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What is the truth behind Disney?
    #1640981 - 06/17/03 10:30 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

After watching disney movie after disney movie, I cant help but see hidden messages.

I have come to love disney, and when I have a kid I will make sure he , if he wishes, gets to see all of the Disney movies he wants.

It seems as if they make it obvious in many of their movies what humanity has become , and seem to almost try ot direct or guide humanity.

has anyone else noticed disney is somewhat more "special" than most film companies?

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: tekramrepus]
    #1641222 - 06/18/03 12:14 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

no dude... disney has a horrible record with supression of creative freedom, made propaganda videos for the military, participated in the co-oping of psychedelia, perpetuates false (see: eurocentric) historical accounts-- (I don't think that pocahantas _wanted_ to leave america) not to mention their mcdonalds-type wholesale nature....

what is appealing to you in disney movies (while you're tripping or rolling, of course......) are the perennial, archetypal themes and situations. this is the stuff of basic myth, 'cept with good (nowadays) animation.

now, I think that it is certainly profound that even 'normally' cynical tripped out people gravitate towards this "feel good" type stuff. Perhaps these platitude-in-a-story moral lessons resonating with meaning - at least in altered states - can provide some reinforcement or faith in a ridiculous situation.

oh, and their either good to gay people and get heat for it from the christians of its the other way around... I can't remember.

The ultimate meaning of our being can only be fulfilled in the paradoxical leap beyond the tragic-demonic frustration. It is a leap from our side, but it is the self-surrendering presence of the Ground of Being from the other side.
- Paul Tillich

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Endo Smoke

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: Malachi]
    #1641342 - 06/18/03 01:17 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)


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The Witness

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: tak_old]
    #1641501 - 06/18/03 03:54 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

i love disney and you make a good point supermarket ive never really analyzed a disney movie cause there for kids and all that. but i read your post and starting thinking and i get what you mean. the only beef with disney movies i have is that they cant make one without someone in the main charaters family dieing in the very beggining. lion king, bambi are some examples. oh and malachi they are nice to gays and the christian coalition banned its members from going there because of it. disney world is one of the few places that gays can go to and rent a room as a couple and not forced to pay for two seperate people. also they have a big parade on gay pride day. at least that how i remember from a 60 min(or one of those shows like that 20/20, 48 hours, who knows) episode. peace


"Religion without science is blind, Science without religion is lame." Albert Einstein

"peace is not maintained through force it is acheived through intelligence." Albert Einstein

"Those who desire to give up Freedom in order to gain Security, will not have, nor do they deserve, either one."
Thomas Jefferson

"To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical." --Thomas Jefferson

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: blaze2]
    #1641572 - 06/18/03 05:33 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

hrmm, Gays must bring in more $$$ than christians then...

I know what you mean Supermarket, but I agree with Malachi, though I believe there are some good intelligent people in the business with some real messages hidden somewheres (probably the animators)

I think the same goes for videogames.

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1up on the rest

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: Grav]
    #1641679 - 06/18/03 07:25 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

Go watch the lion king, and when Simba sees his father in the clouds, right as he's running after him as the clouds are blowing away get ready to freeze frame it - the clouds dissappear and simba plops down in the flowers on the edge of the cliff - for *1* frame the dust from the flowers spells sex. Once you see it, you'll see it everytime.

No one knows the worth of innocence till he knows it is gone forever, and that money can't buy it back. Not the saint, but the sinner that repenteth, is he to whom the full length and breadth, and height and depth, of life's meaning is revealed. Good and evil loose all objective meaning and are seen as equally necessary and contrasting elements in the masterpiece that is the universe.

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OfflineKenny Bus
The enlightend

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: nubious]
    #1641710 - 06/18/03 08:01 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

yea there was supposed to be a lot of sexual hidden animations like in alladin the roof tops looked like tits or cocks or some shit, i was never bored enough to confirm it but i think it was in the news. and imho most kid shows/movies have positive messages, like the smurfs, i like sponge bob hes kool, i have a sponge bob pillow who always saves me from bad trips


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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: Kenny Bus]
    #1642178 - 06/18/03 11:50 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

Walt Disney was an occultist.

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the lense
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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: Middleman]
    #1642204 - 06/18/03 12:01 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

my dad always told me that child size dungeon chambers with child sized shackles on the walls were found in the basement of Disney's mansion.

it's probably just a joke....

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: Clean]
    #1642234 - 06/18/03 12:17 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

I tripped on acid at Disneyland and there were hidden messages EVERYWHERE!

or... maybe not.

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: Kenny Bus]
    #1642243 - 06/18/03 12:22 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

wasnt the smurfs communist propaganda...so someone says

get it all together get like birds of a feather

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: tekramrepus]
    #1642385 - 06/18/03 01:08 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

In Lion king when the leaves are falling from the tree 4-5 leaves stop in mid-air and form the word sex and tits

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: RiderGZ]
    #1643242 - 06/18/03 11:45 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

I think that there's some 'hidden' stuff in fantasia. or it could've been the acid.

if you look closely at the cover of the little mermaid, there is a cock in the castle.

The ultimate meaning of our being can only be fulfilled in the paradoxical leap beyond the tragic-demonic frustration. It is a leap from our side, but it is the self-surrendering presence of the Ground of Being from the other side.
- Paul Tillich

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: tekramrepus]
    #1643262 - 06/18/03 11:52 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

Someone sent me this a while ago:



There are many symbolic messages being told in the world today, but more
often than most we don't see them for what they are. I've broken these
Disney stories down in my own interpretations of their symbolic meanings.
Remember, even though some of them contain blatantly obvious
inner-meanings, we may all have a different understanding of them. I've
listed what I think they mean, but even having said that I'll probably
still get letters from people saying "IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT!!!". I'll just
answer right now with, "YES IT DOES!... to me at least."

