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Registered: 10/26/03
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Trip Experience: My First Time Last Friday
    #2048958 - 10/28/03 12:25 AM (14 years, 7 months ago)

Before shrooming this past friday, I was slightly scared about what could happen. I was also convinced I was going to throw up after I took the shrooms, which I heard is pretty common, but it still made me a lot more nervous than I would have been otherwise.
We each took an eighth of shrooms with chicken noodle soup, breaking them up in smaller pieces and letting them soak. I could hardly taste them, which was good.
Almost immediately, my stomach started feeling weird. I was getting so much adreniline from the excitement and insecurity running through my veins that my stomach was becoming upset. For about twenty or more minutes, while Vincent and Sheepy and Andrew joked around and Vincent told us what to expect, I was pacing the room, KNOWING I was going to throw up soon. I even turned on the light to the bathroom, placed a bottle of water and the toilet paper next to the toilet and would make sure that, where ever I was, I could get to the bathroom on time.
My legs started shaking, and felt very weak after standing for so long, so I took the advice of everyone trying to reassure me, and sat down. I sorta curled up in an arm chair and felt my stomach feeling a little better. My legs, arms, and hands were twitching all over the place, like they do whenever I get incredibly, incredibly high. That was my first clue that I was starting to trip.
My second, were the masks on the wall. Vincent has these two wooden tribal masks on the wall on either side of his tv. I was looking around, and the one on the right was suddenly looking at me. I knew it was the shadows on the wall where the eyes were cut out, but it still looked like it was staring at me.
At that point, Andrew started talking to me. I suddenly started to cry. I couldn't stop, and I didn't know why I was crying. My head felt like it was about to float off and I just couldn't stop crying. Whenever I would try to stop, my chin would start quivering and a sob would break out, and I'd just cry harder.
Andrew kept stroking my hand and telling me that it was okay, that I was going to be okay. We talked for a second, me through my tears, and something we said was really fucking funny, and we started to laugh. Except, when I laughed, it turned into sobs really quick. It was like, the only way I could laugh was to cry.
I calmed down after a while, and Vincent told us that it was common for people to laugh or cry uncontrollably when they trip. It was nice having Vincent there, because he'd done it a few times before, and was there to guide Sheepy and Andrew and I, the first-timers, through it all.
I hadn't had a cigarette since the day before, and I was getting upset about it. I was talking about how I should have gone to the store and gotten a pack before I had taken the shrooms, and Sheepy told me that she had one cigarette in her car. Just one. I was overjoyed, and since Andrew wanted to go outside anyway, we walked out to her car to retrieve the cigarette.
Walking down the stairs wasn't too terribly hard, but as soon as we started across the parking lot, I realized that I was walking and talking very joltingly. It felt like, in a movie, where every other frame is cut out, and it's all very jerky. I would look at one thing while walking, then move my line of sight a few feet away, and I wouldn't be able to remember what was in the middle, as if that one frame had been cut out. The street lights were pulsing and shining rainbow colors.
Andrew got me the cigarette, and as I took it and looked at it, my fingers and the cigarette looked incredibly long and thin. I wondered if I was going to be able to smoke the entire thing, it was so long.
We went back inside for Andrew to use the bathroom, and on the way back up the stairs, it felt like I was walking across a loose, wooden bride, like the ones on children's play equipment. Then, the whole apartment building started feeling like it was swinging from side to side. It was very fun. I was walking up the stairs, clutching at the side of the building and Andrew was laughing at me.
It was freezing outside, and we could see our breath on in the air. We had a lot of fun exhaling and then walking through the cloud. I was in heaven smoking that cigarette. When I went to light it, it still looked incredibly long. As soon as I flicked the lighter, everything went back to its correct perspecive. After the fire was gone, my fingers and the cigarette were long again. I found that interesting.
The grass felt incredibly thick as we walked out toward the small stand of willow trees behind the building. It felt like I was walking on a gigantic sponge, and my feet sunk into the ground with every step. The trees were amazing. I felt like they could start talking to me at any time and it would be perfectly natural. Andrew and I stood and talked for a while, thinking about how perfect this all would be if it were summer and we were barefoot. We could lie down and stare at the stars. I suddenly felt, very acutely, how much I loved him, and almost started crying again. He walked up ahead, letting the willow leaves brush against his head, and I felt scared that he was leaving me, so I ran after him. We stood and admired a willow leaf for a long time. It was so perfect and beautiful, and almost at the same time, we leaned forward and blew on it to make it rock back and forth.
