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Do I Make Any Kind of Sense?
    #24138299 - 03/05/17 12:32 PM (1 year, 3 months ago)

Thought to post this little writing here. Feel free to read it and comment if you wish since I would be interested to know how people perceive all of this because it's hard to get comments. Good or bad, well I don't really care, but I have come to a conclusion that this is enough for me to understand about the reality, and it's been a longer process than what people might think, but I'm slow-minded, kinda dim-witted, so be gentle of course, thank you!


Zen Gonzoism



(This has been translated from my Finnish site.)

***(1/3) The Politics***




I thought to write those to the beginning because they are the most important aspects of this writing. They are aspects that you should remember. Of course I could write that it's important also to understand that mankind has all the necessary technology to make a better world since we have 1.) renewable energy (electricity), 2.) drinkable sewage water(water), 3.) electric transportation (transportation) and 4.) cultured meat/veggies (food).

It's important to remember those because a person must understand that future might not be a problem and that mankind can ponder about it in unity and create answers. That's likely to happen, but I wish to write the teachings of Zen Gonzoism because I understand that people probably will not understand my writings now, but when the future goes forward, well I could get 10 likes and that's enough because the 10 people who liked could remember my writings, so that they could share them depending on the world of the future.

When we think of the future, well it's not as complex as people think it to be. People actually only need to do a.) not elect madmen to be in charge (hasn't gone that well?) and b.) solve their problems together without going against each other.

In my opinion those aspects are enough, so that person can understand his/her one possibility to influence the world. Of course I write this in Finnish and then translate to English because it's easier to influence when there is a broader audience to share the thoughts with.

The world is changing because of automation. That is clear. You can even watch on Youtube a video called "BRETT the Robot learns to put things together on his own", and understand that in fifteen years that kind of robots can be cashiers in stores and fry hamburgers to people.

In future the only thing that you need in a robot is a cell phone sized computer and rest can be handled through cloud servers. Then every robot, bot and robotics can be updated instantly, and when there are robots learning different sectors, well it's possible that when one robot learns something all the other robots learn it also.

... The term is: "Cloud Robotics".

... At the moment there is robot called Baxter which is sold for a price of $25000 and when you think about that kind of price, well it's pretty cheap, the only thing is that the robot must evolve.

still before we start to scream that robots are about to take our jobs, well it's important to remember how Henry Ford made the mass-production of cars because it made many jobs for people and before robots, bots and robotics are able to replace everything, well it's probable that there will be jobs to build them. If we was to think also McDonald's, well when the first restaurants handled by robots would come, well it makes the possibility for McDonald's to expand everywhere.

... Still I won't write about the subject more because it's a.) or b.), but for the whole it's not that important unless there will come mass-unemployment because then protests, riots, graffiti, etc. will happen, if, people don't have their basic needs, but if there will come the "boom" of construction, well the change might come easier, but in the end the answer is universal basic income.

Even if the "boom" of construction would happen, well at some point there would be McDonald's everywhere and to be ecological it doesn't make sense that mankind would use resources to waste. Therefore it's more important to create universal basic income because then the footprint of man towards the world could be less, but needless to say that if McDonald's doesn't build restaurants everywhere, well some other company will do so because of competition.

Still there is a problem that the jobs disappeared because of automation won't go equally. Then there is an option that basic income would create a new standard for the wages, so that those jobs that stay and are needed for the infrastructure would cost more. That's a problem because, for an exanple, nurses don't get payed that well and they are needed for the infrastructure. Therefore I would recommend an "equality tax" where people at those jobs would get an increase to their salaries by the governments.

... If it sounds funny there is aid to agriculture programs, etc.

That's the heart of Zen Gonzoism and of course I can be wrong about certain issues, but still parts of the teachings of Zen Gonzoism are right like the four main understandings of technology and a.) and b.) of what people should do and what they shouldn't do.

And the idea of Zen Gonzoism is to create more discussion, to create more insights, to create more understanding that the future can be beneficial for all, and it's more likely to be so that it will than the idea that we are heading towards a catastrophe. Of course it can happen that people elect madmen to be in charge or that they go against each other like Don Quijote against the wind mills, but to make change is as simple as this because the point in Zen Gonzoism isn't that I wish to change the world with this kind of thinking, but I try to make a small change that when people read this, well they could remember that all the keys towards a happy future are in the hands of people.

