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stranger ...than youthink
Registered: 09/12/03
Posts: 79
Loc: Southampton, UK
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Trip Report (almost a story): First time acid, near disaster
    #2062777 - 11/01/03 03:30 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

I just got back from probably the sketchiest night out of my life, and thought I'd write something up...

Halloween night. My friend, A, is determined to get acid and my other friend J and I decide to join him. A has done it a couple of times before, J has once. Everyone is talking about a halloween rave out of town and we figured someone there would be able to supply us, then the plan was to go back to town and get a bus/train to a house party somewhere, while tripping.

I get into town and meet up with A and J and some other friends and smoke a bit of hash with them to pass time. A tells me he arranged a lift off some guy he knew who was also going to the rave, and we had to meet him at 9PM.

9:10PM, we get to where we are meant to meet the driver and we know we're late and we begin to get worried, thinking he'd gone already. 5 minutes later he turns up and tells us he had taken a bean 15 minutes ago. Yay, driving with a pillhead, we all think, trying to cover any worry. The driver informs us he isn't going to the rave until 11, which is when it is set to start, so we smoke the time by and hang around with some buskers.

When time came to leave, we get in the car and drive off and run out of petrol a few minutes later, but thankfully a station is at the bottom of the hill and our driver puts in a very small amount just to keep it going. The driver claims he knows exactly where the rave is and that there is no need to ring the number on the flier, which is fine by us. Unfortunatley, on the way up the country roads, where we think it is has been blocked off by police who got there early and hoping to stop it before it gets going. We parked further up and took to the trees and paths and bushes and found a back route to the site, finding many other lost ravers in the dark.

This was all an entirely new experience for me, never been to a rave and not really interested in them as such, we were only really going to try and get acid.Once we got there, we realised police were up there trying to break it up already (at like midnight). But the crowd wasn't having any of it and the police got so much abuse they left. We then started asking everyone if they knew anyone who had acid, and quite a few people said "look for a woman with white and pink dread locks". Annoying thing about this is that there were probably about four girls who met this description and we probably asked a couple of them twice out of confusion.

We were getting close to giving up and all of a sudden A goes "There she is!" and I turn around and sure enough there is a woman (a fair bit older than all the other girls we asked) with pink and white dreads (looked funky in the UV lights). I go to speak to her, and as I do the police come back, this time in more numbers. Our conversation went like this

"Do you know anyone who has any acid?"
Looking at police "I might know someone a bit later"
"Do you know how much that person will charge?"
"?4 on the trip"
"OK I'll talk to you later"

I assumed she was going to wait for the police to leave again, as they were getting a lot of hastle again but nothing quite enough to merit arrests. But all of a sudden she taps me on the arm and says "I have 3 now, actually...I need to dissect them though" Me and A look at eachother, A is grinning like a nutcase. We quickly ring J who is off having a smoke and he legs it up we pulled our money together and somehow ended up giving her ?15. I was getting quite worried at this point cos we exchanged literally 3metres or so away from a police man and the crowd wasn't very dense. A goes to me "Put it straight into your mouth and they can't do shit! Don't hold onto it!" I suddenly felt a bit nervous, as I hadn't taken it before and it was happening quite fast. But I popped the blotter paper in (note: time taken was about 00:30AM), hardly able to see it in the dark, and we decided to go back to the car and chill out for a while so the police presence didn't sketch us out. We got the key of our driver who seemed very concerned with us trying to drive for whatever reason which seemed a bit hypocritical looking at his state.

All three of us crammed into the back of the car and skinned up again, quite excited about having scored acid and taking it. After about one and half hours A and J said they felt a bit like they were coming up but it was slow as hell. I felt a bit odd but I wasn't sure if it was just cos I was stoned. At this moment (2AM) our driver and his friend came to join us, saying the police had been driven off again but were still at the bottom of the road arresting anyone who attempted to go to the rave. We asked him to drive us back to town so we could get the bus to our house party but he then fucked us over and said he couldn't be arsed cos he was enjoying the rave too much. Nice one. So we figured we'd go back to rave and try and have fun there (none of us are the raver type, but we knew a fair few people there). I was a bit reluctant about this as I thought it might be a bit of a bad move for someone who isn't used to acid, but to be honest I wasnt really feeling many effects and didn't want to be on my own.

We figured we'd have to find another back entrance to the rave and it was pretty damn near pitch black. We found a group of late comers who wanted to know if it was still on and how to get there so we took them with us on a magical journey through some more dense forest. None of us had really come up and this wasn't hard although some close calls with police torches, scanning the ground. Apparently some people got chased through the woods trying to get in but this never happened to us.

