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Underpants Gnome

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For thoes of you who like trip reports, here's a long one.
    #2459173 - 03/22/04 01:55 AM (14 years, 2 months ago)

It had been several months since my friend and I had tripped. We have both been very busy over the winter month and have found very little time to chill out and hang out with each other. As it turned out, we both had Friday night free, so we decided to dip into our stash of Hawaiians and share each others company, trip, listen to music and paint.

We typically don't like to dose too high. . . there has been numerous occasions where him or I decided to hit the upper levels of the psychedelic spectrum, but for the most part, we like to keep our dosages around 3.5 grams. This way, we're both high enough to escape reality but not high enough to lose reality. This time around we decided to take 4 grams and see where it would take us. Between the two of us, we have over 150 trips under our belts, so we weren't concerned about taking that much.

Right before we were about to eat the shrooms (around 8 pm), my brother called me up to see what was going on. I told him we were about to trip and he told me he was going to swing by and trip with us. That was fine with me... as far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier... as long as everyone is experienced that is.

So my brother gets to my place around 8:30 and tells me that he wants to try out tea instead of just blending up in OJ. I tell him there's a slight potency loss with mushroom tea, so he might want to dose a little higher. So he decided to take 5 grams, hoping it would equal a 4 gram trip. On a side note, he decided to bring his dog over. Which was fine by me because he a really cool dog ,and animals are really fun to play with when you're tripping.

By the time his tea was ready to consume, it had rolled around to 9. So, my friend and I down our shrooms blended up in OJ and my brother drank his tea.

From here on out I'll use a timeline:

9:10 - Feeling unusually high very quick. Not too worried about it, because a lot of my trips start out this way. I figured it would level out within the next half hour and I would settle into my normal trip routine. My brother?s dog is acting strange. He was running all over the house whimpering. My friend and try to settle him down but can't get him to sit still or lay down. I try to ignore the dog but it becomes very distracting to me. The more the dog paced around the more anxious I felt. I ask my brother to do something about his dog. He brought a dog valume with him just in case something like this happened. He gave the pill to the dog and retreated to the computer room.

9:15 - My friend confesses to me that he feels really high. This makes me kind of nervous because mushrooms always seem to hit him a lot later then they hit me. Usually when I start to feel high, he doesn't feel as high as I do till a good 30 mins later. I quietly debate to myself if our scale was miscalibrated or perhaps this particular batch of shrooms is very potent. I toss my thoughts aside, and contribute the strong come up as a lack of tolerance. Meanwhile, my brother is in the other room playing on my computer confessing he feels very little if anything at all. His dog is still very hyper active. Running around, pacing my living room and sniffing everything. My friend and I start to become very annoyed with my brothers dog. My thought process is very scattered and I can't figure out why the valume isn't taking effect yet on the dog. It didn't occur to me that the pill would take several more minutes to kick in and calm the dog down.

9:25 - 25 minutes after ingestion I'm already having full blown OEV and CEV. Very intense, very vibrant and very overwhelming. I am extremely cold, I shivering like mad. I decide to put on some music to calm myself down. The dog seemed to become more of a nuisance the higher I became. The valume seemed to be having no effect on him. I was considering giving him another valume, but I couldn't seem to get myself off my couch to find the pills.

9:35 - My friend seems to be a little uncomfortable. Seeing him this way makes feel more unnerved then I already am. I have a dog running all over the place and a friend looking very unhappy. I didn't know if I could deal with the situation. I didn't want to get as high as I was. I didn't feel like I was emotionally and mentally prepared for it. I knew if I didn't try to stay focused that I was in for a scary ride.

By this time my brother walks out of my computer room and tells us that he extremely high and a little uncomfortable himself.

I find it really hard to focus on the music. I get up and walk around my living room. My brother?s dog won't leave me alone. My brother starts to become very annoyed with his dog and resorts to yelling at him. This gives me bad vibes and I can tell my friend doesn?t like the situation either.

He finally gets the dog to lie down. But I feel like the damage has already been done to my psyche and I start to become engulfed with negative thoughts.