Beauty And The Beast
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
The Lion King
Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
(closing thoughts with the Doctor)


1. The story started out with a guy dealing drugs in the streets. After he
pulled out a pot pipe (hookah) he then pulled out a lamp and the story
began. (his vision, and his enlightenment [lamp] starts right out under the
influence of drugs).

2. Out of his lamp (golden vial) of drugs, he poured out a powder
(chemicals) and threw them into the sky (airwaves) to make the stars
('celebrities' - drugs have enlightened many).

3. Jafar (J-Jesus- afar), an evil sorcerer (the Christian "God of fear and
control") stood at the entrance of a cave, which was actually a huge
panther head (black=dark-spirited CAT= opposite of dog/dogma/God, hence
'antichrist') who was called Allah. A lamp (enlightenment) and a treasure
were inside (of the mouth, i.e. WORDS OF GOD). But Allah said that Jafar,
the evil sorcerer, could not enter (cannot hear the words, nor receive the
lamp/enlightenment), because "only a diamond-in-the-rough could". (stars
being created/diamonds= stones of value [the rock of the
church/rock-n-roll], yet even though they were created from the star-powder
[celebrity-chemicals] of the lamp, as shown in the beginning, they were
enlightened by it also [at which time they will no longer be

4. Aladdin stole food (eat=knowledge) because he was hungry (without
knowledge/fasting), but gave it to children and went without (ROBINHOOD
SYMBOLISM, i.e., steal from the rich to give to the poor - this is also the
Biblical symbol of the swine [rich and greedy people] building their own
wealth so that we may all inherit it in the New World, thus the reason for
the creation of money/greed, as well as the need of world's destruction to
inherit it. "For God so loved the world" that he gave his only BEGotfen

5. Jasmine the princess was forced by law to marry a prince (become
MARRIED= ONE with the Mother/God/Prince of Peace), but she had to be
married by her 21st Birthday (the 21st Century/ when she finally grows/
spiritually adulthood) which was only three days away ("on the third day",
and the beginning of the third set of thousand years). But she didn't like
the law. (in other words, she has no freedom of choice to think as she
likes, neither religiously nor socially).

6. She was protected by a tiger (another CAT [opposite of Christian DOGma]
and "by his stripes {of a tiger} we are healed" [a bible quote regarding
whip-marks showing his SUFFERING], and yes, by that pain they have caused,
we will now be healed of Christianity).

7. She looked into the sky (looks to the heavens) and saw birds (spirits)
fly into the sun (the Son), then she climbed over the fence (the WALL of
separation built by all religions) and left the palace which she had never
been out of (showing her new found freedom from the constraints of the
Beast, led by spirits [birds] to finally be allowed to have thoughts of her

8. Jafar (Christianity) held a stick, with a snake-head on it, over her
father's face, and hypnotized him into giving him his ring (they use the
fear of Satan, thereby brainwashing, for monetary gain. This symbolizes the
connection [ring] made through evil, hypnotic pretenses), but the ring
shows Jafar who the diamond-in-the-ruff is, and it is Aladdin (Allah

9. Aladdin saved Jasmine (J/Jesus as mine) from false accusations of
thievery (admonishes the Christian's for falsely slandering his name) but
he was imprisoned for helping her (he is trapped within Christian control)
but Jafar (Christianity) disguised himself (wolf in sheep's clothing) to
get Aladdin out of prison, but only because he wanted the treasure in the
panther's mouth (words). Aladdin went into the panther's mouth for the lamp
but he was trapped by the panther (trapped within his own enlightenment)
and everything started burning and he fell into a pit (goes into perdition
like Jesus did), but a genie came out of the lamp and granted him his
freedom (God comes to him to lead him out of religious

10. Aladdin, pretended to be a prince because of the law, and took Jasmine
on a magic carpet ride (takes the Christians for a ride) past birds
(spirits), horses (horsemen/musicians) and a pyramid (the Mt. Luxor, the
Tower of Babel/Bible).

11. The Genie (God of enlightenment/lamp) that gave the Aladdin his powers,
was tricked by the evil Jafar (Christianity) and was trapped by him having
granted him powers that even he could not control (God was imprisoned by
his own words... the Bible, by the people who gained their power from it).
But instead of Aladdin using his last wish to become a prince so he could
marry his love, he used it to free the Genie (he gave up his first and only
true love, PLANET EARTH/the Old World, so that we may finally have FREEDOM
to do whatever it is we please in the New World).

12. The Sultan, impressed with what Aladdin had done, changed the law so
that Jasmine and him could be married. And the Sultan said that with all he
had done, he was worthy to be a prince (the prince of peace) and he even
changed the law to say that Jasmine could marry anyone she wanted to, and
of course she chose Aladdin. (he fought for freedom and won the fight).

CONCLUSION: This story has many more symbolic meanings than I have
mentioned here, but it is basically told by a drug dealer in the streets,
similar to the Alice in Wonderland story, explaining the enlightening
factor that drugs can sometimes provide. Yet mostly, it is a fight for
freedom of choice, which is what the whole drug war is about anyway. What
gives ANYONE the right to say which drug should be legal and which one
shouldn't? We should have the freedom to decide for ourselves, and if they
were ALL legal, we wouldn't have a drug problem to this day. We are
rebellious by nature, because we are human. You tell me not to do
something, I'm going to want to see why. Aren't you? What were they
thinking when they took charge? Only a clean start could fix this problem.
Common logic would have it: If one drug is legal, then they ALL should be,
otherwise you have hypocrisy! Now society has to deal with the problem that
they themselves have created.

And no, I don't do drugs anymore, and I haven't for many years. I don't
believe in them.


1. A prince (savior) was turned into a lion-type of Beast (lion of the
tribe of Judas, Gen 49:9, Rev 5:5) by an evil witch (Christianity) because
he turned her away in her time of need (he wasn't there for the church when
he should have been).