I wanted to sit down, so we walked across the yard to the little sitting area. We sat down on a bench, and there was a large bed of dirt and mulch in font of us. I focused on a small weed growing about two feet from me, and realized suddenly that the ground was breathing, and making it grow. I saw the small little veins in the dirt that rain had made become deeper, and the ground would heave upward and inward, the center being the little plant. And every time the ground would 'breathe', the plant would grow a little.
Andrew started talking about the stars, so I looked up. The stars became about five times as big as they usually are, were very bright and blue-tinged, and they pulsed and swirled around. I could clearly see animals and other shapes, and it almost looked, at one point, like the sky was spinning around. It was so beautiful, I only realized how long I was looking at them when a crick formed in my neck.
Andrew told me to look behind me, at the parking lot and the buildings. Then, to look back at the yard. He said that it felt like we were between two completely different worlds: the world of man and nature. We pondered that for a while, and I told him about the ground breathing and the plant growing. He called me a damn hippie, and we got into a slap-fight, laughing until we couldn't breathe anymore.
We decided to go in, and I realized that the building and stars rocked only when I was going UP stairs, not down them. We got in, and Sheepy was lying on the floor next to the boombox, listening to the trance techno that Vincent had put on. Every part of her, except her head, was covered by a pink blanket, and as we walked in, she said it felt like she was being torn apart. The music sounded wonderful and really added to the trip.
I went to the bathroom and, as I sat on the toilet, looked at the door across from me. It was breathing, just like the ground outside. It kept expanding and expanding, like it was taking one gigantic breath. While I was washing my hands, I caught something moving in the mirror. The shower curtain, which I knew wasn't really moving, was swaying very gently and gracefully back and forth, and the pictures of grain on the curtain were swaying too. It made me very happy, like everything in the bathroom enjoyed being there and was having fun. I spent a lot of time looking at myself, but don't remember anything weird happening to my reflection.
I went back out and sat in my chair, and everyone else was talking about how it looked like the hall was getting smaller as it went on, and we were getting bigger when we walked down it, like that scene in Willy Wonka when they walk down the hallway, and it keeps getting smaller and smaller.
Vincent and Andrew began to play Rez, and Sheepy was still listening to the music. I had brought along cds and my player to listen to my own music, so I took a blanket, curled up completely under it, and put Pink Floyd's Pulse on. I only got through the first song, before absolutely NEEDING to put Radiohead's Kid A on. As I listened to the music, I realized that the sounds weren't coming out of the headphones that were on my head, they were all around me, and I was in the middle of the song. I thought that I could take my headphones off and still hear the music. Behind my eyelids, geometric shapes were shifting and changing colors, and everything was very vivid and beautiful. When I listened to Kid A, the colors and shapes behind my eyes all swept to one side, and it felt like I was flying with the music. At one point, I opened my eyes and signed the sign language alphabet in front of my eyes with the beat of the music, and was amazed that I could still do it. It looked so graceful and fit really well with the music.
After listening for a while, I emerged and saw that Vincent and Sheepy and Andrew were all gathered around the boom box, still playing trance techno. Sheepy and Vincent were drawing on a sketch pad, and Andrew had his notebook out and had written in it. I took the pen from Andrew and tried to read what he had written. I knew it was written very clearly, but it was very hard for me to organize and understand the symbols on the page. That's what I thought of them as, not letters. They were symbols that I knew the meaning of. I drew a few shapes, and even though the pen was black, the lines I drew were coming out all different kinds of colors. I drew a three-pronged shape, and kept tracing it over and over. Each time I drew over it, the lines under would change a different color, so I could see each individual line I had drawn. I drew an eye, and it blinked at me.
Drawing was addictive. Everything that came out of that pen was so very interesting to look at. At one point, I wrote something like, 'Black becomes blue and purple and red and green.' I wrote something else after that, which I can't remember, and then wrote, 'How cliche is that?' afterward. I had written something terribly cliche'd about shrooming or tripping or whatever, and had to make sure everybody knew that I knew it was cliche. I started to laugh at what I had written, and everybody scrambled to see what I had done. They read it haltingly, (I guess they were having the same trouble reading as I was having), and we were all laughing and giggling about it. They told me to draw a single line through the 'How cliche is that?' to make it even more funny, so I did, and we went into another fit of giggles.
I really wanted to sit down and write something profoundly intense or something, but I just couldn't think of anything to say.
