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Registered: 01/19/04
Posts: 469
The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens
    #2417291 - 03/11/04 01:18 AM (14 years, 1 month ago)

I guess you could call it an ordinary nap-time sleep. I went to bed with a clear mind. Nothing horrible had happened recently. I am always having some small problems in my life, but at the time this particular event took place nothing special was going on. I went to bed around 5p.m. because I was exhausted for some completely unknown reason. Sometimes I just need a nap and other times I stay up till 4a.m. purely because of insomnia. During my nap I had several dreams as usual. I almost never get them one at a time. However the final dream is the only one that I can remember at all. The others are like blank tablets that I only know exist. My final dream was extremely weird to say the least.

All of my dreams are completely out of this world. Once I had a dream where I was sitting at school, and decided to cut off this girls hair. I did it very quickly with one smooth cut from some scissors. Then I proceeded out of class and into the pay phone laden hallways of my school. These phones were on the walls, floor, and ceiling. I had a hard time running around them without stopping. I also kept punching a bunch of black people that I knew in real life. In the dream they were only 2 feet tall and I found it easy to dispose of them. I ran all the way from the classroom to the bus circle and was greeted by a crowd cheering me on for some effort I didn't know I was doing. I decided what better time to rub one off (masturbate). I pulled out of my shorts what could only be described as a 3 foot monster cock. I couldn't believe it. What made this even more weird was that everybody just kept cheering me on. "Go go go go !". So I went. I went into a 5 gallon bucket and filled it quite a ways towards the top. I decided to investigate my man jam and was greeted by the smell of the ocean. Then it was over, and I woke up to a pathetic world.

I would say that this dream was equally disturbing. It started out simply. I was playing a game where you got these cars that ran amok. It was very similar to carmageddon. This game, however, had one key difference. You had to use this special "power-up" paint to get weapons and other useful items on your car. You didn't get any guns to attach, but instead only some special paint to brush on. When you were done brushing it on you ended up with weapons attached. It was glue, but more like some sort of mystical substance that would materialize things from thin air. I soon found out that you could only paint on the outside cage of your car. The network of metal bars surrounding the car was the only part that could support the paint. When I put some paint on the body of the car itself I saw my friend Andy walk into the room (outside the game). Then I heard this screeching, screaming type of sound that was very loud. Andy turned into a mirror that only showed black and white images and then he (the mirror at this point) cracked down the middle and exploded.

I am confessing my guilt that I kept playing the game. It was just a lot of fun. I eventually got new parts added to my car. A big metal\wood crossbow would have to have been the coolest. But then I did something very stupid. I painted the fucking car itself, again. This time it was an accident though. Suddenly Andy came back and did his whole mirror smashing thing. Then I heard the screeching noise once more when Andy was gone. I didn't realize it but I had turned into a mirror. I realized it thought he second I felt my face crack down the center. This is where my waking nightmare, and the actual trip, really began.

I could physically feel my face making an expression like it was cracked. My lower left jar was sort of stretched out Sylvester Stallone style, and my right eyebrow was raised. Every other muscle in my face was just fighting it's corresponding opposite making for a very tense expression. This actually happened when my eyes were still closed and I had just woken up. I was still feeling as if I was in the dream, but I really made this expression. Then I heard the mirror crack and felt my expression go down. When my faced relaxed it made me feel like I had fallen apart.

Then I opened my eyes slowly. My head was under my blanket and there was only a tiny bit of light coming in that I could use to see with. My pillow is white and everything else on my bed is green. All I saw was a blurry white image with small shadows making it look like separate piece. Everything else around me was black. I felt as if I was in some sort of void. I thought I might really be dead. I forgot how to move. I sat there completely entranced by what was being shown to me for a good ten seconds. I had tripped, while conscious, with no drugs. I was the mirror. I shattered. I now no longer exists and can only see my former self through the single window in this endless, hopeless void. It was all because I made one careless stroke with some paint. I cannot stress enough the fact that I was completely aware of my fully conscious state. I really thought that what I saw before my awoken eyes was all that I had left. It seemed like forever before I pulled the blanket off myself a little ways. It may have only been ten seconds, but that was the ten longest seconds I think I've ever had.

If that isn't ten seconds at level 5 then please tell me what is? It may have only been ten seconds, but it left a serious mark on me. For the following two hours I found it hard to believe everything around me was really there. I had experienced complete loss of self identity and suffered a total loss of reality. It was brief, but the memory will definitely last a lifetime.

