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Get ready to die?

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Full extent of DMT effects
    #24561204 - 08/17/17 08:48 PM (3 years, 8 months ago)

What are some of the various things that have happened to you while smoking DMT? I hear there can be some non visual stuff as well as sexual experiences. Are any of these real or due to DMT or is it something else altogether, like a highly subjective account that doesn't necessarily apply to anyone else.


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An Infinite Mystery
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Re: Full extent of DMT effects [Re: Blabble40] * 1
    #24561274 - 08/17/17 09:10 PM (3 years, 8 months ago)

In an infinite world, with infinite possibilities, there is an infinite amount of things that you could experience.

From seeing nothing and every cell in your body evaporating in a micro wave and burning alive in Hell

To traversing the portals of the universe flying and experiencing alternate dimensions and inner worlds..

You can meet jesters, entities, dieties and gods, even aliens can abduct you..

You can live the life of a jaguar in the middle of the Amazon, die and return to your body

Anything can happen

But what does, is highly personal and subjective.

"In The Material World One seeks retirement and grows Old
In The Magical World One seeks Enlightenment and grows Wiser
In The Miraculous World One seeks nothing and grows Lighter
As we all tread the Homeward Path we will explore many Realms
And one day... we will all Realize that all experiences are Simply
Different ways in which The
All-That Is
Perceives Itself"

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InvisibleBill_Oreilly Happy Birthday!

Registered: 11/12/11
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Re: Full extent of DMT effects [Re: Blabble40]
    #24561359 - 08/17/17 09:59 PM (3 years, 8 months ago)

Hyper computer matrix where alien creatures pour out from another dimension

Something there is mysteriously formed,
Existing before Heaven and Earth,
Silent, still, standing alone, unchanging,
All-pervading, unfailing,
I do not know its name; I call it tao.
If forced to give it a name, I call it
Great (ta). Being great, it flows out;
Flowing out means far-reaching;
Being far-reaching, it is said to return.

It's just a shot away..

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Re: Full extent of DMT effects [Re: Bill_Oreilly]
    #24561523 - 08/17/17 11:25 PM (3 years, 8 months ago)

Eclipse hit it on the head. Anything is possible.

There are a few constants for me. As soon as I exhale, I feel like I'm spinning in a mass of color. I don't know I did DMT.  I literally feel I'm dying and I should do anything and everything to fight it. My tripsitter always reminds me to relax and let go a few seconds into it. Those few seconds feel like eternity for me. Once I hear her voice, I relax and get assualted by patterns and colors. It's everything you see in psychedelic art and more. This picture (https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pinterest.com/amp/pin/298152437800988890/) is pretty close to what I get. Then all the color sucks in on itself and goes black. I'm in space. It is infinite. I'm now more calm than any other time in my life. I always see Egyptian entities. They are mostly blue or red/orange. They assure and love me telepathically. I come back to my body still tripping hard, like five hits of LSD hard. Over ten minutes, I gradually come back to baseline.

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Get ready to die?

Registered: 11/11/14
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Re: Full extent of DMT effects [Re: milkway]
    #24562483 - 08/18/17 12:52 PM (3 years, 8 months ago)

Thanks for the input. Here are some possible others:
"I had the impression of lying in a hospital bed, with doctors watching over me, monitoring my condition, discussing excitedly"

It could be possible to be aboard an alien spacecraft with alien doctors doing the above. There may be some body convulsions and spasms playing along with it. As is known your body can get hard to move as it's forced into a sleep like position, and you might want to close your eyes.

Another is this realization:
"...my mind had left my body and was in the realm of the basic entity of the universe - where consciousnesses reside when they are not tied to a body on our Earthly reality. I was aware that this is where spirits/souls reside if their body dies and probably where they are before you are born. After you are born, it is still there, but your mind becomes solely concerned with your body (until you are released by DMT).

It's possible to go there. Those are the general feelings induced. The person there somehow "knows". It's a vaguely familiar place and after the trip, it's like being reborn again from out of the womb. That's where you are before you're born and the pineal, or some organ, presumably, as per Strassman's hypothesis, floods the embryo with DMT 49 weeks in the incubation process to bring life force to the organism and determine gender. But Strassman may be wrong.

That's why the body is of particular importance in this realm. It's all you really have and own. Getting sick sucks - it's a tragedy. You have to take care of the body for whatever purpose it is meant for. It's the only vessel used to access these realms.

"The DMT space has a familiar feel to it. When I go to the DMT space, I often think, now I remember, this is where I have been before. It is a place that cannot be remembered once the DMT wears off, as the space is permeated by some sensory field which is in addition to the normal senses. This sensory field is like thought except the thoughts are not coming from myself. Telepathy, time travel, genetic memory, earth consciousness, all are possible descriptions. This is a new frontier. An unknown."

Similar to what I said before.


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Re: Full extent of DMT effects [Re: Blabble40]
    #24563121 - 08/18/17 05:17 PM (3 years, 8 months ago)

Are any of those quotes from Strassman's book? Keep in mind they were doing DMT by IV. I have no experience with that but I'd assume it's even more intense than smoking it.

"You have to take care of the body for whatever purpose it is meant for. It's the only vessel used to access these realms."

