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Trip Report: DXM + Pot
    #1625567 - 06/11/03 04:03 AM (15 years, 14 days ago)

I ate 8 Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold pills. Judging by the ingredients label, that's only 240mg. Erowid classifies that as a "common" dose.

Bob#1 took 4 because he hates the feeling the next morning, had no CEVS and just got tired. Pointless.

Bob#2 took 8, but he's also done this probably 100 times.

I dosed at 10:00, and at 11:00 we departed to an out-of-the-way cemetery to check out an old legend, to explore, take a couple pics, and all that good stuff. Ran into a couple of other people, who were highschool age and drinking in there. They ended up ruining it. I began to feel a body high coming on and they ruined the whole image of the legend, the cemetery, etc. I stumbled around a little bit, with respect to the dead and their headstones, and didn't cause any damage. Legs were beginning to feel like water. We left after a little while, no good ghost pics or anything. Stupid kids. They were dumb locals taking a piece of history for granted.

At 12:30 we were back home and smoked a 1g greenie, and this is when the trip kicked in.

I was standing outside and my backyard is literally a forest. I was underneath the canopy of one of those pine trees where the needles are long and somewhat soft and they can grow like bushes, too. The needles tickled past my face and I touched the surface of the tree with my fingertips.. I felt it as a living, breathing organism and it gave off an aura of a sentient being. I wanted to touch every part of the tree, you could even say I felt like I wanted to become the tree. After moving a few branches out of the way I could see up at the night sky through the gaps. I wanted to climb the tree and tried to get a foothold, but then realized I'd have better luck (and less risk) walking out of the tree and staring at the sky.  :smirk:

I stared up at the clear night sky and was enthralled. Words can't even describe how beautiful it was. I began getting CEVs when I closed my eyes to relax and somewhat meditate for a moment, and the OEVs soon followed. For some reason, the most common CEV I had was a pink gelatinous orb that had elephant trunks submerging and emerging from it, as it rotated 360 degrees.

For the next hour, the three of us talked about anything and everything. I heard these guys say things they'd never admit to any other time. Flaws, weaknesses, heartfelt emotions, y'kno, the typical "I'm a hard ass" facade that fails under the grasp of a trip.

Nonetheless, after the beginnings of a pretty strong trip, Bob#1 decided to pass out around 1.  Bob#2 stayed at 'home' to watch TV and keep Bob#1 company. I left (alone) [Note: Bad idea when tripping as hard as I was] to pickup another blunt.

I remember standing in line at the gas station and the cashier was talking to a customer and they were both figureheads, gods of sorts, and their conversation was denoting the deeds and foul deeds I had committed in my life. After that little freak out, I caught my bearings, they didn't have the blunt I wanted, and walked outside. There was a friend of mine outside who I've known for a while but we've drifted apart, and when I shook hands with him the universe became our fingertips touching. Nothing else existed from that. Then, I watched myself from behind walk back into my car and get in. Next thing I know, I'm back at home and scared.

After settling down, Bob#2 and I decided to go get another blunt. Apparently I was rambling to Bob#2 in a long, slow (but careful) drive down a couple of deserted roads: the long way there. [Note: I really wouldn't recommend driving on this stuff...] I kept trying to explain how my head felt clear and I was tripping at the same time.. if you get high you know what I mean.. sometimes your thought patterns get cloudy or foggy. Mine were crystal clear, but I had definitely left reality.

The trip had kept tricking me, because it felt like it disappeared then when I least expected it, it slapped me back into my face. I began describing this to Bob#2, and he says that I said: "You know when you make your bed, and you don't wanna walk to the other side, so you pull up your sheet real fast and shake it and it'll fall gently to the other side of the bed all smooth-like. God grabbed the edges of existance and did this, and it's like I can feel a blanket of unreality all around me".

So me and him find ourselves at 7-11, he stays in the car, I go inside. There's Indian music playing. I get my money out, pay for the blunt, and the next thing I see is my body decrepit and decaying. The music comes over in golden patterns and revitalizes my spirit, and I'm whole again. It was the most beautiful music I've EVER heard. I must've been standing there for a few minutes, then asked, "What is this?" and he replied sharply, "Indian music!!!!" I was shocked that he was angry, but I was asking seriously. I told him I wasn't patronizing him and couldn't get anything but mean sneers and responses back, and when I left the store I felt the layer of golden music that was purifying me peel off like a second layer of skin.

Me and Bob #2 had real intense trips, OEVs and CEVs to the max, minds racing with very vivid hallucinations. I contemplated everything, apparently rambled about "things that made no sense at all and so much sense at the same time" (Bob#2). The trip kicked in at 12 and faded a little bit around 2, which is why we smoked again, but then I got thrown full force back into it when we smoked again at 2.