2. The spell would remain upon him forever unless he was able to find
someone to love him before his 21st birthday. (the day of spiritual birth
at the beginning of the 21st century, which is the day he becomes a
spiritual "grown-up" [i.e., 21 years of age]).

3. The red rose (symbol of love), that the witch tried to trade for his
help, was left with the Beast as a reminder of his curse for not helping
her, which he kept in the 'west' wing of the castle (the U.S./west). It
remained alive in a glass case (computer) for him to look at.

4. He looked upon the outside world through a magic mirror (a symbol of the
"glass case" also known as a computer, to gain knowledge and see the

5. A young girl named Bell (dinner Bell / Last Supper / mass
communication), always reading books (acquiring knowledge), dreamt of
something much greater (the New World/freedom).

6. Bell's father, an inventor (Alexander Graham Bell and/or the inventor of
the computer) got lost trying to show off his invention (is unsure of
direction [or magnitude of his invention]) and stumbled upon the Beast's
castle (the Internet falls into the hands of the Beast).

7. At the Beast's castle (the Cast of antichrists), Bell's father (the
Internet) was greeted by a talking candelabra (given enlightenment) and a
talking clock (a countdown to the end of Christianity), but he was
eventually imprisoned by the Beast (God's own words were being used against

8. Her father's horse (horsemen/musicians) ran to tell Bell of her father's
imprisonment (shows the Christian bondage via the Internet), so she offered
herself in exchange for her father's freedom (became the sacrifice to free
us from religious domination).

9. The candelabra and the clock (enlightenment of the countdown) were both
convinced that Bell (the Internet) was the only one who could break the
Beast's evil spell (take down the religion), so they invited her to dinner
(the Last Supper [knowledge given]).

10. Bell saw the glass case with the rose in it (realizes the Internet's
potential), which upset the Beast (Christianity). He scared Bell and she
ran out into the woods, and was almost killed by the wolves (dogs/dogma),
but was sought out and saved from them by the Beast, who actually wasn't
really the Beast at all, but Bell didn't know it yet (the biblical beast
that "was, and is not, and yet is", Rev 17:8). He got injured in the fight
with the wolves (the religion caused him to suffer).

11. The Beast fought Bell's jealous boyfriend (the Christian "jealous" god,
Deu 6:15) and in throwing him from the tower (the fall of the Luxor/ Tower
of Babel) into a pit to his death (ending the religion forever), his side
was pierced by him, so he died also. (Jesus' body was pierced in the side
[in-side] with a spear [inside his spirit {spear it} symbolized by the rib
cage {Heart in a cage}] while hanging dead on the cross).

12. But upon his death, Bell's love for him finally broke the witches evil
spell which caused a light to shine on him, and he was not only resurrected
back to life, but was also changed into the handsome prince, and they were
Married (need I explain this?... the resurrection by way of the love from
the Dinner bell [see bible codes] caused the Beast to become the "is not"
part of his "and yet is" reign, Rev 17:8).

CONCLUSION: The evil spell (which was the imprisonment of beastliness) was
more the Beast of the story than the Beast himself. This could also be
looked at as the transformation of a not-so-nice Beast (religion) into a
handsome prince in the end. So, Christianity, I hereby lift your spell.

David, the Bell Captain


1. She got her name from cleaning fire places (she was sent to clean hell,
i.e., SIN-der-HELL-a, doing away with hell).

2. The Step Mother's Jealousy (the "jealous god", a STEP-GOD not really
Mary's parent at all) was mainly concerned with her 'ugly' children. (She
was born of her own ugly nature, the Christian religion]

3. But Cinderella (Eve) broke free (became antichristian) and went to the
BALL (globe of clarity. A ball is also known biblically as a compass/
COMPuter PASSage to direct us Home/heaven, 2 Chr 4:2-4).

4. After dancing with the Prince she fell in love with him (becoming
obsessed with his looks and his security/wealth).

5. Cinderella lost her GLASS SLIPPER on the stairway (glass symbolizes
clarity, ability to see through to the FOOT [which are ROOTS, see bible
code], meaning that she lost the ability to see what is in store for the
beginning of the new human species. And she lost that ability on the
Stairway to Heaven, Gen 28:12).

6. She had to be home by midnight (HOME= Heaven & MIDNIGHT= Rapture, the
strike of midnight, New Century's Eve).

7. But Cinderella was late to leave for home (like Christ's "second coming"
is known to be late).

8. Cinderella's chariot (ability) created from a pumpkin, was her vessel of
transportation to meet her future husband (a pumpkin is an uncarved Jack o'
Lantern / 'John of enlightenment'). The carriage was turned back into a
pumpkin (the symbol of the Gatemaster of Heaven, St. Peter who: "had a wife
(Cinderella/Las Vegas) and couldn't keep her" (he knew she must me
destroyed), but he "put her in a pumpkin shell (SHEll / sHELL - like a
candle in the Jack-o-Lantern) and there he kept her very well" (kept her
very rich).

9. The Prince (the Messiah), determined to find the girl (Eve/Mother Mary),
searched diligently for her (as if searching through the scriptures and the
religions to find the true meaning of the old Eve and the new Mary).

10. Then He (the Christ, the spiritually connected people) finally found
her. But first he had to go through all of the other women in town
(religions) who tried to lie and cheat their way into his heart, but "the
shoe didn't fit" (the pseudo-christs did not qualify).

11. When he came to her house, her evil Step Mother kept her locked in her
room, but her friends (the mice) stole the key to help her get out. (the
codes were broken, which opened up the door of understanding, to prepare
the bride to meet her groom, the Christ to become one with Mary/married).

