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Report/ My First Trip
    #1931140 - 09/19/03 02:00 AM (14 years, 9 months ago)

Okay, this was written for english composition. That is why it is in the third-person present perspective. I managed to write a trip report about my first mushroom experience, AND a valid english essay in one step. Two dead birds, one stone. Anyway, it's a bit corney, but enjoy.

Keith recently turned eighteen, he is lost, he has no idea what to do next with his life, he is simply baffled by his existence. Since his childhood, his parents, the government, the army, teachers, and others have told him that adulthood begins at the age eighteen. Keith believes that at this age he should have a greater understanding of the world around him, an adult perspective. Now, halfway to age nineteen, he does not feel like an adult. In fact, he does not feel he understands what adulthood means. He begins surveying local persons, asking them what they believe determines adulthood : Most people tell him that age determines adulthood; some say financial independence equals adulthood; others say that political consciousness brings adulthood; while a minority has no real response, they simply tell him that someday he will know.

While Keith watches TV, a documentary about Native American culture broadcasts. A specific part of this documentary strikes Keith's interests: "The Rituals of Native Americans". He finds the rite of passage into adulthood most intriguing. In this ritual, a shaman helps the young men (usually age thirteen through eighteen) of the tribe awaken their spirits and attune their souls with nature using ethno botanicals (mescaline and psilocybin). Afterwards, the young men are considered adults, new wisdom of the world helps them understand why they're alive. After discovering this, he wishes to experience this rite of passage, he begins researching shamanism.

After many days of researching, he decides to emulate the Native's ritual in his own way. He would be his own spiritual guide. On Saturday he will go onto his father's land, a very secluded area, away from highways and any cities. There, he will build a fire, consume psilocybin-containing mushrooms (sacred mushrooms, as the Natives call them), and hopefully have an experience that will help him gain a better understanding of his existence.

The day of the ritual finally arrives, Keith has never been so eager. His parents are out of town for the weekend, he has no worries. He drives toward his father's land, out into the thick pine forest. It is October, the trees have just begun to turn brown for Fall. The road is old and bumpy, most of the rocks have washed away over the years, large holes have developed where they once were. Several rabbits cross the road along the way. After several miles of jarring and jerking, he makes it to the end of the road, where his father's land begins. He opens the gate and enters, his father's land is 150 acres of open field in the middle of a pine forest. Straight ahead of the gate is a small one-bedroom house used for camping, in it are just the essentials; an old wood-oven, food, and a bed. In front of the house is a ring of cement blocks used for campfires. The house is surrounded by sparse groups of pine trees. Keith drives to the house and parks

It is four in the afternoon, Keith intends on beginning the ritual at eight in the evening, when the sun begins to set. He begins collecting the sacred mushrooms, they are quite abundant this time of year, he ends up with thirty Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in a paper sack. He then collects firewood from the patches of pine trees around the house until the sun begins to set. He silently prays that all goes well.

By eight in the evening Keith has built a large fire from the limbs and sticks he gathered, he brings a rocking chair from the house outside and sits it by the fire, he creates a make-shift table from the cement blocks. He sits the bag of mushrooms on the table and begins to eat them raw, they taste like earth, exactly as he would expect the dirt they came from to taste. Everything about them seems pure and natural, maybe a bit too natural, perhaps. He decides add a bit more flavor to them with peanut butter. The peanut butter completely masks the taste. He eats ten mushrooms, he begins to feel giddy and silly. He continues eating, he manages to get five more down, when he decides he's had enough. At this point, his body is tingling, and suddenly, his situation becomes amazingly hilarious. He laughs, the sound of his laughter makes him laugh more, he believes he's gone lunatic, so he tries to act normal. He manages to stop the laughter, and realizes that his consciousness has definitely been altered. The flames of the fire appear to move smooth, not jumpy and chaotic as usual, very fluidly. All becomes tranquil. Night has settled in completely, and the stars are out.

The stars, they appear in such quantity, he has never seen so many. He has never appreciated the night sky much, preferring the day's morphing clouds to the stagnant stars. But now, the astral kingdom seems like the most intriguing aspect of the universe. All the stars, they shine so bright, he's able to see patterns and shapes formed by the brighter ones. He now understands how the constellations were named, each person must see images relative to their knowledge in the patterns.

Keith becomes thirsty, so he goes inside the house. As soon as he walks in the house, he notices his perception is distorted. The patterns in the wallpaper begin to move, patterns appear in the carpet. He equates this to the idea that there must be some order to chaos, otherwise it couldn't exist. He then links this idea to the yin-yang theory that everything must have balance in order to exist. He marvels at the beauty of the things he normally perceives as mundane. Everything is so detailed that he feels he could spend eternity gawking at a chair. The texture of the walls, the dirt on the floor, Keith's body all seem to connect in strange some way, but he's unsure how.

Keith manages to break away from the bedroom's grasp, and makes his way to the kitchen. Keith gets a cup out of the cabinet, gets the orange juice out of the fridge, and pours a glass of orange juice. The process seems to take an eternity, but it's worth it, the orange juice tastes fantastic. Keith's sense of taste seems widened, he experiences juice as if he never had it before. He closes his eyes as he drinks, shutting off sight seems to heighten his appreciation. The taste and smell seem to transport him to an orange grove where the juice came from. He imagines the juice being transported to the store where his father bought it. He breaks concentration from the juice, he decides to listen to some music.

Keith leaves the house and goes to his truck. He's going to use the truck as a jukebox, not transportation. Keith steps inside the truck, he puts the key into ignition and turns it back, so he can listen to the stereo. Keith puts in the album Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd. He turns the volume up, reclines the seat, lays down and closes his eyes.

