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I'm a teapot
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Worst freakout and how you solved it
    #2178564 - 12/15/03 02:04 AM (20 years, 5 months ago)

Nice little thread to add to Trip Tips I'm thinkin. Might be a good run-through for inexperienced trippers for things they may encounter and the best way to fix it!

My worst freak out? I was doomed from the beginning. Three of us wanted to trip (a buddy and me and some girl), but this girl wanted to bring three friends along. More people ended up "stopping by". Party time! Wrong. Lots of people and high doses of hallucinogens = trouble for me.

I was on a high dose of DXM (~900mg). There were nine of us in a cramped little room with two two-person couches, a three-person, and assorted lawnchairs when we ran out of places for people to sit. Keep in mind, originally I thought it was only going to be a few of us. The person who's house I was at has a problem turning people down when they want to hang out, even if it effects his trip or not. He's a social attention whore. I had dosed, had no other choice, and waited for the awkwardness to begin. I would have been better driving home and tripping out by myself.

I didn't even feel like I could open up. Some of the people were complete strangers. Never tripped before, never knew it existed, nor how people act. They giggled judgmentally as people described their thoughts, emotions, visuals, etc. Set me in a very angry mood. I didn't dare trip out. Instead, I sat listening to gossip, such vile and angry words from such young females.

Fastforward an hour to a shitload of people in a cramped ass basement with four different conversations going on at once. I could hear every conversation and could pay attention to every detail, but the poison these girls (highschool, they disgust me) spit from their mouths almost made me ill. I vomited from all the DXM and in my disassociated trip state I hear, "Ewww.. can't you like, go do that over there or something?" I wanted blood.

So all my social anxieties and awkwardness of this situation aside, I tried to keep my cool. I left the room, went upstairs to his brother's room who no longer lives there, and tried to get a grip laying on his bed smoking a few cigarettes. I snapped.

I found myself walking down the stairs, knife in hand, with cut marks all up and down my arms. In my last few minutes of life, I was going to kill every single one of them. And I was doing it. I violently slaughtered each and every one of them.

I "came to" and I'm still in the bed, sweating, tripping my ass off, trying to get a grip. Trying to figure out if this really happened or not. I look down at my arms and wrists and find myself uncut. I find happiness in the fact I didn't kill everyone - although it seemed like they deserved it - but I got stuck in a horrible mental thought loop.

I was doing it again. This time, a small part of me knew I wasn't. I snapped out of this fairly quickly. I always carry a knife on me (for opening boxes at work) and I found myself slowly walking down the stairs. I was worried I would reach for it and use it. I checked to make sure it was there and knew I could beat this. I wasn't going to kill them.

I got into the room, nestled myself in the chair and it was my hit. I was feeling a little better. I started light conversation with the other trippers, and after a few glances and looks at each other, we SCHOOLED these girls and their stupid friends. We told them every stupid annoying thing they were doing and what tripping was like. Not so much in an offensive manner (how pissed can you really be when you're tripping?) but more in an educational way.

Once everything was out on the table, everyone started having a good time. Apparently all the other trippers were freaking out, too, but nobody had said anything. Everyone's trip got better, and people learned something. On the bright side, they'll never give anyone else shitty trips like they gave us that night. We opened their eyes to psychedelics and, also, better ways to treat human beings and to stop that horrible gossip and hurtful shit they always do to make themselves feel better. Heh. Good times. What about you guys?

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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Adden]
    #2178580 - 12/15/03 02:09 AM (20 years, 5 months ago)

I would have said "QUALITAtive ASPEcTS OF SOCIETY!" and then puked on one of the girls. And then said "So you wanna make out or what?"

But heres my story:

I was in my friends room with him and his girfriend (were all tripping) and then his girlfriends starts looking out the window and shes like "what is that?" so i peeked out and it looked like a red dot that you can see when someone has a laser pointer pointing somewhere. I thought it was a sniper that was going to shoot this girl or me. So I hit the floor and said GET DOWN!!  and then I could see the laser pointer's red dot on the girls head and face, moving around. And then she said "oh its a car's brakelights." and i said "Quick get down"!!!

The End  :lol:

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I'm a teapot
Registered: 06/04/03
Posts: 39,201
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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Druginduced]
    #2178596 - 12/15/03 02:12 AM (20 years, 5 months ago)

In my circle of trippers (probably with everyone) Rule #1 as far as puking is concerned is leave the person the fuck alone, don't criticize, don't laugh at, just make sure they're okay. Nine times out of ten they get a quick shot out, wipe their mouth, and sit back and go nuts with you. It's never a big deal.

