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Panic attacks
    #2193048 - 12/20/03 04:34 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

I'm going to be making a website about how to cope with panic attacks and how to get over Panic Disorder. I'm an ex-sufferer of PD and during my time suffering from constant panic attacks I searched in vein for an answer on the net, but with most internet sites, I only found dead links and the websites that did work never seemed to help.

I have also noticed that most anxiety/panic related websites seem to geared towards a female or alternative "audience". Many anxiety sufferers are skeptical people by nature and when the advice you're given is to try and learn Reike or some sort of magic healing, it can be hugely off putting and not just a little bit patronising.

My website's going to document people's recovery from PD, and because I want a lot of people to be able to relate to the experiences, I'm wondering if anyone here who has suffered (or still suffers) from panic disorder could write up an account regarding how their panic attacks started, what the experienced during panic attack, and how they recovered.
All stories are welcome, wether your attacks were triggered from travelling on a plane or from smoking pot; if you're interested, contact me at witnesstoamurder@hotmail.com or add me on MSN at the same address

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Re: Panic attacks [Re: Sparklehorse]
    #2193275 - 12/20/03 06:57 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

HI. You can use some of this info I wrote up if you want. It is paraphrased so there is no prob with copyright as long as you acknowledge the sources I cited at the bottom of the page. This info got me out of a period of having panic attacks earlier this year and seems to have helped some others as well.

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Registered: 02/25/03
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Re: Panic attacks [Re: Sparklehorse]
    #2193614 - 12/20/03 10:52 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

This website is very good in dealing with panic attacks.


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Registered: 06/06/03
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Re: Panic attacks [Re: Sparklehorse]
    #2193636 - 12/20/03 11:10 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

My panic attacks started after smoking pot. I would feel very spaced out. There's an indescribable physical feeling, where you just feel like shit. Then if it's really bad, I will start to nod off into a depersonalized state. It was so bad one time that I passed out in class. Basically, time was the only thing that helped me. Later on I started self-medicating with things that were supposed to be anti-anxiety (passion flower, syrian rue, chamomile tea). This worked extremely well, but by that time it was seemingly not a problem anymore. Now, I understand how meditation would have helped greatly. When I do really well with my meditation, it feels like I had just drank a large cup of chamomile tea that lasts throughout the day. If I would have gone back and done it differently, I would have taken syrian rue probably once a week, drank chamomile tea, and meditated. Hell, maybe I could have maintained a 3.0:)

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Registered: 12/20/03
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Re: Panic attacks [Re: salviadog]
    #2194786 - 12/22/03 01:31 AM (14 years, 5 months ago)

thank you, this info has helped me a lot

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ProfessionalPsycho - JTOKREW
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Re: Panic attacks [Re: salviadog]
    #2198017 - 12/23/03 04:44 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

I suffer from anxiety and panic as well. I was put on Ativan to help with it but I've developed ways to help myself without the use of medication. I call it 'Productive Thinking'. When I feel anxious over something or begin to panic, I try to clear my mind and think of things that will keep my mind active and off of whatever is making me feel anxiety/panic. What life means to me, etc. My productive thinking is where I come up with most of my personal philosophies. Before I know it, the attacks have passed. Of course, it's not always that easy.

Usually I can feel an attack coming on, so I use my method to settle myself. Sometimes it hits me without notice. I was in a bad car accident on Christmas day last year. That fast tracked me into an all out attack. I keep my medication around for times like that.

Some physical feelings that I go thru when I have an attack is confusion, nervousness, uncontrollable crying, unable to breath, sometimes it feels like there are pins or little knives being jabbed into my chest, feeling that my head is going to explode and doubts of sanity.

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Anonymous #1

Re: Panic attacks [Re: Sparklehorse]
    #2198417 - 12/23/03 08:18 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

I'm on meds that make me drowsy most of the day, so whenever I get a panic/anxiety attack I just take a nap and I wake up fine.

Note: When I go off of the drowsy meds I get panic attacks more frequently ten fold, so I guess they help get rid of them.

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Anonymous #1

Re: Panic attacks [Re: Sparklehorse]
    #2201237 - 12/25/03 09:08 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

does anyone know the best med for getting rid of a panic/anxiety attack? Is it a benzo? I only have visteroll and it doesn't work that well.

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Anonymous #1

Re: Panic attacks [Re: ]
    #2201244 - 12/25/03 09:19 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

What do I say to my doctor to get a script for benzos?