Aural pleasure ensues, every note and word manifests an emotion. As the music plays a wave of colors washes over his vision. The colors turn into kaleidoscopic patterns, inexpressible geometries form. The taste and smell of orange juice lingers, this seems to affect Keith's other senses. e begins to lose control over his body, his mind races, but he remains calm, these feelings are for some reason familiar. The senses are still merging. All of his senses; taste, smell, sound, touch, and sight seem to all be working as one. During the final climax of the album, Keith feels himself becoming light; as if his consciousness could leave his body. The album ends.

Keith's spirit leaves his body. His senses are now completely folded into one, his soul. Keith is put into an envelope and mailed to God. Keith feels a higher presence, communicating to him not in words, but in divine revelations. In this metaphysical conversation, Keith gains much knowledge. He now understands the connection he felt between himself and his surroundings. Keith realizes that in this physical plane that everyone and everything exists in, all things are composed of molecules, when he looks at anything he is seeing a piece of the larger structure, God. He also believes that every memory, abstract thought, imagination, religious belief, artwork, fantasy, creature, person, planet, star, galaxy, and universe are all a part of God.

Keith feels at peace with himself, and slowly returns back to normal consciousness. Keith leaves the truck, goes inside, and lays in bed. He meditates, thinking about everything he learned, until he finally falls asleep.

These new realizations have a huge impact on him. Keith now believes in God, never before has he had any religious beliefs until now. The idea occurs that maybe there is a religious plane, where all the deities occur, in that plane everyone's religious beliefs exist.

Keith has a new appreciation of nature and art. He frequently walks through forests and parks, marveling at the beauty of plants, animals, and mushrooms. He also goes to museums, spending much time admiring the thoughts artists have decided to display physically.

Keith now feels as if he's an adult, not a typical adult as defined by modern society, but a self-defined adult. A spiritually-aware being, with enough experience to handle situations he may be confronted with. Keith feels sympathetic to others who have not had an experience like his. He tries to explain to those who are lost as he once was, how they can be found through introspection. They don't understand his words, though. He feels a barrier between himself and these types. They just stand with blank stares and no responses. Keith tells them that someday they will be found, but for now, they should go home and just watch some television, there's a good documentary about Indians on Public Broadcast tonight.

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Re: Report/ My First Trip [Re: Aaladorn]
    #1931359 - 09/19/03 03:15 AM (14 years, 9 months ago)

great report - let us know what the teacher writes on it :smile:

Insert an "I think" mentally in front of eveything I say that seems sketchy, because I certainly don't KNOW much. Also; feel free to yell at me.
In addition: SHPONGLE

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Registered: 08/18/03
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Re: Report/ My First Trip [Re: Strumpling]
    #1933225 - 09/19/03 07:02 PM (14 years, 9 months ago)

I know how Keith feels. Sometimes when I try to introduce certain ideas to some people, they're not interested in hearing it.


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Eternal Chaos

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Re: Report/ My First Trip [Re: Smaug]
    #1933361 - 09/19/03 07:50 PM (14 years, 9 months ago)

Woah. I must admit, this is one extraordinary beautiful report. I never sensed the presence of a God of some kind in my trips... Maybe I should focus more on divine spirits and signs in my future experiences.

I'm floating in the sea of stars,
I'm drifting away from the shore
I will be lost in the dream when the dark days come
But I will make the time run backwards and
I'll make the stars shine again

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Re: Report/ My First Trip [Re: Snape]
    #1933656 - 09/19/03 10:21 PM (14 years, 9 months ago)

I would not have the balls to turn that in...

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Registered: 09/28/02
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Re: Report/ My First Trip [Re: domite]
    #1935128 - 09/20/03 11:37 AM (14 years, 9 months ago)

I actually retyped the entire thing in the library before I turned it in, and fixed lots of errors and passive-tense phrases. I'll post it when I get it back.

Before I turned it in, I typed a disclaimer and put it as the front page, telling him what I did was illegal, and not to hold it against me. Good news is, when I turned it in, I saved the file as "shamanism" on my disk. He told me that he actually wanted to be a shaman at one time.

Why wouldn't you turn it in? I had to write a story about what I believe to be an important event in my life. I asked him before I wrote if it could be about *anything*, he said yes. My professor is really open-minded it seems.

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Octi Doci

Registered: 02/03/03
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Re: Report/ My First Trip [Re: Aaladorn]
    #1936120 - 09/20/03 07:50 PM (14 years, 9 months ago)

Its a good story but there are a ton of comma splices.

"He opens the gate and enters, his father's land is 150 acres of open field in the middle of a pine forest."

This should be two sentences.

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Registered: 09/28/02
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Re: Report/ My First Trip [Re: OctopusDr]
    #1937646 - 09/21/03 12:43 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)

Yeah, I didn't proof-read before I posted this. So, at school, I retyped it. I corrected a lot of mistakes. I'm sure I missed a lot, like that one. There is a reason I'm in English composition. I didn't complete high school, I don't have proper education. Sorry if my grammar is indecipherable.

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Mysterious Traveller

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Re: Report/ My First Trip [Re: Aaladorn]
    #1937790 - 09/21/03 02:01 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)

5 shrooms for you, congrats on your enlightenment.

My 3 proverbs:
1. School is for people who don't know stuff.
2. Jobs are for losers.
3. Reading is for people with nothing better to do.

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Reality Hacker

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Re: Report/ My First Trip [Re: Aaladorn]
    #1938924 - 09/21/03 11:00 PM (14 years, 8 months ago)

Good report. :thumbup:

What if everything around you
Isn't quite as it seems?
What if all the world you think you know,
Is an elaborate dream?
And if you look at your reflection,
Is it all you want it to be?

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