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Cya later, friends.
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second ayahuasca trip, saturday. (Long)
    #2086225 - 11/09/03 11:34 AM (14 years, 7 months ago)

i took 3.5 grams of syrian rue tea at 11:30pm
felt its effects by 12pm

dubbled brewed 21grams of mimosa, boiled it down so as to have to drink less

at 1am i went out into my backyard with a sleeping bag and drank the mimosa brew.

over the next half an hour i got a slow come up building into a mild trip pretty much like my first ayahuasca experiance (With effed :smile: ).
around 1:30 was the last time i checked my clock, i was getting very vauge visuals mixed with some rather hard to see but very intricate closed eye visuals.  very interesting was i was talking to myself the whole time in various voices, one of which said it was the plant and it was going to help me. little 1 second head movies played alot.  as i would attempt to follow the instructions of the plant i would get these sudden jumps in the level of the trip, certain sounds would increase (buzzing sounds) and would feel as though they were altering the frequency of my body.  very powerful.  i would get a jump and then go back to a little bit trippier than i had before. 
at this point i decided to use my usual dxm technique for blocking out the physical world and emmersing myself in the mental.  this worked pretty good, continous very short head movies, exactly like dreams, i figured this was what it was about.

next thing i know i'm waking up. check my watch and its 2:35am.  whoops, somehow i passed out or fell asleep (personally, i don't see how someone could fall asleep, so i assume i tranced myself into unconcioussness)  at this point i feel almost completely normal and i'm like "fuck, another unsucessful trip"

so i go inside my house, sit at my computer and tell some of my friends online what happened. i begin eating a peice of chicken and some soda.    the whole time since waking up i'm still feeling nausea, while outside the trancing i was doing prevented me from vomiting, so i'm kind of pissed off, still getting the naseua even after the trip is over? (DUN DUN DUHHHH!)  after a little while, about 15 minutes i figure best to just go get it out of my system and i go purge.  sit back down at my computer and start typing.

uh oh

at this point, about 2:50am  reality starts shifting around in the way all trippers are familar with.  instead of normal just there reality there is those geometric distortions everywhere. 
i close my eyes and i see these very strong geometric patterns of red and yellow. 
much wierdness, my first thought was "oh my god, somehow i'm salvia tripping".  the second come on had all the characteristics of a salvia trip, especially in the "feel" of it.  however the closed eye visuals were a bit differnt, and the thing/patterns holding me and envoloping my mind/body are not salvia.  wierdness.  i'm doing okay, blah blah blah.  over the next 2 minutes it gets stronger and stronger and stronger, i must immeditatly get up and go lie on the couch in a fetal position, i feel very cold and even more so in any other position. 

at this point everything started going to fuck.  oh my god, to those of you have seen it how the hell do you describe it, i guess terence mckenna did the best job.
now strangly, i never got any hallucinations, no visuals except for the initial closed eye visuals and the shimmering geometric out of synch with my eyes open.
however, much like salvia, there was this whole other fucking dimension layered over reality, yet even when it filled my field of vision i could still see normal reality, if that makes sense.

the only way to describe what i saw would be...  i completely differnt way of percieving, filled with geometric patterns and colors.  also interesting is i now see what mckenna meant by wearing your mind on the skin. 

something, i assumed a plant or other entity (more on this later) was talking to me, it kept asking me if i wanted to see more.  this was done by subtle intuition, not really telepathy.  for a while i said yes, we talked a bit.  i attempted to focus on certain questions and goals but they went completely unanswered. (i believe, there was an instance of me attempting to contact a dead friend that appeared to be working, but i terminated it do to the hallucinatory gross nature of the contact, since i could see and know, i saw that the contact was not going on with the higher functions of the brain if that makes sense, and so it was more or less worthless).

i couldn't really handle it, and the plant was UBER nice and it allowed me to slowly leave each time i stated that i did not want to see more.  i kept wobbling as my concentration would come and go, i'd say i didn't want to see anymore and things would go back to normal, then i'd start getting lost in my thoughts and the next thing i know back in electric geometric world.
this peak lasted about half an hour, but it easily felt like 3 hours.

some of my thoughts at the time: if this is the pinnicle of what tripping has to offer then there is absolutely nothing to gain from me tripping.  this is direct communication with a plant or entity. curiously enough, just like all the really completely out there trips i have, the first thought was "what the fuck did i do!? i'm back here AGAIN" (it was defintely famliar, and once i was there curiously enough it was exactly what i expected, as though i had seen it all before.  however, before the trip and even right now i have no way of comprehending what it is like).  i kept thinking "fuck plants, fuck them, from now on i'm only taking synthetic drugs and i'm going to kill every plant i see, after a while it occurred to me that thoughts since they 're kind of inside out in that realm mean more than in our normal reality, so i apalogised and explained it was just a mantra to keep me stable, i then changed my mantra to thanking and respecting whatever it was that had brought me there and explaing that at the time i was not ready to explore that world.  also during the trip, various sickness in my own mind were obvious, mainly it was just fear of what accepting that world and learning to use it would do to my normal perceptions of reality (of which i like very much, and have just as much too offer me as the plants do if not more so), i was scared that if i went deeper into it that mindset would become apart of my nature.