9:45 - I can't sit still. I start to pace my house a bit. I start to feel a little better. I'm enjoying my hallucinations. Everything was very distorted. A lot of melting. All surfaces seem to be flowing like water. The table top in my kitchen would melt, flow off like water then morph back to it's original position. I start to feel very euphoric. I walk back into my living room... amazed at how high I am. The music that was playing (Enya) was very soothing. I lay down on the ground look up at my ceiling. Ripples of color are waving all over. I am very happy now. Then the ceiling looks as if it's falling in on me. I decide to abandon looking at my ceiling. I jump back my couch and flip through the channels on the TV. My friend seems to be having a good time now too. My brother seems very mellow as well. The dog has settled down some what. I feel like things are coming under control now.

I flip through the channels and find that the Mel Gibson movie "What Women Want" is on. I decided to leave it there. No body's really watching the TV, but it just feels comforting to have the TV on.

9:55 - The three of us become very talkative. We tell each other about our day and share some good laughs. We find that we're struggling to talk over the music so I turn it off so we can hear it other. The dog is getting restless again, but I'm doing a good job of ignoring him. Everything in my living room looks like satin, very soft and very smooth. I like it very much.

10:10 - Our conversation has died off and we're all focusing on the TV now. We've all seen the movie a few times but we all have a very hard time understanding what's happing. We all ask each other many questions to try and clarify what's going on. Now we're all very into the movie. I'm having some of the most intense visuals I've ever encountered.

10:20 - The people on the TV becomes unrecognizable to me. Some of them had no face, and the ones that did had faces that were very distorted and mutated. Everything turned into squares and small pixels. I felt like I was just watching a whole bunch of garble on TV. My friend and brother seemed to be having a good time with the movie so I decide it would be in my best interest to watch along with them even though I was becoming uncomfortable again.

The dog was pacing like crazy again. My brother became annoyed and yelled again. I was feeling extremely unnerved. Abstract thoughts leaked into my head. I was having a very hard time with holding on to reality.

10:30 - My friend and brother start to morph right in front of me; I find it difficult to look at them. I feel some stomach cramps coming on. I feel a little sick. I'm debating if I have to throw up. Almost any grasp on reality I had was fading away. I try to talk to my brother and friend but it's hard to make any sense of what I am thinking or saying. I wonder if they understand me or if I'm even saying anything at all. Both my friend and brother are very out of it too. They continue to ask me questions about the movie. Although I had no concept of what was happing I was finding it easy to answer their questions. I wanted them to stop talking to me. It was too much for me to handle. I look at the clock. I can't believe it's only been an hour and a half. It seems like an eternity. My stomach cramps are getting worse. I feel as if I'm melting into myself. I tell myself to calm down but I can't. I don't know how I became high. I was thinking I took sleeping pills. But a voice in the back of my head kept repeating I took mushrooms. But the thought of taking mushrooms to get high was very absurd to me.

10:45 ? I don?t want to watch the movie but I can?t stop watching. Nothing I am seeing or hearing has any context. The movie seems endless, simple conversations and situations last forever. I can barely make out what anyone is saying. It sounds like everything is under water.

I have to escape. I tell my brother and my friend I have to go outside. I find I can barely walk. I search the house frantically for my coat but can't find it. I run out side and try to relax. I'm seriously freaking out now. I'm trying to sort out a 1000 thoughts at once. The thoughts have no meaning to me. I can't comprehend what I'm thinking. It's way too cold out side but I don?t want to go back in, but I do anyhow. I run back inside and ask them to come outside with me and talk so I can calm down. I don't realize that they are both as high as I am and find it hard to comprehend why I'm running all around all frantic. Somehow I convince them to get up and come out with me. The situation lasted forever. I ran around the house freaking out I couldn't find my coat. I just end up running into my backyard. My brother and friend don't follow. I pace around frantically trying to figure out what was going on. It?s very dark in my backyard and my entire world is colored with perplexing patterns. It was like CEV were seeping into my opened eye world. I run back inside, they ask me if I'm ok. My brother's dog is just going crazy. I feel like I'm going insane trying to fight the experience. I look for a place to hide but can't escape. I return to the living room and ask my friend if he'll paint so I can watch him and settle down. He doesn't want to paint... he says he way too high. But I convince him to do it somehow. Next thing I know we're down in my basement. I don't even remember the point in which we walked down the stairs. My basement is a wreck because I'm in the process of refinishing it. I feel like I shouldn't be there. My brother remains upstairs with his dog.

