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all forms areself awareness

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ZetaTalk: Races of Man
    #2390267 - 03/01/04 06:44 AM (13 years, 9 months ago)

i find these uneducated writings ignorant, on MANY levels. DNA and mitochondrial evidence proves much of this wrong right way. whoever wrote this has let their cultural biases show.

Shroomism, i know you frequent zetatak. your intelligent and im sure you dont believe everything on this web-site. i would like to hear your take on this.


ZetaTalk: Races of Man:

The six races of man have not all survived, but traces of their genetics can be seen in the other races. Originally, as a result of numerous genetic engineering efforts, the six races were what we will term Northern White Man, African Black Man, China Man, Indonesian Man, Gypsy Man, and Angola Man. Angola Man has not survived, passing early and leaving no genetic mark.

Angola Man- was not black at all, but pale to the point of being bluish. This color was due to the transparency of the skin, which gave the oxygen depleted veins and capillaries on the surface dominance in setting the color tone. However, this was scarcely noticeable, as Angola Man was literally covered with hair, fine, short, and laying flat. This was not thick enough to be called fur, but should we have chosen to call the original races by their appearance, rather than point of origin, we would have called him Fuzzy Man. Angola Man was the least aggressive of the six races, and this is in no small degree why he passed early, leaving none of his genetic heritage in the vast billions that swarm the surface of the earth today. Angola Man literally allowed an attacker to overtake him while making neither a move to escape or to defend himself. He was eaten, regularly, until gone.

Indonesian Man- in the pure form also died out, but through casual encounters with Gypsy Man merged into what we will call Polynesian Man. The Australian Aborigines also can point to Indonesian Man for a large portion of their genetic heritage, being, like the new Polynesian Man, a combination of Gypsy Man and Indonesian Man, with the addition of some Black Man genes due to a highly promiscuous Black Man who traveled with a small band to that part of the world. As an oddity, and tall in stature compared to their tallest warrior, he was treated as a god and given all the women they could muster. He considered this a pleasant retirement.

Indonesian Man- was short and stocky, with a rounded belly. He had a dominant forehead which protruded out over his eye sockets, giving him the natural equivalent of shades. He was not swift, but moved in a ponderous manner, and thus his demise. He could not run for safety or rescue others quickly, and his lack of agility and rounded shape prevented him from taking to the trees or cliffs for safety. Indonesian Man had what we might describe as a stubborn rage that when lit would not soon quell. Where he stood to fight, and won some, he was invariably bested by large predators. He too was eaten, irregularly, until gone.

Gypsy Man-, as the name implied, moved about. His descendants can be seen in India and the surrounding countries, in the Arab countries, and, of course, in the Gypsies themselves. Gypsy Man was slight, and slid from confrontation, a factor of his hominoid genetics as well as the root ape, which took to the trees to escape and confronted only when escape was not possible. He learned to plot evasion rather than employ confrontation. This legacy can be seen today in the Gypsies, who disappear in the night, the Arabs, who likewise fold their tents and slip away, and the Hindus, who actively work at evading reality through meditation when they are forced to stick in one place and can find no escape. The hominoid contribution to Gypsy Man was Pleiadean, so a gentle, nonconfrontational nature compounded the desire to evade conflict. It is not by accident that Ghandi was able to sell the masses in India on passive resistance. It came naturally to them.

Northern White Man- first emerged in a climate that was not at that time cold, nor was it even in Europe or the steppes of greater Russia. White Man evolved in the desserts of Africa, and migrated across the Mediterranean, which in those days was not the water barrier it is today. White Man were few at first, a few hundred, and migrated in different directions. Some took a loop south, along the southern edges of what is now the Mediterranean, which in those days was a swamp, and then looped north and east. This band is seen in the large noble noses of the Turks, Afghans, and Italians. The band that headed straight north is seen in those with light hair and fine features. However all are from the same stock.