some added comments:  i do not honestly know if i'll take it again (knowing myself, i'll almost certainly do it, but really, god help me for the things i do), but only in the most ideal of circumstances, possibly only in a traditional setting, or way out in the woods once i have completely accepted the idea of going deeper with the plant.  before this trip i kind of didn't think much of the traditional taking of it, but now i understand why it must be so helpful for keeping things good. 
it was extremely powerful, but i'm glad, i had my mind pretty together and nothing got out of control, it was mainly "i am scared, i don't want this to happen, so i'm just going to sit here and wait for it to stop"
i'm also extremely thankful to the plant or entity, it was very nice to me considering what it could have done to me for the thoughts i was thinking, and for my brazenness about taking such a big dose.
i personally can not believe that dmt, which exsists everywhere could be responsible for that contact.  in these morning hours i've come to believe that the rue was most likely what i was talking to, if not something completely differnt. i believe the dmt was probably the linking device, i would still be very interested in smoking dmt to see if its at all similar, hopefully it would be a little more self oriented than that alienness last night.
also, the rue and the caapi are completely differnt i believe.  now i'm far from experianced, but i was struck by the idea that the rue is the stronger tool for healing because its so hard on you.  heal or be uncomfortable.  the caapi seemed wonderously pleseant by comparision, and if i do it again i'll use the caapi.
also now i understand what everyone means when they talk about ayahuasca healing, i had always considered it part of the new age white lights and fluff brigade.

to sum it up real quick: electric alien forms, entity contact, me getting scared and not seeing how far deep the rabit hole goes.

if anyone has taken ayahuasca before and gone deep with it, i'm wondering if the plant has shown you anything you could use in daily life, please pm me.  (i was struck by how this morning i'm completely the same, not at all like taking some acid and then feeling all motivated and wanting to make all these changes)

also, this last part if for effed, the ayahuasca once again has made me realise how much i incredibly enjoy smoking cigarrettes :wink:

You can check the last post in my journal for contact info.

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Re: second ayahuasca trip, saturday. (Long) [Re: truekimbo2]
    #2086255 - 11/09/03 11:59 AM (14 years, 7 months ago)

Yeah... kimbo, what you described as "everything started to go fuck" is exactly what i get when fighting myself on mush... also, interestingly, last night I DEFINITELY felt a presence of "other" ness in my room, i made no contact with it, but at one point I distinctly remember gesturing to the room at last and saying out loud "Is this other being in here... is it us? or is it God?" Of course i did not believe it was "god" as such but definitely i felt the presence of something. Very odd.

I have presented the above as fact, but it is only based on one of an infinite number of possible theories, each of which is as true as the other is false.

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Registered: 05/15/02
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Re: second ayahuasca trip, saturday. (Long) [Re: truekimbo2]
    #2086464 - 11/09/03 02:08 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

Great report TK! I really enjoyed it.
I'm too lazy to reply right now...
We will talk about it later I'm sure.

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Registered: 08/23/02
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Re: second ayahuasca trip, saturday. (Long) [Re: Effed]
    #2089112 - 11/10/03 12:56 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

great trip report man.still havent experienced ayahuasca yet. still dont think im ready yet though im not sure if ill ever be ready but i know im going to experience it.id comment more but i gotta go get ready for a job interview.


"This stuff it makes pure mescaline seem like...ginger beer man" Hunter S. Thompson

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Registered: 03/28/08
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Re: second ayahuasca trip, saturday. (Long) [Re: matteo]
    #8209583 - 03/29/08 11:06 AM (10 years, 2 months ago)

plants care for us as good...or not so good...as we care for them. you have to have a personal relationship with the plant and she needs to know your intention.


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Registered: 04/22/06
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Re: second ayahuasca trip, saturday. (Long) [Re: Toga]
    #8225275 - 04/01/08 07:06 PM (10 years, 2 months ago)

Very good report. I am interested in this brew, and would like to first experience a more mild trip like you had. I found it interesting that you had spiritual guides of sorts (the plant that "Helped" you).

I believe with the advent of acid we discovered new way to think and it had to
do with piecing together new thoughts of mind. Why is it that people think it's
so evil? What is it about it that there is scares people so deeply? Because
they are afraid that there is more to reality than they have ever confronted.
That there are doors that they're afraid to go in and they don't want us to go
in there either because if we go in, there we might learn something that they
don't know. And that makes us a little out of their control.

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