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The WAR of Terror
    #2091030 - 11/11/03 08:47 AM (19 years, 2 months ago)

The War On Terror
Paris, September 27, 2002

The following information is intended to clarify exactly what the real story is behind the Bush Administration's so-called "War On Terror," and to shed light on the US-Sponsored, self-inflicted and pre-agreed upon "enemy creation" that led to the attacks on September 11th, 2001. The information provided is intended as an alternative and sorely-needed point-of-view -- a point-of-view which is in direct opposition to the corporate-sponsored propaganda machine that we know as the US Media. Here are the facts:

What is the Patriot Act and how does it affect us?

The Patriot Act is emergency legislation that was hurriedly signed into law immediately following the events of 9/11/2001. It?s passage has effectively nullified at least six amendments of the Bill of Rights addendum to the U.S. Constitution. As a result of this, America has become nothing short of a Police State. The Patriot Act is, in fact, a massive violation of the Constitution it purports to uphold and improve. Among other things, it mandates that judges give police search warrants when they ask for them, for any reason. In fact, judges can't deny these warrants to police, because police don't need a stated reason to ask for them.

The Bill of Rights is the cornerstone of American freedom. During the debates on the adoption of the Constitution in the 1790s, its opponents repeatedly charged that the Constitution as drafted would open the way to tyranny by the central government. Many states would not have signed the original Constitution without knowing that these amendments would be added. These amendments became known as the Bill of Rights, which Americans have cherished, protected and fought for for over 200 years.

The Patriot Act rushed through Congress and signed by President George W. Bush is a major step toward a totalitarian state in which individual liberty is crushed by the whim of police and corporate demagogues masquerading as patriots.

Read The Patriot Act here.

The Patriot Act:

Violates the First Amendment freedom of speech guarantee, the provision allowing the right to peaceably assemble, and the provision allowing the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Violates the Fourth Amendment guarantee of probable cause in astonishingly major and repeated ways. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution reads: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons of things to be seized." The Patriot Act, now passed and the law of the land, has revoked the necessity for probable cause, and now allows the police, at any time and for any reason, to enter and search your house. Under the act they are not required to even tell you why.

Violates the Fifth Amendment by allowing for indefinite incarceration without trial for those deemed by the Attorney General to be threats to national security. The Fifth Amendment guarantees that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, and the Patriot Act does away with due process. It even allows people to be kept in prison for life without even a trial.

Violates the Sixth Amendment guarantee of the right to a speedy and public trial. Now you may get no trial at all, ever.

Violates the Eighth Amendment (cruel and unusual punishment).

Violates the 13th Amendment (punishment without conviction).

From the ACLU's objections:

* It minimizes judicial supervision of telephone and Internet surveillance by law enforcement authorities in anti-terrorism investigations and in routine criminal investigations unrelated to terrorism. (Unrelated to terrorism? WTF? That means anything. Maybe surveillance of those expressing political dissent? Ya think?)

* It expands the ability of the government to conduct secret searches in anti-terrorism investigations and in routine criminal investigations unrelated to terrorism. (Again - unrelated to terrorism? That means anything. If you disagree with the government's policies publically then this applies to you).

* It gives the Attorney General and the Secretary of State the power to designate domestic groups as terrorist organizations and block any non-citizen who belongs to them from entering the country. Under this provision the payment of membership dues is a deportable offense. (That means, among other things, that Bush and Ashcroft can decide that even obviously peaceful organizations are terrorists, and under this law, can put them in jail).

* It grants the FBI broad access to sensitive medical, financial, mental health, and educational records about individuals without having to show evidence of a crime and without a court order. (I can't help you if you don't see the danger in this).

* It could lead to large-scale investigations of American citizens for "intelligence" purposes and use of intelligence authorities to bypass probable cause requirements in criminal cases. (This could apply to anyone).

* It puts the CIA and other intelligence agencies back in the business of spying on Americans by giving the Director of Central Intelligence the authority to identify priority targets for intelligence surveillance in the United States.

* It allows searches of highly personal financial records without notice and without judicial review based on a very low standard that does not require probable cause of a crime or even relevancy to an ongoing terrorism investigation. (They can do any of this without any reason whatsoever. This is the kind of freedom fascists have always wanted - freedom to put everyone who disagrees with them in jail).