Where White Man entered the world in temperate climes, bad weather descended during a subsequent pole shift and survival became a game not easily won. Warm clothing needed to be constructed and fur bearing animals trapped or hunted down with the least amount of effort. Survival required plotting and planning, and White Man found his stock being shaped in this manner, so that the clever planner survived. This can be seen today in the descendants of White Man, who are innovative and industrialized, and at the forefront of technology developments. Of the races that survived, White Man had the hottest temper. Quick, flashy, but quickly cooled. The root ape for White Man defended itself by a loud bluster, shrieking and hopping up and down. You've heard the expression, hopping mad, and this is where it comes from. White Man, even today, blusters and bluffs more than he engages.

African Black Man- also underwent a shock to his system, but not because of climate changes. During the pole shifts the dice did not toss a pole into Africa, but the effects of winds and rain patterns brought dessert conditions. The particular hominoid stock forming Black Man emerged from a portion of the Family of Man that relied on physical skills and social harmony, and this was the legacy Black Man carried when the dessert descended, creeping over his hunting lands until there was less and less to share. Black Man adapted by broadening his embrace to include more of his fellows, and today you see this in the tradition of the extended family in most black communities.

Black Man's inheritance was a combination of a benevolent large ape which spent a good part of its time basking in groups. Like the Elephant Seal, this ape had no natural enemies, so the population was held in check by surges in the food supply. Sometimes plenty, sometimes dearth. No need to fight, as there was nothing to fight over. The hominoid contribution created the capacity to plan, and did not detract from the ape tendency to social harmony. Larger family circles translated to forced civility for longer periods. Black Man learned to employ violence when outside the family circle, so this acted as a release for repressed rage not allowed to be expressed within the circle. Early Black Man was shaped by those factors, so that those able to suppress their irritability until they could release away from home were kept in the band, and the others expelled where they did not survive to reproduce. Black on black violence occurs, but seldom inside the family circle.

China Man- was developed to offset the ruthlessness of the inhabitants of the 12th Planet, who interbred with humans during their mining operations. The Oriental is slight, and given to ponder and consider the feelings of many before proceeding. It was foreseen that Earth's humanity would grow and eventually blend, as it has, so the ultimate Earthling was the target, and China Man was engineered accordingly. The hominoid stock used to build China Man was from those least likely to be impulsive, where deliberation brought rewards and had thus been selected for survival during evolution. In addition, a different ape was chosen as the base, one with a placid nature, where the apes selected for the other races did not have this quality at the fore. These qualities can be seen today in the descendants of China Man, who consult with one another, proceed only when there is consensus, and succeed best at those endeavors that require group dedication.

All rights reserved: ZetaTalk@ZetaTalk.com

o house-builder! thou art seen. thou shalt build no house again. all thy rafters are broken. thy ridge-pole is shattered.

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Registered: 06/10/03
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Re: ZetaTalk: Races of Man [Re: Atomisk]
    #2390358 - 03/01/04 08:43 AM (13 years, 9 months ago)

I tried to review 'Keys of Enoch' but couldn't find much more on the net than something by J.J. Hurtek (sp)...They're a good read, I'll give them that, highly entertaining and confrontational to established beliefs, which is a good thing for those of us set in our ways.

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flip-flop magician
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Re: ZetaTalk: Races of Man [Re: Atomisk]
    #2390364 - 03/01/04 08:47 AM (13 years, 9 months ago)

Why are people so freaking lame?

"The white man's ape ancestor hopped up and down when agitated. There is fossile record of this. When the big comet struck the primary flash of impact burned hominid shapes into the sandstone. The hominids clearly hopped up and down and that they were the ancestor to the white man is proven by the fact that the rock around their shapes is very much darker then within them."
It takes no effort at all to blow bullshit out of your ass.

Race theories.. Do a websearch on monkey behavior and you will discover that every move a chimpanzee makes gets explained by a behavior occurring in humans. I for one am known to have shat in my hand and hurled it at behavior scientists and Jerry Springer himself.
People see something that is in line with what most people of their "audience" tend to think and then make up hominid ancestors.
And all those studies happen to elevate the "white man" in the things that coincidentally are truely appreciated in western society.

