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Illegal pills flood Central Florida * 1
    #1580880 - 05/27/03 07:58 AM (20 years, 10 months ago)


Illegal pills flood Central Florida

By Henry Pierson Curtis | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted May 27, 2003

In the world of designer drugs, Ecstasy rules.

The pill, also known as XTC or X, now comes in as many colors and shapes as the Floridians consuming it.

Tens of thousands of the illegal pills with Donald Duck, Superman and dozens of other popular logos competing for customer loyalty have passed through Central Florida in recent years.

In the past 12 months alone, enough Ecstasy pills have been seized within minutes of downtown Orlando for each of the city's 187,000 residents to have one, police records show.

Florida's share of the nationwide binge is so big that the state leads the United States in Ecstasy-trafficking arrests since 1998, according to federal Drug Enforcement Administration records.

"It's spread beyond younger communities like Orlando through every race and socioeconomic class to small-town U.S.A.," said Steve Collins, head of DEA activities in Central Florida. "It's available everywhere."

Incentives to smuggle the drug -- $100 returns on $1 investments -- rival the boom days of the Colombia cocaine trade in the late 1970s when a single shipment could pay for years of champagne.

This chemical that chemists know as 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine , or MDMA, comes mostly from illegal laboratories in Belgium and the Netherlands. It unleashes the energy of a stimulant with hallucinogenic euphoria that lasts four hours and longer.

Interpol and U.S. law-enforcement officials say the drug labs flourish around Antwerp and Amsterdam partly because of easy access to needed chemicals and northern Europe's open borders. The region produces more than 80 percent of the world supply of Ecstasy.

Florida reigns as one of the top three U.S. smuggling routes, thanks to numerous international flights with connections across the country, customs inspectors say. The other two are New York and California.

"Florida's 'party triangle' has also emerged as a prime venue for Ecstasy smuggling and trafficking," John Varrone, the acting deputy assistant commissioner for customs told Congress in 2000. "The tourist industry of Orlando . . . Miami's South Beach . . . and the annual pilgrimage of spring breakers from other states offer an attractive venue for Ecstasy trafficking."

Expanding market

The local market used to be defined by 20-something, non-Hispanic white ravers in downtown Orlando. No longer, according to the undercover agents who arrest the drug users.

Ecstasy turns up in the pockets of young black men selling crack cocaine and marijuana on the streets along Orange Blossom Trail. The same is true for preppie kids from suburban high schools and users as old as 40, drug agents said.

"I'd be shocked if it's not available at every high school in the county," said an Orange County deputy working undercover, who guessed teenage demand for Ecstasy is strong enough to sell a couple of hundred pills a week on each campus. A single pill can cost $20 to $25.

Sitting under an umbrella at a Lake Eola coffee shop two weeks ago, the deputy and his partner noted that the only good news is that Ecstasy users rarely dabble in heroin, if at all.

Ecstasy continues to be the only consistently available designer drug in Central Florida. GHB, ketamine and LSD come in surges, but Ecstasy never leaves town.

"I'd say pot first, crack second and heroin third," the deputy said, naming the region's most easily obtained illegal drugs. "Powder cocaine and Ecstasy, fourth."

Besides nightclubs and schools, Ecstasy can be bought at most apartment complexes in greater Orlando that cater to young adult tenants, investigators said. The most difficult drug dealers to arrest are ones who sell only Ecstasy, agents said, because they seem smarter and more cautious than the men and women selling LSD, pot, prescription painkillers, Valium and cocaine.

International trade

Supplying the demand is an international consortium of couriers from Germany, Spain, France, England, the United States, South America and the Dominican Republic.

But the profits don't go to couriers such as Patricia Brujnius, a 39-year-old single mother from Holland who was promised $5,000 to pose as a tourist headed for Walt Disney World last November, according to federal court records in Orlando.

The 29,000 pills found in her suitcase at Orlando International Airport were worth at least $180,000 -- and could be worth as much as $725,000, if sold singly. Agents say that many pills cost less than $1,500 to make.

Brujnius was sentenced to 33 months in prison and was ordered to receive mental-health counseling.

"The last few cases I've had in federal court, they've all had certain characteristics. They're usually marginalized members of society who are undereducated or uneducated and recruited at welfare agencies in Holland and Germany," said Assistant Public Defender Fritz Scheller in Orlando. "Some of these mules are given a huge amount of Ecstasy with the expectation they will be caught and law enforcement will focus on them and allow others to pass through. It's the classic case of the sacrificial lamb."

Law-enforcement officials would not guess at how many smugglers get through undetected. About 160,000 international passengers arrived at OIA in March, the most recent month with available statistics.

Other cases of note include the arrest of a Dutch woman with 27 pounds of the drug in Orlando in 1999. That bust broke up a ring smuggling $1 million worth of Ecstasy a week, agents said.

Last year, FBI agent Michael Henry and agents from greater Orlando's Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation seized 75,000 pills from a ring shipping them by car from New Jersey to Orlando.

Most of the Ecstasy smuggled through OIA is shipped to cities throughout the South and Midwest, according to a meeting two weeks ago of drug agents from the DEA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Demand is so strong that the first domestic Ecstasy labs are turning up in California, Texas and New York.

Today's smuggling groups bear no similarities to the college students, shrimp-boat captains and otherswho in the 1960s in Florida bought drugs overseas seeking to get rich. There haven't been any "independents" arrested smuggling Ecstasy in years, according to customs and DEA officials.

Drug rings try to run as strictly as military units, and, to limit their knowledge of the rings, members are told as little as possible about operations. That's done to limit whom a member can sell out if arrested, agents said.