* It creates a broad new definition of "domestic terrorism" that could sweep in people who engage in acts of political protest and subject them to wiretapping and enhanced penalties. (This means they can jail anyone who disagrees with them, and keep them in jail for life without a trial).

What are the spoils of the USA?s current war, the ?War on Terrorism?? What?s the profit motive?

The Caspian Sea region has potentially the world's largest oil reserves (6 trillion dollars worth), likely making Central Asia the next Middle East. The problem, up until now, has been access. Afghanistan occupies a strategic position between the Caspian and the markets of the Indian subcontinent and east Asia. It's prime territory for building pipelines, which is why the oil company Unocal -- as well as the U.S. government -- welcomed the Taliban's rise to power in 1996 as a promising source of "stability." And while this stability didn't materialize, people like Bush Jr. and the oil men around him have never given up on the tremendous profit possibilities that Central Asia offers.

Remember that both Bush and Vice President Cheney are wealthy oil men and that a multi-billion dollar oil pipeline across Afghanistan will be needed to bring much of that oil to market. It's already under construction. Also know that VP Cheney's former employer, the Haliburton Corporation, is not only in the pipeline construction business, but gave him a $34 million dollar severance package and rebuilt Iraq?s oil infastructure after the USA bombed it in the Gulf War. Although Unocal claims to no longer have an interest in the project, it is also important to note that Zalmay Khalilzad who is the US Envoy to Aghanistan was a Unocal advisor.

Therefore a forced conflict with people they already have no regard for was the perfect vehicle to enable them to set up shop with the U.S. population's explicit approval.

As for legal grounds, the November 26th, 2001 issue of Newsweek states:

Secret Legal Document Gave Bush Wartime Powers, Including Holding Secret Tribunals

NEW YORK, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- After he signed an order allowing the use of military tribunals in terrorist cases, President George W. Bush insisted he alone should decide who goes before such a military court, his aides tell Newsweek. The tribunal document gives the government the power to try, sentence -- and even execute -- suspected foreign terrorists in secrecy, under special rules that would deny them constitutional rights and allow no chance to appeal. Bush's powers to form a military court came from a secret legal memorandum, which the U.S. Justice Department began drafting in the days after Sept.11, Newsweek has learned. The memo allows Bush to invoke his broad wartime powers, since the U.S., they concluded, was in a state of "armed conflict." Bush used the memo as the legal basis for his order to bomb Afghanistan.

If that's not a dictator using his power for personal gain and the gain of corporate interests then I don't know what is. Now dig this:

Bushwatch.Net reports:

The U.S. Eyes Oil in Central Asia and Steps on Russia's Turf

WASHINGTON, D.C.: As the war winds down, the U.S. is eyeing Central Asia as a new colony. And as America projects its power across the region, it runs the risk of setting off a new cold war with Moscow. A few reasons why:

Big Oil is once again taking a hard look at prospects for building a pipeline carrying Caspian Sea oil across Afghanistan and down through Pakistan to ports on the Arabian Sea. "The large-scale projects aimed at building gas and oil pipelines linking the Caspian region with the attractive international market of the Arabian Sea may become the principal, if not the only, means to breathe a [new] life into Afghanistan," Martha Brill Olcott, a Carnegie Endowment scholar, told the Moscow paper Izvestia.

Turkmenistan, which used to be part of the Soviet Union and has huge natural gas deposits, is key to controlling the region. In late October, Turkmenistan's president, Saparmurat Niyazov, sent a letter to the UN leaders advocating construction of a pipeline bringing Turkmen gas across Afghan territory to Pakistan's Arabian Sea ports. The Far Eastern Economic Review reports Niyazov claimed the pipeline "will help rebuild this country [Afghanistan], normalize peaceful life and work of the Afghan people and also accelerate socio-economic development of the entire adjacent region."

In Moscow at the end of last month, Niyazov declared, "We could sell to foreign markets about 120 billion cubic meters of gas annually, but we can not do this due to the lack of pipelines."

