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Divine Hermit of the Everything
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Registered: 02/19/02
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One hell of a night
    #1913103 - 09/13/03 03:20 PM (16 years, 10 months ago)

Me and a freind needed to replenish our stashes so we drove downtown to pick up a dime bag, if it was a shitty dime then I was just going to pay for half of the dime and we'd just smoke that. I brought an additional $20 in case the bag was fat, so I could help match the dude while having an additional bag for my girlfriend. Well, the dime turned out to be "pretty straight" so we drove over to this other complex so the dealer could buy some more shit to deal us. He got out of the car before a locked gate, this was downtown Atlanta past midnight in the early morning of 9/11 so we were pretty paranoid as to whether we should turn the headlights off, keep them on, or use the parking lights. I was also worried about fronting my 20 bones, the only I've ever seen a rip off was when money was fronted... Anyways, we kept flipping the headlights on and off, each time weighing the pros of the action and then weighing the cons which would result in changing the headlights setting yet again. The dealer called from inside the house to tell us to keep the lights on! After an extended period of nervousness, the dealer came back into the car with a fresh ounce. But instead of giving me a double dime bag, the dealer asked for my friend?s dime bag so that he could add $20 of bud to the dime bag; this set the stage for a later argument on how to divide the bag.

After dropping the dealer off we went to a nearby gas station for gas, and a blunt. When we got there, we found out the gas pump wasn't working so my friend just went to get the blunt. After the purchase he came swiftly out of the store paranoid as fuck because there was a cop in the vicinity... we took off! We went down the road a bit and found a really chill neighborhood to roll the blunt, which was a Phillies peach flavored, and supposed that the entire bag was 2.5 grams. At this time I confirmed my suspicions that the bag contained two different kinds of grass. In the bottom were two nugs of a particular shape, and on top of that laid more dense buds which appeared to have come from a different plant. I took a few buds out of 'my' portion to reward my friend?s participation in a quest that yielded to three parties a pleasant green bounty. My friend rolled the blunt, and because it was a slim blunt (though as we found out burned perfectly) I had promised him more hits once we reached the confines of my dwelling. We resolved to exhale out of the car windows instead of hot boxing the car, something that we have rarely done... And with no apparent clouds on the horizon, the blunt was lit.

An appealingly smooth texture and aromatic compounds thrilled our senses; I had for an entire summer searched for the cerebral high of the sativa strain... as I had grown tired of the couch-lock and stupefying effects of the indica. Hurray for this late-blooming plant! I was very pleased that the superior yielding, later blooming sativa had userped the tyrannical indica that had blighted my entire summer. After my friend tamped out the roach and put it into the ashtray, we set off on the journey home.

The euphoric rush of the flowers was counterbalanced with an acute paranoia. We were naturally afraid cops, my friend was driving a car with expired tags (emissions inspections) without a license that allowed late night driving... and to top it off we reeked of reefer and were carrying a sizable sack of weed. Our plan B was to eat the weed in the unlikely case that we were stopped. The highest priority was keeping the body of the car inside the lines of our lane, which I thought my friend was neglecting to do. But we spotted a car that had been pulled over by a cop up the road, and he straightened up pretty well. We were shocked when a second cop car drove past us and pulled over next to the first cop that has pulled over the aforementioned vehicle. We drove passed this spectacle with a feeling of relief, but that quickly dissolved when we realized that the second police car has dispatched from the first and was now following us!

"Oh fuck, he's following us"
"I know, dude we smell like weed"
"It's all in our heads; this guy is going to pass us"
"Act cool; don't give him a reason to pull us over"

At this we relaxed, I didn't look into the rear view mirror incessantly and we assumed he'd pass. That is when the cop turned on his cherries and berries and my heart sank. My friend grabbed the bag, determined to swallow it and upon realization the feat was impossible, looked at me helplessly. "You take it, I can't have this on me" And after a moment of reluctance I took the bag and shoved it down my pants. We had probably driven about a mile before we pulled over. The cop walked up to the driver side and asked why the tag was expired. He also asked why the gas tank flap was open (hastiness at the gas station) and why the he was driving with out a burnt-out headlight. All of these damning violations made my blood pressure rise. When was the cop going to turn towards me and say, "What?s your name?" and "How many grams of marijuana are in your pants?" but this inquisition never came. After asking my friend to step out of the car to examine his faulty head lights (he later claims it was a subtle DUI test) he asked if there were any weapons (of mass destruction) in the car. The honest reply was "No" and he let us off with just a warning... we later totaled it to be 7 law infractions (he was driving without car insurance.) That police officer has good karma coming to him, because we could have been completely fucked. And my friend?s parents didn't even know he had left the house... Driving while intoxicated, expired tags, no insurance, illegal substance, paraphernalia, license violations, open gas cap... and there were probably more!