All of us gathered around the boom box was pretty funny. We were all lying on our stomachs, heads together, the notebook and sketch pad between us and the boom box.
I suddenly remembered about the game Frequency, and Vincent put it on for me to play. I didn't even think about what my fingers were doing, but I ended up playing incredibly well. I was told afterward, that I played Frequency for at least two hours straight. It didn't feel like that long at all. While I played, I came down from my trip. At that point, it was getting around three in the morning. We had started at ten the night before, so about five hours had passed.
Vincent and Sheepy and Andrew, all of whom had taken more shrooms in the beginning than I had, (we each had taken an eighth to begin with, and they supplimented), began to smoke up when they realized the shrooms were wearing off, to prolong the trip. I decided not to smoke up, but it smelled very good, and with all the smoke wafting around me, I'm sure I got a little high.
But it was really fun, after I had mainly sobered up, to watch the other three still trip. Andrew was lying on the floor under a blanket, Vincent was in an armchair, and Sheepy and I were on the sofa. We put Spirited Away in and were sorta watching it. We had the Japanese audio playing with English subtitles, but the subtitles were actually closed captioned English, so it had '[footsteps]', and '[laughing]', and other things like that along with the translation.
I told Vincent that it was the wrong subtitles, and that it was for deaf people. But he insisted that it was for the blind. I kept trying to explain to him that blind people wouldn't be able to read the subtitles, and they could hear someone laughing, so why would they need closed captioning? He wouldn't listen and kept by his answer. He also kept urging the girl not to get 'spirited away', which was very funny.
I was taking my contacts out, and had the bottle of saline solution with me. Andrew asked me if I was holding whipped cream, and I told him it was saline solution. Sheepy then asked if there WAS whipped cream, and I told her that I had seen some in the fridge. THEN, Vincent looked at me, and asked why my saline solution was in the fridge. Because I was much more sober than they were, this whole conversation was both hilarious and annoying, because they weren't understanding anything I was saying!
At one point, Andrew started to say something that nobody could understand, and then, when he realized that it didn't come out the way he wanted it, just said 'shit' in a very deep voice. We kept asking him what the hell he was trying to say, but he couldn't remember. He told me afterward that he was trying to say something, but he would screw up and one word would come before when it should have gone after another word, and he got frustrated about it all.
All in all, the entire trip was very enjoyable, which is good for my first time. Andrew and I agreed that we needed to do it again in the summer, at his house, which is surrounded by woods. It was really mind-blowing for us, when we were tripping the hardest, we realized that a lot of what we were experiencing we had seeing in movies about drugs. We were amazed that those movies were mainly correct about the outcome of drug use.
I am no longer scared to do shrooms after the fabulous trip I had. I want to say though, there are a few cardinal rules about tripping:
1.) Trip in a comfortable place where you feel safe. It's very important to know your way around the place you'll be tripping in. Make sure that you're comfortable being there, and make sure you'll have the place to yourself for at least six or eight hours. It's also a good idea to trip in a place where there's a park or a forest outside to go walk in. Nature rules when you're tripping!
2.) Trip with people you know and with whom you feel safe and comfortable around. I have known Andrew and Sheepy and Vincent for years. I feel safe and comfortable with every one of them, (except with Sheepy when she's driving), and their presence made my trip a good one. It's also good to have someone who knows what's going on, like Vincent. Make sure you're with people who you don't mind being completely vulnerable with, because that's what tripping does to you. That's why it's important to trust who you're tripping with.
3.) Make sure, beyond any doubt, that you want to trip. That's one place where I went wrong. I was scared beforehand, and almost didn't want to trip. When I was eating the soup with the shrooms in it, my hands were shaking. That's why, at first, I had such a bad time with my stomach and with all the crying. I was scared about what was going to happen to me. But that's where the people you trip with come in. Without the comforting presence of Andrew and Sheepy and Vincent, I may not have had a very good trip.
Shrooming IS a life-changing experience. I look at everything with a different light now. I wouldn't suggest shrooming if you've never smoked up. It's like taking the feeling of being high to the next level. Don't think of shrooming as just another kind of high. It's not. It's a very real, mind-blowing experience that NOBODY should take lightly.
4.) LISTEN TO MUSIC!!! Music is everything when you're tripping. You can listen to a song you've hear millions of times and find a new way to hear it. It's amazing. Truely amazing.
That's about it, really. I also strongly suggest drawing, trying to write or read, playing games like Frequency or Rez, and walking outside.
I think that's about it. Good times, good times.