Another important reason for the war in Afghanistan is for control of the opium poppies used to make most of the heroin in the world. One would think that President Bush with his 'War on Drugs/Terror' would seek to stop the manufacture of heroin in Afghanistan now that the U.S. has taken over control of the country. But instead it has been reported that the new ruling Northern Alliance is expanding substantially the growing of opium poppies and the manufacture of heroin in Afghanistan.

According to the Glasgow Herald, a United Nations survey showed that fields used for poppy production almost tripled in size in the last year, going from 5,000 to 13,000 acres. Those fields weren't bin Laden's. They were the Northern Alliance's. Could it be that the Bushes, Cheney and the CIA really are involved, as long-rumored, in heavy-duty drug trafficking all over the world?

Just food for thought...

But what about Terrorism and 9/11? Do you have facts or is this a conspiracy theory?

Understand the label "conspiracy theory" is a tactic that the media often invokes to immediately discredit voices of dissent and people who seek truth. The tactic of creating manufactured enemies for personal gain has been around for as long as there have been conflicts. Of course there's no concrete proof of a conspiracy - the media would never allow that - but rather an abundance of evidence that points to a conspiracy on behalf of US interests. Know that there's no concrete proof of the involvement of any other country either. The first thing that you must do is ask yourself, over and over again, the following question: "Who benefits?"

Does Bin Laden benefit from the response that an act of war was surely to generate? Does Saudi Arabia and/or Afghanistan? How did we know it was him immediately after the event? It's now more important then ever that we question everything and recognize propaganda when we see it.

Many of the media outlets now do little more than fan the flames of bigotry, exacerbate irrational fears or attempt to appeal to our sense of compassion - oftentimes in collaboration with some type of "Save/Heal/Help America" sales campaign. And while we all agree that a crime was committed with the WTC bombings, was this crime an act of war by another country? Assuming that this actually was a non-USA sponsored event, and assuming that Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban/Al Queda are indeed the culprits, does the act allegedly committed by him and his organization amount to an act of war by Afghanistan? If I go into another country and commit a crime am I declaring war on that country in the name of the USA? Do I have the ability politically to declare war on anyone in the name of the USA? Absolutely not. Think about it.

But let's get back to my point about manufactured enemies. Crassus did it with the slave revolt led by Sparticus against Rome. Cicero did it with Caesar by hiring thugs to cause as much disturbance as possible in Rome, all the while campaigning on a promise to end the internal strife if elected and granted extraordinary powers. Hitler did it with Reichstagg the same way. FDR did it to mask the symptoms of a sick economy struggling back from the Great Depression by entering us into WW2. Johnson did it in Vietnam to stimulate defense spending. The US government even plotted to kill americans and frame the Cubans for it in 1962 so it would have an excuse to invade Cuba (read the recently declassified Northwoods Document here and covered by ABC News). Bush Sr. did it for oil money - when OPEC failed to keep limits on oil production in the Mideast, the market was being glutted with oil pumped from underneath Iraq, which sat over roughly 1/3 of the oil reserves of the entire region. Bush Sr. wanted a war to stop that flow of oil and to keep prices (and profits) from falling any further than they already had. But like Roosevelt with Japan, he needed the "other side" to make the first move. Clinton did it to divert attention from the Monica Lewinsky scandal, first bombing Sudan and then Afghanistan for supposed chemical weapons violations. Later examination proved the Sudanese site to be an aspirin factory and the site in Afghanistan to be a mosque.

So you see, what I'm proposing is nothing new. Ask yourself - what did this current administration have to gain? Well, the unification of the country after a fraudulent election, oil profiteering to the tune of 6 trillion dollars and rapid and unchecked expansion of federal authority, for starters. Add to these facts the disturbing string of suspicious deaths related to Bush administrations past and present and the story becomes all-too-clear.

Now for the facts:

* It was widely reported that none of the names of the so-called Arab terrorists were on any of the passenger lists of any of the four planes involved in 9-11. Yet within 48 hours, the FBI and CIA somehow managed to produce the pictures and names of 19 Arabs who were supposedly the "terrorists" on the planes, even though none of their names were on any of the passenger lists. How did they know? Were they determined to be "terrorists" just because the had Arab names?