... Now you can understand why it's important to write this in English because that's faster road to get my thoughts to an audience. For me it's enough that there is 10 people who understand my writings because if the world was heading towards the direction that I have written, well they possibly could share the teachings of Zen Gonzoism to get wider audience to my writings.

The problem that I'm having with this world is that I haven't found anyone to say the right words with the right vision. Of course here and there there are people who are speaking that automation will take all the jobs and others who say that it won't happen, etc. Still I'm doing my part and I'm waiting for a person who understand the aspects in a right manner. And depending on the future we will see does the automation happen by graffiti, protests, riots, etc., so we will see does the person come from politics or outside of politics.

1.) "2030 Dystopia":

This is the idea that 1.) renewable energy (electricity), 2.) drinkable sewage water (water), 3.) cultured meat/veggies (food) and 4.) electric transportation (transportation), well one of them would fail and then it would be very easy to create a picture in the minds of people that the world has to be a dystopia, because people might think that, if, there is no food for all, well what else can we do? This of course would go towards protests, riots, graffiti, etc., even wars, but the truth is that still those main issues exist and therefore if some kind of "elite", politicians, etc. would say that we must go in a world of dystopia, well it's wrong since it would be only in capitalism, but there are models how to prioritize the main issues. Truth is that through different kind of models it's possible to make a world where there is just 20 % of employment if the focus was in the main issues and in the progression of science.

2.) "2030 Revolution":

This is a model where basic income isn't accepted, that every person should have the basi needs. The main issues will work, but people are told that companies should have more money so that they could expand and create work. This would probably go towards protests, riots, graffiti, etc. because there could be people who are against the idea, that the "elite", the politicians would just want to build their empire with people facing harm because of it. Also of course in this scenario the main issues could fail, but through riots, etc. people would make the future to be a better one after the dystopia. "2030 Dystopia" is a model where capitalism would cause havoc and this model is that the society would change, but would the whole society change or just be a wake up call for basic income?

3.) "2030 Utopia":

This is the most probable model where the main issues will work and that all the time in this world will come more and more understanding what people should do and how to organize. I feel that this is the most probable model even if some could say that I'm to optimistic, but technology has always make the world go forward and I have read a lot of the four main issues and it's seems pretty solid that they all will happen in the future. In this model there would be politicians, scientists, tech-leaders who would speak of the idea that every single life as importance and money shouldn't be the most ruling factor, especially if you think that it wouldn't change the inequality of today, but that as a whole people would get as much as today, but they would just work less depending on themselves, and of course it would be seen that it's better not to just expand, but for the resources of the world and for the nature it's better to have basic income.

4.) "2030 War":

This is possible even if I don't see that in this world there are aspects that could trigger World War III. Of course there is problems like the South China Sea, but for me there isn't that many reasons to believe that the world would go towards a war. Of course war would mean that the "elite", the politicians would care about the people, but instead they would see that they are expendable. Of course if the main issues don't work, well then there is a possibility that it would cause a lot of unrest between countries which could trigger a war. Then people wouldn't be able to change through protests, riots, graffiti, etc. the world, but that it all just went to rubbish.

... In the end I want to write that after reading more about robots like Baxter and BRETT, well I think that it could be possible that at some level we would see them more even in 10 years from now. Still no one actually knows how big impact or actually how fast automation will come, but many scientists and futurists think that at some level by the year 2030 everything could happen as so.

... I also decided to leave Facebook because it's not for me. I don't like the page. I don't like to have a site which marketing is part of a company gaining money from me. I just don't like the social media, but instead to write on a Blogger the thoughts that I have. Of course as you can see I still thought to make an English version of my writings, but I honestly think that there could be better individuals for the job, and even if this would get noticed, well I would still just repeat a "mantra": "Find the right people to do the change? Listen to those who have good ideas of the future of this world and not those who have ideas generated for their happiness.", and with all of it I think that the world would be a better one.

... And remember why the idea of dystopia with capitalism doesn't work, well is that capitalism is very flexible and therefore if some could argue that it doesn't make profit to make cultured meat, food for all, well actually you can artificially dump the prices down by circulating taxes towards sustainable development, etc., so I'll argue that the future will be a better one unless people will a.) elect madmen to be in charge and 2.) they don't have the capabilities to hand problems with rationality.