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Registered: 09/25/03
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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Druginduced]
    #2178603 - 12/15/03 02:13 AM (20 years, 5 months ago)

shrooms at night at the cemetary...freaked out (obviously) and spent the rest of the night trying to watch Spaceballs on tv while worrying about my lungs collapsing and filled with thoughts of myself thinking that i was actually dying. i don't know how i got out of it, i think i must have sobered up a few hours later. sometimes, like the storm, these things must be ridden out and there is no way to stop them...but it's a valuable learning experience when it happens.


ca'rouse (k-rouz)
To engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking.

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Registered: 09/03/03
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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: TODAY]
    #2178634 - 12/15/03 02:26 AM (20 years, 5 months ago)

my Worst freakout was 2g syrian rue and 2g shrooms. 3+ h i was looping like crazy, my mate was to tripped to speak, i had to litterly drag him about 3km, wile looping like krazy, batteling with mind "no, the ground is just grass, your not actialy seeing what u are seeing".

i left him at his place and walked home, felt good for half an hour, then stright down a hole a depression that, at 5+ h, i decided to smoke a joint, and then KILL MYSELF, but i did not, insted i got a sharp pain in my stommac, stumbled back to bed were i collapsed, and it felt like i pooped my pants, and the poo felt like lava, burning my flesh, unable to move. i apperently fell alseep.

im never doing MAOI again, and im never going to eat more then 4g shrooms.

i still get those bad feelings sometimes wile tripping, but i can handle it now, my mind is mutch more healthy, and i allways know i will return to normal, and i NEVER take more then i should, i often take less then i realy want to, but nomatter, its still fun.

and i DONT want to back into that hole of darkness.

DXM is a STRANGE drug, iv only done it once, and only 300mg. :smile: it hadd an inpact on my like eating 500mcg acid.

i have 1.4g DXM 99.5% pure in my stashbox. i guess i?ll eat it in a year. :smile:

Its all in your mind

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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Parpas]
    #2178707 - 12/15/03 02:55 AM (20 years, 5 months ago)

MAOI is my favorite drug.
On the new "Other Drugs" poll. heehee!

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Lawn Gnome
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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Druginduced]
    #2178994 - 12/15/03 07:31 AM (20 years, 5 months ago)

My worst freakout was on pcp, in ?mess? form (powder)...we bought 10 dollars worth of it and usually we split it in three and mix it with coke and drink, and we have a good high. but this time it seems the guy who did it was a bit too generous on pcp...30 minutes after consumption i was on a bed in fetal position, seeing double, depersonalized, completely unable to walk...for like 2 hours all i thought was that i was going to die. I wanted my friend to call an ambulance but he didnt. Then he came laying next to me and i held his hand, in a way holding on life , and just tried to get a grip on reality. I don't remember much but it was very life threatening, i tasted death...

hehe surprinsingly i did pcp again like a month later ;p

heh if youre vulnerable to depersonalization dont take pcp , itll fuck you up.

Edited by Grapefruity (12/15/03 07:33 AM)

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OfflineAlan Stone

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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Druginduced]
    #2179002 - 12/15/03 07:37 AM (20 years, 5 months ago)

I'd come back from Holland, where I'd tripped with a friend of mine. We'd bought too much, so I had to take it home. When I got there, I decided I should at least taste one, and you know how it goes... I ended up taking 60 grams of fresh cubes.

The trip started out nicely, with Dj Shadow's 'Endtroducing' and Massive Attack's Blue Lines . Then, as Mezzanine began, I started getting in this electrical vibe. I'd smoke a fag and feel little jolts of electricity going down my tongue. Now, most of my student room was filled with wood, and the texture was morphing like crazy.
I smoked a doobie, and sat there in my easy chair, totally blown away. All of a sudden I saw a giant poodle sitting next to my chair. It was looking at me, as if saying "What the fuck are you lookin' at, man?", which just kind of amused me. But then it kept staring, and the trip was getting more intense, so I had to lie down on my bed.
After a while I got my energy back and made the two meters to my easy chair. I start walking around my room, looking at everything with uttermost amazement and mouth agape. Then I started freaking out about my three year old behavior, and moved towards my bed to lie down again.
I had my one hand on top of my forehead in a desperate attempt to feel my brain ticking (I probably thought it was a supercomputer driven by a mechanical clock or something) and I look at my hand. My hand looked to be about as big as my entire face, and my arm felt like it was someone else's, shrinking from the hand towards the elbow to near nothingness.
This started to freak me out bad, and I remember touching my right (alien) hand with my left hand (I positively owned that one), and feeling how the flesh felt. I can tell you, it felt like the kind of rubber texture you'd expect on an android, not a human, and the flesh was hanging loose, it looked like the arm had broken or something, or like the bone had disappeared, leaving the flesh hanging down.A little while later I fell asleep.