We drove through back roads on the way back because we didn't want to be pulled over a second time by another, perhaps less lenient, cop. I was so happy to back in the protective confines of my room. I had promised my friend more hits, but he declined... he did have to drive back to his house after all. There was the task of dividing the weed which the dealer has so neglecting put into the same bag. My friend insisted that the bag that I had protected, and risked a majority of cash for be divided evenly... and so pressed me to accept a 5 dollar bill so he would get half of the bag. I defended the claims of 2/3rds of the bag; I did after all owe half of what I got to my girlfriend. He insisted that I split the bag into 2 parts, accept the pay off, and lie to my girlfriend about that amount that I got. I added a condition; he was to accompany me downtown the following day to acquire more weed to make up for what he was trying to take. After accepting this, he insisted that my half be assimilated into his... he had been working under the guise that I'd be selling him a portion of my weed, which I was able to distinguish from his easily because it was more dense and was a different color. Again he turned that I break up my weed so that I would get half of 'his' and he would get half of 'mine' He is very tricky fellow... and he divided it so that one pile had a few small dense nugs and a second pile would have a greater majority but not as dense nugs. Frustrated that he was still trying to jew me, even after I had supplied him with a generous amount of my alcohol stash a day or two before, I added all the weed to a jar and shook it to divide all pieces evenly. I dumped this jar upside down on a flat surface... and divided the circle of weed in half right down the middle. He accused me of keeping trichromes that were stuck to the inside of the jar, and so he smacked it... but I detected nothing from falling out. After quite some time he still couldn't decide which pile looked bigger (I guess that makes my system of dividing fair) so I placed a penny heads up near one pile and a penny tails up near the second pile. I asked him to call his choice while I flipped a third penny. He got tails, I recall, and took the tails pile and put it in a bag. After keeping me up an additional 45 minutes into the school night with his bitching and bickering, he asked me if he could keep his bag at my house... I was like 'Hellz no!' and after he left I was able to doze off and end my stressful night.

This story elaborates a post by 2Experimental:
?that story may sound bogus, but its 100% percent true.. me and my friend were high when we got pulled over, and it was a sativa strain so I was trippin out for a second foreal. and then I found a cool and was like talking to the cop, and he asked me to step out of the car, and I was like ok, and he asked if I had any weapons, and I was like "no" and he said ok, get back int he car. and then he went back to his car, and 5 mintues later he gave me my license back and said " have a good night" I was llike THANKS!?

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Divine Hermit of the Everything
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Registered: 02/19/02
Posts: 7,575
Loc: border of Canada and Mexi...
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Re: One hell of a night [Re: TheShroomHermit]
    #1913104 - 09/13/03 03:20 PM (16 years, 10 months ago)

The following day, my girlfriend arrived from out of town and I told her the events of the previous night. We decided that my friend should accompany us downtown in an effort to replenish the sack that my friend had demolished. My girlfriend drove, as my friend has taken legal advice from a LEO not to drive a car without a headlight or a tag. It seemed that no one was selling downtown, but we managed to get ahold of a dime bag from the same dealer as the previous night. My friend inspected the bag, and then I inspected the bag... I even loosened the tight knot on the bag so I could smell it. Then my friend asked to see the bag again, and so I handed the bag to him (he was in the back seat) and he started going through it. I got the idea to light a small bit of it to see how it smells and so I asked for it the bag back. My friend said hold on, and I was all "Come on, yo" and he finally handed it back after a couple of seconds. I opened up the bag, which appeared a little smaller than what it was 30 seconds ago just before I handed it to my friend. I also noticed a bare stem in the bag which wasn't bare/there before. I've always considered to be evenly scored with my friend, or rather not to have a score with at all. Indeed I would give generously what I had, and he would endeavor to do the same. We did drugs on several occasions, and I felt that if he wanted some bud then all that was needed was to ask it. Instead his actions, and this is conjecture because I didn't actually witness them, left doubt in me that I never thought could be possible. I neglected to pay for the bag, not out of malice but out of forgetfulness... He was supposed to prepay for a respectable selection of spirits that I am to purchase, and this $10 is going to cover some of that.