***(2/3) The Metaphysics***




Those two aspects should be understood when I write this because I deeply think that the world is probably of 80 % of naturalism. With naturalism I mean that everything around us could just exist without a reason. It just is that. The reason for naturalism is that we have technological progression and it could be that for it there is no reason, but the cosmos just happens to be so, that it makes that kind of evolution possible. In this world a person can eat psilocybin mushrooms and see wild visions, so why it would be anything else than naturalism. All just seems to work very well and there is just death, and that's all. From dust to dust we go.

Still for 20 % there is a problem, because first you think that the cosmos understands us for no particular reason, but there comes the question that what if beneath all of this is something that actually understands. I have used different kind psychoactive drugs and seen cartoon like behavior and candy lands, and it's strange to see something as unnatural part of the natural existence. I know that experience could be because in my childhood I have seen cartoons, but in small dosages of psilocybin mushrooms it's possible to get a slight distortion towards a world where cars seem to shine and cartoon like and when you walk to a restaurant everything seems bright and distorted in a funny way.

Also one question towards the reality being natural is that further we go through science the more insane the world looks like. In 10 years people will have augmented reality glasses and are able to go to stadiums to see Grandmasters of Pokemon compete in Japan. There is the possibility towards all kind mind-computer interfaces, so that people are able to move matter by the help of machines only by thought. Also of course artificial intelligence, etc., well they all just makes questions about the 20 %.

... Sometimes I just can think that all just works a bit too well because it makes the words of Carl Sagan a reality that if you want to make the perfect apple pie, well you need to create a universe. I know that Carl Sagan wasn't a religious person, but was in love with the natural laws, but when you think of things like the double slit experiment, well everything is kinda needed for this to function the weay it does and then you'll start to ponder is there something more?

Still it's also possible to ponder different questions of the reality like many physicists have started to ponder that all of this isn't what the cosmos is made of but instead there are endless amount of universes. Some of them have started to say that other universes could work with totally different laws of nature and it makes the question what kind of universes then could exist? Could there be a universe where there is no death? Could there be a universe where you can create matter? Could there be a universe where you could control matter with your mind?

... The point is that, if, we don't know what kind of universes there are, well how are we supposed to say that in other universes you couldn't create realities? Are we in the first reality?

I know that questions like that are very theoretical, but when someone starts to argue that there is only this kind of universes, well the person must then prove evidence for that. Through philosophy it's possible to think that there are completely different realities, and if that is the case, well what's beneath all of this? Zen Gonzoism and the idea of philosophical skepticism is the best religion in the world. I, for an example, ponder that we are in this "machine" and no one knows "what the machine is" and therefore it gives the possibility to think about the "machines" mysteries.

Still in Zen Gonzoism is important that the person isn't against science because science has worked very well. I'm arguing that for 80 % all of this is this, but when atheists say that they know for 100 % that all of this is this, well I haven't seen such evidence that would make me to believe completely at that.

With going by science I mean that I, for an example, don't believe in dualism that much because when person starts to think of phenomenalism, well he/she might think that the pictures in our minds should exist somewhere, but I think more towards the idea that they are just synapses in our brain. Still Zen Gonzoism isn't about making solid facts about the reality, but for me dualism just seems strange because I believe that artificial intelligence will prove physicalism to be true, because if physicalism wasn't true, well could then machines open gateways to the realms of consciousness? I believe that it won't happen.

... I believe that we are biological machines.

If we was to think how life could continue, well of course there are options like even 80 % of naturalism could be that our world, our reality is "pro-life" not "pro-matter", but how to make theories that it's true? Scam is a very possible scenario for this reality, but it would need a intelligence behind it or then we would have to think that the cosmos as a "machine" already was some kind of computational hoax.

Still, if we was to think of the orthodox model of rebirth, well it would have to mean that at some level the cosmos is of cellular automata and that in all of actions exist deeper calculations. It's because death would have to register to the "system" and therefore when we do + and -, well there would have to be more complex set of +, -, * and / calculations as part of our existence.

Afterlife is complicated because the question is that can we penetrate the "fourth wall", if dualism isn't true? Of course still it's possible to think that environment is it's own "data" and consciousness is it's own "data". IF that was the case of dualism, well then reality could be towards "pro-life" and when we die we would just see the world change around us. Another question is do we continue from something else's perspective and is death about recreation to another world or of flow to another world? Still with thoughts of afterlife towards another realm or just as a continuation towards rebirth where the consciousness, the "soul" would exist, well we just have to think that the reality is something different than we suppose it to be.