The very next morning I told myself I wouldn't ever do shrooms again, but the next offer that came about, I took. I just took a smaller dose, with more weed and less wood texture around.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

- Aristotle

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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Alan Stone]
    #2179096 - 12/15/03 09:12 AM (20 years, 5 months ago)

Just ride it out, and remember that it's just the shrooms.

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The black guy

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Loc: Miami
Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Ginseng]
    #2180182 - 12/15/03 04:47 PM (20 years, 5 months ago)

My worst freak out was when me and two other friends (also tripping) were put in a position where we had to take a 5min drive that I swear to god felt like a few hours well it was my first time and I was having trouble controling my laughter and all out insanity so they were keeping quit not answering to anything I said to them then I started to feel isolated and alienated I felt like I was caving in on myself then I felt like a retarded person must feel all my thoughs in my head were clear but I couldn't control my facial expressions or hand gesters but after awhile I slipped out of it I was neevr really scared just freaked out for a few


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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Ginseng]
    #2180191 - 12/15/03 04:50 PM (20 years, 5 months ago)

On my first trip i ate like 8 dry caps and i had a similar alien body part feeling, my skin turned a very strange shade of orange and i couldent figure out how to work my hands and they got very sttrange looking..

i remember saying something like
"what are these things man....how the fuck do you work them, jesus christ....what the fuck is happening to me..." :nut:

i was way to gone to freak out cause at the point i had lost touches of reality...was a pretty enjoyable experience actually... :mushroom2:

I relax my mind, go with the flow
Laugh at life, let the good times roll

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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Adden]
    #2180255 - 12/15/03 05:09 PM (20 years, 5 months ago)

I ate about 2 grams of Ps. Aucklandii one time, and gave my friend about 1 dry gram (his first time, I think he ate a bit less than that). They're about the same potency as subaeruginosa.
Anyways, started off a bit edgy - my first time shrooming with another person, and I'm not too good with one on one social situations. A wee bit of awkwardness (even though this is one of my best friends), and had a few thoughts that maybe he wasn't enjoying it. I had the downstairs set up to accomadate our trip - moved the chairs back, moved the table, lay 2 duvets down (1 for each of us to lay on), pillows, hooked the computer up to 2 stereos, a lava lamp and some incense burning. I had a 2 hour Tool show set up, which I started once we felt the shrooms coming on. So, we lay down on our seperate duvets, lights off and began listening to the show. It slowly got more and more intense - a mixture of fun and fear. It was mostly enjoyable at first, with a few nervous moments and tonnes of closed eye visuals, but then it just pushed over the edge. Nausea kicked in an hour into the trip, went and puked. Came back thinking I would be able to enjoy the trip now, but I lost sense of reality - scared the shit out of me, since I've never been THAT far gone. I was sprawling around on the floor, the music driving me insane (and certainly not helping at the present moment). Still felt sick, so I grabbed my duvet, went upstairs, and curled up on my bed in the dark trying to relax and get comfortable. I left my friend downstairs (who was having a great time, he later informed me) so that my bad trip wasn't going to ruin his first ever trip. The most uncomfortable 2 hours I've ever had - nothing made sense, my limbs didn't feel like mine, I was hitting myself on the head with my palms in parts.
Soon enough I was down enough to feel somewhat sane and not as freaked anymore. I just curled myself into a ball and waited for the trip to pass - didn't move, didn't go do anything stupid, didn't talk, didn't cry for my friend to make it stop - just rode it out. I knew I would come down, so I just had to deal with the agony.
Afterwards I was just like "Holy shit, that kicked my ass, what the hell happened?" Shitty experience, but a memorable one, and taught me a bit and gave me first hand experience of a high dose trip (never high dosed on acid or shrooms before).