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Registered: 03/08/03
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Re: Panic attacks [Re: ]
    #2202461 - 12/26/03 06:17 PM (14 years, 4 months ago)

I remember my first real anxiety attack... The thing that triggered it was thinking too much. I think I was kind of depressed at the time, because I was didn't like who I was. I remember I had smoked pot that evening and was lying in bed. I'm not sure if its just me, but marijuanna makes me somewhat unable to sleep, I think, so I was just lying in bed, listening to the radio. Eventually it was around 4 and I'm not sure what happened as this was a long time ago, but I started having troubles breathing and thought I was going to die and all that, my legs startd shaking completely uncontrollably and eventually I woke up my mom, confessed that I'd been smoking weed (I think I was really guilty about it and she'd been expecting that I was, and I'd always deny it), and got her to take me to the hospital, where I spent a couple hours, my anxiety coming and going. I had a urine test, blood test, chest x-ray (I remember thinking I had lung cancer), then later that week got a heart monitor and an ultrasound. It turned out that I was fine, but every night I'd still get these attacks, and found the only way of stopping them was getting up and doing something... I remember I used to walk around in circles around a coffee table watching TV all night...

Anyway my doctor told me I was having anxiety attacks, which I hadn't heard of, and then I looked them up on the internet and learnt all about them, and finally semi-developed my own cure that I've patented over the last few years, and that's just merely realizing at the start of a panic attack that I'll be completely fine within the next 10 minutes or so and that there really isn't anything to worry about. My technique doesn't prevent them however, but I think pot tends to cause them so I've significantly cut back (Had a bad experience on pot one evening where I was so weakened by it that I couldn't walk and was struggling to breath correctly or something).

At one point I tried some medication but just stuff like 'Bach Rescue Remedy' which didn't help. I've heard benzo's work but I'm not convinced I truely need them anymore.

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Re: Panic attacks [Re: jarby]
    #2207780 - 12/29/03 03:29 PM (14 years, 4 months ago)

My panic attacks started the day after I started law school. I was in the hospital 6 times during the first 6 weeks of law school, thinking I was dying of a heart attack.

In fact, my last time in the hospital, I was all hooked up to the heart machine, but I was also writing a law paper that was due the next day because I figured that if I wasn't dying (again), I'd better have the damned paper finished so I could turn it in. (The professor was a bitch.)

I put up with panic attacks for about 2 years, until one day I figured out what it was. Well, actually, I heard two guys talking on the radio about it. They said panic attacks stem from one of two sources: Fear of loss of control, or fear of dying.

For me, I figured it was fear of dying. The next time I had a panic attack, I raised my arms up and said, "Okay, if you're gonna do it, do it now!" And I waited to be struck down dead, but nothing happened. Ha!

So, I had a few more after that, but I just would say, okay, if I'm gonna die, then let's just die. But nothing ever happened. So I realized I wasn't really going to die, it was just stress and anxiety induced but turned into a syndrome because of my fear of dying from the symptoms.

Another way to help overcome panic attacks without meds is to have someone distract you. I have a sister who was also prone to panic attacks. When one of us would have a panic attack, we would call each other to get distracted.

See, you don't want to talk about the panic attack or its symptoms when someone is having a panic attack. That just makes it worse. You have to talk about something else, like movies, the weather, the president, ANYTHING.

My sister and I, we both also have dark humor. So we used to fuck with each other, too. "Is your arm tingling??? Scary, huh???" "Is your heart beating really fast??? Feel like you're going to die? Gee, that's a bummer!" We were terrible sometimes.

I haven't had a panic attack in several years now.

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Re: Panic attacks [Re: Sparklehorse]
    #2208041 - 12/29/03 05:21 PM (14 years, 4 months ago)

Doctors used to give me Xanax (aprozolam).
-It always clears a panic attack.

It's highly addictive to me though, so i don't use it anymore, unless i have a bad attack and then ill just go to the hospital and theyll give me xanax. It's highly addictive for me though.

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Re: Panic attacks [Re: GGreatOne234]
    #2223242 - 01/06/04 03:28 PM (14 years, 4 months ago)

I used to have panic attacks for about two months proceeding a grand mal seizure (I bit the hell out of my tongue), it was the only one I ever had and I haven't had one since. My doctor put me on ativan beforehand and as soon as I stopped taking them it happened. Ativan is a short term benzo and sudden stoppage probably expidited my convulsion (short term benzo's are notorious for that). I'm actually glad it did because I feel better metally and physically then I have in years.

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