But in Zen Gonzoism there isn't dogma. I personally don't even like to think too much of the continuation of life because for me it's enough that for 80 % reality just can be all of this, but for me 20 % makes to think that all of this, again, functions too well, so there could be something. I know that no one really can argument against the idea because we couldn't know if after death we just see a sign: "Do you want to continue? Yes or no?", and it might not mean that there is consciousness, but at some level reality just is some kind of funky odor machine.

... And of course there are scenarios for the continuation of life like the idea of Big Bounce and of course the idea that we are recreated in the future because there are possibilities that you just make everything to be a miniature version of your death in the future and by having a machine that would see the past and exact patterns how you existed. The problem is that in philosophy there is the idea of stream of consciousness, but if stream of consciousness wouldn't exist as a problem, well why not just make the similar happenings, and continue your life because truth also is that we aren't same atoms as we were in birth, so, forget about it!

I could now write one funny experience that I had first time that I did acid. It was that one guy just came to me outside of a bar and said that I have a beautiful aura. We went to have some amphetamine, and took some bromo-dragonfly. That day I saw five times a row through a window nuclear blasts and their shock wave coming to me turning me into a skeleton!

I won't write more of experience, but that I can say that it's not even close to the strangest experiences that I have had, and when people take psychoactive drugs part of spirituality, part of cartoon like behavior, well they start to question the reality.

In the end I want to say that when person tries to find enlightenment, well for me it's derealization because in derealization you won't experience the reality as real. You just watch some kind of "paranormal snuff movie". Of course I don't mean that paranormal is true even if I have seen "shadow people", etc. coming from the ooze of my consciousness. I just mean that, if, there is something more to all of this, well derealization is that you don't take reality as real, like I mentioned, and if 20 % is true, well that could be an understanding. Still I'll argue that the best scenario is to take the reality 80 % as death and 20 % as "pro-life" because in Ancient Greence was the idea that through philosophical skepticism one is able to achieve a state of enlightenment called ataraxia. It means that when person understands how little he/she can know, well it makes a sense of calmness, and if there is just death, well it's just how this world, this universe works by and you can't change the reality, but accept it.

... Derealization just is the experience that nothing is real, but it's stupid to start to make conclusions what kind of substance the reality is made of. I like to think when something is possible to create through a computer program, well it could also exist as a digital version of this reality. I'm just trying to make it clear that if there is something, well then derealization as an experience is quite enlightening.

... D-E-R-E-A-L-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N.

... Nothing might be real.

... I'm just saying that, if, there is something more, well Zen Gonzoism is likely to be the closest of all religions.

... For an example, Terence McKenna had the idea that everything is made of language. The truth is that I haven't read that much about it, but maybe the reality just is something as surreal as language, but we just experience all of it as this. I'm just saying that whatever the reality could be in 20 %, well don't try to understand it because it could be impossible.

But I have to say that today I'm not feeling it. The percentages can be what I written, but they also can be put 99 % towards death and 1 % that there is something. Zen Gonzoism just goes with logic and science, so even if it's possible that life could continue somehow, well still all thoughts like this aren't important because the world doesn't change how much you ponder about it. Of course then comes the question does the person see that he/she must act how other people tell them if this is the only life to be lived?

***(3/3) The Gibberish***



The problem that I'm having is that I feel that the laws of nature might just function too well. Today I have read articles about dark matter, and it's very interesting how much you actually need to have a world like this. Still I'm 80 % sure of naturalism because I understand how everything could function the way that it does, but still the question comes why we have our technological progression. Why the universe, the cosmos seems to be so fine-tuned for us? Therefore even pantheist approach where you think the cosmos of being some kind of impersonal or personal force is valid, as specially in the terms of impersonal.

It just seems that for me to write this, for me to think all of this, well it needs stuff like double-slit experiment, it needs electromagnetism, it probably will need new particles which are probable to be found. It all might even need more dimensions than what we are used of thinking.

So, when I (at some level) think that the cosmos could be even more "pro-life" and that this would be just a reality among others, well comes from the fact that in the day of death of Muammar Gaddafi I ate some bromo-dragonfly and took a hit of weed. That day I saw that the existence is made of endless realities, I felt "suffering" & "joy", I saw the eye of God, I saw a halo around me, I saw "heaven" and "hell" to go to my sides and a passage to the unknown in a door.

... Six months later I was in Egypt and heard the Devil to speak to me.

