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...Live from myhut

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Report: Approx 3 grams cubensis creeper
    #1864890 - 08/30/03 04:22 AM (17 years, 5 months ago)

Approx. 3 grams Psilocybe Cubensis Creeper

Strapping In
On this night I was with my friend Z. In the time that I have known Z, I have known him to be extremely generous. It was again demonstrated because prior to taking me home (he had some things to attend to), he handed me a foil ball of Psilocybe Cubensis Creeper dried mushrooms at no charge.

I had previously planned to purchase a gram of dank and spend most of the night hanging out with some friends of mine who had done me plenty of favors in the past. I always feel obligated to return the favor, though in a more idealist sense, my closer friends and I don't see the need to count favors.

I had already called J1 to come by so that I could buy a gram (he moves a bit for another friend of ours). I didn't know the exact weight of the dried shrooms given to me by Z, so I was going to try to find a scale, but after speaking to Z on the phone he told me the foil ball probably contained 2 to 3 grams. The time was 12:30 AM, I was alone, and I decided to consume the contents of the foil ball. (Side note: peat moss tastes terrible, though I'm generally not bothered by such things)

I decided to go on a short walk while I waited for J1 to arrive. Within fifteen or twenty minutes, I felt the effects on approach. I called Z to thank him for his generosity, and to inform him that I got the sense that creeper mushrooms were excellent (he had yet to try any of this strain). I told him of how intense things were already, and he offered to come by and pick me up at any point if things became a problem. (Z is an example of a damn good friend... laid back, generous, and empathetic)

Psychedelic Hell
Soon after, J1 arrived with J2. J2, being the shortest of the pack, got in the back seat, while I plopped down in the front. I had let J1 know on the phone that Z gave me free mushrooms. It became apparent in a few moments to J1 and J2 that I had already consumed my mushrooms 30 minutes prior. J1 seemed upset... I guess he wanted me to share the batch. I apologized - I hadn't known J2 was going to be with him, and J1 had a single mushroom experience before deciding to never trip again. I guess he changed his mind. In any case, I bought the gram, and as we were driving around, started to pack the bowl of J1's pipe.

At this point, I was pretty hot and sweaty. I was beginning to slide into a bit of psychedelic hell, basically because of some crappy body load I felt. (I had again made the mistake of eating mushrooms with an already-slightly-edgy stomach). As I took my first hit, I started coughing excessively. I passed the bowl, then opened the door of the moving car and began to vomit out the side. (We were on a residential street thankfully). J1 eventually took the cue and stopped so that I could make sure not to get too much of it on his car door.

Unfortunately, J1 and J2 know little to nothing about tripping. I found out that they had their own mushrooms that they were tasked with selling. They both decided to buy some for themselves and eat a bit. J2, though, said "I don't know if I want to eat these... I don't want to end up like that." I scolded him for the effect such a statement could have on my trip. J1 accused me of freaking out, and seemed upset at my state. I suppose they just don't understand. In any case, I quickly viewed my decision to call them that evening as a mistake. They're good people, just the wrong ones to be around when tripping.

In any case, we got back in the car and decided to head to J1's apartment where I could wind down and have a good time. J1 and J2, in the course of driving, had both consumed a few grams. When we arrived at the apartment complex, we had to park in the guest parking area (J1 did not have a parking permit). As soon as I got out of the car, I laid down in the parking lot, though I struggled to get up when I saw a few cars drive by.

So began the walk. From our position in the guest lot to the apartment, we had to pass by the hot tub and quite a few apartments. The walk was one I'd always hoped would be interesting, but unfortunately, my mind was preoccupied with wanting to fall over and lay down every few steps I took.

We eventually arrived in the apartment, and I barricaded myself in the bathroom.

Reality in a Small Room
The first order of business was to use the restroom. I did so then layed down on the ground. At this point, I was strongly feeling the typical psychedelic energy pouring out of the walls. It was like the sun rising in the morning... my experience began to feel good.

I asked J1 if I could take a shower... he didn't have a problem, so I proceeded to do so. The water felt great, but I felt best laying in the tub with the shower water falling from high up. I kept cycling between the tub and laying down on the floor. When I looked up, I realized the CD boombox was in the bathroom, and with a grin, turned on some music.

But they kept knocking on the door. Apparently, my shower was taking quite a while. They wanted cigarettes, so I gave them my pack and told them to leave me some. J2 wanted my phone, so I lent it to him, and told him to take care of it. J1 kept asking me to come out, so I finally did. I decided to lay down in the darkness of A's room (who was gone at the time) while J1 and J2 were in the den. At this point, Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon was playing from the CD boombox.

Here comes the high point of my experience. I came to the cleanest perception of everything I have ever held. I realized that the nature of things could be traced back to Infinity. Within infinity is our universe, our galaxies, our planets. Time is merely an interpretation of infinity. The things that occupy our physical world were interpretations of infinity. "It" became a giant fractal.

