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Moonrock eater

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open-minded thinking or to much pot?
    #1659989 - 06/25/03 12:36 AM (14 years, 11 months ago)

Whenever I am high I come up with these theories about people, myself, and the government. Ussally the higher I am the more bizzare they become. I always forget to write them down, and I always forget them when I am sober. Well I was pretty high today, but not tottally gone, I smoked one small bowl of dankies to my head, so I was going nicely, (and I still kind of am, it wasent to long ago) The weird thoughts started comming and I started writing them down this time!

Well, a Convo, Ill copy and paste the shit here, tell me, is this Stoner-ramblings or actual complex thoughts?

[this time it was all about the government, so maybe it belongs in the political fourm, send it there if you want]

Sorry about the grammar, but Microsoft word is fucked on my computer(and my spell check), and I am to high to spell.

Sombie: you know, ive been thinking
Adam: what
Sombie: America's government has become a buaeocracy. (spelling?) Sure we have freedom of speech, but our government leaders never exersise it, they hide behind shady spokes men who give flawed logic that the public is to lazy to argue with, the only government leaders that DO stand up to the administration in power either take such a nonaggressive stance that it wont do anything, or they really have no power.
Sombie: meanwhile we (the public) change the channal away from c-span, and instead watch the next American Idol clone, and get our news from sources that can hardly call themselves unbiased (Cnn, fox news)
Sombie: but of course we still vote, because it would be unpatroitic not to, but of course we dont have the time to think about who is voting on your opinions, you have party lines to do that for you, and we just vote for who we are told to vote for
Sombie: if we get unsatified we can elect them out in 4 years
Sombie: but the only oposistion is just as bad
Sombie: and we are to lazy to make new oposistion, because we cant throw our votes away!
Adam: Of course, you expect something different when the parties are supported by the same companies?
Sombie: its bull shit man
Adam: Politics always have been
Sombie: i never thought id say something good about britian, but their government leaders just fucking yell at eachother, instead of just saying "oh our unoffical word is that it did not happen right then with that thing it wont, and didnt, not happen."
Adam: But, our government only really got bad around the turn of the 20th century when they started to really control things
Sombie: look at all the critizicim going at tony blair for the lack of WMD
Sombie: and now look at bush "oh, we might need to investigate, but we always need to do that after everywar"
Adam: Hey look, you have to give him credit. He was just looking for a way to kick out saddam
Sombie: and of course, my prediction is that if bush starts to fall behind in the race... he can always just say he found them and then be like "if these guys ran the country, you would have been nuked by now, see we found them!"
Sombie: ok, so we are goign to kill 1000s of iraqis and 700+ U.S. soilders, to take over a country, not beable to control it at all, make it even more of an anarchy then before, Start allowing racial profioling for "homeland security", all while Afganaistan is still in shambles and the governers there have little to no power, and the same will be with Iraq soon.
Sombie: (the racial profiling im talking about back home, i threw that in for no apparent reason other then that i am high)
Sombie: so, am i making any sense? or am i just really high?
Adam: You realize that saddam has killed tons of his own people? And that he should have been out of power in the first gulf war? That we just got there and of course can't make it perfect yet? Afghanistan has a lot of history, it doesn't get fixed in a year and a half?
Sombie: True he has murdered tons of his own people, but how many have been imprisoned in our own country over unjust drug laws? over 100 people suspeciously linked to the clintons have come up mysteriously dead, Plus, there are tons of other dictators around the world that do what saddam has done and WORSE, but we just stop trading with them, and in the case of china we gave them the Most favored soverign nation award shortly after Tienemimin square!
Sombie: We were only in the gulf war to get the Iraqis out of Kuwait btw
Sombie: it was never about getting Sadam out
Adam: I know, but we should have disposed him
Adam: The CIA backed a failed coup yet we didn't stop him during the invasion for some reason
Sombie: and we arnt talking about a little shooting here and there in Iraq, we have Hannarabui code and other irreplaceable artifacts that are being stolen
Adam: You know bill clinton had a chance to kill osama bin laden?
Sombie: yeah, not to mention not to long ago we SUPPORTED osama
Adam: And you know, we can't attack china because they're our major trade partner and are trying to profess
Sombie: then Saddam "Might" have supported "Al-quaida Like " terrorist we have to go and rage war on him?
Adam: Of course, he didn't go wacky until after that. He even lost support with the saudis, but was a hero when he took the russkies out of afghanistan (a soviet occupation of the middle east would have been worse than him)
Sombie: oh, so MONEY is more important then human rights? then why did we go into Iraq?
Sombie: for money, (oil) or human rights?
Adam: We needed a public reason to put him out of power
Sombie: we wont sacrifice money for china
Sombie: hell, we reward them with shit
Sombie: and they did just as bad of stuff
Adam: You realize that china was under mao for years, but under diem it started to grow? They can't reach civil rights after a short time, but why destroy the country while it's growing and can change itself?
Sombie: if you call running over protestors with a tank growing, then you need to reconsider "Growing"
Sombie: sure their economy is doing better
Sombie: but only because it had become more capitalist.
Sombie: it hasent given anymore rights to its people
Adam: Look, with their shift to capitalism, they government can't keep on doing what it's been doing for that much longer
Sombie: and why is that? we are capitalist, but we already established that they changed america from a democracy to a bueaocracy (you never gave me the spelling on this, help im high) Whats going to make the people in china change to a decent government, when they are already corrupt and we are trading with them?
Sombie: and giving them the most soverigne nation award
Sombie: so how can we justify attacking Saddam, when we are not only turning a blind eye to china, but praising them as well?
Sombie: sure we would lose money, but what should be more important? money or truth?
Adam: the government was highly centralized before, it is the shift to capitalism that lowers their control. Chinese communist power will decrease like our lack of civil rights is increasing. Slowly but surely. Our beauracracy only really started when FDR put the govt into control of many things
Sombie: and you can predict that china is ganna lose power and Saddam wouldn't have?
Adam: China has the largest army in the world and is our biggest trade partner. we CAN'T attack them now when they have a chance to change
Sombie: we dont have to attack them, but we dont have to trade with them
Sombie: and support them
Adam: They're OUR major trade partner. We get a LOT from them. What else would we do?
Sombie: but hey, we need money right? so lets support people that kill people for the same reasons the taliban did, but since its by a big government with a large army, and lots of little 9 yearolds in sweat shops its ok, right?
Adam: It's NOT OK but we can't end it now
Sombie: we would lose lots of money if we stopped trading with china, i admit that, but what is more important? Money, or people's lives?
Adam: as for attacking saddam, our focus is on the middle east right now. there is a lot going on there to be concerned about
Sombie: by trading with them we are giving the government money, and by doing that we are slowing down the change that might happen.
Adam: They were already fucking there people before they became our biggest trade partner
Sombie: yes, alot to be concerned about, all the intelligence we have gathered said that the terrorist in september 11th came from saudi arabia, so we shall counter attack by occupying Iraq?
Adam: Geographically, being in iraq means we have access to ALL of the middle east and it puts dickhead saddam out of pwoer
Sombie: they should have never been our biggest trade partner, and if our government really didnt like human rights violations like they say they do, they would stop supporting a government that is just as bad as the people we are taking out of power, no matter how much money they may lose.
Sombie: China isnt goign to attack us for us not trading with them
Sombie: you missing the point of my argument really
Sombie: i am saying, if it wasent corrupt, then we wouldnt care about how much money we would be losing, we would care about people's rights, like we say we do.
Adam: I don't think you get it, by losing all this money, we lose a lot of economic and production power. If we lose that, then we're fucked in war
Adam: actually we would because if we just cut of trade with china, it would put them in a position to be militarily stronger than us
Sombie: but china would lose just as much, we still have tons of trading partners, India and Japan can make us all the bouncy balls we need.
Sombie: and certaintly, we dont need to be giving them the most favored soverign nation award?
Adam: And if they bring up more trade with our rival nations?
Adam: We need to keep them happy. Who would you rather have?
Sombie: Europe would most likely support us in that, atleast western europe, Japan and South korea would as well, Mexico would support us for oil, even if they wont go below opec prices, India needs the money to keep trading with us, so they would most likely take a non-involvement stance
Sombie: any other country hates us anyway.