Humans are cats. The "races" are akin to fur colors. Those aren't races! Homo Sapiens x Homo Erectus, now THOSE are races, Homo x Australapithecus, THATS race, dont insist on sucking with a nerd's revenge for being laughed out of the college lockerroom :lol:
Zeta.. sheesh. With arbitrarily drawing big pseudo-scientific lines between red cats and grey cats and alienating them through nonsense. In any case "the inhabitants of the 12th Planet" had ample supply of horseshit.

But let's play their random game for bullshit's sake.
I am sick of www race theories so why not spawn my own?  :mad:

"The white race (better known as the Homo Atrophyensis or "honkey-monkey") is charactrized by a general atrophy of both the bodily and cognitive features of Homo Sapiens and should therefore be ranked as a subspecies. The clearest atrophy is in their skin, it having thinned throughout the genetic degeneration, making whites susceptible to a wide plethora of skin cancers even in their own UV-depleted habitat unheard of in the Natural Homo Sapiens, even when living under equatorial conditions.
Aside from this their wretched pale complexion is most susceptible to all sorts of skin disorders, especially awkwardly nasty  adolescent facial acne which is why the subspecies got known as "the white man".

The thinning of the iris is plainly visible by discoloration of the naturally healthy brown iris to the lowest degeneration, the light-blue eye most susceptible to blindness. Honkeyhair also suffers a pigment loss from the natural shiny jet-black to all sorts of discolorations, it is the only type of hair degenerated to enable its ends splitting after prolonged lack of grooming alas too often seen in the white man.

Musculature is also adversely affected, not only by a poorer adaptability to, and performance during increased exercise, but also qualitatively, with a given weight and diameter of honkeymonkey muscle being able to generate less force with less speed and endurance as well as recovering ability after strain.

The bone structure suffers the same atrophy, having less density and overall strength in a form of subspecies-inbred osteoporosis and a frightening frequency and rate of dental caries and malodorous tooth decay that leads to general lack of success in courtship leading to such excesses as the annual "Startrek Roleplaying Convention" and high dialup internet bills associated with double-sided mouse arms.
While the Black man has discovered the ship and the Oriental man the sail, the wretched white man spawned the geek in a desperately futile attempt to be as cool as those from warmer climates.

It is said that white men can't jump.
If only their atrophy had confined itself to physical attributes they could be tolerated amongst us as pityful.

A long history of vast differences between rich and poor in the tiny European peninsula led to a disastrous kind of inbreeding: through the rigid nobleman-peasant based society the white apes selectively bred ruthlessness and obliviousness to the natural balance into their already atrophied genepool and reinforcing this with religious and political/economical survival benefits.

The white man started breeding rapidly in a desperate but futile attempt to overcompensate their lack of presentable genitalia. They spread out over the world like mold on a tangerine, taking the non-atrophied peace-loving Human species by surprise by their viciousness.

The genetically unhinged pale subcreature plundered the world, raping the ecosystem and social order, as they do to this day.
When they discovered the original African human held far more desirable genetic traits they in their beraved genus-envy adapted their spiritual, social and economic value system to justify their exploitation as they always did. Upon learning the Oriental race had invented the art of fireworks and pyrotechnics they immediately exploited this for production of firearms and cannon-fired blast bombs to fight amongst themselves and those who walked in their way.

The advent of applied chemistry was immediately perverted by these cretins as was to be predicted: their first large-scale mass-produced chemicals were notoriously unstable explosives of the most destructive kind and poison gases of increasing toxicity.

The discovery of electricity quickly led to development of the electric chair for execution through torture, unsurprisingly almost exclusively used on genuine humankind in an attempt to retain oppression.

Physics culminated in the atomic energy device which due to the vicious nature of the Atrophied Ape was abused as a bomb to level two major cities of the Oriental race.

In the current situation this unhinged creature has managed to disrupt the ecosystem and the human social systems that came in the way of their greed or jealousy, wealth distributed such that the 200 richest people today own more money then the ones.