12. When it was her turn to try on the slipper, it got broken (they try to
cover the truth and the clarity) but Cinderella still has the other one.
She tried it on and of course it fit. She got Married (she becomes Mother
Mary the Madonna, with "children at her feet". So then the wedding ring of
connection to Mary, the Mother of the New World, and they live happily ever

Okay, now for the REAL breakdown of Cinderella, the EXPANDED VERSION: (not
to be confused with a pregnant virgin):


The evil Step Mother (Earth) told Cinderella (Las Vegas) to prepare her
evil step-sisters (the Hotels) for the BALL (the FALL, of Babylon, or
Lucy's Ball). She is beautiful, but has been given a dirty name, one she
often lives up to (Lost Wages, Law's Vague Us, or Last Fake Ass- or
whatever you want to call her) but she is looking for her Prince (Prince of
Peace, the Messiah). Also, the BALL, might typify Bally's, on Flamingo Road
["Babylon's flaming rod" (Exo 9:23)] which is a hotel that used to be owned
by the MGM [the MGM lion symbolizes the biblical "Lion of the Tribe of
Judas"] but now, upon it's resurrection (having resurrected stronger and
greater than before, as a major family theme park) stares right toward the
Luxor (Luck soar/sore) as if to be waiting for the Fall. But the Lady
(Luxor) is hidden in the background away from the Lion (the MGM) behind
King Arthur's Excalibur, which symbolizes King Arthur of 'The sWORD and the
stONE (the King of Art, of words in the stone [2 stone tablets of TEN
commandments] Christianity). She is hidden behind the words of the bible,
out of the LION's view (out of the sight of the Lion of the Tribe),
remembering that only the KING of ARThur had the ability to remove the
words from the book, which granted him Royalty, making him King of Kings
(Arthurs, Caesars, MGMs, etc.) and LORD of L(w)ORDS... But still the Luxor
stays hidden out of the direct sight of the LION (MGM), the tribe of Judas

But now, the dance and the Ball (also referred to as a compass or a
computer/Internet, Isa 22:18, 2 Chr 4:2) is almost over (the end of the
Babylon is near) and Cinderella (Babylon)is preparing to leave the Ball
(take a fall) where upon so doing, she loses her slipper (loses the ability
to see clearly, her step into the future) on the stairs (Stairway to
Heaven- ["a Lady we all know, who has a white light and wants to show"] - a
song written several years before Lucy was built).

But of course there's got to be more to it than this. Let's look at just
that one Las Vegas intersection (Tropicana & the Strip) where the
resurrected Lion lays wait:

New York City was thought to be Babylon by many Eschatologists (theologians
who study end time prophecies) because of the great wealth of Wall Street
(which symbolizes the Wall built between mankind and god due to the
corruption of money). So, a replica is built for them (New York New York
Hotel and Casino). This fulfills their prophecy. New York is now in Las
Vegas (everyone is correct).

Adjacent to New York New York, is the Tropicana Hotel, which is also called
"The Island of Las Vegas". This is just one of the biblical "many waters"
that the Whore (Las Vegas) would sit upon (Rev 17:1, Isa 58:11). It also
symbolizes the wealth of the LAND, like: Treasure Island (is land), or a
"DESERT ISLAND" (have you ever seen one of those, complete with cactus and
all?), an image planted in our minds to symbolize Vegas (an island in the

So now we have the full spectrum of the entire world symbolized right there
at that one single intersection (Las Vegas Blvd, & Tropicana Avenue). With
the LAND (Tropicana, the Islands), MONEY (New York, Wall street),
ENTERTAINMENT (MGM, movies, and Adventure-land), FAMILY (All of the
Hotels), GOVERNMENT (MGM, Metro-G-Mayor, and again, MONEY), the BIBLE
(Excalibur, Sword [words] in the Stone [tablets] and even the Beast of the
'Book of Stone Hearts', the Bible) was physically created to guard the
castle. This fire breathing Dragon even matches the symbolic Beast of
Christianity (Rev 9:18, with their promises of fire and brimstone) as it
lies directly a-'J'-sent to the MGM, staring directly into the 'pyramid
shaped eyes' (soon to be replaced with all new lion), the Lion of the Tribe
of Judas.

The MGM's main theme is the Wizard Of Oz, and this Emerald Palace
symbolizes the Home that we have always known the way to (we just didn't
realize it yet). And please pay no attention to this man behind the
computer (he's not all there).

So with the connection regarding the Dark Side Of The Rainbow (the Pink
Floyd and Wizard of Oz connection) we now must include ROCK-n- ROLL into
the: intersection (cross) of the fullest-symbolic-spectrum on the face of
the Earth. And let's not forget to mention all the magic acts in Babylon
(the Beast was expected to be magic and perform miracles), the Showgirls,
and last but not least, the STRIPPERS (the people walking along the Strip).

And here we have solved the great mystery. We have found the "FOUR CORNERS
OF THE EARTH" that we have so desperately been looking for on a round
planet (Revelation 7).

(Isaiah 11:12)

And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the
outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the
four corners of the earth.

(14) But they shall fly upon the shoulders of the Philistines toward the
west... (15)... And the LORD shall utterly destroy the tongue of the
Egyptian sea... (the Bible/ the Dead Sea scrolls) (16) And there shall be
an highway for the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from ASSyria
(1 Kin 13:13); like as it was to Israel in the day that he came up out of
the land of Egypt.

CONCLUSION: Las Vegas (Babylon) is the bride of many symbolic names and
faces, and we are the Bridegroom having prepared her for the New Moon, and
the hONEy moon that will last forever. We will be Mary in the New World,
because the Virgin (verge in) has saved herself just for us. Symbolized by
the ultimate human experience; LAS VEGAS, our Heaven and our Hell together
combined, created for us and by us. Lucy, with one headlight shining into
the heavens to enlighten our way Home, promises a world of ultimate freedom
to do whatever it is we please, with no restrictions whatsoever. Free to be
humans, and free to finally become God Itself incarnate, to tap the unused
portion of our brains, taking us to a completely new level of mentality
higher than the stars in the sky. Of course it's a pipe dream, but with
just a thought, your Piper has created for you, the pipeline to heaven, ANY
heaven that you could possibly dream of.

