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I Am 'They'
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A breakthrough trip--2C-E, 2C-P, and 4-ACO-DMT combination.
    #15602808 - 01/01/12 09:37 PM (6 years, 5 months ago)


  I am 56 years old and started tripping on heavy doses of LSD in 1969. My occupation is electrical (design) engineer, predominately in wireless systems and microwave design. I lived in asia for 11 years with 8 years while in the Navy.  I speak fluent Japanese, have been playing guitar most of my life, and I am currently working on my master's degree in electrical engineering at NMSU.

WARNING! DO NOT try to jump in and dose with the chemicals I do and at the doses I do.  I am a big fan of phenethylamines, and two of the drugs I use to enhance my tripping--bupropion, the ketone analog of cathinone (Khat,) and selegiline, an MAOI inhibitor--are pharmaceuticals that can be life-threating in combinations.  This is very serious!  So if you want to learn the how-to's of using these, you can PM me, I can guide you to literature, research, or tell you how I learned to use these extremely potent drugs.

Dosing: T-5 days through 0 hour--200mg Bupropion fast release each morning, 8 mg of selegiline daily.

6:00PM  T-0: 20mg 2C-E.
        T+3, T+6 hours: ~15mg of 2C-E and 2C-P.
        T+9.5: A massive dose (unmeasured) of 2C-P and 4-ACO-DMT ~50mg
        Hourly--one glass of beer, until the breakthrough.

The trip--Hours 1 through 10. 

  Up until hour 10, the trip was a mundane, euphoric 2C-E type trip--the typical visuals of 2C PEA's--morphing patterns, colors, a nice body tingle,`and sometimes a 'frozen' or 'dead' look to the scenery outside. I didn't stay outside much, it was very cold, and the campus is deserted here because of the holiday.  I amused myself during this 10 hour phase by posting in the Pub and OTD, and listening to music.

  About hour 10 (no time reference, and right after the massive redose) I wanted to get up and play my guitar.  The guitar looked very distant, and I could hear it calling for me to touch it. But I couldn't move. I was frozen on my bed, with the guitar crying for me in the distance.


  I must have fallen asleep or zoned for about an hour.  I opened my eyes to see huge neon blue letters from my clock floating in the darkened room: 5:30AM.  I was extremely thirsty, and felt overheated.  But I couldn't move from the bed.  I was shaking violently and carefully took a sip from a half of a glass of beer that was on the table by my bed.  It tasted disgusting.

  I looked through my door...odd, I never leave it open...and could see down the foyer to the door of the next room.  But it is normally 10 feet from door to door.  Now, I was looking though a tunnel, a tunnel of layered rectangles, that were in the perspective of leading off to a great distance, so that the door of the other room had disappeared, and I was seeing a tunnel into infinity.  The layered rectangles were slowly morphing and changing colors--beautiful soft pastels of green and pink, with lots of purples and blues, and even whites and golds--fading in and out along the tunnel. I felt I was being violently pushed down that tunnel.

The Dream:

  I was going on a motorcycle ride to El Paso, with a guy I knew in the Navy.  He was someone I didn't like.  He owed me $60 from losing 3 chess games with me.  I didn't really hate him though.  But I'll discuss that in 'awakening.'
  We arrived at a police checkpoint.  There were two federal agents--a black guy and a white guy. We argued for about an hour, they wanted to search us, I wanted them to prove they had the right to search.  I told them bring the fucking dogs, but they weren't going to search me.  So a couple of police mutts came around and
started sniffing.  I could hear their breathing, and feel the wet noses of these hounds.  They went away.  The policeman gave me a disgusted look and told us to get lost.

  During the interrogation, my acquaintance's friends arrived--two hideous looking women--and two males.  I had a 'feeling' that the women where witches, and that the black police officer, and one of the male 'friends' were demons.  The dogs were neutral--they were just extensions of the demon.  The others in the dream were all dead people.  The only people that were animated were the ones that I was having direct eye contact with--the dogs, the witches, and the  demons.  My acquaintance was a dead person.

  I didn't 'hear' anything.  Rather, sounds and feelings were being formed by the image I was interacting with.  Some kind of telepathy, a synesthesia of image to sound and feeling. Anyone in the dream not interacting with me was flat and lifeless--and decomposing into the decaying world.
  The two policemen were laying on a deep cushioned sofa, and going flat and decomposing into the sofa, off and on.  This effect is the classic 'entropy' theme--a world decaying and in the throes of death all around one--that is very similar to the theme of the brilliantly written science fiction novel 'UBIK' by Philip K. Dick. 

  The final two scenes were at a coffee shop, then at the home of the 'friends.'  In the coffee shop, only two things stand out.  There was a clock on the wall that said 3:00, and a calendar with no year that was opened on November.  The other item is that one of the witches had become increasingly hostile.  I 'felt' that she was frustrated that I had made them wait so long at the police checkpoint, because
I was being really stubborn.

  The last scene was at the home.  It was daylight (all the rest of that vision was at night) and the one 'demon' male was becoming very hostile towards me.  He was very arrogant and reeking of contempt. He was messing with me, throwing punches, trying to get me to fight.  Finally he said were all going 2 or 3 miles out into the desert.  Or, he told me, we could stay right there and he would demonstrate the 'eight to ten fingers of awareness.'  I told him I could show him the nine points of awareness.  His response was 'Huh?" I told him:  feet, knees elbows, hands and forehead.  Then he went flat, started decomposing...and...