So my advice is just minimise your chance of doing harm to yourself/others or doing anything stupid by retreating to a dark, calm spot, and just lie there and ride it out.

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Governor ofCalifornia
Male User Gallery

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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Adden]
    #2180340 - 12/15/03 05:30 PM (20 years, 5 months ago)

Not mine, but my friends.

Camping , like 10 people taking shrooms and just hanging out. I take mine later than everyone and they all take off on a hike to a cliff with and excellent view. About an hour later they come back, and I soon realize, wait, one person is missing. So I ask them what happened to him, and everyone just decides they won't worry until dark, at which point I start on my own little freak out.

About 3 hours later, and random cars rolls up and my friends get's out. Now, we're in the middle of freaking no where, and this has the first car that had even driven by. He walks over and explains how he got lost and wandered around the brush for quite some time, during this time, he realized he would have to kill himself, and was about a minute away from smashing his head with a rock or jumping off the cliff, when in the distance he saw the car driving up a remote dirt road. Apparently he was able to chase it down, and hitchhike the LONG ASS way back to the campsite, on incredible shrooms, while it was his first time too. Needless to say, he hasn't shroomed since.

Still freaked me out

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Offlinethe free thinker
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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: flubbilynumpkins]
    #2181187 - 12/15/03 10:17 PM (20 years, 5 months ago)

Mine was over this summer, when me and my friends were tripping on woodrose.

I was with 5 friends, me and 3 others were tripping on a heavy dose of woodrose seeds.  For 2 of them, it was their first time using the seeds.  One of them was an inexperienced tripper.

Basically, we were in my friends basement (the only one who wasnt tripping) and just REAL tripped out on the seeds.  It was getting intense.  Before this, we had been at steak and shake and had a weird meal... we were pretty paranoid in there.  I was sitting in my chair in the basement with a bowl and weed in my lap and I couldn't even maintain the presence of mind to pack a bowl, I was trippin' real hard.

Anyway I heard someone say this kid was coming over to pick up some weed.  It left my mind the instant I heard it.  Then in like 10 minutes (seemed like MUCH longer) I saw the kid coming down the stairs.  I vaguely connected that he was coming for the weed.  Ok by me, I thought.  As long as he's out soon.

After this kid, I saw a SHITLOAD more kids coming down the staircase.  I was like "Whaaaaat the fuuuuuuuckk.." cuz this was NOT good for my trip.  I was tripping hardcore and I didn't know how to respond to all these people flooding his basement all of the sudden.  They all looked at me in a strange manner... probably because I was looking weird myself, and I didn't know what to think of it.  In my mind I was sort of panicking.  No big deal.

But my friend who was inexperienced, it had a much bigger impact on him.  I remember looking at him when all the people were in the room, all talking and shit, and his head was in his lap, he just looked real distraight and completely confused and fucked out of his mind.  Once all the people came down, it sparked a bad trip that didn't end until much later when he finally went home.  Anyway, that was the biggest "freakout" I've witnessed... other than the bad trip I had which involced 8 woodrose seeds, 2g shrooms, and 3g Syrian Rue.  Wow, that was bad.  It has given me problems ever since... pychologically.  But for the most part... I'm all good. :smile:

Happy trippin :smile:


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Fellow Shaman
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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Adden]
    #2181261 - 12/15/03 10:47 PM (20 years, 5 months ago)

The worst freakout I've ever had wasn't actually from shrooms or anything like that....just weed.

I know it kind've sounds naive but when it happened I had dosed shrooms a bunch of times by that point in time (around 15 times) and I had some crazy trips but nothing as bad as this.

Also when this happened I had been smoking weed for 3 years most regurlarly.

I was by myself on a saturday night and I had a very very tiny amount of weed to smoke so I decided to roll a pinner to help me sleep. Before I knew it I was high (again...) and everything was good in the world once more.

Then i started to get higher...and higher...and higher...until finally I was just very confused. At this point it felt almost like my heart was going to explode. It almost felt like I was having a heart attack. Then the trip began. The walls started to contort in a very weird and disturbing way and I started to think pretty much for no reason I was going to die. Once I had this thought I couldn't get out of the thought loop, thoughts of death filled my mind, I was thinking of my family and I they would miss me and I would miss them. And my friends and whatnot, I had basically convinced myself I was doomed.