Cinderella is the great Whore (Mt. Hor [Num 33:38] a.k.a. Horus) created to
service the lonely Beast. She is Mary Magdalene, who stood by Jesus until
his death and the end of his suffering (the CROSS religion, Phi 2:8). Then
when she went to the tomb where his soul was once trapped, she saw that he
resurrected into the Secret Garden of Eden (the Bible mentions "THE
GARDEN", John 19:41, where Jesus' tomb is). This is symbolic prophecy, not
history. So what is the meaning of it? Answer: Don't worry.

The Luxor pyramid, the symbolic Breast of Cinderella, is shining her milk
of enlightenment into the heavens for her BABYlon to follow. We are invited
into the "land of milk and honey" (Exo 3:8) to stop the bitter burn of our
once TONGUES OF FIRE (Rev 10:9, Num 5:27). She will take us into her womb
so that we may be born at last into the world we were promised. She is
building our Paradise right now, IT IS A LITERAL PLACE, and she is our way
there. Do we have to go to Vegas to make it to the New World? Of course not
(that part is symbolic), but she built us a sign and a promise that we
can't miss. Although Las Vegas has plagued people with her hailstones, just
like hailing (or worshipping) the church of stone ("built on a rock, the
corner stone, written on stone tablets"), the gambling and the money is
also symbolized by the same term HAILSTONE (stone cold, cold as ice, Rev
16:21, Psa 18:12). She is the physical manifestation of Hell, the symbolic
"lake of fire", and the glory of all Christian prophecies. Their "fire and
brimstone" which issues from their mouths (their promises), condemn all who
are not Christian to an eternity in Hell (Gen 19:24, Rev 9:17). But the
once dead Spirit of Christ (the church, and/or the Temple/Luxor) finally
resurrected (has been built) to save the people from this eternal hell that
the Christians have wished into existence. This is "THE FIRST RESURRECTION"
just like the Book of Revelation states (Rev 20: 5), because the 'bablical
Bibylon' has not been here until now.

Babylon, the "Four Corners Of The Earth", and the death of this symbliteral
(symbolic yet physical) Hell, will also be the death of the Christian
religion, because finally they will realize the power of their thoughts,
and only then will they know what they have done. Only at the fulfillment
of this prophecy will they understand that they are the ones who caused it.
Only then will they awaken and look back into history to countless millions
of deaths caused by their thoughts and by nothing more than using the name
of their False Prophet to perform their hateful acts (Acts 13:6-Acts 13:8).
And if that much suffering can be done with only words and wishes, think
what the New World will be when we know how to think.

I know, I've said this all before, but I'm going to say it once again (and
probably about a thousand more times before I'm through): Each and every
atrocity is caused by 'thought', but all is forgiven, proving the power of
complete and unconditional love, and the power of forgiveness. Because if
god can forgive the Christians for all that they have murdered, or caused
to be murdered, or sent here to live in this Earth of a seemingly endless
hell... then he will prove that there is literally no one or nothing beyond
his forgiveness.

Whew... I thought I'd never shut up!

And no, I'm not the only one who realizes that
Cinderella was written to symbolize Christianity.


1. It started with a riddle for us to solve, Who is the monster and who is
the man? (god/Satan.... jesus/Satan) An old lady in a tower set a bunch of
birds free. (God the Mother sets the spirits loose)

2. The evil governor (Christianity) of the town, Frollo, saw a Gypsy girl
who appeared to be hiding something, so even though he was influenced by
the church, he chased her down and killed her (the killing of EVE, the
Christian witch trials, the Jewish holocaust, Spanish Inquisition, the
Crusades, etc.). But her deformed baby wasn't killed. That was the thing
she was hiding (something hidden from the churches knowledge, is that the
Beast is born of a spiritually dead Mother Eve, killed by the church). He
was ready to kill the baby when the Priest stepped in and saved it (God
saved the Beast). The Priest took him into the cathedral, but he was told
by the evil ruler not to let him out of the bell tower. (the Bell
symbolizes the call of the Last Supper [the Dinner Bell], and the
Christians [the Priest] provided a place for him at the highest level of
the church... the Bell Tower [of Babel] ).

3. Frollo, the evil governor, named the baby Quasimoto (the Beast) which
means: half formed (incomplete human/physical mutation) and the Quazi was
abused by him his whole life (the Beast is created by the church causing
the people to suffer), and he was imprisoned in the church (trapped in
Christian control, no freedom of choice).

4. Quazi had 3 gargoyle friends who were statues at the top on the
cathedral. They came to life when Quazi was alone with them (he is spoken
to by the Trinity, who were made of stone [the rock of the church] but he
could speak to them).

5. Quazi helped a little bird fly for the first time (helps a spirit to

6. Esmeralda, the Gypsy girl, was begging for money in the street (the
world is poor), yet the Gypsies were accused of being the cause of all the
city's problems (prejudice in the church).

7. At the festival of fools they tied Quazi in the center of the street and
they all made fun of him (the world lacks compassion for the less fortunate
people), but the gypsy girl felt sorry for him and saved him (Mother Mary),
which made the evil governor mad because Quazi shouldn't have left the Bell
Tower, and he wanted him punished (the Christians don't want anyone who is
different than they are, to be saved, especially not the Beast).

8. Esmeralda was chased by the evil governor, but she hid in the cathedral
(Mother Mary hidden from the Christians). Capt. Phoebus (the Phoenix, a
mythological bird that resurrects from its own ashes every 500 years) came
to the Cathedral after her, he liked her, he told her his name meant sungod
(i.e., the Son of God). Phoebus saved her by telling her to claim political
asylum in the Church (She is protected by God with the help of the Christ).