11:00 ? My Fianc?e calls me. I go back upstairs to talk to her. She had went up north for a weekend ski trip and I was getting a little worried that I didn?t hear from her yet. Hearing her voice was soothing and I felt like she was my only path to reality. She talked to me for a bit but I had no idea what she was saying and before I knew it the conversation was over. I was really glad I talked to her.

I went back downstairs to paint with my friend. I start to feel like I'm calming down although I still have lost almost complete touch with reality. I focus on my friend painting. I was in complete awe. The colors he was using were the most vibrant colors I ever seen. I start getting really into his painting. We're cracking up about what we're seeing. It was as if he was just smearing paint and drawing these complex images with no effort, but in reality he was doing nothing but smearing the paint. Faces were looking back at me from the paint on the canvas. The painting came alive. Faces every where, I couldn't believe it. At this point I lost all contact with reality. I pace around my basement for a bit. I start talking about abstract thing. My friend has a really hard time following what I?m trying to say. I look for a place I can sit. I lie down on the cold cement floor and start talking in half tongues. I mutter shit about biology. I start to freak out my friend. I get up and run upstairs then run back down. My brother?s dog chases me around. I freak out about the dog. I start yelling at it. I run back down stairs and the dog follows. My friend asks me if I?m ok. I tell him that I?m freaking, but he just needs to keep on do what he?s doing and painting. I chase the dog back up stairs and close the door to the stairs and walk back down and sit on the bottom step.

11:15 ? My friends painting is utterly amazing. It?s the only thing I can see clearly through the rest of my hallucinations. I feel over-whelming waves of uncomfortable energy rush over me. I can?t figure out where I am, or what I?m doing. I don?t even know who my friend is. He asks me if I?m ok, I say no and run upstairs. I see my brother?s dog at the back door and let him in. He smells very bad. I look around my kitchen and see crap all over the place. On the floors, the cupboards, the walls? it tracks all the way into my living room and all over the carpet. I yell at my brother. I can?t believe he let his dog track crap all over my house. I?m almost in tears about it. My brother runs in the kitchen and looks around. He sees no shit and had absolutely no clue what I?m talking about. I don?t know if I?m just imagining it or if it?s really there. He keeps on telling me that there?s no shit. I smell it though. It smells terrible! I ask him if he smells it and he admits he does smell something? then he asks me if I shit my pants. I?m extremely angry. I don?t know how I?m going to clean up all the shit. My friend runs up the stairs to see what?s happening. I tell him there?s shit everywhere. He says he see nothing. I run back down stairs and my friend follows me. I run over to an ottoman and sit down on it.

11:25 ? I sit quite for 10 minutes trying sort anything I can out. All I can think is about the shit all over the house. My friend continues to paint and frequently stops to ask me if I?m ok. I keep on telling him no and I?m pissed about the shit. He tells me not to worry about it, and we?ll clean it up tomorrow. I can?t take the thought of dog shit anymore. I feel like it?s all over me. I yell that I have to take a shower and sprint upstairs. As I run through my kitchen I see my brother frantically sweeping my kitchen floor. He tells me that he?s cleaning up the shit but I ignore him and run to my bathroom. I strip and look at myself in the mirror. I see hives all over my body but don?t pay attention to them.

11:35 ? I spend a while in the shower. I don?t even know what?s going on but I have enough sense to clean myself with soap. I lie down on the shower floor. I close my eyes. My hallucinations are so incredibly intense but I just ignore them. I don?t know why I feel the way I do. I start thinking my brother and my friend drugged me up and had plans to beat the shit out of me. I decide that I?m just dreaming and that I will soon hopefully wake up. I get out of the shower and quickly dry off. I head straight to my up stairs bedroom, turn my fan on high and jump in bed.

11:50 ? My friend comes up to my room 15 minutes later and asks me what?s going on. I feel very uncomfortable with him being up there. I feel like he?s way too close to me. He asks me if I think I?ve been poisoned, I answer yes then tell him I tell him that I?m not pissed at him but I want him to leave my room, just go to down stairs and hang out and wait till I calm down. I just want to sleep and sort things out in the morning. He gets pissed at me and runs back down the stairs. I hear a lot of rustling down stairs. I hear my friend and my brother talking. I hear a thump and then I hear my brother crying. I don?t know what the hell is happening. I get out of my bed and look down the stairs. I can barely make out anything through all my visuals. I don?t see my brother or my friend. I feel as if I have gone completely insane. Thoughts of suicide run through my head. I think about just jumping over the ledge. I try to chase the thoughts away and some how succeed. I?m thinking about calling 911. Perhaps I need to go to the hospital. I think the cops are on their way now. I have a feeling my brother killed my friend.
I run back to me bed and hide under the covers just hoping the nightmare will end.