This year's biggest case so far in Central Florida is the latest branch in a family tree of related arrests.

On March 21, DEA agents seized 130,000 pills after luring two Belgians to a rest stop on Interstate 95 in the Brevard County town of Malabar. Federal court records show it was at least the fourth in a series of cases dating to 2000 that has netted about 360,000 pills.

Low demand for treatment

Unlike cocaine and heroin -- the region's other dominant drugs -- there has been little demand for treatment of Ecstasy abuse.

The Center for Drug-Free Living, greater Orlando's largest drug-treatment group, sees few Ecstasy clients. Center spokeswoman Joan Ballard said counselors there think the drug is less popular than a year ago.

Opinions on the dangers of Ecstasy vary from deadly to relatively benign.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy and numerous public agencies warn that Ecstasy can cause heart damage, kidney failure and fatal surges in body temperature. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that the drug damages communication between nerve cells in the brain.

But some researchers say the findings are inconclusive.

Dr. Julie Holland, an associate professor of psychiatry and a researcher at New York University School of Medicine, has challenged widely circulated warnings about the drug.

"Based on my own experience and on the published data, I can report that MDMA is not a significant cause of psychiatric crises," she testified during a federal hearing in March 2000. "Heroin and cocaine rank first and second when a drug is attributed directly to causing death. MDMA death statistics are so small, they do not even make the list."

In Central Florida, deaths from Ecstasy began infrequently in 1994 when two teens and a 20-year-old woman died in downtown Orlando nightclubs. Others followed at raves, all-night dance parties featuring hypnotic mixtures of lighting and loud music.

Two deaths the same night in 2000 at the former Cyberzone nightclub on Lee Road in Orange County demonstrated the danger of taking any drug made in an illegal laboratory. Sold as Ecstasy, the pills turned out to be a chemical that poached the victims' brains with body temperatures of 108 degrees.

Investigations increase

In 2000, DEA began stepping up designer-drug investigations in Central Florida and has increased its cases by 10 percent each year. Collins, who recently took charge of the Orlando office, said it is part of a national program, "Operation X-Out," that pairs enforcement with prevention programs.

"It takes a national drug problem and makes it a local grass-roots issue," he said.

Terry Fernandez, head of Central Florida's High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas task force, said the region could easily justify Ecstasy squads on the east and west coasts, but there isn't enough money or agents to staff them.

The first time local law enforcement encountered Ecstasy was in early 1990, when Winter Park police seized 2,000 pills of what was billed as a psychedelic love drug.

The first public comment, on May 28, 1990, was prophetic.

"It's with a select group of people who are extremely hard to infiltrate," said then-Orange County sheriff's Lt. Malone Stewart, now the agency's undersheriff. " It's going to be a serious problem as it spreads, and the people who use it start to become more diverse."


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old hand

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Re: Illegal pills flood Central Florida [Re: motaman] * 1
    #1581876 - 05/27/03 03:16 PM (20 years, 10 months ago)


Two deaths the same night in 2000 at the former Cyberzone nightclub on Lee Road in Orange County demonstrated the danger of taking any drug made in an illegal laboratory. Sold as Ecstasy, the pills turned out to be a chemical that poached the victims' brains with body temperatures of 108 degrees.

What the hell could that be?


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Octi Doci

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Re: Illegal pills flood Central Florida [Re: DazedSol] * 1
    #1585405 - 05/28/03 03:21 PM (20 years, 10 months ago)

I'd guess it was PMA.

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Up, then down, then...
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Re: Illegal pills flood Central Florida [Re: motaman] * 1
    #1592113 - 05/30/03 03:29 AM (20 years, 10 months ago)

"A single pill can cost $20 to $25."

Wow, that's a lot. Here in Holland you can get good ones for $6. It's good to live close to the source :smile:


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Re: Illegal pills flood Central Florida [Re: OctopusDr] * 1
    #1592221 - 05/30/03 06:01 AM (20 years, 10 months ago)

jeezuz! :shocked: 

:pacman: - - - -  :pill: :mushroom2: :pill2: :mushroom2: :regularshroom: :mushroomgrow: :pill: :pill2: :mushroom2: :poison:


tiny_rabid_birds said:
"your avatar is dirty."

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Trip'n Time

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Re: Illegal pills flood Central Florida [Re: motaman] * 1
    #1641283 - 06/18/03 12:44 AM (20 years, 10 months ago)

I gotta check out Amsterdam. I want cheap drugs :frown: If only they were legal...


Ecstasy continues to be the only consistently available designer drug in Central Florida. GHB, ketamine and LSD come in surges.

Pfft, this is an understatement.

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[Re: DailyPot] * 1
    #1647038 - 06/20/03 01:37 AM (20 years, 10 months ago)

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Stranger withCandy
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Re: Illegal pills flood Central Florida [Re: matts] * 1
    #1778284 - 08/04/03 01:11 PM (20 years, 8 months ago)

yeah some friends bought 20rolls for $120USD in belgium early '99. we rolled like kings for 3days...good times


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Re: Illegal pills flood Central Florida [Re: frizzed] * 1
    #1778563 - 08/04/03 02:51 PM (20 years, 8 months ago)

kings roll?!


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Re: Illegal pills flood Central Florida [Re: motaman] * 1
    #1781408 - 08/05/03 11:29 AM (20 years, 8 months ago)

Those pills don't do anything but cause trouble. IMO.

Keep shroomin,

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Re: Illegal pills flood Central Florida [Re: GGreatOne234] * 1
    #1786987 - 08/06/03 11:21 PM (20 years, 8 months ago)

i live in orlando and i haven't heard of any of this. i know there was a drug bust for a meth lab awhile ago...thats it. and that link didn't work

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