The above post is fictitous, and any coincedence between it and real people, places, or events is unintentional.

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Registered: 02/06/04
Posts: 126
Loc: southern ca
Last seen: 13 years, 4 months
Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: hankydanky2k]
    #2417370 - 03/11/04 01:46 AM (14 years, 1 month ago)


hankydanky2k said:
It may have only been ten seconds, but it left a serious mark on me.

Do you feel that it left a positive or negative mark on you? How do you feel when you think back to this experience?

It may be best to not take anything I say too seriously because I surely don't. Anything I say may be subject to revision at any time by any person, place, thing, or catastrophic event. And please don't call me Shirley.

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Chill the FuckOut!
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Registered: 10/10/02
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Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: hankydanky2k]
    #2417441 - 03/11/04 02:04 AM (14 years, 1 month ago)

One time, as I was waking up, I experienced a moment of ego loss.


"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."--Voltaire

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Interdimensional space wizard
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Registered: 11/07/03
Posts: 33,144
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Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: silversoul7]
    #2417462 - 03/11/04 02:12 AM (14 years, 1 month ago)

I've had a couple of wierd experiences after falling asleep from smoking unusually good pot. I'll like wake up on the couch, and not know where I am, or how I got there, or even who I am. It's kinda scary for like 30 seconds or so, then everything comes back to me. It's really wierd.

"Cosmic Love is absolutelely ruthless and highly indifferent:
it teaches its lessons whether you like/dislike them or not."

John C. Lily


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The VerbalHerman Munster

Registered: 04/15/03
Posts: 5,326
Loc: Texas
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Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: hankydanky2k]
    #2417733 - 03/11/04 03:33 AM (14 years, 1 month ago)

Once while laying on my friends sofa after a long night of partying, i was incredibly relaxed when i realized my body had fallen asleep.  My senses were all somewhat allert, but i was in the early stages of sleep. In limbo for what seemed like 15-30 minutes untill i finally intered into rem. it was pretty wierd...

you on the the other hand seem to be going insane :lol:


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Reality Hacker

Registered: 07/28/02
Posts: 3,599
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Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: Dreamer987]
    #2418652 - 03/11/04 11:33 AM (14 years, 1 month ago)

I've been paralyzed in bed while still contious while my eyes went into rem. It was very strange.

What if everything around you
Isn't quite as it seems?
What if all the world you think you know,
Is an elaborate dream?
And if you look at your reflection,
Is it all you want it to be?

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Im the on coming storm

Registered: 11/26/01
Posts: 1,301
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Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: Murex]
    #2418803 - 03/11/04 12:29 PM (14 years, 1 month ago)

>I've been paralyzed in bed while still contious while my eyes went into rem. It was very strange.

Me to but i have also woke up and seen people in my room that where not there and lots of other stuff like that. Guess i was still dreaming while awake.
But i have found that if you dont smoke for a while the nicotine withdrawell will give you nightmares.

But the only strange dream i had was something to do with letting of two nuclear bombs to kill some alien monkey creature, well kinda think planet of the apes only weirder.

Fighting the man the best way I can.

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Registered: 12/13/03
Posts: 3,274
Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: hankydanky2k]
    #2418859 - 03/11/04 01:00 PM (14 years, 1 month ago)

intresting reading there :smile: and about the wakin up part , its just that you have slept so heavy your not completly awake.

there is a way to take control over dreams and nighmares but it takes training, its called lucid dreaming and ive done it several times. you need to focus to stay in the dreamworld when your realize your dreaming (its harder than it sounds) and when you have control over that you are pretty much in charge. but most often the dreams lives a life of their own specially if you have taken any form for drugs, lucid dreamin is hard if you have been drinking or smoked weed even.

this might sound odd but i snorted the best coke i can remember in a lucid dream.

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Registered: 01/19/04
Posts: 469
Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: shriek]
    #2419017 - 03/11/04 02:11 PM (14 years, 1 month ago)

I feel that this dream left a positive mark on me. As far as emotional or personality changes I have had none. I just didn't realize how powerful a dream could be. It might have some sort of effect further on that I don't know about yet. Any predictions?

Silversoul7 & nicechrisman:
Ego loss is actually quite common while waking. It is caused by the transition from a seemingly alien dream world and back to the actual world. This happens from time to time for everybody. What I had was extremely different. What I saw happen in the dream and what I saw when I woke up corresponded exactly with each other. The breaking mirror and my pillow with a hint of light shining on it could not have looked more similar. I knew I was awake and I knew what I was seeing was real. The terrifying part was that this reality was telling me that I had broken into a million pieces and then disappeared. Having some slightly blurred vision as I woke up surely helped the differences between the two images fade significantly.