Once we were there again, J decided he was sick of solid and wanted to get some bud. We recognised someone we often get bud off at the rave, sitting around outside with people, and he didn't have any but that he'd sort it out for us (he knew people who did have it). We then realised I didn't have my wallet which contained ?5, and without it we'd be ?5 short (J had paid ?10 for my acid cos I only had coins and I couldn't get them out right at the time so he just paid for me). I'll spare you the details, but basically we had to go all the way back to the car through hedges and trees and back to get my wallet, taking some more late comers back with us on the way back.

At this point I was feeling odd, quite warm inside and my head felt a bit like a buble...hard to describe, but I still didn't have any of the visuals associated with LSD, and J and A were bitching about the fact it wasn't doing much to them either. I found when I closed my eyes I got some interesting patterns and images which flowed into eachother, but I still wasn't convinced and always kept in mind it could just be placebo effect etc....It really was that subtle!

Our bud man came back and had a problem: He was getting two eighths, one for us and one for some other guy and he went to get it off someone else at the rave and he was handed one eighth and an empty baggie. In the dark he didn't notice and comes to give it to us and goes "Shit this ones empty?!". I had seen him walk to the guy he got it off and walk back and there was no way he could have pocketed it or whatever. He went back and complained but was told that he "must have dropped it". Bullshit to me but what can you do. Luckily the other was a pretty big eighth and we had to split it between us with the other person, although somehow we came out with quite a bit more?

J then sits down to skin up, hoping the skunk will bring us up more. Just as he is about to make the final role at about 3:15AM, literally 30-50 Police Officers, all in formation march up the hill and start making random arrests and breaking the rave up. The drunkards and brave people stayed and gave them hastle, but we could see it was futile and given our states we didnt want to get arrested, so J packed the half made joint away and we walked into the nearest bushes and disappeared. Our driver saw and followed us, as did a guy J knows from college was was coming down off pills and felt rough.

This is where things get weird. We spent the rest of the night wandering around the woods, running away from torch lights (police were sweeping through for stragglers). The guy from J's college turned himself in cos he needed a drink bad and was feeling nasty and had a fever. We continued hiding and moving away, stopping for a joint when we felt safe. We still hadn't come up to a "proper" trip, but we all felt odd and shadows in the dark (near pitch black save police lights) shifted around, and branches came up in my vision as solid black silhouettes but I couldn't tell how near or far they were. The path in the distance looked like a steep hill but when you went there it was flat. I keep thinking my friends were trees or that there was someone else there. Now the problem I have is HOW much of this was the acid, how much was me being paranoid, and how much was just cos of the fact it was DARK as hell? As time went on I got some definite effects, like an orange grid across my field of vision which was quite cool, and kind of spiders web shapes, hard to describe. We were all quite calm and collected despite the situation, and we found ourselves going in circles and finding ourselves dangerously close to the rave site or the road and having to duck because of passing cars.

The shouting from the rave site finally stopped around 5ish and we got moving again and managed to find the car. We decided the safest thing to do now was just to get in and drive in the opposite direction of the way be came so we didn't go past the police "barricade". So we drove around the woods and got to a carpark on the otherside where we decided to stop for the night. Our driver was coming down and wanted to sleep, but we were all rolling joints and giggling, despite the dissapointment of not coming up "properly". A went through fits of giggling which set me and J off. We looked at our mobile phones which had been in the car all along and the screens faded into eachother which was quite cool, playing the game "Snake" on the phone was also pretty interesting.

Our driver was getting annoyed at our constant smoking, eating (all his food), drinking (no alcohol, his drink again), giggling, shouting etc. and to be honest the guy is a bit of a prick who gets used for his car. Eventually he feel asleep (around 6AMish) and with that the few visuals we got went as well.

We spent the night smoking, and letting hot rocks fall on the sleeping drivers head and A burned a hole in his car seat. We took advantage of the food and drink in the car while the owner was asleep.

7:30AM Drivers head was full of ash, and sun is rising. We decide we can't be bothered with our driver anymore and that walking back to town (about an hour or two walk) via fields (mushroom picking always worth a try although we found fuck all). We ransack the car for food and drink and baccy etc. filling my bag and skip off into the distance (literally). A said he felt weird. He felt like he was tripping and had all the feelings but he wasn't tripping, just had the feelings that go with it. I agreed I felt pretty odd and it kept coming and going.