That I know that the most likely scenario is that my brain went to a story mode because of it and therefore I experienced all of it. It's the idea that hallucinations are like dreams, but the question haunts me, well can a dream be part of the reality?

Of course I wouldn't start to think that I'm some kind of "Messiah" because that would be very stupid because of a trip of acid, but I just sometimes feel that there is something more to all of this. The problem also is that there are different approaches to everything. I could write that the reality is just a hoax since in this world I see all-seeing eye a lot, I see t-shirts with the eye and writing: "Trust no one!", and sometimes I ponder should I trust only the eye and no one else?

It's just very disturbing because I understand very well that this whole reality works for our technological progression, that of us becoming sentient beings, well it's not a joke by the reality, but that it seems that the reality functions towards our motives and understandings.

I have even read thoughts by physicists that it's possible that the particles which make the dark matter/dark energy aren't just one particle, but actually different kind of particles and therefore there has been even thoughts that it could be a parallel universe with its own lifeforms, but I'll rather think that all of the other particles make up our universe to work with harmony, and with us seeming to work in chaos, well deep down is a structure that makes even chaotic behavior to be part of the interconnectedness.

Therefore I sometimes go towards pancomputationalism in Zen Gonzoism because sometimes I ponder that the whole reality could be about shifting neon lines like in a computer. That in the structure of space are connected lines which form to be connected, but from the chaos they start to change towards different paths. It's hard to explain, but picture that you are here and there goes neon lights like in science fiction movies all around which disconnect and reconnect while you are reading this or acting in the world.

That's an approach, but of course I don't write with scientific understanding and therefore I couldn't tell could there exist that kind of dimensions in the reality, but when I wrote that orthodox model of rebirth would need that all of this is of cellular automata where even death is connected with a "line on life" to the next one, well I don't see any other kind of solution for it than the idea of us doing + and - while the existence does more complex calculations of +, -, * and /, and the question is that do the calculations exist somewhere or are they just non-existent mathematical formulas of this world or does this world go by Platonism and the idea that the calculations exist somewhere and our world, our behavior acts by them governing everything.

The biggest problem isn't however rebirth because of course we could find that the reality functions as a set of calculations. It's not even my idea because even I Ching is the idea that the reality is governed by deeper mechanics, but the question of afterlife and the passage to the unknown that haunts me, and I can't think of different explanations than the idea that our reality is a reflection of something else, and that goes to Terence McKenna's thought about reality being a form of language. That what we perceive as real, is something else.

Still of course there are couple of ways for afterlife and they are 1.) Our "data" as the mind wanders forward and 2.) the "data" is taken and shifted to the next realm. Of course 1.), well I don't think that the brain is capable of opening pathways to other realities since we are biological machines and it might make that machines are capable of doing so, but if we perceive the world as some kind of else substance (Terence McKenna). I could, for an example, write the idea that everything is made of information, and therefore if everything at some level would be bits, well this world could be made of bits, but consciousness also would be bits and therefore the bits of consciousness could wander forward because it's in the "code" of structure instead of this world. The number 2.) is of course obvious because maybe we will just die and the arise in some other kind of reality without any kind of connection to this one.

... But of course it just could be about the idea that everything is a bit complex dimensional structure or that the idea of Many-worlds interpretation with the idea of quantum decoherence would be a function how the mind blossoms at death to continue to another world.

... The problem just is that there are ways how the mind could blossom like a flower to something else, but I feel that the question could be even 1000 years from now when people are able to do biological or digital immortality.

... The question is there something behind all of this?

Of course it's also possible that the universe or the whole cosmos would be like a heart beat that expands and contracts creating endlessly different worlds for all as a collective.

The last one is the recreation because the truth is that none of the atoms that we have are the same as in birth, so the question is that if in the future you are able to create the exact same happenings of your consciousness as in death, and replace them with other atoms creating surroundings that are as real as in the time of death except in miniature size, well would you be able to continue one's life? Of course you would need a machine capable of calculating every single step of the past to recreate it the exact same way in the future, but who knows?

... And of course when you think that a machine could collect all the atoms that you were in your birth, well then it should be you who comes back, if, the exact same happenings exist as in your birth, but it's a problem since it would need "your atoms".

The problem with the recreation without the exact same atoms comes with "stream of consciousness" because in philosophy it has been thought that if the "stream of consciousness" doesn't flow, well then there is death, but the question is that is all brain activity streaming all the time.