Care to elaborate more? Could you have been dreaming that you were still awake?

I myself have never dreamed while conscious. Apparently some people here have. Anything really interesting ever happen with that kind of dream?

Let me just start by saying that I wish you, or anybody for that matter, never has or never will snort coke. It is the absolute worst drug to take, even just to try it out. I didn't have any drugs before this dream, and I never take drugs on a regular basis. When I woke up I was fully awake. All I saw was what was right in front of my eyes. Maybe you should fall asleep under some dark covers with a white pillow and wait until you dream that you are a broken mirror and then wake up. Now I wonder what the chances of that happening are? Anyways, that first dream I talked about where I ended up masturbating was a lucid dream. I started out just sitting in class. I realized that nothing I did would matter because it was only a dream. That was when I decided to cut the girls hair. I made that decision myself. I was, at this point, no longer looking in as an observer. I had taken control of my actions. Then, to escape that chaos and go cause more pandemonium, I ventured out into the halls. It was a shit load of fun, and I told everybody I knew at the time about that particular lucid dream. That was my best lucid dream. So what was your best lucid dream?

I always thought my dreams were the norm. It is like the kid who is born with two dicks. You just think everybody is the same. How can everybody else in the world have such boring, and lame dreams compared to mine. Every single dream I have is equally as insane as the two I mentioned above, and many times much more so. The hard part is remembering them all. So who has lame ass dreams? Who has crazy ones?

The above post is fictitous, and any coincedence between it and real people, places, or events is unintentional.

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I'm stillfinding out
Registered: 01/30/03
Posts: 18
Last seen: 11 years, 8 months
Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: hankydanky2k]
    #2420309 - 03/11/04 08:14 PM (14 years, 1 month ago)

Oh my god thank you for posting this because it is EXACTLY what I experienced a week a go. I was wondering what the hell it was because it was one of the most intense experiences Ive had. Ok so here it goes:

I woke up for school in the morning and felt sick so I decided to stay home and tried to go back to sleep. At first I was having trouble falling asleep but then without even realizing it I was in a dream. The dream was really simple. I was laying on a couch in my friends basement and this kid who i kinda know was just standing there complaining about something to and I wasnt saying anything. Then all of a sudden I said to myself "Im dreaming". At this moment began to feel my physical body as it was lying in my bed. It tensened up and I felt a euphoric rush of energy go through it. At the same time my entire field of vision melted away and I was floating along a country road with beautiful scenery all around me. I was aware of both my physical state and my dream state from this point on. I floated down this windy road for a while and looked around but didn't really have time to take advantage of my lucid dream state. I floated through a flock of birds and as i went through them each bird formed an individual bubble around it. Suddenly the scene around me began to fade from the outside of my vision in until there were only the bubble birds against blackness and then they dissapeared. For about five seconds I was looking at darkness as if i just had my eyes closed but I still felt like I was dreaming. Then things just kinda got strange. A neon green monster came out of the shadows and made a noise that sounded like it came from behind me. It went back into the shadows and was followed by a series of other neon green visions. The only other one I can clearly remember was a pair of eyes over a huge digital field. I decided that it wasnt really going anywhere anymore and woke myself up. The whole thing seemed like it lasted maybe 2-4 minutes

The part where I was floating along the road was exactly like how you described your face cracking to be. I could completely feel my body and it was going with the dream. For me it was perfect euphoria and felt like complete nirvana in my body and mind. I lost myself to the dream. It very much reminded me of a level 5 trip. The part when I was seeing the neon green images also seems like when you were in the black void. Its pretty cool to know that someone experienced something similar to what I did and I'd like to hear some feedback.

Having an allergic reaction to life

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Registered: 01/19/04
Posts: 469
Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: guru]
    #2421131 - 03/12/04 12:03 AM (14 years, 1 month ago)

I have fet my body in my dreams a few times. Once was when I was riding a four wheeler through a forest and came to cliff. I started to slide in some mud and couldn't help myself from falling off the side of the cliff. I woke up just as I fell off and my arms were in the air directly above my head as if I was holding onto the handlebars f the four wheeler. The physical pmanifestation of my latest nightmare, the trip, was greatly overshadowed by the fact that what I saw when I woke up corresponded exactly to the dream. And this wasn't like I dreamt somebody was looking at me and I woke up to a bedside stranger. I dreamt I was floating through a black void after exploding from my mirror body. Then I woke up to a black void and something that resembled a mirror far too closely for me to discern. It was terrifying. I like the sound of your dream a lot better. Beautiful countryside with bubble weilding birds. That sounds like a lot more fun.