In the light of this it is abundently clear that we are dealing with a genetic subspecies that is atrophied from humanity in physical, cognitive, ecological, social and moral aspects and is solely responsible for the major world problems."

well, bullshit for bullshit! Red cats, grey cats, race is a misconception that does anything but help humanity to overcome its major obstacles in this landmark century that will either result in resolving of the world's problems and colonisation of nearby moons and planets or annihilation of the Terran genotype in all its animal, plant, multicellular and microbiological forms.

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Re: ZetaTalk: Races of Man [Re: Asante]
    #2390372 - 03/01/04 08:54 AM (13 years, 9 months ago)

"It is said that white men can't jump.
If only their atrophy had confined itself to physical attributes they could be tolerated amongst us as pityful."


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tangential derivation
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Re: ZetaTalk: Races of Man [Re: Asante]
    #2390402 - 03/01/04 09:20 AM (13 years, 9 months ago)

When the big comet struck the primary flash of impact burned hominid shapes into the sandstone.

They must be confusing a comet impact with a nuclear explosion :smirk:

The story book's been read
And every line believed
Curriculum's been set
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Reason searched and seized

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e l e m e n t al i t y
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Re: ZetaTalk: Races of Man [Re: Atomisk]
    #2390663 - 03/01/04 11:35 AM (13 years, 9 months ago)

Zetatalk is worthless.

The woman went mad I assume, because she basically based her life off events that were supposed to happen a year ago. I think she abandoned her site, which still unfortunately draws traffic and displays such outlandish claims....

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Eggshell Walker

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Re: ZetaTalk: Races of Man [Re: trendal]
    #2390741 - 03/01/04 12:09 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

No mocking of another's belief system. You know the rules.  :wink:


The proof is in the pudding.

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Re: ZetaTalk: Races of Man [Re: Atomisk]
    #2390928 - 03/01/04 01:07 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

While I think ZetaTalk is rubbish, one still has to ask, where did the different races come from then, if not genetically engineered at some level? Such dramatic difference in the races could not have come about simply from variation of geographic location and climate. Consider especially the "fact" that modern humans "evolved" in one particular area-- Mesopotamia.

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Space Travellin
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Re: ZetaTalk: Races of Man [Re: Atomisk]
    #2391294 - 03/01/04 03:02 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

I really don't know my take on that.. I haven't looked at zetatalk in a few years and I don't believe a lot of it in there anymore. Who's to say if it is true or not... I have no idea.


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The HighPhilosopher

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Re: ZetaTalk: Races of Man [Re: Atomisk]
    #2391344 - 03/01/04 03:13 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

ZetaTalk has been proven erroneous so many times it's not even funny anymore. They give a bad name to alot of believers in the occult. They said Planet X was hitting Earth in 2003 and instantly discredited the whole 10th planet ideal. I belive planet Nibiuru existed or might still exist but if disimformation like this keeps getting spread no one would learn anything new never.


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flip-flop magician
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Re: ZetaTalk: Races of Man [Re: ]
    #2391410 - 03/01/04 03:32 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

Max: there is -no- dramatic difference between so-called races, it is just a little change here & there.

If you drive to one of those little villages that stare all strangers over the horizon you will notice folks tend to look a certain way. Drive 50 miles to another and you'll see a striking difference. When you are talking thousands and thousands of miles a gradual ethnic morphing takes place, as seen by those on the hippy trail.

If you are of european or asian descent and migrated to say Nigeria and your offspring kept doing it with folks of the same ethnic background your great-great-great etc grandchildren after some 10.000s of years will look near indistinguishable from the original inhabitants due to genetics morphing to fit the climate.

If you look at the genes of any creature, plant or microbe you will see that a big chunk of them we all share, as all life on earth (the Terran Genotype) sprang forth out of one single cell. Nature is highly genetically selective, strikingly similar to genetic manipulation, only it takes like 1.000.000x longer to achieve a similar change.

Red cats, grey cats.. Let's end adversity and celebrate diversity.
Tolerance means "I dont like it but go ahead and don't bother me with it", whereas the human species should best striving for genuine acceptance.