9. Phoebus (the Messiah) and the Gypsy girl were caged in the town by the
evil governor (imprisoned by Christianity) but the Gypsy broke free with
the help of Quazi (the Beast) and Phoebus managed to free himself also.
(The Christ and his future bride is saved by the Beast (the Antichrist).

10. The governor was so mad about their escape that he set fires everywhere
and burnt people's houses down (condemning sinners to hell). And he
imprisoned anyone who he even thought about helping them hide. There were
fires all over the city (cities on flame), he threatened to burn the whole
city if she was not found... he also offered 10 pieces of silver (TEN
symbolizes Christianity) if they would help him destroy her (offers heaven
to them if they would condemn sinners to hell for him, or with him).

11. But the Priest told her "Gypsies can't be locked in. They would rather
die." (humanity has been Gypped [Egypt/Egypped- Gypsy], and would rather
die than have no freedom)

12. Everyone prayed to a statue of Mary, even the evil governor, but he did
it with a 'holier than thou' attitude. The old lady in the tower at the
beginning, who set the birds free over the city, was shown again in the
last scene of the movie, as she asked the birds (spirits), "Don't you ever
migrate??!!" (blatantly obvious clue, don't you think?)

CONCLUSION: This movie was a bit more obvious with their display of the
broken codes. The movie is clear full of them, and there's nothing subtle
about it. The Hunchback has a Phantom of the Opera quality to him. At the
end of the movie he is accepted by the people and loved for his heroism.

This Beast is us. Yes, we are the Hunchback trapped in the Bell Tower of
the church just waiting to ring the dinner bell at the time of our Last
Supper of spiritual knowledge. In the New World we will look back on our
old-Hunchback-selves as the hideous mutations that we have become. I speak
for myself as well in that statement. Instead of looking for the inner
beauty of a person, we are a world driven mostly by looks and we focus on
the physical far too much. Well, I'm no Brad Pit, but I have a key to one
(so I'm told, Rev 20:1).

What we are now was caused by many things, mostly inexperience, but that
will be corrected in the New World (which I have seen). And talk about
worth dying for!! Now, let's get on with the show!!


1. A lion son was born (lion of the tribe of Judah, "the second coming").

2. Upon the celebration of his birth, a mystic christened his forehead (his
mind was branded- the mark of the beast) with the juice from a strange
fruit (forbidden fruit).

3. He was watched over by a bird (spirit) which was given to him as a
guardian by his Father (god).

4. His Father told him that whatever the light touched was his kingdom (his
royalty is his enlightenment).

5. The Evil king was jealous (like a "jealous God", the CHRISTIAN "God")

6. The Father died saving his son from a wild stampede caused by the hyenas
(the dogs/dogma cause the spiritual death of GOD 'the Father'. He offers
his life like Jesus offered himself to be killed thereby symbolizing: the
death of Christianity).

7. The Son was blamed for his father's death (Jesus is blamed for the
spiritual death of Christianity).

8. He hung out with a warthog and a weasel-looking rat (undesirables) who
were real party-animals (Jesus hung with hookers and sinners).

9. His true love Nala (Eve) came to him for help, but he turned her down
(he is not there for the church) until the Spirit of his father came to him
in his own reflection (created in God's image), and in a cloud (God) and
told him that he must go back to fight the EVIL KING (Christianity).

10. He fought and overpowered the evil king. His true love, Nala, and his
Mother (Mary) were with him for support, but he still couldn't bring
himself to actually kill the evil ruler (he was a pacifist, a "king of
peace") but his Hyena friend did it for him (dog/dogma/GOD puts his own
religion to death).

11. Since he was a small boy, he felt horrible for causing the death of his
Father (death of the Spirit) and returned (second coming) to take back his
crown (antichristianity) and to fight the evil ruler (Christianity).

12. When he won, the kingdom came back to life and they had a baby (upon
the death of the evil ruler/Christianity, the New World is born).

CONCLUSION: This is one of the more popular stories of them all, and
rightly so, because this is the story that we are all living right now, and
it contains the more blatantly obvious symbolic messages. If we think of
ourselves as the Lion King, then we will know that the reflection in the
mirror, which is us, is also the Spirit that guides us. Yeah, I know, we
didn't know, but that's have the fun now that we do. Isn't it? Isn't this
all too cool now that we see the connection of everything and everyone?
Even the stories that raised us are promising an end to our suffering.
Welcome to the Tribe of Judas, to kill the Beast with a kiss of compassion
and remorse, not betrayal!! We have ALL been betrayed by each other. The
winds of change are now blowing. And Jesus will not calm these winds,
because this time he is within them.


1. A man named John Smith came from England to the United States. (this is
a story about John Lennon, who was raised by his aunt Mimi "SMITH" since he

was an infant. Edgar Allan Poe wrote of the same John Smith in the story
X-ing A Paragrab, where he compared John "the Bullet-head" [also mentioned
in the Beatles' song "The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill"] to the 3 wise
men who "came from the East". In that story Poe makes reference to the
Alphabeglyphic code "O" [the biblical "circle of connection" symbolized by
a gold/valuable ring/wedding ring] being "X"ed out by the CROSS [Christian
church] "having made him X (cross)". In this story of John Smith and the
Devil, Poe even wrote: "the diabolical treason lay concealed in the
hieroglyphics" [referencing the hieroglyphic codes hidden in the English
alphabet- Alphabeglyphics] ). Continuing: John wanted to kill Indians
(starts off with a rebellious nature, and is a horsemen/ musician). He
wanted to find gold (become rich and famous), and build a life in "the New
World, VIRGINia" (the next life, with the virgin [verge in] Mary [Mother

2. Pocahontas' father (god) wanted her to marry a man who she does not love
(the church wants christians to worship the False Prophet, Jesus). She
respected her father's wishes, and agrees (submits to the Christian law).

