

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lest we baguette
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Re: New Member: Spiritual Experience last weekend! [Re: Subliminal]
    #2521970 - 04/03/04 05:26 PM (17 years, 7 months ago)

great trip report, can say a whole lot after that :thumbup:

welcome to S&P :cool:

Annnnnnd I had a light saber and my friend was there and I said "you look like an indian" and he said "you look like satan" and he found a stick and a rock and he named the rock ooga booga and he named the stick Stick and we both thought that was pretty funny. We got eaten alive by mosquitos but didn't notice til the next day. I stepped on some glass while wading in the swamp and cut my foot open, didn't bother me til the next day either....yeah it was a good time, ended the night by buying some liquor for minors and drinking nips and going to he diner and eating chicken fingers, and then I went home and went to bed.

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Re: New Member: Spiritual Experience last weekend! [Re: Subliminal]
    #2524731 - 04/04/04 04:38 PM (17 years, 7 months ago)

"I felt it, I experienced it myself, and I now know"

That's the basis for most beliefs, and the way I call myself 'spiritual' today.......There's definitely a different aspect of this reality we know now. The infinite reality outside of our own, in all its infinite possibilities . This infinite amount of possibilities is in itself god, it is the universal state of being, and many people are tuned into many different infinite realities outside of this earthly one, and they can gain a oneness and insight into matters such as you described at an astounding rate with proper awareness... After a first experience like this, one can wonder , was it real? How can it be real. It happened and my friends witnessed it, most importantly, I witnessed it and created the stimuli for the situation to happen...You may find yourself later on being sober and trying similar techniques with very un happening results, and getting frustrated, but you must realize that during the experience you were in tune with a greater energy unknown to most people , a energy that exists in realities side by side with ours , and that you were able to understand past what you thought, and do something that questions 'reality'.......I find it hard sometimes to be constantly aware of these otherly states, and be in tuned with the other vibrations resounding all around us.... I find my mind battles with idle thinking, in my own personally reality , rather then looking outward at the whole, and seeing the universal reality. Not that any one person could ever see the Entire universal reality , just parts of the whole...... Well, I think my point is, it only gets deeper after that first realization, and you are on the start of a long journey that you, or I, may never reach a destination for..... Welcome to S&p

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