All is quiet again. I feel like I?m calming down. It feels good to be in my bed. It?s nice and warm and the wind from the fan hitting my face is relaxing. I am faintly able to sort through my thoughts. It feels really good to stretch out. I find myself fascinated by my visuals again. But I think about my brother crying and I start to freak out again.

12:00 ? My friend comes back up stairs and tells me my brother is pissed off and he?s leaving. I?m relieved to see my brother didn?t kill my friend. I don?t really care my brother is going to leave. I have my own problems to deal with. My friend retreats down stairs once again and all becomes quiet again. My thoughts begin to attacking my mind again. It?s agony trying to figure things out.

12:15 ? My friend once again comes up to my bedroom. He seems excited about something. He tells me that I have to come downstairs and see the painting. I get out of my bed and follow him. I get to the edge of the basement stairs and have some big issue about going down there without shoes. My friend and I debate about it for a minute. He assures me that I don?t need shoes and I assure him that I really want to have them on. So I run to my bathroom and grab my shoes. As I am walking back through the kitchen I realize that it?s clean? no shit anywhere. I realize that I was hallucinating the whole thing. I followed my friend down stairs and looked at his painting. It looked pretty amazing, but I was still too high to be walking around. I didn?t feel safe. I sat down on my ottoman and put my hands on my face. My brother walked down the stairs. I was happy to see him. I thought he had left but he told me that he was too high to even know how to drive. I was still very uneasy. My brother tossed me a bottle of his xanax. I quickly opened it up and took one. I told them that I had to go upstairs and try and calm down.

12:25 ? I sat in my computer room trying to figure things out. I heard music coming from down stairs. I didn?t understand what music was. It was a hard concept for me to grasp. I knew it was something I enjoyed, but why I enjoyed it I didn?t know. I remembered I had MP3s on my pc. So I looked for them. I had a hard time distinguishing between movies and music. I had to keep on telling myself, ?One is what you watch with your eyes and the other is what you listen to with your ears.? I finally found my MP3s. I scanned through them and played random songs. I was mildly entertained. I had an urge to find one song. I couldn?t put my finger on what I was looking for. I search frantically. The title was on the tip of my tongue. I was narrowing in on it. Then the song title came to me, ?Nightmare?. I scrolled to the ?N?s? but didn?t find the song. I knew I had it? or did I? I was completely confused. Why was I search for a song called nightmare? Then it hit me, I didn?t have a song called nightmare. It was at that very point I felt myself coming down.

12:35 - I feel great waves a relief knowing that I?m coming down. My friend walks in my rooms and sits in the chair next to mine. I tell him what just happened to me with the nightmare song but he doesn?t really seem to care. He keeps on telling me he?s extremely hot. He takes off one of his shirts; this kind of makes me uneasy so I leave the room. I feel uncomfortable again. I go to my living room. My brother is sitting on the love seat watching comedy central. I lay down on the couch and begin to watch TV with him. I ask him where his dog was and he tells me he had to lock him in his car because I was freaking out so bad about him? I apologize to him.

12:45 ? My friend comes out of the computer room and sees us watching TV. He tells us he doesn?t feel good at all and he?s freaking out a little. He decides to lie down on the floor and watch TV with us. He looks really unhappy. He tells us he really hot and takes off another shirt. My brother and I can?t figure out why he has so many shirts on. We have a quick laugh about it.

My friend is very restless and runs up to my bedroom to lay in front of my fan to cool down.

I realize that for the most part my visuals have faded away.

1:00 ? My friends comes back down stairs and looks really nervous. He tells us he can?t cool down. He paces around a bit. I tell him to go hop in the shower to cool off. He decided that he?s going to give it a try. He takes a quick shower and dries off and rejoins us in the living room. Southpark is now on. I?m really happy with watching it. My brother seems to be enjoying himself as well. I feel like things are coming back to normal. The Xanax I took awhile back is taking effect. I?m very relaxed now. But my friend is still unhappy. He tells us southpark is giving him bad vibes. I tell him to just relax a few more minutes and he?ll be on the way down from his trip.