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and fell

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Re: ZetaTalk: Races of Man [Re: ]
    #2391750 - 03/01/04 05:28 PM (13 years, 9 months ago)

Such dramatic difference in the races could not have come about simply from variation of geographic location and climate. Consider especially the "fact" that modern humans "evolved" in one particular area-- Mesopotamia.

From what I've heard is it takes about 20,000 years to go from white to black, or vice versa... Thats about 1000 generations I'd guess. So a tiny bit of change per generation can really add up.

And modern man didn't evolve in mesopotamia, modern civilization presumably did.

From what I've read, about 70,000 years ago men left africa, some settled in the mid east, others moved along the coast of the indian ocean.

About 40,000 years ago men from middle east finally made the trek over the mountains that separate mid-east and europe.

Over in asia and modern ay russia, man crossed the landbridge that is the bearing strait now and inhabited N. and S. America...

You can sort of see the resemblance of native americans with asians.

Anyway, I picture human evolution as a fungus that pretty quickly (though thousands of years)colonized its substrate(the Earth) and then fruited into the modern day ethnicities.

If you want a free lunch, you need to learn how to eat good advice.

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flip-flop magician
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Re: ZetaTalk: Races of Man [Re: FrankieJustTrypt]
    #2393978 - 03/02/04 06:31 AM (13 years, 9 months ago)

"Thou shalt take thy erect member out of the family homestead and  knock up thine next-door neighbor"

People tend to forget they bang and make kids with people in their vicinity.. which means the *genes* from say Africa and Europe have always been in continuous flux. You make kids with your neighbor etc.. making the genes travel throughout the "races" in a diluted form so that the "visual characteristics" are not transmitted but things with an evolutionary significance (say efficiency in reabsorption of vitamin C from the urinary tract) are.

So your average native Norwegian may be 1/1.024 black (token number) in the characteristic sense but may have a (full) gene present that saw its genesis in Africa 1.000 years ago. (40-50 generations cover quite some geographic distance even if the people wont)

People when it comes to "race" tend to think there are solid brick walls between the races. This may seem so by the (american) situation of the poor coexistence of very visibly different ethnic groups, say white/black. It seems that if your ancestors did not cross a "race barrier" that you are "pure X" or so.
Patent bullshit.

If one of your ancestors made babies with somebody who had an ancestor who had an ancestor etc. who did cross this cultural taboo you have a good chance to carry genes from the "pure Y" group.

Now color and such tends to wash off, but evolutionarily favorable genes (usually regarding internal chemistry such as alcohol metabolism :wink:) are readily retained. Most american immigrants who got there voluntarily or involuntarily say before 1800 or so will have some degree of genetic intermingledness *especially regarding the genes which are not subject to human fashions and taboos*

I know this will likely make some neonazis put a shotgun to their own heads but I really wouldn't mind should they actually pull because of science fact disrupting their psychopathic science fiction. :evil:
"PURE RACES" DO NOT EXIST and this will become ever more clear when the Human Genome Project will get further on their fascinating road.

Race thinking is pretty neutral, but antagonistic race thinking is a direct threat to the human species.
Red cats, grey cats. They may seem so dissimilar but in reality they are comprised of individually different mixes of genes that are *intermingled* to a high (but not total) degree. Even to those fixed on their difference it becomes clear how similar they are when you put a dog next to them and compare.

You are not a "ethnic color race"!! You are a sack of genes most of whom are shared by the entire HUMAN RACE. In fact you share genes with other kinds (four limbed-five digitness for example) such as cats through a common ancestor. Now since you cannot birth a litter of your tomcat outside the genetic laboratory the human "races" are in fact just visibly dissimilar humans that are *very much alike and BEYOND ALL DOUBT A SINGLE SPECIES* when you look at the reality level of DNA.
Red cats, grey cats..

Suppose red cats were "ausgerottet" by gray cat purists who trained in special training camps to mercilessly slit throats with their bare paws and crush vertebrae with their paramillitary biting-combat techniques like some racists are contemplating.
What will happen?