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Re: Trip Experience: My First Time Last Friday [Re: Atreau]
    #2049196 - 10/28/03 01:27 AM (14 years, 7 months ago)

Nice detailed report , man! I love frequency, but I can never play it when I'm high. Too hard to keep it in beat. Your trip sounded a lot like my first trip! Cept we watched Fantasia 2000. This movie is amazing. I suggest you watch it next time.

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Re: Trip Experience: My First Time Last Friday [Re: Atreau]
    #2049942 - 10/28/03 09:26 AM (14 years, 7 months ago)

An excellent post, well written, enjoyable, sounds great. Good first trip, man.

trying to lose the monkey mind a little bit

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Re: Trip Experience: My First Time Last Friday [Re: seraphim]
    #2050023 - 10/28/03 10:35 AM (14 years, 7 months ago)

I wish I could have fun on mushrooms.....I took an 8th of homegrown cubes 2 months ago when i was in my continuation school...Nobody seemed to notice, or care.

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Re: Trip Experience: My First Time Last Friday [Re: ]
    #2050176 - 10/28/03 12:28 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

Atreau, that's a KILLEr trip-report :smile: Thanks for the smiles :smile:

And hey "EraserHead," you had said "I wish I could have fun on mushrooms.....I took an 8th of homegrown cubes 2 months ago when i was in my continuation school...Nobody seemed to notice, or care."

What the hell are you talking about, dude? "nobody seemed to notice, or care?" Umm TAKE DRUGS FOR YOURSELF, NOT FOR EVERYBODY ELSE, and for christ's sake don't take them at school...

Anyway, thanks again for the great report, Atreau. Be sure to come back and post anything you suddenly remember or any cool thoughts/questions that came to mind :smile:

And please post a report of that trip next summer too :wink:

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Re: Trip Experience: My First Time Last Friday [Re: Atreau]
    #2050240 - 10/28/03 01:11 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

nice trip,they get better as you go and you have an idea of what to expect without any fear.

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Re: Trip Experience: My First Time Last Friday [Re: Atreau]
    #2050608 - 10/28/03 02:52 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

very well written....very fun to read, thank you for sharing... :thumbup: 

how's your WOW?

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Re: Trip Experience: My First Time Last Friday [Re: wrestler_az]
    #2050906 - 10/28/03 05:00 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

shit, you make me nostalgic of my trips now. you definitely had an awesome time.

i think you will enjoy your second trip much more because you won't be afraid or anxious of what will happen. you'll probably want to experiment more and really take part in your halucinations.

awesome stuff!

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Re: Trip Experience: My First Time Last Friday [Re: tezcatlipoca]
    #2052028 - 10/28/03 11:48 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

excellent report! :thumbup: you made me really want to have some shrooms right about now!  when you said you were coming down from the trip i started to feel like i was on the comedown too, lol...because i was enjoying reading the trip part!


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Re: Trip Experience: My First Time Last Friday [Re: TODAY]
    #2054768 - 10/29/03 09:54 PM (14 years, 7 months ago)

Thanks for all of the responses!  It was really enjoyable and I look forward to summer.  I'll be sure to post another report then.  This is a great site; I'll be sure to come back often. :rolleyes: 

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