* There has been no real official FBI or CIA follow-up to the millions of dollars in stock options profits generated by the attacks. Why not? Surely additional inquiries into the money trail (not Bin Laden's) will yield surprising results.

* It was reported that the black boxes from the planes, which record conversations between the pilot and ground control, were all either destroyed or the conversations on recovered blackboxes could not be released to the general public. Why not? Black boxes are built to survive the worst plane crashes imaginable. By not releasing the black box communications and data, we can never know what really happened in the cockpit, on the aircraft and who really flew the planes. Additionally, there had to be some communication between the pilots and Air traffic Control. Yet no air traffic controller was interviewed to talk about their conversations with the pilots during the course of the "hijackings." In a news story this big, why not? So much time has passed now that it doesn?t matter anymore anyway - there?s been ample time to alter the audio. Indeed, many of the family members who were allowed to hear selected portions of the tapes couldn?t even make out the voices of their loved ones.

* Global Hawk pilotless plane technology has existed since 1998 but is rarely discussed and could have been used in the 9-11 events. I'm only noting this because Bush himself has publically declared that the technology doesn?t exist. It does, and it goes to show how the government and media's campaign of disinformation works. It is rumored that up to four planes can be flown at once utilizing this technology. How many planes were involved in 9-11? Four. And according to almost all professional commercial airline pilots, the supposed Arab "hijackers" could not have flown those planes at all, or as well as they were flown, if they only attended the flight schools that were reported in the news. Although I question the use of this technology in the attacks myself, it's worthy of discussion because of the denial of it's existence.

* Remember the story of the rental car found so conveniently at Boston airport, where two planes were hijacked, which contained, of all things, a copy of the Koran and an instructional video for how to fly commercial jets? An instructional video? I thought they went to school. Yet they can hit buildings with pinpoint accuracy? We're supposed to believe that?

* What about the "Bin Laden confession video" that was "found" an a living room VCR in Afghanistan? Do we look that stupid? I guess so. And remember the highjacker?s passport found at Ground Zero? No black boxes made it, but the mighty passport survived...

* No US military planes were sent up to intercept any of the hijacked planes even though there were at least 30 minutes to an hour from the time it was known that the planes were hijacked. Much has been written about this by the alternative free press on the internet. It is standard procedure for military planes to be sent up within 10 minutes if a plane is off course and has not communicated with ground control. This is normal safety protocol because an off-course plane could potentially result in a mid-air collision. The relevant question why US military jets weren't deployed correctly under these emergency and highly-dangerous conditions? If you think Bin Laden could have done all of this sitting in some cave in Afghanistan - think again. The only people who could have pulled this one off are high-ranking officials within our own government.

Those are just a few of the most disturbing oddities.

So let's recap. None of the supposed Arab "terrorist" names were on any of the passenger flight lists and the U.S. Government, within 48 hours, showed us pictures of 19 Arab "terrorists" - even though the FBI and CIA said they had no prior information that the 911 event could happen. Live pilots in the cockpit, we find, aren't even needed to fly any of the four planes at all, as Global Hawk technology could conceivably allow for them all to be flown by a single pilot from the ground.

Hence, the 19 Arab "hijackers" weren't necessary at all, although I don't dispute their involvement. But by the U.S. Government refusing to publically release any of the pilot-to-ground control communications from the (allegedly destroyed) blackboxes in the aircraft, it effectively blacks out any conversation from the "hijacked" airline pilots possibly telling the control tower that the flight controls of their planes had been taken over.

Other important major benefactors of the "War on Terror" are the war industrialists/defense contractors. George Bush, Jr.'s father is/was one of the main players in one of the largest investment firms profiting from defense companies in the World: the Carlyle Group. This is an example of nepotism at it's finest, as the Bush family stands to make a tremendous amount of money from his involvement with the Carlyle Corporation and the awarding of defense contracts. The Bin Ladens and the Bushes have been doing business together for many years. How interesting.

And finally, probably one of the biggest giveaways that Bin Laden is not the main "Mastermind" behind 9-11 is the fact that since 9-11, there have been NO additional "terrorist" acts perpetrated against, or in, the US or Europe. Not one bullet has been fired on U.S. soil. Not one bomb exploded.