Best of all, it wasn't just in the abstract that I saw infinity. It became a part of my conscious experience as real as anything else. I felt like Neo in the end of the first Matrix when he finally sees in code. I could see infinity infinitely forking in infinite directions.

J1 came in asking for some weed, so I decided to let him pack a bowl. I handed him my weed and sent him on his way. I ended up calling D (a friend from Berkeley who was around for my first trip). D and I talked for a while, and then I decided to conference Z in. The process of doing so was a bit odd... I had to navigate tons of menus on my phone to find the right option. As I was doing so, though, I was quite pleased with how many options my phone offered me. Each one was tailored to do something I might want my phone to do.

Eventually, Z and D were on conference. I told Z of my experience, and he was amazed by its intensity. Z and D and I talked about reality for a while. D dropped out to go to bed, and Z offered to come by and take me for a drive. I told Z, "Sure, come along."

The bowl made it into A's room at this point, and I smoked a bit. For some reason, I've found that weed really doesn't seem to affect my trips at all. J1 came in for a while, and we talked about perceptions of reality. Unfortunately, he's either not a very eloquent speaker or I've gone radically further in my experiences. I'd say the latter is more likely. He left.

I was greatly enjoying the Pink Floyd when J1 and J2 told me they'd be leaving for an hour to drive some random stranger they encountered home. I was amused, but fully empathetic to the guy's situation, so I sent them on their way. z called and asked if I really felt like I needed to get out - he was quite tired. I told him I was fine, and to get some rest.

I've found that my powerful trips tend to follow the same basic chain:

Consumption -> Come-on -> Chaos -> Settling in with the chaos -> Incredible perceptions and lucid thought -> Metaphorical Applications -> Comedown.

I was in the metaphorical applications phase. I had managed to make a bit of a mess of the bathroom, so I ran about the apartment picking up everything I could, awaiting J1's arrival back, as well as A and J3 (who also lived in the apartment). I put all of my clothes back on. A and J3 soon arrived. We talked, and I smoked them out. J1 and J2 arrived, seemed to have had an excellent time.

A went to bed, so J3 and I went on a walk. We found a bench I would later brand the "trip bench", sorrounded by some colourful plant life and tall apartments. Him and I smoked a few more bowls and chatted. I told him of my trouble with J1 and J2. We had a bit of a talk with J1, then when J3 got tired I decided to go home. J1 drove me home, and after cooking a small breakfast, I fell asleep.

In retrospect, I believe this experience was the most profound experience I've had yet. I also have to look back and label it an extremely good trip, despite the hell of coming up around J1 and J2. Z called me several nights later while under the influence of the same strain, to comment on how I was right about the intensity. All I could do was smile. :smile:

It's become clear to me that during a phase of psychedelic hell, I feel best naked and by myself. Has anyone else had moments like this?

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Re: Report: Approx 3 grams cubensis creeper [Re: Unabomber]
    #1865166 - 08/30/03 08:56 AM (17 years, 5 months ago)

...Yep, that sounds a lot like the creepers I've had myself.  :wink:

It goes from psychic hell to "Oh, wow, that was one of thebetter experiences of my life."  :wink:

"Do we want the stars? We can have them. Can we borrow cups of fire from the sun? We can and must and light the world." --"On the Shoulders of Giants", Ray Bradbury

All of my posts are full of fiction and blatant lies.

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Registered: 06/17/03
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Re: Report: Approx 3 grams cubensis creeper [Re: Sev]
    #1865216 - 08/30/03 09:54 AM (17 years, 5 months ago)

At this point, I was pretty hot and sweaty. I was beginning to slide into a bit of psychedelic hell, basically because of some crappy body load I felt

i find that indica, is quite the bad thing for a trip. sativa is much more paranioa free in any situation. regardless it soundl like you learned alot. good job and



"in times of widespread chaos and confusion, it has been the duty of more advanced human beings - artists, scientists, clowns, and philosophers - to create order. In such times as ours however, when there is too much order, too much m management, too much programming and control, it becomes the duty of superior men and women and women to fling their favorite monkey wrenches into the machinery. To relieve the repression of the human spirit, they must sow doubt and disruption"

"People do it every day, they talk to themselves ... they see themselves as they'd like to be, they don't have the courage you have, to just run with it."

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Fungus Fan

Registered: 07/02/03
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Re: Report: Approx 3 grams cubensis creeper [Re: ZippoZ]
    #1865265 - 08/30/03 10:48 AM (17 years, 5 months ago)

Nice report man, sounds like you had a good time. Can't wait until my next trip! Peace guys.

"With a bit of luck, his life was ruined forever. Always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of his favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he'll never know."

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