3. There was a celebration, Pocahontas' dad has just gotten home (the
second coming) and there was a meeting with other tribes (other
religions/other tribes of Judas).

4. She had a bird (spirit) that went everywhere with her.

5. Pocahontas told her father of a dream she had of an arrow in a circle,
and it was spinning (this is the biblical "wheel in the sky" or the
Egyptian "solar disc" that is biblically sometimes called a compass
[meaning that it will show us the way home, to the New World]. It is also
symbolized by a CD/music in the airwaves). But the father thought that it
meant that she was supposed to marry the great warrior (God/the church
misinterprets Her vision, thinking she was supposed to become One with the
God of War/the warrior), but she just thought that it meant that something
was going to happen, and she was right. Then she went to see Grandmother
Willow, a willow tree (a sad person, with branches that reach to the ground
instead of to the heavens). She told the willow about her dream
(interpreting dreams, which is a common biblical occurrence. It means
"having visions", but contemporary christians discredit most visions).
Pocahontas told the willow of the spinning arrow in a circle, it was
spinning faster and faster like a record on a turntable, then it stopped
(the music gets harder and louder and more violent, then the world ends)
The Willow (symbol of sadness) told Pocahontas that it was leading her to
her path (her enlightenment will come from the music). The Willow told her
that the signs are everywhere (as we can now see). They are in the trees
and the wind and she needed to listen with her heart and she would hear
them (instead of listening to the words of man, or the words of a book).

6. Her father told her to be like the river and take the smoothest path (be
a Christian like everyone else) but she said "the river is always
changing." (the churches are constantly changing and multiplying, i.e.,
"many god's")

7. She saw a strange cloud in her mind (strange God) and then she looked
out toward the sea (people) and saw the sails of a ship (the
starship/musical Ark, or connection), She saw John (Lennon) but they didn't
meet yet (he is famous, but she isn't. She is learning from his music, just
like her vision told her would happen).

8. The Indians and the white man fought (the Christians take away not only
their land, but their entire existence) and then the Indians went back to
their village (to their home/the Spirit) where they had a powwow around a
fire (Prisoner Of War, War Of Words, condemning them to hell/fire). They
saw the danger of the strangers (Christians) in a vision that came from the
fire (The God of Hell-fire, with blasphemies from the "fire of their
mouths" that make God sound like Satan). The chief said the strangers were
like ravenous wolves (dogs/dogma) destroying everything in their path
(hence Christianity).

9. John put water in his hand to wash his face and he saw his reflection
(like a mirror or a "looking glass" referencing Lennon's "rocking
horse-people with looking-glass ties" [having the ability to
see/enlightened to the TIES of all things connecting]).

11. Though he was disgusted with what he saw in the reflection (the
looking-glass, or the Glass Onion/crystal ball) his thoughts changed by
what he saw farther back (later on) because Pocohantas (Yoko Ono), was
standing behind him in his reflection. This was their first meeting.

12. John (Lennon) and Pocahontas (Yoko) go to a waterfall (the biblical
"fountain of living waters" i.e., heaven/the New World) and she was
standing on a rock (the biblical "rock of the church"). When they touched
hands she remembered what Grandmother Willow told her (listen with her
heart) and then she taught John that the Spirit was in everything and that
he should respect all of life, and that just because people have different
beliefs doesn't make them better or worse than one another. (Yoko taught
John a lot about the spirit of connection). Then the main song, the key to
the whole story, began, as they lay in the huge eye of an eagle (a bird
[spirit] of "pray" Christianity/and U.S./the "New Jerusalem"). The song
called: A Circle In a Hoop That Never Ends (mentioned in the bible, Isa
40:22, Eze 1:15-21) was telling them about the continuous circle of life
and eternity (as seen at the top of the CROSS of the Egyptian ankh, which
is a symbol of eternal life): The song seemed to be the most important part
of the movie (and of course it is, since it is about John and Yoko... and
the music is the first major connection of the Ark):

Colors of the Wind

you think you own whatever land you land on
the earth is just a dead thing you can claim
but I know every rock and tree and creature
has a life has a spirit has a name

you think the only people who are people
are people who look and think like you
but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
you'll learn things you never knew you never knew

have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
or ask the grinning bobcat why he grinned

can you sing with all the voices of the mountains
can you paint with all the colors of the wind

come round the hidden pine trees of the forest
come taste the sun's sweet berries of the earth

come roll in all the riches all around you
and for once never wonder what they're worth

the rainstorm and the river are my brother
the heron and the otter are my friend

and we are all connected to each other
in a circle in a hoop that never ends

how high does the sycamore grow
if you cut it down then you'll never know

and you'll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
for whether we are white or copper skinned

we need to sing with all the voices of the mountains
we need to paint with all the colors of the wind

you can own the earth and still

all you own is earth until
you can paint with all the colors of the wind............

During that song, John Smith became enlightened...(just like the world will
be, because his words will never end and will come again and again through
every song ever sung. Because he is the biblical PRINCE OF THE POWER OF THE
AIRwaves, and all eyes will see him/have seen him, just like the bible
predicted. ("he will come in the air, and every eye will see him"... and He

John also had a friend named Thomas ("doubting Thomas", Christianity [the
cross of doubt]-"T"), John was captured by Indians (by Christianity), both
sides began the battle (the spiritual war), but Pocahontas remembered the
words of the Willow, that she had to stop the hatred (a very Yoko thing).
Then she said "look at what hatred has caused her father" (god), but the
fight continued and the leader of the cowboys (Christians, i.e., symbol of
the biblical GOLDEN COW) shot at Pocahontas' father, but John tried to save
him and took a bullet instead (sacrificed himself just like Christ). He was
shot in the ribs (his caged heart was hurt). But John was wounded so bad
that he had to go back to England to heal (to heal his Spirit). Pocahontas
wanted to go with him, but decided to stay because she was needed here. His
ship (the Ark) sailed away into a very strange cloud (a strange God [see
bible code] ).