The truth is that I do have very deep feeling of derealization especially when I start to write. I sometimes forget them and start to think that this is all that there is, but I have different ways to suggest my mind to think that You don't know the answer! None of us do! Therefore I would just think that for 80 % everything is of naturalism and for some reason it all just seems to function so that it needs complex structures for us to evolve by and 20 % is that a person can't really be sure of anything in this world.

I have had even a theory that time has a center and from that center became everything, the past, the future, now, etc., because I sometimes think about things like the all-seeing eye with the idea that something is just pranking me. I know that the story of the future won't be of some kind of religious gibberish and I know that people will never understand about my experience with the eye of God and the Devil. Sometimes I wonder was the point of me to understands what the reality is about, but never to be able to explain it to others. The point I'm trying to make that perhaps everything is made of the symbol: ∞ and in the center is everything, the all-pervading essence and future, past, etc. they all just revolve around it without having any kind of meaning.

The point I'm trying to make that from things like the all-seeing eye, well what if we are all just reflections of one story that is the main character of the reality. Of course I wouldn't be the main character, but I understand how everything in my life goes towards a destination where I just leave all my thoughts somewhere and then there will come the one who is able to create the world into a better one, but even he/she wouldn't be the One who is the center because maybe the stories of life are just written to some kind of future being who will see the reality as it is or understand the reality as it is, BUT the strangeness of this world just is that even with science when you think that this is just a reality generated a person can even think that 11:11 is a message or not a message, but instead when someone thinks it to be important in his/her path, well that the path is known to something.

Get it? I sometimes just think that I saw the eye of God, I heard the Devil and then I'm supposed to write about something omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent because that's the understanding in people about that kind of figures, and therefore I sometimes think that what if the whole world is just of something pranking me, and I can't know if it's the truth. Maybe I'm just going in a path created by someone else, maybe Donald Trump got elected part of the story, etc.? It's like the idea of synchronicity, but with something understanding the path. Of course it couldn't be said that all experiences of synchronicity revolve with meaning, but when the person starts to think that maybe all of them are placed for my path, well it changes the whole perception of reality. Nothing seems real and all experiences seem to be just creations of some kind of mind, and the problem is that I couldn't be certain that it isn't the case since I don't know if reality is just a hoax.

... And the biggest problem is still is that I would understand how reality could be about stories, that what you experience in the altered states are stories without any meaning towards the continuation of life. The idea that life is like a movie and we have our little cross-platform of psychoactive drugs which play a role in this ordinary world, but, like I wrote, well still death would be the end of things, but it all makes me to think that what if it's not the end of things, but all is just a plot by some kind of madman.

The question in the end of course is: "How far do we evolve?", and if it goes far, well when comes the question towards Zen Gonzoism and the idea that for 80 % everything probably just happened to be that way, but for the 20 % maybe all of this needs something beneath all of it? Because in the end that's the only thought of Zen Gonzoism. The word transcendental towards the understanding of the reality means above understanding, and therefore I just think that there shouldn't be any kind of dogma in Zen Gonzoism because when you start to think about it all, well perhaps even Terence McKenna was right that all is just language or all could be just information, etc. The problem is that if I was to promote just one certain view towards the reality, well it's false because I couldn't say which one is the absolute truth: "Buddhism or the Simulation Argument?", and that gives me a sensation of ataraxia where I'm okay with death because maybe that's how the reality functions by, but I also understand that then it's just bad luck and there isn't any reason to be offensive against it. Still I would think that in the cosmos or whatever, well there even could be a universe where there is no death and good for them, but of course I also feel that to live in one reality being immortal could be a drag, and therefore I have chosen to smoke Al Capone cigarillos and live a unhealthy life because in the end the whole writing was just a commercial for the cigarillos.


The truth is that a person can even think of Bhagavad Gita to be true because some theories in science are towards the idea that dark matter would consist of many different particles, similar to our world. Some have even put out the idea that there could be a "dark world" which we couldn't see even if it was right before our eyes. Therefore it could even be that the atman is true because we could live in two existences. One of this world and one of in the "dark world", but it makes the question are we living in the "dark world"? I do have seen strange stuff in psychoactive drugs like killed a room full of beetles as a firework, I have also flown in the universe in a body made of light, so in the end they all give me reason to believe that there could be something more to all of this, but I'm still 80 % towards death and 20 % towards there being something else, but the idea of a "mirror world" is interesting because if one was to believe in souls, etc., well he/she would have to think that our reality has a "mirror world", a dual existence of material and spiritual. But also try to understand that dark matter could be just a computational thing that is needed for this to function by, etc. The point I'm trying to make that Zen Gonzoism is without a dogma and therefore it's just percentages.

