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Registered: 11/04/01
Posts: 198
Please help me in kicking a painkiller habit..
    #1579863 - 05/26/03 10:08 PM (21 years, 23 days ago)

I've posted many posts throughout the Other Drugs forum regarding my use of painkillers. I have been dabbling with oxy for about 4 months at the most. I had done it before but not in succession. At first I refrained from doing it several days in a row, but now I've done it many days in succession. However, I still do not really do it in very high amounts. I prob ave at 10 mg a day. My dad is a doctor, and my uncle died of cancer several years ago. For some reason my dad has my uncle's old oxycodone 5 mgs, so I recently stole about 10 of those. I also was just at my cabin, where I found a bottle of Tylenol Codienes, and two bottles of Hydrocodone (vicodin). I recently talked to a friend who was abusing Oxycodone heavily, and he suggested going down to 5 mgs or taking other opiates like Hydrocodone. Anyway, I've never yet really had withdrawel because I've always had this stuff around, and when I foudn this stash of codiene and hydrocodone, I decided to go on an opiate vacation. Yesterday I took 2 codienes, 1 vicodin and a line of a 80 mg oxy (prob 7-10 mg max). I was in complete bliss yet decided this is getting out of control. Opiates suck because they creep into your life, with most of the time you're not even thikning about what they're doing. Anyway, how bad will it be for me to kick this habit? I've found that when I cut back a bit I get some depression, but I am not sure if this is just teh setting I am in (I am at a transitional time in my life - college, summer job, girlfriend, etc.).. I also have about 120 mg of Oxy, plus my parents big jar of oxycodone 5's, plus the vicoden and the codiene at the cabin. I am about to start a difficult summer job, and I don't want to go into a deep depression if I quit cold turkey. How bad will my withdrawel from teh OXy be, and is it dumb that I am using other painkillers to replace oxy, or is that a smart move?
Thanks a lot.
And please, for those who've never touched painkillers, never let yourself get into such things..

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Registered: 11/04/01
Posts: 198
Re: Please help me in kicking a painkiller habit.. [Re: LucidDayDream]
    #1579882 - 05/26/03 10:14 PM (21 years, 23 days ago)

Ok I forgot to say this..
I also have access to some Ambien, a sleeping pill. Would this be beneficial if I went cold turkey ? Also, what day is the hardest day with opiate withdrawel? (if I went cold turkey) .. the 5th ? Is the 1st day the easiest? I have no clue what to expect.

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The Duk Abides

Registered: 05/16/03
Posts: 94,392
Loc: Earthfarm 1
Re: Please help me in kicking a painkiller habit.. [Re: LucidDayDream]
    #1580012 - 05/26/03 10:59 PM (21 years, 23 days ago)

I think you are making a wise decision and I applaud it! :smile: You've made the first step by admitting you have a problem.
Have you tried your local Mental Health Centre? (By the way, there is NOTHING wrong with seeking help, so please don't let this scare you off!) Many have trained drug counselors who know how to deal with such problems, and it's completely confidential. I suggest you contact them ASAP.  :smile: 

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umask 077(nonefor you)

Registered: 09/06/02
Posts: 3,095
Loc: Jacksonville,FL
Last seen: 18 years, 8 months
Re: Please help me in kicking a painkiller habit.. [Re: LucidDayDream]
    #1580359 - 05/27/03 01:01 AM (21 years, 23 days ago)

It's hard to tell from your post,but it doesn't seem like your at the point were you actually need opiates to function,so you're probably only psychologically addicted. (correct me if I'm wrong).If that's the case you should probably try to go cold turkey if you can handle it.I don't know what level your at in your addiction,but you'll probably be uncomfortable for a few days and you might have some cold sweats and diarehia (sp?) The worst is over in a day or two,but then the second stage comes in.For the next few weeks you'll probably be depressed and have little interest in doing anything except laying and around and possibly taking more opiates.DON'T GIVE IN TO THAT CRAVING,everything will be fine in a couple weeks.It's criticle you don't give in. Try to keep yourself busy. Jerk off,listen to music,work out,just do anything to clear your mind.

Breaking you habit is going to take a lot of willpower.You are the only person that can quit,no one else can do it for you.You can get professional help,which might be a good option (or not,it really depends on what kind of rehab you go to),but it's still you doing the work.

Take a step back so to speak and ask yourself why you are taking painkillers in the first place.There must be a reason.Are you depressed,anxious,bored,or do you just like the high? You have to fix the problem that you were self medicating or you'll problem just keep going back to the drugs.

Good luck.I've been down that road more times than I care to remember.It's not going to be easy,so prepare yourself for the worst.When all is said and done,you will feel like a new man,like you have to power to do anything.Use this new found confidence to fix the problems in your life,so you'll be less likely to say "fuck it" and go back to the pills in the future.

People think that if you just say the word "hallucinations" it explains everything you want it to explain and eventually whatever it is you can't explain will just go away.It's just a word,it doesn't explain anything...
Douglas Adams

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The VerbalHerman Munster

Registered: 04/15/03
Posts: 5,326
Loc: Texas
Last seen: 16 years, 5 months
Re: Please help me in kicking a painkiller habit.. [Re: LucidDayDream]
    #1586722 - 05/28/03 10:06 PM (21 years, 21 days ago)

Love your name!
Quiting cold turkey is the only way to do it. Opiates are wonderful in moderation, but after you cross that line of dependency theres no going back. It becomes a weakness for you that you don't need, and could be verry dangerous.
I have a cuz who has been addicted to opiates for years. He stole from the family and was shunned for about 7 years. He recently showed back up doing good with his life turned around....and got hooked again and robbed from the family. He's dying of hepititis C that he got from using dirty needles. I'm afraid the family won't forgive him again and i'll never see him again in this lifetime.
You'v realized that you have a problem. That is the first step. Tell everyone you know that you have a problem and are trying to quit. Family friends, dad. You will find lotts of support. I am glad for you and know you have the power to kick it for good.