Then at some point I realized that maybe I wasn't going to die, then I tried to explain this to myself mentally but it wouldn't work. Now my body was convinced I was going to die and it felt like my vital systems were shutting down (even though they weren't).

I don't know what caused this, it could've been laced but I doubt it because I know the source very well and have talked to others who smoked LARGE amounts of the very same weed and nothing happened.

Anyways...after this 'attack' I stopped smoking weed entirely. I've been clean for a couple weeks now but I still sometimes get the feeling in the back of my mind that another 'attack' is coming even when I"m completely sober. It's never actually as severe as when it happened on the weed but it feels like it's going to be then it just fades away.

Has anyone else ever felt anything at all similar to this? If so, what'd you do about it?

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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Adden]
    #2181293 - 12/15/03 10:58 PM (20 years, 5 months ago)

i never had a bad trip, but one time i was laying on the floor after 3 friends and i each ate an 1/8th. another of our friends walked by and pointed to me right in the face and said "this kid is fucked up." i dont remember what i was thinking, but i remember being very nervous after that until a poster took my attention away from the fear.

Here comes the sun, do n do do,
Here comes the sun, and I say,
It's alright...

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My Own God

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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: IamHungry]
    #2181590 - 12/16/03 02:17 AM (20 years, 5 months ago)

My worste trip sucked.

I made a 4 gram tea. Downed it fast. twenty minutes later it felt like four hours had gone by. My companion and I were watching ren and stimpy i think. He was looking around at everything with his eyes wide open (and pupils wide open too :wink: ). I guess I was too.

I started gettting very confused about what I was seeing. THen I felt sharp and terrible pains in my eyes. I shouted, "AHH, MY EYES ARE EXPLODING! MAKE IT STOP"

My companion pulled my hands away from my face and said "you keep touching them, fool."

The confusion grew. The fear expanded. The dread loomed closer. I thought to myself, what is going to make me feel better. AHA, I picked up the phone and called my straight edge friend. "Listen dude, I took some drugs and I am really scared, plz come over."

"Sure sure, on my way *click*"

Patience is impossible in this state. Oh and he never came either. When I called, I just wanted someone there who wasn't phucked. I had completely forgotten that another dude was already on his way over. A while later he arrived and laughed at us for quite a while. I was not baseline, thats for sure.

I was making way too much noise though. Wandering around, talking to myself and inanimate objects. My gaze was fixed inward, revealing the truth: "I must follow the straight line to sanity. The straight line with guide me back to sanity."

How did i solve it? A nice hot shower. It was HEAVEN. While i was in there, I turned the lights off and was having spectacular visuals in the dark. green lines swirling, shapes forming and melting into nothing, and reforming again. What was better though was the feeling. euphoric. energetic. positive :wink:


We have to answer our own prayers

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My Own God

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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Billowz]
    #2181611 - 12/16/03 02:30 AM (20 years, 5 months ago)


While i was reading your post i was thinking, maybe it was laced. BUt you say that you know the source, and you know ppl who have smoked the same batch so you're pretty sure it wasn't.

Well, maybe it was. Maybe someone was being an asshole to u. Did you fight with the supplier over a parking spot or something?

Maybe you are developing a schizo. Have you tripped since and fallen into that?

I have bad-tripped on weed a few times. NOt surprising since i bad-trip on psychs often, and its not pleasant. It's hard to calm yourself when you are over reacting about death and heart rate etcetera.

shroomism recently wrote something like "when i start to bad trip i breath properly, cuz breathing is the key to centeredness" (or some similar shroomism-ism)

I have recently decided to live completely evily. I have forsaken my christian upbringing, my socialist/togetherness ideals and I have decided that I am not going to concern myself with the OH SO MANY worries that take me into fear. so, read harry potter, do what you want, trip into oblivion. If I find myself in a bad trip, I am going to try something new: to enjoy it. masichism here i come.


We have to answer our own prayers

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Folding@home Statistics
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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: Druginduced]
    #2184130 - 12/16/03 10:20 PM (20 years, 5 months ago)

Holy crap, only a select few of those posted would i consider 'freaking out'.
There's a difference between a bad trip, and a freak out.
Cuz when you freak out, you damn well freak out.