1:15 ? My thought process is almost normal now although I still feel very high. My friend seems to be relaxing now. The three of us start discussing what we went through. I found out that my brother never did cry about anything and there was never shit all over my house. I was amazed how I created stuff like that in my head. That has never happened to me before. All in all the three of us had a very bad experience. I knew it all stemmed from me freaking out and running about the house all frantic. My friend confesses that he thought for sure he was poisoned and that he was going to die. He was extremely close to calling someone for help. My brother tells me that he had a hard time with thinking about his roll in life and said he felt like he had no part in society.

1:30 ? We?re all very calm now. I feel euphoric. I?m really into to TV. Occasionally we?d start talking about our trip and how crazy it was. My brother goes out to his car and gets his dog. I?m happy to see him.

2:00 ? I still feel very high but for the first time in hours I feel hungry. I get up and search for some food. It?s still hard to walk. I feel good though. The three of us find everything we see on TV funny.

2:30 ? My body buzz is wearing off. My head isn?t cloudy anymore. I feel very comfortable. We talk about our trip again a laugh. I feel that even though the experience was horrible that I actually needed to go through it. I felt like a lot of unresolved issues have been resolved. My friend tells me that he thinks he?s done with mushrooms? he doesn?t have fun while he?s on them anymore and I concur with him, but tell him that it?s probably the winter trips that aren?t fun for him and in the summer it will be different.

3:00 ? We?re still watching TV and talking about our trip. We still can?t believe what we went through.

3:30 ? I feel almost completely down from my trip but still feel a little uncoordinated. We continue to watch TV. My brother heads to my guest room to try to go to sleep.

4:00 ? Both my friend and I drift off to sleep and the night comes to an end.


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Re: For thoes of you who like trip reports, here's a long one. [Re: djd586]
    #2459276 - 03/22/04 02:41 AM (14 years, 2 months ago)

Wow. Sounds like you had quite the night. And I agree, tripping is way better in the summer.

I just want to know why people can take 4 grams and be that fucking high? I've taken 8 and I don't think i've been half as high as you say. I mean things melt and shit but nothing like how you describe it. Maybe people up here arn't growing cubes?

Anyways, a good read.

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. [Re: djd586]
    #2459295 - 03/22/04 02:54 AM (14 years, 2 months ago)


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Re: For thoes of you who like trip reports, here's a long one. [Re: djd586]
    #2460580 - 03/22/04 04:52 PM (14 years, 2 months ago)

excellent read man :lol: my butt is asleep but it was worth it!

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Re: For thoes of you who like trip reports, here's a long on [Re: djd586]
    #2461041 - 03/22/04 06:45 PM (14 years, 2 months ago)

I can feel the sleepy butt from that, aswell.  :grin:

A good read nonetheless, very nicely written.

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Re: For thoes of you who like trip reports, here's a long one. [Re: djd586]
    #2461851 - 03/22/04 11:19 PM (14 years, 2 months ago)

Great report!

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Re: For thoes of you who like trip reports, here's a long on [Re: ekomstop]
    #2465928 - 03/24/04 01:22 AM (14 years, 2 months ago)


ekomstop said:
I can feel the sleepy butt from that, aswell.  :grin:

A good read nonetheless, very nicely written.

Goy my ass is owned. Good read. Should've had a cat =D


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Re: For thoes of you who like trip reports, here's a long on [Re: djd586]
    #2467251 - 03/24/04 12:53 PM (14 years, 2 months ago)

nice report... i love to just sit down and read a really long, well-written trip report. Thank You

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Re: For thoes of you who like trip reports, here's a long on [Re: djd586]
    #2467706 - 03/24/04 03:18 PM (14 years, 2 months ago)

Nice report man, sorry to hear some things went wrong. Peace.

"With a bit of luck, his life was ruined forever. Always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of his favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he'll never know."

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Re: For thoes of you who like trip reports, here's a long on [Re: RespectTheFungus]
    #2468116 - 03/24/04 05:37 PM (14 years, 2 months ago)

Thanks for sharing! Sucks about the freakout, but sometimes we must take the good with the bad.  :mushroom2:

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