More as it comes.

here is the poll.

Open-minded or To much pot?
Dude, you just tottally blew my mind...
Lay off the bong, stoner.

Votes accepted from (12/31/69 07:00 PM) to (No end specified)
View the results of this poll

"America... just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable." - Hunter S Thompson

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tangential derivation
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Registered: 04/17/01
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Re: open-minded thinking or to much pot? [Re: Sombie]
    #1660035 - 06/25/03 12:49 AM (14 years, 11 months ago)

You seem to be seeing things through eyes more clear than most  :wink:

Others see it too, don't worry.

Once, men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free.
But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.

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Moonrock eater

Registered: 12/07/02
Posts: 2,643
Loc: Stafford, Virginia
Last seen: 8 years, 3 months
Re: open-minded thinking or to much pot? [Re: Sombie]
    #1660047 - 06/25/03 12:53 AM (14 years, 11 months ago)

shit, I fucked the poll, and it wont let me edit, here let me fix it.

To much pot, or smart thinking?
Dude, you just blew my mind!
Lay off the bong you hippy!

Votes accepted from (12/31/69 07:00 PM) to (No end specified)
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"America... just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable." - Hunter S Thompson

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Interested In Your Brain
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Re: open-minded thinking or to much pot? [Re: Sombie]
    #1660054 - 06/25/03 12:55 AM (14 years, 11 months ago)

The whole conversation kinda unraveled at the end there. Your statements seemed on the mark to me, but I'm a bong-smoker too, so.

Your friend seems to have overlooked some essential realities:

1) The United States has no business poking it's nose into Middle Eastern political, economic, or religious affairs to begin with.
2) The United States does so regardless because it's interests in the Middle East do not extend beyond power and wealth.
3) Force cannot be overrun by more force.
4) George W. Bush is a reckless lunatic, even for a Republican.
5) Saddam Hussein was/is not unique in his tyranny.
6) Both Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden were brought to power and aided with billions of United States taxpayer dollars.
7) Saddam's long-since-extinct Weapons of Mass Destruction originated in the United States during the late 80's.
8) The United States is the blooming seed of Satan.


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jazz messenger
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Re: open-minded thinking or to much pot? [Re: Ped]
    #1666257 - 06/27/03 02:39 AM (14 years, 11 months ago)

"8) The United States is the blooming seed of Satan."\

haha, it's so true.

"It is not wise to shine like jade and resound like stone chimes"

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