If the realms are truly a sensory field that consciousness resides in before and after life, and during DMT trips, then the body vessel is technically not the only way to access it. You could also say that we've always had access to it in-body, but only become aware of it during a DMT trip or otherwise powerful experience like NDE, OOBE.

In response to your OP, I've had a pretty sexual experience on Ayahuasca, which is a different pace than smoked DMT. I took it with a friend and his gf, and later his sister was there too. I felt very aroused and alpha. There were many strong emotions and I spent most of the trip drawing and writing my thoughts and feelings. At one point my friend took a shower and I was alone with his gf and I felt super horny. Some of my notes were as if I was talking to myself from another entitiy. "Sex orgies" "Sex A Lot" "It is all in Love!" "go!" "Dog her" "It will be ok to feel it!" I guess I didn't follow those impulses though because nothing happened.

I ended up with four pages of notes. Hilariously, the pages were almost completely illegible once I came down. I had been writing pages of content on top of pages I had already written. During the trip I didn't seem to be aware of this issue; I think I either didn't realize it, or was actually able to view the page in multiple layers, like a photoshop project. Anyway, all the layers appeared as one when sober and all that was legible were notes on the fringe - some about sex and names of women I was crushing on at the time. Here's some other bits I can make out now:

"Face the light at the right angle to see it shine"
"See the shadows"
"we all created this. Thank you."
"silence you fruit eating reptile!"
"where do you come up with this distortion?"
"you can fi$ it. you can use it"
"close your eyes"
"take time to love yourself"
"People are colors. we are all light."
"I scream for ice cream" - (written on the tongue of a huge fat guy shaped like an ice cream cone)
"me, myself, and I"
"Life is like a haircut."
"you are letters, numbers, smell, taste"
"We are all there to help"
"Stress and suffering are symptoms of our impending accomplishments."
"It's easier to pick up the rhythm when it is all around you"
"Everything turns musical when you play it well enough."
"Even space. . ."
"Language is an artform"
"that guy you are immediately friends with despite not meeting. - Jesus"
"Thought Sculptors"
"share the water, Blood of the Earth, and our minds consciousness"
"Patience is thanks Thoughts are thanks. give thanks."
"Spirits / People are amplifiers"
"Warming up the coats."
"reflections are different people"
"Humor is the universe's curve"
"Don't skip steps. Awareness, Thanks."
"Economy of thanks, sustenance, becomes space-time. new reality without matter or care"
"yawning is tuning your attention, turning up"
"dudes! it is okay! this whole life has been a continuous lesson, a dream that we are improving all the time. We are all god. This is happening and he is coming back, as a more major, meaningful existence as was prophesized. through all of what we know. he is looking at us always. Everything we see, the direct reflection, our vision. our outlook, our handwriting, language, attitude. Everything is connecting, unifying., Even mistakes. The spaces between our Resolution"
"Even me writing this now is a dream and i choose to do it through the ability of god. He is laughing... we will write it all eventually... He is in my head right now as i write this and he is around me. [Name] is completely unleashing and shining. SHINING him, helping us see and shine as well. Maybe I ought to keep writing..."

Sorry to dump that all here, but the pages are starting to fade so it seemed like a good time to record the raw data. So much more I can't make out. Can you tell what religion I was raised in? :lol: Man, I gotta do more Aya.

I've also had what I would call a telepathic experience with a close friend on two separate Aya trips. The first time, we were talking and chilling, then in a glance, our thoughts were suddenly entangled and we had a conversation without speaking. We both realized it, shared astonishment, shared congratulations, shared this understanding, all within several seconds of eye contact and laughter. Once we seemed to untangle, we asked each other and confirmed that just happened.

The second time, a whole group of us had taken it and were hanging out, and this friend was freestyling on his guitar and it was super groovy. It got me moving as I was taking my notes. My friend was sitting directly behind me and it felt like he was energizing me like a flute player would animate a cobra. Suddenly one of his chords hit me and flowed through my spine, tingling my muscles into a shrug gesture. People have unique mannerisms and I immediately recognized this gesture as the exactly unique way my friend playing guitar commonly shrugs. Simultaneously, my friend behind me erupts a gasp of astonishment - he must have recognized the same thing. Being our second time feeling that experience, we both just laughed and pointed at each other in appreciation.

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Get ready to die?

Registered: 11/11/14
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Re: Full extent of DMT effects [Re: Icon]
    #24563862 - 08/18/17 10:17 PM (3 years, 8 months ago)

Nah, I found them in some anonymous compilation of reports which can be found here: http://www.serendipity.li/dmt/340_dmt_trip_reports.htm

But yeah I may have worded that weirdly. I meant the body is all we really own and have. If something happens to it you can generally be severely handicapped.

And those are some mysterious notes. I don't know what it all means.

Have read about some telepathic experiences with people who smoked DMT at the same time. Also have heard of some nonvisual sexual experiences that involved acting out the act. There's been some confirmation that that kind of stuff is possible. Read about a guy who let a giant spider apparently fuck him. So yeah.

But I guess anything is really possible. There are a multitude of directions a trip can take...


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Mushrooms, Mycology and Psychedelics >> The Psychedelic Experience

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