The above post is fictitous, and any coincedence between it and real people, places, or events is unintentional.

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Fungus Fan

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Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: hankydanky2k]
    #2421168 - 03/12/04 12:10 AM (14 years, 1 month ago)

I remember one time after me and my brother and a friend all smoked a joint of some good weed, when i was going to bed i starting feeling weird. I had a bunch of weird hallucinations just laying there. I saw this blue blob crawl all over my ceiling, and strange little figures running around. I enjoyed it but the whole time i was like wow i wonder why this is happening. I wish it would happen more often though =D. Peace.

"With a bit of luck, his life was ruined forever. Always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of his favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he'll never know."

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Mad Scientist

Registered: 10/24/03
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Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: hankydanky2k]
    #2422132 - 03/12/04 04:18 AM (14 years, 1 month ago)

I had a crazy lucid dream experience not too long ago. I had a crazy dream (the content i dont remember) and wanted to go tell my roommate and best friend of many years, so i woke up and was walking across my room and all of a sudden my feet were swept out from under me. I hadn't really awoken. I then started floating through my room and I heard the voice of a good frien say "what the fuck?" and I tried to wave my arms and say something, which i couldn't do either, to signal to him to wake me up. I knew i was lucid dreaming but couldnt wake myself up to end it. I was kinda nervous and scared for some reason, then it ended. I woke up agian and the same thing happend. I looked at my clock and it was 4 minutes before I was supposed to wake up for work. In lucid dreams, you cant read digital clocks accurately, so the time i saw was way wrong. I all of a sudden woke up and what I saw was something that I would imagine seeing on a hardcore trip. I had tripped before but never seen anything like this. The walls were as wavy as water and shit was just going crazy! Finally someone called my cell phone and woke me up for real. I looked at the clock and I had at least an hour or more until my alarm wouldve really gone off. Just think, 1 more hour of that intense of a dream? I'm not sure what I wouldve done!

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

-Jim Morrison

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Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: hankydanky2k]
    #2426079 - 03/13/04 03:10 AM (14 years, 1 month ago)

I think you experienced something called Sleep Paralysis. It's completely normal, almost everyone experiences it once in their life.

What happens is you get "stuck" between concious and un-concious. Your mind is aware (concious) and active, but starts to immediatley panic because the body (un-concious) is still sleeping. This prevents you from moving. You can try your hardest to move, and it may seem like you're moving, but you're not. It can be a very intense and frightening experience. I know my first time, I thought I was fucking dead. (It can also be cool cause you can hear yourself breathing, heh. It's like being inside of someone elses sleeping body pretty much)

Your brain is still kinda in dream mode, so that's why stuff seems wierd. In almost everycase, people report black objects or black figures in the room, and also a STRONG sense or presence of evil. It's all in your head :smile: It can last up to a couple seconds to a drastic 15 minutes.

Some people also report extremely loud sounds. This one time for me, I swear it sounded like there was a fucking car crash right next to my bed, or maybe even a shotgun being fired beside my ear.

I've experienced this so many times (estimate: 30 times). At first is was frightening and annoying. Now it's just plain annoying. Because I know what is happening. It can actually be kinda fun, since it allows you self induce dreams and 100% control them. Although lately I'm getting kind of worried, because in some cases it feels like I'm having a fucking seizure (my neck muscles are going nuts). But I can never be 100% if it's in my head of it's actually happening. The instant I come out of it, I grab my neck to feel if anything is sore, and it isn't. But I swear, I feels like I'm having a seizure.

Some people have reported having out of body experiences. I've never had this, would be pretty neat though.

Do a search in google on "Sleep Paralysis". You'll find shitloads of this normal occurence.

Edited by adamj (03/13/04 03:14 AM)

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the world isspinning in myhand...

Registered: 03/01/04
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Re: The Waking Nightmare: Level 5 Trip with no hallucinogens [Re: shriek]
    #2426238 - 03/13/04 05:16 AM (14 years, 1 month ago)

Yeah...I tried that "lucid dreaming " thing and it does work to a certain point...but then I'd always wake up as if I hadn't had a proper sleep. It takes a lot of a particular type of concentration...
its like you have to remember to wake up in your dreams...sometimes it just happens expontaniously :eek:

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