Mine happened the first time i experienced ego loss. It wasnt an accident...i knew very well what i was shooting for, chugging down 7 grams of liquified mushroom nastiness.  First i put on Infected Mushroom, and it started to sound quite cool...but either the music faded out, or my gf stopped it when she noticed i was losing it.
First the incredible maddening loops started...these were so bad, i just started to blabber like an idiot. It felt as if me and my gf were the only 2 living beings in the universe, and that it would forever be this way. Whilst rolling around in the middle of her room, i decided to piss myself. Keep in mind that the advice of the shroomery was still in my mind at this point and ive read countless posts with ppl 'thinking' theyve pissed themselves, only to find out they imagined it. Well, i guess i shouldnt have relied on that advice so much, as i just 'let go' and quite literaly LET GO. My gf was like "you pissed yourself!"
She thought i did it outta fear.  :lol:
Anyway, all control tossed out now, i begin losing it. All matter in the universe is one type of matter, and i'm swiming in it when i close my eyes. (kind of a red lava liquid). I'm quite literaly swiming, as i sit in the middle of a messy room (after trashing around a bit), and swing my arms wildly around. My gf is trying to help me thru all this (whilst also tripping....she told me later that i brought her down a lot cuz she worried so much) and i ended up inadvertently slapping her up a bit.  =(
At this point she's screaming at me, and for a few mins i thought i was in the middle of a cops episode. I mean, she decided to walk around in a white tank top and undies...and the room was trashed...it just looked so hillbilly. :lol:
All laughin matters aside, it just gets worse. I somehow get into the halway, and end up sliding down the wooden stairs on my back (made it all bloody. lucky we didnt notice that till after). At the bottom of the stairs, curled into a fetal position,  i am now dying. This should be familiar to anyone who's had ego loss. And a dying person doesnt stay quiet. Well not me anyway, as by this point i'm screaming at the top of my lungs. I am in 'hell'. Darkest of the dark.  Altho, i'm screaming with my teeth clenched, so it comes out as some kinda tortured type scream.
I am now god.
Some further screaming, cuz damn the universe is a funny thing. My gf throws a glass of water on my face. For a moment, i snap outta the crazyness and think "wtf you think thats gonna help?", then proceed to go back into the psycho part.
So there i am, in the middle of the hallway floor, looking up at a light, with water, tears, and quite possible snot streaming down my face, with piss soaked pants...and i start to laugh...at this point i get the 'joke' of the universe. I start saying in a sobbing voice "its so fuckin beautiful" and continue to laugh.
Then i get the msg 'go live with what you know now' and whoooooooooooooooooosh, i am fuckin ejected and regain control (aka rebirth). 
So i sit up, realise the digusting state i'm in, but continue to laugh cuz holy shit, i can now decipher most religions for the most part and life just seems so damn simple. I look at my gf and ask 'do you get it!?' and it turns out she hardly tripped (same dose) cuz she was so concerned about my well being.  Oy.
I learned a huge life lesson that day which i will never forget.  Since then, i can handle my larger trips with a lot more ease.
I'm also kinda glad i DIDNT jump down those 2nd flight of steps which i was thinking about doing whilst in 'hell'.
Lots of lessons to be learned. 

Anyway. THATS a freakout.
I would only wish that on the most ignorant of ppl.

This is also a good lesson in having a sitter present which is stronger than you on high level trips.

Dont underestimate lvl 5's.

~Happy sailing~

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Re: Worst freakout and how you solved it [Re: RuNE]
    #2184319 - 12/16/03 11:54 PM (20 years, 5 months ago)

Well, the worst freak out I've had was really the only one I've ever had on shrooms. I got some mushrooms and asked a couple friends of mine if they wanted to trip, but only one of them wanted to. The one who didn't told me he would drive us around. So, what better placed to go at midnight tripping on shrooms than the park. Big mistake. The trip was going great until about an hour later a fucking cop pulls up and starts asking my sober friend questions. Luckily he didn't even talk to me or my tripping friend as we were about 20 feet away from the car(he never actually got out) I can't explain to you the fear I felt. It was like nothing I have ever felt in my entire life. About a billion thoughts were racing through my head of what was going to happen, but in the end he just said to leave because the park was closed (but not before about 20 other questions the cop asked my friend told me later) The ride home was horrible. I kept seeing cop cars everywhere....just full blown hallucinations. When we got back everything was fine. I told myself it was all over and I don't have anything to worry about. Quite a mellow trip after that....

Click the pic to hear some songs I've recorded.


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