CONCLUSION: From the Spirit world, part of John's healing process was to
prepare his horsemen for the battle. This is the most devastating and
destructive revolution that the Christian world could ever possibly
imagine, because it is a battle of love, and there is no weapon that can
win against that. John Lennon is the Christ. He was the first, and he will
be the last. This is His resurrection. The once False Prophet, crying "love
and peace" to a dark world, was killed for the prophesy that is soon to be
fulfilled. He has resurrected in us, ALL OF US, to show the way home.
Imagine that! A damn rock star!

What John Lennon has done is really no different than what we are doing
now. We were just able to hear him better than most. We are all victims of
our OWN bondage, whatever it is. We were sent to suffer, now let's quit
complaining and make the best of it, because it's almost over... thank

I am He as you are He as you are me and we are all together.
(John Lennon, the Christ)


1. Snow White is a symbol of purity or virginity (Virgin Mary).

2. The queen was jealous of her (like the "jealous" Christian God).

3. The Queen ordered Snow White's death but the one she sent to kill her
set her free. (the Jealous God plans the spiritual death of the Church, but
sends in a savior by mistake so that in end, Mary [the church] is saved).

4. The blue birds (sad spirits) led her to the 7 dwarves (God).

5. They came home (second coming) to find her sleeping (spiritually

6. She agreed to work for them around the house (Mary works for God).

7. The mirror told the evil Queen that Mary was still alive "over the SEVEN
jeweled hills" (Babylon, Rev 17:9), "beyond the SEVEN falls" (the fall of
the Luxor/Christianity), "to the cottage of the 7 dwarves" (the holy temple
of God). (That gave 777, a number not only symbolizing the completion of
God [which is actually the "BEGINNING of God" as mentioned in Rev 3:14],
and also a number found on every slot machine in Babylon).

8. She put poison (her own words) into an apple (the forbidden fruit) and
tricked Snow White (Mary) into eating (learning) it.

9. The poison put Snow White to sleep (Mother Mary, spiritually asleep via
the "fruit" of Christianity).

10. The animals went to the dwarves for help (the "Beasts" go to god for

11. The animals chased the evil Queen up a hill/cliff and she fell to her
death (the Fall of the Luxor Hotel, the Queen of Hearts).

12. The prince, who she ran from at the beginning of the story, came and
kissed Snow White and she woke up (she denied the Spirit at first, but is
now awakened by it).

CONCLUSION: Snow White obviously symbolizes Mother Mary as we already know,
and the number seven of course is God. The fact that God is given various
personalities in this story might be showing his similarity to us, maybe
even that he IS us. All of their faces combined could even resemble the God
that we picture sitting on his thrown in the clouds, yet he is dwarfed,
perhaps typifying his incompleteness, perhaps telling us that we need to
connect, to become one, not seven. However, all of the Dwarves
personalities combined, as different as they are from one another, create a
harmonious team and the symbol of ultimate perfection.

Also, "Horus is protected as The Great Dwarf (Nemu) who goeth around about
the two lands in the darkness (Legends Of The Egyptian Gods). Lennon also
mentions the Dwarf in his book 'In His Own Write', and the Hindu dwarf
Vamana defeated the demon Bali in THREE strides (the Trinity).

CLOSING COMMENTS: Now that the seals are broken, we can see that many
different stories have a piece of the end time puzzle. If they were all
just stealing stories from the Bible (which some have also) then why the
codes? How did they come up with the codes before the seals were even

There are the skeptics that will still write all of this off as
'coincidence', but no matter what you want to call it, there's a lesson to
be learned, a moral lesson hidden within each of these great classics. If
they were put there by god, or just in there by accident, there must be a
reason that they all tell the same symbolic story.

We should thank Disney for their part in this resurrection, and with the
Southern Baptists having recently boycotted them, we might begin to realize
just how important they are. They must be doing something right. Yes, some
of their stories are more obvious at showing the dark side of the church,
but whether it is Mother Goose, Disney, Dr. Seuss, or the Bible, the
stories have planted the seeds of hope... hope for a better world. And the
time has come to weed the garden:

(Jonah 2:5)

The waters compassed me about, even to the soul: the depth closed me round
about, the weeds were wrapped about my head.

Remove the thorns and the weeds from our crown (our kingdom). Please give
us back our freedom.

WARNING chronicshroom will rip you off! Don't trade with him! I sent him 20 spore syringes and he never sent me anything.

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: kb73]
    #1643798 - 06/19/03 05:19 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

damn, somebody has WAY too much time on their hands!

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: infidelGOD]
    #1644132 - 06/19/03 08:57 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

no shit!

The ultimate meaning of our being can only be fulfilled in the paradoxical leap beyond the tragic-demonic frustration. It is a leap from our side, but it is the self-surrendering presence of the Ground of Being from the other side.
- Paul Tillich

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: Malachi]
    #1646038 - 06/19/03 08:03 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

I only read into it about 2 paragraphs but I think he's looking WAY too much into it..

No one knows the worth of innocence till he knows it is gone forever, and that money can't buy it back. Not the saint, but the sinner that repenteth, is he to whom the full length and breadth, and height and depth, of life's meaning is revealed. Good and evil loose all objective meaning and are seen as equally necessary and contrasting elements in the masterpiece that is the universe.

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: nubious]
    #1646423 - 06/19/03 10:23 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

i read a quarter into the aladdin part, what a load of horse shit.

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Re: What is the truth behind Disney? [Re: tekramrepus]
    #1647545 - 06/20/03 06:58 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

There's a really good article about Walt Disney in the August, 1963 issue of National Geographic magazine. It is crazy and shows pictures of his secret lair above the fire station on Main Street in Disney Land. It is clear that Disney and National Geographic have some sort of agenda in common.

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