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Registered: 11/04/01
Posts: 198
Re: Please help me in kicking a painkiller habit.. [Re: Dreamer987]
    #1586889 - 05/28/03 10:52 PM (21 years, 21 days ago)

Guys, thanks so much for your help and sympathy. I thought I would have people ripping on me right away. Yeah this is tough. As I said I am off and on with how serious I think this is. Every time I am about to do a bump of Oxycontin, I think of God watching me, or any person who loves me. And what they'd think of it. Then I rationalize that it is not any diff than putting any other chem into my body, and also that I am only at about 10 mg a day. But yeah, this is weird. I have only about 140 mg of my own Oxy left. Yet I have access to a jar of maybe 100+ 5 mg oxycodones, two jars of vicoden and a jar of t3's. The jars will be at my cabin, where I will be staying for the summer.. and since they are not mine I cant touch them too much. And I am wondering how much control I could have? I mean. I feel like I COULD have control yet I have not really challenged it. Yet right now I am about to start a new job (tomm) which seems like it will be high anxiety for a shy guy like myself. I know I have to be strong with everything in my life, yet I am not yet ready to kick this habit and go through withdrawal while I am starting a new job. So in a way I guess I am selfish and do not yet want to quit. But my stash is getting low, and I really I guess just need some advice on how to taper myself off of this. Also, can many people quit and still have stuff laying around? I would like to still have some stuff so I could do it in very rare moderation. Or is this a bad thing to have in my head? Should I just think about never doing it every again? Yeah the scary part about all of this is just the feeling these pills have given me. Esp when they're combined. Oxy really isn't THAT great. Actually Hydro seems a bit better (but more dopey). But the other day when I mixed them I was in complete bliss. Ok I don't know what I am babbilgn about. But anyway, I guess what I am wondering, is .. is it a good move for me to switch opiates to get off of them or is that just broadening my likigns for them? I was wondering if going to Vicoden or 5 mg oral Oxy would be a good way to taper down? Also, does anyone know anyhting more on withdrawal effects from this small of use? I am prob at 10 mg a day, primarily oxycodone. Thanks for everything..

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Barred Spiral

Registered: 02/03/03
Posts: 2,468
Last seen: 2 years, 3 months
Re: Please help me in kicking a painkiller habit.. [Re: LucidDayDream]
    #1592486 - 05/30/03 08:42 AM (21 years, 20 days ago)

Tolerance to these things jump VERY fast, so while it might seem like you have a large stash, it could go quickly. I think you're on the right path by trying to quit. It's going to be tough initially going for a new job, but the feelings of self-satisfaction can make it much easier to handle the social anxiety. Just remember that most people aren?t usually as self-confident as they may seem. Don?t give into any feelings of wanting to escape because that usually makes it much harder to face any fears. I think you?ll find once things settle down in your life it will make it MUCH easier to avoid painkillers. The hardest part is usually when you first start something new, but I think you?ll find it?s not quite as bad as you thought it might be. BTW, what kind of job is it you?re going for? (I?m not going to be able to reply since I?m going to be gone for the weekend. Good luck!)

The very nature of experience is ineffable; it transcends cognitive thought and intellectualized analysis. To be without experience is to be without an emotional knowledge of what the experience translates into. The desire for the understanding of what life is made of is the motivation that drives us all. Without it, in fear of the experiences what life can hold is among the greatest contradictions; to live in fear of death while not being alive.

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Registered: 06/14/03
Posts: 2
Last seen: 19 years, 8 months
Re: Please help me in kicking a painkiller habit.. [Re: Twirling]
    #1769524 - 08/01/03 01:29 PM (20 years, 10 months ago)

My advice: Get rid of those jars of candy. Give them to your parents or whomever they are for and tell them to keep them away from you. The urge to just take "one more" will be too much, and the higher your tolerance the harder the crash (withdrawal) will be. You don't seem to have taken many so far so just get rid of what you have now and slowly finish what you have left.

Ive tried to tell myself i wont do anymore but when its as easy as a phone call and a trip to the pharmacy away, the only worries you have are how long your latest script/stash will last you. I tried justifying my pill habit because i wasnt doing anything illegal since i got scripts for it and i wasnt paying for it, but that doesnt mean it wont make your life hell. Its a tough choice which should be an easy decision, but once youve tasted the candy its tough to say no isnt it? Once ya pop you just cant stop. Its a good thing this stuff doesnt advertise itself like alcohol and tobacco. We'd all be junkified then.

Good luck gettin rid of that candy man. Your liver will thank you for it.

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Anonymous #1

Re: Please help me in kicking a painkiller habit.. [Re: Jackol]
    #1770432 - 08/01/03 04:56 PM (20 years, 10 months ago)


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Registered: 06/10/03
Posts: 112
Re: Please help me in kicking a painkiller habit.. [Re: LucidDayDream]
    #1771093 - 08/01/03 08:48 PM (20 years, 10 months ago)


LucidDayDream said:
Ok I forgot to say this..
I also have access to some Ambien, a sleeping pill. Would this be beneficial if I went cold turkey ?

actually, if used properly, ambien does a good job of getting you to sleep even if you're wide awake. the problem is, is that for me at least, it was too tempting to NOT fall asleep and later i'd feel like i was tripping ... ah, it was great

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