The trip finally began to wear off around 4:30AM and me and Bob#2 called it a night. Very few CEVs after this long, so sleeping was easy. Nodded right off.

This is only my 2nd time taking DXM, but my first time tripping off it. The first time I took the same dose, but barely felt anything and hardly had any CEVs. I smoked the same amount, same kinda bud, same kinda blunt, same two people.

I think I probably just knew how to handle it better this time around, and had my fun with it, rather than worried paranoia and feelings I've never had before. I also only had 3 hours of sleep the night before, so that may have had something to do with it.

Ehh.. real long, sorry, but hope it was worthwhile to the people who read these things. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it!


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Re: Trip Report: DXM + Pot [Re: Adden]
    #1625598 - 06/11/03 04:27 AM (15 years, 14 days ago)

You also forgot the warnings from the major DXM sites:

WARNING: Many DXM containing products also contain other active ingredients which can be dangerous or even fatal in high doses. Recreational DXM users should be EXTREMELY careful to avoid products such as Coricidin Cough and Cold which contain active ingredients other than DXM.

High doses of Chlorpheniramine Maleate can cause severe and life-threatening symptoms including seizures, loss of consciousness, bleeding from skin, mouth, rectum, and vagina, and possibly death. Some brands, including Coricidin Cough and Cold contain Chlorpheniramine maleate.

Coricidin is very dangerous. Coricidin has caused at least 7 known deaths,and abuse routinely has resulted in hospitalization, often with the person in critical condition. Check out the Dextromethorphan (DXM) Dangers section for more info about Coricidin and it's dangers.

Coricidin Deadly DXM (dextromethorphan) Warning!
(This is an old Usenet post I used to make. Relevant because this quotes William White, author of "The Dextromethorphan FAQ")

Caution! There is a tablet currently being sold on the US market called Coricidin Cough and Cold. Some DXMers have been taking in the US as a source of dextromethorphan. This version of Coricidin contains 30mg dextromethorphan and 4mg chlorpheniramine maleate. This antihistamine (chlorpheniramine maleate), which is added in addition to dextromethorphan, is an anticholinergic, and can easily KILL you if you take it in overdose amounts; particularly as it is dangerously synergistic with dextromethorphan. (Unlike just DXM by itself, which typically takes quite a bit to cause death.) There have been a huge number hospitalizations and near deaths from Coricidin abuse; and also Coricidin abuse HAS BEEN RESPONSIBLE FOR DEATHS! You can read about these at http://www.dextromethorphan.ws/dxmdeaths.htm, and also check the home page of this site for possible death updates. As such, if you use DXM recreationally:


William White, author of the Dextromethorphan FAQ, also added the following WARNING prominently at the beginning:


"I'm putting this in TWICE, yes TWICE, in the website to make sure you read it. The basic story is A) don't take Coricidin because it can fuck you up bad if you take too much, B) make sure you have a sitter and that everyone knows you're taking risks voluntarily.

"I just got a nice, friendly (yes I'm kidding) letter from someone who bitched because some kids found about DXM on some website (he didn't say which, nice of him that way), took some Coricidin, and ended up in critical because of anticholinergic toxicity. This isn't common, but it's common enough (individual susceptibility can vary a lot, and you're basically rolling the dice every time you take the stuff).

"DO NOT USE CORICIDIN! If you do, well, first off, I told you not to, and second, please be so kind as to leave a note, or tattoo on your forehead, Yes I know this is dangerous, I'm doing this of my own volition, don't blame anyone else if I fuck up.

"While we're at it, let's disclaim some more things here. First off kiddies, you're not allowed in here anymore. Sorry, but you're just going to have to learn all your drug stuff from DARE and whispers and rumors and the kid in your class who's been sniffing glue for the past couple years and now has an IQ smaller than his shoe size and that "News of the Bizarre" clip about people huffing cow shit for the methane high.

"And as for you adults, for my peace of mind, would you please be so kind as to have a sober sitter present who can A) drag your ass off to the hospital if need be and B) explain to everyone that yes, y'all really did know you were placing your sanity, health, and possibly your life at risk and did it anyway? I mean, I know this is America where we like to blame everyone else for our own fuckups, but that sort of stupidity ends when you decide to take recreational drugs. You fuck up, you got nobody to blame but yourself. If you can't handle that concept, go the fuck away.

"Are you listening to me? This means you!"