Awakening and After glow:

  ...the clock said 9:04. I was sweating, shaking, overheated, and very excited when I realized I had just come out of a very profound visionary experience.  I was also very sad.  I could have taken any part of that experience and examined it in minute detail, asked any question I wanted to examine, and viewed it in that vision.  But after all these years of tripping, I still don't have enough knowledge to do that. I was also sad because I didn't want that vision to end.

  On awakening I was also extremely thirsty and had an uncomfortable feeling of pins and needles all over my body.  Also, I was having a lot of OEV's--just not in the depths that I had them going into that vision.  I took 100mg of bupropion, 4 mg of selegiline, took a cool shower to get my body temperature down, and drank half a carton of guava juice to satisfy my thirst. 


  It is now T+24.5 hours.  I have had nothing to eat in the last 25 hours.  I'm suddenly famished, so I broke out a T-bone.  I'm going to eat, rest, listen to some music, maybe play guitar, have a few shots of good scotch, and take a small dose of trazodone to clear my head and let me sleep later.  I'm still fairly excited and having pretty strong visuals.

  I am really glowing from this one.  I welcome questions, interpretations, discussions, or anything else any interested party wants to know.  I have a lot of details and self revelations gleaned from this experience, and still many things I don't understand.  One other thing, I had a huge memory flood about the guy in the Navy, to the point of remembering every detail of my interactions with him--what we said, what we wore, what the scenarios are, the smells, the people around us--everything.  That was from 35 years ago.  I will discuss it if anyone wants to know the details.  I don't understand the significance of this memory flood, and why that one person was the focus of it.

Cheers... Starfire_xes

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Re: A breakthrough trip--2C-E, 2C-P, and 4-ACO-DMT combination. [Re: starfire_xes]
    #15614753 - 01/04/12 01:42 PM (6 years, 5 months ago)

Dam, I never thought you were 56 years of age from reading your posts, amazing.

Seems like you had an incredible "dream trip" if I read your report correctly. Was this something you were expecting from all the combos you took that day?

I stopped smoking weed about a 10 days ago, and my dreams were so trippy the first 7 days of stopping. I mean it was just like being on LSD, a full visual display with no plot? 

Just wondering why you don't just stick with the common drugs like mushrooms, cactus, LSD, DMT, why all the RC drugs?

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China Cat Sunflower

Registered: 09/21/11
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Re: A breakthrough trip--2C-E, 2C-P, and 4-ACO-DMT combination. [Re: qman]
    #15617661 - 01/04/12 11:52 PM (6 years, 5 months ago)

thats a badass trip report man
i would never feel comfortable dosing like that without fear of overdosing, unless the drug in question has a known ld50 and wasnt mixed with anything

Love is the deep spiritual connection between the self and all things. We are all a part of the same universe.

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Re: A breakthrough trip--2C-E, 2C-P, and 4-ACO-DMT combination. *DELETED* [Re: sailing]
    #15620344 - 01/05/12 04:03 PM (6 years, 5 months ago)

Post deleted by BlackWidow

Reason for deletion: deleted

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Re: A breakthrough trip--2C-E, 2C-P, and 4-ACO-DMT combination. [Re: BlackWidow]
    #15648713 - 01/11/12 07:15 AM (6 years, 5 months ago)

This reminds me something quite like yours, not the story, but the intense feeling and colour and depth of everything and the come down were all quite similar.  That was after an unmeasured Dose of DMT and about good handful of shrooms for my first trip,

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Re: A breakthrough trip--2C-E, 2C-P, and 4-ACO-DMT combination. [Re: starfire_xes]
    #16558831 - 07/20/12 09:47 AM (5 years, 10 months ago)

Wow a "massive unmeasured dose of 2-CP" you should NEVER eye out a research chemical this is very irresponsible its your body you can put what you want in it, and how much you want. I'm not judging but please next time use a scale. It's people like you who are destroying the RC scene by taking unknown amounts of a chemical that has no history of use and has not even been studied on animals there's no known LD50 on these substances. I've seen it all to much, People who take unknown amounts of research chemicals and fall out, wake up in the hospital or worse case scenario, death occurs then they find you laying there with a bag labeled "2-cp" for example then they target good online vendors that have been around forever. PLEASE USE CAUTION WITH ANY RC AND ALWAYS... ALWAYS!! USE A MICRO-GRAM SCALE THAT'S CAPABLE OF WEIGHING 1MG.

But with that being said.. It was an excellent write-up and a good trip report.

Cheers man, just be more safe next time.

Edited by puredmt (07/20/12 09:50 AM)

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Re: A breakthrough trip--2C-E, 2C-P, and 4-ACO-DMT combination. [Re: puredmt]
    #16571273 - 07/23/12 12:15 AM (5 years, 10 months ago)

My interpretation.

The interrogation represented how part of your consciousness really felt about the guy. You don't identify yourself as someone to point out his flaws and demand money from him, but part of your consciousness does. "Your shadow," thoughts which we don't act on during waking consciousness and often are not even aware of, was represented in the police.

I get the impression after he stiffed you, you guys kind of split up. Last straw stuff, but less dramatic. He fell into social circles with less than desirable people, and aspects of his personality got worse.

You came to terms with the police. This man is no longer part of your life and you do not need to hold onto resentment. They went on a couch and started to fade away.

Your friend and his crowd grew hostile with you. You were trying to let it go, but you felt he still had a negative charge against you even though he stiffed you. You grew tired of it, and released the thought. He turned to dust.

My 2c. I ain't no therapist. ^_^

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