We all seemed very awake and lively for people who hadn't slept in almost 24 hours. On the way back, we took a look at the woods we had been scrambling through all night, and no wonder we were bruised and cut up. Bits of it were just think forest, nothing else to say about it. What we thought were paths were just rows are slightly larger gaps between trees. We went back to the rave site on the way and we were probably the first back since the bust, and was it was now daylight we took a look for stuff people had left or chucked when the police came. Was a bit dissapointing, we found quite a few lighters, a shrunken skull on a stick, some shakey bells, and really weirdly, a ?1 coin, which I had got out to pay the woman for acid with and given to A, but he had dropped it and then J had paid for me. We walked on and finally made it into town at about 10. We got the bus to A's house and chilled out there for a while, still feeling odd.

The day went on in town and then home where I am now, but the thing is I STILL feel the feeling even though it's been about 18 hours since we took it. I guess I'll probably sleep it off.

The reason I called this a near disaster was that if it had been strong acid, we would have probably been arrested, and thats bad enough sober. We also all agreed that we were probably tripping more than we think we were cos looking back we made some stupid pathfinding decisions and some odd things happened.

Anyway if you can be bothered to read all the way through that, comments on why the trip wasn't intense at all and why the bubbly warm light headed feeling is going on so long hehe(I am guessing it was just weak acid, but maybe you could pick up on something I said which we/I did wrong). I am honestly quite thankful it wasn't strong acid with all that happened, but I would definitley like to try it again stronger in a safer setting.

and to quote A cos he's funny: "Man I am so dissapointed I have to get us some real acid so we can go like proper loopy!" Yeh, he's a lost cause...

EDIT: Added a small bit of detail and fixed a few typos. I was knackered when i wrote this so excuse the past tense to present tense changes and stuff :P

Edited by Ajoc (11/02/03 06:49 AM)

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travel kid vs.amerika
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Re: Trip Report (almost a story): First time acid, near disaster [Re: Ajoc]
    #2062818 - 11/01/03 03:56 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

Good well written report. It may just be weak acid, or perhaps panic helped override some of the more subtle effects. Everyone's looking for huge visuals their first few times around...i get flowing patterns, and distortions, and swirls but its more noticable in the emotional/intelectual areas.


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Registered: 07/08/03
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Re: Trip Report (almost a story): First time acid, near disaster [Re: PDU]
    #2063155 - 11/01/03 06:42 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

ey, nice one!

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Registered: 05/25/02
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Re: Trip Report (almost a story): First time acid, near disaster [Re: Englander]
    #2064309 - 11/02/03 05:47 AM (14 years, 5 months ago)

Cool story
I never realised the UK police were such.. pigs  :mad2:

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Re: Trip Report (almost a story): First time acid, near disaster [Re: zeta]
    #2065495 - 11/02/03 05:43 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

That sounds like a realy bad enviroment to eat lsd to me.

This is the only time I really feel alive.

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Re: Trip Report (almost a story): First time acid, near disaster [Re: baraka]
    #2065549 - 11/02/03 06:01 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

sound like a movie, I found myself laughing almost while reading the whole thing. hmm...????

Jihad Is a Joke

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stranger ...than youthink
Registered: 09/12/03
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Loc: Southampton, UK
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Re: Trip Report (almost a story): First time acid, near disaster [Re: SJR]
    #2067309 - 11/03/03 07:38 AM (14 years, 5 months ago)

baraka: Yeh, thats why I said near disaster. We made quite a few dodgy decisions that night and it really shouldn't have gone like that if all had gone according to plan and could have been horrible if the acid had been stronger.

SJR: heh, glad my "ordeal" amused you, but yeh I find it funny looking back. Actually we were giggling so much it must have been funny at the time. And it probably would make an amusing/interesting short film. Could have been cool if we all had cameras strapped to our shoulders that night...

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Percussion isFree
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Re: Trip Report (almost a story): First time acid, near disaster [Re: Ajoc]
    #2067839 - 11/03/03 01:30 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

The part about you buying the acid is hilarious.  "Just put it strait into your mouth... right now!"

what a scene that must have been :lol:

namaste said:
no flamz in da ODD, if you got nothing to contribute then keep yo lips zipped

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Cynically Insane

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Re: Trip Report (almost a story): First time acid, near disaster [Re: Noviseer]
    #2067909 - 11/03/03 01:57 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

great trip report, it reminded me of the movie "human traffic" for some reason. that story could be made into human traffic 2 hehe

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The Power of theRiff Compels Me

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Re: Trip Report (almost a story): First time acid, near disaster [Re: buckwheat]
    #2068134 - 11/03/03 03:59 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

Great Story :thumbup:

Click the pic to hear some songs I've recorded.


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The Power of theRiff Compels Me

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Re: Trip Report (almost a story): First time acid, near disaster [Re: buckwheat]
    #2068136 - 11/03/03 04:00 PM (14 years, 5 months ago)

Great report :thumbup:

Click the pic to hear some songs I've recorded.


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