From: wwhite@clark.net (William White)
Subject: Re: coricidin
Date: 1999/02/16
Message-ID: <7acuhm$6bl$1@callisto.clark.net>#1/1
References: <7aaok6$48i$1@uuneo.neosoft.com> <7ab449$tl7$1@jetsam.uits.indiana.edu> <7acouo$p4$1@whitecliff.sierra.net>
Organization: Verio East
Newsgroups: rec.drugs.psychedelic

In article <7acouo$p4$1@whitecliff.sierra.net>,
Jack Durst wrote:
>The LD50 for chlorpheniramine in rats is 5.6mg/kg (that is, 336mg for a
>60Kg man; or the equivilant of 84 coricidin tablets (5 boxes)) Rats and
>humans may have different tolerances, of course, but I'd not take more
>than 4 boxes, just to be safe.

I've heard from about two dozen people who have had *serious* problems
with Coricidin (and countless who have been turned off of it after
regular use by nausea reactions when looking at the box in the drugstore;
some people even projectile vomit upon seeing it).

Several people ended up bleeding out their eyeballs (I kid you not).
About ten ended up in the hospital. One kid was in a coma for three
days after *five* tablets. All of these people had taken ten or

Some people are *very* susceptible to antihistamines, and it can hit
you suddenly, and randomly. It is seriously dangerous shit.

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Re: Trip Report: DXM + Pot [Re: Phencyclidine]
    #1625634 - 06/11/03 05:31 AM (15 years, 14 days ago)

From Erowid:

High doses of antihistamines can result in dizziness, impairment of concentration, extreme sedation (or, paradoxically, insomnia), headache, heart palpitations, dry mouth, gastric discomfort, delusions, and abnormally high blood pressure. Doses of 30-60mg/kg have been fatal in very young children; most adults, however, are very unlikely to overdose on antihistamines.

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Re: Trip Report: DXM + Pot [Re: Adden]
    #1626973 - 06/11/03 07:21 PM (15 years, 13 days ago)

All I can sya is your dumb for getting DXM from Coricidin. Your dose wasn't high, but Coricidin can be bad. Please stick to syrup, it's MUCH safer.


"What business is it of yours what I do, read, buy, see, say, think, who I fuck, what I take into my body - as long as I do not harm another human being on this planet?" - Bill Hicks

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Re: Trip Report: DXM + Pot [Re: barfightlard]
    #1627001 - 06/11/03 07:32 PM (15 years, 13 days ago)

Stick to syrup?
I think certain pills are better then syrup.
Get some Dexalone, thats 30mg of DXM per pill with no other active ingredients.

EDIT: And DXM in combination + weed seems to be an excellent combination.

Edited by TheShroomHermit (06/11/03 07:33 PM)

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Re: Trip Report: DXM + Pot [Re: TheShroomHermit]
    #1627070 - 06/11/03 08:02 PM (15 years, 13 days ago)

Dexalone, never heard of it.

edited: no sources

"I tried marijuana once. I did not inhale." -William Clinton.

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Re: Trip Report: DXM + Pot [Re: Dank420]
    #1627106 - 06/11/03 08:22 PM (15 years, 13 days ago)

Syrup can be just as dangerous, and stupid. If you're going to dose DXM, just buy DXM in powder form directly...it's legal. You should also read up on the correlations between DXM and Olney's Lesions in the brain. DXM can be a lot of fun...but honestly, there are better, and safer, trips out there.

Love & Light,


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Re: Trip Report: DXM + Pot [Re: Boppity604]
    #1627124 - 06/11/03 08:34 PM (15 years, 13 days ago)

Huh? How can syrup be just as dangerous as overdosing on anti-histamines? A few bottles of sugar aren't going to kill you. It's going to take a lot of cough syrup to fuck you up because of the high sugar concentrations. There are sugar free forms of cough syrup. Polyethylene glycol certainly isn't anything to worry about.

The correlation between "Olney's Lesions" and DXM is that Olney's Lesions have only been observed in rats, and never in primates, even from huge doses of NMDA antagonists. Olney's Lesions are a theoretical risk, and it looks like primates wouldn't get them at recreational doses.

DXM is also remarkably safe. I recently found a report of DXM overdoses from somewhere in Europe (I'll post the abstract later) and no fatalities occured, and side effects were considered mild, even though some of these ingestions were suicide attempts, and one person even took about 65mg/kg !!! (which is about 4.2 grams of DXM HBr and WAY off the plateau scale).

As for "better" trips that's personal, and entirely up to the user.

EDIT - that 4.2 grams is for an 65kg adult

Edited by Phencyclidine (06/12/03 11:02 PM)

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