So here we have this "master terrorist," Osama Bin Laden, who supposedly committed the biggest terrorist act ever on U.S. soil and yet he has not been able to commit even a small terrorist act against his "enemy" - the U.S. - since 9-11. Afghanistan has been bombed viciously and thousands of innocent, defenseless Afghani men, women and children have been killed by American forces, as have Bin Laden's Al Queda forces, but the "enemy terrorist" is not fighting back? Huh?

We are told constantly by the U.S. Government that Bin Laden has thousands of "sleeper operatives" just waiting in the wings to commit terrorist acts in the U.S. and Europe. Where are they? Now he disappears, all the while costing the American taxpayers billions of dollars. Pentagon officials have said several times they may never be able to find Bin Laden. Hmm... I guess any country supposedly harboring him now is ripe for U.S. state-sponsored terrorism. If the capture of Bin Laden really was the true objective, wouldn't it have been easier and cheaper to have offered a one billion dollar reward for him and his cronies and not send any military force to Afghanistan? Was the loss of life of thousands of innocent Afghani civilians, along with Taliban and American military personnel really necessary?

It has been reported that the U.S. had plans to invade Afghanistan and oust the Taliban months before 9-11. Can you say Oil?

Is the USA supposed to be the World's Police, or is it enough that we pick and choose our fights as long as we are sincere about helping the people of that region?

Ask yourself, are we supposed to be the world's police? Are we supposed to consistently murder and be murdered for other people's concerns? Who does the fighting, and who always dies? Surely not the children of lawmakers and politicians. They always elude conflict, just as Bush Jr. did with the help of his father. Order and read the Book FORTUNATE SON: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President, second edition here for additional uncut info on our supposed Commander-In-Chief. By they way, who says we're sincere? The corporate-sponsored, propaganda-spewing media? Since when have we ever "helped" anybody with nothing to gain ourselves? Think!

Are you partisan, and would you really have preferred Al Gore as president? His wife was the one who began explicitly censoring hiphop. Doesn?t the Democratic Party have the same amount of self-interests as Republicans?

Aside from the fact that Al Gore won the election, understand that this is bigger than Hip-Hop. How many people and/or companies in popular media now would openly entertain a message like mine given the current political climate generated by THIS administration?

There are many, many people out there who feel as I do, who are tired of the propaganda and constant media bombardment and lack of any news and/or entertainment of substance. Look at the superficial state of hip-hop now. Where are all of the major labels who claim to be for the people? For the street? Down with the real? Who claim that change in hip-hop is needed? Wasn't it Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam, who recently brought up this very fact at a major hip-hop conference? Well? Pitiful. Remember that people buy what is glorified and given to them. Instead of progressive acts that people are hungering for we now have constant negativity. Look at the countless references to ecstacy in popular music as an example. Amerikkka's new manufactured genocide drug of choice. Where are the lyrical standards enforcers now?

Now of course I know the Democratic Party has it's evils, I'm not disputing that in the least. But it is definitely the lessor of the two evils, as it doesn't have such a severe record of systematic exclusion and racist bias. Both Bushes, John Ashcroft, David Duke, Ralph Reed, Pat Buchannan, Orrin Hatch, Dick Armey, Ward Connerly, Bill O'Reilly, Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and a host of others are all Republicans, remember. And let us not forget the Supreme Court nomination implications.

If what you say is true, what would the end result be, and why would anyone risk the many things that could go wrong with such courses of action? There?d be nothing left to rule!

There would be everything left to rule with a subservient, docile population good for nothing but consumerism. Again, ask yourself who really has gained as a result of the attacks on September 11th, 2001. A climate of fear and the constant media reminders of a "terror threat" keep us blindly backing anything the government wants to do. All we need now is bar codes on our foreheads.

Call me unpatriotic if you like, but that would be a blind assumption. Know that it is more unpatriotic to not question the government and it's actions, especially when our rights are being violated and so many people are adversely affected by what it does. Understand that when our government acts like this, THE WHOLE WORLD LOSES.

The first casualty of war is the truth.

View the video (narrated and scored by Paris), "Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11" here.

This is not a partisan argument - even conservatives agree. Dig the Alex Jones video "The Road To Tyranny" here.


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