?I worked today on 9/11 and people were leaving hella big tips. I was like sweeeeeet. but then my friend smoked our stash and now I dont have any weed and dont want to go get some cause last night I got pulled over, with weed on me, a roach in the ashtray, an expired tag, one headlight out, no insurance, smelling like herb, an open gas tank, AND It was 2:26 in the morning. The crazy thing is, even though I was violating 8 laws that could have easily fucked me and my friend in the car with me over, he let us GO FREE... man thats good karma there... police karma++? -2Experimental

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Male User Gallery

Registered: 07/15/02
Posts: 12,988
Loc: Chicago, USA
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Re: One hell of a night [Re: TheShroomHermit]
    #1913155 - 09/13/03 03:39 PM (16 years, 10 months ago)

i cant believe i read all of that, very thourgho re creation. sounds like the shit that happens to me everyday of my life, smokin weed and avoiding the fuzz at all costs.

When chemistry is outlawed.. Only outlaws have chemistry:rainbowdrink:

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Reality Hacker

Registered: 07/28/02
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Loc: Traped in a shell.
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Re: One hell of a night [Re: TheShroomHermit]
    #1913387 - 09/13/03 05:26 PM (16 years, 10 months ago)

I don't see how this story is special. I think it happens to all of us at some point. Just learn not to do what you did the way that you did next time.

What if everything around you
Isn't quite as it seems?
What if all the world you think you know,
Is an elaborate dream?
And if you look at your reflection,
Is it all you want it to be?

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Registered: 05/16/01
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Re: One hell of a night [Re: TheShroomHermit]
    #1913421 - 09/13/03 05:45 PM (16 years, 10 months ago)

Are you sure that's good karma for the cop? Maybe since he let criminals free, he will get bad karma.

(if there was such a thing)

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Registered: 05/24/02
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Re: One hell of a night [Re: TheShroomHermit]
    #1913776 - 09/13/03 07:43 PM (16 years, 10 months ago)

Cool stories  :smile:
But I don't get it.. why are you fabricating stories based on statements made by 2Experimental?

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Folding@home Statistics
Registered: 07/14/03
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Re: One hell of a night [Re: zeta]
    #1913930 - 09/13/03 08:40 PM (16 years, 10 months ago)

I'm pretty sure he is a RL friend of 2Experimental...at least thats what I got from it.

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Re: One hell of a night [Re: TheShroomHermit]
    #1913940 - 09/13/03 08:46 PM (16 years, 10 months ago)

wow that was lame, man wtf, get a lif and get a decent pot hookup, and learn how to eyeball sacks if yo udon't ave a scale to divide that shit

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Registered: 05/18/03
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Re: One hell of a night [Re: ]
    #1913951 - 09/13/03 08:51 PM (16 years, 10 months ago)

I read all of that shit too and now I am thiking WTF?...and the FTW(fuck the world....the law)

Live each day like it will be your last, tomorrow my never come.

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OfflineIts Pat
Don't OD dipshit nub.
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Re: One hell of a night [Re: TheShroomHermit]
    #1913974 - 09/13/03 09:02 PM (16 years, 10 months ago)

That cop smelled that bud, you know it! He just didn't want to spend four days doing paperwork for a drug violation, since it was only pot. Also, scoping you guys out making sure you weren't no real criminals with bad intent.

Thats funny though, the shit some people have to go through to get bud. What a MIssion!!


DreaderThanDread - Listen!
(druqs said) don't get arsey, just get RC.

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Registered: 07/17/02
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Re: One hell of a night [Re: TheShroomHermit]
    #1914028 - 09/13/03 09:26 PM (16 years, 10 months ago)

I forgot if it was the same story UI was reading a couple times because it was so long.

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old hand

Registered: 08/01/01
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Re: One hell of a night [Re: TheShroomHermit]
    #1916597 - 09/14/03 08:34 PM (16 years, 10 months ago)

The blunt roach was in the ashtray the whole time?



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