... And the truth is that I don't have that much faith towards things like God and the Devil, but all the strangeness that has happened throughout my life makes the question towards all of this deeper because, for an example, the idea of b-theory of time and that the reality is made for just one individual as the center of the experience, well then you could see that, if, something just made for one individual, well all of us would be reflections of it. The stories in our lives would come because they are patterns that need to exist for one individual to exist. Maybe in the future people see someone like Maitreya Buddha, the Second Coming, Kalki, the Mahdi, etc. as the one individual who is the story's center, but I know that isn't me. I'm just a reflection if there is something like it unless of course there would be peaks all way through the story, but again I would say that God and the Devil are unlikely to be the subject of the most interest.

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Re: Do I Make Any Kind of Sense? [Re: Hattivattitatti] * 1
    #24138390 - 03/05/17 01:03 PM (1 year, 3 months ago)


Tldr, but I might in the future.

Rebelutionsssss said:
The mushroom skull fuck you or what bro :lol: don't worry in a month you'll be posting another thread just like this

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Re: Do I Make Any Kind of Sense? [Re: HamHead]
    #24139796 - 03/05/17 10:30 PM (1 year, 3 months ago)

can it be put more succinctly in 4 paragraphs?

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Re: Do I Make Any Kind of Sense? [Re: redgreenvines]
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redgreenvines said:
can it be put more succinctly in 4 paragraphs?

Zen Gonzoism is just my religion because I'm "able" to do my own religion. Actually Zen Gonzoism is the religion that makes most sense because there is no dogma. It's about philosophical skepticism where you can't be sure about the existence.

80 % everything probably is of naturalism because when you are able to take a mushroom out in the wild to have deep visions and insights (sometimes), well it would seem that all the behavior of the laws of nature come together to create it all from technological progression to mushrooms.

20 % is towards the idea that perhaps all of this understands us a bit too well, but naturalism is the likely scenario. Still of course when you have things like double-slit experiment, wave-particle duality, etc. comes the question what is all of this? A creation? A happening?

I just feel it a bit annoying that in this world we have been devolved to take certain answers as the absolute when instead I like to view all of this as a "machine" and we are all in this "machine" and no one knows fundamentally what the "machine" is.

... Still just remember Zen Gonzoism because of the politics. You might not find them interesting now, but I just hope you remember Zen Gonzoism and if future is wacky, well type it in Google, and you'll find my writing/s.

... Remember Zen Gonzoism!

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Re: Do I Make Any Kind of Sense? [Re: Hattivattitatti]
    #24547838 - 08/12/17 10:37 AM (10 months, 1 day ago)

Hey man,

I've been enjoying reading your thoughts and ideas and have been on a similar life journey in terms of the rejection of dogma as well as the central concept that understanding must come from within -- doing a Google search for Gonzoism brought me here. Certainly, in my mind, the subjectiveness created through the gonzo approach to creating empirical experiences is paramount in terms of allowing the self-discovery process through which one can create and define their own meaning and awareness of the intricacies of the Cosmos, as alluded to I think in previous posts. However, I digress a little at the notion of "zen". You yourself have noted that Buddhism  does have a dogmatic approach that the true Gonzo categorically rejects. And while this precept does, certainly, embrace the openness and free thought associated with Eastern practices, to closely ally it with any one practice is I think is antithetical to it's main purpose.

In short, I wanted to say that I have been thinking along similar lines; thinking of a life philosophy that embraces certain beliefs and aspects I think to be true, however I recently settled on the name "Gonzo-transcendentalist", which I think is in many ways more and less definitive. The idea came after reading attached Thompson quote (a Fav)

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Re: Do I Make Any Kind of Sense? [Re: lija721]
    #24547844 - 08/12/17 10:41 AM (10 months, 1 day ago)

Can't get pic on my insta...anyway it's the "Buy the ticket, take the ride, and if it get's a little heavier than you imagined, chalk it up to forced consciousness expansion!"

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Re: Do I Make Any Kind of Sense? [Re: Hattivattitatti]
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Might read if i had an hour of free time :eek:

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