The visibly grey cats will inherit the neigborhood just like the Grey Power movement claims. But the CAT race loses about half of their individual gene recombinations. (individuals)

So the Grey cats start littering like there's no tomorrow. And indeed there won't BE a tomorrow because CAT RACE EXTINCTION is drawn near. Why? Because the ethnic cleansing genocide knocked out evolutionary favorable genes and gene combinations that until that time had not yet crossed over into the grey cat populace. (but would have in time while the visibly red stayed red and the visibly grey stayed grey by their individual preferences.) The CAT RACE now consists of less individuals (fur color is next to useless for the CAT race) with less genetic variation.

These start fucking the neighborhood full of their kittens like all cats do. But: the degree of inbreeding (degree: inbreeding ALWAYS IS PRESENT WHENEVER BABIES ARE MADE) goes up and the remaining group has an *increased incidence of PHYSICALLY VIOLENT/INTOLERANT gene combinations* inevitably bred into them. And with red cats even disappearing out of sadistic video games social group pressure will find another group to genocide upon.. See the picture?

In the end there will remain an ULTRAVIOLENT group of GENETIC PSYCHOPATHIC KILLERS. They won't be "white" or "black": they would be unrecognisable as humans genetically AND visibly. The "race war people" nowadays have got no clue that they in fact murder their own kind (not just a color but THE HUMAN SPECIES ITSELF) and the world along with it by not *advancing their color* like they think but because

*the only thing they do is FLOOD THE HUMAN SPECIES WITH RUTHLESS KILLING GENES*(which includes the populations they target and is the exact opposite of their genetic purification agenda)

The human species crossed one *fatal* barrier: that is the barrier of killing their own kind which started becoming *evolutionarily favorable on the short term, just like our pollution-based culture*.
The train *which has no driver* speeds faster and faster, humans become increasingly violent and that end of the tracks (species extinction which awaits ALL kinds like the dinosaur) will come  sooner and sooner as "Terminator-gene combinations" multiply.

There really are two possibilities: we either follow our *BRAINS* and become a genetically diverse loving sandaled hippy tree-hugging species (not a good thing if you shudder) or we end up as a uniformly "evil" species. Shall I paint the latter picture?

The Homo Omnicidalis (The hominid that kills all) will have bred out most visibly differing characteristics. Inbreeding will have given them features not recognisable as humans of any "race". Most prominent is a lack of scrupule and emotions as well as active participation in an ultraviolent world. Lack of emotion will have atrophied facial muscles associated with expression by a "pokerface" being favorable in combat AND the disappearance of strong emotions from the genotype. If you stand in the path of a Homo Omnicidalis he will matter-of-factly raise his gun and pull the trigger in a fluent motion without any emotional bracing in the way a human would use a doorhandle and search your corpse for valuables while his kind after seeing no personal danger casually walk past.
In their brains the shining stars of humanity (spirituality, idealism and creativity) will have been turned into forms regarded by us present-day humans as "evil".
Finally one of them will commit the extremely rare act of suicide by building and initiating a Black Hole Bomb, the Terran Life Experiment's greatest and final achievement being to create a thing that sucked unlike anything before it. :shake:

So should we frantically mix races to stop this horror from happening? OF COURSE NOT !!
That would be "ethnic race thinking" and that is one of the bad things that can make it all happen. We should adopt "HUMAN RACE THINKING", purify and cleanse our personalities from inner and outer violence and conflict that is detrimental to the Big Picture.
We should (if we so desire) marry and make babies with the hottest babe or hunk of the planet, meaning personality as well as body and "ethnic race" shouldn't be considered at all.
If you like your partner to be of a specific ethnic/cultural backgrounde then that is --OK--, no need for guilt trips, as long as you do nothing but teach, preach and live the message of UNIVERSAL LOVE for all things living and dead.

Blessed Be!  :heart:


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From the Outcasts to the Incrowd, from the Clueless to the Helpful, it takes the whole Shroomery to help a n00b

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